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 Watch Biden, did you know?
 Watch DoJ won't talk about the Biden Crime Family
 Watch Hunter Biden Gone Wild!
 Watch Hunter Biden smoking crack while he was in detox
 Watch Hunter Biden tells a hooker about his missing laptop
 Watch Is Hunter Biden a national security threat?
 Watch Jack Maxey comments on Hunter's laptop
 Watch Joe Biden condemns crack cocaine
 Watch Joe Biden condemns MAGA violence
 Watch Joe Biden criticizes the Alphabet People
 Watch Joe Biden doesn't blink for 40 seconds
 Watch Joe Biden eulogizes the Ku Klux Klan's Grand Kleagle
 Watch Joe Biden MAGA Speech toon
 Watch Joe Biden on abortion, before he sold his soul
 Watch Joe Biden plots against moms and dads
 Watch Joe Biden rails against 'youths'
 Watch Joe Biden says MAGA Republicans are extremists
 Watch Joe Biden takes a nap in the middle of an interview
 Watch Joe Biden transitions -- now she's Brenda!
 Watch The Biden Crime Family sells out America
 Watch The Biden Crime Family was operating in 50 countries
 Watch The Big Guy
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 Watch "Can pederasts fly?" is a catchy groomer tune
 Watch "Tomorrow" -- Kamala Goes Deep
 Watch A lesbian regrets the grooming of children
 Watch Critical Race Theory Workshop
 Watch Gender Equity, the centerpiece of the agenda
 Watch I hope my medically team is incedibly diverse
 Watch In 2021 California Democrats banned July 4th firewords
 Watch It's not the country we fought for says 100-year-old veteran
 Watch New York City is rotten to the core -- it's a cultural thing
 Watch Riots Work -- children, acting like children
 Watch Something evil has invaded our country
 Watch Stick your progress where the sun don't shine
 Watch The #1 authority on "race" in America, Ibram X. Kendi
 Watch The subway is deadly in "Our Democracy"
 Watch Violence has always been a tool of the Left
 Watch Waukesha tragedy caused by an SUV ~ Washington Post
 Watch When they say, "we'll convert your children," listen to them
Videos Returned: 17

 Watch Capitol Police directed traffic on Jan. 6
 Watch FBI needs to be "reimagined" -- some of the reasons
 Watch FBI's raid on Mar-A-Lago was a big mistake
 Watch Have gun will audit -- the Magnificient 87,000
 Watch Mueller investigated for two years -- never discovered Hillary
 Watch Perkins Coie has office space inside FBI headquarters
 Watch Ray Epps update -- leave the poor guy alone
 Watch Ray Epps,the "mystery man" who led the Capitol assault
 Watch The FBI is as corrupt as they come
 Watch Twitter and the Feds
Videos Returned: 10

 Watch "Anonymous" is crying for attention
 Watch Anti-gun nut, David Hogg, jumps the shark
 Watch Beware the election deniers
 Watch Democrats have no plan -- they're just hoping Trump dies
 Watch Election deniers -- Class of 2016
 Watch Kamala reads "Work Together" speech from prepared notes
 Watch KJP Is Stumped -- "I, Er, Uh, Republicans!"
 Watch Obama loses his mojo
 Watch Obama's plan was always to have Biden as a beard
 Watch Pelosi says Joe Biden has no authority to forgive loans
 Watch Reasons to vote for Democrats
 Watch Rick Wilson hates Trump and isn't afraid to say so
 Watch Slavery and the part that no one talks about
 Watch The laptop was "a Russian operation"
 Watch Trump's Taxes -- another nothingburger!
 Watch We got this! -- everything is under control
Videos Returned: 16

The Left
 Watch Arizona went above and beyond with their ballot harvesting
 Watch It's not Trump -- they hate the"idea"
 Watch Leftist says Trump's [unnamed] corruption transcends all
 Watch News media spent 7 seconds reporting Twitter dump
 Watch The Left was born of, and is nourished by, hate
 Watch The media buried the laptop story
 Watch The perfect liberal
 Watch Whining! -- a song for Hillary
 Watch Who are the violent? -- why it's the Democrats!
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