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Little Nicky is practicing CRT's "counter-storytelling" tactic -- real history is a tool of the white power system, so CRT advises the "oppressed" make up their own history More
The Left is fixated on race -- character is an afterthought More
Musk challenges sexual harassment accuser to "describe" part of his body More
"Do you think that they’re just gonna become nicer and nicer as the years go on" -- that is a great question More
Equal justice under the law -- Democrat-style -- charges dropped bcause... ( ) More
Patrisse Cullors proves there's a lot of money to be made selling hate More
A person sees hate everywhere, when it's in his or her heart More
A "Generation Hope" video rubs raw the sores of discontent ( ) More
Is the Left becoming a culture of death? More
Have you ever noticed? -- black people don't have any use for political correctness More
If this isn't insanity, I don't know what insanity is More
A New York Times reporter can hate as hard as anybody else More
Some hate, like that directed at the Catholic Church, or directed at conservatives, is perfectly OK in "our democracy" More
Vandals desecrate Colorado Catholic church with pro-abortion messages More
U. of South Carolina hosts a "white student accountability" meeting More
Non-binary professor at Hood College says she hates conservatives More
Liberals are offended when they are labeled as hyper-emotional More
Why does MSMBC continue to give Q-Tip airtime? -- how is it their interest? More
Tweets from one of the "good" people More
Are white kids being brainwashed by Critical Race Theory fanatics -- you bet your ass they are! More
The far-left hates everyone, themselves included! ~ Elon Musk More
Every one of the issues stated by Mr. "No Lie" is false -- every one of them -- and these are the folks behind the "disinformation" movement More
The Left is united by who they despise, not what they support More
"Do you believe cops kill unarmed Black men in America every single day?" More
Leftists react to Elon Musk buying Twitter! More
Proud racist justifies her aggressively rude behavior as a form of “reparations” More
Why does the media promote vicious racists such as Q-Tip? ( thread ) More
Why does MSNBC pay this hater big money to spew her venom? More
The Twitter lawyer responsible for the decision to boot President Trump off Twitter, cried at meeting on the take-over by Musk More
Can you imagine the howl from the Left, should this happen? ( it is shocking to see some of those banned by these commies ) More
The Left is in mourning after losing its Twitter hegemony -- they'll lose it completely when Trump returns More
There's plenty of hate speech on Twitte that's never censored, simply because it's posted by leftists More
Transgender writer under fire for burning J.K. Rowling alive in "vile" horror novel More
Pickens Middle School (SC) held racially segregated Critical Race Theory "unity" sessionon coping with being a student in a predominantly white school More
Progs say the white supremacist system is responsible for this behavior More
"Calling white people 'cracker' is good" More
The New York Times proves, once again, that it has lost its senses More
Anyone still defending Colon Kaepernick lacks a functional brain. More
The German government is funding the "research" behind the doxxing of Libs of Tik Tok More
The Left is trying to shut down Libs of Tic Tok because she holds a mirror up to their world and they fear that More
Progressives are only opposed to lynching when it's one of theirs More
Kaepernick is on his knees again -- this time he's begging for a job More
By crashing the aircraft, Ilhan? More
Q-Tip might have bit off a bit more than he can chew attacking Herschel Walker More
A black male has been arrested & charged over the vicious assault & robbery of a 70-year-old Sikh Indian man in Queens More
A black male has been arrested over the suspected hate crime beating & robbery of two Sikhs in Queens More
This bigot gets strokes and cash from Microsoft and NBC for this slander More
Season 2, Episode 3 of The Jussie Show More
Court slaps down Oberlin College big time -- go WOKE, go broke More
Dixie State celebrates the Class of 2022 -- but not you straight whitegraduates More
The goal of Critical Race Theory is to get white kids to believe these lies More
CNN+ goes all in for serial race hoaxster and liar, Jussie Smollett More
It wasn't Will Smith's fault ( ) More
Universities give a pass to racial slurs, death wishes, defamation against conservatives More
This week's racial hoax -- perps won't be charged, as usual More
Nashville school board member wants to "set Marsha Blackburn on fire" More
Disney "activism partner" tells LGBTQXYZ employees that Governor DeSantis wants to "erase you, "criminalize your existence," and "take your kids" More
This Prog must have a master's degree in black and gender studies, but is unaware of her own bigotry More
Genderism can have dangerous consequences More
A dispute between black guys is caused by white supremacy More
It's fair to say these two don't care for men very much More
Woman criticizes white people for being insensitive to blacks More
Q-Tip continues being Q-Tip -- it's what people pay him to do More
Another white supremacist caught red-handed drawing swastikas More
Leave it up to the Cambridge (MA) schools to run a racist program for children of color only More
Liberal glee about Justice Thomas's illness shows it isn't about race or ethnicity -- it's all about the politics More
This is rich -- Alphabet ( Google ) is being sued for being a white supremacist company More
MSNBC has Q-Tip back on and he's raving about Republicans "smearing" black woman SCOTUS pick -- or something More
The Left even hides its racist hate of white people at the university level -- they know teaching hate is evil, but they do it nevertheless More
More hate from the "good" people who want 5 to 8 year-olds taught about gay sex More
Jussie is out of jail -- it's impossible to get more privileged than Smollett, who is black, gay, rich, and famous More
Racist coward punches and stomps on an elderly Asian woman more than 100 times More
Kaepernick has had his moment in the sun -- now he's irrelevant More
San Antonio (TX) school segregated fifth-grade students by hair color, subjected them to harassment as part of a twisted "antiracism" lesson ( thread ) More
This is what happens when the demand for racism exceeds the supply More
The only reason I am going to jail is because I'm Black More
University of Michigan's Chief Diversity Officer committed the university to the advancement of antisemitism More
Jussie's family still claims he's innocent and is a victim More
New, shocking footage of the Jussie Smollett attack More
Noticing that Kamala is dumber than a box of rocks is racist More
Just reacting to what they learned in CRT class -- “... revenge for what they did in the 1700s for slavery" ( ) More
"I am not suicidal" ( ) More
Black Lives Matter stands with Jussie because blah, blah, blah . . . More
Jussie gets 150 days inside -- still insists, "I am innocent" ( ) More
Jussie Smollett's sentencing is today! ( ) More
Critical Race Theory is alive and well in the Indianapolis' schools More
Haters gotta hate! More
This would never happen if he were wearing a Black Lives Matter mask. More
The hate of the average leftist is beyond visceral More
Bill Barr blows the balls off of Black Lives Matter and the "Big Lie" More
Haters are bad, but haters that are also teachers are evil More
More from the "black people can't be racist" file More
Another one of the "good" people expresses himself More
Q-Tip is back with his own brand of hate, saying the Constitution, the "slaver's organizing document," is trash More
Professor teaches his students that in order to "abolish whitness we have to abolish white people" More
The Washington Post has taken to smearing millions using the act of a few More
Thread details some of Little Nicky's insane historical pronouncements, and the New York Times promotes this nut like she poops platinum -- here's more ( ) More
Jussie must have one hell of an ego -- the whole country knows he's a lying POS, yet he still claims he's an innocent victim More
Little Nicky's grasp of geography is comparable to her knowledge of history. More
This is the kind of stuff you get when history and geography are replaced by black and gender studies More
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