Watching the Defectives


The United Way Defines Equity

There ain't a damn thing new about equity?

According to the United Way's social justice warrior in the video to the left, "Equity" is giving people "what they need, when they need it and how they need it."

Damn! That sounds familiar.

Yup! That's "equity" from the guy who conceived of the notion. It's a game in which each player’s needs are either boosted or reduced to make results for all players the same. To say this ignores human nature and is grossly unjust is obvious to any rational being.

And why do we need equity? The United Way tells us, "to achieve meaningful systemic change." So equity isn't about "fairness" or meeting people's needs. It's an attack on the "system" -- the U. S. Constitution and capitalism.

Equity is just another arrow in the quiver of the social justice warriors who want to replace free-market capitalism with state-run socialism. Equity is simply an euphemism for socialism. This graphic lays it all out nicely.

Ask yourself, which one of these "Equity" boosters would be willing to live under the rules of "Equity?"