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Is Joe Biden compromised?

This is not a trick question, but when was the last time the government of the United States of America let an enemy airship soar leisurely over our county -- hovering above our ICBM missile fields collecting G2?

What China did last week was completely unacceptable and a real threat to America's sovereignty and safety. What Joe Bidden did last week was cowardly -- at best!

The Biden Administration knew the balloon "was headed to the continental United States well before it entered North American airspace... they didn't tell anybody about it and they didn't do anything about it."

U. S. satellites followed Xi's spy balloon for days. They watched as it approached and entered American airspace. They watched as it crossed Alaska (1,420 miles), flew down Canada's Pacific coast (2,300 miles), straight for the heart of America's strategic defense, Montana. They watched as it loitered over our ICBM missile fields for several days, collecting whatever intelligence it was programmed to collect. They watched as the balloon casually floated across the entire country, transmitting its cache of American secrets to the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA). They watched as it sailed out onto the Atlantic, off the coast of South Carolina, where -- having completed its mission -- the airship was finally shot down, eight days after entering U. S. airspace.

    Jan 28: Enters the U.S. Zone
    Jan 31: Enters Idaho (CONUS)
    Feb 2: Pentagon announces balloon tracked in Montana
    Feb 3: #ChineseSpyBalloon trends on Twitter
    Feb 4: U.S finally shoots down balloon

The White House writers, all veterans of Aaron Sorkin's "West Wing," produced a script for Karine Jeanne-Pierre that was intended to convince America that the balloon overflight was no big deal -- everything was under control, but we can't shoot it down because the debris might hurt somebody.

This didn't happen because the thing flew in under the radar. The balloon was a twelve-story, helium-powered airship, equipped with sophisticated surveillance equipment. Experts warn these balloons are "key delivery platforms" for secret nuclear attacks -- yet there it was, hovering over Montana, listening and collecting -- unknown to the public until Montanans finally reported its existence to local authorities and TV stations.

Images taken from the ground showed a large truss fixed to the balloon. The truss is fitted with large solar panels, which power the on-board electronic eavesdropping, imaging, propulsion and navigation systems. The balloon would give the Chinese better photos and signals collection than satellites, as well as a better ability to steer and hover longer over collection targets.

The Pentagon flew high-altitude U-2 spy planes to examine the gear dangling from the balloon. The U-2 found that it had " the ability to maneuver" and to conduct "signals intelligence collection operations," according to a State Department statement.

A Pentagon official said, "the Chinese were clearly flying the balloon over sensitive sites to collect information," and a senior State Department official said the US believes the balloon was part of a “Peoples Republic of China's fleet of balloons developed to conduct surveillance operations” and that these activities are “often undertaken at the direction of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).”

Xi balloons

Xi gambled that the White House was preoccupied with Biden's mounting personal problems, and that the defense of the United States would take a back seat to that. Xi was borne out, when, during an interview with Noticias Telemundo on Thursday, Biden said that he doesn’t regret not bringing down the Chinese spy balloon.

The enemy overflight didn't seem to bother the Commander-in-Chief. Slurring his way through a response to host, Julio Vaqueiro's question, Joe Biden said:

    "the idea that a balloon could traverse American airspace . . . . anyway, it's not a major deal."

As the interview continued, Vaqueiro asked, “Let me ask you about the Chinese balloon. … Now that we know what we know, that the balloon had antennas and a communication system, do you regret not having insisted on bringing it down sooner?”

Biden answered, “No. I think that the expert[s], the intelligence community, the defense community, they’ve forgotten more about it than you or I know. I said I wanted it shot down as soon as possible and they were worried about the damage that could be done even in a big state like Montana. This thing was gigantic. What happened if it came down and hit a school in a rural area?”

Well, that's nice, but it doesn't explain why Team Biden didn't shoot the sucker down the minute it appeared over the horizon. After all, a Chinese spy balloon flying around in American airspace is a major security breach, and Biden is a fool for downplaying the situation, but no matter how bad Biden gets it, the Democratic media and its stable of "experts" will always be there to provide him with cover.

General, wipe your chin!

Gripped by fear

In a classified congressional briefings, Biden administration officials admitted they were hesitant to shoot down the balloon because they were concerned about China’s possible reaction. They testified that the US didn’t move to shoot down the balloon earlier over fears it could provoke an escalation of military tensions with China -- or even a military conflict.

Yup, the Biden government was afraid to protect the United States from a clear and present danger -- floating in our own skies.

With the balloon making its way across the the country, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin called his counterpart, China's Defense Minister, General Wei Fenghe. Wei refused to take the phone call, citing the lack of goodwill on the U.S side -- and to rub salt into that wound, China released a meme mocking the USA.

News outlets owned by the Chinese Communist Party piled on, saying Biden has only managed to make the U.S. military look weaker by pitting fighter jets against a surveillance balloon and an unknown “object.” 

But why?

Because commies don’t “make it rain” without expecting something in return, prompting the question, "does Joe Biden owe the Chinese?"

For those wondering why Joe Biden is soft on China, consider this never-before-reported revelation. The Biden Crime Family has done five deals in China totaling some $31 million. These deals were arranged by individuals with direct ties to Chinese intelligence -- some reaching the very top of China’s spy agency.

Xi balloons

The State of the Union speech would have been an excellent opportunity for Biden to pull on his big boy pants and act like a leader, stand up to China, and pretend -- just for one night -- that he is the commander-in-chief, the President of the United States.

Biden could have flexed some muscle. He could have warned China that future spy balloons will be shot down or even considered an act of war, but...

Biden proved to China -- and the world -- that he is nothing more than useful pocket lint to the master of puppets, Xi. He never mentioned the balloon. He scowled when Republicans jeered him for the border that he allows to remain open, and the Chinese fentanyl that continues to pour over it, killing almost 80,000 Americans per year -- and don't forget The Wuhan plague!

The Chinese communists sent a spy balloon here because they could. The PLA knows Biden is compromised and is unable to act to stop them -- and then they sent another one!

On Friday, the Air Force shot down another "object" over Alaska's frozen waters, proving that all the excuses and stories the White House put forward for not shooting down Xi's big balloon were bullsh!t.

Newsweak says the flight of a Chinese spy balloon directly over some of the most sensitive American military sites suggests China is planning to wage war soon, but the fact is, China is already at war with the United States. They just haven't started shooting yet.

They don't have to.

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Xi balloons
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