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Trans Rights
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Trans Rights

Trans Rights
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Trans Rights
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"Transgender Rights" will be the end of women's rights in America

UCLA's law school says transgender people are persons who change their gender expression to more closely resemble how they view their gender identity. UCLA estimates there are 1.6 million transgender people in the United States. That's around .005% of the population of 330 million Americans living in the United States. ".005 percent" is a very tiny, teeny number of people -- yet that sliver of the population is being used to turn the country upside-down and inside out.

For the sake of discussion, let's say there are 1.2 million transgender women (men in dresses), and 400,000 transgender men (women in trousers) -- roughly three-to-one. For some reason, transgender men (women in trousers) appear to make their transition and live in relative peace and harmony. Transgender women (men in dresses), on the other hand are all about threats, intimidation and drama. These are the people the Left are using to destroy the American society once and for all -- and they're not being very nice about it. They just go out and take what they want and bully anyone that stands in their way.

When civics and government were still taught in the schools we all learned that the core principles of a democracy were majority rule while protecting minority rights -- the twin pillars of what was meant by democratic governance.

What we are seeing, under the guise of "trans rights" is an inversion of those principles, where the majority must bend to the will of this tiny minority or face threats, intimidation and violence from people who do not have both feet planted firmly on the ground to begin with.

It only takes one trans person to create a "right" out of thin air, and therein lies the biggest problem with this insanity. When one transgender person claims a right, an entire class of people may lose theirs.

Look at Lia Thomas. This one guy has destroyed women's intercollegiate swimming and the rest of women's sports along with it. One mediocre male swimmer put on a woman's bathing suit and was crowned national champion by no less than the NCAA.

The women swimmers that objected were told to see the school psychologist. They were told that their dreams and scholarships no longer mattered because of "trans rights" politics.

Trans Rights

So, what Are "Trans Rights"

A "trans right" is anything a transgender person says it is. Basically, "trans rights" demand society accept the trans person as whoever, whatever and however he or she presents and behaves -- and remember the "drama." The lives of trans people are filled with drama, and they love to share their drama.

The "Trans Rights" listed on the National Center for Transgender Equality website, come down to one thing. Society must adjust to the demands of each individual tranee, rather than any trans person making accommodations to fit into society. Normal society must accept it, or normal society is violating some nutcase's "rights."

Trans Rights

Trans rights affect all of society. Here is the Center's list and it's subject to change without notice:

    Airport Security; Employment (Federal); Employment (General); Health Care; Housing and Homeless Shelters; Immigration Documents; Medicare; Military Records; Passports; Public Accommodations; Restroom Access for Transgender Workers; Schools; Social Security; and Survivors of Violence

Every time one or more transgender women (men in dresses) gain a "trans right," all natural born women lose a natural right, and that's not supposed to be how it works.

Public Accommodations

When one transgender woman (a man in a dress) gains access to the "Ladies" room or locker room, all natural women and girls lose their right to privacy, and if they object they are faced with threats, intimidation and violence -- just watch what happened because one weirdo chose to strut around a woman's locker room with his junk swinging in the breeze.

Every place you find leftists, you find violence. These are not nice people. For reasons I'll never understand, Antifa has taken on the role of the protector of the transgender community, and they go about this task in their usual violent way -- and like the woman in the video says, if you don't like it, "go somewhere else" -- yup, you lose ladies!


Lia Thomas's selfishness didn't just destroy women's intercollegiate swimming, he destroyed all women's sport. Now, men who can't compete against other men will all put on the women's uniform. Women will suffer real losses, in terms of lost professional careers, scholarships not awarded and serious injury -- and Team Biden is certainly not concerned with the "feelings" of these women.

Title IX revolutionized athletic programs for girls and women. Title IX is over. It was killed by "trans rights." Last Thursday, the "Save women’s sports" bill was passed in the House and not one single Democrat voted to protect women’s sports from men -- not. one!

Is the NCAA prepared for sex-blind sports teams, with biological men freely participating in female team sports, and biological women freely participating in male team sports? That’s the likely future if gender identity wins and replaces biological sex as a sports team eligibility factor.

Women's professional sports are terrified. Publicly women's sports teams support trans rights (Team Biden will put the arm on them if they don't), but are terrified at what it could mean. The front offices know that sooner or later a transgender female (male with a basketball) will show up at some WNBA facility looking for a tryout -- with an ESPN video crew as escorts.

That would be the end of the WNBA and the NWSL.

Transgender Rights At Work

Your employer cannot forbid you from disclosing your transgender status or gender identity, or fire you for coming out.

Imagine hiring the bright, good-looking young man as your company's new sales rep, and after a month he shows up as " Zsa Zsa" wearing a dress, a wig, high-heels and makeup -- and you can't fire him, er, her.

Trans Rights

As a matter of fact, once an employee declares their transgenderhood, they become almost unfireable.

Transgender Military Rights

Biden’s policy of forcing female soldiers to shower with transgender soldiers is hurting recruitment numbers. Young women don't want to be forced by their government to shower with perverts -- additionally, young Americans don't want to be told they're "white supremacists" -- it's all part of the same package.

A general officer is forced to admit that Critical Race and Queer theories are killing recruitment, but it's full speed ahead. Team Biden's CRT-genderism agenda is more important than the nation's security.

Take a look at a couple of those pages. Cursor down. There isn't a tiny little corner of American society that isn't affected by "transgender rights" -- the "rights" of .005% of the population -- and while you're browsing, remember, Joe Biden's government would put you in prison for resisting this agenda, if they could figure out how,

Women's Bill Of Rights

The Republicans in the House are trying to blunt the assault.

Just last Thursday the GOP passed legislation aimed at preventing biological males from competing as transgender athletes in girls’ and women’s sports at schools across the country. During the debate, several Democrats accused Republicans of “bullying” transgender students by drafting the bill.

The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act passed in a 219-203 vote Thursday morning -- all the “yes” votes came from Republicans, and all the “no” votes came from Democrats.

The media referred to the bill as "anti-trans," saying its purpose was to ban, prohibit, deny transgender participation in girls sports. Only Fox News presented the story as a measure "to protect the accomplishments of, and ensure safety of biological females."

Biden Favors Trans Over Women

The ink on the bill wasn't dry before Joe Biden said he would veto the GOP bill, calling it "discrimination" against transgender students.

And there you have it! The president has promised to endorse a minority right, and in so doing, erase the rights of natural women and girls. Millions will have their hopes and dreams destroyed -- and for what -- a couple of dozen, or a couple of hundred freaks? The idea is maddening, but is blessed by Joe Biden and backed up by the might of the federal government..

The Next Great Battle

The next great cultural battle, will be "what is a woman."

Legislators in red states are determined this year to do what Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson could not, provide a definition of the word “woman,” and the battle lines are clearly drawn.

When congressional Democrats wrote their latest abortion bill they used the word “person” to refer to those who bear and give birth to children. They purposely excluded the words, “woman,” “women,” or “female." As a result, states, like Kansas passed its own "Women’s Bill of Rights," that defines “woman” and “man” in state law. The distinction is central to the push to preserve single-sex areas such as public restrooms, school sports, prisons, shelters ans a gazillion other things.

“What this does is simply codify in the law the definition of sex,” state Sen. Renee Erickson, a Republican, said, but the measure is opposed by transgender rights advocates, who continue to confuse or conflate biological sex with gender -- nature with psychosis.

Under the bill, a person’s biological sex is determined at birth. “Female” is defined as someone “whose biological reproductive system is developed to produce ova,” and “male”refers to those “whose biological reproductive system is developed to fertilize the ova of a female.”

Oddly enough, the ACLU is opposed to “Women’s Bill of Rights” laws because the "legislation would create a legal definition of womanhood based on the capacity to produce ova, or human eggs.

Imagine what a government like the Biden regime could do with that kind of power?

Pandora’s Box

"Trans rights" are a can of worms

The political Left and the Democratic Party, has become a party of psychopaths. They are at war with reality, and at war against the rest of us. You can’t negotiate with them. They lie about everything and they're insane. They must be defeated.

Gender identity and the transgender movement abandons all reason and scientific reality. It relies instead on intimidation and threats to advance the cause of ".005 percent" of the population -- and where does it end. Will trans infants be the next big thing with the psychos? How far will they push this craziness?

Biology isn’t bigotry. Biology is the truth. People who oppose transgender policies are not transphobes. They are opposed to a new form of authoritarianism.

The cognitive dissonance is mind blowing. If the transgender movement wins this battle, women will have lost everything in terms of their legal protections, and it all goes back to critical theory. It’s above criticism. If you criticize what you see as the decay of society, they will call you a "hater" and a "oppressor" of LGBTQXYZ people -- and all the while Joe Biden will be imposing the will of a teeny, tiny minority of whackadoos on America.

If you are a woman or a man who loves his women, get engaged. This fight must be won. This is our Lexington and Concord.

Trans Rights

Postscript ~ a comprehensive Johns Hopkins report issued late last year by world-renown University medical and psychiatric professionals states unequivocally that gender identity is entirely a recently-developed sociological construct that has no basis whatsoever in science.

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Trans Rights
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Trans Rights

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