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still carrying water for the failed messengers of socialism . . .

Green campaigners are not "following the science" -- they are promoting a Biblical fantasy.  More 2023-03-27
CAPTCHA asks: "Select all squares that contain a woman" -- progressives stumped!  More 2023-03-27
The WOKE  More 2023-03-27
“This video clearly evidences undercover law enforcement officers urging the crowds to advance up the stairs and scaffolding towards the Capitol on Jan. 6"  More 2023-03-27
In honor of Women's History Month, ESPN wants us all to applaud the biological men competing in women's sports  More 2023-03-27
Stanford is going all in on diversity -- will have ZERO white men on their 2023 surgical team  More 2023-03-27
The Biden administration is now going after air conditioners with new regulations to "reduce the nation's carbon footprint"  More 2023-03-27
Diversity training makes soldiers feel "included"  More 2023-03-26
Ukraine is “an important national interest that’s fundamental to” EU and US security ~ Gen. Mark Milley  More 2023-03-26
The people at Stanford who made these selections would tell to you how “diverse” this group is, but is it, really?  More 2023-03-26
Rotten FBI agents befriended Jan. 6 protester -- urged him to create or use Molotov Cocktails  More 2023-03-26
A new Biden administration “efficiency” rule would effectively ban half of all gas stoves on the U.S. market from being sold  More 2023-03-26
Ford Motor Company is losing billions on electric vehicles  More 2023-03-26
Washington Post proves agenda trumps reality  More 2023-03-25
Gen. Milley Calls Ukraine "an Important National Interest"  More 2023-03-25
Harvard has one full-time administrator for almost every undergraduate student and one for every three professors  More 2023-03-25
More evidence of DoJ and FBI misuse of "confidential human source -- AKA paid informers ( thread )  More 2023-03-24
The Trump grand jury is blowing up!  More 2023-03-24
The Saudis are going where no media has dared go before -- Joe Biden and Kamala take big hit!  More 2023-03-24
Ray Epps' lawyers are threatening to sue Tucker Carlson  More 2023-03-23
The billionaire founder of Craigslist, Craig Newmark, is the nation’s leading financier of the “mis”- and “disinformation” industries  More 2023-03-23
"The walls are closing in" on Trump -- the Left's mantra since 2017  More 2023-03-23
CNN has the smallest weekly primetime audience in advertiser-coveted demo in over 30 years  More 2023-03-23
How long before a large chunk of the Left believes these Photoshopped images of Trump are real?  More 2023-03-23
“Six percent of global emissions are from cows, who burp and fart methane, and we have two paths to solving that: You can either fix the cows to stop them doing that or you can make beef without the cows” ~ Bill Gates  More 2023-03-23
It's only "disinformation" when the Right does it -- there is no "Don't Say Gay" law anywhere in America and the AP knows it  More 2023-03-23
Some insurrections are perfectly fine  More 2023-03-23
Dr. Rachel (Richard) Levine is named one of 12 "Women of the Year" by USA Today  More 2023-03-22
The judge says the plaintiffs have established standing to sue the Biden regime for the suppression of their comments on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube  More 2023-03-22
For five straight years, the Pulitzer Prizes have rewarded misinformation  More 2023-03-22
The DoJ boasts about convicting a group of senior citizens for "conspiring to obstruct an official proceeding" -- way to go DoJ!  More 2023-03-22
“We want to live!”  More 2023-03-22
Chinese nationals being released to an NGO in Brownsville, TX -- CBP sources say they are being released because there's no room to house them  More 2023-03-22
Philadelphia will reward 237 rioters with $9.25 million for injuries they sustained while rioting  More 2023-03-22
"EVs aren’t 'zero emissions' vehicles -- all an EV does is shift the emissions elsewhere"  More 2023-03-22
Don't worry -- it will only cost $131 trillion to address climate change  More 2023-03-21
The border is so secure even the Chinese are crossing it in bunches to get into evil, racist America  More 2023-03-21
Herr Dr, Fauci wants to "break" Republicans who don't like to be told what to do  More 2023-03-21
These people are Democrats -- MAGA people don't wear masks outside  More 2023-03-21
Blah, blah, blah  More 2023-03-21
The FBI is America's STASI -- Jan. 6 vs BLM riots  More 2023-03-20
When they can't control the press corps , you know somethings really wrong  More 2023-03-20
For a misdemeanor  More 2023-03-20
Elon Musk comments on the two-tier justice system that ignores the 459 documented crimes found in Hunter Biden's laptop  More 2023-03-20
Merrick Garland has two tiers of justice -- one for Republicans and a different one for Democrats  More 2023-03-20
The NYPD is mobilizing 700 "disorder control" riot cops ahead of Trump's unprecedented arrest for a misdemeanor  More 2023-03-20
Deep within the breast of every leftist beats the heart of a tyrant  More 2023-03-20
That the Sunday news shows spent nearly an hour on Trump, while ignoring the Biden Crime Family should surprise no one  More 2023-03-19
CNN's Erin Burnett proves the old adage that even a broken clock is right twice a day  More 2023-03-19
FBI agents confront woman about Pfizer tweet -- time to get really concerned about what the FBI is being tasked to do  More 2023-03-19
Make of this what you will -- were there paid provocateurs at the Jan. 6 event?  More 2023-03-19
Experts tell Congress the "green" wind turbines in the Atlantic impair ship radar, threatening national security  More 2023-03-18
The Department of Veterans Affairs dropped a quote from Abraham Lincoln from its official motto because the former president only used male pronouns  More 2023-03-18
The National Archives continues to hector President Trump, who never took his $400,000 salary -- seems 100 gifts, worth $300,000 are missing  More 2023-03-18
“Who Benefits From Confrontation With China,” is a masterclass in misdirection and falsehood -- if it were not published in America’s “paper of record,” it would be just as at home in China Daily  More 2023-03-18
Why aren’t kids in the hood transitioning to the opposite sex? (thread) ( )  More 2023-03-18
A New York school board solved the dismal math and reading scores for children in the system -- they lowered the standards  More 2023-03-18
Hallie Biden's deleted tweets  More 2023-03-17
"Woke" effectively describes the Left’s insanity, and that’s why they hate it when you describe stuff as "woke"  More 2023-03-17
CNN’s latest primetime gambit has been a ratings failure  More 2023-03-17
Herr Dr. Fauci says Americans will be “required” to get COVID booster shots every single year for the foreseeable future  More 2023-03-17
American youth are taught to shout down opposing views instead of debate -- rational debate is a tool of the White power system  More 2023-03-17
Capitol Police equipment malfunction triggered Jan. 6 -- the cops gassed the cops  More 2023-03-16
Defense Department spending nearly $50 million a year to store unused border wall materials  More 2023-03-16
Shocking evidence shows Herr Dr. Fauci contributed directly and significantly to China’s COVID R&D and propaganda  More 2023-03-16
Teacher courses promoting Critical Race Theory were funded by pandemic relief  More 2023-03-16
The DoJ says up to 1,200 people could still face charges related to Jan. 6  More 2023-03-16
NYPD cop shortage is the result of "woke" politics -- the Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again  More 2023-03-16
Federal investigators examined Trump Media for possible money laundering -- it never stops  More 2023-03-16
Brookline (MA) -- if you lived here, you'd understand  More 2023-03-16
Air Force goes on a diversity, equity, inclusion hiring spree -- top job pays up to $183,500  More 2023-03-16
"As far as an act of war goes, I'm not gonna go there. -- incidents happen" ~ Gen. Milley  More 2023-03-16
Drag queens aren’t being banned -- their access to children is being restricted -- why would the ACLU maliciously lie like this?  More 2023-03-16
The most tone-deaf response to an academic scandal in history  More 2023-03-15
Will sandwiches be the next target of progressives  More 2023-03-15
Will Wellesley College genuflect to guys in dresses?  More 2023-03-15
*** Welcome to the 4th Annual Liberal Hack tournament ***  More 2023-03-15
“You’re erasing trans babies!” -- do they ever listen to themselves?  More 2023-03-15
"MSNBC has a process" -- Jen Psaki says MSNBC does what it does on purpose ( )  More 2023-03-15
Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners – an investment firm led by Hunter Biden – was a lead financial backer of Metabiota, a pandemic tracking and response firm that has partnered with Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Institute of Virology  More 2023-03-15
The greatest shakedown in history -- the Black Lives Matter movement has received a stunning $82 billion from corporations  More 2023-03-15
Be careful, Drew -- Dylan might get a boner!  More 2023-03-14
Student activists target Stanford Law School dean in revolt over her apology  More 2023-03-14
The trial of Ricky Vaughn has begun ( )  More 2023-03-14
The Censorship Industrial Complex  More 2023-03-14
The DoJ says Tucker’s footage "lacks context" -- provides no video to put it into context  More 2023-03-14
The Left's war on Fox News is real -- watch Jimmy Kimmel at the Oscars  More 2023-03-14
America’s teens are dumber than they’ve been in 100 years  More 2023-03-14
The disconnect between Democrat politicians and the truth, as well as the unwillingness/inability of the media to take them to task, has never been greater  More 2023-03-13
Red Cross maps show illegal aliens where to cross the U. S. border  More 2023-03-13
Their climate change predictions have been wrong for six decades and yet people still take them seriously  More 2023-03-13
Treasury Secretary Yellin say the economy is "in good shape."  More 2023-03-13
Mr. Wonderful shocks the geniuses of CNN with the bad news -- that the leftist policies are destroying blue states and says they have become “uninvestable"  More 2023-03-13
The NBA is so far up Communist China's butt they can see daylight  More 2023-03-12
"The purpose of public education is not to teach only what parents want [students] to be taught. It is to teach them what society needs them to be taught"  More 2023-03-12
Gender activist's argument exposed as absurd by Piers Morgan  More 2023-03-12
Herr Dr. Fauci says a lab leak could still be considered as coming from natural origins  More 2023-03-12
Top medical schools are lowering their standards for "equity"  More 2023-03-11
The president of Mexico promises to help the Democrats cheat in the 2024 elections -- you know he'll be welcomed  More 2023-03-11
Matt Taibbi describes the Biden government-social media relationship as "digital McCarthyism"  More 2023-03-11
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