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Terrorists R Us

the domestic and foreign enemies of the republic . . .

Antifa is composed of 99.44% white people -- so why the self-loathing?  More
Police had to protect Christians at a building connected to St. Patrick's basilica (NY) after it was surrounded by militant pro-abortion protesters.  More
Florida senator says "militant left-wing" Americans are a greater threat to America. than all wars the US has ever fought  More
While the FBI is hunting for white supremacists, most of the fugitives on the FBI’s most wanted list are leftists and black identity extremists.  More
As revenge for NYPost investigations into his lavish spending, Shaun ( I used to be a white guy ) King is targeting their journalists ( thread )  More
UC Berkeley stopped construction of student housing, following organized assaults by violent, far-left extremists ( thread )  More
Antifa hooligan has his lights turned out!  More
Al-Qaeda leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, was sent to hell by a CIA drone strike in downtown Kabul yesterday ( )  More
Antifa direct action in Atlanta targets construction of police training facility ( thread )  More
Court filings show that tranny, Nicholas "Sophie" Roske, intended to assassinate three SCOTUS justices  More
Climate terrorists threaten to attack and shut down the annual congressional baseball game  More
37-year-old, Portia Odufuwa, decided to shoot up Dallas' Love Field -- police officer shows her some love ( )  More
Scott Gruber, a federal employee and manager at USAID, tweeted that pregnancy centers and churches "deserve" to get bombed and that bombing is "protest"  More
Oops! Portland Antifa declares war on Oregon's motorcycle clubs ( )  More
Two Satanists were arrested in New Jersey over a pro-abortion vandalism of a church -- they want to throw babies out of windows  More
If the public were given an inquiry into the deadly uprisings of 2020, they would learn that they weren’t spontaneous or unplanned  More
Antifa militants panic after being notified that Facebook gave their messages to the FBI  More
Extortion is extortion  More
A hostage situation at the home of black supremacist communist organization known as "Black Hammer" in Fayetteville (GA)  More
Why Portland's Antifa seems to have a never-ending supply of hooligans  More
A teacher discussed his desire to radicalize children into militancy  More
Portland (OR) parents can now send their kids to a free social justice summer camp founded by anarchists  More
This is how you deal with Antifa ( )  More
Harvard instructor calls for people to "accost" Supreme Court Justices "in public"  More
So, who really are the extremists?  More
Oregon Health & Science University medical staffer tweets, "Supreme Court Justices' family homes should be burned to the ground"  More
The Left’s new normal  More
Garland impeachment talk begins as Biden's DoJ drags its feet on abortion terrorists  More
Why aren't the leaders of ShutDownDC arrested for conspiracy?  More
Washington cops respond to a false report that an armed man had shot someone inside Steve Bannon's house  More
ShutDownDC is paying bounties for a confirmed sighting of a Supreme Court justice so attack teams can harass them  More
Two pregnancy centers in Worcester (MA) have been vandalized by the "good people" of Jane's Revenge  More
The mural that “Bobby” Crimo III painted on the side of his mother's house might have been a clue? ( )  More
Citizen takes down Antifa with textbook tackle ( thread )  More
Here's the problem -- police were told in 2019 that parade shooter vowed to "kill everyone" -- didn't arrest him ( ) ( )  More
Mental health worker and Antifa organizer has felony convictions for meth dealing and burglary.  More
Who could ever image this kid could be a mass murderer  More
Terror in Philadelphia  More
Robert "Bobby" Crimo III, 22, has been arrested for the July 4th parade massacre in Highland Park (IL) ( )  More
Antifa kept the Capitol Police busy last night  More
Black Lives Matter -- Akron chapter -- go wild after guy who shoots at cops gets shot ( thread )  More
Memo reveals Capitol Police were warned BLM from Baltimore was bussing in rioters disguised as Trump supporters on Jan. 6  More
Former FBI agent reported at least one bus load of Antifa thugs infiltrated Jan. 6 demonstration  More
Antifa have started to carry long guns  More
Portland (OR) police stood by and watched while Antifa attacked the First Image pregnancy resource center ( thread )  More
Pro-abortion extremist vandalized St. Louise Catholic Church in Bellevue (WA)  More
The Satanic LGBT Antifa flag makes an appearance at the "Our Rights" DC protests at Justice Samuel Alito’s residence  More
Antifa attacked the First Image pregnancy center in Portland (OR) -- the building was heavily vandalized  More
Transgender activist calls for "Supreme Court Assassination Challenge"  More
Antifa defaced veterans' memorial and others because . . .  More
Trump calls for investigation into "organized and concentrated" efforts to intimidate Supreme Court Justices  More
Christian pregnancy center torched  More
They literally want you dead  More
Day 1 of the abortionist insurrection  More
Why are there 20 pallets of bricks one block from the House Office Buildings?  More
Leftists promoting political violence ( thread )  More
Antifa has limited itself to marching and chanting -- the Democrats haven't given the "go" order yet  More
The Joe Biden-Democrat incited insurrection in Downtown Los Angeles ( )  More
Antifa arrive at Supreme Court  More
While Bennie and the Jets play insurrection hearing -- the sh!ts going down in the streets  More
DC prepares for riots  More
Dallas prepares for riots.  More
Department of Homeland Security is warning Catholic churches and pregnancy centers to be prepared for “Night of Rage” by pro-abortion terrorist groups  More
Just a coincidence, or "hey! wait-a-minute!"  More
Day before Jan. 6 hearing, FBI agents stage a pre-dawn raid on the home of Trump DoJ official, Jeffrey Clark, who was forced into the street in his pajamas  More
The national director for the "Save the Kids" program is a communist activist and Antifa leader who did two years for a child sex crime  More
The supremacists that the Democrats don't care about  More
Black Lives Matter celebrates Juneteenth by demanding reparations NOW!  More
Jane’s Revenge plans "Night of Rage" in DC  More
Teenagers terrorize Justice Barrett at her home with gross stunt  More
Picketing in front of the justices’ homes is a crime under 15 U.S.C. §1507 -- you will never see AG Garland enforce it.  More
Meanwhile, government agents are scouring the woods for those dreaded white supremacists  More
Jane's Revenge declares "open season" on pro-life pregnancy centers  More
Looks like Jane's Revenge is formally evolving from a protest group to a terrorist group  More
Antifa scumbags will get no jail time for the mob beating of two Marine reservists  More
Supporters release hundreds of cockroaches into courtroom as Upstate New York BLM chapter co-founder is arraigned  More
Democrats try to burn down office of Republican congressman, JT Wilcox  More
Progressive terrorists have now attacked four separate pro-life centers while nearly assassinating a Supreme Court justice  More
Judge sides with Home Depot, upholds ban on BLM logos on workers' aprons  More
They know intimidation won't change the justices' minds -- so why do they do it?  More
A day after the attempted murder of Justice Kavanaugh, the "good people" are terrorizing Justice Barrett and her seven children  More
This would never happen at Nancy Pelosi's house  More
A man was arrested outside of Justice Kavanaugh's residence around 1:45am last night -- said he was there to kill Kavanaugh ( )  More
It appears that the Left is preparing for a repeat of the "mostly peaceful protests" of 2020  More
Many assumed the man arrested with body armor and ammunition at the U.S. Capitol was some white far-right militant -- he isn't!  More
Boogaloo Boy who assassinated a federal officer during George Floyd protests sentenced to 41 years  More
Black cops brace black man instead of the Antifa terrorizing him -- what's that about?  More
Black Lives Matter tries to create another martyr out of a terrorist  More
Radical Left group releases Supreme Court insurrection plans  More
A man dressed up as an elderly woman trashed the Mona Lisa  More
"If abortion isn't safe, you aren't either"  More
"Multiple victims" shot at Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods (CA)  More
The Buffalo shooter described his political beliefs as having moved from communist to “mild-moderate authoritarian Left“  More
The lawyers who accompany Antifa are facilitating their violence and put lie to the notion that Antifa is not an organization  More
These kids need a good ass-kicking!  More
US Marshals have been charged with protecting SCOTUS Justices from America's real enemies  More
A claim of responsibility for the Madison (WI) molotov attack was shared by a group calling themselves, "Jane's Revenge"  More
There doesn't appear to be a large mob at Alito's home, but Antifa is now accompanied by a NLG lawyer ( )  More
People that demand the right to kill babies, accuse church-goers of being fascists  More
Biden's Domestic Terrorism Task Force isn't looking for these guys  More
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