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There Is No 'I' In CRT

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There is no place for the individual in Critical Race Theory

Overnight, the American system, the envy of the world, has become an evil, racist, oppressive system.

Anybody that buys into that nonsense is simply stupid, but it tells you how effective Critical Theory and its bastard children, Critical Legal Theory and Critical Race Theory (CRT) have been as weapons in the Left's culture war. It would be hard to deny, that at this point in time, the Left has momentum and is clearly on the march.

CRT exists specifically to agitate for and enable radical racial identity politics to achieve political dominance in the United States. CRT makes race and other human attributes the prism through which its theorists, "Crits," view all of American society. Crits have infected the culture with this falsity and with a degree of negativism and persistence that has caused CRT to impact all of American life.

Crits recognized early on that they needed allies to achieve what they refer to as "racial justice." Kimberle Crenshaw attempted to solve that problem by creating the "Intersectionality Matrix," a two-dimensional diagram that effectively brought the concept of gender, ethnicity and other human characteristics under the CRT umbrella.

A fundamental of CRT is that it is group-based. The individual does not exist and has no place in CRT's tribal structure. Every person is pigeon-holed into Crenshaw's matrix based upon his, her or its race. sex, gender, sexual orientation, class, ability/disability, religion and age. In her matrix, Crenshaw identifies oppressor and oppressed -- victimizer and victim.

The fact that there are exceptions to most of Crenshaw's characterizations doesn't seem to matter to the Left. They just ignore those weaknesses.

The one thing that is true, regardless of one's viewpoint, is that the individual would no longer be an independent operator, a free person, with the right to pursue and achieve his or her own dreams and goals. The needs of the group, the "collective," must always come first. This is the Marxist "soul" of CRT.

CRT teaches that the American ideal of treating every person as an individual, who is equal before the law and who is to be judged upon the content of their character and merits of their life is considered a scheme to keep racial minorities down. Crits reject the view that justice be based upon the rights of the individual as affirmed by the Bill of Rights. They embrace and promote the Marxist concept of "social justice," which is based upon collective rights, the Trojan Horse through which totalitarianism enters.

Social justice is a threat to the republic and to the individual for the reason that social justice is far more concerned with the equal distribution of resources (distributive justice) than the equal treatment of individuals (procedural justice). Social justice's primary objective is not to safeguard individual rights and liberties, but to control social and economic outcomes.

Lawyer and legal scholar Alan Dershowitz warned the justice system has "ceased to be about individual justice because it's becoming much more responsive to Critical Race Theory. It has stopped being about a person's innocence or guilt beyond a reasonable doubt based on the evidence and based on the law."

"People today are rooting, cheering for verdicts. They want verdicts to reflect their beliefs. They want verdicts to validate their view of the world. Trials and justice have ceased to be about individual justice."

In CRT, the idea that people are free to make independent rational decisions that determine their own fate is viewed as a mechanism for keeping the marginalized in their place by obscuring larger structural systems of inequality. Translation, the white power system is fooling people into believing they have more freedom and choice than the racist societal structure actually allows.

That so many organizations and people are buying into Critical Race Theory should be a wake-up call to America. Beyond the destruction of individual rights, and therefore the individual, Critical Race Theory is a truly horrible way to deal with race, racism, gender and the rest of the Left's bitch list.

And that would be true even if every problem it points out were 100% true.

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