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Attacking America's culture, promoting racism, and indoctrinating our kids

Fox News lawyers have reached out to Tucker Carlson notifying him that he breached his contract by launching his show on Twitter  More 2023-06-08
Kerry the Commie celebrated the anniversary of D-Day by comparing the Normandy landings to fighting climate change  More 2023-06-08
Federal judge says "gender identity" is real  More 2023-06-07
“Early transgender surgeries, hormone treatment, and affirmations are crucial for the health of kids and teens who identify as transgender and nonbinary" ~ The White House  More 2023-06-07
The Southern Poverty Law Center just designated "Moms for Liberty" as a hate group ( )  More 2023-06-07
Reading and writing and reparations  More 2023-06-07
"Pride" is just a state-sanctioned religion and dissent will not be permitted  More 2023-06-07
In Pennsylvania, a Christian man has been arrested for reading the Bible  More 2023-06-06
No Swede or Turk should ever be in a position to send our people into harm's way  More 2023-06-06
Joe Biden’s administration has signed a global agreement with twelve other nations to crack down on farming to “save the planet” from “climate change”  More 2023-06-06
Surgeon General Murthy's "Advisory Plan"" includes surveillance, mandatory "diversity, equity, inclusion" policies, and federal control of local infrastructure and organizations  More 2023-06-05
"You have to force behaviors, at BlackRock we are forcing behaviors"  More 2023-06-05
Even if this kid was factually wrong, he should still be free to express himself  More 2023-06-04
Why is the Left trying so hard to protect the Chinese Communist Party?  More 2023-06-04
"Your speech is violence"  More 2023-06-04
In time, they will corrupt the Supreme Court as well -- it's what they do  More 2023-06-03
What culture war?  More 2023-06-02
“We’ll keep them happy with drugs and video games"  More 2023-06-02
*** A glimpse of the WOKE future ***  More 2023-06-02
Chinese spies, disguised as tourists, attempted to infiltrate Alaskan military bases  More 2023-06-01
Major League Baseball has gone over to the dark side  More 2023-05-31
It's always only about power with the Left  More 2023-05-31
As you prepare for Pride Month, we must also remember to celebrate . . .  More 2023-05-31
The "Loneliness Epidemic" becomes another arrow in the socialists' quiver -- the "Six Pillars"  More 2023-05-30
Excellence or equity -- will the Supreme Court decide?  More 2023-05-30
The University of Connecticut requires all students to undergo Critical Race Theory indoctrination  More 2023-05-29
The destruction of the American culture has many threads -- this is one  More 2023-05-28
Black Lives Matter collected $90 million -- distributed $30 million -- where is the other $60 million?  More 2023-05-28
Painting the Democrats' enemies as America's enemies  More 2023-05-27
China’s new ambassador to the U. S. calls on Chinese "compatriots" in the U. S. to "serve the motherland"  More 2023-05-27
*** This DHS anti-terrorism program has been weaponized against conservatives ( thread ) ***  More 2023-05-26
Replacing the words "trans women" with "men" shows what trans-activism is really about ( thread )  More 2023-05-26
Chinese malware has infested systems on Guam -- is Taiwan the real target?  More 2023-05-25
When WOKE and Communism collide ~ European Parliament  More 2023-05-25
How did Black Lives Matter go from raising $90 million in one year to bankrupt?  More 2023-05-25
How Black Lives Matter spun police violence wrong  More 2023-05-24
The thousands of Chinese men sneaking into USA each month look like soldiers  More 2023-05-24
Patrice Cullors has looted Black Lives Matter -- millions and millions -- gone! ( )  More 2023-05-24
University of Minnesota Summer Research Program excludes white students  More 2023-05-23
Socialist convention  More 2023-05-23
"Those who oppose my agenda are white supremacists" ~ George Soros  More 2023-05-22
Noted anti-capitalist Bernie Sanders doubled his income last year by writing a book condemning capitalism  More 2023-05-21
More evidence that Act Blue is running a money laundering scheme in support of Democratic candidates ( )  More 2023-05-21
In time, the accountants will destroy diversity, equity and inclusion  More 2023-05-20
"Counter storytelling" is one of Critical Race Theory's components -- it encourages people to write their own version of history  More 2023-05-20
"The FBI will crush you -- the government will crush you -- and your family"  More 2023-05-19
"These are our kids-- they belong to all of us"  More 2023-05-18
Randi Weingarten is the principal influencer of everything that goes on in a public school classroom  More 2023-05-18
Psychiatrist at Texas Children's Hospital's child sex-change program threatens parents with their child's suicide if they don't affirm their child's "preferred name and pronouns"  More 2023-05-18
Leftists aggress and aggress and aggress -- until pushback -- then they cry "victim" -- know the game.  More 2023-05-18
Wyoming sorority sues university for forcing a tranny on them -- he watches the girls undress and gets stiffies!  More 2023-05-17
"As you know, equity is very important to the President of the United States" -- so we're gonna fix America's racist infrastructure  More 2023-05-14
Former-AOC aide is now a member of the Executive Committee of the New York State Communist Party  More 2023-05-14
New Biden administration rule could keep states from protecting girls‘ sports  More 2023-05-13
Control the food, control the People ~ John Kerry  More 2023-05-13
You're not going to like The New World Order ( )  More 2023-05-13
"By any means necessary" -- the new Democrat is at least a socialist and many are straight out communists  More 2023-05-12
Soros-funded circuit attorney Kim Gardner released a woman who shot two people at the Cinco de Mayo festival in South St. Louis over the weekend ( )  More 2023-05-12
The "Pride" flag is held in greater esteem than the American flag -- there's a sickness in America  More 2023-05-12
The United Nations plan for sending 600 million immigrants to the USA  More 2023-05-11
Bill Gates has elevated himself to be the wisest man on the planet -- the only thing he has ever actual done is swindle Gary Kildall  More 2023-05-11
"Will anybody be able to police what Carlson says?" asks MSNBC talking head  More 2023-05-10
The State of Washington can now legal kidnap your child  More 2023-05-10
Denver City Council member Candi CdeBaca says white-owned businesses should be assessed an extra tax that can be redistributed to black and brown owned businesses  More 2023-05-08
Colorado's largest union representing the state's public-school teachers has adopted a resolution on economic equity that affirms the union’s views opposing capitalism  More 2023-05-07
It appears that George Soros will take control of failed Vice Media  More 2023-05-06
George Floyd redux -- the Left wants to make a martyr out of a guy arrested 42 times.  More 2023-05-06
Democrat Denver City Council member Candi CdeBaca, who is running for re-election, says white owned businesses should be taxed extra and redistributed to black owned businesses.  More 2023-05-05
Proud Boys convicted of conspiracy, even though there was no conspiracy by the court’s own admission  More 2023-05-05
The browning of America will not be stopped ( )  More 2023-05-05
Duke Health, UNC Health Care, and ECU Health (NC) are all offering “transgender” treatments to 2, 3, and 4-year-old children  More 2023-05-04
Brazilian leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is set to forge closer ties with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a meeting in Beijing on Friday  More 2023-05-02
Ford Motor Company will import its next generation Lincoln Nautilus from Communist China  More 2023-05-01
Don't think the globalists won't use a world war to advance the great reset  More 2023-05-01
Military-aged Chinese men enter the US in batches, raising concerns about Chinese Communist Party infiltration  More 2023-04-30
Bernie Sanders says the government should confiscate all money you earn over $999 million  More 2023-04-30
A Frankenstein School of Medicine physician explains the process  More 2023-04-29
The Satanist met in Boston -- they look like any other collection of leftists -- ripping up a Bible and the American flag and making a lot of noise  More 2023-04-29
If a Democrat is elected in 2024, will there be a "mandate" for these in 2025?  More 2023-04-29
Restorative Justice at work! -- Portland (OR) middle school principals plead for help to manage student behavioral problems  More 2023-04-28
The Cartoon Network -- programming for children  More 2023-04-27
What changed? -- why, all of a sudden, is much of the county having a complete nervous breakdown?  More 2023-04-27
"Equitable grading" is the Left's "Next Big Thing" -- and this one will destroy American education forever  More 2023-04-27
The largest ever gathering of Satan worshipers comes to Boston's Marriott Copley this weekend  More 2023-04-26
The Biden administration is quietly helping American universities that host China's Confucius Institute on their campuses circumvent a ban on receiving federal funds  More 2023-04-26
Marxian education  More 2023-04-26
They're coming for Mother's Day!  More 2023-04-24
The Democrat Party will not allow primary challengers, Gavin Newsom and Robert Kennedy Jr., to debate Joe Biden  More 2023-04-24
Biology isn’t bigotry, biology is the truth -- people who oppose transgender policies are not transphobes, they are opposed to a new form of authoritarianism  More 2023-04-23
Transgenderism will erase women and their rights  More 2023-04-20
University of Iowa opponents of free speech want everyone they disagree with to be silenced  More 2023-04-20
Semi-automatic rifle ban passes Washington state legislature  More 2023-04-20
Russian spies funded Black liberation group’s rallies  More 2023-04-19
New Senate report concludes that COVID-19 originated at the Wuhan laboratory  More 2023-04-19
Six additional Chinese Communist "police stations" are identified in the U. S.  More 2023-04-19
Two NYC residents arrested for operating a Chines Communist Party police station in the United States  More 2023-04-19
The idea of ‘eunuch’ as a gender identity that needs to be affirmed with surgical castration is obviously insane -- but there are physicians doing it  More 2023-04-18
Seattle Public Schools hit with federal civil rights complaint for racial segregation  More 2023-04-17
Washington State Senate Bill 5599 allows allow medical transgender "interventions" on minors without parental consent  More 2023-04-17
Oregon bans Christians from adopting children -- a clear violation of the 1st Amendment  More 2023-04-17
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