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Black Lives Matter wants to boycott "white" companies to show your support for black xmas, whatever that is? More
Jussie had selected the intended audience for his racist hoax More
"White companies" -- those would be the companies that are resisting Critical Race Theory's "diversity, inclusion and equity" (DIE) training. More
Interesting that the Jussie Smollett trial isn't on TV ( thread ) ( ) More
Smollett should have the book thrown at him, instead, he'll end up with a book and movie deal More
The Democratic Party encourages this stuff -- "I am for all of you white bitches dying like flies" More
Maxine Waters is just full of the holiday spirit! More
Jussie's back -- jury selection begins today More
'Tis the season for Black Lives Matter to hate on capitalistic white supremacists More
Most of the "hate speech" on Facebook is anti-white and anti-male More
Inside the breast of every progressive beats the heart of a tyrant More
Black Lives Matter celebrated Thanksgiving by being their usual assh0le selves More
The cynical and dangerous weaponization of the "white supremacist" label More
I'm thankful for Joy Reid More
Critical Race Theory is is retuning us to the good old days of segregation and killing Dr. King's 'Dream' in the process More
The Left has already decided Waukesha is not a story and here's why More
The Left is going to have a hard time making a hero out of Darrell Brooks -- "two detectives say it was an intentional act" More
UK newsers have the stuff you won't see in the WOKE American news about the Waukesha madman More
Video of what the Waukesha madman really did -- they can't lie about this More
A good way to reduce racism might be to do away with mandatory diversity training More
Democrat calls Waukesha tragedy "karma" for Rittenhouse acquittal More
As Americans prepare to give thanks, the Left's tiresome slanders of "genocide" and "racsim" and "white supremacy" are getting a workout More
Black Lives Matter-Kaepernick supporter drives SUV into Christmas parade killing five children and injuring many. -- let out of jail two days prior ( ) More
Ibrahim X. Kendi explains racism More
False tweets like this one, trying to manufacture an anti-trans hate crime epidemic, are repeated until accepted as fact More
Everything this woman says in this clip is false More
MSNBC guest host Jason Johnson divines Rittenhouse's motive for killing Rosenbaum and Huber -- the men were race traitors More
That a lunatic like this inhabits Congress just boggles More
Black Lives Matter -- white ones not so much More
Four claims about the Rittenhouse case and every single one of them is demonstrably false. More
This woman is doing everything she can to gin up a riot -- Microsoft and NBC News gain viewers -- everybody else loses More
Who watches a program where people just sit around and bitch, bitch, bitch about race? More
Congress-critter fabricates a wild story about white supremacists so she can bitch about Rittenhouse trial More
The Left is gearing up for a good old-fashioned tar-and-feathering for that judge More
Kenosha is on edge -- if the Left doesn't get their lynching they threaten to punish the jurors and burn the city down More
The Left's casual racism is a daily occurrence now and it's really remarkable that it's hardly noticed by media More
The Rittenhouse judge is receiving racist messages and threats of violence from the Left More
Steve Bannon is a "gladiator for fascism" who wants "to write his Mein Kampf in prison” More
Wisconsin governor places 500 National Guard troops on standby ahead of Rittenhouse verdict More
Q-Tip guy sets the table for a Black Lives Matter-Thanksgiving riot More
And how did you feel when you visited the Pearl Harbor Memorial? ( 10-to-1 she's never been there ) More
When you are a "good" person, no atrocity is too outrageous More
Inside the breast of every progressive beats the heart of a tyrant ( cursor down ) More
When leftist found out the judge had "God Bless the USA" as his ringtone, his head exploded! More
The beauty of Critical Race Theory is that it is always what its proponents say it is and it's never what its critics say it is More
Joe Rogan and Theo Von discuss Colon Kaepernick More
One of the most basic requirements of a fair trial is the presumption of innocence More
We, the Rutgers University BIPOC Faculty Caucus, support professor Britney Coopers' right to be a stone racist ( ) More
Eric Dyson's entire existence is based on pulling scabs off old wounds More
More evidence that the gender people are all closet NAZIs More
The Pulitzer Prize-winning host of MSNBC's, "The Sunday Show," Jonathan Capehart, is a stone-cold racist More
These people think "justice" and "vengeance" are the same thing More
Facilitator fee is $1,000 per head times 50 attendees -- that's Critical Race Theory -- that they get to crap all over white people is a bonus ( Alinsky Rule #6 ) More
400 Jan 6 prisoners will be moved out of the D.C. jail after a U. S. Marshal's inspection discovered poor conditions, including water being shut off for days More
MSNBC guest calls the incoming Virginia lieutenant governor a "black mouth for white supremacist practices" More
"The way they see it, white people do not have the right to self-preservation.... we should not be motivated by any desire to protect or defend ourselves" More
When logic leaves the room -- blacks hating on blacks for having "white ideas" More
"Condescending and dishonest" is an apt description of most Progs More
Some Donks are taking the Tuesday thrashing harder than others More
Republicans aren't supposed to engage in the culture war, that's our hustle! More
Colin Kaepernick has a sickness and it's terminal More
Joy Reid blamed it all on racist white people -- MSNBC pays her $2 million per for this stuff More
Black Lives Matter boomerang More
Don't you hate it when this happens? ( ) More
Seattle's public schools run "Whiteness As property" seminars for their white teachers -- this stuff is right out of the Critical Race Theorist's handbook More
Black Lives Matter scammed $30 million out of Minnesota, now folks are saying "where's da money?" More
Harvard's American Repertory Theater is presenting a "black-identifying people only" performance of Macbeth More
When real racism raises its ugly head it's always a Democrat More
The only thing not racist are actual racists ~ Greg Gutfeld More
School's hard for some kids -- it's even harder when your teacher is an abuser More
Salon's anti-Christian, anti-white "analysis" is the kind of pure hate that can only be written by a "religion scholar" More
Former ABC and CNN staffer arrested for threatening to kill member of Congress More
The pervert behind the Netflix protest of Dave Chappelle, is a flaming racist More
The real reasons for the Jan 6 Committee? -- keeping the hate alive More
The Critical Race Theory business -- the diversity and equity consultant report card More
When one belongs to a "special" group one doesn't need to be civil and to play by some set of rules More
New York City declares racism a "public health crisis" More
Perfect illustration of how identity leftism doesn't just ignore class repression but reinforces it More
Our Army is so fucked! More
The third world socialists that run New York voted to cancel Thomas Jefferson More
It's always all about the Benjamins More
There's a gender war going on over at Netflix -- the trannies want to cancel Dave Chappelle More
Judge denies last-ditch effort to dismiss a criminal case against "bad actor" Jussie Smollett, More
The irony is delicious! More
Computer science curriculum needs to be "rethought" because "all of the textbooks are written by white people" More
Inside the breast of every Prog beats the heart of a tyrant More
Walmart is indoctrinating its white hourly-wage workers to believe they are guilty of "internalized racial superiority" More
It had to happen -- Halloween has been declared racist and is hereby cancelled! More
The Art Institute of Chicago fired all of its unpaid, white volunteers More
Dontcha just love happy endings? More
Did you know that the "City of Brotherly Love" put Columbus in a box? More
Get your children out of the public schools! More
These elected officials are not practicing racism while doing The People's business, how? More
Militant tranny goes after Chappelle, who flips it -- "If this is what being canceled is like, I love it" More
Grabien's list of hate-crime hoaxes More
Joe Biden has appointed a Critical Race Theory activist to the DOE -- her job is to make sure your kids know that their skin color is the most important thing about them More
No Whites or Asians need apply More
Millionaire race-hustler hates capitalism More
Demonstrating Democrat Rule #3: "That's different" More
If you really want to see sexism, misogyny, and hate, just look at how the Left/Donks treat ANY woman who dares to disagree with their agenda More
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