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still carrying water for the failed messengers of socialism . . .

The New York Times chronicled a Venezuelan family’s trek from Chile and Peru northward to the United States and inadvertently revealed the economic freebies and legal chaos enabling Joe Biden’s illegal alien invasion  More 2024-07-16
Never forget the media's role in the assassination attempt on Trump's life  More 2024-07-16
"I asked Secretary Mayorkas -- where were the drones on Saturday?" -- "he had no answer"  More 2024-07-16
U. S. S. S. Director Kimberly Cheatle is refusing to step down after a U. S. president was nearly assassinated under her watch  More 2024-07-16
After the Trump assassination attempt, Jen Psaki says, "I’m scared for journalists"  More 2024-07-16
They want you to believe that this 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks is totally capable of outsmarting the entire U. S. Secret Service and the FBI, and they just can't seem to crack his phone  More 2024-07-15
Any assassination investigation that includes Merrick Garland or Chris Wray is a coverup  More 2024-07-15
Jack Smith's "documents" case has been dismissed -- the special counsel was not legally appointed or funded  More 2024-07-15
The girls at the Secret Service are having a hissy fit, so they're taking their ball and going home  More 2024-07-15
ABC News talking heads blame Trump for getting shot  More 2024-07-15
Corporate media’s constant lies bulldoze paths for leftist political violence  More 2024-07-15
Secret Service resources were diverted from Trump rally to Jill Biden event.  More 2024-07-15
“Assassination prep by the corrupt regime”  More 2024-07-15
Trump was an inch away from having his brains blown out, but "journalists" are the victims  More 2024-07-15
Little Georgie Stephanopoulos blames Donald Trump for shooting  More 2024-07-14
Corporate media wants us to tone down the rhetoric  More 2024-07-14
The head of the Secret Service has been called onto the carpet  More 2024-07-14
The Secret Service is taking a lot of hits about its DEI Program after the Trump shooting  More 2024-07-14
Ted Nugent has a question about military deployments  More 2024-07-14
AG Garland must hand over the tapes from Special Counsel Hur to Congress  More 2024-07-13
The big-three networks are burying the violent crimes committed by illegal aliens  More 2024-07-13
CNN data analyst says Trump can put blue states in play for 2024  More 2024-07-13
Campaign donors are withholding $90 million from Joe Biden  More 2024-07-13
Biden’s advisors have threatened White House staffers, saying they will “beat the shit out” of anyone who says anything about Joe Biden’s health that runs contrary to their narrative  More 2024-07-13
Meta lifts Trump’s Facebook and Instagram restrictions ahead of election  More 2024-07-13
Bill Maher turns on Joe Biden  More 2024-07-13
Soros-backed DA points out that Blacks are more likely to be carrying illegal firearms and drugs in their cars than whites. As a result, her prosecutors will not be allowed to pursue gun and drug charges stemming from traffic stops  More 2024-07-12
Who enabled Biden? ~ a case study  More 2024-07-12
MSNBC is hemorrhaging viewers  More 2024-07-12
Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, and Nicole Wallace made 39 "verifiably false" allegations about gynecologist, Mahendra Amin, according to Georgia judge  More 2024-07-12
The resolution to hold AG Merrick Garland in inherent contempt has failed  More 2024-07-12
Jen Psaki calls Kamala Harris an “undervalued talent” and blames sexism and racism for why she hasn’t been promoted more  More 2024-07-12
Ben Shapiro tears into the censorship cartel  More 2024-07-12
Attorney for the City of Sacramento has threatened Target Stores with criminal charges for reporting theft incidents to the police  More 2024-07-11
Trailer for "Government Gangsters"  More 2024-07-11
Merrick Garland "inherent contempt" vote set for 10 am this morning  More 2024-07-11
SoS Antony Blinken is pleased to announce the war in Ukraine has just been ratcheted up a notch  More 2024-07-11
Here we go again! Trump - Russia  More 2024-07-11
"The president that I see every robust, he's lucid, he's clear, he's direct, and he's in command of the context and the information" ~ Adm. John Kirby  More 2024-07-10
Powerful Democrat officials among Joe Biden’s closest political allies played a critical role placing Joe Biden’s third-ranking Department of Justice official on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s “get Trump” squad as leading prosecutor  More 2024-07-10
Newly unearthed email shows Letitia James' office corresponded with DoJ hatchet man, Matthew Colangelo, about a plan to get Trump ( )  More 2024-07-10
Four whistleblowers reveal “horror after horror” in the HHS Unaccompanied Children Program at the Southern Border  More 2024-07-10
The Democratic Party was “making an idiotic choice” if they stood behind Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy ~ James Carville  More 2024-07-10
George Stephanopolus says he does not think Joe Biden can serve another four years  More 2024-07-10
Study reveals that electric vehicle batteries are the source of hazardous "forever chemical" pollution  More 2024-07-10
“Our projection [of the national debt] is then over $50 trillion, or over 122% of GDP” -- Congressional Budget Office  More 2024-07-10
You can't bring up election tampering at a Board of Elections meeting in Chatham County, Georgia  More 2024-07-10
Apparently Dr. Jill had her own entrance theme song called Fanfare for the First Lady  More 2024-07-10
Joe Biden has lost Jake Tapper  More 2024-07-09
Department of Interior shuts down millions of acres of Alaska to all oil, gas and mining activity  More 2024-07-09
Michael Moore says continuing to push for Joe Biden after the debate is a form of "elder abuse"  More 2024-07-09
George Soros spent tens of millions to get judges like this guy appointed all over America  More 2024-07-09
DEI training at the Air Force Academy is discouraging service members from recognizing parents as “moms and dads”  More 2024-07-08
MSNBC's Joe Scarborough will say anything for money  More 2024-07-08
Fresh leaks show that Joe Biden's aides are micromanaging his every move with verbal and visual cues  More 2024-07-08
There are just 25 legislative days left before Election Day to pry the Hur recordings from AG Merrick Garland  More 2024-07-08
White House staffers have reportedly created a document with photos and instructions for Joe Biden to “walk” to the podium during events.  More 2024-07-08
Meet the shadowy left-wing nonprofit that's harvesting voter data to juice Democrat turnout  More 2024-07-08
Hundreds of thousands of Ukraine "refugees" are getting social security, health care, food stamps and more. -- all paid for by the U. S. taxpayer  More 2024-07-08
Dr. Kevin O'Connor, who gave Joe Biden glowing health report, helped him cash in on business deal  More 2024-07-07
Joe Biden’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, was involved in The Biden Crime Family's business dealings  More 2024-07-07
Who are The Patriot Front?  More 2024-07-07
Remember the convenience store/gas station that was cleaned out two nights ago? -- it took six hours for the Oakland police to show up ( )  More 2024-07-07
The New York Times is reporting the White House is supplying radio hosts with questions for Joe Biden interviews  More 2024-07-07
CNN's David Axelrod just called Joe Biden's ABC interview "sad"  More 2024-07-07
MSNBC’s Larry O’Donnell wants Joe Biden’s staff to be allowed on stage with him during debates.  More 2024-07-07
Joe Biden's staff is "miserable," alarmed as pressure builds  More 2024-07-07
Washington state removes residency requirement for voter registration -- the fix is in  More 2024-07-06
Looks like cheat-by-mail's back on Wisconsin's election menu, boys!  More 2024-07-06
The news media is not doing its job -- 100 shills and the "sharp as a tack" talking point  More 2024-07-06
Ouch! -- article implies there is a Deep State controlling Joe Biden  More 2024-07-05
“Governments are going after farmers? -- they grow our food -- they are going after farmers? -- there’s no way in which that’s positive” ~ Joe Rogan  More 2024-07-05
Jack Smith has been accused of concealing FBI emails related to Mar-a-Lago raid ~ Julie Kelly long thread:  More 2024-07-05
The New York Times has been covering Joe Biden's butt for years -- no more! -- The Times knows he's a crook, too  More 2024-07-05
The New York Times defines "Useful Idiots"  More 2024-07-05
The government told us that Ivermectin was "horse dewormer"  More 2024-07-05
"Journalists" in Washington, D.C. were blasted by former New York Times executive editor, Jill Abramson, for failing to “hold power accountable,” and participating in a “massive cover-up” with the White House to shield President Biden’s “decline”  More 2024-07-04
"Biden Must Resign" ~ The Atlantic  More 2024-07-04
Herr Dr. Fauci just can't stay off TV  More 2024-07-04
Why does PBS get public money when it's clearly a partisan news and opinion network?  More 2024-07-03
Laws with criminal consequences should be considered by the legislative branch, not pushed through by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats  More 2024-07-03
Marc Elias, the architect and paymaster of the Russiagate conspiracy, is suing to let foreign billionaires meddle in Ohio elections  More 2024-07-03
Mainstream media hacks will have no problem pivoting back to Joe Biden  More 2024-07-03
The DoJ is scrambling to find obscure laws to keep the Jan. 6 prisoners in prison after the Supreme Court's Enron finding ( )  More 2024-07-03
The DoJ plans to pursue Trump cases past Election Day, even if Trump wins in November  More 2024-07-03
Reading between the lines, Politico seems to be saying that Joe Biden's senior aides are only telling The Big Guy what he wants to hear  More 2024-07-03
Whoever is running things are sending another $2.3 billion to Ukraine as "military aid"  More 2024-07-03
If you don't believe there are two tiers of justice, read this  More 2024-07-03
How the FBI’s Security Division improperly suspended or revoked employees’ security clearances whose political views, medical views, or even ethnicity were questioned by Security Division leadership  More 2024-07-02
In October, 2020, Phoenix Graphics, Rochester (NY) delivered 650,000 ballots to election offices in Philadelphia and Chester County (PA)  More 2024-07-02
How the federal government goes more money than its bean-counters can count  More 2024-07-02
Meet the rich kids -- professors and activists arrested at Columbia in April  More 2024-07-02
"It is impossible to overstate how f*cking stupid Sonia Sotomayor is" ~ Julie Kelly  More 2024-07-02
Mayorkas and the CBP One racket  More 2024-07-02
MSNBC admits Supreme Court decision has effectively killed Jack Smith’s entire Jan. 6 indictment of President Trump.  More 2024-07-02
Holy shyte! -- NBC's Andrea Mitchell is beyond wasted!  More 2024-07-02
There's a reason you've never seen writing like this in a Supreme Court decision -- it's crazy talk!  More 2024-07-02
If Joe Biden were to be re-elected there would be no problem -- they would be fine with him as king  More 2024-07-02
The Democratic Party Chorus sings "Sharp As A Tack"  More 2024-07-02
CNN anchor, Dana Bash, uses hand signals for Joe Biden during debate  More 2024-07-01
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