People that choose to be strange

these morons are seeking attention, so here it is

This guy is a living parody  More 2023-01-26
Google workers demand "psychological safety"  More 2023-01-26
I modified my body to be a "black alien" -- now restaurants are scared to serve me  More 2023-01-25
Male TikToker is practically in tears after getting pushback from a woman for using the women’s restroom.  More 2023-01-24
"Everybody Dance Now!"  More 2023-01-23
Some guys just get lucky!  More 2023-01-23
Yup!  More 2023-01-22
Are you ready for a grown man, wearing a diaper, who identifies as a baby girl  More 2023-01-22
CNN report on UFOs -- as edited by Doug in Exile  More 2023-01-20
Not a single human on Earth sincerely believes that this person is a woman  More 2023-01-20
"Thank God for abortion -- thank God for abortion"  More 2023-01-20
America can't have many years left  More 2023-01-19
Presented without comment  More 2023-01-18
Unidentifieds -- for real!  More 2023-01-16
It does take all kinds  More 2023-01-13
What is it with the New York City subway system?  More 2023-01-13
"Human men can kiss me feet. I am TransCanine. I can’t have sex with anything that isn’t Canine. It’s actually bestiality for me to have sex with human men"  More 2023-01-12
"Twerking is a spiritual practice that heals trauma"  More 2023-01-11
"You're under citizen's arrest!"  More 2023-01-11
Isn’t that what Transylvania is for?  More 2023-01-11
Liberals -- fighting!  More 2023-01-10
Sorry, guy -- you are not menstruating  More 2023-01-10
An adult, teaching adults, has no business wasting class time with pronouns  More 2023-01-10
Sorry, but delusions are still delusions  More 2023-01-10
Are you seeing more and more video clips like this?  More 2023-01-09
Not wanting to date a trans person is bigotry  More 2023-01-05
Cops ruin a man's journey into the spirit realm  More 2023-01-04
Liberal women go shopping for bras  More 2023-01-04
Everyone is a little queer, says learned professor  More 2023-01-04
Welcome To 2023 -- where nothing makes any sense  More 2023-01-03
Losing weight, even if it’s for your health is fatphobic -- unless you’re a fat liberation activist  More 2023-01-03
I am so sick of pretending like these people are normal  More 2023-01-01
Transgender man gives birth to non-binary partner's baby with female sperm donor  More 2023-01-01
The Left wants you to accept this as normal  More 2022-12-31
The mindset of a leftist  More 2022-12-31
America is stressed!  More 2022-12-30
New York City  More 2022-12-30
Don't stop in the crosswalk, it's for people -- and maniacs  More 2022-12-30
Trans girl experiences first intense period  More 2022-12-27
"Innocent beautiful family-friendly entertainment"  More 2022-12-25
How Joe Biden's Grinch stole baggage  More 2022-12-24
Ft. Lauderdale (FL) city commission meeting 12/20/2022  More 2022-12-22
Day 80 for Joe Biden's "special friend," Dylan Mulvaney --Dylan's gotta do something about that 5 o'clock shadow  More 2022-12-20
The nose ring -- it has something to do with the nose ring  More 2022-12-19
Trans women are con men  More 2022-12-18
Somebody, somewhere, probably cares ( )  More 2022-12-16
The "pronouns" fad is wasting an enormous amount of time, energy and conversation  More 2022-12-14
Alex Stein and Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy have some kind of dispute -- since last summer ( )  More 2022-12-13
Joe Biden's nuclear-waste freak finally pushed the envelope too far and its been fired  More 2022-12-13
WTF?  More 2022-12-12
In their own words  More 2022-12-11
"Furries" are flourishing in Joe Biden's Army  More 2022-12-10
You really have to wonder if this is a result of the daily dose of doom from the media -- then again, she might just be a nut!  More 2022-12-10
A felony arrest warrant has been issued for Joe Biden's trans, nonbinary, furry, drag queen nuclear waste weirdo for stealing a woman's luggage ( )  More 2022-12-09
I'm no fan of rap, but this is interesting  More 2022-12-08
New York City is a very strange place  More 2022-12-06
They are everywhere!  More 2022-12-05
“Biological sex is fake”  More 2022-12-01
Sam Brinton -- what Joe Biden put in charge of America's nuclear waste ( cursor down )  More 2022-12-01
Biden's nuclear waste weirdo was arrested for grand larceny for stealing a woman's luggage at the airport (thread ) ( )  More 2022-11-29
Imagine walking into your child’s classroom and seeing this -- what do you do?  More 2022-11-27
Men, for the love of God, raise your sons to be warriors  More 2022-11-27
From skoliosexual to graygender -- the most vexing of San Francisco’s 130 gender options  More 2022-11-26
Celebrating abortion  More 2022-11-25
This tranny stuff just keeps getting stranger and stranger  More 2022-11-25
Lesbians know what's up!  More 2022-11-24
This thing doesn’t identify as a human but as an inanimate object so "it" uses it/its pronouns  More 2022-11-23
White knuckling!  More 2022-11-21
Unidentified  More 2022-11-19
Just another Wednesday in New York City  More 2022-11-18
Young woman discovers she's really a guy  More 2022-11-17
The application for transgender San Francisco residents to receive guaranteed income, has 97 gender options ( thread )  More 2022-11-17
The nose ring -- it's always the nose ring  More 2022-11-16
Furry convention descends into chaos -- and other "furry" stuff  More 2022-11-15
Don't drive around with dead people in your car  More 2022-11-15
And we have a new gender!  More 2022-11-15
Thank goodness they won't reproduce  More 2022-11-15
Conspiracy? Coincidence? Something else?  More 2022-11-14
Somebody's idea of "art"  More 2022-11-14
Self-described "mentally ill" teacher laughs about farting into pastries when she worked in a food facility  More 2022-11-10
Ten bucks says this is a Democrat  More 2022-11-10
A biological male won “Miss Greater Derry” which is a beauty pageant in New Hampshire under the “Miss America” organization  More 2022-11-09
The University of Nebraska Medical Center may be skirting laws governing the procurement of human organs by harvesting organs from people who may not be dead  More 2022-11-09
Madonna cries out for attention -- what a drag it is getting old!  More 2022-11-06
This person is clearly following the science  More 2022-11-05
Just in time for the election -- check the notice!  More 2022-11-04
The final word on gender pronouns -- until the next final word on gender pronouns  More 2022-11-04
Leftists can justify anything  More 2022-11-03
Future "therapist"  More 2022-10-28
Well-known leftist tweets message the has the Internet confused  More 2022-10-27
Grown man tells cops he’s allowed to stay in the playground because he identifies as a baby  More 2022-10-27
No worries!  More 2022-10-25
Innocent, beautiful, family-friendly entertainment  More 2022-10-24
This wins the category for this year!  More 2022-10-23
An offended group of students react to the claim that men and women are different  More 2022-10-22
A very strange poll with even stranger results  More 2022-10-22
Crazed man beats his half-naked mannequin for not drinking beer or sitting properly on NY Subway car  More 2022-10-21
Californians move to Texas  More 2022-10-20
You tell me?  More 2022-10-19
C7 Corvette enters ghost mode running from the police  More 2022-10-18
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