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Useful idiots

still carrying water for the failed messengers of socialism . . .

The FBI made a big mistake when they raided President Trump's home  More
Locking kids up with masks covering their faces for two years didn't help  More
The Left has zero ability to foresee unintended consequences -- blows up in their faces every single time  More
"The FBI is beyond redemption" ~ Victor Davis Hanson  More
Long and detailed thread by Margaret Cleveland about the statutes cited in raid warrant  More
First you select the target, then you decide to search -- then you pick the alleged crime  More
The FBI must now reach up just to touch rock bottom, but they react with sanctimonious indignation to suggestions of partisanship  More
Google will not let you search for "mar a lago raid" -- returns "FBI search of Mar-a-Lago" -- try it!  More
Garland's warrant for the raid allows the FBI to search anywhere in Trump's home, and take anything they want  More
"The FBI raid on Melania's closet was justified"  More
Garland touts the FBI and DoJ’s utmost professionalism -- then the leaks about the raid begin  More
Was the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago conducted to cover wrongdoing by the FBI? ~ Catherine Herridge ( )  More
FBI agents conducting the raid on Mar-A-Lago are from the same CounterIntelligence unit that investigated Russiagate and failed to discover it was Hillary's hoax  More
Female FBI agent slept with target in Whitmer kidnapping hoax ( thread )  More
The country has every right to be skeptical about the DoJ and the raid  More
Under "Attachment B" of the FBI raid document, Garland demanded the seizure of literally any record Trump ever saw, read, or created over the entire 4-year term of his presidency  More
Scott Adams provides some useful context to the raid . . .  More
Twitter announces it will meddle in to 2022 elections  More
WaPo reports anonymous sources claimed those familiar with the raid had no specific details on the alleged documents, and they didn't know what was recovered during the raid  More
How dare you criticize the heroes of the FBI  More
National Public Radio is reporting that a Florida license plate has reopened the debate over the Gadsden, "Don't tread on me' flag" -- NPR has no problem with the Antifa flag  More
"It wasn't really a raid"  More
"You can't ask me about anything I don't want to talk about, but the FBI will hunt down every last one of those MAGA people."  More
Forget about all the creepy fascist vibes created by Biden's STASI raiding a former president's home, this MSNBC snake is accusing Trump of politicizing the raid  More
What REALLY happened during the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago  More
It just doesn't stop -- the FBI has seized the personal phone of Congressman Scott Perry (R-PA)  More
Meet the man that approved the raid on Mar-A-Lago, Judge Bruce Reinhart -- now we need to find out who told him to do it  More
Some of the reasons the FBI should be "reimagined" -- Victor Davis Hanson  More
We used to refer to guys who went through women's underthings as "fergies -- it fits-- the Fergie Bureau of Investigation  More
Imagine the disappointment when Garland's Gangsters opened Trump's safe and found -- bupkis! -- it was empty  More
The usual Hollywood morons are cheering the Gestapo tactics of the FBI  More
They went from "defund the police" to "drive the police out"  More
Invading a president's home and breaking into his safe, because there "might be evidence? -- has everybody forgotten the 4th Amendment?  More
The latest corporate media campaign is built around the "Election Denier" meme  More
This is a bunch of doctors making a ton of money, and that money is coming from a government that is pushing this insanity on very-confused children.  More
Would these guys be the same 50 that swore the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation?  More
When your cool idea backfires!  More
Remember this when the CDC issues health bulletins -- they're insane!  More
80-Year-old woman banned from community pool for complaining about a cross-dressing man watching little girls undress in locker room  More
Doctors should be sued for sex change surgeries  More
The latest Broadway company of "Chicago" has cast a man to play the female lead, Roxie Hart  More
Far-left media describes Tennessee mayor as "far-right"  More
Even Democrats didn't watch Showtime's fantasy series about Michelle Obama  More
CNN's White House correspondent, John Harwood, says there is no recession because the administration is going to "revise" the numbers. for the first quarter  More
Twitter threatened with class-action suit for censoring doctors who question COVID vaccines  More
Ted Cruz asks the FBI director to explain why the Gadsden and Betsy Ross flags are "indicative of militia violent extremism"  More
The New York Times has joined the rest of the mainstream media in changing the definition of “recession”  More
The New York Times says a small influx of illegal aliens into blue cities causes "havoc -- but a mass influx of illegal aliens into red states is a great benefit  More
Liberals falsely believe black Americans are too stupid or too helpless to get an ID  More
Minnesota school district pours millions into WOKE math -- student scores plummet  More
A federal judge in West Virginia ruled that Medicaid must cover transgender surgeries  More
Taylor Swift refuses responsibility for her private jet topping the "highest carbon emissions" list ( )  More
CNN’s ratings continue to collapse, and its cash is drying up ( )  More
Boulder County (CO) just enacted a series of unconstitutional gun control ordinances -- they know they're unconstitutional, but don't care  More
FBI labels the Betsy Ross Flag a domestic terrorism symbol ( )  More
Pennsylvania education department claims three-year-olds can identify as transgender  More
The New York Times columnists continue their love affair with communism ( )  More
"Dark Brandon" is the Democrats last hope  More
"No whites need apply"  More
Liberals describe the "living hell" caused by voting for Democrats  More
The FBI contrived the Gov. Whitmer kidnapping  More
The FBI engaged in "political interference" in Hunter Biden cover-up  More
Andrew Klavan discusses "critical dishonesty theory"  More
Twitter is censoring Epoch Times under the guise of "unsafe" speech -- whatever that is?  More
The central banks did not collectively “fail to spot” the inflation they were creating -- they knew precisely what they were doing  More
The American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation will require doctors to answer questions about "health equity" to keep their certification  More
"Journalists" insist on using the phrase "men who have sex with men," to explain the fact that gay and bisexual men comprise 98% of the 18,000 monkeypox cases worldwide  More
FOIA request reveals school district hid library database that has pornographic and political propaganda material  More
This will go a long way towards making the Air Force more combat-ready  More
They/Them, which will debut on NBCUniversal’s Peacock on August 5, tells the story of a group of "queer" teens who are sent to a conversion therapy camp  More
Whistleblowers have revealed that the DoJ and FBI illegally suppressed information on Hunter Biden  More
Disinfo concerning ray Epps being widely propagated to make people questioning the Jan 6 narrative look crazy and stupid  More
Is Merrick Garland's Department of Justice covering for the Biden Crime Family?  More
"After enduring a brutal year, Biden is suddenly on the verge of a turnaround that, the White House believes, could salvage his summer and his presidency" ~ Politico  More
A month of debauchery and then . . .  More
No matter how much you distrust and despise the liberal wing of the corporate media, it's not nearly enough ( thread )  More
The Internet is being flooded with stories about Ray Epps. It appears to be a "disinformation" campaign, but the "by whom" and "for what reason" remain hidden  More
Herr Dr. Fauci should remember that the Internet never forgets.  More
Twitter resumes purge of scientists and critics of gender ideology after Musk pullout  More
Deniers denying why monkeypox is happening can't be helpful  More
Trump to sue CNN and other news outlets for "repeated defamatory statements" -- the 2024 campaign begins  More
The public trust in the media is awful, but the trust in Congress is lowest of all American institutions -- and neither cares!  More
The mainstream media has no legitimacy  More
State Department grovels to obtain the release of American-hating jock from Russia!  More
The FBI move further away from its apolitical charter, as it morphs into the Democratic Party's secret police  More
Merriam Webster redefined "woman" two weeks ago -- now they're going to have to redefine "recession" ( )  More
Klavan says, "so long Fao Chi!"  More
"Highly credible sources tell me the FBI's running political interference for Hunter Biden"  More
Shutting down Washington isn't the worst idea I've ever heard  More
America's premier investigative body, the FBI, has become an arm of the Democratic Party ( )  More
There are some that still don't understand that the American news media is an arm of the Democratic Party  More
Are all the news reports, about the LGBTQ community being the hardest hit with Monkeypox, homophobic or transphobic?  More
Joe Biden's economic adviser claims we are not in a recession -- no matter what the numbers say  More
This ( thread ) should be required reading for every elected official and every person in the media  More
NYT's Mara Gay claims "the right-wing media has been all too quick to blame non-white Americans, to blame democratic institutions" for Biden's collapsing economy  More
Getting toys off the street is a start, but it's too bad New York cops can't real guns off the street  More
CNN runs a piece saying Americans don’t need air conditioning -- they need electric cars  More
Kaiser Permanente admits they have cut off the breasts of a 12-year-old girl for gender purpose, and castrated and created fake vaginas for16-year-old boys  More
Future physicians demonstrate that their practice of medicine will be grounded in leftist politics  More
AP issues "guidelines" for reporting trans issues  More
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