The social justice warrior

Attacking America's culture, promoting racism, and indoctrinating our kids

Leftists get organized at the RNC Convention in Chicago (IL)  More 2024-07-15
Russia claimed the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump came about through Joe Biden’s enfeebled administration creating “the atmosphere” that enabled the shooter to undertake his failed mission  More 2024-07-14
San Francisco to fight crime by ordering Tenderloin businesses to close earlier  More 2024-07-13
The Kremlin said the whole world had paid attention to Joe Biden's slips of the tongue at the NATO summit  More 2024-07-12
The Fourth Branch of government  More 2024-07-12
Satanists demand inclusion in Florida's in-school chaplain program  More 2024-07-11
House Judiciary reveals the scope of a conspiracy to silence conservatives -- it's huge!  More 2024-07-10
"I will work with my colleagues on legislation classifying Trump’s election subversion acts as unofficial acts not subject to immunity” ~ Sen Chuck Schumer (D-NY)  More 2024-07-10
School district leaders are advancing a cultural Marxist agenda designed to indoctrinate children through radical gender ideology and other controversial topics  More 2024-07-09
Former Blackrock adviser says that divesting from oil and gas is not sustainable  More 2024-07-08
"Journalism" or propaganda  More 2024-07-08
World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab told delegates at a conference in China that humanity needs to be “forced into a collaboration” with globalist entities  More 2024-07-08
Zelinski proves 85% of human communication is non-verbal  More 2024-07-07
Why Communist China-connected Temu is worse than TikTok  More 2024-07-04
Free speech online can still be saved, but Congress must act quickly  More 2024-07-02
They call this equity and inclusion  More 2024-06-30
How communism happens  More 2024-06-26
Communism will fix climate change  More 2024-06-24
Mike Benz long thread on "Nudge Theory" -- if you don't read the right news sources (aka, mainstream slop), you are "media illiterate" and must be re-educated  More 2024-06-22
LA's "homeless high-rise" is a monument to Marxism -- "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"  More 2024-06-20
Anarchy U  More 2024-06-19
This is leftist thinking -- the only thing the Left has ever done is destroy -- the Left has never built an enduring thing, except totalitarian governments  More 2024-06-19
BLM traded Dr. King’s Christianity for Kendi’s Critical Race Theory  More 2024-06-19
By November, we may have 200,000 more Chinese men who have crossed our border  More 2024-06-19
"America is the land of opportunity" is an example of harmful "microaggressions" -- in Oregon, physicians can lose their license to practice for uttering such words  More 2024-06-18
The Marxist tactics of the modern Left: "You divide the population into two categories: the people who are complying, who are the good guys, and the people who are not complying, the bad guys -- it's that simple  More 2024-06-17
Father reading a children's school library book is told, "your language is inappropriate," by a school board member and then thrown out of meeting  More 2024-06-17
Journalist threatened with jail over publishing trans shooter Audrey Hale's deranged journal writings  More 2024-06-17
“No U-Turn” traffic signs in Silver Lake (CA) are taken down because the signs are anti-LGBTQ  More 2024-06-15
Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) retrenches and 25% of its staff are terminated  More 2024-06-13
The Deep State is real  More 2024-06-13
The Left Knows Leftism Doesn’t Work ~ Victor Davis Hanson  More 2024-06-11
"There's a way to cut emissions -- put a price on carbon -- it is a market driven instrument, and the message is very clear -- you're polluting, you must pay a price ~ EU chief von der Leyen  More 2024-06-11
The New McCarthyism? -- internal FBI interviews raised politically slanted questions including employee’s Trump support, vaccine hesitancy, and 2nd Amendment support.  More 2024-06-11
Washington state governorJay Inslee signed legislation to make it a felony to deface a public "Pride" symbol -- the punishment is up to five years imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000.  More 2024-06-10
Russian warships, including nuclear sub, missile frigate, will arrive in Cuba next week  More 2024-06-08
State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chris Reykdal, is telling school districts to ignore Washington state's parents bill of rights that took effect Thursday  More 2024-06-07
Attorney General Merrick Garland wiill defy GOP congressional subpoenas  More 2024-06-07
Russia to conduct war games in Caribbean in the coming weeks  More 2024-06-06
Why the WHO’s updated rules should alarm you  More 2024-06-04
First time I've seen Alex Soros speak -- he's not very bright, but he's got a gazillion dollars -- a dangerous combination  More 2024-06-04
Paulette Harlow, 75, was sentenced to 24 months in prison for protesting at an abortion clinic infamous for late-term abortions in Washington, DC  More 2024-06-03
You are living under a regime not a republic  More 2024-06-01
Alex Soros says Democrats should call Trump a convicted felon at every opportunity -- "repetition is the key"  More 2024-06-01
How Marxism infected America’s intel agencies and corrupted them beyond repair  More 2024-05-31
Making the abnormal, normal, and the normal, abnormal -- that is the goal  More 2024-05-31
Shocking map reveals vast U. S. farmland owned by the Red Chinese government  More 2024-05-30
Chinese nationals are pouring into San Diego and no one is stopping them  More 2024-05-27
Stuff she likes about communism  More 2024-05-27
Jan. 6 protester, Jake Lang, has been in jail for more than three years without trial -- he has been in solitary confinement -- total sensory deprivation -- for 800 days  More 2024-05-25
UCLA medical school has dramatically lowered its admissions standards for minority applicants -- as a result, 50% now fail basic tests of medical competence ( thread )  More 2024-05-25
Foreign governments threaten Americans' speech rights  More 2024-05-23
Universities breed evil  More 2024-05-22
Code Pink disrupts congressional hearing ~ "Blinken is a war criminal! He is a war criminal! The blood of 40,000 Palestinians is on his hands!"  More 2024-05-22
A liberal California college returns to the dark days of segregation  More 2024-05-21
Universities breed evil -- "If you send your child to college, you are playing Russian Roulette with his or her values"  More 2024-05-21
The Chinese communist plan for a Caucasian-only deadly virus  More 2024-05-18
Socialist member of Chicago City Council says punishing criminals is "racist" -- calls America a "garbage society"  More 2024-05-18
More Red Chinese nationals illegally entered the U. S. in two days this month than in all of 2021  More 2024-05-16
The president of George Mason University has at least 87 staffers working on diversity, equity and inclusion efforts -- there are 59 full-time history and art history professors at the school  More 2024-05-15
Conspiracy or fact?  More 2024-05-15
Journalist Christina Urso has been de-banked by Bank of America without reason -- is unable to access funds -- Bank of America says "checks in the mail"  More 2024-05-14
This is how they install a Neuralink  More 2024-05-13
A paid immigration activist demands Denver provide illegal aliens with their "rights" while describing the U. S. as a "colonial structure"  More 2024-05-10
Lifelong commie, Medea Benjamin, doesn't get the answers she expects from Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL)  More 2024-05-09
The vanishing woman  More 2024-05-09
The era of cheap food is over -- this is one way to reduce the global population -- starve the poor  More 2024-05-09
DEI is getting rebranded  More 2024-05-07
Illegal Chinese migrants are using Mexican IDs to enter the U. S.  More 2024-05-07
Columbia University chaplain says, "explicitly communist forces organized the Hamas protests  More 2024-05-05
The protester organizers aren’t students, they’re political operatives who are aligned by their mutual desire to destroy everything Western or Capitalist  More 2024-05-05
Teachers' unions and Marxist university professors are behind the university occupations  More 2024-05-04
Evil exists!  More 2024-05-04
Joe Biden awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Nancy Pelosi -- described her as the "greatest Speaker of the House of Representatives"  More 2024-05-04
Why the economy is so f*cked up!  More 2024-05-03
"Fighting against a violent regime" -- this commie activist is referring to the United States  More 2024-05-03
American kids have been brainwashed to hate America in America's best universities by their commie professors -- this has to be corrected  More 2024-05-03
A true model for future communist utopia  More 2024-05-02
The campus riots have been spontaneous eruptions of support for Hamas terrorists -- luckily 500 professionally printed protest signs showed up unannounced out of nowhere!  More 2024-05-02
Watch a professional, paid activist at work  More 2024-05-02
The Satanic Temple has announced plans to deploy its ministers as chaplains in public schools across Oklahoma  More 2024-04-30
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) new rule forces employers across the United States to accommodate workers’ abortions -- business owners will face federal lawsuits if they don’t  More 2024-04-30
Columbia University faculty link arms and form a wall in front of the entrance to the "Gaza Solidarity Encampment"  More 2024-04-29
Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has been accused of rape  More 2024-04-28
“Don’t work, don’t go to class, don’t research. Act out your Marxist and post-colonial ideas!”  More 2024-04-24
OK, kiddos -- it's time for environmental class!  More 2024-04-23
“DEI is garbage” -- “It’s fascist totalitarianism” ~ David Mamet, playwright and screenwriter  More 2024-04-23
China creeps onto US doorstep with attempt to establish Caribbean satellite state  More 2024-04-23
Columbia University faculty support Hamas terrorists  More 2024-04-23
Nearly 700 Chinese migrants were apprehended for illegally crossing the California border -- last week!  More 2024-04-22
Antigua is about to be razed for a Chinese-run special economic zone -- according to Newsweek, it will have its own customs and immigration formalities, a shipping port and a dedicated airline and will be able to issue passports  More 2024-04-21
"The Ukrainian Russian border is our border!" ~ Rep. Gerald Connely (D-VA)  More 2024-04-21
Ukraine president, Zelensky, celebrates after hearing the Democrats just authorized $61 billion for Ukraine  More 2024-04-21
The new Title IX rule from the Department of Education will force schools to allow boys in girls' bathrooms  More 2024-04-21
USC cancels all commencement speakers, honorary degree ceremonies after valedictorian backlash ( )  More 2024-04-20
Young woman proposes the purest form of socialism  More 2024-04-20
The Biden administration has just officially abolished Title IX as we knew it -- now, sex = gender identity  More 2024-04-19
Chinese government-linked hackers have infiltrated U.S. critical infrastructure  More 2024-04-19
She learned her Marxism in public school -- God Bless America!  More 2024-04-18
Further evidence that Judge Merchan is stacking the deck in the Trump trial  More 2024-04-17
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