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The American Political Left

The Left Is Waging War On America

Those who can get
you to believe
absurdities can get
you to commit

~ Voltaire ~


Communists betray workers, teachers unions betray students, civil rights organizations betray Blacks  More
China's Gansu Wind Farm -- this is how vast swathes of currently scenic countryside will look if the Net Zero cult has its way  More
Would you welcome this monstrosity of a solar farm in your county?  More
“What gives a DEI program the right to come in and try and alter the nature of things to create equality of outcome?”  More
A NYC LGBTQ+ activist known for dancing at Pride events was arrested in Florida by federal authorities for distributing child rape content on Telegram  More
We are one month away from losing our medical sovereignty to the World Health Organization ( )  More


Joe Biden's spokesman, John Kirby, is dancing as fast as he can -- and Iran is playing the music  More
While Joe Biden's world burns, Democrats froth over Trump's kangaroo-court trials  More
A group of eight Democratic progressive U.S. House members known as “The Squad” have filed $224 million of earmarks in the federal budget since 2023 to fund pet projects based around leftist ideologies  More
Joe Biden is responsible for these drugs  More
The coward, Joe Biden, won't commit to debating Trump  More
Joe Biden is a coward in every sense of the word -- cowardice emanates from him like rotting garbage  More


Washington elementary school denies student prayer club, but allows gay pride club  More
Far-left "social justice" groups oppose a California bill that would strengthen penalties for purchasing or soliciting a child for sex  More
Nonbinary doctor claims pronouns affects kids' mental health so you must make sure not to misgender  More
Many public schools are joining in to celebrate yet another day dedicated to the mental delusion that a man can somehow become a woman or vice versa  More
State Rep. Liz Reyer (MN-D) suggests using the wrong pronouns is harmful and misgendering and is an actual act of violence  More
What kids have been learning in school under Joe Biden's regime  More


You've got to be carefully taught  More
Who are these people? -- and why haven't they been unmasked yet?  More
The University of California at Berkeley prohibits white residents from using a community farm -- Education Department to investigate.  More
CNN contributor suggests black people identified with OJ because he killed white people  More
Cambridge (MA) announced tens of thousands of dollars in grants aimed at tackling racial justice through the arts -- included in the taxpayer-funded effort are theater performances for "exclusively black audiences."  More
Shelby County Commissioner Henri Brooks (D-TN) proposed an amendment to change President's Day to "Family, Friends, and Employees Holiday" because President's Day is "racist"  More


It's moron Monday  More
"Women and girls disproportionately bear the burden of climatic events" ~ Hillary Clinton  More
Illegal alien tries to rob Ohio bank using Translate app ( )  More
E. Jean Carroll’s unregistered handgun has been seized by the police ( )  More
U. S. Navy deletes photo of guided-missile destroyer's captain aiming an M-4 carbine with its scope mounted ass-backwards -- three master chiefs signed their names  More
The heighth of stupidity -- "It’s ‘homophobic violence’ to notice that Hamas is responsible for violence against gay people"  More


An Indiana National Guardsman shot an illegal alien who was stabbing people at the El Paso (TX) border  More
New York is a no bail/no jail paradise for the hoodie mob  More
Nick Fuentes goes there  More
Bringing a knife to a gun fight has never been a good idea  More
This shooting is intense ( )  More
The Devil is loose in America  More


A Border Patrol agent in Sunland Park (NM) says a mountain in the United States is "not ours" anymore -- "It’s theirs" -- referring to the Mexican cartel  More
Texas has elevated its border defense -- pepper rounds are now used to repel surging mobs of illegal aliens attempting to breech the razor wire  More
How long are the cities and states going to put up with this bullsh!t? -- what happens if emergency vehicles need to pass?  More
Hamas protesters have blocked the Golden Gate Bridge -- parallel protest in Oakland  More
How does pissing people off help their cause? -- this is just more evidence that leftists are insane  More
The best way to deal with Hamas supporters  More

useful idiots

The Biden campaign is requiring its employees to be “up to date” on COVID-19 vaccines  More
The modern FBI is the now police agency of the federal government, with a direct and purposeful mandate to keep the American people under control through a strict surveillance and police state  More
Judge Engoron may not accept Trumps $175 million bond  More
Everything about this Trump case is legally absurd ~ Jonathan Turley  More
This "former" US attorney has prejudged Trump, demonstrating the mindset of today's DoJ -- "guilty" first, then the trial  More
Stop the presses -- CNN has a breaking story!  More
The IRS lied about who the 86,000 new agents would target -- 63% of the new audits targeted taxpayers with incomes less than $200,000  More
At least 90% of TV News fails to identify Trump's prosecutors as "Democrats"  More
Judge Merchan threatens Trump with arrest if he isn’t in court every single day of trial  More


No cultural segment has escaped the Bidening of America  More
Our enemies are laughing at us  More
There are no limits on what people will do to themselves  More
Why would anyone pay to go and see this?  More
The trans community can't exist without a never-ending cascade of transphobic boogeymen who roam the nation, committing phantom murders of trans dudes  More
Why this category exists  More