A Washington Secret

A Washington Secret

A Washington Secret

Biden Family and Chinese Communists
The Biden Family

Served The Interests Of China

Biden Family and Chinese Communists
The Money Laundering
Biden Family Deals

Was To Hide Its Source

Biden bribe
The Biden Companies

CelticCapri Corp
Lion Hall Group, LLC
Owasco P.C.
Robinson Walker, LLC
Skaneateles, LLC
Seneca Global Advisors. LLC
Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC
Rosemont Seneca Principal
    Investments, LLC
Rosemont Realty, LLC
Rosemont Seneca Global Risk
    Services, LLC
RSP Holdings, LLC
Rosemont Seneca Technology
    Partners, LLC
Rosemont Seneca Thornton, LLC
Rosemont Seneca Advisors, LLC
Rosemont Seneca Bohai, LLC
RSTP II Alpha Partners, LLC
RSTP I Bravo Partners, LLC
Owasco. LLC
Bohai Harvest LLC
Hudson West III, LLC
Hudson West V. LLC
CEFC Infrastructure Investment
    (US), LLC

Were The Laundry Machine
Biden bribe

The Bidens were open for business and business was very, very good

It was everybody's secret

The United States Secret Service employs really bright, really fit, really capable and brave people -- special people. The Secret Service agents assigned to Joe Biden's protective detail have been up close and personal observers to the behavior of the Bidens for eleven years -- eight years as vice president and going on to three as president. They know more than they should know. They know almost everything, and they talk about it among themselves.

A Washington Secret

When Biden's bodyguards know what they know, their supervisors know. When the supervisors know, their managers know -- all the way up the chain of command. When the Director of the Secret Service knows, the Director of the Department of Homeland Security knows and you can bet your butt that Jeh Johnson kept Barack Obama informed.

All of these people live in and around Washington and have husbands and wives and people they drink with and play golf with and stuff, and all of those people have friends in the news media, who have husbands and wives and people they drink with and play golf with and stuff,

In other words, most of Washington, DC, has known about the Bidens' side hustle, including Republicans -- and nobody seems to have cared. For the past twenty, or thirty, or forty years, all of America's power people have known that Joe Biden was corrupt, could be bought, and just shrugged their shoulders.

Think about that!

Now, think about this. If Joe Biden's willingness to do some under-the-table, off-the-books stuff was such a big secret, just how did the Chinese, Russians, Ukrainians, Romanians, Kazakhs, Mexicans and others know that Joe Biden was for sale? Does the Biden Crime Family advertise in "Foreign Affairs" or something?

A Washington Secret

It couldn't have been too much of a secret. This whole situation brings to mind that fable about an emperor and his new set of clothes.

The media facilitated it

If anybody in the major news media cared to look, the signs were everywhere -- and still are. The Bidens were open for business, and business was very, very good.

In 2010, HillStone International was a bidder on a coveted government contract. HillStone hired brother James, who had zero experience in the construction industry and shortly thereafter, the company received a $1.5 billion federal contract to build 100,000 houses in Iraq.

If the Biden Crime Family took down only 1% of that deal, they took home $15 million, but the news media didn't notice anything odd about any of that.

It was just as easy for "journalists" to suspend disbelief when the vice president flew to China with his son on Air Force Two in 2014. The two stayed overnight, and just 12 days later, Hunter was a 10% stakeholder in a $1.2 billion Chinese company.

Hunter had just hit a grand slam, was suddenly worth $120 million, and nobody in the media noticed or cared, and The Big Guy knew nothing about any of that -- cross his black heart!

Then Hunter Biden got a $5 million no-show job as a member of the board of an energy company in Ukraine and never, ever went there on business. Joe got another $5 million for getting the Ukraine's state prosecutor off the back of Hunter's new benefactor.

The entire Biden family business model was selling access to the highest levels of the US government to foreign nationals without registering under the Foreign Agent Registration Act in violation of federal law.

The media, especially NBC, CBS and ABC, simply ignored all of it until they couldn't ignore it anymore and then only mentioned the corruption in defense of or to make excuses for the Bidens. The media was focused on burying the laptop story and/or pushing the false claim that it was fake Russian disinformation, they didn't want to hear the Bidens are running a side-business with America's enemies.

A Washington Secret

We are witnessing the complete corruption of America's 4th Estate. What is referred to as the "legacy media" has become an auxiliary to the new Democratic Party and is willing to do whatever it takes to support the party and its 's destruction of constitutional America, and to help turn control over to a single ruling -- not governing -- but "ruling" party.

The dreaded unforeseen rears its ugly head

The Bidens were cruising along, and the Democrats and the media were hammering Trump from twelve sides every day. Everything was under control until April, 2019, when the smartest man The Big Guy knows dropped off three water-damaged MacBooks at John Paul Mac Isaac’s computer repair shop and subsequently forgot where he left them. The laptops are filled with contracts and agreements between Hunter Biden and foreign business partners that could shine new light on his business dealings, and potentially implicate The Big Guy.

In September, Mac Isaac contacted the FBI through an intermediary and the FBI visited Mac Isaac’s home and made forensic copies of the drives, but left the laptops. The FBI returned in December and confiscated the laptops and put them in a deep dark hole in the FBI's Washington headquarters. As far as the FBI was concerned the laptops were a closed case -- but unknown to the FBI, Mac Isaac had made copies of the hard drives and started making phone calls.

Long-story-short, Rudy Giuliani had a copy and then The New York Post had a copy. The Post broke "the laptop story" on Wednesday, October 14, 2020, twenty-one days before the 2020 presidential election.

Creating "The Narrative"

Team Biden couldn't have that, so, over the following weekend, the Democrats managed to round up 51 former, senior intelligence officials, and convinced them to sign on to a letter stating it was their personal belief that the crimes and perversions discovered on Hunter's personal laptop, and loaded with pictures and videos documenting these excesses, had "all the classic earmarks of a Russian disinformation operation." The letter was published and in the hands of every news outlet on the planet on the following Monday, October 19th -- just five days over a football weekend -- Warp Speed by any standard!

A Washington Secret

The letter was organized by ex-Obama CIA head, Mike Morell, at the behest of then-Biden campaign adviser and now-Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Morell "requested" the ex-intel officials sign on to the Hunter Biden laptop letter so they could provide Joe Biden a “talking point” in the forthcoming presidential debate against Donald Trump.

On that very same day, October 19th, the Home Box Office cable network just happened to provide The Big Guy with a national audience to repeat The Big Lie that he knew nothing about Hunter's business affairs and to point the finger at Trump and accuse him of doing what Biden was in fact doing.

The payoff

The stage was set, the players were all in position when, three days later, on October 22nd, the letter was used to trump Trump and propel Joe Biden towards the presidency with a huge lie that was confirmed by the same people who spent decades protecting America from lies.

It's difficult not to envy how efficient the White House rapid response team was. To organize and produce the letter, frame the message, and broadcast it to the world in a single week is nothing short of amazing -- but that doesn't change the simple fact that this was a political conspiracy involving the entire Democratic Party machine, the press, TV and dozens upon dozens of the country's top government officials conspiring to affect a presidential election with a huge lie.

In the debate, Biden claimed he and his family never received a penny from China, but, Hunter Biden admitted in court this week that he received over $600,000 from a Chinese company with ties to the CCP, contradicting The Big Guy's statements.

A Washington Secret

The Biden Crime Family set up the 20-plus shell companies listed in the left column to launder the foreign funds. A shell is a business entity that exists on paper but has no significant operations, assets, or active business activities. The Bidens used this network of companies and bank accounts to hide the sources of the money, which would come from China, Romania, Ukraine, or Russia and into the first bank, then moved to the second, then a third, and finally the last before hitting Hunter Biden's account.

At least six major banks, including JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo flagged 170+ Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) to the Treasury Department tagging the Biden Crime Family's money transfers, but they were the Bidens, so, nobody did anything about the SARs.

This is the kind of stuff one would expect to read in a Tom Clancy novel. This is the stuff of "high crimes and and misdemeanors." This is really bad -- but it got Joe Biden elected to the White House and it got Trump six more indictments.

This is how the Democrats roll, but the time is coming where somebody is going to have to "pay The Piper." Who that is, is yet to be determined.

It gets crazier!

Last Thursday, the prosecution and defense lawyers in the Hunter Biden hearing were caught trying to snooker a federal judge. Both sides, the attorneys from the DoJ and the attorneys from Winston and Strawn conspired to hide a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card in the plea deal for Hunter Biden and they got caught!

The Biden family's corruption scandal was supposed to die and Hunter was to be protected from any further charges at the Thursday hearing. Most everyone was in on the fix, except for federal judge Maryellen Noreika of the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware. The judge asked a basic question about the plead deal:

    "Does the agreement protect Hunter Biden from future liability for uncharged crimes?"

The lawyers all looked at each other and hemmed and hawed but finally responded, "yes!"

BOOM! The whole thing blew up! Hunter Biden immediately pleaded, "not guilty" and everybody just stood there with their briefs in their hands as a routine plea hearing turned into a three-hour affair featuring hushed negotiations between lawyers and pointed questions from the judge, who finally said:

    "I cannot accept the plea agreement today,"

At the end of this crazy week, we are basically back where we started, but The Big Guy is beginning to show the first signs of remorse by addressing his exposure and his granddaughter, Navy, for the first time.

With all the crap that has gone under the bridge nothing has changed with the media. They are still in Joe's corner and most of the media are still denying there is any evidence of any Biden crimes.

This was CNN on Friday, just two day's ago. A self-described "journalist" argues with a member of the oversight committee who has held the evidence in his own hand, and with all the sincerity and conviction in the world, declares there's "no evidence!" and doesn't want to hear another word about it.

As the media shifts into overdrive to protect the Bidens, the war on Trump continues. Every week, the "very special" prosecutor finds new and more specious evidence and invents new and wilder charges against the former president -- and contrary to the law and his charter is leaking the news to the press on a daily basis.

A Washington Secret

In order to protect Joe Biden from the corruption charges that everybody in Washington knows he is guilty of, the Democrats are using the might and power of the federal government and the reach of the media, to destroy Donald Trump and anybody that dares support him.

These are not nice people.


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A Washington Secret
A Washington Secret

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A Washington Secret

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