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Judge Chutkan is conflating her assumptions of Trump with her assumptions of Jan. 6 -- it is disturbing and legally improper ( thread )  More 2023-09-29
Teachers receiving DEI training at New Prague (MN) Area Schools were shown this racist video that compares white people to mosquitoes  More 2023-09-28
"Your time is officially up -- black power forever!"  More 2023-09-28
Brothers who killed Ethan Liming by stomped on his chest and breaking his neck during a carjacking were acquitted of involuntary manslaughter  More 2023-09-26
LeVar Burton claims blocking children’s access to pornography is ‘"white supremacy"  More 2023-09-26
Destroying the guy's ax is one thing, but stealing his tips?  More 2023-09-26
"You've got to be carefully taught" ~ South Pacific, 1948  More 2023-09-21
The feel-good video of the month!  More 2023-09-21
Space Force Lt. Gen. DeAnna Burt admits the U.S. military discriminates against states for their LGBQTXYZ policies  More 2023-09-21
Race fraud and hustler Ibram Kendi’s "Center for Antiracist Research" has spent a ton and produced bupkis!  More 2023-09-20
Bloodlust! -- as the body count, excessive prison sentences, and new arrests related to Jan. 6 pile up, the twisted bloodlust of the Left is on full display.  More 2023-09-19
Is it, "Donald Trump’s fault that Maren Morris’s voice sounds like auto-tune dog sh!t?"  More 2023-09-17
Ibram Kendi’s “antiracism” center is collapsing  More 2023-09-17
The soft bigotry of low expectations ( )  More 2023-09-17
The head of the American Federation of Teachers says parents who want proper schools are racists  More 2023-09-17
Rep. Maxine "Mad Max" Waters (D-CA) lives up to her name  More 2023-09-16
Dove teams with fat liberation activist who staged hate hoax that resulted in white student being expelled from university  More 2023-09-15
Pagans vandalized a Maine church with the words “Abortion is our human right” and “Queer love 4 Eva"  More 2023-09-14
Dean Obeidallah, a Palestinian-American propagandist for MSNBC and radio host on SiriusXM, wants Donald Trump to die in prison to “protect democracy”  More 2023-09-12
Renowned criminology professor who "proved there is systemic racism" was fired for faking data -- his studies have been retracted.  More 2023-09-11
"Diversity IS about getting rid of white people, and that’s a good thing" ( )  More 2023-09-09
MSNBC continues to be America's #1 source of hate and division  More 2023-09-08
The Anti-Defamation League tried to deplatform Libs of TikTok  More 2023-09-06
Elon Musk just revealed his intention in the next two weeks to release all the data exposing the Anti-Defamation League and other organizations who pushed for accounts to be censored on "X"  More 2023-09-05
The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) says, "it's OK to be white," is hate speech  More 2023-09-05
Graphic video captured a man beating a 60-year-old woman with her own cane at the Lenox Avenue Station in Harlem  More 2023-09-05
According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the numbers 1-11, 109/110, 12, 13, 13/52, 13/90, 14, 14/23, 14/88, 18, 21-2-12, 211, 23, 23/16, 28, 311, 318, 33/6, 38, 43, 511, 737, 83, and 88 are all hate symbols  More 2023-09-05
Florida NAZIs say they support Joe Biden because he's supporting the NAZIs in Ukraine  More 2023-09-03
Only one of these statements is classified as hate speech ( )  More 2023-09-02
Anti-White hate group meets with Twitter-X to set policy on hate speech  More 2023-08-31
The neighbor from Hell is caught injecting a toxic opioid agent into family's apartment  More 2023-08-29
Little Nicky slanders Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson as "openly white nationalists"  More 2023-08-29
"He's a racist!"  More 2023-08-28
MSNBC's Nicole Wallace gets vapors over the thought of Trump being in a jail where three people died this month  More 2023-08-27
Joy Reid says, "I despise Donald Trump" -- and MSNBC pays her millions to say so  More 2023-08-25
Using the law as a weapon against political enemies is insufficient -- they must be humiliated  More 2023-08-24
Democrats are enjoying the humiliation way too much -- these are not nice people  More 2023-08-24
Be careful what you wish for, Democrat  More 2023-08-24
A Canadian woman who tried to murder President Trump with ricin has been sentenced to 22 years in prison  More 2023-08-22
Traci Fiorenza has been arrested by the Secret Service for threatening to shoot President Trump and son, Barron, "in the face!"  More 2023-08-22
The hate and brutality we see on social media worsens weekly  More 2023-08-21
Critical Race Theory appears to have freed the deep inner hostility of many  More 2023-08-20
Children will be taught in history classes that Trump “fought in the spirit of King George to kill the democratic process and scapegoat black women” ~ Al Sharpton  More 2023-08-19
Al Sharpton attacks Donald Trump for using the word "rigger"  More 2023-08-18
This is not human behavior -- and it's deep  More 2023-08-17
A Canadian comes to America to practice free speech  More 2023-08-17
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company offers a “management training program” that excludes white employees  More 2023-08-16
Environment or heredity?  More 2023-08-16
Black Professor claims, "white people" were the only slavers in history -- and it goes downhill from there  More 2023-08-15
This is racism and it's "in your face" racism  More 2023-08-14
Absolute proof that trannies have everything wrong  More 2023-08-13
Critical Race Theory in the schools was never a good idea -- it was always a bad idea and badly intentioned  More 2023-08-09
A Texas elementary school teacher is out of a job after she posted “racist” statements on social media that included complaints about her sister dating a white man  More 2023-08-09
Haters will hate  More 2023-08-09
Outstanding example of "equity"  More 2023-08-08
Best Buy management training program excludes white employees  More 2023-08-08
This is what modern-day racism looks like  More 2023-08-08
Racist or misogynist?  More 2023-08-08
Critical Race Theory indoctrination works on the weak-willed  More 2023-08-08
Rick Wilson goes on MSNBC and says the donor class needs to go out and “put a bullet in Donald Trump"  More 2023-08-07
Member of Congress spreads racist anti-white propaganda with a big, broad smile -- wants white men monitored  More 2023-08-07
Yes, liberalism is a mental disease  More 2023-08-06
A Florida State University professor has been fired for faking data to prove that the legacy of lynching “makes whites want longer sentences for blacks” as part of his long-running work on “systemic racism.”  More 2023-08-05
Predictably, The New York Times defends a South African song that advocates for killing white people  More 2023-08-05
Out of pathological hatred or fear of Donald Trump, the Left has crafted one set of laws for themselves, and another for all other Americans ~ VDH  More 2023-08-04
“When I first learned about the indictment . . . how proud I felt to be an American at that moment much in the way that I did when I learned that our military had killed Osama Bin Laden” ~ retired Capitol cop  More 2023-08-03
Thinking it is one thing, but posting it on social media is bizarre -- what's that about?  More 2023-08-02
Democrats are not nice people  More 2023-08-01
“If your skin isn’t brown you need my permission to speak”  More 2023-08-01
Gets points for honesty  More 2023-07-31
Haters gotta hate  More 2023-07-29
“Our country should be fearful of white men" ~ Ilhan Omar ( married to a white man )  More 2023-07-29
Unprovoked attack on 72-year-old Asian woman  More 2023-07-28
Racist congresswoman preaches racism  More 2023-07-28
Diets are racist!  More 2023-07-25
The U. S. Women's soccer team hates the U. S.  More 2023-07-23
Black Lives Matter burning down buildings was “taking care of the people in their town” ~ Whoopi Goldberg  More 2023-07-21
The Southern Poverty Law Center just released a report claiming there are 1,225 hate and anti-government groups in America -- the SPLC puts Moms for America on its “hate map,” but not Antifa or Black Lives Matter  More 2023-07-19
Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison goes on racist rant, compares Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to a "house slave"  More 2023-07-18
Yes, it is racist to make Snow White not white  More 2023-07-17
There are those that attempt to justify this  More 2023-07-17
Privileged woman refuses to get off FaceTime and put her phone in airplane mode  More 2023-07-16
The end of the black people can't be racist myth  More 2023-07-11
Bigotry, ignorance, superiority, and arrogance -- all in one hateful package  More 2023-07-11
Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson infers high-risk Black newborns who have a White physician, rather than a Black physician, are twice as likely to die  More 2023-07-11
Only in America!  More 2023-07-10
This is how the conversation should be ended any time the DEI crowd starts looking for problems  More 2023-07-10
The rise of No-Go Zones in America  More 2023-07-09
"This country was founded on slavery"  More 2023-07-08
White supremacy is growing more diverse every single day  More 2023-07-07
Woke hiking groups introduce separate trails for people of color who fear running into a “prejudiced” hiker  More 2023-07-06
R&B singer Jill Scott, who is worth $12 million+ sang a WOKE rendition of the National Anthem to sing about how oppressed Black people are  More 2023-07-05
White privilege is definitely a problem  More 2023-07-05
Multi-millionaire WNBA player, who is wealthier than 96% of all Americans, bitches about Whites having "privileges"  More 2023-07-05
She didn't wake up one day like this -- somebody taught her  More 2023-07-05
If the American Flag makes you feel “uneasy” and “freaks you out,” you’re welcome to leave.  More 2023-07-05
Democrats celebrate the 4th of July  More 2023-07-05
If you have an American Flag hanging outside your house, you’re probably a racist  More 2023-07-05
NPR guest says racist Whites are exploiting Asians to "bamboozle" people on college quotas  More 2023-07-04
The National Speech and Debate Association has gone WOKE and now tolerates open discrimination  More 2023-07-04
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