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Building the case that the political left is mad and dangerous

"Watching The Defectives" is the window into database39, the electronic dossier documenting the crimes and the crazy created and nurtured by Barack Obama and his corrupt frontman, Joe Biden.

The dossier contains news, opinion and video, selected from, and linked to well-known and reliable sources, via social media, that demonstrate the American Political Left is an ill-bred, unwashed, uncivil, unscrupulous, and unAmerican bunch -- especially the current leadership of the Democratic Party.

There's more than 3 gigabytes of stuff in here and it's growing every day and none of it flatters the Democratic Party or the radical Left that directs and supports it.

There are nine classes of information

The main page collects, classifies and stores the stuff. The political segments were naturals, but when it became apparent that the American culture was under attack, five additional segments were added.

Politics Commies, Democrats, Terrorists, and Useful Idiots
Culture Groomers, Haters, Morons, Primitives, and Unidentified

There are five supplemental sections

The "Opinion" section is what it says. It's my opinion and is normally produced each Sunday morning. Generally, the piece focuses on the actors and activities of the preceding week. There is a reader "Comments" section at the bottom of each opinion for criticisms and corrections. I frequently use this section to add supplemental information to the original.

There is an always evolving section on "Russiagate." Built on the relational model, it unwinds the complex relationships that existed between and among the organizations, people and activities involved in the conspiracy.

The "Social Justice" section introduces Critical Theory, the 100-year-old Marxist plan to destroy the American culture and family through relentless criticism of the American system. When Black Studies academics adapted Critical Theory for People of Color, Critical Race Theory was born and gave us the social engineering elements of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Queer Theory was the adaption for the Alphabet People. Its goal is to make the normal, abnormal, and the abnormal, normal. It is responsible for the "grooming" epidemic and the attack on parents' rights.

There are also sections containing some very interesting videos and some memes that might give you a chuckle.

Opinion Everybody has one!
Russiagate The biggest political scandal in American history
Social Justice Old-fashioned Marxism in a new set of clothes
Memes Liberals won't find these very funny or ironic
Videos The Internet is forever!

The Search facility

This site is built for the historian, researcher, writer, advisor, or the simply curious, and the name of the game is to get to the right stuff quickly, so "Watching The Defectives" has a powerful "Search" facility to access the database and opinions by keyword, date or date range. There are also twenty canned searches on the Search page.

        Give it a try!

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Website operator

I'm an old guy from the old school -- a veteran, retired technocrat and great-grandfather. I live in the metropolitan Boston area. My politics are conservative. I am registered to vote as "Unenrolled" and am not affiliated with any political party or organization. I consider myself a citizen journalist and a foot-soldier in the Culture War. I am greatly concerned about the America that we are leaving to our children and grandchildren.

During the Obama years I operated The Obama File website using the nom du guerre, "Beckwith." When Obama left the White House, I stopped blogging. Subsequently, The Obama File was selected by the Library of Congress for inclusion in its "historic collection of Internet materials," and is now hosted on the Library's slow-assed servers. It features the real story of Barack Obama's formative years, "The Legend of Barack Obama."

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Fair Use

Fair Use

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