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Leftists are super-aggressive till they're knocked on their asses -- then they switch immediately to victim -- know the game  More 2023-03-27
The Alphabet People believe they are above criticism and that only they have a right to speak -- that's the behavior of NAZIs  More 2023-03-25
It appears that a radical Seattle trans leftist named "Eucytus," left this mortal coil during a gunfight with sheriff deputies  More 2023-03-22
Antifa are sharing Twitter instructions on making projectile weapons to be used against people and property  More 2023-03-21
Tell me again, who are the fascists?  More 2023-03-20
Do what I want you to do, or I'll harm you  More 2023-03-20
"Brave Books" has canceled a story hour because of potentially inappropriate and unsafe behavior threats at the NYC story hour with Chaya Raichik (Libs of TikTok)  More 2023-03-19
Armed Black Lives Matter terrorists demand reparations in Virginia  More 2023-03-16
These people are protected by Democrats in Congress and in legislatures all across America  More 2023-03-15
The Black Lives Matter funding database -- what corporations gave and how much  More 2023-03-15
Equity News -- Boston Black Lives Matter leader and her husband indicted on more than 20 fraud charges.  More 2023-03-12
The FBI testified in court that there were no Antifa at Jan. 6  More 2023-03-11
Protesters demand the release of 23 Antifa members who were arrested after they shot a state trooper and firebombed a police training facility in Atlanta.  More 2023-03-10
Terrorism has a cost --last week Walmart announced it is closing all its Portland (OR) stores -- now woke organic food chain Green Zebra PDX is shutting down all its loutlets  More 2023-03-10
The Jan. 6 Committee told America there were no Antifa present at Jan. 6 -- they lied -- again and again  More 2023-03-10
Just a reminder that Antia is a white trash terrorist organization  More 2023-03-10
Antifa go "undercover" on Jan. 6  More 2023-03-09
Antifa terrorists in Black Bloc attempting to break into the Capitol while Trump supporters attempt to protect the building -- FBI says no evidence of Antifa ( )  More 2023-03-09
Legislation filed to formally declare Antifa a terrorist organization -- who will vote against it?  More 2023-03-08
There were Antifa arrests during the attack on the Atlanta police training facility, but none of these Antifa terrorists will do time like the Jan. 6 people  More 2023-03-07
Detail videos of the Antifa attack on the Atlanta police training facility site  More 2023-03-07
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is without question a violent extremist organization  More 2023-03-06
The Antifa attack on the Atlanta police training facility is not the first time the Southern Poverty Law Center has been active in Antifa direct actions  More 2023-03-06
One of the leaders of the Southern Poverty Law center (SPLC) union ( )  More 2023-03-06
A Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) lawyer and Antifa member was arrested during the attack on the Atlanta police training facility  More 2023-03-06
The definition of 'Domestic Terrorist' is clear. Every law-abiding citizen and police officer should be allowed to use any force necessary without fear of repercussions and they should receive full immunity from prosecution.  More 2023-03-06
Never forget and never forgive what the Democrats did to our beautiful country, with the help of BLM and Antifa  More 2023-03-06
Sometime between March 3rd and 4th, the Our First Care pregnancy resource center in Minneapolis was smashed up by Jane's Revenge.  More 2023-03-06
Antifa-affiliated leftists torch future cop training center in Atlanta ( )  More 2023-03-06
California Antifa militant hit with 16 felony charges for brutally attacking Trump-supporting teenagers  More 2023-02-24
The man who is the head of the World Health Organization was a member of the “Tigrey People’s Liberation Front” which was classified a terrorist organization by the US govt in the 90’s and still is cataloged in the Global Terror Database today  More 2023-02-23
New "zombie" drug laced with fentanyl can "eat flesh" -- "It’s absolutely horrible."  More 2023-02-23
Arizona troopers seize enough fentanyl in one pick-up truck to kill nearly 800,000 people  More 2023-02-23
Jared Dowell, daughter of Democrat House Minority Whip, Katherine Clark, was arrested at a violent Antifa direct action in Boston where she assaulted and bloodied an officer  More 2023-02-22
An 18-inch pipe bomb was found behind a Catholic church in Philadelphia  More 2023-02-20
Code Pink protests Joe and Jill Biden while they are having dinner  More 2023-02-20
Washington state property owner says squatters returned after SWAT raid -- he's had it!  More 2023-02-19
Brown shirts, black shirts, it's all the same, and these NAZIs are the terror wing of the Democratic Party.  More 2023-02-18
There still are a few real men left -- this guy is one  More 2023-02-17
Antifa are organizing another direct action to shut down Jordan Peterson 's speaking event in Seattle  More 2023-02-10
In 2020, The FBI stoked violence among naive young radicals in order to undermine them ( thread )  More 2023-02-09
Trans activists took over the Oklahoma Capitol protesting lawmakers from outlawing the transitioning of minors  More 2023-02-07
It's pretty clear that the many attacks on the electric grid is being orchestrated by a group, but who are they?  More 2023-02-02
Leftists decide that blocking the road was the way to get their point across and change hearts and minds -- oops!  More 2023-02-02
One of the largest and most extreme terror groups, Berkeley Antifa, has been suspended from Twitter  More 2023-02-02
Los Angeles Antifa is assaulting and threatening journalists -- tell me again how they aren't complete fascists?  More 2023-01-30
Interesting random encounters with Antifa and Antifa supporters  More 2023-01-29
The word was out -- no violence -- shows somebody has control -- somebody has the button  More 2023-01-29
Antifa black bloc and other far-left protesters march through Washington, DC, chanting threats of arson  More 2023-01-29
LA police chief orders cops to take sh!t from Antifa  More 2023-01-29
Memphis Antifa in black bloc protest killing of Tyre Nichols by robbing a liquor store  More 2023-01-29
In New York City, violent, far-left protesters try to prevent the arrest of their comrade ( )  More 2023-01-28
Antifa insists they are not an organization -- are not organized -- that's why they bring their lawyers  More 2023-01-28
In Memphis, BLM-style protesters shouting, "our street, our town," took over the I-55 highway to protest over the death of Tyre Nichols  More 2023-01-28
In Los Angeles, riot police have mobilized to protect the LAPD headquarters  More 2023-01-28
"We will f*ck you up!"  More 2023-01-28
Seattle Antifa shut down the streets for Tyre Nichols after first meeting in the former Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ)  More 2023-01-28
Antifa is already organizing in response to the Memphis PD bodycam footage release -- they don't care about Tyre Nichols -- they have a political agenda  More 2023-01-28
A large group of Antifa in black bloc continue to block traffic on the streets in Portland (OR)  More 2023-01-28
Far-left rioters attacked an LAPD vehicle at their direct action for Tyre Nichols.  More 2023-01-28
Atlanta's "Treehouse Antifa" has set up a memorial for the dead gunman who shot at cop  More 2023-01-27
Five black police officers kill a black man -- Antifa has their excuse  More 2023-01-27
It appears that Antifa is planning a big weekend  More 2023-01-27
Georgia governor declares a State of Emergency in Atlanta -- activates 1,000 National Guard troops to deal with Antifa violence  More 2023-01-27
Antifa are the spoiled children of liberal parents  More 2023-01-26
Why all the Antifa actions now, in the dead of winter? -- does somebody have a documents problem?  More 2023-01-26
Portland Antifa have announced a violent direct action to take place on Friday, Jan. 27 at the Oregon Convention Center  More 2023-01-26
Antifa attacked a New York City police station as revenge for the death of the Atlanta Antifa goon  More 2023-01-26
"We extinguished this uprising very quickly"  More 2023-01-25
19 have been charged with terrorism offenses in connection w/the "Stop Cop City" autonomous zone (Atlanta) -- nearly all are children of privilege from out of state  More 2023-01-25
The terror wing of the Democratic Party has been redeployed -- why?  More 2023-01-24
Jared "Riley" Dowell -- Democrat House Minority Whip, Katherine M. Clark's daughter/son -- was released on $500 bail today and ordered stay away from Boston Common  More 2023-01-24
The Antifa-transgender child of the Democrat House Minority Whip, Katherine M. Clark, was arrested for assaulting a Boston police officer  More 2023-01-23
Antifa attacked the Atlanta Police building and businesses in the area  More 2023-01-23
Six Antifa were arrested in Atlanta and charged with domestic terrorism -- five of the six were from out of state  More 2023-01-23
"Largely peaceful protest" -- just ignore the burning Atlanta Police car in the background ( )  More 2023-01-22
Atlanta BURNS as Treehouse Antifa riot after comrade shot dead by cop in "autonomous zone" gunfight ( )  More 2023-01-22
The Border Patrol nabbed 17 people on FBI terror watch list at southern border in December  More 2023-01-22
Antifa militant killed after shooting and wounding Georgia state cop  More 2023-01-19
Antifa are calling for deadly "reciprocal violence" against police ( )  More 2023-01-19
Has Antifa transitioned?  More 2023-01-19
These are not domestic extremists, but peaceful protesters seeking their righteous recompense  More 2023-01-18
These guys don't look like drag queens to me!  More 2023-01-15
Pro-Palestinian protesters at the University of Michigan call for Intifada, the end of Israel, and the murder of Jews  More 2023-01-15
A Tesla "road rager" is terrorizing California's roadways  More 2023-01-14
Sometimes, immigrants bring their wars with them  More 2023-01-14
Mohammad Mesmarian, 34, was arrested for terrorism after ramming his Toyota Camry into a Las Vegas solar energy generator pit and setting it on fire  More 2023-01-08
The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled unanimously that a member of a municipal advisory board can be fired for her association with Antifa.  More 2023-01-07
Border Patrol agents have arrested 21 aliens whose names were on the "Terrorism Watch" list in the first two months of the fiscal year  More 2023-01-07
An historic Portland (OR) church was destroyed by fire -- the arsonist, Cameron David Storer, a bearded trans woman who goes by the name, "Nicolette," has been arrested ( thread )  More 2023-01-07
Two men were arrested for sabotaging four electrical power substations in Washington state  More 2023-01-04
An historic church in downtown Portland (OR) was ravaged by a fire on Tuesday  More 2023-01-04
"Allahu Akbar" machete attack on NYC police officers  More 2023-01-03
The Antifa propaganda site, AbolitionMedia, has claimed responsibility for an arson attack on a Portland (OR) BankofAmerica ( thread )  More 2023-01-03
"Moorish Americans" have taken over a Maryland gun range -- they claim it is "protected under the consular jurisdiction of Morocco"  More 2023-01-01
Who are the people attacking electric substations in the Pacific Northwest?  More 2023-01-01
Allahu Akbar attack on two New York City cops in Times Square -- one officer's first day on the job  More 2023-01-01
How Antifa distribute riot gear and "mutual aid"  More 2022-12-30
Real criminals have found a home inside Antifa  More 2022-12-29
Three power substations were attacked in Washington State on Christmas Day  More 2022-12-26
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