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Useful idiots

still carrying water for the failed messengers of socialism . . .

Senate Republicans want to know if "political considerations" led to the FBI assault on pro-life activist Mark Houck's home  More
Federal funding of research on manipulating brains and rewriting DNA should worry us all ( )  More
Glenn Greenwald reminds everyone why they shouldn’t believe a thing John Brennan or his spokesperson, Natasha Bertrand, says ( thread )  More
Truth in advertising  More
CNN’s decline continues -- sparking another round of layoffs -- the staff is "freaked out"  More
The DoJ will spend $57 million to transition to the Department of WOKE  More
"Not one person has ever said to me, 'you know what we need -- we need more money for the Department of Justice'"  More
Twitter has suspended "Libs of Tik Tok" again -- for unspecified reasons -- "Libs of Tik Tok" threatens to bring suit  More
It's no coincidence that CBS News and the NY Times are heavily promoting the sexual mutilation of minors on the same day ( )  More
You can always count on the Washington Post to do its part to support the Democrats -- the "silver linings" of a recession  More
CNN slammed into a brick wall named Joe Rogan -- and promptly imploded  More
The Cayler Ellingson story would have nonstop media coverage from The Bigs if a conservative murdered a man because of his progressive Democrat politics  More
The FBI paid a Russian spy to keep the truth about Russiagate from surfacing -- the same DoJ/FBI is now trying to frame Trump with documents stolen from Mar-a-Lago ( thread )  More
Chris Wallace is officially a "used-to-be"  More
FBI whistleblower's wife suspended from Facebook for sending a message of thanks to a supporter  More
The FBI is pulling security clearances from agents that are resisting the new order  More
The FBI’s Matt Gaetz operation sidelined an effective Republican voice at a crucial time -- and that was the point.  More
"60 Minutes" joins the Jan. 6 Committee to pump the propaganda in the final 45 days  More
Mark Houck shoved an abortion activist to protect his 12-year-old son and an FBI SWAT Team raided his home -- the FBI has truly become Biden’s GESTAPO ( thread )  More
New documents show the FBI obtained a warrant for a Beverly Hills seizure of 1,400 safe-deposit boxes containing $86 Million in cash by lying to the judge  More
"The continued weaponization of the FBI and persecution by Joe Biden's DoJ against ordinary Americans is an outrage" ( )  More
Millions of lives could have been saved if Ivermectin hadn’t been misrepresented by the media  More
Hillary tried to destroy Trump with her Russiagate conspiracy and failed -- so she's elevating her game -- Trump is now Hitler, and Trump supporters are NAZIs  More
If this guy did everything "the authorities" allege he did, this should have been a local police matter -- so, why the FBI Swat Team? ( )  More
Key lawmaker worried FBI whistleblowers facing retaliation as evidence of politicization mounts  More
Tech platforms escalate purges of LGBTQXYZ "wrongthink"  More
The FBI is broken, and it can't be fixed -- it needs to be replaced ( thread )  More
Planned Parenthood's website was quietly updated to cover for Stacy Abrams absurd comments ( )  More
The Biden administration now allows one to federally change sex identity at Social Security office without any supplemental documentation  More
New York schools spend an average of $25,358 per year  More
A coal-powered EV charging station in California  More
PayPal closed "Gays Against Groomers" account, but still maintains an account for "Prostasia," an group that operates a support club for child molesters ( thread )  More
The original intent of Critical Theory was to weaken or destroy the family -- now, the US Air Force trains cadets to avoid words like "mom" and "dad"  More
The FBI stole Trump's will during the Mar-a-Lago raid  More
If the "DOJ's 100" implicated Trump in a crime it would be all over the Six O'Clock News -- then they obviously implicate Hillary, and members of the DNC, the DoJ and FBI  More
*** This clip will disappear from YouTube about 15 minutes after the Google censors get into work ***  More
Pennsylvania County has sued Dominion Voting Systems for breach of contract -- cited in the lawsuit: "unauthorized Python script" and 'foreign IP address"  More
"Inside the Completely Legal G.O.P. Plot to Destroy American Democracy" -- is The New York Times paranoid or promoting?  More
Did FBI brass censor agents' report warning of political influence?  More
The FBI's extremist-hunters bag five on vague felony and misdemeanor charges arising from Jan. 6  More
Mark Zuckerberg has lost $71 billion of his personal wealth, more than half -- a reward for dancing with the devils from the FBI  More
Somebody has been in the Martha'a Vineyard illegals' ears ( )  More
Elites gather at the Clinton Global Initiative to plan the world ( )  More
The data debunks global warming  More
The FBI is pulling agents off child predator cases and reassigning them to the hunt for the elusive "domestic extremists" ( )  More
The corrupt FBI is classifying documents "TOP SECRET" to cover-up its crimes  More
Montana to let transgender people change their birth record  More
The FBI is "lying with numbers" ( ) ( )  More
The DoJ doesn't like the way that Judge Cannon is ruling in the Mar-a-Lago case, and they're lying about it (thread )  More
Whistleblower says FBI manipulating Jan. 6 cases to create illusion of national crisis  More
The Democratic media's "Top 8" Hunter Biden laptop deniers -- many honorable mentions  More
FBI labeled a veterans group as a "terror organization" despite knowing they weren't  More
The Martha's Vineyard illegals won't get the money raised in their "Go Fund Me" fund -- it's been appropriated for other uses  More
The people behind the Martha's Vineyard "Go Fund Me" for the illegals  More
The DoJ and FBI had no legal right to invade Mar-a-Lago and steal Trumps documents -- especially after he was complying with them  More
Durham -- the mirage of accountability ( deep dive )  More
Do the publishers of the Atlantic believe what they publish, or do they know they are propagandists?  More
The Good Information Foundation offers attorney $400 to make an anti-Trump video ( )  More
Netflix has produced a documentary on the life of Queen Elizabeth  More
A former senior FBI Russiagate investigator is under investigation by the DoJ for ties To Russia and other foreign governments  More
Who do the "100" documents threaten? -- Trump or Democrats  More
CDC is deliberately misinforming the public about the booster  More
Federal court upholds Texas social media law, clearing way for users to sue Twitter and the others over censorship  More
They want you to take the shot forever  More
The DoJ's overbroad search warrant of President Trump's residence violated the 4th Amendment and other crooked DoJ and FBI stuff  More
The demand for white supremacy "vastly outstrips the supply," according to one FBI agent  More
Prominent people are calling for a new "Church Committee" to investigate the FBI  More
The Biden administration is forecast to bring one million illegals into the country this year, but send fifty to Martha's Vineyard? -- the horror!  More
The Babylon Bee reports from Martha's Vineyard on the Venezuelan immigrants issue  More
The DeSantis/Abbott stunt is really demonstrating the utter hypocrisy of the liberal elites ( )  More
DoJ loses! -- Judge Raymond J. Dearie, former FISA judge, has been appointed Special Master to oversee examination of Mar-a-Lago documents ( )  More
Martha's Vineyard declares a "humanitarian crisis"  More
Shipping a tiny fraction of illegal aliens to blue states and elite enclaves is the most brilliant political move of the new century ( thread )  More
The only people who benefit from all the “homeless" programs are the groups who make a pretty penny at "serving the homeless"  More
The FBI helped obstruct its own investigation to help Hillary  More
Here's how the social media giants plan to affect the upcoming election  More
Twitter was notified by the FBI that they had a Chinese spy in its midst -- just one?  More
The Democratic media does their duty and reports the good news about the economy  More
While the FBI was investigating "Trump-Russia," the FBI was paying the Russian source for the Steele Dossier as a "confidential informant"  More
The FBI is labelling veterans groups as "domestic violent extremist" even though they do not meet the criteria for "domestic violent extremists"  More
Herr Dr. Fauci dances on both sides of "natural immunity"  More
Rogue FBI uses "identity theft" and "conspiracy to commit identity theft" to justify Mike Lindell search warrant ( )  More
Igor Danchenko, the Steele Dossier's Russian source, was a paid FBI informant  More
The FBI boxed-in "Mr. Pillow" at a Hardee's drive-though yesterday and arrested his smartphone -- Mike Lindell is a big Trump supporter  More
The DoJ will agree to Trump's selection of Raymond J. Dearie to serve as "Special Master" in the review of documents the FBI seized from Mar-a-Lago  More
NY Times admits pollsters overestimate Democrats due to "persistent and unaddressed biases"  More
The DoJ's latest gambit is a complete violation of the 1st Amendment ( )  More
DoJ conceals records showing how Biden uses federal agencies to influence elections  More
“What is clear regarding the seized materials is that they belong with either President Trump or with NARA, but not with the DoJ"  More
If prosecutors decide to indict Trump, they'll wait until after the November midterms to do so  More
National Public Radio (NPR) needs defunding  More
This is pure political propaganda from the Washington Post  More
US prosecutors may negotiate plea deal with 9/11 architect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed  More
Stopping Trump is Biden's legacy ~ Washington Post  More
There is a growing anti-human movement -- this is from North Carolina  More
Minors aren’t getting gender affirming surgery except for when they are ~ Politifact ( thread )  More
But, it's your report!  More
The cops in Chicago won't even chase the bad guys anymore  More
Looks like the FBI wants another raid  More
Feds scoured social media looking for "threats" and issued internal warnings about imaginary armed protests in the days after the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago  More
Records Returned: 100


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