America's termites

attacking America, promoting racism and poisoning our children

Donk chairman of the Jan 6 Star Chamber says pleading the 5th is a sign of guilt More
CIA has just published a document, "Trump, A Unique Challenge," that is being described as a "hit job" More
Men competing against women is not only wrong, it's no longer sport -- and what kind of a "man" would pull this crap in the first place? More
The Left believes that only they are entitled to free speech -- a right that they abuse More
If corporations don't buy diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) programs Black Lives Matter will sue them for whatever ( used to be called extortion ) More
Doctors warn new medical school guidance would lead to unqualified physicians and unscientific medicine More
Critical Race theory will become a threat to your health is this lunatic has her way More
If Critical Race Theory is good for America, why does the Left have to be so deceptive about what it is and what they are doing with it? More
Second Stage Critical Race Theory -- CRT is in the curriculum and we're using it -- sue us! More
A tour of San Francisco clearly demonstrates what Progs mean by "progress" -- and where are the people? ( thread ) More
Adults should know about limits -- those that don't shouldn't be allowed near 6-year-old children. More
Nouveau socialism -- New York is ordering utilities to address customers by preferred names and pronouns -- will face penalties for failing to address do so More
"I represent science!" More
"What you have is a government inside a government, an undemocratic apparatus making all of the decisions beneath a shell of democracy..." More
Whoa! This ain't on the level! ( ) More
Security guard murdered by decriminalization More
Los Angeles public schools teach students that celebrating Thanksgiving is evil More
The relationship between the political Left and globalism More
Monty Python's 40-year-old comedy routine has become everyday reality More
This is counter-storytelling -- inventing history -- one of the five principles of Critical Race Theory ( ) More
Families are spending a fortune to have colleges turn their kids into American-hating cretins More
Inside the breast of every progressive beats the heart of a tyrant More
School administrator forced to work from home for exposing Critical Race Theory in his school district ( ) More
Are white leftists victims of a Stockholm Syndrome variant? More
Why would seemingly intelligent people commit to an ideology so at odds with reality? More
Dershowitz warns the Justice system is becoming infected by Critical Race Theory More
WOKE culture has hit our police hard and now it threatens our safety More
Biden's Education Department wants to cover up teacher's sex crimes against students More
The Left tried for days to blame the Waukesha atrocity on a "Trumper" More
This is the mindset of socialists who are fine with the People living on government handouts More
They keep telling us we're a free people -- are we? More
President Theodore Roosevelt statue has been exiled from New York state for offending WOKE sensibilities More
50 BLM soldiers, armed with pistols and semi-automatic rifles, joined the "Party for Socialism and Liberation" to protest for "justice" More
DHA chief Myorkas is ignoring the wave of illegals crossing the border illegally to focus on diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) More
Jesse was able to mobilize a throng of 50 commies to march for justice or revolution or something More
"The only solution is communist revolution" More
Activist teachers are recruiting middle schoolers for LGBTQXYZ clubs More
This is as un-American as it gets! More
How did ordinary Americans become domestic terrorists in the eyes of the Deep State More
The ACLU has put its finger on the Rittenhouse culprits More
They are coming for your children More
When you're WOKE, the facts don’t really matter anymore More
Time for a full audit of what's available to children in schools and school libraries More
The Aspen report is the latest evidence of a building anti-free speech movement in the United States More
Public school officials have demonstrated a willingness to use police power to silence and intimidate their opponents More
In its attempt to to turn the Rittenhouse trial into a political proxy war, the Left has chosen a "win at any cost" strategy of lies, strategic omissions, censorship and threats of mob violence More
FBI spokesperson said, "We only use the tag system on drug traffickers and human slave drivers" -- and parents of schoolkids More
The prosecution's star witness in the Rittenhouse trial was described as a paragon of selfless virtue, in reality he is a violent career criminal More
DHS chief Mayorkas is a radical social justice warrior and he's sitting in a seat where he can do a lot of damage. More
Joe Rogan on Kyle Rittenhouse and the left-wing media cult More
This is simply evil -- someone should go to prison, but they won't in the world of the WOKE More
Communists from REVCOM gather on the steps of the Kenosha courthouse to protest white supremacy and fascism and stuff More
CBS is teaching its writers that objective journalism is not feasible today during in-house "diversity & inclusion" training More
What is the driving force behind making the abnormal, normal and normal, abnormal? More
Herr Dr. Fauci says individual freedom is superseded by the state More
Exactly when did the country go 'round the bend? Who or what is behind this tranny trend? More
You know the FBI went waaay over the line when the ACLU defends a conservative More
University of Wisconsin requires students to take and pass a Critical Race Theory quiz to enroll in classes More
"In many ways, you're already in the authoritarian state, you just don't know it." More
Now that men in dresses can be admirals, the Left has begun its campaign to normalize child molesters More
The FBI is supporting a radical agenda aimed at destroying civil society in the United States More
There goes the Marine Corps! More
Thousands of Massachusetts parents have pulled kids from woke sex ed classes More
Are these the words of a democrat or a communist? More
Biden's commie nominee wants to outlaw private bank accounts and keep all deposit accounts at the Federal Reserve Bank More
Jon Gruden is suing Roger Goodell and the NFL for engaging in " Soviet-style character assassination" by leaking old emails to force his resignation More
Critical Race Theory can't be good for America when all leftists do is lie about it More
Back in the day, we'd get this person some help -- now, this unknown quantity is celebrated! More
Propagandizing children -- thread at ( ) More
Scottsdale parents discover school board president compiled a web dossier of 47 parents and children contain personal information, documents, and photos ( ) More
Now that trannies have been normalized and even glorified, pedophiles will be next More
The University of Maryland has decided there are only two races -- students of color (minus Asians) and white students (plus Asians) More
Facebook has blocked all search items and news articles about Kyle Rittenhouse More
That social media can silence a sitting member of the United States House of Representatives is beyond absurd and can't stand More
Twitter's censors have banned a journalist, Emerald Robinson, for "wrongthink" but mostly for working at Newsmax More
Biden's nominee for Comptroller of the Currency -- a no-shit commie from Kazakhstan -- wants the oil, gas, and coal industries to go bankrupt More
Professor wants "equity" grading -- replacing "A" for best work product with "A" for best effort More
CDC chief now touting mask-wearing to prevent transmission of flu and the common cold More
Columbia University students and employees can be expelled or fired for using wrong pronouns, including "xe/xem," "ze/hir," "per/pers" and "ey/em." More
The authoritarians running the Biden administration told large businesses to ignore court order and follow Biden's vaccine mandate More
If Critical Race Theory is a good thing, then why do its proponents have to lie about it? More
State Street Global Advisors managers will now need permission to hire white males More
Los Angeles vaccine mandate takes effect today -- the joy of "liberal authoritarianism" More
George Soros has a new project -- run your cursor over the cells ( ) More
How does San Francisco recover after what the Left has done to that once beautiful city? More
Pray! Pray with all your might that we don't have to go to war More
Santa Monica becomes the first American city to go full-blown Joe Stalin More
Do you know who the District Attorney of San Francisco is? More
This is Critical Race Theory "counter storytelling" ( ) More
In 2021, BATF added more than 54 million gun owner records to its national gun owners database amid new crackdown on firearms More
When your school district tells you they don’t teach CRT, it's because they call it English class More
A male MMA fighter beating the crap out of a female MMA fighter is seen as progress by the Left More
The Left and the Law of Unintended Consequences -- have they really thought this CRT thing through? More
Critical Race Theory is whatever its proponents say it is and it's never what its opponents say it is More
Here are the facts about Critical Race Theory in primary and secondary schools More
Those who can get you to believe absurdities can get you to commit atrocities ~ Voltaire More
Everybody knows corrupting science with a political ideology is insane -- so why do they do it? More
Stop telling kids they’ll die from climate change! More
Americans repudiate leftward drift on cops, schools and economy More
Critical Race Theory was the top factor for 25% of Virginia voters, while 72% called it important More
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