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Useful idiots

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Waukesha Christmas parade mass murder coverage is low point in American journalism More
Peter Doocy nails Herr Dr. Fauci right between the eyeballs More
Alec Baldwin wants you to believe he never pulled the trigger -- the gun shot itself More
Who reads The New York Times other than the leftiest of lefties -- Pravda was a more reliable news source More
The story that's too hot for the media to touch won't go away More
DeSantis tears the media a new one More
The Jussie Smollett fan club ( megathread ) More
Many high-profile cultural, political and business powerhouses downplay or ignore China's human rights abuses More
Joe Rogan says collusion between the government and the media is pretty apparent More
New York Magazine is publishing a book of fantasies puffing up "one of today’s most influential political and cultural icons," AOC More
There's a new sheriff in town! More
Do these people really believe their own bullshit or is it all just some big soap opera? More
On March 28, 2016, Dr. Peter Daszak described exactly how scientists could create a virus in a China lab that would lead to a global coronavirus pandemic More
CNN attributes the six dead in Waukesha on a "car" -- even minimizes the size of the vehicle More
The Hill picks Kamala and Michelle for 2024 -- they should be watching the reenergized Hillary More
MTV filters Thanksgiving through the lens of critical theory More
California is set to adopt new math teaching principles that will "apply social justice principles to math lessons" More
Yale now has more administrators than undergraduates More
Everything the Left touches turns to shit More
Maybe Herr Dr. Fauci knows the answer to this puzzlement? More
Waukesha has dropped the Darrell Brooks hot potato on a court commissioner More
CNN argues that the economy is gangbusters, it's Biden's messaging that's the problem More
The Washington Post is reporting that the Waukesha massacre was caused by an SUV More
CNN doesn't care you know they're bullshit -- 66% of their viewers believe every single word More
The media has already moved on from the Waukesha massacre More
Just remember this when you use Wikipedia as a source More
When will the unindicted co-conspirators in the media address their willing or unwilling participation in Hillary's Russiagate plot More
CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC ignore NYT bombshell report on Hunter Biden's business deal with Chinese More
Truely they are the enemies of the people More
Adam B. Coleman says everything here that needs to be said about white liberals More
CNN's priorities in the wake of deadly Waukesha massacre More
The pussyfication of America -- when the Progs get rid of the real men, who will defend them? More
"It's guaranteed!" -- Waukesha DA forecast his progressive reforms would get someone killed -- "it does not invalidate the overall approach" More
Progs are dragging America into the Twilight Zone at a frightening pace More
The Catholic University of America has a painting of George Floyd as Jesus on display More
Colorado has stopped using the term "sex offender" because of its "negative impact" on sex offenders More
Police have informed the public that the Waukesha killer had no political or racial motive for running over 50 paraders, killing four children -- are you buying that? More
CNN's Dana Bash promotes the lie that critical Race Theory is not in Virgina's schools -- gets quickly corrected More
Just so you know what you're dealing with -- judge said time behind bars for rapist of teenage girls would be inappropriate. More
From a leftist's perspective, these are the victims/heroes of l'affaire Rittenhouse More
Leftists immediately politicized the deadly Waukesha Christmas parade atrocity -- no concern for the dead and injured More
"We The People," who fight against government abuse and usurpation, are the FBI's actual and literal enemy More
Iin 2008 he stabbed a cop six times -- he was just arrested again for saping a cop -- the judge cut him loose More
It's all over for the bunch at CNN -- they were used to destroy Trump -- now they're gone More
Journalism! More
More journalism! More
They can never walk this back More
Fake news media in collective panic after Rittenhouse verdict is announced More
Can the FBI be salvaged? ~ Victor Davis Hanson More
Trump sent a letter to Pulitzer -- either rescind the Russiagate awards or get sued More
The judge banned MSNBC from the trial after an NBC News producer was arrested following juror vehicle More
All the stuff the prosecutor tried to hide from the jury about his "key" witnesses More
Washington Post has corrected over a dozen articles related to Steele dossier coverage More
A nervous press is looking for Russiagate's fall guys More
When these clowns talk about "our democracy," they are not referring to the republic established and governed by the United States Constitution More
They are now teaching kids to hide information from their parents More
The media deliberately incite riots in Democrat-run cities More
The FBI just goes further and further off the rails More
MSNBC aired the Rittenhouse prosecutor's closing arguments, but not one word from the defense More
Vermont requires middle and high schools to make free condoms available to all students free of charge More
The Rittenhouse prosecutor is a fantasist who tried the case the media wanted instead of what the evidence said More
Tim Pool is pissed More
"One of the most egregious journalistic errors in modern history" -- now they tell us -- after they've been caught More
It's interesting watching the media slowly come to terms with the magnitude of the fraud they perpetrated with Russiagate and the Steele Dossier More
"Journalism" has disgraced itself and there's no reason to believe it will get better More
These outlets have hired people who are trained liars, who have lied their whole career, to deliver the news More
Investigator who helped unravel Russia case says next mission is forcing media corrections More
The media keeps getting things wrong -- and all the errors are in the same direction More
The Climate Change Conference is really a plaything for the very wealthy -- they can afford it -- the rest of us can't More
Bloomberg hack tells Americans to live more like Europeans -- empty shelves and supply chain crisis "might not be a bad thing’" More
Boston used to be the home of liberal education in America -- now, teachers are given instruction in and documents describing the accepted ( WOKE ) language for the classroom More
Still waiting on the indictments for Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton More
There's no way major media outlets can keep evading accountability -- it's crashing down More
The real question is when will the Pulitzer Prizes for the phony Trump-Russia stories be recalled More
When a very informed person comes to realize how wildly misinformed by the media he was about Rittenhouse (thread) -- last Tweet in thread punchlines More
The FBI is nothing more than an extension of and a tool of the Democratic Party More
There's a new sheriff at CNN and Jeff Zucker and the anti-Trump squad are out the door ( ) More
The CDC does not recognize natural immunity, even though there is no record of an infected person being reinfected More
With rare exception, American journalism no longer exists -- it's all propaganda -- all the time More
Schools are giving "A"s for effort in Los Angeles and San Diego -- performance grading has been abandoned in favor of of subjective, no standards "equity" grading More
This is what diversity training looks like at large corporations today More
Even as the prosecution’s case falls apart, the Prog media continues to skew events to imply Rittenhouse's guilt More
The Rittenhouse prosecutor may be the biggest crook in the courthouse -- he pressured witness to change his statement More
Rittenhouse judge rips the prosecutor a new one More
Megyn Kelly comments on CNN inserting itself into Dustin Hice's lawsuit against Don Lemon More
What exactly is the relationship between the FBI and the Biden family? More
Tucker Carlson and James O'Keefe comment the FBI's diary hunt More
Snopes weighs in on Stinkergate -- "Did Biden fart in front of the Duchess of Cornwall?" More
Being WOKE has become a religion and it’s betraying Black America ~ John McWhorter More
Someone in the news media finally says it -- the Democratic media is full of crap! More
Watch CNN's Brianna Keilar repeatedly deny Critical Race Theory is in the schools and even when confronted by documentation she continues with her denials More
Gupta stopped being a physician a long time ago -- now he's just a pitchman that will say whatever you want as long as you pay him More
Teacher tells peers to ignore parents wishes, "we can't just be fired for teaching social justice" More
Facebook demonstrates the Left's "fairness in media" policy by blocking search results it doesn't like More
Why is the FBI investigating the theft of a diary? More
Microsoft told its employees to state their race and gender before presentations to avoid episodes More
How is it that this liberal think tank keeps coming up in the Russian collusion investigation? More
Experts rip CDC study claiming vax offers stronger protection than natural immunity More
Nearly a fifth of university teaching jobs require diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) statements -- especially at the elite schools More
Former intel chief expects many more indictments in Durham probe More
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