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People that choose to be strange

they're seeking attention, so here it is

Modern art -- make it stop!  More 2024-05-17
Moving into a liberal neighborhood  More 2024-05-17
Just when you thought you've seen it all!  More 2024-05-14
It's a sickness  More 2024-05-13
The goal of queer theory is to make the normal, abnormal, and the abnormal, normal  More 2024-05-09
Seasonal gender is a thing -- it’s a scientific fact that folks lean more male in the winter and tend to be more female in the summer -- for me, spring is when I am non-binary the most  More 2024-05-02
Liberalism is far more than a mental disease  More 2024-04-28
There clearly exists a Frankenstein School of Medicine  More 2024-04-24
World Economic Forum whistleblower has some interesting theories  More 2024-04-23
Best comment wins!  More 2024-04-20
It’s always shocking to hear how folks can’t seem to find jobs, especially in this thriving economy of financial growth and prosperity  More 2024-04-19
Who wouldn’t want this?  More 2024-04-19
I give you, the world’s most insane people  More 2024-04-19
Tony Hawk better watch out!  More 2024-04-16
No cultural segment has escaped the Bidening of America  More 2024-04-16
Our enemies are laughing at us  More 2024-04-15
There are no limits on what people will do to themselves  More 2024-04-15
Why would anyone pay to go and see this?  More 2024-04-08
The trans community can't exist without a never-ending cascade of transphobic boogeymen who roam the nation, committing phantom murders of trans dudes  More 2024-04-06
Why this category exists  More 2024-04-03
The creator of the Transgender Day of Visibility ~ Rachel Crandell-Crocker  More 2024-04-02
WOKE has ruined cheerleading  More 2024-04-02
Fashion reflects the culture  More 2024-03-27
This fella wants to be the first trans “woman” to have an abortion  More 2024-03-27
You can shift into your desired reality and create the life you want -- you can even have multiple husbands and numerous boyfriends  More 2024-03-27
It is not wrong or inaccurate for a transwoman to say she’s on her period  More 2024-03-25
Not identified!  More 2024-03-24
A transgender inmate who was convicted of murdering his parents had been caught having sex with a female prisoner after being placed in a women’s prison  More 2024-03-24
When being really confused becomes a positive attribute  More 2024-03-21
You won't believe this one, but here it is!  More 2024-03-21
His first period!  More 2024-03-20
Woman identifies as a dog -- she goes to the bathroom outside, sleeps in a crate and has handlers  More 2024-03-17
There is a serious mental health crisis in our country  More 2024-03-13
This is clearly a case of the inmate running the institution -- the negative part is that the institution is OK with it  More 2024-03-08
Drag queen weirdness is socially acceptable when described in polysyllabic language says weird drag queen -- because he's oppressed, he adds opposition is also "white supremacist"  More 2024-03-07
Why this category exists  More 2024-03-06
This is what happens when the government forces the population to pander to the .005%  More 2024-03-02
Who videos themselves doing this and then posts it on social media?  More 2024-03-01
Hysteric wants society to bend to its will  More 2024-03-01
Lt. Col. Bree Fram, a trans U.S. Space Force official spoke to the U.S. Air Force about inclusion and DEMANDED everyone to respect the Alphabet People and use pronouns  More 2024-03-01
Woman's son identifies as a cat, and she’s upset the Vet won’t treat him  More 2024-02-28
We are told rejecting this sort of behavior is bigoted  More 2024-02-27
Wonders why she can’t get a job  More 2024-02-26
Why this category exists  More 2024-02-23
New York Metro Transportation Authority (MTA) workers found a human leg 9 miles away from where the man’s body was discovered  More 2024-02-22
The Transgender Song -- a singalong  More 2024-02-20
Man or woman?  More 2024-02-20
Why we have this category  More 2024-02-18
An award-winning Penn State professor, arrested in a sickening bestiality case, faces more charges after videos emerged of him allegedly engaged in lewd acts in a park -- including inserting a tree branch and lollipop in his ass  More 2024-02-15
Bud Light is still at it!  More 2024-02-14
WTF?  More 2024-02-14
"You were borna female and now you're a man?" -- "Yes!"  More 2024-02-11
The drama -- always with the drama  More 2024-02-10
Why would anybody do this to themselves?  More 2024-02-08
"It's a cultural thing" ~ Whoopi Goldberg  More 2024-02-08
Barack Obama and his addled frontman, Joe Biden, did this!  More 2024-02-06
The nose ring is a tell  More 2024-02-05
Airplanes are too small  More 2024-02-04
Serious question, do you think our enemies fear us?  More 2024-02-04
Why are all trannies fascists?  More 2024-02-04
The drama! -- always with the drama!  More 2024-02-02
Self-loathing is now a required subject for white kids in most public schools  More 2024-02-01
Pastor Elle (she/they) is a sex-positive, bisexual femme who serves on the advocacy board of Planned Parenthood and is studying Bisexual Theology  More 2024-01-31
An Alphabet protest  More 2024-01-31
Where do you take her on a date?  More 2024-01-31
This is an eight inch long shampoo bottle -- guess where it is?  More 2024-01-30
This is Scott Kirby -- it's the CEO of United Airlines  More 2024-01-29
A trans-identifying biological female harasses a retail store worker to demand tampons for men  More 2024-01-26
Republican, Independent or Democrat?  More 2024-01-25
They are not OK  More 2024-01-25
If she was your wife, what would you do?  More 2024-01-25
A hundred thousand dollars pissed down the drain in gender studies  More 2024-01-18
This one identifies as a robot  More 2024-01-18
Whaddaya think? -- a little too much?  More 2024-01-17
This gender stuff is way too complicated  More 2024-01-16
What gender ideology does to young, confused people  More 2024-01-12
When you don't know how lucky you are  More 2024-01-07
"Isn't there anybody her that knows Paul Sheldon?"  More 2024-01-06
A real Miami mystery  More 2024-01-06
Body positivity has ruined cheerleading  More 2024-01-04
Liberalism is most definitely a mental disease  More 2024-01-03
Pole dancing is not for everyone  More 2024-01-03
The Uber passenger from Hell ( a note says parody -- I call bullsh!t on that )  More 2024-01-02
Vegans, like most leftists, are intolerant  More 2024-01-01
No words!  More 2024-01-01
Anyone want to tell him?  More 2023-12-28
Did you ever see stuff like this before the Obama-Biden revolution?  More 2023-12-28
This was not created by AI  More 2023-12-27
This is a sickness  More 2023-12-26
This is a sign of a national psychosis  More 2023-12-24
“What do you do for work?”  More 2023-12-21
Unidentified!  More 2023-12-20
“I am a Muslim woman"  More 2023-12-20
"My son is not a human, he's a cat"  More 2023-12-19
"How do you define misogyny?"  More 2023-12-19
Woman bathes in the vegetable section  More 2023-12-16
The white perspective of gender, gender roles, and beauty standards upholds white supremacy so you need to learn about gender from a black person  More 2023-12-16
"I'm more of a man than you'll ever be"  More 2023-12-13
Answers, please  More 2023-12-13
This guy just reeks "perv" ( )  More 2023-12-12
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