Great Replacement Theory
The Architect

Of The Illegal Alien Invasion

Great Replacement Theory
We Never Voted

To Be Swapped Out!

Great Replacement Theory
A Diversity Workshop

It's All About Race

Great Replacement Theory
Illegals Can Vote

Loopholes In The Law

Hunter Biden laptop

The Left's attack on the American culture
 Watch "Can pederasts fly?" is a catchy groomer tune
 Watch "I hope my medical team is incedibly diverse" -- said nobody -- ever!
 Watch "Tomorrow" -- Kamala Goes Deep
 Watch "We never voted to be swapped out"
 Watch A lesbian regrets the grooming of children
 Watch Critical Race Theory Workshop
 Watch Gender Equity, the centerpiece of the agenda
 Watch Illegal migrants get SSNs within three weeks of invading
 Watch In 2021 California Democrats banned July 4th firewords
 Watch It's Joe Biden's invasion -- he told them to come
 Watch It's not the country we fought for says 100-year-old veteran
 Watch Joe Biden and the Great Replacement Theory
 Watch Joe Biden promotes transgenderism
 Watch Joe Biden's Bud Light commercial
 Watch Joe Rogan says "They're importing Democratic voters"
 Watch Lea DeLaria wants Biden to assassinate Trump
 Watch New York City is rotten to the core
 Watch NGOs are encouraging illegals to register to vote
 Watch NGOs provide support, materiel, and instruction to illegal aliens
 Watch One nation ends, another begins
 Watch Riots Work -- children, acting like children
 Watch Something evil has invaded our country
 Watch The #1 authority on "race" in America, Ibram X. Kendi
 Watch The subway is deadly in "Our Democracy"
 Watch Violence has always been a tool of the Left
 Watch Waukesha tragedy caused by an SUV ~ Washington Post
 Watch When they say, "we'll convert your children," listen to them
 Watch With all the free money and stuff, why do they still sneak in?
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