It's easier to fool
the masses than to
convince them they
are being fooled
~ Mark Twain
line flipped

The social justice warrior

Attacking America's culture, promoting racism, and indoctrinating our kids

Communists betray workers, teachers unions betray students, civil rights organizations betray Blacks  More 2024-04-16
China's Gansu Wind Farm -- this is how vast swathes of currently scenic countryside will look if the Net Zero cult has its way  More 2024-04-15
Would you welcome this monstrosity of a solar farm in your county?  More 2024-04-15
“What gives a DEI program the right to come in and try and alter the nature of things to create equality of outcome?”  More 2024-04-13
A NYC LGBTQ+ activist known for dancing at Pride events was arrested in Florida by federal authorities for distributing child rape content on Telegram  More 2024-04-12
We are one month away from losing our medical sovereignty to the World Health Organization ( )  More 2024-04-12
WHO Director-General calls for a "transformation" of the food system, away from meat-eating and traditional agriculture, in the name of fighting "climate change"  More 2024-04-12
John Brennan, the former CIA Director, fellow-traveler, Islamic convert, and member of the Russiagate conspiracy, is at it again ( )  More 2024-04-10
The difference between a liberal and a conservative  More 2024-04-09
This is China -- the Left wants to hobble clean American industry while this goes on -- and India is almost as bad  More 2024-04-09
"They build a [climate] computer model that gives them the answer they want, and then tell you that they've got evidence that this is going to happen in the future"  More 2024-04-09
Australian geologist, Viv Forbes, explains why geologists reject the human-induced climate change scam  More 2024-04-09
The battle against censorship  More 2024-04-06
George, Alex and the rest of the Soros family donate heavily to Democrats from key 2024 swing states  More 2024-04-06
Louisiana bans U. N. and World Health Organization regulations  More 2024-04-06
The spike in the number of illegal Chinese immigrants is becoming U. S. national security issue  More 2024-04-06
We’ve dumped $100 billion into our proxy war with Russia, emptied our arsenals, crippled our economy and Russia’s economy is booming and their military is stronger than ever  More 2024-04-05
Net Zero -- the Green New Deal -- "is a recipe for mass suicide," says Greenpeace co-founder, Dr. Patrick Moore  More 2024-04-05
Meta falsely linked pro-parent school board president to child abuse images  More 2024-04-04
"By requiring academics to profess -- and flaunt -- faith in DEI, the proliferation of diversity statements poses a profound challenge to academic freedom" ~ Council on Academic Freedom at Harvard  More 2024-04-04
The Red Chinese "are trying to buy out the American mind"  More 2024-04-04
Have you heard of “digital public infrastructure?” -- you should become aware of it  More 2024-04-03
WEF agenda contributor, Yuval Noah Harari, says, "human rights are just a fictional story"  More 2024-04-03
Klaus Schwab assuring new recruits that their "avatar" will continue to live after they die, and that their brains "will be replicated through artificial intelligence and algorithms"  More 2024-04-03
California senator, Nancy Skinner, has proposed Senate Bill 976 that would require all social media users with 25,000 followers to have a government-issued ID to be able to continue to use social media  More 2024-04-02
A California activist group is using taxpayer money to pay teenagers for learning how to fight for "racial justice"  More 2024-04-01
"Squatters' rights" laws violate the "Takings" clause  More 2024-03-29
United Nations chief, Antonio Guterres, calls for slavery reparations to overcome "generations of discrimination"  More 2024-03-29
Just 5% per year, and you won’t notice your descent into Marxist hell  More 2024-03-29
Tyson Foods has partnered with Protix, the leading global insect ingredients company ( )  More 2024-03-28
A credentialed reporter interviewing people taking part in pro-Palestine protests at Vanderbilt University is arrested by police  More 2024-03-28
The president of Mexico is using Joe Biden's Invasion to extort the United States -- demands U.S. pays up or "the flow of migrants will continue  More 2024-03-27
The United Nations prepares to enforce world’s first "global tax on emissions"  More 2024-03-27
Google is conspiring with U. N. Global Communications to censor information about man-made global warming -- "we own the science, and we think that the world should know it"  More 2024-03-26
First, it was the 2nd Amendment, then it was the 1st Amendment, and now it's private property rights (5th Amendment)  More 2024-03-25
California's fast-food chains have started to slash their workforces in response to the $20 per hour hike  More 2024-03-25
Victoria Spartz (R-IN) showed video evidence of the dangers of allowing men to compete in women’s sports during a recent House Judiciary Committee hearing concerning transgender athletes  More 2024-03-23
NY AG Letitia James is in a panic after receiving the news that Donald Trump has secured $500 million to cover Judge Engorons unconstitutional penalty  More 2024-03-23
Harvard sociology professor teaches the two-parent nuclear family is rooted in white supremacy  More 2024-03-21
A new communist party is set to launch in Minneapolis next month  More 2024-03-21
China's President Xi Jinping personally approved CEFC China Energy's business partnership with the Biden family  More 2024-03-21
The Left has done to Whites what the Nazis did to the Jews, what the Japanese did to the Chinese, and what the Hutu did to the Tutsi -- dehumanize them -- make them into the Other, the ones towards whom no humanity need be shown  More 2024-03-20
Joe Rogan -- "the stuff of banana republics"  More 2024-03-19
A woman was arrested for attempting to remove squatters from $1,000,000 house in Queens, NY  More 2024-03-19
The entire purpose of the United States Constitution is to "hamstring the government" -- commies don't seem to understand that  More 2024-03-18
Space is no longer the final frontier -- reality is  More 2024-03-18
Experts war-gamed what might happen if deepfakes disrupt the 2024 election  More 2024-03-17
Uber and Lyft say they will leave Minneapolis on May 1 because the city is telling the rideshare companies what to pay their drivers  More 2024-03-16
"Most people will be willing to give up their privacy in exchange for much better health care, based on 24-hour monitoring of what's happening inside their bodies"  More 2024-03-16
Leftists hate "natural law" because it’s the only true bulwark against tyranny  More 2024-03-15
The World Health Organization says that they need to have total control over pandemic preparedness and public health world-wide  More 2024-03-15
The Coast Guard has orders to follow the boats fleeing from Haiti and sailing to Florida and to let them land  More 2024-03-14
Raheem Kassam summarizes the Tiktok controversy in 90 seconds  More 2024-03-14
The City of College Park (MD) has hired a "racial equity" leader, Kayla Aliese Carter, a supporter of violent Black Liberation, who wants to “burn it all down”  More 2024-03-14
"Human rights are just a fictional story"  More 2024-03-14
*** The United States Military Academy has changed its mission statement from "duty, honor, country" to the more amorphous “Army values” ***  More 2024-03-13
Minority criminals are being booked as "white" ( thread ) ( )  More 2024-03-12
Chinese government documents and restricted military journals show how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is using social media like TikTok and Hollywood to target vulnerable young consumers and tear at the fabric of American culture  More 2024-03-10
After NY Firefighters exercised their 1st Amendment right to protest corrupt city leaders, a letter was sent saying anyone who booed Letitia James will be sent to HQ for "reeducation”  More 2024-03-09
“The Superintendent may not allow implementation or adoption of any program that does not prioritize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” ~ Aurora, Colorado School District  More 2024-03-09
Peter Schweizer’s new book delves in to China’s comprehensive strategy to undermine the United States  More 2024-03-08
The FBI has a "secret portal" used to spy on American citizens -- anyone who "opposes firearm legislation, the easing of immigration restrictions or COVID mandates might be an extremist"  More 2024-03-08
A jury has convicted a Portland (OR) woman of a "bias crime" for misgendering individual in woman's bathroom to two years probation and 50 hours of community service.  More 2024-03-08
A California activist group is using taxpayer money to pay teens $1,400 to study and become social justice warriors  More 2024-03-07
Kurt Fellows was arrested, "sedated," and is being held by the Secret Service at an undisclosed location after sending 1,000 used dildos to the White House with a note telling Joe Biden to "go f*ck himself"  More 2024-03-07
DEI must go if we want Western Civilization to survive  More 2024-03-07
Leftists refuse to accept a unanimous SCOTUS ruling  More 2024-03-07
The Supreme Court must be stopped, say the commies at The Nation  More 2024-03-05
Commies lose -- 9-0 Supreme Court decision -- Trump is on the ballot in all 50 states and the territories  More 2024-03-04
Appeals court rules some Jan. 6 Capitol riot defendants were improperly sentenced for "interference"  More 2024-03-03
The Vera Institute of Justice -- linked to billionaire George Soros -- has won a nearly $172 million federal contract from President Joe Biden’s administration to help young border crossers avoid deportation  More 2024-03-03
Free speech is now portrayed as an existential threat to the country as opposed to the very thing that defines us as a free people  More 2024-03-02
The commies are after Catherine Herridge BIG TIME!  More 2024-03-01
Vasiliev Pyotr Alexievich has been arrested in Moscow for attempting to kill Tucker Carlson -- he says he was paid by the Ukrainian government  More 2024-02-26
You would be mocked by the media for warning about the proliferation of communists in America  More 2024-02-26
Peter Schweizer’s new book, "Blood Money," reveals what communist China is doing to our country and to our people  More 2024-02-26
The FBI is hosting an “unconstitutional” hiring event for women and people of color -- white men need not apply  More 2024-02-25
Buffalo Public Schools teaches students that “all white people” perpetuate systemic racism and forces kindergarteners to watch a video of dead black children warning them about “racist police and state-sanctioned violence” who might kill them at any time  More 2024-02-25
Communist -- someone who ignores the law, or perverts the law for his or her political purpose  More 2024-02-24
It cost John Hancock everything he had to build this nation -- it looks like Trump will have to do the same to save it  More 2024-02-24
After firing Catherine Herridge, who was investigating the Hunter Biden laptop story, CBS News seized her files, computers and information on privileged sources  More 2024-02-23
Imagine!  More 2024-02-22
How leftists neuter religious conservatives with the "Christian Nationalist" smear  More 2024-02-22
The State Department insists the public has no right to know how its censorship unit, the Global Engagement Center, is spending taxpayer money  More 2024-02-21
This is communism! -- Trump must pay $87,500 every day in interest until the matter is settled ( )  More 2024-02-21
Trump must pay nearly half a billion dollars as a bond to New York State before he can appeal Judge Engoron's insane ruling  More 2024-02-20
How long will Americans tolerate the destruction of America and its institutions?  More 2024-02-20
"Scholars" say pedophilia is now a sexual orientation that should be accepted by members of society  More 2024-02-18
Ben Crump believes crime should be legalized because it’s part of black culture  More 2024-02-18
What Judge Engoron has done to President Trump is communism  More 2024-02-17
Klaus Schwab's Greatest Hits  More 2024-02-17
A 90-year-old California woman has been fired from her volunteer role at the National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society after 60 years because she failed to abide by its DEI guidlines  More 2024-02-16
A DEI program for Washington state emergency responders that threatened their livelihood has been suspended following backlash against the race-based and gender ideologies  More 2024-02-16
Wherever the Left gains power, whether at a university or in society as a whole, it suppresses free speech  More 2024-02-14
Like the plot to a dystopian movie, New York will now monitor social media writings, collect data, and use law enforcement to crack down on any expression it deems to be hate speech  More 2024-02-13
Boston City Councilwoman Julia Mejia on the lack of space for illegals -- "everyone needs to start opening their doors -- this is a shared responsibility"  More 2024-02-12
China plays the victim after getting caught hacking into the U. S. infrastructure for years  More 2024-02-10
The Left loves chaos  More 2024-02-06
How Lia Thomas and a small cabal of lawyers are waging war on women’s sports  More 2024-02-02
The Oregon Supreme Court just voted that the ten senators -- nine Republicans and one Independent -- involved in a six week walkout last year are disqualified from seeking reelection  More 2024-02-02
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