People that choose to be strange

these morons are seeking attention, so here it is

This one lacks a frame of reference, but it belongs here  More
Portland (OR) has officially become part of the 3rd World  More
She seems nice?  More
Degeneracy is degeneracy and degenerates are degenerates -- it's not hard to understand  More
Narcissism -- taken to extremes  More
"Pride" doesn't mean what these people think it means  More
Being proud of this tells you a lot about who and what they are  More
Dancers who can't dance, dance at a “family-friendly all ages” drag and pride event in Austin  More
The reason this category exists is to have a place for stuff like this  More
Satanic Temple promotes "family-friendly" Pride event in Idaho, complete with "unbaptisms"  More
Facebook recognizes 58 genders, but that is clearly subject to change  More
A coalition of taxpayer-funded trans organizations has demanded that society “decolonize the gender binary,” provide cash reparations to “gender-nonconforming people,” and affirm “mustache[s]” and “big dick[s]” as authentic expressions of womanhood  More
Absolutely insane, but in a position to really hurt people  More
With parents like these, who needs groomers? ( )  More
Progress!  More
Madonna's son turned out just as you'd expect  More
Liberals are not only crazy as hell, but they're disgusting, as well  More
Gender expert claims women can have a penis ( long thread demystifies the psychosis )  More
Liberalism is a mental disease -- and it's contagious!  More
Lia Thomas is single-handedly destroying women's sports, but he's happy because he's winning now  More
Why do liberals keep reenforcing the "liberalism is a mental condition" meme?  More
When they shuttered the asylums, did the inmates all become teachers?  More
This why people hate leftists  More
An extremist abortion & BLM activist aborts her viable 7 month-old daughter and tweets about it (thread )  More
It was much simpler back in the day, when this ditz would just be described as a slut  More
Who lets people like this anywhere near children?  More
Some people are identifying as cake gender  More
This woman has been trained to be a savage  More
Here's a guy with beard, who expects you to refer to him as a woman  More
“It’s the woman’s choice.” Abortion after childbirth? It’s the woman’s choice. Killing your 2-year-old? It’s always the woman’s choice  More
"Keep your laws out of my pussy!"  More
The folks who crafted, "Be all you can be," never had this in mind  More
Let's keep going until America leads the rest of the world  More
This Matt Walsh clip is perfect for this category  More
This is some really serious batsh!ttery! ( long thread )  More
Kinda makes you wonder how far medicos will push this thing?  More
Woman, who has had "fifty-seven years of misery," is pissed her mother didn't have the choice to abort her  More
What kind of a person thinks like this?  More
Crazy woman blocked from entering St. Patrick's Cathedral by praying men  More
If this isn't self-loathing, what is it?  More
This seems a little extreme!  More
It's going to be a long, hot summer  More
This is why this segment exists  More
People like this woman make me believe the Devil exists  More
The party of science wants us to believe this is a male and disregard biology  More
Scientists are hard at work helping transgender "men" create offspring in the laboratory  More
Demented “masker” fanatic threatens, then assaults, working staff in a public retail space  More
Some of the most insane responses to California's newest infanticide bill  More
Satanic temple files lawsuit against elementary school (PA) for refusing to host "after school Satan club"  More
If babies aren't human, then what are they?  More
Drag Syndrome, another TikTok frontier of degeneracy  More
A wonderful new way for a mediocrity to stand out from the crowd  More
A man set a car on fire in the middle of the former Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle -- he then stabs himself while urinating.  More
Unhinged female wants you to do it her way  More
Psycho AND arrogant -- she learned this stuff at school  More
The Left wants you to believe this is quite normal  More
I have no idea what this is?  More
Just another day in Oz  More
"We are living in Hell"  More
This is simply disgusting, but it does demonstrate how they think  More
Each gender has their own flag now  More
And we have a winner!  More
Where is P T Barnum when we really need him  More
Just imagine where we're going to be in 20 years if this stuff continues  More
"This is my uterus" -- graphic  More
White man insists he's a black transgender woman  More
58-year-old schoolteacher arrested for masturbating in front of middle-school and high-school students  More
This sh!t is crazy! -- and these are parents -- go ahead, tell me liberalism is NOT a mental disease  More
This stuff just has to stop -- it's beyond child abuse  More
Transgender serial killer shopped at 99 Cent store with murder victim's dismembered leg in his wheelchair  More
Whatever this is wants you to fix whatever it's got  More
These are the people teaching your kids  More
A creepy and perverted trans teacher at school posted on Facebook how she turns tissues into a sexual thing in her classroom  More
An Ohio nursing assistant is accused of filming herself raping and sexually abusing male dementia patients between the ages of 79-90  More
"God is queer!"  More
Making the abnormal, normal and the normal, abnormal is the goal of genderism  More
This stuff is being encouraged and facilitated by the education system ( )  More
You can't see people like this anywhere else in the world  More
This one is open to everyone's own interpretation  More
Teacher feeds children cupcakes made with sperm  More
This screaming assh*le is proud to be a screaming assh*le  More
Whale ho!  More
Whatever this is, it's now in charge of overseeing America's nuclear power plants  More
Randy Rainbow's life is a WOKE musical -- complete with chorus  More
If you won't date trans-whatevers, you are a bad person  More
What's the matter, haven't you ever seen a transgender wolf before?  More
Knowles comment, attached to this fruitcake's tweet, says it all  More
The Democratic Party is loaded with folks like this and school teachers are making sure there are many more  More
The ChiComs that operate TicToc are affecting the culture as much as all the domestic commies  More
Lia Thomas, who still has her dick and who is still attracted to women, exposed her dick to her teammates in the women's locker room ( )  More
Huh? What?  More
Meet the new chairperson of the Gwinnett County (GA) Public Schools, Tarece Johnson ( )  More
This kind of self-abuse can only be found among liberals  More
Progressives want you to accept this as normal  More
How much self-mutilation does it take to feel good about one's self?  More
Did you know that pink is the most aggressive color?  More
Warning: You will not be able to unsee this!  More
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