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still carrying water for the failed messengers of socialism . . .

Political activism in the newsrooms -- WaPo's new communications chief moonlights as a board member of a "racial justice organization" funded by a dark money behemoth  More 2022-12-03
Joe Rogan on Apple and capitalism  More 2022-12-03
Meme demonstrates how the media spin is applied  More 2022-12-03
Isn't this interfering in the internal affairs of a foreign state?  More 2022-12-03
Comedy is not dead!  More 2022-12-03
*** The Twitter Files ( thread ) ( ) ***  More 2022-12-03
Right after the October 2020 Hunter Biden laptop story broke, a small group of Twitter execs decided to label the NY Post’s story as “hacked material” -- the rest is history  More 2022-12-03
The FBI met weekly with Big Tech ahead of the 2020 election  More 2022-12-03
Jan. 6 Committee implodes!  More 2022-12-02
Google introduces "Internet Behavior Modification"  More 2022-12-02
Rising wokeness in medical schools is a problem for patients everywhere  More 2022-12-02
Joe Rogan's observation about "climate change" and the media  More 2022-12-02
Adm. Kirby on Joe Biden's Afghanistan debacle -- is your bullsh!t meter turned on?  More 2022-12-02
Herr Dr. Fauci hasn't learned a thing ( )  More 2022-12-02
A California DA won't prosecute an armed robber who killed a gas station clerk during a "botched" robbery  More 2022-12-02
Naval Academy sparks fury by allegedly denying diplomas to unvaccinated midshipmen  More 2022-12-02
EPA quietly quadruples regulatory cost of carbon emissions in new war on fossil fuels  More 2022-12-01
How the mainstream media operates  More 2022-12-01
Warner Bros. Discovery has started to make massive layoffs at CNN ( )  More 2022-12-01
Google provided the FBI with location data for more than 5,000 devices as part of the federal investigation into Jan. 6  More 2022-11-30
For the feds to circumvent the law, UPS and FedEx are being leveraged by the states, to work with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) to track firearm purchases  More 2022-11-30
This is suspicious -- Nantucket investigators conclude the fire that consumed FIVE vehicles used by the Secret Service during Joe Biden’s visit was not suspicious  More 2022-11-30
NY Times plea -- don’t trust the GOP or New York Post -- NY City crime isn’t so bad  More 2022-11-30
"Apple has helped Beijing to suppress public dissent multiple times... when will Apple do this for the US government?"  More 2022-11-30
Google spends $13.2 million to do its part to "manage the narrative"  More 2022-11-30
HBO announces documentary on Nancy Pelosi (filmed by daughter)  More 2022-11-29
Thread details how the FBI obliterated bedrock civil liberties in their Jan. 6 quest to "defend democracy"  More 2022-11-29
"Journalist" asks KJP, "what tools do you have" to stop Elon Musk from restoring free speech at Twitter?  More 2022-11-29
Elections will never be a fair fight when schools push politics  More 2022-11-28
The media's deranged hysteria over Elon Musk's promised restoration of free speech -- it was easy to predict  More 2022-11-28
What is a civilian supposed to believe about mRNA -- who can you trust -- clearly, the science is not settled ( )  More 2022-11-28
Herr Dr. Fauci says it's Trump's fault  More 2022-11-28
WaPo's Taylor Lorenz cheers on China's lockdowns as CCP violently cracks down on citizens  More 2022-11-28
Chris Wray lied -- he knew for over a year that there were 8 FBI confidential human sources with the Proud Boys on Jan. 6  More 2022-11-27
US spy operation that manipulates social media is revealed  More 2022-11-27
Elon Musk says de-platforming Trump was a "grave mistake"  More 2022-11-27
This is NOT misinformation  More 2022-11-27
Why hasn't Congress held FBI Director Wray in contempt?  More 2022-11-27
UnAmerican companies that oppose free speech  More 2022-11-26
The Washington Post throws a fit over Musk’s pro-free speech changes to Twitter  More 2022-11-26
Sam Bankman-Fried -- an MIT grad and son of Stanford law professors -- vaporized the GDP of a small country after successfully conning the entire world of educated elites  More 2022-11-26
The NY Times profiles a "compassionate" man who wants humanity to die off  More 2022-11-26
There is no "independence" here -- Special Prosecutor "Smith is inheriting teams of prosecutors and agents that have already made significant headway" investigating Trump  More 2022-11-26
THIS was censoring conservatives at Twitter  More 2022-11-26
We don’t hear much about Democrats and leftists being let back on Twitter because they were never targeted  More 2022-11-26
The Uniparty needs to end  More 2022-11-26
This timeline demonstrates how ABC, CBS and NBC have mostly ignored Hunter Biden's scandals  More 2022-11-25
As COVID becomes pandemic of the vaccinated, the CDC rains on Fauci's farewell  More 2022-11-25
They aren't saying "they" is non-binary -- "they" is saying "they" is non-binary  More 2022-11-25
Is the Wall Street Journal starting to go down the path to WOKE?  More 2022-11-25
A criminal justice policy advocate who helped pass DC’s soft-on-crime bill was fatally shot and killed after an auto accident  More 2022-11-25
Twitter censorship had been deployed as a one-way operation against conservatives  More 2022-11-24
A majority of COVID deaths were people who were vaccinated ( )  More 2022-11-24
Nina Jankowicz, who sang Mary Poppins on TikTok and was going to be in charge of monitoring disinformation and censoring US citizens, has now registered as a foreign agent  More 2022-11-24
The media is quick to use the phrase "election deniers" -- but only for Republicans  More 2022-11-23
Anti-Trumper, Yoel Roth, Twitter’s top censor, explains how regulators and corporate interests can prevent Elon Musk from restoring free speech on Twitter  More 2022-11-23
What kind of a deal did the Biden regime make with the National Hockey League for the NHL to endorse trannyism?  More 2022-11-23
More on the Left's use of "stochastic terrorism" to silence and criminalize political opposition ( thread )  More 2022-11-23
Remember how hard the Democrat media worked to dismiss the Hunter Biden laptop story as disinformation ( video )  More 2022-11-22
The EPA wants to quadruple the tax on carbon emissions from $51 per ton to $191 per ton  More 2022-11-22
A new congressional report warns that this Pentagon's WOKE ideology is eroding the military's war-fighting capability  More 2022-11-22
Corporate media is spreading most of the mis- dis-information  More 2022-11-22
CBS News "confirms" Hunter Biden laptop is real 769 days after the NY Post broke story  More 2022-11-22
The media has been openly at war with Donald Trump for eight years -- now that he’s back, some "journalists" don’t know how to deal with it  More 2022-11-21
Report reveals just how much the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion complex has infiltrated medical education  More 2022-11-21
The FDA lied about using Ivermectin for COVID -- now the FDA is lying about that lie  More 2022-11-21
CBS News returns to Twitter after bravely leaving for 1 day, 16 hours, and 31 minutes  More 2022-11-21
Disney has fired CEO Bob Chapek, who pushed Critical Race Theory and Gender ideology in the company's programming and employee training ( thread )  More 2022-11-21
Princeton is offering courses on BDSM, fetishism and other stuff  More 2022-11-20
How the liberal disinfomation game works.  More 2022-11-20
CBS is throwing a giant, public sulk over Twitter reinstating Trump  More 2022-11-20
WaPo’s Abernathy on the appointment of the Special Counsel -- "I feel bad for the American People"  More 2022-11-20
Fired Twits posted new addresses where they could be found -- "journalists" seem to have migrated to Mastodon  More 2022-11-20
The "senior" politics writer for Salon has the mind of a 12-year-old  More 2022-11-20
If Reuters is one of the final bastions of "journalism," this Reuters Special Report could signify the end of all rational thought  More 2022-11-20
Here we go again! -- Los Angeles "strongly recommending" masks again as COVID cases rise  More 2022-11-19
Portland (OR) is building parks for its drug-addicts that would each hold up to 250 residents and would provide food, bathrooms, trash pick-up and on-site security  More 2022-11-19
New CNN boss confirms the network has conducted a 24/7 campaign of negativity against President Trump  More 2022-11-19
During the BLM riots, companies launched DEI programs as political insurance -- the dynamic has shifted, and Netflix, Lyft, Twitter, and others are now downsizing them  More 2022-11-19
WTF? -- CBS News and its owned and operated stations are “pausing” activity on Twitter, blaming “uncertainty” on the platform  More 2022-11-19
School board says it's inappropriate to read porno trash in front of children, but this porno trash is in the school library  More 2022-11-18
WaPo reports that Donald Trump's ego is the reason that the DoJ had to send the FBI to raid Mar-a-Lago  More 2022-11-18
State Department tells its overseas staff to promote anti-populist "disinformation" game in schools  More 2022-11-18
Hundreds of Twitter employees walk out  More 2022-11-18
Here's someone who belongs here -- wants you to wear a mask in your own home  More 2022-11-18
Are you following the FTX debacle? -- Sam Bankman-Fried tries to explain himself ( )  More 2022-11-18
CNN prepares layoffs amid network's financial, ratings woes  More 2022-11-18
Facebook will stop fact-checking Presidential Candidate Trump  More 2022-11-17
Media vs. Trump -- Round 3  More 2022-11-17
We're lost in a mask-erade . . .  More 2022-11-17
Lefties are all lining up with their reasons why Donald Trump can't run for office ( )  More 2022-11-17
The biggest con man since Madoff just admitted that WOKE is a virtue-signaling game  More 2022-11-17
Obama Foundation event on "disinformation features serial spreaders of disinformation  More 2022-11-17
MSNBC lunatics compare Trump to Bin Laden and 9/11 to Jan. 6  More 2022-11-16
Judge blocks use of Title 42 to quickly expel migrants, demonstrating that Team Biden wants to do everything it can to keep the border open and the migrants coming  More 2022-11-16
FBI director, Chris Wray, straight-up refuses to answer congressman's questions about Jan. 6  More 2022-11-16
Human rights groups condemn as torture, painful, gender-affirming surgeries that leave the patient sterile  More 2022-11-16
DHS "truth cops" had a strange first mission -- banning speech that casts doubt on "Red Mirage, Blue Shift" election events  More 2022-11-16
News organizations filed a motion seeking to make public transcript of a sealed court hearing and all redacted documents related to Proud Boys FBI confidential human sources  More 2022-11-15
Any questioning of authorities is castigated as "deranged conspiracy theories" -- only blind and uncritical acceptance is deemed honorable ( thread )  More 2022-11-15
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