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The Invasion

Scumbag Biden

The Invasion
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The Invasion
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The Invasion
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The Invasion
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The Invasion
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The Invasion
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The Invasion

Joe Biden's "pathway to citizenship" for 50 million illegal aliens

And the taxpayer will pay for it all

The Invasion at our southern border is not a "grass-roots" movement and it just didn't start a couple of years ago. It has been a long time coming and it's all part of Barack Obama's fundamental transformation of the United States of America.

When Obama came into office in 2009, Bush Jr's administration was using the "11 million" number. That was fifteen or sixteen years ago and many, many millions of illegal migrants have crossed our southern border since we were at war with Saddam.

The Center for Immigration Studies (USCIS) says the current migration is “the greatest displacement of people since World War II,”

The Invasion

USCIS reports that the U.S. population consists of 280 million native-born Americans and 51 million immigrants. According to their March 28 report, if current trends continue, the foreign-born population will reach nearly 60 million and 17.5 percent [one in six] of the U.S. population by the end of a second Biden term -- both figures would be without any precedent in American history.

Does this look like an invasion to you?

The Invasion

We're not just dealing with the millions of illegal aliens that are already here. There must be another million people "on the road" between God-only-knows-where and the border -- and there's another million who are getting fresh passports and are packing their bags.

Merriam-Webster defines "invasion" as an incursion of an army for conquest or plunder. It is correct and proper to identify the occupation by a foreign army, the equivalent of over 4,000 infantry divisions, illegally and sometimes by the use of force, an "Invasion."

Question: Have you ever seen anybody address"turning it off?"

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are Joe Biden's contractors

The NGOs are the contractors hired to provide transportation and logistics support for the Biden regime's Invasion conspiracy. The NGOs get the migrants from Central America to the American border.

The Darien Gap is the major transit route for migrants joining The Invasion. Despite the jungle’s dangers and immense hurdles, it remains the only land-based pathway connecting South America to Central America. For migrants heading to the United States, the Darien Gap is the primary passageway. That's where the "non-government organizations (NGOs) have set up camp. NGOs are typically nonprofit entities that are active in humanitarianism or social activism.

Just before the migrants get on boats to travel through the Darien Gap, various NGOs provide support, materiel, and instruction to prepare the migrants for the dangerous and difficult passage. One of these NGOs is the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The United Nations IOM is the leading intergovernmental organization in the field of migration and is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits society. However noble this all sounds, the fact is, the IOM is receiving billions from our State Department for its assistance in the Obama/Biden scheme.

Groups like Catholic Charities shelter and feeds migrants and buys them bus or plane tickets. They receive tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer money via agencies such as the State Department and FEMA for doing so. Everybody is getting paid to invade.

Once the illegal aliens arrive at the border -- which is chaotic by design to hide what is happening there -- federal agencies take over. This is where the illegals are processed into the United States, their documentation trail begins, and they get all their free gifts, money and services from the Biden regime for invading our country..

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) processed an unprecedented 10 million immigration cases in fiscal 2023. "Gotaways" and aliens who avoided the processing centers are not included in that number. It's anybody's guess how many million more they represent.

Even that number is being questioned by the National Border Patrol Council president, Brandon Judd, who told the New York Post that the Biden administration is artificially reducing the number of migrant encounters at the southern border, "so that the border doesn't look as out of control."

    "They're just paroling people in through airports rather than having them come across the border. They're just gonna keep the numbers at around 5,000 [border crossings per day], parole people in and say, 'Oh, look, we cut our numbers down.'"

Considering all the free money and stuff the illegals get by presenting themselves at the border, we must wonder why this bunch has chosen to sneak into the country. That it looks like a military landing by trained soldiers is certainly just a coincidence.

The US Border Patrol has apprehended 169 illegal border crossers who were on the Terror Watchlist in FY 2023, but nobody knows how many bad guys have quietly and secretly entered the U. S. under Biden's watch.

Nobody knows, and nobody will even hazard a guess.

After the "Invasion" there's the occupation

To understand what the Democrats have been doing on the border, we must go back to the beginning of the Biden reign when, on his first day in office, Joe Biden signed a trio of executive orders to reverse the immigration policies of former President Donald Trump:

    “The last president of the United States issued executive orders I felt were very counterproductive to our security, counterproductive to who we are as a country, particularly in the area of immigration.”
    ~ Joe Biden

When the plan is to flood the country with foreigners from Third World countries, things like President Trump's ban against immigrants from terrorist states and building a border wall are "very counterproductive." They gotta go!

In the Obama 2009 clip at the top of the sidebar, Obama rails against illegal immigration, but then he adds the "but" -- the path to citizenship." In the Biden 2014 clip, Joe lays it right on the line -- "an unrelenting stream" of migrants. What is happening at the border was the plan. It was always the plan. Obama, Biden and others have been working the plan for fifteen years and only recently has America realized what's going on.

Joe Biden, the architect of The Invasion, claims his hands are tied and he is unable to close the southern border to illegal immigration. Biden has gone so far as to blame Republican lawmakers for stopping him from closing the border. On January 30th, Biden said during a press gaggle"

    “I’ve done all I can do. Just give me the power. I’ve asked from the very day I got into office.”

The fact is, Joe Biden could close the border today with a swipe of his pen -- by issuing an executive order to "close the border."

Joe Biden’s budget for 2025 has ballooned to a $4.7 billion emergency fund ostensibly for "border security," but those funds will be used to process more illegal aliens into the United States more efficiently. They won't be used to stop the flow.

Last week, every single Democrat in the U. S. Senate voted against a bill that would have shut down the Biden administration's covert program that has been flying illegal aliens into America using taxpayer funds.

Last Wednesday, a three-judge panel for the Fifth Circuit in a two-to-one decision rejected Texas' "Invasion" claims and issued a new block on Texas’ immigration law that permitted law enforcement to arrest migrants suspected of illegally entering the U.S.

The judges won't let Texas keep foreign invaders out of Texas!

Does any of that sound like Democrats want the border closed? Just listen to the Democratic Leader of the U. S. Senate describe their "ultimate goal" -- "a path to citizenship."

Just last Wednesday,  U.S. Senator Alex Padilla (D-Calif.), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, and Border Safety, and U.S. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, led seventeen Senate Democrats in requesting administrative relief for illegal aliens.

Padilla’s bill, the Renewing Immigration Provisions of the Immigration Act of 1929 Act, would change the existing statute so that an immigrant could qualify for lawful permanent resident status and a much-needed green card for more than eight million people -- Dreamers, TPS holders, children of long-term visa holders, essential workers, and highly skilled members of our workforce.

Padilla also introduced the "Citizenship for Essential Workers Act" to create a "pathway to citizenship" for undocumented essential workers, including Dreamers.

Now anybody tagged as "essential" becomes a lawful permanent resident with a green card. They are now in the Social Security System and they have that treasured "SSN."

Democrats don't want to stop it. Period! They have no intention of stopping it. Why should they? It makes the Democratic Party more powerful and the taxpayer is paying for it. It's a "win-win" situation for the socialists that now control the Democratic Party.

New York Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul has proposed $2.4 billion in spending for migrants in her latest budget proposal, while New York City is dolling out prepaid debit cards to illegals in a $53 million "pilot program." The program will provide illegal aliens 40% more food aid assistance than Americans. New York City will spend $10.5 billion on illegals by 2025.

Massachusetts spends $75 million per month just to put illegals up in remote motels isolating the illegals from everything.. Chicago won't even say how much they spend and the taxpayer will get hit with the bill this year and next year and the years after that.

In many instances, illegal aliens are receiving better support than Americans. Michigan is giving illegal migrants $6,000 to help with housing and Michiganders are paying for all of it.

50 million Democrats

When the Democrats finally figure out a way to get 50 million immigrants -- the largest identifiable bloc of U. S. residents -- onto the voting roles it will be all over. They will all register as Democrat.

If that happens America will become a single-party democratic-socialist state and the United States Constitution will become an interesting relic of a former time..

Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow says that Joe Biden “is 100% importing voters” via illegal immigration:

    “Illegal aliens are already voting in local elections. Obviously, the intention is for them to vote in national elections -- and their children are going to end up voting -- and they tend to vote Democrat.”

    "A lot of them end up in the government system, where they’re getting food, they’re getting welfare, they’re getting healthcare through the government, and through that, they’re not going to vote for fewer benefits. They’re not going to vote for the people who could potentially cut spending, so they end up voting Democrat."

In 1996, the U.S. Congress passed a law prohibiting non-citizens from voting in federal elections, including elections for the U.S. HouseU.S. Senate, and presidential elections. This does not apply to elections at the state and local levels.

No state constitutions explicitly allowed non-citizens to vote in state or local elections. As of March 2024, seven states specified that non-citizens may not vote in state and local elections: AlabamaArizonaColoradoFloridaLouisianaNorth Dakota, and Ohio.

As of March 2024, six states have decided on six ballot measures related to citizenship requirements for voting since 2018. Voters approved each one. Three ballot measures related to citizenship requirements are scheduled to appear on the ballot in 2024 in Iowa, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.

The District of Columbia and municipalities in three states allowed non-citizens to vote in local elections as of March 2024: CaliforniaMaryland, and Vermont.

Biden is already handing out "Green Cards" to illegals and is in the process of figuring out how to grant amnesty by executive order. The Democrats have a lot of very smart people actively working on a way around this roadblock.

In the meantime, Team Biden is providing millions of illegal aliens with gazillions of pieces of documentation issued by the states and federal government. They are being slid into "the system" and the Biden government has already supplied millions of uneducated, unskilled and unknowns the documentation to support their coming claims for legal residency.

San Francisco allows resident non-citizen parents and guardians to vote in school board elections. Oakland is currently attempting to enact a similar law. Some cities in Maryland and Vermont permit non-citizens to vote in municipal elections. New York City enacted a law allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections in 2021, but was ruled unconstitutional in 2022. Washington, DC, recently enacted a law to allow non-citizen residents to vote in all non-federal elections.

You change a little law here, you win a local court case there, and pretty soon some bunch of leftist lawyers will get in front of some leftist judges and they will grant amnesty to 50 million foreigners and enroll the whole lot into the voting system. where they will be a forever bloc of voters always ready to vote Democrat -- and little by little, that is what is going on now.

We have one last shotto stop it -- Election 2024 -- if the Democrats take the White House and Congress, it's over.

Get Involved!

Destroying America

*** What do you think? -- Request for submissions ***

We all know that Joe Biden is in no condition to face the rigors of a presidential campaign and if the current polls are any indicator, Donald Trump has an excellent chance of being elected the next president., but there are those lingering questions.

  • How will Joe Biden avoid debating Donald Trump?
  • How will the Democrats try to steal the 2024 election?
  • What will the Democrats do should Donald Trump win the election?
Destroying America

I am asking you, the reader, to answer one or more of the above question by sending your answers to me via the "Feedback" link. I will be posting this request for the next couple of weeks and will prepare and publish a report based upon your answers in the near future.

Destroying America
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