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The modern FBI is the now police agency of the federal government, with a direct and purposeful mandate to keep the American people under control through a strict surveillance and police state  More 2024-04-16
Judge Engoron may not accept Trumps $175 million bond  More 2024-04-16
Everything about this Trump case is legally absurd ~ Jonathan Turley  More 2024-04-16
This "former" US attorney has prejudged Trump, demonstrating the mindset of today's DoJ -- "guilty" first, then the trial  More 2024-04-16
Stop the presses -- CNN has a breaking story!  More 2024-04-16
The IRS lied about who the 86,000 new agents would target -- 63% of the new audits targeted taxpayers with incomes less than $200,000  More 2024-04-16
At least 90% of TV News fails to identify Trump's prosecutors as "Democrats"  More 2024-04-15
Judge Merchan threatens Trump with arrest if he isn’t in court every single day of trial  More 2024-04-15
Secret Service agents protecting Hunter Biden at his Malibu mansion spent more than $4.5million in taxpayer funds in fiscal 2022  More 2024-04-15
Judge Merchan is allowing irrelevant, pejorative stories and transcripts to be used against Trump  More 2024-04-15
George Stephanopoulos asks abouts Joe Biden's "Don't do it," threat -- John Kirby feeds George a steaming plate of bullsh!t  More 2024-04-15
Party-goers have a party at the White House  More 2024-04-15
John Kirby squirms trying to explain the $6 billion Joe Biden sent to Iran -- blames Trump!  More 2024-04-15
America's War Cabinet -- pray for our country  More 2024-04-14
New NPR CEO is haunted by Woke, anti-Trump tweets as editor exposes bias of the "public-funded" news station  More 2024-04-14
FBI Director Chris Wray walks away from journalist asking if he wants Congress to reauthorize FISA to spy on Trump's campaign again  More 2024-04-14
Calexico's (CA) hairy-chested transgender mayor faces recall as the city experiences rampant crime rates and the emergence of homeless encampments that have left the downtown area in distress  More 2024-04-14
Equity success stories -- progressivism in action  More 2024-04-14
Biden officials trash Netanyahu and Israel in leaks to media as Iran attacks Israel  More 2024-04-14
Middlesex County (Cambridge, MA) Superior Court ignored an ICE detainer and releases an illegal alien indicted on ten counts of aggravated child rape  More 2024-04-13
Secretive federal agencies are plotting to rig the 2024 presidential election  More 2024-04-13
Big Apple office buildings have never been so empty, thanks to NY AG Letitia James lawfare attacks on Donald Trump  More 2024-04-13
The DNC paid $1.5 million for Joe Biden's legal expenses in the classified documents scandal  More 2024-04-13
"We targeted Alex Jones and now he's broke!" -- CIA officer/former FBI agent  More 2024-04-13
The DoJ is slow-walking a "slam-dunk" case against the transgender woman who tried to murder Justice Kavanaugh  More 2024-04-13
DC National Guard whistleblowers will testify they were prepared to be deployed on Jan. 6 on Trump's orders but were held back by the Pentagon ( )  More 2024-04-13
Eighty-six Republicans just voted to ignore the 4th Amendment -- Congress exempted ( )  More 2024-04-12
The Left is in control of so many houses of power  More 2024-04-12
FISA reform failed because the whole point of Section 702 is to spy on Americans  More 2024-04-12
The Congressional Budget Office estimates that by 2054 the national debt will represent 166% of Gross Domestic Product, reaching $141.1 trillion  More 2024-04-12
America's news media can no longer be trusted  More 2024-04-12
DEI in the FBI  More 2024-04-12
The DoJ has filed a lawsuit against Utah accusing the state of discriminating against a transgender inmate  More 2024-04-11
Tucker Carson discusses Jan. 6  More 2024-04-11
Former FBI agent and current CIA officer proudly discusses the entrapment of Americans  More 2024-04-11
"My condolences go out to the family and friends who were impacted by this senseless gun violence" -- you mean "thug violence" -- guns didn't shoot themselves  More 2024-04-11
A National Institutes of Health program expected to cost $241 million over nine years prioritizes “diversity, equity and inclusion” over merit when awarding grants  More 2024-04-10
Jack Smith signals he’ll try to circumvent SCOTUS if it says obstruction charges aren’t real crimes  More 2024-04-10
Florida woman sentenced to 30 days in jail for finding and selling Ashley Biden’s diary and exposing Joe Biden's odd behavior  More 2024-04-10
The great COVID cover-up -- the shocking truth about the Wuhan virus and fifteen federal agencies  More 2024-04-10
Living High on the Hogg -- anti-gun hysteric, David Hogg's political action committee's spending practices are questioned -- giving $80,000 to the Mark Elias election tampering operation  More 2024-04-10
Jack Smith urges Supreme Court to reject Trump’s presidential immunity claim  More 2024-04-10
Alex Jones confirms intent to sue the FBI and CIA after an agency operative admits the CIA targeted Jones (and Tucker Carlson) to destroy their careers  More 2024-04-10
The "democracy" censorship trick  More 2024-04-10
NPR editor rebukes NPR's coverage of Hunter Biden laptop, COVID lab leak and Russiagate  More 2024-04-10
Veterans Affairas is providing trans medical care to LGBTQ individuals including hormone therapy, sex surgeries, and "gender affirming prosthetics"  More 2024-04-09
The DoJ is refusing to hand over audio recordings of Joe Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur -- what are the odds the DoJ edited the transcript?  More 2024-04-09
Orange County (CA) district attorney, Ann Fawaz, defends gang violence against Trump supporters -- refers to gangbangers as victims  More 2024-04-09
"The biggest tax dodgers in the country are the wind and solar power industries"  More 2024-04-09
The jury questionnaire for Trump's "hush money" trial makes sure only anti-Trump people will be considered  More 2024-04-09
There have been 122 Jan. 6 arrests already in 2024 -- the current total is now 1,400 arrested  More 2024-04-09
The Biden administration says there's no crime wave and it's because the FBI's been cooking the books  More 2024-04-09
Sen. Grassley (R-IA) demands the DoJ and IRS come clean about targeting Hunter Biden whistleblowers  More 2024-04-08
The DoJ has been criticized by a federal judge for its double standard in prosecuting those who ignore congressional subpoenas  More 2024-04-08
High school refuses to turn over records after Missouri AG says he wants Maurnice DeClue charged as an adult for her violent assault on Kaylee Gain, 16, who suffered a skull fracture and a brain bleed that put her in a coma for two weeks  More 2024-04-08
The U. S. Department of Agriculture uses race and gender in awarding disaster aid  More 2024-04-08
30-Year Naval Academy teacher details the depth of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity rot in America’s military institutions  More 2024-04-08
A Washington State judge has issued a restraining order against a homeowner whose home has been taken by a squatter  More 2024-04-08
A Delta flight out of Phoenix to Atlanta full of illegal aliens -- one is even wearing an ankle monitor  More 2024-04-08
The Left is now defending Joe Biden’s showering with his minor daughter  More 2024-04-07
Biden campaign finance chair Rufus Gifford claims there's "no one who has a better grasp of global issues" than Joe Biden  More 2024-04-07
MSNBC's Nicole Wallace isn't happy that Donald trump hasn't been found guilty by Joe Biden's judges  More 2024-04-07
MSNBC host goes into meltdown, plays clip of Kash on War Room threatening to charge complicit media members  More 2024-04-07
The final word on "climate change"  More 2024-04-07
Judge who went on CNN to attack Trump is rebuked by Court of Appeals over Jan. 6 case -- court ruled Judge bypassed law and gave in to his personal leftist political leanings  More 2024-04-07
"I am concerned about the possibility that political objectives motivated the vigor of the prosecution of the J6 defendants, their long sentences, and their harsh treatment" ~ Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  More 2024-04-06
A Joe Biden-appointed judge ripped the DoJ for ignoring Hunter Biden' subpoenas by pointing out Peter Navarro is in prison for the same offense  More 2024-04-06
600 Apple employees, who were involved in the expensive research and development of the secretive Apple electric vehicle initiative -- scrapped in February -- are looking for jobs  More 2024-04-06
200,000 deportation cases have been dismissed because the Department of Homeland Security neglected to file paperwork  More 2024-04-06
“Oh, oh, oh man, this is huge” -- U.S. Capitol Police security video shows an FBI special agent clapping and cheering as crowds surged up steps to the Columbus Doors ( )  More 2024-04-06
"They're not after me they're after you, I'm just in the way"  More 2024-04-06
"A political system run by the Justice Department"  More 2024-04-05
America First Legal has sued the Department of defense for concealing a "secretive Obama order" that could exonerate Trump in the documents case  More 2024-04-05
Chicago health officials confirmed that tuberculosis has been discovered among the illegal border crossers at multiple “migrant shelters”  More 2024-04-05
Trump's lawyer, John Eastman, has been officially disbarred for challenging the 2020 election  More 2024-04-05
Aimee Harris found Ashley Biden’s diary and made it public -- now, the DoJ wants to put her in prison for exposing Joe Biden's showering with his daughter ( )  More 2024-04-05
"The climate crisis is killing people" ~ John Kerry  More 2024-04-05
Every day, swarms of illegal invaders cross through Brian Silvas' property -- the sheriff informed him that he is not even allowed to tell them to get off his property  More 2024-04-04
The DoJ has asked a NY district judge to sentence Aimee Harris (40) to prison, followed by three years of supervised release, for "stealing Ashley Biden’s diary" ( comments )  More 2024-04-04
"The climate crisis is killing people. It is knowingly, wittingly allowing people to die and infecting them with disease and providing them with air that kills people" ~ John Kerry  More 2024-04-04
By allowing inadequately vetted individuals to be paroled into the United States, the DHS is acting contrary to its primary mission as defined by P.L. 107-296, the Homeland Security Act of 2002: to “prevent terrorist attacks within the United States”  More 2024-04-04
Jack Smith, Andrew Weissmann and Norm Eisen are big mad at Judge Aileen Cannon who is overseeing the Trump documents case  More 2024-04-04
In Politico's Nightly newsletter, Catherine Kim makes the harebrained assertion that China would prefer President Trump to return to the White House  More 2024-04-04
Liberal dark money pushes ranked-choice voting as campaign gains momentum across U.S.  More 2024-04-04
A fevered, frenzied, frazzled media war on Trump  More 2024-04-04
George Conway, the lawyer who blames Trump for the breakup of his marriage, will headline a fundraiser for Joe Biden in D.C. on April 24th  More 2024-04-04
AG Merrick B. Garland said the DoJ has added three new cities to its Criminal Division’s Violent Crime Initiative -- at the same time every Democrat in the country is claiming that "crime is down"  More 2024-04-04
Judge Merchan’s daughter getting is receiving huge payments from Adam Schiff and other Democrats  More 2024-04-04
During the week ending 3/16/2024, one-quarter-of-a-million people registered to vote in Texas with no photo ID  More 2024-04-03
Judge Merchan’s daughter’s company, Authentic, is working with Taylor Swift via Vote. org to register voters for Democrats ahead of 2024 ( thread )  More 2024-04-03
Financial benefits of Diversity vanish under scrutiny, study shows  More 2024-04-03
What are the odds that three network newscasts would spit out the same talking point on migrant crime while covering a Trump campaign event  More 2024-04-03
The FBI is running unnecessary credit checks against whistleblowers to negatively affect their credit ratings ( thread )  More 2024-04-03
The FBI violated American citizens' 4th Amendment rights 278,000 times using warrantless FISA 702 searches  More 2024-04-03
Judge Merchan has threatened to put Trump in jail for pointing out Judge Merchan's family is getting rich off Trump trials, so the judge  More 2024-04-03
Do John Kirby's assurances make you feel safer?  More 2024-04-03
MSNBC panel melts down over Trump's soaring net worth from Truth Social stock  More 2024-04-03
Secretary Antony Blinken has appointed a chief diversity and inclusion officer for the State Department  More 2024-04-02
Anothr brillant judicial decision -- a federal judge says illegal aliens flown to Martha's Vineyard by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis can sue the charter flight company  More 2024-04-02
On the heels of the Transgender Day of Visibility -- now the Alphabets want us to celebrate Gaypril  More 2024-04-02
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