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"Shut Down White Supremacy" is an attack on "traditional" America -- the Left wants all of it gone  More 2022-12-01
Alan Dershowitz says diversity is a "phony concept"  More 2022-12-01
Racism, practiced against white people, has become socially acceptable on the Left  More 2022-11-30
*** A former Seattle municipal employee has filed suit against the city for anti-white racial discrimination ( thread ) ***  More 2022-11-29
A statue of young Abraham Lincoln was vandalized with red paint on Thanksgiving Day  More 2022-11-27
Don Lemon wants you to accept that "hands up, don't shoot" may be fake, but it's accurate  More 2022-11-25
MSNBC’s Joy Reid reminds us why we should feel guilty and miserable this Thanksgiving  More 2022-11-25
They say we are dangerous  More 2022-11-24
Social media blamed conservatives for this gay guy's brick attacks on a gay bar in Hell's Kitchen, NYC  More 2022-11-24
Even when they're retired, FBI agents demonstrate bad judgement and a willingness to assign blame -- the "Untouchables" was only a movie  More 2022-11-23
After blaming the Right for the Colorado club shooting for days -- shooter turns out to be "non-binary" -- The story will go dark now ( )  More 2022-11-23
This is what equity looks like  More 2022-11-22
The "new" CNN  More 2022-11-22
Racism, misandry and stupidity will always have a home on MSNBC  More 2022-11-21
Did you ever notice, only white people are racists  More 2022-11-20
No bias here! -- NY Times best-selling author, Saira Rao ( )  More 2022-11-17
Haters gonna hate -- it's sad  More 2022-11-16
The lottery is racist!  More 2022-11-11
The leader of the Washington State ethnic studies curriculum invokes the "Jewish question"  More 2022-11-11
Haters create their own reasons for hating -- reality has nothing to do with it  More 2022-11-10
Loser South Carolina U.S. Senate candidate, Krystle Matthews -- "treat [White People] like sh!t"  More 2022-11-09
A distinction without a difference -- black celebrities don’t hate Herschel Walker’s privilege -- they hate his ideas  More 2022-11-07
"Jews kill blacks," and "Jews enslave Black lives," were found spray painted publicly in Atlanta, Georgia  More 2022-11-06
Don Lemon’s new show "CNN This Morning" bombs in debut  More 2022-11-05
Jarring flyers bearing the words, “White Only,” a noose and a QR code, are adverts for Chicago artist Hyero Veney’s upcoming "Yts Only" Bucktown art show  More 2022-11-04
The secret conspiracy to drown black kids  More 2022-11-04
The View's Sunny Hostin calls white suburban women, "roaches"  More 2022-11-03
Joy Reid and Hillary Clinton -- bookends to a library of hate  More 2022-11-03
Just another reminder of who the fascists really are  More 2022-11-02
Little Nicky is getting $40,000 for a speech -- bullshit sells!  More 2022-10-31
Jimmy Kimmel hasn't been funny forever, but now he's just mean-spirited as can be  More 2022-10-31
Wow! MSNBC expert says Jan. 6 MAGA white supremacists are responsible for Paul Pelosi's drug-fueled, gay-sex romp  More 2022-10-30
Does Whoopi Goldberg ever listen to herself?  More 2022-10-28
This is what your kid is learning at university  More 2022-10-26
Democrat financier probably want to take back this tweet -- "Describe Clarence Thomas in a word" -- the replies demonstrate the hate in the heart of every Democrat  More 2022-10-26
"I’m not going to say that the GOP are Nazis, but . . ."  More 2022-10-25
What drives leftists to routinely attempt to impose their will on others?  More 2022-10-25
Zero self-awareness  More 2022-10-25
Leftists tear pages from the Bible to protest . . . something . . . anything! ( thread )  More 2022-10-25
"Whites will be replaced" -- says genocidal MSNBC analist  More 2022-10-24
When you get right down to it, "whiteness" and "oppressor" slurs are really silly  More 2022-10-24
Brit Hume nails Liz Cheney right between the eyeballs with just three words  More 2022-10-24
"Faces of color" aren't "voices of color" says bigoted MSNBC loon  More 2022-10-24
TikToker tells white creators to stop posting content and only boost black creators’ content to make space for BIPOC people  More 2022-10-24
“Republican” Lisa Murkowski pledges to vote for Alaska House Democrat over Sarah Palin  More 2022-10-23
Nobody hates like a leftist  More 2022-10-22
Sandy Hook is turning out to be a gold mine for the bereaved parents  More 2022-10-22
"F*ck you, you f*cking white cracker. F*ck you, you ugly piece of sh!t!"  More 2022-10-22
Don’t watch this video if you suffer from white fragility -- or better yet, watch it and own your white fragility  More 2022-10-21
It's well-established that Joy Reid hates white people -- so, why is she culturally-appropriating Nordic-blonde hair  More 2022-10-21
American-hater and WNBA star, Brittany Griner, may be in a Russian prison for a long, long time ( )  More 2022-10-18
If you don't support Democrats unconditionally, you are a white supremacist, regardless of your skin color, ethnicity, or gender, claims the NY Times  More 2022-10-17
"Defund the police" councilwoman begs Seattle Police for protection after "poop" thrown at her house -- the law of unintended consequences  More 2022-10-17
Everything this doofus says is historically incorrect  More 2022-10-16
What's up with all these elementary school teachers creating kill lists? -- clock GETTR, then cursor down  More 2022-10-16
Check out the signage for Republican Washington state senator candidate, Tiffany Smiley  More 2022-10-16
Hollywood's Matthew Cooke has a few words for the MAGA crowd  More 2022-10-16
Re: Trump supporters -- "... they’re bad people... they’re a threat to everything we hold dear"  More 2022-10-15
Next time you hear anyone whining that the system is "rigged for white people," show them this chart  More 2022-10-15
Somalian, with a lengthy criminal history, beats and stabs a woman for wearing an American flag shirt  More 2022-10-14
Unhinged leftist, Brianne Chapman, singing "f*ck Ashli Babbitt” destroys birthday memorial to Ashli Babbitt on steps of US Capitol -- Capitol Police stand by and do nothing  More 2022-10-11
LA City Council president described her fellow Democrat's black son as "like a monkey" -- of DA George Gascon, "f*ck that guy, he's with the Blacks"  More 2022-10-10
The horror! -- abortionists are murdering trannies before they're born  More 2022-10-08
Watch Dr. Phil's face while leftist professor explains the insane concept of "cultural appropriation"  More 2022-10-07
*** "They told me if I said I liked Trump, my life would be over" ~ Kanye West ***  More 2022-10-07
Multi-millionaire coach tells multi-millionaire jocks that America purposefully excludes them from succeeding  More 2022-10-05
Ibram X. Kendi threw out the first pitch at the Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park, last night (thread )  More 2022-10-05
Lathan Johnson has been charged w/more than a dozen violent hate crimes over beatings & robberies targeting at least 14 Indian Hindu women in Santa Clara County (CA)  More 2022-10-05
Inter-racial violent crime involving blacks and whites is 3% or so of violent crime, and it's more than 80% black-on-white  More 2022-10-05
Nine student groups at the University of California Berkeley Law School have banned any speakers that support Israel or Zionism  More 2022-10-03
Charges against Shannon Brandt have been upgraded from criminal vehicular homicide to murder ( )  More 2022-10-01
This unidentified teacher needs a lot of help  More 2022-09-30
My study of the Left's hate speech ~ Victor Davis Hanson  More 2022-09-27
Jordan Peterson school visit prompts calls to the police -- "who defines hate -- the people you least want to"  More 2022-09-26
"The Racists of Martha's Vineyard"  More 2022-09-26
MSNBC's Q-Tip says, “white MAGA, bigoted Southerners” like Georgia GOP U.S. Senate nominee Herschel Walker because he is “stupid.”  More 2022-09-23
Uncle Tom II exposes how BLM is "destroying what made America great, and using Blacks as a means to do so" ~ Larry Elder  More 2022-09-22
ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN & MSNBC are silent about homicidal leftist that murdered a young Republican by running over him with his SUV, because he disagreed with his politics  More 2022-09-22
Is MSNBC's Chris Hayes insane or simply a propagandist?  More 2022-09-22
This is the results of Joe Biden "othering" MAGA Republicans  More 2022-09-21
A deranged leftist in North Dakota has confessed to a hit-and-run homicide because he thought a Republican boy was an "extremist" ( )  More 2022-09-21
Ken Burns documentary compares the MAGA movement to the rise of Hitler  More 2022-09-20
Q-Tip brings his hate to MSNBC twice in one week, but confuses himself with his own bullsh!t  More 2022-09-19
MSNBC's resident bigot, Q-Tip, warns of the white domestic terrorists who will do violence in Trump's name and other bullsh!it  More 2022-09-18
The wealthy Martha’s Vineyard's Democrats called in the National Guard to deport illegal immigrants -- now they are calling in FEMA  More 2022-09-18
Liberals expel illegals from their sanctuary island ( )  More 2022-09-17
This was posted by a member of NBC News and later deleted  More 2022-09-17
Department of Defense equity chief has history of anti-white Twitter posts  More 2022-09-15
This is a wonderful example of f*cked-up liberal thinking  More 2022-09-15
Blond-haired Sunny Hostin is whiter than most white people -- super successful and definitely richer than most whites -- the bitch is still bitchin'  More 2022-09-13
CNN contributor, Dean Obeidallah, marked 9/11 by comparing Trump and his supporters to Bin Laden and al Qaeda  More 2022-09-11
New York Times corrects the "racist" BYU hoax it never should have spread in the first place  More 2022-09-11
The Lincoln Project's Rick Wilson casually says, "you're still going to have to put a bullet in Donald Trump"  More 2022-09-11
A San Diego high school teacher defined "fascist" for high school students as: whites, heterosexuals, Christians, Trump, and the Republican party ( )  More 2022-09-10
Memphis (TN) police are seeking the identities of two black males making terroristic threats on video to kill white people:  More 2022-09-09
"Don't be a Trump supporter in Portland"  More 2022-09-08
Which is worse, the bigotry or the stupidity?  More 2022-09-08
How blatant, anti-white racism won acceptance in elite [white] America  More 2022-09-07
MSNBC outcrazies itself  More 2022-09-07
MSNBC has been talking a lot about civil war in the last two weeks.  More 2022-09-04
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