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Letitia James' billion-dollar robbery makes Jesse look like an amateur

The defendants

New York Attorney General Letitia James accused Donald J. Trump, his two adult sons, the Trump Organization and its top officials of falsely overvaluing real estate properties and other assets in financial statements in order to obtain better loan terms and tax perks -- and then she rigged the game.

This is the craziest lawsuit ever.

At the core of it is Letitia James, who has accused Donald Trump, his family and anyone that was within shouting distance of "fraud" because James says Trump overvalued his properties to obtain loans and that's "fraud."

So, despite the fact that there is no victim of this alleged "fraud," a lone, obscure civil judge determined that Trump is guilty of the alleged "fraud" and must be stripped of his New York properties and businesses and that he should be fined $250 million because it was Tuesday.

The judge

There is no jury and there will be no jury in Trump’s "fraud" trial. The fate of Donald Trump, members of his family and the thousands of Trump employees is in the hands of one man,, Judge Arthur Engoron.

Civil Court Judge Engoron is sitting in judgment of it all, and before Trump was allowed to present a defense against the charges, Engoron declared Donald J. Trump, his company and his family "guilty of fraud" and yanked the business licenses of various Trump corporate entities and ordered their dissolution.

The Associated Press tells us that Engoron has driven a taxi cab, played in a band, and protested the Vietnam War. As a New York City judge, Engoron has resolved hundreds of disputes, deciding everything from zoning and free speech issues to a custody fight over a dog named “Stevie,” so, you know he's the right guy to decide the fate of the Trump family and their 500-company, billion-dollar empire.

The important thing is Engoron is a loyal party member. He has given thousands to Democratic candidates and causes and will do what he is told -- just look at him.

The prosecutor

PBS described Letitia James as "fixated" on Donald Trump when she campaigned for New York attorney general in 2018, branding the then-president a “con man” and ″carnival barker” and pledging to shine a “bright light into every dark corner of his real estate dealings.”

Five years later, James is doing her best to destroy Donald Trump and everything he holds dear with a bogus indictment.

Letitia James entered politics as a member of the Working Families Party and was the first member of the Working Families Party to win public office in New York State.

When Obama entered politics he did so as a candidate for the "New Party" and was a "trainer for ACORN. The New Party and ACORN begat the Working Families Party. James, like Obama, is another of the revolutionary descendants of the Weathermen and SDS communists of the late sixties from which almost all modern leftist groups can trace their lineage.

The lifelong "public servant" is worth $15 million and an annual income of $4 million.

James began investigating Trump as soon as she took office as attorney general in 2019. She is the Democratic Party's designated "hit-woman." It's as simple as that and that's why millions have been and will continue to be funneled into the New York AG's office from Washington.

The Democrat Party is out to destroy Trump and everything associated with him, and James is on point.

The defense

Trump’s lawyers had asked the judge to throw out the case, contending that James wasn’t legally allowed to file the lawsuit because there no entity was ever defrauded by the Trump Organization.. No person or organization ever suffered any loss.

Everybody made money! The Trump Organization made money and the banks made money -- nothing pisses off a commie more than that.

They also argued that 80% of the cases identified in the indictment were barred by the statute of limitations -- it turned out to be true, they should have been excluded -- Judge Engoron didn't care. He ruled they still could be used as evidence.

On Friday, Judge Engoron snapped at Trumps attorneys and interfered with a witness examination. Trump’s attorney was showing inconsistencies in the state's star witness, a former accountant that would have blown a hole in the AG’s entire case. The judge stopped the line of questioning.

The core of James's case

AG Letitia James accuses Donald Trump and his sons of using incorrect financial estimates for the sizes of his properties and false or highly unrealistic assumptions about their development potential to arrive at the inflated values to obtain loans from banks.

James is seeking to dismantle The Trump Organization -- mostly for her own reasons -- to put Donald Trump, his family and the thousands of people who are employed by the company out of business and out onto the street, and since that clearly isn't enough, she wants at least $250 million in penalties, a ban against Trump and his sons Donald Jr and Eric from running businesses in New York, and a five-year commercial real estate ban against Trump and the Trump Organization.

AG James spent two years trying to get her Trump case into criminal court but had no crime, so she filed a civil lawsuit against Trump last year, alleging that his company deceived banks, insurers and others by overvaluing assets and his net worth on financial paperwork -- and then she found a judge that would swear to it.

gender equity

If James could find a way to include the death penalty for the entire Trump family, that would be in there too.

So far . . .

Bulletin: Late Friday, the appeals court stopped the seizure of Trump's businesses and properties for now. The trial continues:

    A New York state appeals court on Friday temporarily halted the dissolution of some of Donald Trump’s most valuable properties as it weighs the former U.S. president’s appeal in a civil fraud case.

    The ruling by the New York Appellate Division pauses enforcement of a September order by Justice Arthur Engoron, who found Trump and his family business committed fraud and stripped them of companies that control crown jewels of his real estate empire, including Trump Tower and 40 Wall Street in Manhattan.

The following is what would have happened without the intervention of the appeals court.

    The ruling shifts control of some of Trump’s companies to a court-appointed receiver, meaning he could lose control of prized properties like Trump Tower, a sprawling suburban estate, office buildings and more.

    Judge Engoron's order directs the defendants to provide a list of "entities controlled or beneficially owned by Donald J. Trump" and the other co-defendants to the Hon. Barbara S. Jones, the independent monitor overseeing Trump's business activities.

    To add the cherry on top, Engoron further barred Trump and Trump family members from transferring assets without notifying the court monitor. Trump is also required to notify the monitor of any new business applications or changes to preexisting entities.

    The order also cancels the business certificates of ten of Trump’s business entities needed to operate. These include Trump's marquee properties -- Trump Tower and his golf clubs in New York.

The judge smiled faintly when he said he would appoint independent receivers to oversee their “dissolution.”

Such a broad order is unprecedented and serves more as a political cudgel than a necessary step in any civil proceeding.

gender equity

In the meantime, the trial continues, while James contemplates what additional penalties Trump might face and what might happen with the multiple causes of action buried within the attorney general's indictment.

Everybody was happy except AG James

Even if Trump did what the Trump-hating attorney general says he did, so what? There is no crime and there are no victims. There is only ag Jame's bitter hatred.

Trump, you, me -- AG James -- anybody can put any value he or she wants on his or her property. Nobody has to buy it. Nobody has to lend money or establish a line of credit against the property if they don't like the numbers. That's business and there is a word for it. It's called a "negotiation," and the guy that wrote, "The Art of the Deal," negotiates.

My attorney, who has had a focus on residential and commercial real estate law since the nineties says:

    "It’s my experience that whenever anyone applies to a bank for funding for any purpose, the lender will do an appraisal to ensure that their rights are protected. What if I said my house was worth $10,000,000 and I wanted to take some equity out of my home to buy a second house in Florida? Would the bank take my word for it? Not a chance."

The banks performed their due diligence. They agreed to the valuation The Trump Organization placed on the properties and made the loans. The loans were repaid. The banks made money. The Trump Organization always maintained the highest credit rating.

So, where is the crime. Where is the injured party?

There is none -- only Letitia James, and she is going to move Heaven and Hell to punish Trump for -- something -- anything?

A startling display of judicial overreach

The entire scenario raises questions about the impartiality of our legal system. This is not merely a move against a single individual, it is an alarming precedent that could have ramifications for anyone who dares to hold views contrary to those in positions of power.

What we're seeing is not justice. It's a judicial expedition aimed at crippling Trump financially and by extension, politically. It’s clear that the real target is not just Trump, but also the millions who support him and the conservative ideals he represents. This action erodes the trust in our judiciary and moves us one step closer to a system not based on law, but on political loyalties and biases.

And this freakin' clown -- this one man -- holds The Trump Organization's billion dollar conglomerate in hs hands and James has this guy by the shorts.

If a judge can exercise such disproportionate power without significant checks, the implications for all of us, regardless of political affiliation, are profound. It sets a dangerous precedent that stands contrary to the Bill of Rights and what used to be our justice system.

The strategy here isn't just about targeting Trump. It's about setting a precedent to go after anyone who challenges their coup. It’s vital that we understand the implications of such judicial overreach and the importance of the 2024 election. If these people get another four more years, we won't recognize America.

The Democrat monolith, the party, the media, academia, the activists have a single target -- Trump -- and a single missions -- destroy Trump -- destroy MAGA -- and everything the Democrats do between now and next November will be driven by that one motivation.

Sometimes, it does come down to just one man.

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AG Letitia James
AG Letitia James

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