Obama Coup

The Coup

Obama Coup

Obama Coup
The Spooks?
Obama Coup
They All Lied

The "51" conspiracy was a partisan plot against the electoral process by America's intelligence community
"wittingly or unwittingly"

Obama Coup

The Setup

Was Organized

Former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell told ex-intel officials they should sign the Hunter Biden laptop letter so they could give Joe Biden a “talking point” in the October 2020 debate with Trump.

Obama Coup

The Election

Midnight Ballots

The Party left little to chance and had tens of thousands of bogus ballots waiting in reserve.

Obama Coup

The "Insurrection"

All Choreographed

And somehow, the Democrats were able to make MAGA the bad guys.

Obama Coup

What Did They Get

A Super Freak
Obama Coup

Joe Biden's own children nicknamed him "Pedo Peter." He's referred to "Pedo Peter" not only in his daughter's diary, but also on his son's laptop, and and his son's text messages from the cell phone that he had lost.

The hilarious part is the text messages were between Jill Biden and Hunter Biden. Apparently Jill Biden is okay with the kids referring to her husband as "Pedo Peter."

Obama Coup

We are witnesses to a coup in progress

The Coup

A coup is an illegal seizure of power by a political faction, politician, rebel group, military, or a dictator, and usually, when we think of a coup, we think of Castro deposing Batista, or Idi Amin overthrowing Obote, or Maduro in Venezuela, but there is a "quiet coup" underway in America and isn't like the coups of old. If this coup goes according to plan there will be no guns blazing at all.

Last year, I asked the question , "Does Joe Biden know what Obama is up to?" because right after Biden was sworn into office on January 20, 2021, he was handed a bunch of executive orders installing Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory as the core philosophy of his new government.

Then Joe Biden signed a document directing his national security team to lead a 100-day comprehensive review of U.S. Government efforts to address domestic terrorism, the first such tasking in the history of the United States, using the rationale that white supremacism had, "evolved into the most urgent terrorism threat the United States faces today."

Now, you can say what you want, but Joe Biden has a history. He was 30 years old when he was first elected and sworn into the Senate in 1972 -- that's 50 years. For 48 of those years, Biden was a good old boy who was best known for his gaffs and being on both sides of every issue. In those 48 years, no one ever hung the label "socialist" or "revolutionary" around his neck. Yet, Joe Biden's actions on that first day in office have been behind the greatest revolutionary change in the federal government since the founding of the country.

Now, before you pin me as a conspiracy theorist, remember, Russiagate; the Steele Dossier; Trump-Russia Collusion; Hunter Biden's laptop; the 51 Intelligence officials; the Biden Crime Family; the FBI-embeds on Jan. 6, were all conspiracy theories until the truth bubbled to the top -- so, bear with me on this.

Behind Joe Biden's fumblings and bumblings, the coup plotters and their useful idiots, worked. They organized, established the narrative, identified the targets, built the cases, conducted the armed and armored SWAT raids, arrested the dangerous extremists -- the Jan. 6 protesters, the parents of school children, and the Christian pastors, MAGA.

Nothing like this has ever happened in America before. The federal government was waging war on anybody that opposed any of the bizarre new policies of the new government.

None of this is Joe Biden. Again, Biden has a history -- and worse a present. Two-thirds of the voting public don't believe Joe Biden is mentally or physically fit for the job, but that is him -- right up front on TV -- but he's not making the calls. The whole country knows Biden is being stage-managed by someone or something.

That's why I stuck Joe Biden off to the sidebar, since he has little to do with the running of the current government. Those that do run the government use him as a prop. They fly Biden into Washington on Monday morning from Delaware, provide him with an agenda and talking points on note cards, and see to it he doesn't get lost going to and from his photo ops. The biggest challenge of the week is getting him back on to Marine One and the beach house in Rehoboth on Thursday morning.

Those that do run the government were so afraid Joe would screw up the debt negotiations at the last minute that they shipped his butt off to Japan to try and convince the Japanese to adopt the gender equity agenda.

So, who then, is behind the coup and who is really running the government?

Barack Obama Is The Boss

Most people suspect or know that it's Barack Obama. Obama has forgotten the names of a million people who underestimated him in his rise to his current role as the de facto leader of the Democratic Party at age 61. Barring anything unforeseen, Obama will be good for another 25 years atop The Party. Imagine the favors a man could accumulate sitting in that position for that long. It would pretty much make him "King of the World."

Don't laugh. Reflect upon that for a moment, because it's been on Obama's mind since the age of 12. He even carved who he thought he was into a wet concrete patch at the prestigious Punahou School where he received much of his primary and all of his secondary education.

Obama Coup

Obama, the street hustler with a Harvard law degree, knew of and approved of Russiagate. Obama knew of the Biden family’s foreign deals with adversaries of the United States years ago. He didn't care about any of that. He had his own agenda.

Obama was proceeding apace, and, with a big assist from the media, they had Trump under control -- until the "smartest man" Joe Biden knows loses his laptop, the media loses the battle to cover the story up, and Obama had to come out of the shadows to save his coup which has now come under threat from the Republicans in the House. The Democrats must win 2024. Under no circumstances can Trump return. It would mean the end of the coup.

Obama's reappearance on the public scene came with a new and worrying agenda item. In an interview with CBS's Nate Burleson, Obama endorsed the idea of confiscating firearms -- "like the Australians."

Obama Coup

Obama doesn't say things lightly, and as student of communism, he knows Mao Zedong said, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Which is why Mao made sure no one in China could access that political power.

Throughout history and well into the modern world, gun confiscation heralded the death of democracies. Usually, gun confiscation preceded an attempt by governments to take full control of people’s lives. Weapon bans frequently led to human rights abuses, including massacres and sometimes outright genocide -- and Barack Obama steps into the 2024 race with gun confiscation as his opening gambit. We have heard many talk about "gun control," but few want to take on repealing the 2nd Amendment, and that's what "confiscation" would take. He could raise hell for a while with an executive order, though.

In the same speech, Obama endorsed censorship, saying, “one of the goals of my post-presidency, is how do we return to that common conversation? How can we have a common set of facts?” He knows how he'd do it. Obama would label anything that wasn't on his list as "disinfomation."

Obama's "Tribunes"

Obama relies on two people -- his "Tribunes" -- Susan Rice and Jake Sullivan. These two people are in control of "the coup" and its principal operators. Because of their roles in the Biden administration, these two control the levers of power of the entire government.

Susan Rice ~ Prime Minister

Susan Rice is Barack Obama's strong right arm. Rice has been with Obama for fifteen years, and she gets things done for him -- and she doesn't mind lying about anything to do it. Remember how Team Obama unmasked Trump's transition team to the now infamous "intelligence community?"

Susan Rice is Barack's "guy" in the Biden regime. She serves as the Director of the United States Domestic Policy Council. The Domestic Policy Council drives the development and implementation of the president's domestic policy agenda in the White House and across the Federal government. Her role is to "ensure domestic policy decisions and programs, consistent with the president's stated goals, are carried out for the American people." So, you can see how easy it is for Rice to insert Obama's view of things into the policy action items the vice president and the cabinet receive.

Jake Sullivan ~ Minister Of Propaganda

Jake Sullivan is Obama's consiglieri. He writes "The Narrative." Jake is also the National Security Advisor of the United States. He "advises" the president on how to handle foreign affairs. Jake has been with Obama since the 2008 campaign.

When you listen to Jake Sullivan describe what came to be know as the Alfa Bank Hoax, keep one thing in mind. The Trump-Russia collusion" hoax was the brainstorm of Jake Sullivan and its initial motivation was to distract from Hillary Clinton's private email server hidden in the loo, but this is what he told the world.

I would like to see a John Carpenter movie based on Jake Sullivan's life. This guy is not your ordinary cat!

Jake Sullivan grew up in a house where dad was a was a professor at the University of Minnesota School of Mass Communication, and had the equivalent of a masters degree in mass communications before he entered high school, where he was a champion debater. Basically, Jake was the smartest guy in every school he was ever in, won all the scholarships, and popped out the top as an Oxford Rhodes Scholar.

On the other hand, he has extensive experience as an architect of American failures in Syria, Ukraine, Iran, and Myanmar -- his biggest hit was Benghazi.

When you look out upon America and see one thing with your own eyes, but the media is telling you something else, the media is reading Jake Sullivan's script. When Joe Biden is looking into the TV camera, telling the American People that the economy is terrific while people watch their income shrink? That's Jake Sullivan.

What Jake and Obama and Susan don't want you to see, is what they are doing, creating havoc. The real goal of the coup is to create havoc -- everywhere -- so emergency powers may be instituted by the federal government. They won't call it martial law, but it will be close.

Raise Havoc

It's Cloward-Piven on offense and Saul Alinsky on defense -- and that's the game Obama is playing, because that's his game. If you look around you can see it everywhere.

Open Borders

Obama gives the word to Rice that it would be in the interest of the coup to have open borders. It would hasten the browning of America, get millions of future voters, but most importantly it will create havoc.

So, Rice has a meeting with Andres Mayorkas and his people and tells them that the "president" wants open borders, and everybody smiles at each other and they go to a three-hour lunch at a nearby 4-star restaurant.

The following day, Jake Sullivan meets privately with Mayorkas and briefs him on the cover story, that "the border is closed and has never been more secure." and assures Mayorkas that the media has been briefed and they're on board.

The following week:

The border is a mess and it's an invasion, but mostly, it's havoc..

This coup is like multi-dimensional chess. You can see it everywhere you look. Pick an industry -- any industry. Railroad accidents everywhere, factories blowing up; chicken farms burning down; supply-chains broken; etc.

In the last three weeks, major fires have broken out at oil refineries and chemical plants in East Texas, leaving one dead and over a dozen injured. First Shell, then Marathon, then Valero.

Out-Of-Control Crime

Obama gives the word to Rice that it would be in their interest to defund the police to increase the crime and unrest in the inner cities in the run-up to the 2024 election. It would energize the community, but more importantly it would create havoc.

So, Rice has a meeting with with all the Soros district attorneys and tells them that the Boss wants to defund the police and to go real easy on the criminal, and everybody smiles at each other and they go to a three-hour lunch at a nearby 4-star restaurant.

The following day, Sullivan meets privately with district attorneys and briefs them on the "everybody indicts Trump" gambit. Jake assures the DA's that the media is on board, and everybody smiles at each other and they go to a three-hour lunch at a nearby 4-star restaurant.

The following week this couple heard a noise outside their apartment window and were recording the disturbance when all hell broke lose and they're ducking stray rounds coming through their bedroom window.

Crime is through the roof in every city in the country -- all of them. There are no more Pleasantvilles. That's the point! Get everybody on edge. Make everybody afraid. Fearful people overreact. It creates more havoc.

Critical Race Theory

But if you really want to create havoc, put people at each others throats about something that's really basic -- like race.

The federal government is spending billions to run CRT seminars and workshops that, in the end do little more than lessen productivity and antagonize the employees, but when you're trying to gum up the government that's a victory!

The government is also leveraging the commercial sector to follow suit with the diversity inclusion and equity (DIE) indoctrination, while everybody overlooks the simple fact that painting the White race as evil -- as Critical Race Theory does -- is the definition of racism.

Grooming The Children

The evilest of all is the attack on children, which includes the attack on parents rights. The coup plotters believe, like all totalitarians, that America's kids belong to the state and they have every right to scramble their developing minds and bodies

The funds that made this cute video can be sourced all the way back to EO #13988-authorized grant(s) to the A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition, which, in turn, funnels the cleansed federal dollars to The Moving Company, the Advocates for Youth, the YTH group, and Amaze.or -- all gender-agenda-supporting activist organizations that all had a hand in producing this cute little propaganda cartoon targeting children with an agenda.

It's one huge push. The transgender stuff, the drag queen stuff, the LGBTQXYZ teachers. It's all part of scrambling everybody up and -- causing havoc -- and it all goes back to the original intent of the Frankfurt School shrinks to destroy the American family.

The government can't create trillions of dollars in wealth by printing trillions of dollars of hundred dollar bills. Our military can't defend us when its officers are dressing up like furry animals and crawling around on all fours, barking!

When the system fails, and continuing on in its present course, it will, government will assume "emergency powers." We saw the federal government assume extraordinary powers during the COVID pandemic. There are a lot of people in the bureaucracy that liked those lockdowns. Running off a new rule in Microsoft Word and then watching 300 million people fall in line overnight must be a rush,

Damn The Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead!

Obama cares little about the Hunter Biden laptop story exploding, and the Biden Crime Family deals being made public. It's more confusion, more havoc and it suits the John Gotti of the US government and the entire Democratic Party-leftist establishment just fine. Obama still sits at the top of a massive criminal organization in which the rank-and-file members believe, ironically, they are "doing good" in service to their country.

Whatever happens down the road, Barack Obama will still be in charge. Obama will still be pulling the strings. He'll still be the one calling the shots. Right now Obama is Biden's puppet-master and de facto President of the United States. Joe Biden deteriorates every couple of months, and, so far, the Democrats refuse to even consider another person -- especially Kamala Harris -- but you can bet, Obama has someone in mind if it becomes necessary.

The simple fact is, whether it's Joe Biden or some other Democrat in 2024, the nominee will still have to kiss Obama's ring and the slow coup will continue and the havoc will increase throughout the country -- unless it's stopped.

Marxists divide people and then put them at each others throats.
It's what they do. It's what they have always done.
The issue is irrelevant.

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Obama Coup

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