The social justice warrior

attacking America, promoting racism and poisoning our children

Precision in language is critical, and that's why the Left is using semantics to blur the meaning of words  More
An generation mutilated beyond repair because when they were three-years old they picked up a toy truck instead of a Barbie doll ( )  More
Everything the Left does is intended to weaken the family and weaken the church -- everything  More
First Boston Childrens, now it's Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh . . .  More
One of the great children's hospitals in the world is offering “gender affirming hysterectomies” for young girls  More
They are out to erase "women" -- there is little doubt -- yet the "women's movement" remains silent ( )  More
The Left has no intention of ever giving up power  More
This California bill should be called the "Help KIds Run Away From Home" bill  More
Jayapal's language is only intended to incite -- it's who she is and what she does  More
Tyranny has arrived in America, and what it means for you  More
U.S. Department of Energy gave revolutionary battery technology to communist China  More
Obama just can't help it -- he has to boast, and let America know that he's the guy behind the guy.  More
The Center for Political Innovation sure looks like the Communist Party International ( n )  More
Since the Left can't convince anyone of their radical lies, they claim compassion  More
The "tolerant" Left just keeps goose-stepping, and if you get out of line, they will destroy you -- they don't take prisoners  More
Sarasota school board vice chair proudly bragged that there are school board members who are “woke” and “working from the inside” to indoctrinate children  More
Biden administration wants to force doctors to perform gender transition operations  More
Castrating young boys, and lopping the breasts off of young girls is "just wrong"  More
The San Diego Unified School District (CA) claims that heterosexuality is “a system of oppression" ( long thread )  More
When 2 + 2 = 3  More
More evidence that the FBI has been transformed into the Democratic Party's STASI ( ) ( )  More
Major U.S. news outlets including CNN, CNBC, and the AP recently met with Chinese Communist Party propagandists to get their agendas in sync  More
Public schools are cesspools of WOKEness, and there’s no bringing them back  More
Who'd a thunk it? -- black socialists conspiring with Russia -- say it ain't so!  More
There is no law in Portland (OR)  More
Turning Point USA releases new video showing student confronting the Democratic Party's "Neo-NAZIs""  More
DoJ quietly revealed an 8-year-long Russian elections interference operation that funded Black Marxist propaganda  More
DoJ official, named in FBI politicization allegations, played role in Lois Lerner-IRS scandal  More
“How can you force someone to take a vaccine to stop transmission when that vaccine doesn’t stop transmission?”  More
Here comes another leftist notion, ESG -- environmental, social, and corporate governance -- this one is meant to destroy corporations  More
Portland schools are teaching students to subvert the sexuality of “white colonizers” and begin exploring “the infinite gender spectrum” ~ Christopher Rufo  More
If monkeypox spreads outside of the homosexual & bisexual community it is not due to the virus, it's the CDC & NIH & WHO ensuring it does ( )  More
Joe Biden's State Department is actively discriminating against people who have a disability, are white men, straight white men, or not of the right religion  More
Meet the FBI analyst behind the decade’s biggest political disinformation campaigns  More
Chicago mother lost custody of the daughter she loves because she insists that her daughter is a girl  More
The cultural revolution continues as the Derogatory Geographic Names Task Force identifies 660 geographic features as offensive ethnic, racial or sexist ( )  More
L.A. pediatrician says it's no big deal to cut off the breasts of young girls  More
Dave Chappelle is giving the Alphabet People fits!  More
"The American college system is no better than the Mexican drug cartels"  More
The United States State Department is awarding grants to spread atheism  More
The gazillionaires at the World Economic Forum agree -- in order to complete the circular economy(?), the peasants must "go from owning to using"  More
Cancelling women!  More
The CDC is promoting a private chat platform that enables teens to discuss LGBT challenges, occult topics, dealing with relatives, or even finding an "alternative family"  More
Race medicine -- new medical school standards require "competencies' in "white privilege," "anti-colonialism," and “race as a social construct”  More
The Left’s trans agenda is all about erasing the past to control the future  More
The DHS secretary, Mayorkas, swears the border is secure ( )  More
Holly f*ck!  More
Promoting the sexual mutilation of children intensifies  More
The most dangerous man in the Biden administration  More
The Chinese commies have officially adopted the Democratic Party's talking points  More
A Boston high school's "learning English," class is teaching newly-immigrated students that physical violence and political assassinations are a legitimate form of "resisting oppression"  More
And then they came for James Madison  More
Twitter's numbers, of only 5% of its accounts being spam or fake, have been bullsh!t since Day One ( thread )  More
"This is the heartbreaking reality of what the woke activists have done to our community with their push to sexualize & indoctrinate children"  More
Extreme environmentalism is born of the notion that free people are incapable of thinking for themselves and making responsible decisions  More
Many in the Alphabet People want to rename the James Webb Space Telescope because of Webb’s alleged involvement in anti-LGTBQ government policies  More
The teachers' unions and leftist local school boards have destroyed public education, and everybody knows it  More
Dr. Jill tells it like it is -- government "schools are where policy becomes people"  More
This is for all the "culture war" deniers ( thread ) ( )  More
This Bill Gates cartoon isn't a cartoon  More
The University of Pennsylvania has gone stark-raving mad, nominating a bio-male, who has all his male parts, and dates women, for the "2022 NCAA Woman of the Year"  More
Maryland elementary schoolers to learn about "privilege" and "systemic racism"  More
How do you fight leftist "rules-makers" when they don't believe in rules -- except when it suits them  More
UC Berkeley law professor Khiara Bridge, like all leftists, can't answer a simple, straight-forward question  More
Their game is to change the language which, in turn, changes the reality  More
The Left has been dumbing down schools for decades -- dumb American are passive Americans  More
Nextdoor, a San Francisco community website, removed this 4th of July post for "discrimination"  More
The goal is to make the normal, abnormal and the abnormal, normal  More
We are living in an age when civilization itself is under attack -- at least Western civilization  More
The radical gender ideology being taught to kids start with Alfred Kinsey  More
Massachusetts voters fight to repeal driver’s licenses for illegal aliens  More
Today’s "Summer of Rage” women’s march will target the White House  More
Musk withdraws -- Twitter is in material breach of multiple provisions of Agreement, appears to have made false and misleading representations ( )  More
Children as young as 13 are now allowed to undergo gender reassignment surgery without parental consent in some places  More
It takes a while for people who are busy with life to become aware of the culture war -- they're shocked when it happens!  More
In order to cement unit cohesion, the US Army says soldiers must now shower with trannies  More
DoJ denies FOIA request for information about Ray Epps ( )  More
Twitter has suspended Dave Rubin ( 1.3 million followers ) for defending Jordan Peterson's speech rights ( )  More
Washington state now allows teen gender reassignment surgery without parental consent  More
You will receive the social media equivalent of the death sentence if you refer to Elliot Page as Ellen ( )  More
"A judge has found, as a matter of law, that the United States is being invaded"  More
If you listen to them, they will tell you what they're doing  More
Official Scrabble scoring dictionary erased 400 words it says are slurs on race, sexuality and gender, making them no longer acceptable  More
"It's exactly what Mao did"  More
"It's all going down the drain," says 100-year-old veteran  More
Google intercepted 100% of RNC solicitation for donation emails -- cost the party $2 billion in donations since 2019  More
This isn't just bad journalism -- it's libel that's meant to malign a good man and punish him for failing to appease the leftist agenda ( )  More
"Take that restorative justice bullsh!t and shove it up your asses" -- "not for murder"  More
The four-tweet exchange demonstrates how f*cked-up American society has become  More
CDC used "misinformation" to gain approval forCOVID-19 vaccinations for children ( )  More
The Jan. 6 Committee's attacks on Clarence Thomas' wife, Ginni, are attacks on every American  More
Former Trump attorney, John Eastman, launches lawsuit after cell phone "unlawfully" seized by FBI in Jan. 6 probe  More
The most bizarre part, is that the destruction of women's sport is being done in the name of "fairness"  More
Seattle schools want to spend more on "racial equity" programs than on math and science  More
Navy threatens to penalize sailors who purposely misuse gender pronouns  More
Doesn't believe in free speech -- for you!  More
29-year-old man -- identifying as a woman -- beats teen girl in skateboarding tournament  More
Big Pharma has figured out a way to skip clinical vaccine trials  More
Kick-butt thread directed at Lefties threatening violence over SCOTUS decisions  More
Proposed Title IX changes would make the Alphabet people a protected class  More
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