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Race and Gender


Erasing The Gene
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In A World Of Race And Gender

Do you want to live in a world where the most important things about you are your race and gender? There's a bunch of geniuses up at Harvard University that do, and they're doing important stuff.

The "Department of Human Evolutionary Biology" is doing research into, "what makes us human?" They're probing our genetic code, comparing humankind to other species, reconstructing ancient lifeways, and exploring the functions of our bodies including our microbiomes. Their website proclaims, "as a community, we recognize that the history of research on these topics has been fraught, often feeding into racist and sexist ideologies."

These people, who have the best possible resumes, are going to fix that. They are going to take the anti-fraught path. So, at the very beginning of their research into "what makes us human?" they have chosen to skew their project by implementing their own set of "racist and sexist ideologies."

Behold leftist thinking and really bad science, but there's more:

"Inspired by the intellectual movements that have long battled pseudo-scientific and oppressive ideologies," the Harvards commit to an "inclusive and inviting environment in which everyone feels comfortable sharing their perspectives, challenging others' ideas, and asking difficult questions. Free speech, intellectual tolerance and academic openness are central to our scientific enterprise."

The Harvards are actively seeking, "new members from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, cultures, orientations, experiences, and heritages... especially people from all historically disadvantaged and under-represented populations from around the world and within the United States, especially Black, Indigenous, and People of Color."

So if you're the greatest human evolutionary biologist that ever lived with the mother of all CVs, but you happen to be a straight white male, you are not welcome at Harvard's Department of Human Evolutionary Biology.

These are the people that have decided our grand-children and great-grandchildren will be born with the original sin of racism. They are the same people that have control of the bureaucracy, the media, academia and now, the search for "what makes us human?"

With the mindset displayed on their website, these people would eagerly pursue a course that would eliminate humanity's problem gene -- the conservative white gene -- correcting what they see as a mistake of nature once and for all.

One hundred years ago, the idea, that six German shrinks could turn the American "can do" culture and the optimism of American people on its head, would have been laughable.

Things happen faster now. Welcome to the culture war.

Race and Gender