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Leftists attempting to prevent Charlie Kirk from speaking are pushed back by police  More 2022-12-01
The man who was arrested for making terrorist threats against The Heretic gay club in Atlanta is a gay leftist and HuffPo contributor named Chase Staub ( thread )  More 2022-11-29
Somebody should tell these Antifa people that there's no crying in terrorism ( thread ) ( )  More 2022-11-28
Antifa is miffed at Elon Musk, so they're planning on attacking Tesla dealerships  More 2022-11-27
The real fascists are being banned from Twitter and they don't like it ( thread )  More 2022-11-26
Antifa lunatic barricaded himself next to a Seattle-area Tesla, started a fire and threatened to blow up the building ( )  More 2022-11-26
More proof that the Left has zero respect for the law -- any law  More 2022-11-24
Antifa hates Joe Biden too! ( thread ) ( )  More 2022-11-24
Far-Left Antifa thugs still active on Twitter while many conservatives remain banned  More 2022-11-23
Far-left Antifa member Vishal Singh spent the day calling for violence against Republicans  More 2022-11-21
Armed Antifa are trolled at a Drag Queen Story Time (paid for by the American taxpayer) -- watch for the "red star" flag ( )  More 2022-11-20
SUV on the wrong side of the road running over LA sheriff department recruits ( )  More 2022-11-17
What is it with Antifa and trannies?  More 2022-11-15
Antifa attack women's rights rally outside city hall in New York City -- Antifa says being against radical trans ideology is fascism ( videos )  More 2022-11-14
Frontier Airlines flight diverted -- man who threatened passengers with box cutters arrested  More 2022-11-14
This is what the women in Olympia (WA) were facing when they tried to have a free speech event ( )  More 2022-11-14
Portland Antifa member who advocates for political violence works for far-left group hired by city to train cops  More 2022-11-11
The election law doesn’t matter in this room, only their rules, say the "men in black"  More 2022-11-06
Two-thirds of Independents say their friends are afraid to say who they will vote for in the midterms  More 2022-11-04
Will the three abortion protesters who disrupted Supreme Court proceedings be sent to the DC Gulag for two years?  More 2022-11-03
Border authorities have seized 2.2 tons of illegal drugs in two days  More 2022-11-03
The alliance between Antifa and trannydom seems odd?  More 2022-10-31
Diamond Arnold-Johnson, the Democratic nominee for Arkansas auditor, was arrested for the first-degree felony of terroristic threatening  More 2022-10-30
"Whatever it takes," is heard more often from the Left -- Liz Cheney uses it a lot  More 2022-10-28
The new Taliban -- CNN defends destroying irreplaceable art  More 2022-10-28
TPUSA conservative event canceled after Antifa attacked and maced students at UC Davis waiting to hear conservative black speaker --  More 2022-10-27
Trans-activists chant, "Trans women are..." -- and straight women respond, "men!" ( )  More 2022-10-27
Rubio staffer violently attacked, "by 4 animals who told him Republicans weren’t allowed in their neighborhood"  More 2022-10-25
Horse-mounted police respond to a mob of Antifa and other far-left rioters at Penn State University  More 2022-10-25
"I'm gonna f*ck you up when the cameras aren't around" -- these are the people that the Democrats count on when the going gets tough  More 2022-10-25
Eco terrorists hurl liquified mash potatoes at a Monet painting -- these assh*les pay no price for their actions, so why not?  More 2022-10-24
Eugene (OR) Antifa confronted people protesting the child drag show at Old Nick’s Pub featuring an 11-year-old who was taught the trade by a jailed pedophile (thread )  More 2022-10-24
Portland (OR) Antifa is gearing up for more trouble by raising money for weapons ( thread )  More 2022-10-23
Antifa changing into MAGA gear on Jan. 6  More 2022-10-20
Ever-angry Black Lives Matter morons try to force their way into LA City Hall  More 2022-10-20
This Sally doesn't look so tough -- crazy as hell, most likely  More 2022-10-20
Wait! Isn't that Antifa assaulting the Capitol -- and isn't that a Trump supporter trying to stop them?  More 2022-10-19
Activists throw soup over Van Gogh sunflower painting in London gallery -- glue themselves to the wall  More 2022-10-15
Mexican cartel gunmen dump human heads near Texas border  More 2022-10-13
The Alphabet People are again attacking the Colorado baker who refusal to bake a gay wedding cake-- this time its the trannies who demand a cake  More 2022-10-08
Condemning the white terrorist wing of the Democratic Party would never occur to Joe Biden  More 2022-10-08
"Anarchist" teacher wants to "burn down the system" after being exposed for his WOKE indoctrination  More 2022-10-07
If peacefully protesting abortion is criminal, but firebombing pregnancy centers is not, there is no rule of law  More 2022-10-06
Antifa have been using Twitter to direct comrades to vandalize businesses in Portland that remove vagrants or encampments on their property.  More 2022-10-03
32 Texas counties demand Texas declare the chaos at southern border an "invasion"  More 2022-10-01
Parents beware! -- fentanyl, disguised as candy, is the deadliest result of Biden's open border policy  More 2022-09-30
Heavily-armed black militia marches through Austin chanting anti-illegal migrant slogans -- they demand Joe Biden "close the border"  More 2022-09-27
Watch events in Katy (TX) -- the Left is organizing a confrontation at an alleged "Christian" church ( thread )  More 2022-09-25
*** Jan. 6 was not the rare instance of violence against our Democracy the Democrats say -- let me take you on a journey ( thread ) ***  More 2022-09-24
Violent Prog attacks the projector because he doesn't like the presentation -- busted! ( )  More 2022-09-22
Texas farmer living near border shows footage of illegal migrants crossing onto his property and breaking into and seizing his 95-year-old grandfathers home  More 2022-09-21
Cops herd violent, far-left activists confronting transgender surgeries for children protesters at Boston Children's Hospital  More 2022-09-19
Venezuela is emptying its prisons and sending its murderers, rapists, and thieves to the U. S.  More 2022-09-19
The FBI has arrested a Westfield (MA) woman for making bomb threats against Boston Children’s Hospital. ( )  More 2022-09-16
BLM founder, Patrisse Cullors, was trained for 10 years by ex-SDSer and communist, Eric Mann ( )  More 2022-09-16
New York City middle school teacher encourages students to engage in political violence  More 2022-09-12
The media left that one word out of the news reports  More 2022-09-08
Black Lives Matter leader accused of stealing $10 million from the organization  More 2022-09-03
Lawsuit filed against BLM Global Network Foundation alleges the organization is being used as a slush fund  More 2022-09-02
These fascists are confused about the meaning of the word "fascist"  More 2022-08-30
Portland (OR) is done for!  More 2022-08-30
Armed Antifa are pulling perimeter guard duty for drag queens in Roanoke (TX) ( )  More 2022-08-29
Antifa snipers were positioned on the third floor of a nearby parking garage  More 2022-08-29
In this little clip, who is the fascist?  More 2022-08-28
One of the last Mormon churches in Portland is being sold after its congregation left due to the far-left rioting and political extremism that plagues the city  More 2022-08-23
Antifa militants and socialist students held an anti-Ron DeSantis event yesterday ( thread )  More 2022-08-22
Trans activists shout down 80-year-old woman protesting against men in girls' locker room  More 2022-08-17
Antifa is composed of 99.44% white people -- so why the self-loathing?  More 2022-08-14
Police had to protect Christians at a building connected to St. Patrick's basilica (NY) after it was surrounded by militant pro-abortion protesters.  More 2022-08-07
Florida senator says "militant left-wing" Americans are a greater threat to America. than all wars the US has ever fought  More 2022-08-06
While the FBI is hunting for white supremacists, most of the fugitives on the FBI’s most wanted list are leftists and black identity extremists.  More 2022-08-06
As revenge for NYPost investigations into his lavish spending, Shaun ( I used to be a white guy ) King is targeting their journalists ( thread )  More 2022-08-04
UC Berkeley stopped construction of student housing, following organized assaults by violent, far-left extremists ( thread )  More 2022-08-04
Antifa hooligan has his lights turned out!  More 2022-08-03
Al-Qaeda leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, was sent to hell by a CIA drone strike in downtown Kabul yesterday ( )  More 2022-08-02
Antifa direct action in Atlanta targets construction of police training facility ( thread )  More 2022-08-02
Court filings show that tranny, Nicholas "Sophie" Roske, intended to assassinate three SCOTUS justices  More 2022-07-31
Climate terrorists threaten to attack and shut down the annual congressional baseball game  More 2022-07-28
37-year-old, Portia Odufuwa, decided to shoot up Dallas' Love Field -- police officer shows her some love ( )  More 2022-07-27
Scott Gruber, a federal employee and manager at USAID, tweeted that pregnancy centers and churches "deserve" to get bombed and that bombing is "protest"  More 2022-07-27
Oops! Portland Antifa declares war on Oregon's motorcycle clubs ( )  More 2022-07-26
Two Satanists were arrested in New Jersey over a pro-abortion vandalism of a church -- they want to throw babies out of windows  More 2022-07-24
If the public were given an inquiry into the deadly uprisings of 2020, they would learn that they weren’t spontaneous or unplanned  More 2022-07-23
Antifa militants panic after being notified that Facebook gave their messages to the FBI  More 2022-07-22
Extortion is extortion  More 2022-07-21
A hostage situation at the home of black supremacist communist organization known as "Black Hammer" in Fayetteville (GA)  More 2022-07-21
Why Portland's Antifa seems to have a never-ending supply of hooligans  More 2022-07-20
A teacher discussed his desire to radicalize children into militancy  More 2022-07-20
Portland (OR) parents can now send their kids to a free social justice summer camp founded by anarchists  More 2022-07-19
This is how you deal with Antifa ( )  More 2022-07-17
Harvard instructor calls for people to "accost" Supreme Court Justices "in public"  More 2022-07-16
So, who really are the extremists?  More 2022-07-16
Oregon Health & Science University medical staffer tweets, "Supreme Court Justices' family homes should be burned to the ground"  More 2022-07-13
The Left’s new normal  More 2022-07-12
Garland impeachment talk begins as Biden's DoJ drags its feet on abortion terrorists  More 2022-07-11
Why aren't the leaders of ShutDownDC arrested for conspiracy?  More 2022-07-10
Washington cops respond to a false report that an armed man had shot someone inside Steve Bannon's house  More 2022-07-09
ShutDownDC is paying bounties for a confirmed sighting of a Supreme Court justice so attack teams can harass them  More 2022-07-09
Two pregnancy centers in Worcester (MA) have been vandalized by the "good people" of Jane's Revenge  More 2022-07-08
The mural that “Bobby” Crimo III painted on the side of his mother's house might have been a clue? ( )  More 2022-07-07
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