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Minneapolis teachers' union contract calls for layoffs of white teachers before"educators of color"  More
Al Sharpton has become a millionaire by promoting racial conflict, but somehow, he can't manage to pay the rent  More
CNN is actually the one associating “groomer” with homosexuals -- heterosexuals can be “groomers” too  More
This isn't divisive, is it?  More
WTF?  More
These retweets are by the self-loathing Director of DIE at Fairfield Public Schools (CT)  More
Successful black conservatives absolutely destroy the Left's narrative -- and not recognizing their own bigotry, leftists just have to put them down  More
A webinar series for social workers titled, “Recovery from White Conditioning,” -- the University of Minnesota formalizes the teaching of white hate  More
The problem with many teachers is they are clueless about their own bigotry  More
The panic over white supremacists has given way to a larger threat, says MSNBC, which is Christian nationalists (who are white supremacists but far worse)  More
BLM activist, Shaun "I used to be a white guy" King, used donations to buy a $40k dog  More
Salon calls Christianity a "toxic religion"  More
This CNN headline doesn’t even come close to matching the reality of a story  More
MSNBC telecast hate on a daily basis -- it's basically all they do -- but why?  More
Convinced she is "good person"  More
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Austin is teaching kindergarten kids that "whites make it harder for black people" and "white people boss POC around"  More
When Trump's most vocal critics don't buy into the Jan. 6 committee's bullsh!t, you know the Donks are done  More
I will never understand why MSNBC gives Q-Tip a weekly slot to spread his hate -- but they do  More
Race wasn't a problem until Obama -- simple as that  More
ABC's "The View" apologizes for Whoopi Goldberg's "defamatory statements" after Turning Point USA threatens suit  More
TikTokers are openly racist towards white people  More
Turning Point USA issues "cease and desist" letter to ABC News demanding the retraction of Whoopi Goldberg's "defamatory statements"  More
"Journalism"  More
In a show of pro-abortion brutality, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer just slashed care for pregnant women from Michigan’s budget  More
Conservative media "don’t agree with the basic principles of democracy -- [they are] a peril to a democracy"  More
If you criticize "Critical Race Theory," you are a "white supremacist" that is trying to "whitewash" history ( )  More
Republican, Lee Zeldin, was attacked by a knife-wielding Democrat during an event in Perinton, yesterday -- released in two hours ( )  More
Being white and a Trump supporter can get you a beating in Queens (NY) ( )  More
MSNBC regular, Malcolm Nance, wants you to kill your neighbor ( )  More
Why is she here -- and why is she working for the state?  More
Children encounter police in St. Paul (WI)  More
Asian's plan for a white genocide doesn't sound so bad  More
Angry Democrats wonder why Biden isn't doing more to delegitimize the Supreme Court  More
Monuments are constructed for people like George Floyd, but guys like Micah Johnson, who "wanted to kill white people, especially white officers," are quickly forgotten  More
They piss on America, but love the money and the life she affords  More
To celebrate the 4th of July, Amanda Gorman, Joe Biden's inaugural poet, p!ssed on the national anthem  More
One of the "good people" threatens to harass Justice Alito "for the rest of his life"  More
City of Orlando sends WOKE email sharing reasons NOT to attend July 4th fireworks display  More
The Left has no respect for anything -- they destroy everything they touch  More
The "good people" sure do have some evil thoughts  More
Totally normal account from the party of tolerance and acceptance  More
The "Equity Coordinator" for the DC Public Schools has been hating on white people  More
Pink curses and blasphemes, but her accountants won't like this tweet  More
Physician with uterus won't prescribe Viagra and Cialis for conservative white men  More
Q-Tip is back on MSNBC and he's crazier than ever -- why does MSNBC air this stuff?  More
Abortion activists distribute Justice Clarence Thomas' home address ( it's a federal crime to attempt to intimidate a judge )  More
For anyone who believes Twitter is fair and balanced  More
DHS warns Catholic churches to prepare for 'Night of Rage'  More
Remember, it's not a lie, if you believe it  More
"There are some people profoundly pathologic on the Left"  More
Lawyer/writer/producer has become so successful in America that she hates the place and everything about it  More
How much is too much?  More
Millions of Behar's low-IQ viewers will believe this sh!t  More
Biden's government doesn't care about these guys -- they're too busy hunting down white supremacists  More
They will tell you who they are -- believe them  More
Vice writer says racist white nationalists are keeping black people out of the national parks  More
Another one of the "good people" shows us who she really is  More
Since the draft SCOTUS opinion was leaked, leftist have targeted churches and pro-life groups as revenge for a legal process that has nothing to do with them ( thread )  More
The double standard is so clearly obvious  More
Meanwhile, the racial indoctrination of America's children continues  More
The Unified Field Theory of Non-Whiteness -- the very idea is racist  More
Gay NAZI jock demonstrates the deep hostility of the Alphabet People  More
"I’m not reviewing a film by a bigot," says bigot  More
California "educator" advises white kids to sit down and shut th f*ck up!  More
California students claim ban on campus trespassing is rooted in "colonialism" and "white supremacy"  More
Emerson College promotes professor who publicly fantasized about massacring white people  More
YouTuber wants "someone" to blow up the building where the NRA convention is being held  More
BU professor claims property is racist, and looting & rioting should not be seen as an unacceptable  More
This self-loathing white man hasn't got the balls to leave his tweet up  More
I don't care what the Supreme Court says -- this is a hate crime  More
Study shows left-wing Hollywood is still super racist  More
This lovely tweet is from sitting US Congressman -- a Democrat, naturally  More
Little Nicky is practicing CRT's "counter-storytelling" tactic -- real history is a tool of the white power system, so CRT advises the "oppressed" make up their own history  More
The Left is fixated on race -- character is an afterthought  More
Musk challenges sexual harassment accuser to "describe" part of his body  More
"Do you think that they’re just gonna become nicer and nicer as the years go on" -- that is a great question  More
Equal justice under the law -- Democrat-style -- charges dropped bcause... ( )  More
Patrisse Cullors proves there's a lot of money to be made selling hate  More
A person sees hate everywhere, when it's in his or her heart  More
A "Generation Hope" video rubs raw the sores of discontent ( )  More
Is the Left becoming a culture of death?  More
Have you ever noticed? -- black people don't have any use for political correctness  More
If this isn't insanity, I don't know what insanity is  More
A New York Times reporter can hate as hard as anybody else  More
Some hate, like that directed at the Catholic Church, or directed at conservatives, is perfectly OK in "our democracy"  More
Vandals desecrate Colorado Catholic church with pro-abortion messages  More
U. of South Carolina hosts a "white student accountability" meeting  More
Non-binary professor at Hood College says she hates conservatives  More
Liberals are offended when they are labeled as hyper-emotional  More
Why does MSMBC continue to give Q-Tip airtime? -- how is it their interest?  More
Tweets from one of the "good" people  More
Are white kids being brainwashed by Critical Race Theory fanatics -- you bet your ass they are!  More
The far-left hates everyone, themselves included! ~ Elon Musk  More
Every one of the issues stated by Mr. "No Lie" is false -- every one of them -- and these are the folks behind the "disinformation" movement  More
The Left is united by who they despise, not what they support  More
"Do you believe cops kill unarmed Black men in America every single day?"  More
Leftists react to Elon Musk buying Twitter!  More
Proud racist justifies her aggressively rude behavior as a form of “reparations”  More
Why does the media promote vicious racists such as Q-Tip? ( thread )  More
Why does MSNBC pay this hater big money to spew her venom?  More
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