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Terrorists R Us

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"Multiple victims" shot at Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods (CA) More
The Buffalo shooter described his political beliefs as having moved from communist to “mild-moderate authoritarian Left“ More
The lawyers who accompany Antifa are facilitating their violence and put lie to the notion that Antifa is not an organization More
These kids need a good ass-kicking! More
US Marshals have been charged with protecting SCOTUS Justices from America's real enemies More
A claim of responsibility for the Madison (WI) molotov attack was shared by a group calling themselves, "Jane's Revenge" More
There doesn't appear to be a large mob at Alito's home, but Antifa is now accompanied by a NLG lawyer ( ) More
People that demand the right to kill babies, accuse church-goers of being fascists More
Biden's Domestic Terrorism Task Force isn't looking for these guys More
The Left has no respect for anything except what they want More
Meet "Ruth Sent Us," the radical leftists targeting the Supreme Court justices More
Terrorists are walking around freely in US after slipping into the country as part of Biden's Afghanistan debacle More
Antifa pro-abortion men are attacking and putting out hits on pregnancy centers in Portland (OR) More
Fence erected overnight around U.S. Supreme Court building More
It's not about skin color -- it's about politics and leftist politics are gangster politics More
Who is holding the cops back? -- back in the day the hickory sticks would get a good workout More
It's an election year and the Democratic Party's auxiliary have begun a season of rioting More
Is this a trick question? More
Left calls for violence after SCOTUS Roe vs Wade leak More
Islamist terrorists, designated "Armed & Dangerous" and "Threat if Enters US," entered the U.S. after Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal More
Antifa thugs are wearing a lot more armor this year More
Antifa and BLM are bullshit -- they only exists because they are protected by various local governments More
Seattle Antifa assaulted a videographer covering a public demonstration at May Day clusterflak More
Politicians that support terrorists are terrorists More
Portland Antifa attacked Republican candidate for Oregon governor and his supporters, injuring two More
The fact that a broken windshield could result in death means nothing to these Antifa cockroaches More
Prosecutors dropped felony voter fraud case against a Black Lives Matter leader More
Why is the Biden Administration determined to help terrorist Iran get a bomb? More
DC police discover "sniper-type setup" in Van Ness apartment where dead shooter was found ( ) More
Patrisse Cullors, founder of Black Lives Matter, "feels unsafe" because she has been caught stealing BLM money More
Watchdog files IRS complaint against Patrisse Cullors and Black Lives Matter More
23 Illegals who were on the Terrorist Watch List were arrested -- "what happened to them?" More
Antifa trans freak decked by hard left from police officer More
Armed leftists have shut down the street in Grand Rapids (MI) More
Black Lives Matter turns out to be one of America's greatest ripoffs More
The "Black Hammer" wants to kill police More
Brooklyn subway shooting suspect to face terrorism charges More
Will 2022 look like 2020 -- if Black Lives Matter has its way it will ( thread ) More
Brooklyn mass shooter arrested More
Brooklyn mass shooter supports the black nationalist group Nation of Islam More
WOKE mob storms Allen West event on college campus More
Milwaukee BLM leader, praised by the media for leading protests against police in 2020, was convicted of 1st-degree robbery More
George Soros is backing over a dozen Democrats running in 2022 More
Only in America -- Denver Black Lives Matter rioters awarded $14 million in damages More
Malik Muhammad, a communist & BLM militant accused of attempted murder of police using explosives, is expected to plead guilty to both state & federal charges. More
A conservative rally in Seattle has been canceled following threats of serious violence and a potential shooting by Antifa More
Seattle Antifa is threatening to shoot up a Westlake Plaza, "March for Freedom," rally on March 26 More
Seattle man pleads guilty to charges of attempting to join ISIS More
Stepson of former Democratic Washington State Representative sentenced to 5 years in prison More
Antifa hooligan gets 5 years for trying to kill cop with baseball bat More
Like New York City doesn't have enough problems, now someone is trying to set it on fire More
Police dispatch man who fired his rifle and rammed his vehicle into the Seattle (WA) federal building ( ) More
Andrews Air Force Base was breeched by armed men during Kamala Harris's departure for Europe More
It's an election year -- and spring -- so the Democratic Party's auxiliaries are out and training in Seattle More
There seems to be a lot of confusion about who the real fascists are ( thread ) More
Joe Rogan calls out Antifa for practicing fascism More
You don't often see the cretins imprisoned, but this one got 5 years More
Portland Antifa have more power than the Portland police More
5 shot, 1 dead at Portland Antifa action More
While Team Biden is hunting down the elusive "white supremacists" Antifa are drawing down on old people More
Antisemitism appears to be Quintez Brown's motivation for attempting to assassinate a Jewish mayoral candidate More
And it was International Communists who bailed out Cortez Brown in less than four hours ( thread ) More
Black Lives Matter has been suspended from Amazon's charity platform over the missing $65 million More
Liberal Las Vegas Sun blames "extremist Republicans" for attempted assassination by Black Lives Matter activist More
BLM now works for Hillary as Democratic fixer, Marc Elias, assumes key role over its leadership, finances and agenda More
BLM-connected nonprofit bails out Black Lives Matter activist who tried to assassinate Louisville (KY) mayoral candidate ( ) More
BLM activist attempts to assassinate Louisville mayoral candidate More
The Democrats don't care about these domestic terrorists -- they're not white More
Black Lives Matter was one of the greatest American rip-offs of all time More
The difference between the burning of the Portland courthouse and Jan. 6 is Antifa works for the Democrats More
Black Lives Matter is under investigation by multiple states More
When you compare "probation" for this to what's happening to the Jan. 6 prisoners, the two-tier justice system becomes obvious More
The founder of the Memphis chapter of Black Lives Matter has been CONVICTED of voter fraud More
The Black Lives Matter commies ripped off everybody and now they're gone More
California is going after the Black Lives Matter principals for $60 million -- good luck with that! More
Black Lives Matter turns out to be a scam and corporate America was ripped-off for millions More
Data scientist destroys the Black Lives Matter narrative ~ Larry Elder More
The mayor of Seattle was going to transfer ownership of a police precinct to Black Lives Matter More
Wait till you see where the Black Lives Matter millions went! More
Having used BLM, Democrats are throwing it away like a used tissue -- Patrisse Cullors is cool with that because she got hers while the getting was good More
Black Lives Matter scammed millions from America's guilt-tripped corporations, now people are asking, "where did the millions go?" More
Still, others are looking for Black Lives Matter -- it may not exist? More
Black Lives Matter (DC) is upset that police officers, shot in the line of duty, are treated as heroes More
Black Lives Matter has "buckets of blood on their hands" More
Antifa makes threats -- Dartmouth cancels conservative speakers -- another successful partnering of leftists More
Biden administration silent on how the Texas jihadi, who was on the terrorist "watch list" and being monitored by the British, got into the US ( ) More
Democrat Party terrorists prepare for another anti-free-speech action More
The event that triggered the FBI to reverse their narrative on the Colleyville terror attack More
Michigan AG Dana Nessel said her "biggest concern" was that the attack was a "hate crime" or "domestic terrorism," pointing to "white supremacy organizations." More
Joe Biden echoed the corrupt FBI and said there is insufficient information to know why the Muslim hostage-taker targeted a synagogue in Texas More
The "FBI" on this guy's jacket stands for "f*cking brain-dead idiot" -- he's still looking for a "motive" ( ) ( ) More
Video from the operation to recover hostages taken in a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas More
All hostages safe following 12-hour stand-off at a Texas synagogue ( ) More
Taliban threaten to send 2,000 suicide bombers into Washington DC More
Antifa scumbag arrested in Clearwater (FL) with live bomb at a rally protesting the treatment of Jan. 6 suspects More
Antifa hooligans believe being pro-life is a sign of fascism and must be violently opposed More
8 Times leftists broke into government buildings and assaulted democracy -- Democrat Rule #3: "That's different." More
Real Clear Investigations compares the Jan.6 "insurrection" to the "mostly-peaceful" BLM riots More
Squatters demand big money to move out $7 million Park Avenue townhouse More
Transgenders in Afghanistan are facing brutal violence under the Taliban rule More
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