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The Left Is Waging War On America

Those who can get
you to believe
absurdities can get
you to commit

~ Voltaire ~


LGBTQ, DEI activist leader faces cocaine, meth, firearms charges in Georgia after failed city council bids  More
Why are trans-people so violent?  More
The military’s obsession with LGBT radicalism and other neo-Marxist ideologies is undercutting its overall readiness  More
San Francisco declares itself a transgender sanctuary city.  More
For some reason, the FBI is doing whatever it can to block the release of the Covenant School shooter's manifesto, but stuff continues to trickle out  More
The absurdity of "Pride"  More


“No U-Turn” traffic signs in Silver Lake (CA) are taken down because the signs are anti-LGBTQ  More
Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) retrenches and 25% of its staff are terminated  More
The Deep State is real  More
The Left Knows Leftism Doesn’t Work ~ Victor Davis Hanson  More
"There's a way to cut emissions -- put a price on carbon -- it is a market driven instrument, and the message is very clear -- you're polluting, you must pay a price ~ EU chief von der Leyen  More
The New McCarthyism? -- internal FBI interviews raised politically slanted questions including employee’s Trump support, vaccine hesitancy, and 2nd Amendment support.  More


Political prosecution of ordinary citizens is already happening -- “we could have never imagined that our lives would change forever”  More
Joe Biden has not connected one American with high-speed internet with $42.5 billion in funding from the so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill  More
Merrick Garland won’t go to jail for congressional contempt -- followed by three minutes of Democrats' double standards  More
Joe Biden’s climate agenda is likely to deliver blackouts for millions, according to a North Dakota state assessment of EPA rules  More
Joe Biden’s attempt to rewrite federal civil rights law to force radical ideology onto school students has been blocked by a Texas judge  More
Nancy Pelosi wants the Trump Family to stage an "intervention" for "thug" Trump  More
Joe Biden will announce his "Path to Citizenship" for illegal immigrants next week  More
Oakland's (CA) "Reparations Committee" has asked the city to come up with $5 million so the reparations committee can come up with a "Reparations Plan"  More
Democrats go all out to delegitimize U.S. Supreme Court  More


Hollywood atheist, Rob Reiner, has made a movie attacking Christians  More
The five women who made the insane decision to keep Caitlin Clark off of the 2024 Olympic Team  More
Mashpee High School (MA) is under scrutiny for allegedly ignoring multiple instances of black-on-white violence within the school premises  More
"I had to remind him [50 Cent] that he is a black person, so he can't vote for Donald Trump" -- Chelsea Handler  More
It has become fashionable for some Blacks to proudly display their racial hatred -- her father is white ( )  More
"I don't like sharing the road with THEM!"  More


Hunter Biden's conviction is not what it appears to be!  More
Hunter Biden labeled a "lobbyist" in his tax indictment, foreshadowing potential charges  More
"Until the media told you to . . . "  More
Wilmington (DE) residents' comments on the Hunter Biden trial  More
Idiot climate change leftists who ran out onto the field at the annual congressional baseball game are quickly tackled and cuffed  More
Who are Joe Biden's voters saving the planet for if none of them are having children?  More


An illegal immigrant who was released into the country by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) skipped his immigration hearing just weeks before stabbing a man to death in California  More
Eight people have been confirmed shot at Brooklands (MI) Plaza Splash Pad, a water park located 30 miles from Detroit  More
About 20 robbers armed with hammers stormed a jewelry store in Sunnyvale (CA) smashing display cases in broad daylight -- after a police chase, five suspects were apprehended  More
It all started because they couldn't enter a ride when it was full  More
Maybe they're all sniffing the gas fumes?  More
"Our Democracy" goes to Hollywood  More


There is a fifth column inside America  More
CBP officers seize four weapons, seven magazines, 700 rounds at Eagle Pass Port of Entry (TX) in outbound enforcement action  More
Hamas supporters take over NY subway car -- “raise your hand if you’re a Zionist -- this is your chance to get out”  More
The arrests of eight ISIS terrorists in Los Angeles (CA), Philadelphia (PA) and New Yor (NY) add terror fears to Joe Biden's open border crisis  More
An FBI SWAT team has taken an armed woman into custody in the lobby of the Seattle (WA) federal building  More
The Democratic Party's radicals never get arrested -- why is that?  More

useful idiots

New York Times Bestseller bias laid bare -- it's "remarkably lopsided"  More
Democratic strategist James Carville and NewsNation host Chris Cuomo described Vice President Kamala Harris as President Joe Biden’s “Achilles’ heel” and said she is remarkably “predictable”  More
A taxpayer-funded nonprofit in Maine, Maine Access Points (MAP), along with the city of Portland’s needle distribution center, is offering how-to guides and kits for "boofing," a method where drug users squirt drugs up their rectum  More
Donald Trump's attorneys filed a response to Jack Smith's renewed request for a partial gag order prohibiting Trump from criticizing the Mar-a-Lago raid  More
CNN is scandalized by the idea that some say America is a republic and not a democracy  More
Senate Armed Services draft NDAA Summary requires the registration of women for the draft -- also, the House approved automatic Selective Service registration for the first time since 1972 (Vietnam)  More


A Harvard study concludes extraterrestrial aliens might be living among us disguised as humans  More
OMG! -- Tweaking 101  More
The Miss America pageant has just imploded  More
Definitely a Biden voter  More
Did you know that a National Twerking Contest exists?  More
Why this category exists  More