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But be careful what you wish for, Joe!

Donald Trump became the first former president to be convicted of felony crimes Thursday as a New York jury found him guilty of falsifying business records in a scheme to illegally influence the 2016 election through hush money payments to a porn actor who said the two had sex.
~ Associated Press (AP)

"I did my job"

In one of the darkest hours in American history, after a former President of the United States was convicted of an "unnamed crime" in a kangaroo criminal court, Alvin Bragg could only smile and banter with laughing reporters.

    “I did my job!”

That was the Manhattan district attorney's declaration to a breezy, whimsical news reporters that belied the gravity of having just secured thirty-four felony convictions against Donald Trump that could send Trump to prison for 178 years.

This "victory" wasn't Bragg's. Although he campaigned successfully to be New York City’s chief prosecutor with a bold promise he could be the guy that finally held Donald Trump accountable, this "victory" was the Biden White House's victory. Joe Biden has been directly behind the various Trump prosecutions of the last three years. There can be no question. The conviction belongs to Biden, but it will be a pyrrhic victory. Trump has already experienced a bump in the polls and has received campaign contributions and pledges of almost $200 million in the last 48 hours.

None of this began with Biden, however. The script and the tactics were established by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee. The Russiagate conspiracy created the Democratic Party's protocols for its eight-year campaign against Trump, and every senior member of the Obama administration were -- and continue to be -- either active or inactive participants in that conspiracy.

    ”You know, in 2016 ... they spied on President Trump's campaign. Then it was the Muller investigation. Then it was impeachment. Then it was raiding President Trump's home, then it was naming Jack Smith as special counsel. Then it was Jack Smith in Miami and in D.C., Alvin Bragg in New York, Fani Willis in Atlanta. Then it was the 14th Amendment."
    ~ House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan

The Bragg trial was just next, but it was a bridge too far

The New York trial went well outside the boundaries of the law, forcing many, including Alvin Bragg's former colleague and current CNN legal analyst, Elie Honig, to call out the rigged Trump case. Honig even accused Judge Juan Merchan of violating the law.

Honig says, "the prosecutors got Trump, but they contorted the law."

    1. "The judge donated money... in plain violation of a rule prohibiting New York judges from making political donations -- to a pro-Biden, anti-Trump political operation."

    2. Alvin Bragg boasted on the campaign trail in an overwhelmingly Democrat county, “It is a fact that I have sued Trump over 100 times.”

    3. "Most importantly, the DA's charges against Trump push the outer boundaries of the law and due process."

    4. "The charges against Trump are obscure, and nearly entirely unprecedented. In fact, no state prosecutor -- in New York, or Wyoming, or anywhere -- has ever charged federal election laws as a direct or predicate state crime, against anyone, for anything. None. Ever."

    5. The DA inflated misdemeanors past the statute of limitations and "electroshocked them back to life" by alleging the falsification of business records was committed 'with intent to commit another crime.'

    6. "Inexcusably, the DA refused to specify what those unlawful means actually were -- and the judge declined to force them to pony up -- until right before closing arguments. So much for the constitutional obligation to provide notice to the defendant of the accusations against him in advance of trial."

    7. "In these key respects, the charges against Trump aren't just unusual. They're bespoke, seemingly crafted individually for the former president and nobody else."

    8. "The Manhattan DA's employees reportedly have called this the “Zombie Case” because of various legal infirmities, including its bizarre charging mechanism. But it's better characterized as the Frankenstein Case, cobbled together with ill-fitting parts into an ugly, awkward, but more-or-less functioning contraption that just might ultimately turn on its creator."

The lawfare that Team Biden is now waging against Trump is similar to a baseball game in which only one side is allowed at bat. The other side only gets to play defense. One side has all the power, all the equipment, all the officials, and all the chances to win -- it's theirs to lose.

That was the game played in that New York courtroom these last seven weeks.

Joe Biden comments on the trial

On Friday, Joe Biden addressed the guilty verdict reached the day before, and said that it was "dangerous" for people to say that it was a rigged trial.

As Biden was leaving the presser a strange thing happened -- he's asked a question:

    REPORTER: “Mr. President, can you tell us, sir, Donald Trump refers to himself as a political prisoner and blames you directly? What’s your response to that sir?”

Biden stops walking away from the podium, turns and slowly displays a grin that turns into a telltale and self-satisfied smirk.

( best viewed full screen )

That smirk -- the self-satisfied smile answered the reporters question far better than any thousand words ever could. He's pleased. He is satisfied. At the end you can see a brief pause -- he wanted to say something -- but controls himself and walks off.

What Biden had to say -- terse and on the teleprompter -- was pretty much what you'd expect:

    "It's reckless, it's dangerous, it's irresponsible for anyone to say this was rigged just because they don't like the verdict."

    "The American principle that no one is above the law was reaffirmed."

    Donald Trump was given every opportunity to defend himself. It was a state case, not a federal case. It was heard by a jury of 12 citizens, 12 Americans, 12 people like you, like millions of Americans who served on juries. This jury is chosen the same way every jury in America’s chosen. It was a process that Donald Trump's attorney was part of. The jury heard five weeks of evidence. Five weeks, and after careful deliberation, the jury reached a unanimous verdict."

The professor disagrees

Again, the Bragg trial is not an isolated event. It is only one attack out of a dozen, or more. The Democrat Party machine has thrown out all norms and is persisting with relentless investigative and prosecutorial campaign that Harvard law professor emeritus (and Joe Biden 2020 supporter) Alan Dershowitz aptly has dubbed the “Get Trump” campaign.

Over the last eight years, the Democrats' relentless campaign has subjected Americans to several hoaxes, one bogus FBI probe, two impeachments, four indictments, multiple overturned ballot disqualifications, and one viral mug shot -- and more.

Bragg's conviction and news conference has led many legal experts to declare the culmination of an eight-year Democrat onslaught to what you find in third-world, banana republics.

    "We really are now looking at like a Third World country, and New York might as well rename itself Venezuela."
    ~ Hans Van Spakovsky

Even Kennedy says Bragg's trial was "undemocratic"

Even Robert F. Kennedy Jr. decried the “Guilty” verdict against Trump. The Independent presidential candidate and nephew of John F. Kennedy tweeted the Democrats want to beat Trump in court rather than at the ballot box:

Trump Guilty

We've crossed the Rubicon

There's no way to walk back what Soros DA Alvin Bragg, Judge Juan Merchan, and a Manhattan jury did. It's done and it will reverberate beyond Trump's (much more likely now) second term. Leftists far and wide are celebrating Trump's conviction today with no understanding of how perilous this is for our country -- for the democracy they claim to love. For the first time, a former president of the United States has been convicted of a felony. It was a setup from the start -- lawfare for political purposes -- and nothing about it remotely resembled a fair trial.

And half the country is OK with it. 

From this day forward, every Republican president and Congress member will have to fear being hauled into court by the Democrats -- and it won't be an irrational fear. Who would want to run for office knowing what awaits them?

If you weren't sure before about the upcoming election being the most pivotal since the Civil War, the Democrats behavior should be a wake-up call. Our republic is hanging by the thinnest thread, thanks to the Democrats, the RINOs, and their accomplices in the media -- don't forget the media. None of this could happen without the media.

Joe Biden is all-in, and with him are the DoJ, the FBI and the media. That is real power and they're not done. They absolutely must keep Trump from being elected -- whatever it takes -- they must ride the dragon.

Trump Guilty

So, what’s next?

There is inevitably a “next.” Pandemic? It’s been done before. Race riots? Too obvious. No problem. Their imaginations are just getting warmed up. They have the media and the permanent Washington bureaucracy locked and loaded. All they need is the green light. They’re in charge and they plan on keeping it that way.

Meanwhile, Trump awaits his sentencing, which will take place more than a month from now in front of a Democrat judge who threatened to throw him behind bars in the middle of the trial. There’s every reason to expect him to do so next month. These people aren’t playing games. The Democrats don't just want a conviction, they want to see Trump in prison and MAGA destroyed.

Who will stop them?

 John the Baptist was imprisoned by Herod, and Peter and Paul by Caesar. There is a price to be paid for challenging the powers and dominions of this world. Thank God we have a man like Trump, who has the moral courage to do so.

This is the stuff of legends.

The country is seeing a great injustice being done. A sleeping giant is awakening. The People understand that a system based upon power rather than justice can only stay in power through injustice and a system based upon power and injustice must be swept away.

Gird your loins!

Trump Guilty

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