The social justice warrior

Attacking America, promoting racism, and indoctrinating our kids

The progressive approach to education appears to have some flaws  More 2023-01-28
Five black cops killing a black guy is a crime -- it will be handled as a crime by Americans -- it will be used as an excuse to riot and burn by commies.  More 2023-01-28
They hate it when you get in the way of the schools producing queer commies  More 2023-01-28
The sneaky, nasty and evil liberal provost and president of the New College attempt to shut down Chris Rufo's address to faculty and students because of an email ( thread )  More 2023-01-28
Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker calls for advanced placement courses that teach "Black Queer American" history  More 2023-01-27
George Soros controls a cottage industry of “fact checkers” and “misinformation” experts that advance the Left’s mission of silencing dissent to its agenda around the world  More 2023-01-27
DirecTV is provoking a 1st Amendment issue by deplatforming Newsmax  More 2023-01-27
DARPA is funding the adaptation of AI systems used to silence ISIS to combat American dissent  More 2023-01-26
Little Nicky's one word that summarizes The 1619 Project -- "Truth"  More 2023-01-26
Project Veritas video of Pfizer's Director of Research & Development & Strategic Operations discussing the risks of a "mutating COVID-19" with "directed evolution"  More 2023-01-26
The creator of Critical Race Theory receives $100,000 for speeches, and over $400,000 for academic posts ( )  More 2023-01-25
University of Texas-Austin has created a bureaucracy to push Critical Race Theory  More 2023-01-25
The Washington Post is reporting that there’s pressure growing to ban gas stoves -- that was a hoax a couple of weeks back ( )  More 2023-01-25
Team Biden awards national security grants to a think tank backed by CCP front  More 2023-01-24
Coming to America -- if the Left gets their way  More 2023-01-23
The people promoting Critical Race Theory are commies -- of course they're going to ignore the law  More 2023-01-21
Florida universities spend $35 million per year on Critical Race Theory programs  More 2023-01-21
Ya gotta admit -- all these people just dropping dead all of a sudden -- it isn't right!  More 2023-01-21
Globalists want to repace burgers with Soylent something-or-other!  More 2023-01-20
Freedom of speech is no longer allowed in this country! -- it’s official  More 2023-01-19
WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!  More 2023-01-19
"If you don't say the words, 'Critical Race Theory,' you can teach it," says self-described, "evil salesman"  More 2023-01-18
These people want to control what you think -- controlling what you say is only a stop along the way  More 2023-01-18
"Our schools have a maniacal focus on equal outcomes rather than rewarding high-performing students"  More 2023-01-18
There is definitely something wrong when athletes just collapse  More 2023-01-17
You must accept a transgender Miss Universe, or else you are a bigot ( )  More 2023-01-15
Bill Gates says fake meat products will 'eventually' be "very good'"  More 2023-01-15
Children's hospital gender program navigator touts giving uteruses from live donors to trans women  More 2023-01-14
The US Army has prepared extensive guidance on how to respond when a soldier questions showering with "a female who has male genitalia"  More 2023-01-14
How have things changed since you attended school?  More 2023-01-13
Minnesota is poised to ban Christians, Muslims, and Jews from teaching in public schools  More 2023-01-12
At least $54 million was donated to Joe Biden’s [fake] think tank at U Penn by persons or entities linked to the Chinese Communist Party  More 2023-01-11
Moderna is considering raising its vaxx price 400% -- says it's "'consistent with its value'"  More 2023-01-11
When they control your digital money, they control you  More 2023-01-11
3,500 US Army battle-hardened troopers forced out for refusing the vaxx -- now the Army says, "never mind!"  More 2023-01-11
"The science is clear"  More 2023-01-11
Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb secretly pressed Twitter to hide posts challenging his company's massively profitable COVID jabs  More 2023-01-10
George Soros doubled his funding to Demand Justice, a group working to make the Supreme Court an arm of the leftist establishment  More 2023-01-09
The Twitter Files remind us the Deep State lives  More 2023-01-09
A profound display of power in Austin (TX)  More 2023-01-09
This is happening too often in too many places -- wassup!  More 2023-01-09
Biology, baby! -- the ACLU suffered its second setback as another federal court upheld sex-based distinctions in school sports and restrooms  More 2023-01-07
Censorship killed millions -- New Year reunion of censored voices  More 2023-01-06
The Cultural Revolution proceeds apace as the Pentagon begins renaming, removing assets linked to the Confederacy  More 2023-01-06
Joe Biden's DoJ is considering the legalization of crack houses -- "Safe Drug Consumption Sites" -- indoctinating and grooming schoolchildren isn't destroying America fast enough  More 2023-01-06
Hallmark joins the list of media companies that engage in censorship  More 2023-01-05
Meet the California assemblyman who wants teachers to help students get sex change operations  More 2023-01-05
The Oregon Health and Science University has proudly announced the expansion of their "gender-affirming services"  More 2023-01-04
"There won’t be many middle- and upper middle-class families left in the public schools"  More 2023-01-04
Canada is lost  More 2023-01-04
Brought to you by Pfizer  More 2023-01-04
Biden’s Director of National Intelligence and British Counterpart call for "alliances with Big Tech" to make government-backed narratives appear "trusted"  More 2023-01-03
The CDC is urging teachers, administrators, and school nurses to adopt LGBTQXYZ curriculum and endorse transgender identity  More 2023-01-02
It's NOT hate-speech to defend America ( )  More 2023-01-02
Vandana Shiva calls out the "war on cash"  More 2023-01-02
The best assessment of "progress" ever!  More 2023-01-02
Red China is conducting military operations near US bases at Guam and Okinawa -- the CCP has no fear of Biden  More 2023-01-01
Coming to America soon, if things continue down this road  More 2023-01-01
From totalitarian paranoia to authoritarian madness  More 2022-12-31
A black woman was kicked out of a local homeless shelter in the winter for using the wrong pronouns  More 2022-12-31
Play-by-play announcer, Gary Hahn, was suspended indefinitely Friday after he used the accurate descriptive, “illegal aliens,” while updating fans of the score at the Sun Bowl  More 2022-12-31
This is the price you pay for having socialists in the White House  More 2022-12-30
This is exactly what the Chinese Communists did during their "cultural revolution," 50 years ago -- same drill  More 2022-12-30
*** A spelling bee contestant asks for the definition of “woman” ***  More 2022-12-29
The cultural revolution visits West Point, disappearing historical Confederacy items, including a bust of former superintendent, Robert E. Lee  More 2022-12-27
When changing sexes isn't enough -- be a cyborg!  More 2022-12-27
Elon Musk warns there is "great danger in training Artificial Intelligence to lie" after ChatGPT prohibited from promoting fossil fuels  More 2022-12-25
Schools are hiding merit awards from students, families and colleges, in the name of diversity and equity ( thread )  More 2022-12-24
Only totlitarian governments propagandize their own people  More 2022-12-24
From each, according to his abilities, to each, according to her needs  More 2022-12-24
California county bans landlords from conducting criminal background checks  More 2022-12-23
If you think the FBI's manipulation of Twitter is scary, wait till you hear what China does with TikTok  More 2022-12-22
"We are going to take this satanic machine that you have built to try to control our reality, and we're going to burn it to the ground" ( )  More 2022-12-21
"We're at war" -- a 5th generational conflict -- a psychological war  More 2022-12-21
Congress has set aside $131.7 million for a "pilot" program advocating for "social justice" across the Department of Defense -- $131.7 million is some "pilot program"  More 2022-12-20
*** The intelligence community infests social media ( long thread ) ***  More 2022-12-19
Western civilization has departed from "The Age of Reason," and has entered "The Age of Emotion" ~ Rob Schneider  More 2022-12-19
"Truth" is under attack  More 2022-12-19
Concerns grow that communist China is using video games to influence users, harvest data, and shape narratives  More 2022-12-18
The next president of Harvard University is a "racial justice" warrior -- her scholarship, for what there is of it, focuses on Critical Race Theory -- Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion  More 2022-12-17
Yeshiva University, an "Orthodox Jewish" school in New York, has been ordered by a state appeals court to recognize LGBTQ group  More 2022-12-17
Black activists demand California give black people 350-large -- and they want it NOW!  More 2022-12-16
The State of Washington's, "2022 Governor's Equity Summit," featured a "white supremacy" presentation condemning objectivity and individualism  More 2022-12-16
Ohio’s bid to keep transgender athletes out of women’s sports fails -- where are the women?  More 2022-12-16
In transhumanist’s future world that consists of artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and transhumanism, there is no God, no soul, and no freewill  More 2022-12-15
How far-left extremist ideology has infiltrated American education to teach children to feel shame and racial hatred  More 2022-12-15
House report alleges link between China bioweapons program and the COVID-19 pandemic  More 2022-12-15
U.S. lawmakers announce bipartisan bill to ban TikTok  More 2022-12-14
The coming Social Credit System  More 2022-12-13
"We have seen lots of cultural revolutions in this country, but never one that was so singularly focused on razing the foundations of America -- until now"  More 2022-12-13
Soros non-profit gets $12 million from U.S. taxpayers to interfere in the internal politics of three Latin American countries  More 2022-12-13
"We are at war -- we are in a new type of war -- a fifth generational conflict"  More 2022-12-12
The is the suppression of speech -- it's what tyrants do -- the pre-Musk Twitter did this to tens of thousands of Americans  More 2022-12-12
Doctors were forced to spread lethal misinformation to keep their paycheck  More 2022-12-12
World Health Summit member admits COVID lockdowns were political not scientific  More 2022-12-11
Coming to America -- "The Culture Transplant"  More 2022-12-11
The SEIU is a union of government employees -- this member's poster tells us a lot about its membership  More 2022-12-11
The University of Idaho has been ordered to pay $90 thousand for violating Christian Students' free speech  More 2022-12-10
The "Respect for Marriage Act" is an attack on society ( )  More 2022-12-10
A Virginia elementary school may soon be hosting an "After School Satan Club" program -- just watch it  More 2022-12-08
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