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Attacking America's culture, promoting racism, and indoctrinating our kids

John F'n Kerry says the U.S. needs to work with China and Russia on climate change.  More 2023-03-27
As far-left ideologies further embed themselves into American society, growing evidence shows that companies embracing woke capitalism tend to alienate customers, drive away potential employees, and lose profits for investors  More 2023-03-27
What the Left has always hated most about the Western canon is that it cultivates independent thought  More 2023-03-27
A Michigan project with $1.14B in taxpayer backing must adhere to the rules of the Chinese Communist Party  More 2023-03-25
Nothing says “we respect women” like elbowing them out of their own domain  More 2023-03-24
"Women 2023"  More 2023-03-24
The real fascists -- the university has become anti-intellect  More 2023-03-24
The student-led disruptions during a federal district court judge’s talk at Stanford Law School earlier this month were just the latest example of U.S. universities attempting to prevent conservatives from speaking on campus  More 2023-03-23
Fairfax Public Schools (VA) are hiding "White Guilt" lesson plans from parents  More 2023-03-23
If kidney transplant controller gets to distribute human organs based on "Equity," then no White people need apply  More 2023-03-23
Democrats are busy making "trans" and "pronouns" the most important issues facing America -- meanwhile, in Moscow . . .  More 2023-03-23
The Left is actively engaged in a campaign to destroy women's sports  More 2023-03-23
Humans are bad for the planet -- they must be stopped!  More 2023-03-23
Bernie Sanders confronts the head of Moderna about the costs of its vaccines  More 2023-03-23
We're oppressed and demand the state buy us houses -- at least a condo!  More 2023-03-23
TikTok's algorithm is pushing suicide on teens within 10 minutes of using the app, according to new research  More 2023-03-22
At "Equity High School," a composite of leftist policies found across the country, students are not allowed to compete -- at all!  More 2023-03-22
My daughter’s scholarship application -- could they make their agenda more obvious?  More 2023-03-22
Michigan's Grand Valley State University to hold five separate graduation ceremonies segregated by race and/or LGBTQXYZ identity  More 2023-03-22
State lawmaker extremely concerned about putting money in the hands of "unqualified" parents  More 2023-03-21
The new “normal” is a near-absence of norms  More 2023-03-20
New York City commies on parade -- they're demanding the state give them other people's stuff  More 2023-03-20
Joe Rogan's observation on the culture shift  More 2023-03-19
The Left hates the Constitution -- "Donald Trump should NOT get bail"  More 2023-03-19
They have to admit, we didn't see a lot of this before the vax  More 2023-03-19
Tres bizarre! -- the film is called "The Banker" (2009) by Craig-James Moncur  More 2023-03-19
Educators reveal 6 ways they indoctrinate the young  More 2023-03-17
A brief history of the Khmer Rouge, the Communists who created one of the worst genocides in history (25% of the country's population) in their attempt to implement "equity" and reject objective reality for Communist ideology  More 2023-03-16
When influential people demoralize the youth the impact is catastrophic ~ Jordan Peterson  More 2023-03-16
Commies have been picking and choosing who's gonna live and who's gonna die for over a century  More 2023-03-16
Russian fighter jet crashes into U. S. "Reaper" drone over the Black Sea  More 2023-03-14
Russia is sending captured US and NATO-provided weapons and equipment in Ukraine to Iran -- the Iranians arer reverse-engineer the systems  More 2023-03-14
Podcast host asks a group of girls, "what is a woman?" -- indoctrination works  More 2023-03-12
Brainwashing works, and that what diversity, equity and inclusion training is all about  More 2023-03-11
"Big Pharma is a legal drug cartel"  More 2023-03-10
Hungary is preparing to prosecute George Soros for Holocaust atrocities  More 2023-03-10
Matt Walsh is a hero -- and he's correct  More 2023-03-10
The WOKEs are “turning children into child soldiers in the woke reimagining of our society" -- they will harm the youth to achieve their goals -- the end justifies the means.  More 2023-03-08
We always knew the truth would come out, not just about the origins of COVID, but about our own government's complicity in what may be one of the most shocking cover-ups in medical history  More 2023-03-08
10 Myths told by COVID experts that have been debunked  More 2023-03-07
This fentanyl stuff is bad, but we shouldn't hide from it -- the Chinese make the stuff and the cartels are flooding the country with it  More 2023-03-06
NBA's Raptors forced to apologize for the sin of saying only women can have babies ( )  More 2023-03-06
Herr Dr. Fauci “prompted” or commissioned and had final approval on a scientific paper written specifically in February 2020 to disprove the theory that the virus leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China  More 2023-03-06
The Satanic Temple’s "weekend of blasphemy" sells out in Boston  More 2023-03-05
The death of women's powerlifting  More 2023-03-05
Even Bernie Sanders prefers "equality" over "equity"  More 2023-03-05
The campaign to separate children from their families is very real ( )  More 2023-03-05
California proposes withholding tax credits from Hollywood productions unless they set ethnic, racial and gender diversity goals and a plan to achieve them  More 2023-03-04
The woman responsible for censoring/rewriting Roald Dahl’s books is described as "they/them" and a "writer and editor with a passion for championing inclusive content and policies"  More 2023-03-03
Herr Dr. Fauci paid a British "scientist" $18 million to "change his mind" ( )  More 2023-03-02
This woman is directly responsible for ALL of the problems in America's education system -- she has destroyed a generation of children  More 2023-03-02
Chinese Communist party mouthpiece over his COVID19 lab-leak comments  More 2023-03-02
Globalists are working on a system to monitor where you shop, what you eat, how you travel and where you travel -- businesses have been doing this for years  More 2023-03-01
Imagine starting out life with the lesson that no matter how hard you work, no matter what you do, you can't succeed on the merits ( )  More 2023-03-01
Scientists want to create AI using real human brain cells  More 2023-03-01
The Chinese Communist Party newspaper warned Elon Musk against pushing the COVID19 lab leak theory  More 2023-03-01
Washington DC's Democrats just gave foreigners the right to vote  More 2023-03-01
If there is no "free speech" at universities, there is no free speech  More 2023-02-28
Blocking others from speaking is not the exercise of free speech -- it is the very antithesis of free speech  More 2023-02-28
The cultural revolution proceeds apace as Ian Flemings' "James Bond" novels are being rewritten to remove "racially insensitive" words  More 2023-02-27
George Soros has a plan to block the sun to save human civilization  More 2023-02-27
“Humans will soon be hackable animals”  More 2023-02-27
Another web platform has cancelled Libs of TikTok because they don't like the degeneracy of the Left to be aired -- the White House too ( )  More 2023-02-26
In the Los Angeles County court system, "misgendering" and "deadnaming" are greater crimes than murder  More 2023-02-25
About half of America's colleges have a system for students to secretly report other students for using "biased" words or reading "problematic" material  More 2023-02-25
WEF genius says "we can solve all the worlds problems by" eliminating 6 billion human beings  More 2023-02-24
"We are in favor of arming those groups who stand most to gain from the end of capitalism, and disarming those who stand in our way" -- Socialist Rifle Association ( thread )  More 2023-02-24
The Virginia Military Institute has descended into chaos as its first Black superintendent has begun imposing his social justice agenda on the rank and file  More 2023-02-23
University of Pennsylvania Medical School is forcing teaching applicants to sign a "Diversity Statement"  More 2023-02-23
With a $4 billion "investment," Gov. Gavin Newsom seeks to transform California schools into government-run communes  More 2023-02-21
Will Americans embrace a system in which guilt or innocence is a function of their beliefs instead of their actions?  More 2023-02-20
Roald Dahl’s children’s books are being rewritten to remove language deemed offensive by the publisher, Puffin  More 2023-02-20
The fact that the government gave Levine a position as secretary of health tells us that we're reaching levels of insanity that should not exist  More 2023-02-19
Mayorkas says the "Nation of Immigrants" concept transcends the law  More 2023-02-19
You can take this to the bank -- and just wait until all the databases and data warehouses start talking to each other  More 2023-02-19
Elon Musk used the term "Civilizational Diversity" to point out that sovereignty matters -- one government to rule all is tyranny ( thread )  More 2023-02-19
Children told they must wear "gay pride" shirts to play game.  More 2023-02-18
Globalists love telling you how to live  More 2023-02-18
The World Economic Forum was born out of a CIA-funded Harvard program headed by Henry Kissinger and pushed to fruition by John Kenneth Galbraith and the “real” Dr. Strangelove, Herman Kahn  More 2023-02-18
Why is America allowing .01% of the population to turn the country inside-out and upside-down?  More 2023-02-17
A World Government Summit panel discusses the "shock" required for "world order transformation"  More 2023-02-16
New data shows that our nation’s young girls are in a state of absolute emotional and mental crisis -- the social Left is to blame  More 2023-02-15
"I vill rule da vorld. Ya!"  More 2023-02-15
US diverts four Russian warplanes flying near Alaska  More 2023-02-15
Early childhood education group encourages teaching gender identity, social justice to age 4 kids ( )  More 2023-02-15
Washington Democrats propose bill that encourages minors to run away from home to get gender-affirming care, including surgery, without parental consent and at taxpayer expense ( )  More 2023-02-15
At their core, liberals are all tyrants  More 2023-02-15
Stanford has embarrassed itself by accepting a rich kid who wrote "black lives matter" 100 times on his application  More 2023-02-15
Elon Musk speaks out against the idea of a “World Government” at the “World Government Summit” and warns it could lead to civilizational collapse  More 2023-02-15
Chinese spy balloons sought intel on "our three major nuclear sites" -- there's only one reason to do that, and it ain't good  More 2023-02-14
Brooklyn Nets guard, Cam Thomas, fined $40,000 for off-handidly using the term "homo"  More 2023-02-14
Massive Russian offensive begins -- Americans are told to get out of Russia "immediately"  More 2023-02-14
Yale professor says, "mandatory euthanasia" of the elderly is on the table  More 2023-02-13
We now live in a post-Christendom culture  More 2023-02-13
When China's national anthem was sung in NYC yesterday, Gov. Hochul, Mayor Adams, and Sen. Schumer all stood, shoulder-to-shoulder with Communist China's Consul General  More 2023-02-13
Experts believe that a Chinese satellite fired down green laser beams that were spotted over Hawaii last month  More 2023-02-12
North Korea defector compares woke US ideology, education to regime tactics  More 2023-02-12
Open your eyes!  More 2023-02-12
Get your kids out of the public schools or lose them  More 2023-02-11
“Gold-standard” RCT from Gates-funded company proves Ivermectin works against COVID  More 2023-02-11
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