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still carrying water for the failed messengers of socialism . . .

MSNBC demonstrates the concept of an "independent press" More
After two years, the Washington Post still can't get the George Floyd story straight -- Floyd was not shot More
The IRS fell behind so its employees destroyed 30 million tax documents in an effort to catch up More
Twitter is digging its own grave by converting itself into a flagrant censorship machine for the DNC and US government ( thread ) More
The system caters to and emboldens violent LGBTQXYZ extremists More
Joe Rogan says Twitter has been "curated by a bunch of dorks" More
Simply amazing! -- yesterday’s NY Times had no story about Hillary Clinton authorizing a dirty tricks campaign against Donald J. Trump More
SWAT team member is under investigation for "insensitivity" ( thread ) More
When do the New York Times and Washington Post "journalists" have to surrender their Russiagate Pulitzers? More
How could Robert Mueller investigate for two years, spend $32 million, and not discover that the Hillary campaign and the DNC made it all up More
We are so far beyond 1984, it's not even funny! More
Netflix just sh!tcanned 150 of its most vocal social justice warriors -- the ones working on original content about marginalized communities More
Version 2.0 of the Minister of Truth is even worse than Nina the Czarina More
It looks like Netflix is rethinkinking its WOKE More
The Typhoid Mary of Disinformation More
Liberal values -- NPR setup a private snitch line for ratting out workers not obeying their mask rules More
How does Microsoft and MSNBC benefit from operating a network that produces content based primarily on bullsh!t and hate? More
Donnie Deutsch says, the way to win elections is to slander and lie about Republicans and make to up conspiracy theories -- you know, the usual More
S&P’s index for environmentally conscious investors dropped Tesla because of "its business conduct" More
It is humorous to see MSNBC saying that Republicans have become the purveyors of misinformation More
Why would a supposed "journalist," believe there needs to be curbs on "free speech?" More
Stuff, like this, is probably not going to help Twitter's cause More
The ramifications for Twitter surrounding fake users or algorithmic bots are considerable More
After a lengthy thread about spam and fake accounts from Twitter's CEO, Musk replies with a simple graphic ( ) More
The AP's stylebook says, "we don't use the term manifesto in reference to a racist diatribe" -- even when it's a manifesto More
Our summer of rage is officially beginning More
The AP is the source for the rest of the news media -- you'd think it would do a better job at hiding its biases More
Homeschooling your kids is an indicator that you are a white supremacist More
The Associated Press attacks Elon Musk for... something? More
Genderism uber alles! More
Biden's attempt to reappropriate "MAGA" and "ultra MAGA" was the result of a six-month research effort by liberal groups More
This continues to become increasingly relevant More
A Wisconsin school district filed a Title IX complaint against three middle school students for using incorrect pronouns More
Woke ESPN is silent about NBA decision to play games in a country where gays face the death penalty More
Homeless destroy hotel before it can be converted to homeless housing More
Lefty loon wants trannies who slept with Joe Rogan to call him More
The FBI has labeled dozens of investigations into parents with a threat tag created by the FBI's Counterterrorism Division More
The government-issued "Safe Smoking Kits" most certainly do include free crack pipes More
More evidence that the FBI has become politicized More
Twitter finding no problem with a cartoon suggesting that Supreme Court justices be assassinated -- but don't you dare say Adm. Rachel Levine is a man More
Elon Musk says that Twitter, banning Trump, "was morally wrong and flat-out stupid" More
This would not be labeled "disinformation" under the new regime, because it is from a leftist source More
Leaked video of Twitter all-hands meeting More
Biden's FDA chief insists that "misinformation" is impacting life expectancy in the US More
How's this for projection -- "They are the party of fear, of anger, and frankly, they are the party of pessimism -- they, frankly, believe that there is no future for human beings" ~ Howard Dean More
When you are one of the "good" people, you can "feel" justified for doing horrible things. More
MSNBC personalities continue to drive the brand 'round the bend More
How the censorship of the Hunter Biden’s laptop story helped Joe Biden win More
Propaganda as entertainment ( ) More
California admits that 65,000 students in its community colleges don't exist -- costing the state millions More
Beyond fake news -- CNN warns the far-right is calling for violence following leaked Roe v. Wade decision More
MSNBC chucks Todd! More
What kind of moron calls a legislative bill a "'Menstrual Dignity Act?" More
It is corporate suicide to publicly align a company with a political movement More
Los Angeles DA George Gascón will not pursue felony charges against the man who attacked Dave Chappelle More
The AP updated its guidelines on the use of “pregnant people” to make it easier to write stories about “people who seek an abortion" More
The economy must be even worse than they're telling us More
Nicole Wallace labels, "the Republican Party in its current incarnation as the most extreme political organization in history" More
The computer repairman who found Hunter Biden’s laptop has filed suit against Adam Schiff, CNN, The Daily Beast, Politico, and others More
Groups of "furries" are harassing 6th grade students in Harrisburg (PA) More
Elon Musk faces down Media Matters -- ie: David Brock ( ) More
Taylor Lorenz is still having a lot of problems with the truth More
The reason the Disinformation Bureau is in DHS rather than the FCC is enforcement More
The "green-energy" supply chain doesn't exist More
The annual Intelligence Community Statistical Transparency Report is out -- the FBI queried §702 intercepts for U.S. person information -- over 3 million times in 2021. More
"Jounalists" are terrified they are losing their monopoly on the national conversation More
New York Times analyzes 1,150 episodes of Tucker Carlson to find that his, and not Joy Reid’s, is the most racist show in cable history More
TIME Magazine’s Charlotte Alter explains “free speech” means something entirely different now than it did when the 1st Amendment was ratified. More
Here we go again with the Left and the law of unintended consequences -- this time with the cops More
"Thank you for streaming with us" ~ CNN+ More
Corporate media has claimed the Trump-era GOP is full of racists and white nationalists for years -- Latinos now prefer GOP 52-39% and 41% of non-whites will vote GOP in 2022 More
More go WOKE, go broke news -- Netflix shares cratered more than 20% last Tuesday More
WTF! American Express CRT training urged staff to adopt a hierarchy, putting "marginalized" above "privileged" More
Jim Acosta tries to lay a trap for Marjorie Taylor Greene - big mistake! More
100 facts that the NEW Twitter should not ban you for tweeting More
Researchers reveal bird population declines in California due to green energy resources -- the Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again More
Isn't there ever anything on MSNBC that isn't insane leftist propaganda? More
The largest media corporations place the most powerful people *off-limits from criticism* by claiming any criticisms of them generates "harassment" More
The second richest man in the world is miffed that the richest man in the world bought Twitter More
How the media built the "Don't say gay" narrative More
CNN doubles-down on hysteria More
Amazon says, "in our effort to improve our customer experience," we're banning Matt Walsh's books More
Let's all congratulate Chris Wallace on his new gig! Good for him More
Elon Musk criticized Twitter's top lawyer -- who made the decision to ban Trump -- for banning stories on Hunter Biden's laptop More
Amazon leadership strategize on how to demote "Johnny the Walrus" on their site and claim the little fella will get people killed More
Twitter meeting following Elon Musk acquisition ~ Project Veritas clip More
Emails show that every major media outlet knew they were peddling disinformation about the Russiagate hoaxes More
"There should be reparation programs for conservatives on Twitter to make up for what we experienced" More
Note how elites constantly invent new theories as to why the public can't critique the richest, most powerful and most influential people in society More
They just won't stop -- Linktree just deleted Libs of Tik Tok account, citing “inappropriate use of this service” More
Times Square ad shaming Taylor Lorenz and WaPo for doxxing Libs of Tik Tok More
The Left has never understood the Law of Unintended Consequences More
Twitter staff are told in emergency meeting that their jobs are only safe for six months More
"Jack" posts long, positive thread on Twitter's acquisition More
My, how things change -- "Elon Musk is an ACLU card-carrying member and one of our most significant supporters" -- Anthony Romero, ACLU executive director More
"Who's going to kill Elon Musk?" is OK with Twitter -- you just have to be a Lefty ( thread ) More
Uber's decision to waive delivery fees from black-owned restaurants during the George Floyd riots could cost the company $91 million More
Kevin Sorbo posts the tweet of the day! More
Bad actor, Taylor Lorenz, says she revealed Libs of Tik Tok 's identity because, "this could have been a foreign actor" More
Twitter deal could happen this week! More
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