Watching the Defectives


Maybe it's those who
smear others as fascist
that are the real fascists
line flipped

Terrorists R Us

the domestic and foreign enemies of the republic . . .

Hamas supporters replace the American flag with the Palestinian rag  More 2024-03-03
Two left-wing climate activists have been hit with felony charges after defacing the U.S. Constitution’s display case  More 2024-03-03
Judge says the feds can’t "selectively" prosecute right-wing rioters while ignoring Antifa  More 2024-02-29
Seattle's city council is shut down by illegal aliens who want MORE  More 2024-02-29
A hazmat team and firetrucks were sent to the home of Donald Trump Jr. after a letter delivered to the house contained a white powder and a death threat  More 2024-02-27
Portland police allowed Hamas supporters -- including Antifa members -- to shut down NE Airport Way access to the airport  More 2024-02-26
Democrats terrorize Democrats -- can you dig it?  More 2024-02-26
Brownsville, Texas -- bundles of narcotics are tossed over the wall and driven away to poison and kill thousands of Americans  More 2024-02-20
The U. S. has no cooperative relationship with the government in Syria -- there will be no "additional screening -- it's a lie and they will just be released  More 2024-02-19
Antifa is the Democratic Party's white goon squad -- BLM is the Democratic Party's black goon squad  More 2024-02-18
Have you noticed how quickly the national media lost interest in the Lakewood Church shooter as soon as they found out "she" was a transgender (born male) -- the story lasted two days  More 2024-02-16
Climate activists just ruined the display of the Constitution in the Rotunda of the National Archives in DC  More 2024-02-14
Recent terrorist attacks by transgender and non-binary individuals  More 2024-02-14
Gender activists have occupied the Iowa State Capitol to protest a bill defining "man" and "woman"  More 2024-02-14
Another transgender lunatic attacks Christians in their church and this moron cop is word about the psycho's pronouns  More 2024-02-12
Lakewood Church shooter identified as Genesse Ivonne Moreno, 36 -- a transgender (born male) -- "Free Palestine" was written on its rifle  More 2024-02-12
A BLM activist is asked by a journalist if she condemns a large arson attack allegedly carried out by a leftist militant who was arrested -- she says no and that the city and country is “lucky” the violence is not worse  More 2024-02-12
Hundreds of Hamas supporters stormed inside New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) on Saturday afternoon, forcing it to close its doors early  More 2024-02-11
The FBI has arrested a self-touted militia sniper who says he was planning to attack people at the southern border  More 2024-02-08
Military age Chinese nationals are the fastest growing group of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border as illegal crossings continue to shatter records  More 2024-02-08
Hamas supporters demonstrate at Secretary of State, Antony Blinken's home  More 2024-02-08
Police report confirms “Columbine” style mass shooting plans found in Chippewa Falls (SD) student’s “manifesto” -- wanted to “kill” Christians, jocks, and preppy girls  More 2024-02-07
Now, the invaders are demanding free money -- and better hotels and better food -- next it will be your wife or daughter  More 2024-02-06
Michigan's Muslim and Arab leaders canceled a meeting with the Biden campaign over the Biden administration's support of Israel  More 2024-02-05
An ex-CIA employee was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the largest theft of classified information in the history of American intelligence  More 2024-02-05
Fifty al Qaeda terrorists have been arrested in Denver in the past wo months  More 2024-02-04
A massive mob of Hamas supporters has commandeered the Mississippi River Bridge on I-40 in Memphis  More 2024-02-04
FBI arrests 17 year-old serial swatter, responsible for hundreds of "swatting" incidents nationwide  More 2024-02-02
Antifa recruits  More 2024-02-01
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-ISIS) says, "I'm here to protect the interests of Somalia from inside the U.S. system" -- "Somalian first, Muslim second" ( )  More 2024-02-01
The Jan. 6 "Pipe Bomber" is a "former government official" -- the FBI has had his license plate number but refuses to interview him  More 2024-01-31
Fighting age males almost all from China-- they are not here to assimilate!  More 2024-01-30
Hamas supporters are setting up more and more tents around SoS Antony Blinken's home  More 2024-01-29
“The US government will only do what Somalians in the US tell them to do. They will do what we want and nothing else. They must follow our orders and that is how we will safeguard the interest of Somalia" ~ Rep. Ilhan Omar  More 2024-01-29
Pro-Palestinian protesters set fire to an American flag during a demonstration in New York City  More 2024-01-28
"Unknowns" drop their identity as soon as they cross the border -- if only .001% of the illegal aliens are bad guys, that's 9,000 potential terrorist have entered America under Joe Bide last year alone  More 2024-01-27
Jan. 6 people trespassed and received multi-year prison sentences -- BLM protesters burned cities and killed people -- they were awarded $10 million  More 2024-01-26
American kids have been brainwashed by their professors to hate Israel  More 2024-01-26
The “alleged” terrorist warning Americans, "soon you’ll know who I am,” appears to be Movsum Samadov, a Muslim who was released in January 2023 after serving 12 years for being a terrorist  More 2024-01-23
This can't be good!  More 2024-01-21
US citizens traveling domestically have to show a valid identification card or a passport to board a plane, but there are different rules for illegal aliens  More 2024-01-20
This is a pretty good question  More 2024-01-20
Elizabeth West, a man pretending to be a woman, was arrested by the FBI for posting pictures of guns with threatening messages about "killing transphobes"  More 2024-01-19
A BLM activist involved in NYC pro-Palestine protests has been arrested for ramming a car into an NYPD officer on Jan. 17 -- Sahara Dula was arrested on suspicion of assault with serious physical injury, vehicular assault, reckless endangerment and more  More 2024-01-19
Senators call for action against pro-Hamas terrorists who defaced a veteran's cemetery  More 2024-01-18
Left-wing climate activist, Andreas Malm, tells The New York Times that he openly endorses the idea of blowing up pipelines even though some innocent people might be killed  More 2024-01-17
Antifa blog posts claim of responsibility for arson attack at Portland mayoral candidate’s family home  More 2024-01-16
The Nation magazine’s Palestinian correspondent says, "we must normalize massacres as the status quo"  More 2024-01-16
White House was evacuated after a pro-Hamas mob staged a riot at its gates -- there were no arrests  More 2024-01-15
Removing protesters that block the public way should be the norm, not the exception  More 2024-01-15
This assault on the White House would never be labeled an insurrection -- no matter what they did  More 2024-01-14
Hamas sure has a lot of supporters in Washington, DC  More 2024-01-13
Hamas supporters at the White House  More 2024-01-13
Hamas supporters are attempting to breech the White House defenses  More 2024-01-13
Would you stop with a bunch of crazed terrorists beating on your vehicle?  More 2024-01-13
A television station established by a global coalition of terror activists to -- "ccmmunicate with our expatriate communities to defend our resistance" -- is operating and fundraising in Canada  More 2024-01-12
The people these "protesters" are supporting are shooting at our sailors and troops  More 2024-01-12
Joe Biden calls the 2020 BLM riots that caused $2 billion in damages a "historic movement for justice"  More 2024-01-11
Anti-Israel radicals who shut down NYC bridges -- Palestinian Youth Movement; Democratic Socialists of America, New York branch; Writers Against War On Gaza; Jewish Voice for Peace; Al-Awda; and Critical Resistance  More 2024-01-10
After every mass shooting, we always see these reports  More 2024-01-09
The cops only arrest Hamas supporters for blocking the road outside the airport when it interferes with Joe Biden -- the rest of you, be damned!  More 2024-01-09
Hamas supporters vandalized a U.S. military cemetery where 85,000 soldiers from WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam and other wars are laid to rest  More 2024-01-08
Their numbers are growing and it really isn't about Hamas and Gaza anymore  More 2024-01-08
Can you dig it?  More 2024-01-07
Where are the water cannons?  More 2024-01-07
Border Patrol estimates that the cartels are earning $32 million a week from illegal aliens in the Del Rio, Texas sector alone ( )  More 2024-01-06
Hamas supporters take over California State Capitol -- authorities stand by and watch  More 2024-01-04
A deadly, fiery crash that occurred outside an entertainment venue in upstate New York early New Year's Day is being investigated as possible terrorism  More 2024-01-02
Hamas supporters launch a large balloon in front of JFK Airport, trying to shut down the airport endangering the lives of passengers and crews  More 2024-01-02
Hamas supporters shut down the Brooklyn Bridge  More 2024-01-02
Pro-Hamas supporters attempt to shut down the 2024 New Year celebration in Times Square  More 2024-01-01
All four shooters were transgender -- so, we can't talk about the correlation  More 2023-12-29
The Jihadist "Journalism" Award for helping Hamas goes to CBS's Imtiaz Tyab  More 2023-12-29
When "journalists" make excuses for and defend terrorism they become terrorists themselves  More 2023-12-29
Pro-Hamas demonstrators blockade the entrance to World Trade Center building in NY City  More 2023-12-29
The federal government’s pro-migration policy has enabled a national wave of pro-Hamas, anti-Jewish, and anti-Israel demonstrations and riots.  More 2023-12-27
U.S. shoots down 12 suicide drones, three anti-ship ballistic missiles and two land attack cruise missiles fired by Iran-backed rebels in southern Red Sea over a 10-hour period  More 2023-12-27
Christmas event supporting blind children gets disrupted by pro-Palestinian protestors  More 2023-12-26
NYPD calls for Level Three Mobilization amidst numerous fights between pro-Palestine protesters and police  More 2023-12-26
In twenty or thirty more years, Michigan will be controlled by Muslims -- it will no longer be American  More 2023-12-26
This year's Black Lives Matter  More 2023-12-26
Pro-Palestinian protesters block highway and entrance to Chicago O'Hare International Airport  More 2023-12-24
Customs and Border Patrol says the number of illegal aliens arrested at the border and who are on the terror watchlist is on pace to set a new record in 2024  More 2023-12-23
Democrats protest in support of Hamas outside of Union Station  More 2023-12-22
The Lincoln Memorial has been vandalized with "Free Gaza" graffiti and fake blood  More 2023-12-21
A brawl broke out at the Democrat Party Christmas party in Michigan after Pro-Hamas protesters crashed the party  More 2023-12-21
Cop does what he has to do when attacked by a knife-wielding jihadi -- once she crossed that 20-foot line she was done  More 2023-12-19
This only looks like prayer -- it's really a demonstration of Islamic supremacy  More 2023-12-19
“There is only one solution!” -- “Intifada revolution!”  More 2023-12-19
Last nights' stand-off between NYC police pro-Hamas supporters ( )  More 2023-12-19
Antifa attacks a real man and meets FAFO fist to face  More 2023-12-18
Ten improvised explosive devices (home-made bombs) are discovered at U. S.-Mexico border  More 2023-12-17
Hamas supporters have shut down all roads, in and out, of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)  More 2023-12-16
While the FBI hunts down patriotic Americans, this imam is left to encourage jihadist terror attacks inside the U. S.  More 2023-12-16
Hamas supporters shut down a Los Angeles freeway demanding Gaza ceasefire  More 2023-12-14
Rumble's CEO confirms the platform has experienced "unprecedented" attacks on the free speech platform's servers -- suspects attacks due to hosting Jan. 6 videos  More 2023-12-12
Queers for Palestine call for Israel to be destroyed by Hamas  More 2023-12-12
Mufid Fawaz Alkhader, 28, was called a “danger to the community” after shooting up a New York synagogue  More 2023-12-10
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators spray-painted prominent buildings, businesses, churches and apartment buildings in Los Angeles as they protested "Genocide Joe" Biden’s visit  More 2023-12-10
CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, celebrates Hamas' attack on Israel  More 2023-12-08
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