People that choose to be strange

they're seeking attention, so here it is

What kind of a mind even conceives of this stuff? -- and where do they find a volunteer?  More 2023-12-02
Unhinged!  More 2023-12-01
"This is disturbing"  More 2023-11-27
Yummy, yummy, yummy, I got worms in my tummy"  More 2023-11-25
Where do these notions come from?  More 2023-11-25
America is doomed!  More 2023-11-24
The nose ring -- it's a "tell"  More 2023-11-24
"Don't misgender me" -- a Christmas song  More 2023-11-21
Are there no limits? -- Warning! -- not for the squeamish  More 2023-11-18
Transgender woman (a guy in a dress) explains it  More 2023-11-16
The official word from Dr. Zakir Naik, Islamic scholar  More 2023-11-16
She did this to herself!  More 2023-11-15
The goal of Queer Theory is to make the normal, abnormal, and the abnormal, normal  More 2023-11-14
Megan is a female who uses women’s restrooms and locker rooms -- do you have a problem with her -- are you a bigot?  More 2023-11-13
People like this used to be placed in Mental Institutions -- now they walk amongst us  More 2023-11-13
Intersectionality doesn’t reduce blood alcohol and you’re still going to jail  More 2023-11-10
This is an abortion doctor -- how can you watch this and not believe in demons?  More 2023-11-10
Seattle!  More 2023-11-08
Watch to the end -- it won't be easy  More 2023-11-06
It's getting harder and harder to define/describe these wack-jobs  More 2023-11-04
Why this segment exists  More 2023-11-04
Green sludge is bubbling up from the ground next to World Trade Center  More 2023-11-03
What is bizarre about this freak is there is an audience for it  More 2023-11-02
Is this what a real woman looks like?  More 2023-11-01
Well, did she have sex with a Chinese man?  More 2023-10-31
What makes a woman?  More 2023-10-30
Liberal entitlement  More 2023-10-29
Two biological males in a dresses tell parents how to raise their children  More 2023-10-26
Grown man acts out his diaper fetish in public -- these are the people who want to go into the girl’s bathroom with your daughters  More 2023-10-26
There will always be cowards  More 2023-10-25
Trans and queer activist couple who substitute teach in the Tennessee schools were busted on prostitution charges  More 2023-10-20
Be sure to update your calendar ~ James Woods  More 2023-10-19
Chicago mom physically prevents a man in a dress from entering the same women’s bathroom as her daughter  More 2023-10-18
Alphabets want prison time for anyone not respecting the emotions, pronouns, and chosen gender of transfolks  More 2023-10-17
They'll be doing this in the U. S. Army if any more Alphabets get on the Diversity Working Group  More 2023-10-16
Somebody is moving an infantry brigade somewhere?  More 2023-10-16
Some folks took a video of Bigfoot in Colorado  More 2023-10-12
We went from “safe, legal, and rare” to dancing about aborting babies  More 2023-10-12
The one common denominator among Trans People -- their "my way or the highway" attitude  More 2023-10-11
It's a sickness and it's contagious  More 2023-10-09
History is important  More 2023-10-07
Self-loathing liberal  More 2023-10-04
Is he a private security guard or is he a vampire hunter?  More 2023-10-04
"I want to be the first trans woman to have an abortion"  More 2023-10-03
Been there! Done that!  More 2023-10-03
The trans community is the opposite of marginalized -- they enjoy far more power and privilege than anyone else  More 2023-09-30
A half-naked woman patiently waits to board airplane at a Florida airport  More 2023-09-29
Mother doesn’t want her kids anymore because she’s tired and her new boyfriend doesn’t want kids  More 2023-09-27
After a hard day at work, Tom returns home and becomes a dog  More 2023-09-26
Sex work is work!  More 2023-09-24
How to use "voidself" pronouns  More 2023-09-21
Paganism goes mainstream  More 2023-09-19
Unidentified!  More 2023-09-19
Saying false things repeatedly doesn't magically make them true  More 2023-09-18
MTV has come a long way!  More 2023-09-16
This guy is just attempting to justify his obsession with chicks with dicks  More 2023-09-16
Former CIA employee Joshua Schulte has been convicted for a second time on charges of possessing thousands of child sexual abuse images  More 2023-09-15
She learned this stuff at school  More 2023-09-15
Street nudity and fights are a somewhat regular occurrence in downtown Portland (OR)  More 2023-09-14
Since there is no category for degenerates ( thread )  More 2023-09-13
When there are half-a-dozen tweets from people who "feel unsafe after seeing American flags in America," in less than a week, observers believe there's a game afoot!  More 2023-09-11
Portland transgender activist defecated in a teenager’s car for being "transphobic" -- the cops declared the car a biohazard  More 2023-09-10
"Have a nice day, SIR!"  More 2023-09-09
This is why we refer to them as "Alphabets"  More 2023-09-06
This is what gender ideology does to people  More 2023-09-04
You have never seen this before -- guaranteed!  More 2023-09-01
What went wrong?  More 2023-08-31
Convicted murderer sues, wants Indiana to pay for gender transition surgery  More 2023-08-30
Clearly, a bright young woman, but her head is full of crazy  More 2023-08-25
TikTok is a sewer  More 2023-08-24
It's good these weirdos have something to do  More 2023-08-23
How much of this is driven by "I can be weirder than you?"  More 2023-08-19
One of the "good" people  More 2023-08-18
Why do the Ukrainians have an American spokes-tranny speaking for them?  More 2023-08-17
A museum in Minneapolis called the Walker Art Center held a "family friendly" event to summon a demon  More 2023-08-16
Are you a boy or are you a girl?  More 2023-08-16
Everybody who doesn’t let me do whatever I want is racist!  More 2023-08-15
What will they try to normalize next?  More 2023-08-14
"Family-friendly" has become a synonym for perverted  More 2023-08-14
They are actually taught to scream, not debate -- discussion is a tool of the cis-male-dominated, white power structure  More 2023-08-13
This guy sounds like somebody who’s been caught, and he’s trying to explain it to his brothers at his Mason's lodge  More 2023-08-11
Someone who knows says, "mental illness is a political identity"  More 2023-08-10
"I call myself a lesbian"  More 2023-08-08
Presbyterian "pastor" wearing Planned Parenthood stole, praises abortion, and celebrates two of her own -- "I felt no guilt, no shame, no sin!"  More 2023-08-08
Self-brainwashing has become a thing  More 2023-08-05
In a bold act of sologamy, Billy prepares to marry… himself! -- listen as he explains  More 2023-08-04
"Biological woman is a meaningless mashup of letters"  More 2023-08-04
House arrest for small children  More 2023-08-02
It's all about making the abnormal, normal and the normal, abnormal  More 2023-08-02
"Mental illness is a political identity"  More 2023-08-01
Using a tragedy to sell sneakers is a new approach  More 2023-08-01
Transwomen get periods and it’s time ciswomen stop gatekeeping this experience -- so there!  More 2023-07-31
A "medical board certified" degenerate is still a degenerate  More 2023-07-30
P. T. Barnum used to have these exhibitions at his traveling carnivals -- they were correctly called "freak shows"  More 2023-07-30
This behavior is no longer uncommon  More 2023-07-30
Many of the men pretending to be women also have a strong tendency towards threats and violence  More 2023-07-28
Woman loses her mind in the airport after she sleeps through boarding call  More 2023-07-27
"Non-human biological pilots were recovered" -- from the UFO hearing  More 2023-07-27
Remember back in the day when humans used to behave on planes?  More 2023-07-25
This is a climate-change interpretive dance, created to cool the earth and raise awareness. -- by watching, you are helping to lower the earth’s core temperature by .0001° !  More 2023-07-25
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