People that choose to be strange

these morons are seeking attention, so here it is

FBI Director Wray connected to diversity training with White House official with famed Satanic tattoo  More 2023-06-07
This is f*cked up -- your government at work  More 2023-06-07
*** Intelligence officials say the U. S. has in its possession craft "of non-human origin" ( ) ***  More 2023-06-06
Unidentified!  More 2023-06-05
Perversions are no longer perverted  More 2023-06-04
Joe Biden's favorite nuclear trash, Sam Brinton, has been arrested for the third time for luggage theft  More 2023-06-03
But he can't breastfeed because he cut off his mammaries  More 2023-06-02
*** Woman breastfeeds a cat on an airplane -- and it's not just any cat ***  More 2023-06-01
Do you know the gender pronoun rules?  More 2023-06-01
"First, do no harm" ~ Hippocrates  More 2023-06-01
Self abuse is self abuse -- some people are into it  More 2023-05-30
Dylan Mulvaney comes out as a lesbian who wants to have babies  More 2023-05-29
Something to cry about  More 2023-05-29
Pride is the first and greatest of all the Seven Deadly Sins  More 2023-05-28
Nuclear trash guy, Sam Brinton, just won't get off the stage!  More 2023-05-27
Saw this coming when they dropped the Latin Mass  More 2023-05-27
Fatphobia is rooted in racism  More 2023-05-27
Just another selfish pr!ck, who couldn't make it competing against men, spoils it for the women  More 2023-05-26
Interesting mindset  More 2023-05-26
Generation Z -- "Gen Z" -- is most unstable and psychotic generation in American history  More 2023-05-23
“My children are all queer -- my eldest child is non-binary -- my son is gay -- my youngest is fluid”  More 2023-05-23
Transgender "mother" announces he took hormones to create milk-like substance from his nipples that he plans to feed to his baby  More 2023-05-23
Queers versus homosexuals  More 2023-05-22
Thousands of years of evolving civilizations must now be cancelled for the comfort and safety of transgenders  More 2023-05-22
Is it gay for two husbands to be married?  More 2023-05-21
Transgenderism is complicated  More 2023-05-21
This is Democrat Nebraska state senator, Machaela Cavanaugh, who has been drinking the woke Kool-Aid of insanity -- this is not a loop -- there is an ending  More 2023-05-20
Naked man goes berserk in a Miami gym  More 2023-05-19
"Leah Thomas is in fact a dude!"  More 2023-05-19
Joe Biden's nuclear-trash guy, Sam Brinton, has been extradited from Maryland to Virginia  More 2023-05-19
Females who think they are males are getting “gender affirming piercings” on their genitals to simulate balls  More 2023-05-18
Our favorite nuclear-trash person, Sam Brinton, got busted again  More 2023-05-18
The most pressing issue in America today is "trans rights"  More 2023-05-18
Psycho explains the psychosis  More 2023-05-16
This guy is confused, but wants you to except his confusion  More 2023-05-15
Have you ever seen a more stunningly beautiful hairstyle?  More 2023-05-15
Trump stalker, E. Jean Carroll had a weird obsession with Donald Trump  More 2023-05-14
This is the politics of mass hysteria  More 2023-05-13
"Nobody tells you it's gonna be this f*cking hard"  More 2023-05-12
“Men have periods and non-binary individuals have periods”  More 2023-05-12
What kind of people pay good money to see a show like this? ( check out comments )  More 2023-05-10
The "new normal"  More 2023-05-10
Poor thing has a breakdown over the news that Tucker Carlson is moving to Twitter  More 2023-05-10
This is the result of years and years of leftist indoctrination  More 2023-05-09
Trans girls are better because…  More 2023-05-08
Encouraged and supported by the federal government!  More 2023-05-07
The psychosis intensifies  More 2023-05-07
Tennessee hotel guest wakes up to night manager sucking on his toes  More 2023-05-06
Have you seen any news reports of a "trans genocide"  More 2023-05-05
Psychotic is psychotic  More 2023-05-05
America's most celebrated citizen  More 2023-05-04
Democrats want you to accept this as "normal"  More 2023-05-04
You gotta watch this great American deal with a huge trannie  More 2023-05-03
Now, they want womb transplants -- what’s next?  More 2023-05-03
Portland (OR) continues to be Portland  More 2023-05-03
Some people are now "choosing" to identify as handicapped -- some even want limbs amputated  More 2023-05-02
Where is P. T. Barnum when you really need him?  More 2023-05-02
“You don’t have to have a uterus to have a monthly cycle”  More 2023-05-02
So much for church being a house of God  More 2023-04-29
I used to be just a perv that would screw anything or let anything screw me, but now, Joe Biden's gender reforms has made me normal!  More 2023-04-29
Trannie's mega-whine is generating business for Blunt Pretzels  More 2023-04-28
A warning to Republicans  More 2023-04-28
The kind you don't take home to mother  More 2023-04-27
The federal government now demands you accept this as normal  More 2023-04-27
Delusional tranny is on the "womb wait list"  More 2023-04-27
Do they learn this stuff in school, or do they just make it up -- it's way too complicated for me  More 2023-04-27
Just so you know the rules  More 2023-04-27
Nobody even knew there were pronouns beyond "he, she and it," three years ago  More 2023-04-26
It's an illness, and it's being promoted by Joe Biden's administration  More 2023-04-26
A trans woman who lives as a baby is totally normal -- not!  More 2023-04-25
Grow a pair!  More 2023-04-25
Man fakes period cramps and proceeds to drink pickle juice.  More 2023-04-25
What people will do with themselves is truly shocking  More 2023-04-24
Disney employee confessed he had been taking upskirt videos of guests for six years for his own “sexual gratification.”  More 2023-04-24
The "pronoun game" is indeed a game  More 2023-04-24
"A trans woman is more of a woman than a woman will ever be"  More 2023-04-24
The next wave -- Trans Age -- adult transgender men that identify as little girls  More 2023-04-23
60 year old Transgender man identifies as a 6 year old girl  More 2023-04-23
Izzo declares herself the new beauty standard -- cover your eyes!  More 2023-04-22
The next letter to be added to the ever-expanding LGBQTXYZ acronym is "I" -- for men transing as "infants"  More 2023-04-22
Genderism does far more harm than good  More 2023-04-22
Even the courts agree -- these people need to be examined  More 2023-04-21
“Is it gay to date a transgender woman?”  More 2023-04-21
Sports medicine experts claim the increase in injuries is because women athlete's testicles are more sensitive  More 2023-04-20
Psychos-R-Us  More 2023-04-19
"The harsh reality is that trans-women are actually biologically women"  More 2023-04-19
They want you to accept this as "normal"  More 2023-04-19
Degeneracy is art form -- ask any leftist  More 2023-04-16
Trans people protest for "rights" -- these people have every "right" as every other American -- they want "special" rights  More 2023-04-16
Parts of America have gone insane -- and the Biden administration loves it  More 2023-04-15
Men can’t get pregnant  More 2023-04-15
Don't be concerned -- this is normal behavior for leftists  More 2023-04-14
Color me "fatphobic"  More 2023-04-14
The "privileged people" never go to jail  More 2023-04-14
Gender equity has freed the very strange  More 2023-04-12
If you don’t think this is brave and beautiful, you’re fatphobic -- file under "inclusion"  More 2023-04-12
Why not? -- anybody can be anything now -- the Law of Unintended Consequences portends a calamitous future  More 2023-04-12
The real world is bullsh!t says a person who doesn't live in it  More 2023-04-10
What it truly means to be a girl  More 2023-04-10
Mississippi woman who had sex with dog filmed act outside a church  More 2023-04-09
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