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Terrorists R Us

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"We need to embrace any means necessary" More
Antifa valedictorian only gets probation after attacking senator's office with an axe More
A well-known Milwaukee Black Lives Matter activist said the Waukesha Christmas Parade attack may be signaling "the revolution has started in Wisconsin" More
The threat, "there are going to be pipelines blown up," will be ignored by a media obsessed with "white supremacists" More
Portland Black Lives Matter shut down road by laying on the street in support of the convicted serial child sex offender killed by Rittenhouse More
The Rittenhouse verdict brought the vermin out of their holes but they don't socialize well More
Antifa and other communists really were "mostly peaceful," but like New York, very vocal -- Portland was Portland ( next item ) More
Portland Antifa declared their riot a "no camera event" and are attacking anyone with a camera -- videos are bad for Antifa and BLM More
Left-wing accounts are furious and are inciting mass violence on Twitter More
Naturally, Ilhan Omar (D-ISIS) is bullshit the justice system worked More
Greg Kelly loves an Interesting debate More
Large caches of bricks are being found around Kenosha More
A Hero of the Left must be a criminal -- preferably killed while committing a crime ( ) More
Black Lives Matter is provoked by a man with a bullhorn and balls of brass! More
A member of the Brotherhood Movement, a black 2nd Amendment group, threatened anti-CRT parents, "We are not our ancestors. I got over 1,000 soldiers ready to go" More
Leftists are posting what are basically murder for hire posts and Twitter doesn't notice (thread) More
Black Lives Matter is threatening riots and bloodshed on the streets if the incoming mayor lets the cops arrest criminals again More
Judge caves to Antifa demands -- denies she did More
Dontcha just love it when a crazy Antifa stalker cries victim ( ) More
Antifa morons are opposed to folks who are opposed to authoritarianism because they're fascists -- or something? More
The FBI says it is investigating 2,700 cases of domestic terrorism, double the number from spring 2020 -- none of them target Antifa or Black Lives Matter More
Ilhan Omar (D-ISIS) wanted to defund the police, but was rejected by Minnesota voters -- is this the end for her? More
More registered voters oppose Black Lives Matter for the first time since 2018 More
ISIS terror threat warning has been issued for DC and Northern Virginia -- are the Donks trying to suppress Tuesday's voter turnout? More
Antifa is threatening to burn down America if Kyle Rittenhouse is not convicted (he won't be) More
Two Antifa anarchro-communist losers sentenced to 5 years More
Would you just listen to this jihadi -- defunds the cops then blames them for crime More
The leader of the "Not Fucking Around Coalition," a black nationalist paramilitary, has been indicted by a grand jury in Kentucky for threatening police More
Antifa crashed Texas college's pro-life prayer vigil with some pretty ugly language More
Ivy League lawyers who firebombed police car plead guilty -- 100 to 1 they do no time! More
"I think someone may be trying to kill me" -- Matt Gaetz tells a disturbing story More
Every once and a while Lady Justice wins and an Antifa scumbag goes to prison More
Portland cops wash hands of leftist violence that caused $500 million in damages More
Half-a-billion in damages and nobody was arrested -- didn't even make the news More
The crazies are successfully infiltrating the governments of the Northwest More
Last night, Antifa assaulted LA's housing authority demanding free housing More
This is not an insurrection because it's for a "good" cause More
Laura Kealiher, the mother of deceased violent Antifa member Sean Kealiher, held a riot in honor of her son on Tuesday outside the Justice Center in Portland. More
The illegal-alien LUCHA terror campaign against Sen. Sinema is threatening the Boston Marathon More
The ransom payments for the remaining American hostages have begun under the cover of "humanitarian aid" More
Female illegal alien from China set fire to historic Alabama Church More
"Passenger, who has been taken into custody for questioning, was being unruly and allegedly suggested he had a device on the plan" ( ) More
Portland on the verge of the most violent year in modern history More
As the 2022 election season begins, Antifa announced a riot in honor of dead member for Oct. 12 More
The local cell of the Youth Liberation Front, a violent group, is promoting political violence, assault & insurrection this weekend More
The illegals stalking and assaulting Sen. Simena are from George Soros-funded group LUCHA More
FBI admits they don't identify or track far-left anarchist groups, but Jan 6 "mostly peaceful protesters," that's a different story More
An illegal alien harassed a U.S. senator in the bathroom and demanded that she vote a certain way More
Leftists are promoting another "day of rage" on October 10th -- this post clearly urges violence but is fine with Twitter More
Robbery suspect, who attacked Portland police with a sword, axe and knives was released on his own recognizance (no bail). More
30 Hour community service sentence for "assaulting a cop" -- more proof that Antifa is protected by the Donks More
Antifa Benjamin Anthony Varela has been arrested for the shooting of Proud Boy Tusitala "Tiny" Toese More
There's no knowing how many homes, lives and businesses this leftist destroyed? More
The New Yorker features a piece from a guy who wants to blow up pipelines to help promote climate change fight, but he doesn't recommend kidnapping More
Black Lives Matter is threatening an "uprising" against "racist" vaccine mandates More
Why isn't the media more upset about Antifa's attacks on journalists (and other people)? More
Muslim man charges cockpit on a flight from Boston to San Juan More
Mattis & Rahman will plead guilty to firebombing cop cars during the George Floyd riots More
Haitian illegals revolt, seize control bus, and escape federal custody More
Kabul bomber who killed 13 Marines was freed from Bagram prison when Biden abandoned the airbase More
Fascist, operating under the guise of the "good citizen," terrorizes a maskless woman More
Aid to Afghanistan is "ransom" for the largest number of American hostages since Tehran in '59 -- they're still on the Kabul tarmac More
Washington anarchist Ellen Reiche was convicted at trial on terrorism charges More
Surveillance video of Antifa, dressed in black bloc, shooting Proud Boy and American Samoan, Tusitala "Tiny" Toese More
BREAKING! 200 people are cleared to leave aboard plane to Qatar -- some of them U.S. nationals. More
Afghan refugee stopped on U.S.-bound flight with explosive materials -- TSA says, "terrorism not suspected" -- WHAT? More
Taliban is massacring our allies in Panjshir Valley -- happening now More
The final humiliation -- Taliban have taken American hostages -- let the ransom payments begin More
Antifa has begun shooting people! More
Antifa extremist Miguel Louis threatened, "we’re going to continue killing you.” More
Pro-Antifa CA high school teacher to be fired after indoctrinating students More
"Built Back Better" More
We didn't see stuff like this in 1975 Saigon More
Check out all the armor! The super high-tech and classified software systems from the M1A2C is now in enemy hands More
Taliban hang man by the throat from Blackhawk helicopter in show of dominance over Biden More
The house to house searches and executions have begun in Afghanistan More
So much for the Taliban are too primitive to use our sophisticated weapons and technology More
And it begins with the Taliban executing a folk singer More
This is how Biden’s disaster will be portrayed by jihadists for decades to come More
It appears that the bombardment of Kabul airport may have begun More
Afghani newsman reports people have nothing to fear from Taliban -- at the point of a gun More
Antifa take another whipping as cops have to save their asses More
Taliban sets up special unit to hunt down Afghans who helped U.S. and allied forces More
Taliban kill squads are hunting down Afghans and they're using US biometric data to do it More
13 U.S. Marines were killed in the ISIS attack outside the Kabul airport -- many are wounded More
ISIS has joined the Biden clusterfuck! More
Taliban seizes Pilatus PC12NG Spectre ISR spy planes and all its classified systems More
Suicide attack at Kabul Airport, near Baron Hotel -- Baron was used largely by British forces More
Team Biden has "resettled" at least 100 Afghans on "terrorist watch list" -- more to come! More
UK reports that an attack on Kabul Airport is "imminent" More
Female journalist, 24, terrified Taliban will find and kill her for telling world how they burned kids More
The Taliban are now operating the Blackhawk helicopters abandoned by Biden More
What happened to the Kalashnikovs? (Essay) More
Taliban Special Forces in American gear and armed with American weapons are guarding Kabul airport at the request of Team Biden More
Taliban spokes-terrorist says Biden set the "withdrawal by" date and the Taliban are going to hold him to it More
Taliban give Biden an ultimatum More
Antifa ain't what they used to be More
The Taliban have banned music and "women's voices" from radio and TV, as it begins More
Taliban are seizing passports from Americans -- they'll be flying as Americans when they come here More
U.S. assets seized by Taliban: $85 billion; 600,000 weapons; 75,000 vehicles; 200 aircraft More
Records Returned: 100


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