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You've got to be carefully taught  More 2024-04-15
Who are these people? -- and why haven't they been unmasked yet?  More 2024-04-14
The University of California at Berkeley prohibits white residents from using a community farm -- Education Department to investigate.  More 2024-04-14
CNN contributor suggests black people identified with OJ because he killed white people  More 2024-04-12
Cambridge (MA) announced tens of thousands of dollars in grants aimed at tackling racial justice through the arts -- included in the taxpayer-funded effort are theater performances for "exclusively black audiences."  More 2024-04-12
Shelby County Commissioner Henri Brooks (D-TN) proposed an amendment to change President's Day to "Family, Friends, and Employees Holiday" because President's Day is "racist"  More 2024-04-11
Leftists call anyone who disagrees with them racist -- even minorities  More 2024-04-11
A women’s country line dance team were kicked out of a Seattle dance convention after organizers claimed their American flag-themed shirts made some attendees feel “triggered and unsafe"  More 2024-04-11
Whoopi Goldberg says Republicans want to bring back slavery  More 2024-04-11
Littleton (CO) bus aide punching nonverbal 10-year-old autistic student has been released  More 2024-04-10
Wisconsin directs federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) funds toward racism, equity workshops ( )  More 2024-04-09
Have you heard of "adultification bias?"  More 2024-04-08
Diversity does not mean diversity -- it means not white  More 2024-04-08
"The truth about DEI is that although it's well-intentioned, it's mostly garbage"  More 2024-04-05
Seattle public schools has shuttered its gifted and talented programs because the school board determined they had too many white and Asian students  More 2024-04-05
The State Department's new top DEI Officer says, "we've got to be about dismantling that traditional [family] structure at every juncture"  More 2024-04-03
A trailer full of Bibles was dropped off in the middle of an intersection in Wilson County (TN) and then “intentionally set on fire”  More 2024-04-02
Ana Navarro says the U. S. National Anthem is the "White-Supremacists" national anthem  More 2024-04-02
The New York Times' David French claims that "during Holy Week, Christians all over Twitter were posting 'Christ is King' specifically aimed to assert religious dominance in a very gross and ugly way -- it is very dangerous"  More 2024-04-02
The stats are in -- Don Lemon's new show is falling apart  More 2024-04-01
MSNBC legal analyst Kristy Greenberg fantasizes about Donald Trump spending next Easter in "a prison cell," reading his God Bless the USA Bible  More 2024-04-01
MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace suffers meltdown over Trump -- it's beautiful to witness  More 2024-04-01
Former CNN and NBC "journalist" tweets an image of a decapitated Trump  More 2024-04-01
Only leftists would disrupt a religious service on a religion's holiest holiday  More 2024-03-31
Racist assault on Boston train  More 2024-03-30
Republicans are against Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs because they “can’t stand black people” ~ Joy Reid  More 2024-03-28
"Racists aren't scared to be racist"  More 2024-03-28
"100%" -- according to the Anti-Defamation League, "100% is shorthand for 100% white, 100% is a tem used by white supremacists."  More 2024-03-27
It seems that "whiteness" is a pressing problem for the Saint Louis Park School District, located in the suburbs of Minneapolis (MN)  More 2024-03-26
"White men, like Trump, need to be banished" ~ the wisdom of P Diddy  More 2024-03-26
Black racists want Boston's "white churches" to pay oppressed people of color $15 billion  More 2024-03-25
Donald Trump “always lucks out on everything -- now we’re probably not going to see any of the trials”  More 2024-03-23
The Mayo Clinic is practicing racism against white people  More 2024-03-20
These started with one every few weeks; then one very week; then several every week; now, it's several every day  More 2024-03-20
"The American Society of Magical Negroes," written, directed, and produced by Kobi Libii bombs  More 2024-03-20
This is all Barack Obama, the man that brought us Critical Race Theory  More 2024-03-19
College Park's (MD) "racial equity" leader is exposed for making anti-white posts -- wants society to "collapse"  More 2024-03-18
Don Lemon calls Elon Musk a racist after he refused to accept his outrageous demands to join "X"  More 2024-03-18
"I kicked those crackers' ass" ~ Hizzonor, the Mayor Of New York City  More 2024-03-17
How woke education is poisoning people against Western Civilization  More 2024-03-16
Just another case of black racial violence against white people  More 2024-03-14
Demons aren’t hiding anymore  More 2024-03-14
This brute has been arrested seventeen times before this assault on an Asian woman ( thread )  More 2024-03-13
Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) referred to President Trump as "the former white supremacist-in-chief”  More 2024-03-13
Karma visits a hater  More 2024-03-12
America can thank Barack Obama for this  More 2024-03-09
The CIO and Director of IT Operations at the U. S. Agency for Global Media has been suspended on full pay over tweets where he branded white people as "snow roaches" ( )  More 2024-03-08
MSNBC's Joy Reid says that Republicans are not voting on economics, but on race  More 2024-03-06
Charles Barkley says he will punch black Americans who wear Trump shirts "in the face"  More 2024-03-05
Keith Olbermann refers to the Supreme Court Justices Jackson, Kagan and Sotomayor as “whores” ( )  More 2024-03-05
Michael Moore says Jews should focus on fighting against white Christians, and that white Christians are their real enemies  More 2024-03-05
Muslim immigrants tear down American flags  More 2024-03-04
A black, Jew-hating Muslim and deadbeat dad, who has been convicted of multiple felonies, including assault on a peace officer, is running for the LA school board -- he has been endorsed by Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers  More 2024-03-03
This didn't go viral or make national news because it doesn't fit the narrative  More 2024-03-03
Three black women jump a white man while on a bus and claim that he was the instigator -- the video tells a different story  More 2024-03-03
“White people being happy causes oppression so they need to stop feeling joy and should give their money to black and brown people”  More 2024-03-02
"Christian nationalists are a bigger threat than al Qaeda" ~ James Carville  More 2024-02-28
Fulton County (GA) DA, Fani Willis, subjected her employees to mandatory race training, forcing the entire office to rate “Black” or “White” skin colors as either “Good” or “Bad”  More 2024-02-28
This is a slick political ad -- it's also racist as Hell!  More 2024-02-27
The University of Virginia's Assistant Vice President for Equity and Inclusive Excellence demonstrates the power of Critical Race Theory indoctrination  More 2024-02-27
MSNBC pays Joy Reid $1.5 million per for this garbage  More 2024-02-26
There were 436 hostile incidents against churches in 2023 -- almost all by the Alphabet People  More 2024-02-26
Googles AI product, Gemini, hates white people (watch this one)  More 2024-02-25
The founder of Google's "AI Responsibility" initiative, Jen Gennai, openly says that she treats “Black, Hispanic and Latinx” employees differently than white employees  More 2024-02-24
The dramatic rise in attacks on churches are committed primarily by the Alphabet People  More 2024-02-23
America's young physicians are being taught to hate white people  More 2024-02-21
White oppression!  More 2024-02-21
"Show some respect, it's black history month"  More 2024-02-20
Blasphemy has always been cool with homosexuals  More 2024-02-20
"Somebody needs to check on Christians -- they're not okay" ~ Megan Rapinoe  More 2024-02-20
Joy Reid’s father is from the Congo and her mother from Guyana -- says she's a descendant of American slaves but in reality is the privileged, wealthy child of immigrants  More 2024-02-19
"We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet"  More 2024-02-18
"This is the gayborhood and you're not welcome here"  More 2024-02-18
Everything has become "white supremacy"  More 2024-02-17
The Disney Company is being sued for, “intentionally discriminating against white American men, Christians, and Jews simply because of their race, sex, religion, and citizenship”  More 2024-02-17
The “9 characteristics of white supremacy," are taught to students at Lincoln High School in Seattle (WA) -- “objectivity,” “individualism,” and “perfectionism” top the list  More 2024-02-16
9-year-old white girl rides the diversity bus to school  More 2024-02-14
Formalizing the hatred of Caucasians in the University of California at San Francisco by a truly evil man, Dante King ( )  More 2024-02-14
Alleged "Christians" kick the Bible into the congregation at Ohio megachurch ( )  More 2024-02-13
The National Football League promote "separatism"  More 2024-02-12
Tiktoker goes on unhingest racist rant against white people -- calls them “napkin Americans, rice rascals, no purpose flour, chalk child.”  More 2024-02-12
Some haters are just stupid  More 2024-02-11
So, who really are the haters?  More 2024-02-10
Sunny Hostin, resident racist on ABC’s “The View,” said she was “in shock” to find out that she likely is the descendant of a slave trader  More 2024-02-08
Meet Wanda Swan  More 2024-02-07
There is more racial tension and hatred under Joe Biden than in the 1960s -- and Obama's fingerprints are all over it  More 2024-02-07
“I believe the United States has no right to exist -- I believe every settler colony that has committed genocide against native people, against indigenous people, has no right to exist"  More 2024-02-05
It's the brutality -- the unnecessary brutality is what shocks  More 2024-02-04
This is what a quarter of a million dollars buys you at America's elite universities  More 2024-02-03
Every day -- more and more  More 2024-02-03
White men, are you doing your part and donating a portion of your salary to black women?  More 2024-02-03
"Equity" is deadly!  More 2024-01-31
Connecticut school district deletes Veterans Day and Columbus Day from its holiday calendar -- Martin Luther King Jr. and Juneteenth remain  More 2024-01-30
The bloody gang assault is horrible, but then they have to humiliate the victim by stripping him of his trousers  More 2024-01-30
Have you ever seen evil? -- naturally, the case against him was dismissed ( )  More 2024-01-30
White people need to stop feeling joy and give their money to black people  More 2024-01-29
Happy D.E.I Thursday  More 2024-01-28
"It's OK to hate Whites"  More 2024-01-28
Liberals are f*cked up -- there's no other way to describe them  More 2024-01-26
In a rare anti-Christian hate crime prosecution, Colorado man Darion Ray Sexton has been federally convicted for trying to burn down a Lutheran church  More 2024-01-25
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