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Joe Biden's government is gun-shy as hell after being caught leveraging social media to bury the Hunter Biden laptop story, attack Trump, censor conservatives and manage the narrative during the 2020 election. Biden's henchmen and henchwomen know they can no longer have relationships with media that can be discovered. So, Team Biden is now relying on independent entities, with no traceable links back to the administration -- and better yet, European -- to do their dirty business. Fortunately, as if by some miracle, an entire "disinformation" industry has sprung up -- just in the nick of time..

Big Tech

Liberal GOOGLE is doing its part, launching its “Prebunking” campaign in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the United Nations. Watch, as a psychologist explains that prebunking is a vaccination, a "psychological inoculation." against "disinformation."

Prebunking was previously known as brainwashing.

Concerned Citizens

Leftist billionaire George Soros uses his charities to build ties with hundreds of media organizations around the world involved in news and activist media. The journalism and activist media groups Soros supports mold public opinion on practically every continent and in many languages, and it's never, ever labeled as "disinformation." These organizations also insulate him from inquiry because reporters see him as an ally, not a target for investigation.

Non-Government Organizations

The Global Disinformation Index (GDI) is a foreign think tank headquartered in the United Kingdom. GDI's "core output" is a secretive "dynamic exclusion list" -- a blacklist -- that rates news outlets based on their alleged "disinformation-risk" factor. According to its website. GDI strives to "remove the financial incentive" to create "disinformation." The London-based group describes its mission as, "Disrupting the business model of disinformation." GDI believes:

    "Adversarial narratives undermine trust in our social, political, economic, and scientific institutions and sow or exacerbate division within our societies, often leading to real world harm, including violence, illness and death."

Debate is based upon "adversarial narratives" and used to be the life-blood of a healthy democracy, but "adversarial narratives" have become an inconvenience to a Democratic Party that has been taken over by left-wing ideologues. Now, there's only the party line, and if you don't toe the party line, you are the enemy.

The "Index" was designed to steer advertisers and subscribers away from “risky” sites which it says pose “reputational and brand risk” and to help companies avoid “financially supporting disinformation online,” but what it does is warn advertisers that  placing ads in conservative publications, like the New York Post, Reason, Real Clear Politics, the Daily Wire, The Blaze, One America News Network, The Federalist, Newsmax, the American Spectator, and the American Conservative, could damage their reputations and brands.

Some might say that GDI is "disinforming," so, GDI defines what they mean by "disinformation:"

    Disinformation occurs when someone pushes an intentionally misleading narrative which is adversarial against democratic institutions, scientific consensus or an at risk group -- and which carries a risk of harm. Often these narratives are crafted using selected elements of fact.

Based on that definition, there can be no doubt that the Russiagate conspiracy, and the Hunter Biden Laptop coverup, were the biggest "intentionally misleading narratives... against democratic institutions" [presidential elections] in American history. Both "disinformation" campaigns were conducted by the Democratic Party and/or members of the Democratic Party, and both were created and executed to attack the integrity of presidential elections.

The problem for the Democrats is that both conspiracies have been revealed for what they were, "disinformation" campaigns, and now the participants and cheerleaders are all laying low and trying to cover their tracks.

"Disinformation" via suppression

The former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, is blaming Politico for the “distortion” of a letter signed by more than 50 ex-intelligence officials, including former CIA directors or acting directors Brennan, Leon Panetta, Gen. Michael Hayden, John McLaughlin and Michael Morell, that baselessly claimed Russia was behind the Hunter Biden Laptop saga.


Now, Clapper is  changing his story, saying, “All we were doing was raising a yellow flag that this could be Russian disinformation. Politico deliberately distorted what we said.”

Well, that's nonsense! James Clapper was interviewed by CNN's Erin Burnett on October 17, 2020, just weeks before the election, and it is very clear that Clapper was describing the laptop story as Russian "disinformation."

“To me, this is just classic textbook Soviet Russian tradecraft at work." ~ James Clapper.

Former acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said, "The damage is done, as is related to this laptop, and you can't unring that bell. It's unfortunate that those people were more willing to affect an election than seek the truth."

In addition to politically suppressing the Hunter’s laptop drama on the eve of the 2020 election, there were the other "non-stories." The intelligence community, especially the FBI, never pursued Hunter’s fraudulently acquired and registered firearm, his mysterious foreign income, his money-laundering and payoffs, his felonious crack cocaine use, or his regular employment of foreign prostitutes. The FBI never had any interest in the "hold 10% for the Big Guy" story, either.

Yup! Team Biden, the entire federal government and their pals in the media, just did a Sergeant Schultz and ignored these stories completely -- they knew nuthin' and they didn't want to know nuthin'.

"Disinformation" via lies

After falsely accusing the Republican candidate for the office of President of the United States for two straight months of having a “secret line of communication to Russia,” Hillary Clinton dropped these two tweets just one week before the 2016 election

Hillary Tweet " " Hillary Tweet

Five minutes after Hillary's tweets, every Democratic media outlet in the country -- which is most of them -- published these damnable lies as facts right up to election day -- over, and over, and over.

The entire mad media Russia mess of the Trump presidency -- the furious coverage of the salacious Steele Dossier, the Mueller special counsel probe, the presidential tweets and bombast, the FBI inquiries, Congressional inquiries, inspector general inquiries, the sinister suggestions of collusion and corruption, treason and betrayal, prostitutes and pay offs, the small fish hauled in and then tossed aside -- all of it was Democratic Party "disinformation."

"Disinformation" via news

"Disinformation" doesn't exist without the Fourth Estate, so, it is critical to remember, that Russiagate and the Hunter Biden Laptop "disinformation" campaigns may have been started by Democrats, but it was the media that spun that bullsh!t into gold -- and they were rewarded for it.

"Journalists" from The New York Times and The Washington Post won Pulitzer Prizes for promoting the "disinformation" of Russiagate. They were awarded $15,000 for confirming a lie.


Years too late to have any real-time impact, it now appears that a reckoning has begun to arrive. Close observers of the media landscape may have noticed a shift when Bob Woodward, the most famous name in American journalism, began reminding readers of his opinion of the Steele Dossier, that it was, "a compilation of grotesque rumors and allegations against the newly elected president -- purportedly the work of a skilled Western intelligence asset, but in reality, as would emerge much later, the product of Trump’s political enemy, Hillary Clinton."

Hillary, ever the sociopath and consummate liar, still refuses to admit she had anything to do with Russiagate.

Democrats own "disinformation"

"Disinformation" is censorship and is a tool that's only available to the powerful, those that have control over the means of communication. That's the government, and this government is a Democratic Party government. So, "disinformation" is anything that the Democrats say it is or isn't, the media swears to it, and broadcasts "it" to the world.

The Democrats tried to set up an official "Truth Bureau" to manage their "disinformation," but that was a bridge too far and it was sundowned -- a rarity in Washington. In place, They have established an enormous and sophisticated "disinformation" network, in which the public doesn't believe or trust.

Half of Americans in a recent survey indicated they believe national news organizations intend to mislead, misinform or persuade the public to adopt a particular point of view through their reporting. The survey, released Wednesday by Gallup and the Knight Foundation, goes beyond others that have shown a low level of trust in the media to the startling point where many believe there is an intent to deceive. When asked whether they agreed with the statement, "national news organizations do not intend to mislead," only 25% agreed.

There are tens of millions of people in the United States that deeply believe Trump is a criminal, even though he has has been a super-productive member of society and has never been convicted of anything by any court -- ever.

Those same people will never believe the Biden Crime Family did what they say they didn't do -- ever! -- and anybody that says otherwise will be destroyed.

Rogan is right on. Here is the proof.

So, who then, are the "disinformers" -- really?

Democrat Rule #1

"Always blame the other guy for doing what you're doing"


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