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Maybe it's those who
smear others as fascist
that are the real fascists
line flipped

Terrorists R Us

the domestic and foreign enemies of the republic . . .

This is how you handle terrorists  More 2024-05-20
Border Patrol agents reveal how easily terrorists and killers get into US despite being screened  More 2024-05-20
Hamas continues its attempts to blow up Joe Biden's Gaza pier  More 2024-05-18
"Dear Infidels: A Warning to America"  More 2024-05-17
Two illegal aliens from Jordan tried to breach the Marine Corps Base at Quantico (VA) -- one of the Jordanians was on the terrorist watch list  More 2024-05-16
Leftists never pay a price for their destructive behavior because Democrats approve of it -- the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to direct county-level legal assistance to Hamas supporters arrested at UCLA  More 2024-05-16
Repairs to the Portland State University library, caused by supporters of Hamas, could cost $750,000 -- nobody will be held responsible because the vandals were all leftist Democrats  More 2024-05-15
University of Washington campus police have been instructed to protect the Hamas supporters' encampment and to protect Antifa terrorists from counter protests  More 2024-05-14
A sixteen-year-old, anti-Catholic terrorist was arrested after entering a Catholic Church with a rifle, intending to massacre children and families during a First Holy Communion ceremony in Abbeville, Louisiana  More 2024-05-13
Antifa assh*les occupy the University of Washington campus ( )  More 2024-05-13
Hamas flag raised above the American flag at Daley Plaza in Chicago  More 2024-05-12
Northern border apprehensions continue to break records  More 2024-05-12
Queers for Palestine is blocking the Disney exit in Orlando  More 2024-05-12
Terrorist watch list apprehensions at northern border continue to break records  More 2024-05-11
"Do you think there are [illegal aliens] that are coming over that have the intent to do our neighbors, our friends, our family members harm?" -- "Absolutely" -- Border Patrol officer  More 2024-05-11
Alphabet activists are making it impossible to report violations of laws protecting women and children, putting real people in danger  More 2024-05-10
Transgender (man who passes as woman) was arrested on suspicion of cyberstalking days after publicly threatening Tennessee Governor Bill Lee and his wife Maria Lee  More 2024-05-10
Handbooks, created by radical activists, instruct pro-Hamas students how to use violence on campus  More 2024-05-09
Last month, representatives of 75 commie organizations gathered in Chicago to plan disruptions at the Democrats' August convention.  More 2024-05-09
Yesterday, the University of Washington handed complete control of the campus to domestic terrorists who told students "no Jews allowed"  More 2024-05-09
Antifa rushed in as a mob to attack students leaving the Charlie Kirk event at the University of Washington  More 2024-05-08
Hamas supporters shut down Park Avenue (NY)  More 2024-05-07
Hamas supporters have torched 17 police vehicles in Portland (OR)  More 2024-05-07
Doesn’t this remind you of an end of the world movie?  More 2024-05-07
Columbia law students want school to cancel finals, pass all students because they're "irrevocably shaken" after protest breakup  More 2024-05-06
We are not planning on being violent!  More 2024-05-05
Virginia State Police were dispatched to campus to remove the Hamas cheerleaders from their encampment  More 2024-05-05
a vehicle has crashed into the security barrier at the White House -- the male driver is dead  More 2024-05-05
You have to wonder why these people don't show up at the CBP checkpoints and get their free cellphones, EBT cards, health care, and hotel reservations  More 2024-05-04
Over a dozen Portland (OR) police vehicles were torched Thursday night  More 2024-05-04
Hamas supporters project "Genocide" Joe Biden image on American flag at George Washington University  More 2024-05-04
"You'll never know" ~ Mr. Wonderful  More 2024-05-04
Turns out the liberals don't give a sh!t about the environment  More 2024-05-03
There is nothing "peaceful" about what is happening on America's university campuses  More 2024-05-03
Leftists are destroyers -- they are not builders -- it has always been so  More 2024-05-03
BLM is making a comeback by masquerading as Hamas supporters  More 2024-05-02
What it took to break up the Hamas supporters occupation of UCLA  More 2024-05-02
The Left hates everybody!  More 2024-05-02
Hamas supporters and opponents agree -- "F*ck Joe Biden!"  More 2024-05-02
A 33-year-old member of ISIS, Jovokhir Attoev, was arrested two weeks ago by federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement -- he's been in the U. S. illegally for two years  More 2024-05-02
"The University of California is founded on colonialism, it’s inherently a violent institution... it is linked to both foreign wars and domestic police brutality”  More 2024-05-02
Antifa "guards" for the Portland State College (OR) library occupation pushed a woman down the stairs -- Hamas supporters have seized the library and are destroying it  More 2024-05-02
UCLA's Hamas supporters are demanding a variety of supplies including zip ties, gas masks, knee pads and lotion  More 2024-05-02
Pro-Hamas extremists attack police that were attempting to remove a Palestinian flag and replace it with the American flag  More 2024-05-01
Deputy NY City police commissioner, Tarik Sheppard, shows the chains used to secure Hamilton Hall at Columbia University -- "this is not what students bring to school, this is what professionals bring to campuses and universities"  More 2024-05-01
10,000 people with nowhere else to be  More 2024-05-01
The situation is “out of control” at the City College of New York and arrests are being made  More 2024-05-01
Things have gone downhill fast in the Autonomous Palestine-Columbia-Tent City Zone  More 2024-05-01
The university occupations are being coordinated by the U. S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR) -- funded by George Soros  More 2024-04-30
Congress is getting curious about who or what is financing the Hamas terrorists on college campuses  More 2024-04-30
Columbia students broke windows and have taken over Hamilton Hall -- there are unconfirmed reports that a member of facilities staff is being held hostage  More 2024-04-30
Chaotic scenes at the University of Texas (Austin) as tear gas and flash bangs are being deployed as clashes as break out with police and Hamas supporters ( )  More 2024-04-30
A shelter-in-place order has been issued to students due to the violent Hamas protests taking place at Virginia Commonwealth University  More 2024-04-30
Hamas supporters replace the American flag with Hamas' rag  More 2024-04-28
All criminal charges dropped against fifty-seven Hamas sympathizers at University of Texas  More 2024-04-28
Pro-Hamas demonstrators ambush celebrities as they enter the White House Correspondents Dinner  More 2024-04-28
This is embarrassing -- the Hamas weenies haven neutered Indiana's law enforcement  More 2024-04-28
Hamas supporters have stormed and taken over and trashed an entire building at California State Polytechnic University, calling it “Intifada Hall”  More 2024-04-28
“Be glad -- be grateful -- that I’m not just going out and murdering Zionists"  More 2024-04-27
We are funding Hamas  More 2024-04-27
"We must have a revolution so we can have a socialist reconstruction of the United States of America"  More 2024-04-27
Trucks are arriving at universities across the country -- they distribute the exact same signs, shirts, masks, tents, tables, chairs, even with the same snacks, brand of water bottles -- the next phase will be the pickups with pallets of bricks  More 2024-04-26
Violent extremists at the pro-Hamas occupation at Emory University in Atlanta (GA) surround and assault law enforcement as they try to storm their way to occupy buildings  More 2024-04-26
One of the lead organizers for the Columbia University occupation is calling for Jews and Whites to be killed  More 2024-04-26
Columbia University has become the epicenter of an insidious hate  More 2024-04-25
Hamas issues official statement endorsing protests at U.S. colleges  More 2024-04-25
Mass chaos breaks out at college campuses across the United States as pro-Hamas protests intensify  More 2024-04-25
Harvard Yard (MA) was just occupied by Hamas supporters  More 2024-04-24
Pro-Hamas protesters at Columbia University are defying the order to disperse and vow to defend their encampment -- they are calling for reinforcements  More 2024-04-24
Hundreds of Pro-Hamas protesters have gathered outside Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) home, prompting mass arrests  More 2024-04-24
Hundreds of Hamas supporters have shut down the Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn (NY)  More 2024-04-24
At Columbia University, the inmates have seized control of the institution  More 2024-04-23
Something is very odd about those college campus tent encampments  More 2024-04-23
America's Fifth Column -- Columbia students chant, "What does Allah have to do with war between Israel and Palestine? Maybe they want a holy war in USA?"  More 2024-04-23
The massive faculty walkout at Columbia right solidarity with the student protesters is Islamic terrorism  More 2024-04-23
Climate activists attempt to take over Chevron event honoring Lisa Murkowski and bodies go flying  More 2024-04-22
A cult is occupying the campus at Columbia University right now and has renamed Columbia, "the People’s University of Palestine" ( )  More 2024-04-22
Complete mayhem caused by a mob of pro-Hamas extremists at Columbia University (NY)  More 2024-04-21
Hamas supporters set up a "Liberated Zone" on the grounds of Columbia University (NY)  More 2024-04-20
NYPD in riot gear break up Columbia University "Liberated Zone" and arrest Hamas supporters  More 2024-04-20
Another transgender teenager was arrested after her plot to shoot up a school was discovered  More 2024-04-19
Audrey Hale's victims’ families try to block release of trans shooter's "manifesto" over copyright claims  More 2024-04-18
The newly formed Palestinian Authority government in the West Bank boasts of rewarding attacks on Israel with Joe Biden funds  More 2024-04-18
New York Congressman Ritchie Torres has defended his decision to secure over $1 million of federal funding for a hardline Islamist organization in the Bronx whose officials openly support Hamas and the October 7 attacks  More 2024-04-18
llegal alients complain about the free food they're receiving -- and they want translators -- and other stuff ( )  More 2024-04-18
You can't go to bathroom because this Muslim has to pray to Allah and doesn't want to be disturbed -- these are displays of power, not of devotion  More 2024-04-18
Why aren't these guys surrendering to CBP and getting the free smart-phones, hotel, and EBT cards?  More 2024-04-17
Pro-abortion extremist sentenced to 7.5 years in prison for firebombing a Wisconsin pro-life clinic on Mother's Day  More 2024-04-17
A Border Patrol agent in Sunland Park (NM) says a mountain in the United States is "not ours" anymore -- "It’s theirs" -- referring to the Mexican cartel  More 2024-04-16
Texas has elevated its border defense -- pepper rounds are now used to repel surging mobs of illegal aliens attempting to breech the razor wire  More 2024-04-16
How long are the cities and states going to put up with this bullsh!t? -- what happens if emergency vehicles need to pass?  More 2024-04-16
Hamas protesters have blocked the Golden Gate Bridge -- parallel protest in Oakland  More 2024-04-15
How does pissing people off help their cause? -- this is just more evidence that leftists are insane  More 2024-04-15
The best way to deal with Hamas supporters  More 2024-04-15
Hamas propaganda now taught in Minnesota public schools  More 2024-04-15
There is a fifth column in America that chants, "death to America"  More 2024-04-15
Riddhi Patel FAFO and now crying in court after being charged with 16 felony counts over threatening to murder city councilors in Bakersfield (CA) unless they voted to endorse a ceasefire in Gaz  More 2024-04-14
Will we have war? -- will Joe Biden cancel the election? -- everything and anything is now possible  More 2024-04-14
UCLA medical school’s psychiatry department hosted a talk this month that glorified self-immolation as a form of "revolutionary suicide"  More 2024-04-13
Afghani on terror watchlist was released by Border Patrol.  More 2024-04-12
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