Endorsed By POTUS
Bidens Celebrate Deviancy

Celebrating transgenderism to hide a transgender's atrocity

What a week!

I was all ready to continue probing the adventures of the Biden Crime Family, when some female-who-used-to-be-a-male shot up a Christian school in Nashville and the Left held the biggest celebration of transgender people and transgenderism in the history of the world.

It's really a "what-the-f*ck-just-happened" moment in history.

It has been five days since a transgender maniac shot and killed six Christians, including three nine-year-old children, and instead of defending nine-year-olds or Christians, the White House has spent four days praising and celebrating transgenders and attacking Christians and guns.

Overwhelmingly, Americans are a live-and-let-live bunch. We might think that what some of our neighbors do is a little odd, but for the most part we don't harbor any animosity towards those folks for doing it. We just think they're nuts and leave it at that. We might point and giggle a little, but that's harmless to anybody who isn't a super-snowflake or looking for a reason to be offended.

Are there bigots in America? Yup, and I can give you a good argument that many of them are transgender.

Transgender people are intolerant. They will not accept that you "tolerate" their existence, although it is foreign to you in a multitude of ways. No, they demand that you accept their psychosis, their pronouns, the drag and the drama as "normal" in its totality.

Anyway, the bodies of the victims weren't even cold when Karine-Jeanne Pierre appeared in the Press Room and announced that they didn't know the details of the attack, but "we know schools are devastated by gun violence."

“How many more children have to be murdered before Republicans in Congress will step up and act to pass the assault weapons ban?” the press secretary asked during a Monday afternoon press conference. “Once again, the president calls on Congress to do something before another child is senselessly killed in a preventable act of gun violence.”

"We need to do something! We need to "do something," she cried, but placing armed guards at schools can never be considered a "something," because then the shootings might stop and the White House would lose the issue of school shootings as an argument for disarming Americans.

Then the news broke that the assassin was a female that used to be a male and everything changed.

All of a sudden, KJP was lamenting the transgender community. It was under attack, and they are defending their freedom and, blah, blah, blah!

Hey! Wait a minute! The dead victims of the cruel attack on innocent children are not in the ground and the spokesperson for the White House, the Biden administration, is wailing about transgenders fearing for their lives.

Then Joe Biden piped in!

I'm so old, I remember when a statement like, "Our entire administration sees you for who you are. Made in the image of God," was thought to be blasphemy, but the "good Catholic," Joe Biden has 86-ed that notion.

Biden goes on to attack states that have or are about to pass "parents' rights" laws that protect their children from predators and the delusional. The Left sees those laws as interfering with their grooming programs.

Biden goes on, saying, "you're so brave," and even goes far as to say, transgender people "shape our nation's soul" in an official proclamation. Just imagine if a straight white Christian male shot up a transgender event and the Trump White House released a statement saying: "White Christian males shape our nation's soul." There would be hell to pay from the Left.

Joe Biden has every intention of forcing Americans to accept transgenderism and the rest of the LQBQTXYZ agenda as normal. His Executive Order #14091 compels every cabinet-level department and agency in the Executive Branch of the government to fund and promote Genderism and the rest of the "Equity" package.

This is just a taste! Click It!


Have you ever seen anything like that before -- and for .533% of the population -- that's one-half of one percent.

This insanity brings with it the never-ending battle over bathrooms, and accommodations, and "misgendering," and dangerous felons in dresses doing time in women's prisons, and on and on. Just remember, transgenderism is more about drama than anything. Just ask Ru Paul.

Wait until the wars with China and Russia begin and all the men show up wearing dresses and claiming to be women. What then? It's absurd!

The Right is wrong (naturally)

Nobody had to tell the media what to do. Vox claimed conservatives were using the tragedy in Nashville to push their anti-trans agenda, and Vice warned that the Right was using the Nashville shooting to declare war on Trans people. ABC’s Terry Moran blamed Ashley's massacre on Republican lawmakers who oppose transgender surgery for minors. An NBC News headline reads, "Fear pervades Tennessee's trans community amid focus on Nashville shooter's gender identity."

Little mention of the dead.

A typical rationalization came from Eli Erlick, a Ph.D. candidate in feminist studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz and co-founder and former director of Trans Student Educational Resources. Erlick wrote on Twitter Tuesday that the school was a “right-wing institution” and claimed that Hale had been abused while she had attended the school.

Well, that settles it. Ashley was allegedly abused, so those little kids had to die. I get it Eli. You're a sick bastard.

Not everybody has seen the videos of Ashley's massacre, and I won't post one here, but this clip shows how the lunatic gained entrance into the school.

The AP reports that Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake said during one of several news conferences that Audrey Hale, the transgender shooter, left a manifesto (which we'll never get to see unredacted) and had “some resentment for having to go to that school.”

The transgender community just wants to close down religious schools. Trans activists are demanding the end of the conservative "love affair with radical religious schools." They don't need anybody around reminding them of that little thing that used to be known as "sin." Just this week, we've actually seen the trans community absolve one of its own, Audrey Hale, of murder.

A radical group's "Trans Day of Vengeance" moved forward through much of the week, but was finally canceled with pressure from the White House.


My favorite part of their ad for leftist violence is the AR-15. Was that the real reason the White House pressured the trannies to 86 the event. It's hard to propagandize ownership of AR-15s when the trannies are waving them around.

For those that have either been in a coma for the past 15 years or were burying their heads in the sand purposely, violence and intimidation by trans activists is nothing new: “The extreme trans activists prefer intimidation to reasoned debate”

Trans activists rally in Florida Capitol chanting "Whose schools? Our schools!" as bill passes that continues crackdown on sexual orientation and gender identity teachings

Yet, somehow, no matter how aggressive and violent the LGBTQXYZ crowd behaves, they always remain the victim.

Backed by the federal government

Conservatives are demonized by leftist activists. White people are demonized by Black activists. Straight people are demonized by LGBTQXYZ activists, and Christians are demonized by all of them, yet, Joe Biden continues to call on Congress to pass the Equality Act specifically to federalize the Democratic Party's "protected classes."

Biden claims the LGBTQXYZ community -- especially transgender young people -- will be able to live freely with safety and dignity. What the act really does is create special rights, privileges and benefits for different classes of Americans and clearly violates Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but, hey!

The Equality Act has language that could force employers to hire people that wouldn't fit into an organization's culture because of their bizarre lifestyle.

Everybody know you can't force American to do stuff that's against their will, so why is Joe Biden doing it?

It's simple. Because he believes he can. Just you try and stop him

Oh, and by the way, what's missing in all of this is, "why did Audrey Hale have to murder three nine-year olds?" Nobody wants to touch that question -- particularly the occupants of the White House.


EO #13985: Equity

EO #13988: Gender Equity

EO #14091: Advancing Equity


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