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Attacking America's culture, promoting racism, and indoctrinating our kids

Klaus Schwab, delights at the thought of a future without elections  More 2023-09-28
*** "Multiculturalism" is the greatest failure of the last 100 years ***  More 2023-09-27
Is there a crime greater than genocide?  More 2023-09-27
Queer Theory is all about making the normal, abnormal, and the abnormal, normal  More 2023-09-26
World Economic Forum "agenda contributor," Jemilah Mahmood, deliberates with John Kerry's daughter, Vanessa Kerry, about how to leverage the "emotion" from the "pandemic" to help advance the "climate crisis" narrative, using "storytelling"  More 2023-09-26
The WHO's proposed pandemic treaty will enable the WHO, "to take over jurisdiction of everything in the world by saying that climate change, animals, plants, water systems [and] ecosystems are all central to health"  More 2023-09-24
Any political scheme that uses the word "global" is communism  More 2023-09-23
Nicole Schwab, daughter of WEF founder, Klaus Schwab favors terrorizing people with fear to accelerate the WEF's 'Great Reset' agenda  More 2023-09-23
What Joe Biden and half-a-dozen cabinet secretaries are doing about the situation at the border should bring charges of treason  More 2023-09-22
In a 2012 paper, Dr. Anthony Fauci argued that the benefits of gain-of-function research were worth the increased risk of a pandemic-causing lab accident, so he went and funded the weaponozation of viruses by the Red Chinese Army  More 2023-09-21
JPMorgan CEO demands world governments "seize private property to save the planet"  More 2023-09-19
If this is true; World War III is about to begin  More 2023-09-19
Russia informed NATO before the war that it could avert war by denying NATO membership to Ukraine  More 2023-09-18
Free speech is under attack on college campuses -- the more liberal the institution, the less freedom of speech  More 2023-09-17
“We own the science and think the world should know it” -- globalist U. N. official calls for more controls over speech, greater censorship of the masses  More 2023-09-15
*** "The border is secure" ***  More 2023-09-15
Look what they're doing to the Marine Corps  More 2023-09-15
Torture and Abuse! DC officials have placed Jan. 6 prisoners in DC gulag back on COVID lockdown and solitary confinement  More 2023-09-14
L.A. has an Orwellian tip line that encourages citizens to report one another to the government for non-criminal "hate incidents"  More 2023-09-13
In less than 12 years, California has passed 21 education mandates that sow radical gender theory and critical race theory into the state’s education practices  More 2023-09-12
"We don’t print those things in a family newspaper” -- so why are "those things" being pushed onto children by libraries?  More 2023-09-12
Communist revolutionaries set fire to American flags in protest outside Jason Aldean show  More 2023-09-11
The globalists want this system world-wide  More 2023-09-11
Seven living CIA directors -- Michael Hayden, James Woolsey, Leon Panetta, David Petraeus, Michael Morrell, William Webster & Robert Gates -- were deputized by DHS to censor opinions about mail-in ballots during the 2020 election cycle  More 2023-09-11
World Economic Forum "agenda contributor'" and CEO of Rabo Carbon Bank, Barbara Baarsma, outlines the neo-feudal nature of the incoming personal carbon allowance system  More 2023-09-10
The Left has concluded the Internet is too dangerous to be free because a free Internet leads to outcomes they can't control ( thread )  More 2023-09-09
Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss is a central part of a complex operation to “[re]interpret the American Constitution in the light of progressive politics”  More 2023-09-09
Queer Communist calls for revolution to overthrow the U. S Constitution and replace it with one that's friendly to the Alphabets  More 2023-09-08
The "Check My Ads Institute" is attempting the shutter "X" by getting its certification by an ad industry group yanked  More 2023-09-08
*** Greenpeace co-founder, Dr. Patrick Moore says Net Zero policies will result in mass starvation and genocide ***  More 2023-09-08
Records Show that George Soros quietly funded a junket last month for five House Democrats to meet with left-wing Latin American leaders in what conservatives have derided as a "socialist sympathy tour"  More 2023-09-07
Harvard is named worst school for free speech -- scored zero out of a possible one hundred  More 2023-09-06
In order to tackle climate change, humans should be genetically modified to be intolerant to meat  More 2023-09-05
Should libraries be "a site for socialist organizing?"  More 2023-09-05
Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion -- the new face of communism  More 2023-09-05
Before socialism, Cuba was a beautiful place  More 2023-09-04
World Economic Forum founder, Klaus Schwab, delights at the thought of a future without elections  More 2023-09-03
New Marxism just dropped  More 2023-09-03
American College of OBGYNs calls for no limits on abortion  More 2023-09-03
"Chaos Agents" are strategically targeting children with social media  More 2023-09-02
Videos show employees of a Chinese company in Michigan wearing Red Army uniforms and pledging fealty to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)  More 2023-09-02
When everything becomes a hate crime [except burning the American flag]  More 2023-09-01
The lesbian, Marxist, president of the American Library Association says the “subversion” of traditional family structures is part of her “queerness”  More 2023-08-30
"When you come for our children you have started a war"  More 2023-08-28
Harrison Floyd, the Director of Black Voices for Trump, and a disabled Marine veteran remains in custody in Fulton County without bond  More 2023-08-27
A decade ago, nobody would believe any of this would be possible ( video )  More 2023-08-27
"There is no definitive scientific proof… that carbon dioxide is responsible for any of the slight warming of the global climate that has occurred during the last 300 years" ( )  More 2023-08-26
Top law schools are promoting the idea that the Constitution should be scrapped  More 2023-08-25
Teaching children to be subjects, not citizens -- when entering the classroom, "keep your eyes down and interactions brief"  More 2023-08-24
Fourteen American cities agreed to go full-Marxist and end dairy, meat, and cars by 2030 -- residents were not consulted.  More 2023-08-23
The effort to bar Trump from the ballot is "the single most dangerous constitutional theory ever"  More 2023-08-23
"Elections are bad for democracy," argues The New York Times  More 2023-08-22
Prosecutorial Bolshevism ~ Ben Stein  More 2023-08-22
There is no justice when the state gags a citizen!  More 2023-08-22
Decades of social conditioning  More 2023-08-21
It may not look like it on the surface, but this is communism  More 2023-08-21
A self-described "elite" woman is surprised that people don't trust the "elite"  More 2023-08-21
The woman in charge of turning your children tells Americans what's wrong with America  More 2023-08-21
Joe Rogan blasts the Left’s obsession with climate change  More 2023-08-20
Professors are challenging the new “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) regulations governing all of the more-than-54,000 professors who teach in the California Community Colleges system  More 2023-08-20
Fairfax County becomes third Virginia locality to pilot guaranteed income program  More 2023-08-19
When August is over, it’s going to be a bumpy ride  More 2023-08-19
Are the masks returning? ~ Alex Jones  More 2023-08-19
The public-school classroom, 2023  More 2023-08-19
The Justice Department is seeking 33 years in prison for Enrique Tarrio, the former Proud Boys leader -- Tarrio wasn't even in Washington, DC  More 2023-08-18
The Devil is real and he's loose in America  More 2023-08-18
Jan. 6 prisoner abuse -- tortured for five months -- isolated in a closet with 24-hour lights and a bucket for a toilet  More 2023-08-17
DC Court admits there are two separate and distinct applications of justice in America  More 2023-08-17
U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is assigned to the Jan. 6 case against former President Donald Trump, is related to some of the “most influential” Jamaican Marxists  More 2023-08-16
The three reasons Joe Biden will not be the Democrats' candidate  More 2023-08-16
Are you ready for Soylent Geen?  More 2023-08-16
Even Orwell couldn’t imagine this -- Trump, telling people to watch the Georgia hearings on OANN, is an "overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy" ( thread )  More 2023-08-15
Massachusetts denies Catholics the right to adopt  More 2023-08-15
These self-appointed leaders from the WEF will never give up their champagne and caviar, but they want you to eat bugs  More 2023-08-14
Former head of the IMF’s China division outlines how CBDCs will be programmable -- governments will be able to severely restrict how, when, where, on what and by whom they can be spent  More 2023-08-13
"We will concentrate much more on systems design for the future -- so we have defined fifteen key systems for the world"  More 2023-08-13
Klaus Schwab, has decided that we "have to get used to" a total erosion of privacy -- "If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t be afraid"  More 2023-08-13
These WEF people see "lesser humans" the same way they see cattle -- this is the same thinking that begat slavery  More 2023-08-13
The Devil is loose in America  More 2023-08-12
Commies will be commies -- school board orders James O'Keefe to stop recording -- he doesn't, so they call the cops  More 2023-08-10
Modern authoritarianism has a different set of defining features -- legalized political repression, with targets punished through vaguely worded laws and politically obedient courts  More 2023-08-10
Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, openly brags about infiltrating the governments of the world  More 2023-08-08
A Joint China-Russia fleet is holding naval maneuvers off the Alaska Coast  More 2023-08-07
"The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears -- it was their final, most essential command” ~ George Orwell, 1984  More 2023-08-07
China expert warns that a newly discovered California biolab was a bio warfare facility  More 2023-08-06
When George Soros admitted seeing himself "as some kind of god"  More 2023-08-06
China has reached into 143 school districts in 34 states and the District of Columbia through its Confucius Classrooms program -- the “CCP has had ties to school districts near 20 U.S. military bases”  More 2023-08-06
1st Amendment -- the slippery slope just got slipperier  More 2023-08-06
China is edging closer to invasion or blockade of Taiwan -- a look at the warning signs  More 2023-08-03
China has been placing agents inside of the US military -- two US Navy sailors were arrested this week for spying on behalf of China  More 2023-08-03
The slow death of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  More 2023-08-03
Incandescent light bulbs are now banned in the United States  More 2023-08-03
A woman was denied cancer treatment at Oregon Health & Science University after she criticized a trans flag  More 2023-08-03
Little, by little, by little -- get the hoi polloi used to the idea of eating worms  More 2023-08-02
1984 seems written for the Biden era  More 2023-08-01
Who elected these people -- and to what?  More 2023-07-31
A secret China-linked bio lab has been discovered in Fresno, California -- it contained more than 900 mice "genetically engineered to catch and carry the COVID-19 virus"  More 2023-07-29
A new taxpayer-funded "Queer" middle school is opening in Arizona next month  More 2023-07-29
"The classrooms are ours -- we will teach what we want."  More 2023-07-29
A growing number of Americans -- mostly Democrats -- no longer support 1st Amendment protections for free speech  More 2023-07-27
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