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Hamas supporters are raiding New York retail stores  More 2023-12-03
I dug out this 16-year-old music video, since it applies currently -- stars slow, but you just might dig it!  More 2023-11-30
*** "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind" -- Hamas supporters shut down Hillary Clinton's class at Columbia University ***  More 2023-11-30
Muslims and Democrats wage war on Christianity and attempt to shut down the Fox Nes Christmas Tree Lighting ( )  More 2023-11-30
This is a FREAKING MEXICAN DRUG CARTEL -- it’s no longer an option, militarize the border  More 2023-11-29
Terrorists, assh*les, or both?  More 2023-11-26
Antifa, feds, or both? -- Jan. 6  More 2023-11-26
Isn't it curious that no government -- city, state or federal -- has any interest in Antifa?  More 2023-11-26
Bridget Shergalis, Calla Walsh, and Sophie Ross face sabotage, burglary, and other charges after a terrorist incident at Elbit Systems in Merrimack (NH)  More 2023-11-25
Hamas supporters glue themselves to 5th Avenue to interfere with Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade ( )  More 2023-11-24
Attempted "terrorist attack" at New York-Canada borderl wasn't a terror attack but a spectacular collision  More 2023-11-22
The American flag has been replaced at Oakland's (CA) Fremont High School  More 2023-11-19
As the FBI continues to hunt down Christian ministers, they ignore stuff like this  More 2023-11-17
The new hotness -- flying the Palestinian flag  More 2023-11-17
A pro-Palestinian activist group, "Within Our Lifetime," has called for "direct action" to "globalize intifada," and they published a map of Manhattan (NY) "targets"  More 2023-11-17
The Law of Unintended Consequences again rears its ugly head as the Left turns on Joe Biden  More 2023-11-17
If you believe Democrats see these protests as a bad thing you do not understand the New Democrat -- they love chaos -- chaos is the key to the kingdom ( )  More 2023-11-16
The Muslim Brotherhood's 100-year plan to conquer The West  More 2023-11-15
Math lecture at MIT  More 2023-11-15
If this was a Christian minister preaching the "the Word" he would be arrested and jailed  More 2023-11-13
America is no longer a Christian nation -- this is happening at the very same time that the FBI is hunting down Christians  More 2023-11-13
Black Lives Matter rebrands as Hamas Lives Matter  More 2023-11-12
Muslim immigrants are tearing down U. S. flags in New York and throwing them on the ground  More 2023-11-12
Anyone wanna take bets as to how long it’ll be before “protestors” destroy the NYC’s Rockefeller Center Christmas tree?  More 2023-11-11
New York City Jews have been told to "shelter in place" -- it is not safe for them in Biden's America  More 2023-11-11
CNN photographer in Gaza holding a grenade as he joins Hamas terrorists on October 7th massacre  More 2023-11-10
Diversity is our strength  More 2023-11-10
Plotting to create a run on the banks is definitely an act of terrorism -- it's also a loony-tunes fantasy  More 2023-11-09
Good news everyone, the FBI is hard at work arresting Jan. 6 suspects while hundreds of thousands of people -- including real terrorists -- illegally cross the border  More 2023-11-09
Folks like Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Hamas) always skip right over October 7th like it never happened  More 2023-11-08
A leftist, protesting in support of Hamas, has murdered elderly Jewish man in Los Angeles by smashing him over the head with a megaphone  More 2023-11-07
"It's OK chief, none of them appear to be Christians"  More 2023-11-06
The Intifada just walks into the United States  More 2023-11-05
The Barbarians are inside the gates of Washington, DC -- the former capital of free America  More 2023-11-05
Pro-Palestine rioters tried to break down the gate and storm the White House at a direct action -- none will face a judge or go to prison -- unlike Jan. 6 protesters  More 2023-11-05
Pro-palestine rioters desecrated and vandalized historic monuments in D.C. -- not one of them will ever serve a day in prion -- unlike the Jan. 6 people  More 2023-11-05
Subversives who -- unlike the Jan. 6 people -- will never spend a day in jail  More 2023-11-04
Sorry, dude!  More 2023-11-04
This is only the beginning -- the barbarians are inside the gates  More 2023-11-03
Antifa needs to be eliminated -- hard  More 2023-11-03
The list of Palestinian civilians in Gaza killed by the IDF had Hamas NOT launched its October 7 terror attack against Israel.  More 2023-11-01
It's good to have goals, but not if your goal is to murder everybody on the planet that is not a Muslim  More 2023-10-31
Like San Francisco didn't have enough problems  More 2023-10-30
Nearly 100 Syrian and 50 Iranian nationals have been apprehended by the Border Patrol since the beginning of October  More 2023-10-30
Diversity is our strength!  More 2023-10-30
Within days of every mass murder we see a headline like this one  More 2023-10-29
They're here and there are a lot of them -- thank a Democrat  More 2023-10-29
Now that we know the shooter in Maine was an Obama supporter, do you think that will change how this story is covered by the Networks?  More 2023-10-26
Large numbers from the Middle East, mostly from Syria and Afghanistan, flying directly into Tijuana airport -- then heading to America next  More 2023-10-26
Islamic groups have infiltrated the U. S. defense establishment  More 2023-10-25
24 American soldiers have been injured in drone attacks on U. S. bases in Iraq and Syria  More 2023-10-25
In fiscal year 2023, the CBP encountered 736 individual crossing our borders known to be on the terror watchlist -- nobody knows how many have crossed "unencounted"  More 2023-10-24
Minneapolis city council candidate, Zach Metzger, blocked off a highway and terrorized an old white man driving past a pro-Palestine riot ( )  More 2023-10-24
Hamas supporters get rowdy in Brooklyn  More 2023-10-23
America, we have a problem!  More 2023-10-22
Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) calls Rep. Jim Jordan "a clear and present danger to 'Our Democracy’" -- does not tell us why -- just the slander  More 2023-10-21
It's too late now -- they are amongst us  More 2023-10-21
Diversity is our strength  More 2023-10-20
At what point is threatening the lives of journalists and their children not a crime?  More 2023-10-20
Harvard professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said Harvard students who support Hamas should be treated like the KKK  More 2023-10-19
The Hamas insurrection interrupted an official proceeding of the U. S. Senate  More 2023-10-19
Unruly mob of Hamas supporters occupy the U. S. Capitol building -- none will be tried and imprisoned ( )  More 2023-10-19
In Chicago. Hamas and Black Lives Matter are two sides of the same coin  More 2023-10-18
Mob in Beirut, Lebanon heading towards the U. S. embassy ( )  More 2023-10-18
Michigan, USA  More 2023-10-17
Four Iranian nationals apprehended at the southern border are deemed "special interest" aliens  More 2023-10-17
E Pluribus Unum is dead  More 2023-10-17
Four Iranian "special interest aliens" were apprehended by Border Patrol attempting to cross into US in October.  More 2023-10-16
A bunch of cool, edgy queer DJs were spinning at an “Intifada Fundraver” in New York to raise money for Hamas terrorists ( thread )  More 2023-10-16
Diversity is our strength  More 2023-10-16
Leftists are inviting and facilitating the crossing of illegal aliens that want to avoid authorities  More 2023-10-15
Coming to America!  More 2023-10-14
Do you know what a "getaway" is?  More 2023-10-14
Times Square -- you can't "fix" this  More 2023-10-14
A group of 50 military-age Syrian men crossed the Arizona border the other day -- how did they get from Syria to here? -- who paid for their flights?  More 2023-10-13
Today has been declared "A Global Day of Jihad" -- carry extra mags or speed loaders  More 2023-10-13
How is this woman on a school board in Fairfax, Virginia?  More 2023-10-13
The New York police department has ordered all cops to report in uniform toay after ex-Hamas chief calls for global day of Jihad  More 2023-10-13
A car full of men waving Palestinian flags brazenly decided to stop traffic on the Long Island Expressway and cause havoc!  More 2023-10-13
Climate NAZIs intimidate Pete Buttigieg and chase him off the stage  More 2023-10-12
Automatic gunfire along the Mexican border -- there is no U. S. border  More 2023-10-12
Internal CBP data provided and confirmed by CBP sources reveals thousands of “special interest aliens” from mostly Middle Eastern countries have been apprehended by Border Patrol while crossing into U.S. illegally over last two years  More 2023-10-11
Black Lives Matter Grassroots calls for Hamas-style decolonization of America  More 2023-10-11
They're here!  More 2023-10-11
Law enforcement officers fatally shot the driver of a vehicle that plowed into the Chinese consulate in San Francisco  More 2023-10-10
A man claiming to have a bomb climbs the Ferris Wheel at the Santa Monica Pier (CA)  More 2023-10-10
The Israeli Ambassador to the U S. has now confirmed Americans are among the hundreds being held hostage by Hamas militants in Gaza  More 2023-10-09
The odds are the sleeper cells are already here -- it’s only a matter of when…  More 2023-10-09
A coordinated “swatting” effort may be behind hundreds of school shooting hoaxes that sent police rushing to quiet schools  More 2023-10-07
It's been 192 day since a transgender assassin murdered six in Nashville, including three little girls -- authorities are still hiding "the manifesto"  More 2023-10-05
California school district passed a policy to only allow the American and State flag to fly on school grounds -- Alphabets respond with threats of death and violence  More 2023-10-05
"Stop Cop City" leader "Rev." Matthew Johnson carjacked a Benz and rammed it into multiple vehicles fleeing from cops -- Johnson is the executive director of a BLM-style nonprofit  More 2023-10-04
Antifa thug attacked a 16-year-old and was unmasked during his arrest -- make him famous  More 2023-09-23
Linnea Pugmire, who uses they/them pronouns, didn't like something he read in the newspaper, so, he attacked the mayor of Orem, Utah  More 2023-09-21
The FBI has zero interest in these Black supremacists  More 2023-09-19
Compare a real terrorist's crime and sentencer to the 22 years the Democrats gave Enrique Terrio  More 2023-09-14
Queer Wars -- Antifa and Trantifa attack Gays Against Groomers  More 2023-09-11
Will these mini-insurrectionists get any jail time, or is jail time just reserved for conservatives, like the Jan. 6 people?  More 2023-09-11
*** Kent “BoneFace” McLellan, a NAZI domestic terrorist and violent criminal is an FBI/CIA asset who has been fighting Russians as an intelligence asset ( long thread ) ***  More 2023-09-07
Sixty-one Antifa terrorists tied to Atlanta's “Stop Cop City” movement face state RICO charges  More 2023-09-06
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