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The Left Is Waging War On America

Those who can get
you to believe
absurdities can get
you to commit

~ Voltaire ~


When Democrats call for toning down the rhetoric, they don't mean for themselves  More
Joe Biden attempts to defend his hateful rhetoric  More
Joe Biden’s parole pipeline has welcomed almost 1.2 million foreign nationals -- roughly the size of Dallas (TX) -- to the United States since its inception in January 2023  More
Helen Comperatore, the widow of the man who was murdered during a gunman's attempt to assassinate former President Donald Trump, refused to take Joe Biden's phone call  More
Tara Reade, who accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her when the president was still a senator, has returned to the U. S. and is moving to pursue criminal charges against Biden for his alleged crimes against her  More
Joe Biden's delusion  More
Joe Biden holds a pity party for himself on national TV  More
One has to wonder if Joe Biden has any morals at all  More
If you wonder why someone might be inspired to assassinate Trump look no further than this incitement from Hillary Clinton  More

useful idiots

The New York Times chronicled a Venezuelan family’s trek from Chile and Peru northward to the United States and inadvertently revealed the economic freebies and legal chaos enabling Joe Biden’s illegal alien invasion  More
Never forget the media's role in the assassination attempt on Trump's life  More
"I asked Secretary Mayorkas -- where were the drones on Saturday?" -- "he had no answer"  More
U. S. S. S. Director Kimberly Cheatle is refusing to step down after a U. S. president was nearly assassinated under her watch  More
After the Trump assassination attempt, Jen Psaki says, "I’m scared for journalists"  More
They want you to believe that this 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks is totally capable of outsmarting the entire U. S. Secret Service and the FBI, and they just can't seem to crack his phone  More


Hacker group, “Nullbulge,” claims to have stolen over a terabyte of data from Disney  More
They made Abraham Lincoln gay  More
Trans inmate serving life for killing parents goes on hunger strike to protest being removed from women's prison for having sex with female inmate in Washington  More
Transitioning teen murders mom and mom's boyfriend  More
The predatory relationship between a New Jersey special education teacher and her student have been revealed in court, with prosecutors saying that the educator was “obsessed with” the boy, who has since been hospitalized  More
Trans pederast, fired for teaching pederasty at Old Dominion, is hired by the Johns Hopkins Moore Center for Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse  More


Leftists get organized at the RNC Convention in Chicago (IL)  More
Russia claimed the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump came about through Joe Biden’s enfeebled administration creating “the atmosphere” that enabled the shooter to undertake his failed mission  More
San Francisco to fight crime by ordering Tenderloin businesses to close earlier  More
The Kremlin said the whole world had paid attention to Joe Biden's slips of the tongue at the NATO summit  More
The Fourth Branch of government  More
Satanists demand inclusion in Florida's in-school chaplain program  More


It isn't going to stop -- what else do they have to sell? -- MSNBC is the whack-jobs' and haters' network  More
Mashup of lying, complicit media comparing Trump to Hitler  More
They do this all day, every day, on MSNBC  More
MSNBC's Joe Scarborough says Donald Trump is a really, really bad man -- compilation  More
Leftist cries actual tears because the shooter missed Trump  More
Liberal commentator Destiny says he'd make fun of you if you lost your life at a Trump rally  More


An illegal alien, previously deported three times, has been charged in the arson murder of a mother and her two children  More
ICE refused to deport killer after multiple DUI arrests -- now, they're burying his children.  More
This guy is a repeat offender who has demonstrated he will offend again -- sooner or later he will murder a child and there will be much hand wringing -- he needs to be taken out of society  More
Petit Larceny (3 counts on 3 dates)  More
Another day, another illegal arrested for rape -- the victim is a child under twelve years of age  More
Meanwhile, the illegal aliens keep coming -- "a never-ending stream," as Joe Biden would say ( )  More


The FBI has successfully accessed the phone of Thomas Matthew Crooks  More
TMZ has obtained footage of Thomas Matthew Crooks claiming he had a 10-inch penis  More
A real, walking-around contradiction -- scared of violence, brings crossbow to protest  More
Columbian migrants want free soccer in Miami -- why should they follow the rules? -- they got in the country for free  More
Explosive devices were found in the car of car of Trump's would-be assassin, Thomas Matthew Crooks  More
Lone gunman attempts to assassinate Donald Trump -- Trump wounded as round blows a piece of his right ear off -- a slight movement saved Trump's life  More


"Please don’t act like Donald Trump is not solely responsible for creating this environment of political violence that he’s not even safe from" ~ Charlamagne Tha God  More
More evidence that liberalism is a mental disease -- "Trump staged the shooting"  More
David Axelrod blames Trump for being shot  More
The Secret Service abides by a policy where a potential assassin must take the 1st shot before U. S. S. S. lethally responds  More
Lefties celebrate Trump shooting with tasteless social media posts  More
ABC's Martha Raddatz blames the Trump shooting on the "Bloodbath" hoax  More


It must be the cartoons they watched as a kid  More
WTF is this?  More
People that go looking for trouble usually find it  More
This is a real person. What do you think her job is?  More
Brainwashing works!  More
This person walks into your business for a job interview, what’s the first thing you tell them?  More