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The New York Times' David French claims that "during Holy Week, Christians all over Twitter were posting 'Christ is King' specifically aimed to assert religious dominance in a very gross and ugly way -- it is very dangerous" More 2024-04-02
The FBI had a portal that “auto-deleted all communications with Twitter after two weeks,” erasing all evidence of their coillusion/censorship hanky-panky More 2024-03-20
Special Counsel Jack Smith asked for and the DoJ ordered a list of Twitter data for everyone who "liked, followed or retweeted" Trump. More 2023-11-29
Keith Olbermann calls for the government to ban "X" (Twitter) More 2023-11-18
Elon Musk's observations about The Twitter Files -- "Republicans were suppressed at ten times the rate of Democrats" More 2023-11-02
FBI agent, Elvis Chan, has been subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committtee to answer question about the government's 2020 Twitter censorship program More 2023-09-18
The Pentagon has awarded a “disinformation” contract to a researcher who applauded Twitter’s censorship of the Hunter Biden story More 2023-09-14
"Former" CIA agent hid her job at Twitter from Congress ( thread ) More 2023-09-02
Anti-White hate group meets with Twitter-X to set policy on hate speech More 2023-08-31
Aaron Rodericks, a flaming liberal, is now heading up the hiring of Twitter/X''s “censorship” team More 2023-08-19
Special Counsel Jack Smith obtained a secret search warrant for Trump’s Twitter account in July -- the DoJ obtained a nondisclosure order that prohibited X from informing Trump about the subpoena. More 2023-08-09
FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan, who is responsible for colluding with Twitter and Facebook to censor the Hunter laptop story, lied under oath about communications with Big Tech giants More 2023-08-08
Twitter censored the President of the United States on Jan. 6 -- never forget! More 2023-08-07
A recent post on MSNBC's official Twitter site promoting an opinion story about the connection between "physical fitness" and "the far right" has sparked social media commentary about the stupidity of the liberal media More 2023-07-16
Ukraine pings Washington -- Senior FBI man in Washington pings SF field office about three accounts -- SF agent pings Twitter -- Twitter suspends accounts More 2023-07-12
Matt Taibbi's "Missouri v. Biden edition" of Twitter Files sheds more light on "Censorship Enterprise" More 2023-07-12
The FBI aided a Ukrainian intelligence effort to ban Twitter users and collect their data More 2023-06-08
Fox News lawyers have reached out to Tucker Carlson notifying him that he breached his contract by launching his show on Twitter More 2023-06-08
First tweet on the top Twitter this morning More 2023-06-05
Interesting exchange between O'Keefe and Musk about Twitter, DHS, and former FBI Chief Counsel Baker ( thread ) More 2023-06-03
Twitter mutiny over "What Is A Woman?" More 2023-06-03
The IRS opened an investigation into independent reporter Matt Taibbi the same day he published a “Twitter Files” report documenting efforts between the social media platform and federal intelligence agencies to censor dissenting voices online More 2023-05-24
Institute for Strategic Dialogue -- recipient of Soros money -- claims antisemitism is on the rise on Twitter since Elon Musk took over because of criticism of George Soros ( thread ) More 2023-05-18
Liberal heads are exploding all over America, as Tucker comes to Twitter More 2023-05-17
DC mayor Bowser perjures herself in front of Congress by openly lying about the National Guard on Jan. 6 -- the truth is still on her Twitter page More 2023-05-17
Twitter's new Chief Executive Officer -- Elon better keep an eye on this one More 2023-05-13
Over 50% of Joe Biden's Twitter followers are fake, according to an audit More 2023-05-12
CNN reports that "right-wing extremist" Tucker Carlson will relaunch his program on Twitter More 2023-05-10
Poor thing has a breakdown over the news that Tucker Carlson is moving to Twitter More 2023-05-10
Why did Twitter censor Tucker Carlson? -- better yet, who helped Twitter do that? ( thread ) More 2023-04-28
Latest Twitter File uncovers the lies that Russians impacted the 2016 election ( ) More 2023-04-27
The horror! -- George Costanza quits Twitter over $8 fee More 2023-04-23
Twitter adds "Government Funded Media" label to more news outlets More 2023-04-18
Elon Musk reveals the Biden administration had "full access" to all of Twitter -- including users' direct messages More 2023-04-17
Did this MSNBC jackass miss the Twitter Files dump? More 2023-04-15
*** There's no question about it -- the Biden administration has/had logic and control algorithms embedded in Twitter. ( killer thread ) *** More 2023-04-03
Twitter intimidated by the trannies -- is suspending accounts reporting on the Trans Day of Vengeance More 2023-03-29
The IRS targeted Twitter Files journalist, Matt Taibbi More 2023-03-28
The judge says the plaintiffs have established standing to sue the Biden regime for the suppression of their comments on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube More 2023-03-22
Antifa are sharing Twitter instructions on making projectile weapons to be used against people and property More 2023-03-21
At the Twitter Files hearing, Rep. "All-Red" told journalists, Taibbi and Shellenberger, to "take off the tin-foil hat" -- "national security agencies are trying their best" to protect democracy" More 2023-03-11
FBI & Twitter collusion to suppress accurate reporting More 2023-03-10
"Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other companies developed a formal system for taking in moderation requests from every corner of government, from the FBI, DHS, HHS, DOD, the Global Engagement Center at State, even the CIA" More 2023-03-10
Joe Rogan's observations on Twitter becoming "right wing" More 2023-03-08
The Biden administration is demanding that Elon Musk explain why he allowed journalists access to the Twitter Files -- an outrageous attack on the First Amendment ( thread ) More 2023-03-08
There is a massive amount of evidence that shows the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI), and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) communicated with Twitter to control and manipulate public information More 2023-02-21
People unfollow Project Veritas on Twitter at an unhealthy clip -- 60,000 in 3 hour span -- down 200,000 in 12 hours More 2023-02-20
The people determined to reduce the Twitter Files into a partisan pissing match are providing cover for the FBI, DHS, DoJ, and other massive state entities More 2023-02-12
Former Twitter executive lies under oath as he gets grilled over his bias More 2023-02-11
This framing of the Hunter Biden Twitter story is outrageous gaslighting that shows just how far the anti-speech activists have fallen More 2023-02-10
The networks ignore the hearings on the Twitter/Hunter Biden Laptop story censorship -- following items demonstrate why More 2023-02-09
Rep. Nancy Mace asks ex-Twitter lawyer where she got the medical expertise to censor doctors More 2023-02-09
It’s called Jira and it makes Twitter a Joint State Actor under the law when they collude this extensively with the government More 2023-02-08
Republicans will question former Twitter executives on motive for suppressing NY Post's Hunter laptop story, pressure From Democrats More 2023-02-08
One of the largest and most extreme terror groups, Berkeley Antifa, has been suspended from Twitter More 2023-02-02
Twitter Files #15 -- Hamilton 68 collected a handful of mostly real, mostly American Twitter accounts, and described their organic conversations as Russian scheming More 2023-01-27
Jack Dorsey repeatedly said Twitter didn’t shadowban -- the entire machine behind Twitter is designed to shadowban More 2023-01-27
Twitter documents show how Adam Schiff deceived the public and has earned his ouster from the Intelligence Committee. More 2023-01-22
The key takeaway of the Twitter Files ~ Matt Taibbi More 2023-01-16
"500 to 1000 government agents from almost every agency were involved in Twitter censorship" -- "it may be more than that" More 2023-01-16
The Twitter Files: Supplemental -- more Adam Schiff requests to ban people -- plus deamplification ( shadowbanning ) More 2023-01-14
The Twitter Files #14 -- The Russiagate lies -- Democrats pushed the Russian bots lie, despite Twitter telling them the Kremlin had no involvement in the issue ( long thread ) More 2023-01-12
Surpirse! -- the Washington Post finally admits that Russian trolls on Twitter had little influence on 2016 voters ( ) More 2023-01-10
Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb secretly pressed Twitter to hide posts challenging his company's massively profitable COVID jabs More 2023-01-10
The Atlantic confirms our suspicions about Twitter and the Left More 2023-01-10
This Twitter Files thread exposes the suppression of the debate on Covid vaccines on Twitter. More 2023-01-09
The Twitter Files remind us the Deep State lives More 2023-01-09
A trans activist whined and a real woman was fired from Limited Run Games, a video game company -- her crime? -- following Ian Miles Cheong and Libs of TikTok on Twitter More 2023-01-09
*** How the FBI hacked Twitter *** More 2023-01-06
Adam Schiff asked Twitter to ban journalist Paul Sperry More 2023-01-04
*** Latest Twitter Files release shows how Twitter allowed the Intelligence Community in -- it just gets worse and worse ( long thread ) *** More 2023-01-04
The DHS demanded suspension of 250,000 Twitter accounts, including journalists and Canadian officials More 2023-01-04
Former FBI General Counsel, James Baker, tried to get Trump censored while working at Twitter for saying, "don’t be afraid of COVID" More 2022-12-30
Joe Biden repeatedly directed his staff to silence Americans on Twitter who disagreed with his policies More 2022-12-28
The FBI sent numerous censorship requests to Twitter right before the 2020 election More 2022-12-27
US intelligence agencies directed Twitter to censor information about the Ukraine war and the COVID vaccines More 2022-12-27
The Twitter Files #10 -- Federal law enforcement asserted primacy over all media distribution, a situation normally only found in tinpot regimes More 2022-12-26
Did the FBI violate the 1st Amendment when it colluded with Twitter? More 2022-12-26
Saturday's Twitter Files drop shows the FBI was sending Excel spreadsheets with thousands of names for Twitter to blanket ban for opposing the conflict in Ukraine More 2022-12-26
The FBI claims the words of its own agents in tons of emails revealed by Twitter Files dumps are conspiracy theories and misinformation. More 2022-12-26
The FBI directly smeared Elon Musk after his Twitter Files dumps exposed FBI pro-Biden censorship, spying and election interference. More 2022-12-26
"Accuse every American who reads the files of being a conspiracy theorist" -- FBI plan to deal with Twitter dumps ( ) More 2022-12-26
The mainstream media has shown little interest in the Twitter Files More 2022-12-25
Internal documents, from the last Twitter Files dump, show a Soros-funded outfit had a hand in spiking the Hunter Biden laptop story on Twitter More 2022-12-24
The FBI’s role in Twitter’s censorship vs. their response after it was exposed ~ Jonathan Turley thread More 2022-12-23
The FBI admits it meddles in "numerous companies," not just Twitter More 2022-12-22
Michael Shellenberger eviscerates the FBI for calling The Twitter Files misinformation ( thread ) More 2022-12-22
If you think the FBI's manipulation of Twitter is scary, wait till you hear what China does with TikTok More 2022-12-22
The FBI responds to the release of the Twitter Files ( ) More 2022-12-22
The FBI paid Twitter millions to censor American citizens More 2022-12-21
The Aspen Institute is a Soros-funded group tied to Twitter’s efforts to squash the Hunter Biden laptop scandal ( ) More 2022-12-21
*** The Twitter Files #8 -- How Twitter quietly aided the Pentagon’s covert online psy-op campaign ( thread ) *** More 2022-12-20
The FBI and Twitter just straight-up merged operations and formed their own little secret real-time censorship cabal ( thread ) More 2022-12-20
*** The Twitter Files #7 -- The FBI and the Hunter Biden laptop -- Michael Shellenberger, MD *** More 2022-12-19
Six huge takeaways from the sixth dump of The Twitter Files More 2022-12-19
Twitter's top ranks are riddled with former FBI agents -- lots of them ( long thread ) More 2022-12-19
The CDC had a secret censorship portal into Twitter More 2022-12-19
The FBI was perplexed when Twitter couldn't find a lot of foreign effort to influence the election ( long thread ) More 2022-12-19
The FBI and Twitter -- it's as if Twitter were a subsidiary of the FBI More 2022-12-18
Jonathan Turley shreds the FBI over Twitter censorship More 2022-12-18
CNN’s “senior media reporter” just learning how Twitter suspensions work for the first time More 2022-12-18
The Colorado Springs Antifa cell, notorious for promoting violence, has been suspended from Twitter More 2022-12-18
There is a 3,000-word Wikipedia page entitled, "Thursday Night Massacre," because some lefties got suspended from Twitter for 18 hours for doxing More 2022-12-17
FBI responds to Twitter Files, Pt. 6 -- shows their utter contempt for the American People and First Amendment law More 2022-12-17
Documented! -- the FBI asking Twitter for "location" information on a bunch of Twitter users -- just last month More 2022-12-17
The State Department never said a word when commie Twitter banned half the country More 2022-12-17
NPR's take on "The Twitter Files" More 2022-12-16
Ex-Twitter employee sentenced for spying on Twitter users for the Saudi Royals More 2022-12-16
CNN is going to “reevaluate” their “relationship with Twitter” after the suspension of “journalists" More 2022-12-16
The auction for luxury items from Twitter's headquarters will be on January 17th More 2022-12-14
Twitter's former chief censor and big fan of high-school boys, Yoel Roth, has gone into hiding More 2022-12-14
Will we get to see the FBI emails and DHS contact documents with Twitter? More 2022-12-13
The FBI tampered with a national election by lying to Twitter about the Hunter Biden laptop More 2022-12-13
"The Twitter Files" story isn't a story according to the Democratic media More 2022-12-13
Loony-tune has spent "years" spinning a Rudy Guiliani-laptop conspiracy on Twitter ( ) More 2022-12-13
Twitter managers saw Trump as a "terrorist" leader responsible for violence/deaths comparable to the Christchurch shooter or Hitler More 2022-12-13
Pro-Trump accounts were banned like "whack-a-mole," Twitter Files reveal More 2022-12-12
Why criticism of groomers would get you banned on Twitter -- Yoel Roth, Twitter's former head censor likes high school boys ( thread ) ( ) More 2022-12-12
The is the suppression of speech -- it's what tyrants do -- the pre-Musk Twitter did this to tens of thousands of Americans More 2022-12-12
Ex-FBI counsel, James Baker, may be in deep sneakers fo suppressing Twitter information More 2022-12-12
Michelle Obama was a key player in getting Trump banned from Twitter More 2022-12-11
KJP says, "We were not involved," even though the FBI was holding weekly meetings with Twitter censors More 2022-12-11
Twitter is still a rat's nest filled with government agents More 2022-12-11
*** The Twitter Files: Part Four -- The Removal of Donald Trump: January 7th ( thread ) *** More 2022-12-11
This tweet is a clue that Twitter's former chief censor might be a MAP -- a minor-attracted-person -- the Left's new term for a child molester ( ) More 2022-12-11
All the times Twitter execs lied to our faces about their insidious shadow-banning More 2022-12-11
"Twitter was just one prong" of the planned removal of President Trump by the FBI More 2022-12-11
Former Twitter employee spills the beans on Twitter's culture of bias ( thread ) More 2022-12-10
The FBI met with Twitter's top censor every week More 2022-12-10
*** The Twitter Files: Part Three -- the banning of President Trump *** More 2022-12-10
Trump was censored by Twitter "under pressure from federal agencies" before being banned More 2022-12-10
Thread takes former head of Twitter Trust & Safety, Yoel Roth, apart -- tweet by tweet -- note: Decosimo replies to his own tweets for evidence More 2022-12-09
Twitter "harmed science" by squelching scientific debate, says Stanford’s Dr. Bhattacharya More 2022-12-09
How the CDC used a backchannel with Twitter to control the COVID-19 narrative More 2022-12-09
*** The Twitter Files -- Part Two ( thread ) ( ) *** More 2022-12-09
Twitter denied "shadow banning" for years -- they lied More 2022-12-09
The Democratic media has devoted only 7 seconds to Elon Musk's release of "Twitter Files" More 2022-12-08
Twitter had secret "Partner Support Portal" for government employees to submit requests to remove or flag as “misinformation” More 2022-12-07
Twitter employed one of the most extensive censorship systems in history, and the mainstream media is trying to bury the story More 2022-12-07
Elon Musk fired Twitter general counsel, James Baker, over his role in suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story ( ) More 2022-12-07
The book on Vijaya Gadde -- Twitter’s top free speech destroyer More 2022-12-06
“The DNC and Biden Team knew they had friends at Twitter who would do their bidding during the election -- Twitter lied to the FEC about that influence -- but that’s just at the surface" More 2022-12-06
MSNBC guest says, The Twitter Files drop "undermines the central tenets of free speech" More 2022-12-06
The guy who has been censoring conservatives on Twitter More 2022-12-05
Former Twitter executives will be called before the new Congress More 2022-12-05
Thread details some of the housekeeping going on at Elon Musk's Twitter More 2022-12-05
Elon Musk's Twitter shut down 50,000 child porn accounts in 24 hours More 2022-12-05
Something is missing from the Twitter Files dump -- the fed's contacts with Twitter -- release the details of them all More 2022-12-05
Release of The Twitter Files reveals another layer of Democratic Party corruption More 2022-12-04
The DoJ probed Tara Reade's Twitter account after she made allegations about Joe Biden sexually assaulting her in a Senate corridor in 1993 More 2022-12-04
Twitter told the Federal Elections Commission that, "Twitter did not receive a request from the Biden campaign to review (much less restrict) the N.Y. Post articles..." ( thread ) More 2022-12-04
Media attacks Matt Taibbi for reporting Twitter story More 2022-12-04
Liberal thought from Twitter's now-unemployed chief censor More 2022-12-04
*** The Twitter Files ( thread ) ( ) *** More 2022-12-03
Right after the October 2020 Hunter Biden laptop story broke, a small group of Twitter execs decided to label the NY Post’s story as “hacked material” -- the rest is history More 2022-12-03
Twitter has begun the process of restoring accounts unfairly suspended during the suppression More 2022-11-29
"Journalist" asks KJP, "what tools do you have" to stop Elon Musk from restoring free speech at Twitter? More 2022-11-29
China is likely behind the ongoing cyber-attacks on Twitter in an attempt to bury news about the Chinese protests More 2022-11-28
The Washington Post throws a fit over Musk’s pro-free speech changes to Twitter More 2022-11-26
THIS was censoring conservatives at Twitter More 2022-11-26
The real fascists are being banned from Twitter and they don't like it ( thread ) More 2022-11-26
We don’t hear much about Democrats and leftists being let back on Twitter because they were never targeted More 2022-11-26
Musk's Twitter "amnesty" plan for suspended accounts alarms activists -- the usual "people will die" stuff More 2022-11-25
Twitter censorship had been deployed as a one-way operation against conservatives More 2022-11-24
Far-Left Antifa thugs still active on Twitter while many conservatives remain banned More 2022-11-23
Anti-Trumper, Yoel Roth, Twitter’s top censor, explains how regulators and corporate interests can prevent Elon Musk from restoring free speech on Twitter More 2022-11-23
Found in a closet at Twitter HQ More 2022-11-23
CBS News returns to Twitter after bravely leaving for 1 day, 16 hours, and 31 minutes More 2022-11-21
CBS is throwing a giant, public sulk over Twitter reinstating Trump More 2022-11-20
During the BLM riots, companies launched DEI programs as political insurance -- the dynamic has shifted, and Netflix, Lyft, Twitter, and others are now downsizing them More 2022-11-19
WTF? -- CBS News and its owned and operated stations are “pausing” activity on Twitter, blaming “uncertainty” on the platform More 2022-11-19
Hundreds of Twitter employees walk out More 2022-11-18
Senator Ed Markey colluded with a WaPo reporter in a scheme to damage Twitter’s reputation ( ) More 2022-11-14
Joe Biden tasked the Committee on Foreign Investment -- the bunch that approved Hillary's "Uranium One" deal -- to investigate the Musk's Twitter acquisition More 2022-11-12
Stephen King liked it better when the little people had no voice on Twitter More 2022-11-12
Twitter employees sound alarm about how it could make getting reliable information on this site during Tuesday's elections impossible More 2022-11-09
Facebook parent, Meta, to make massive layoffs -- could be bigger than Twitter’s cuts More 2022-11-07
That half of Twitter’s 7,500 employees are gone -- and it's running fine -- tells us that Twitter was up to far more than operating a social media site More 2022-11-05
Twitter exec tells MSNBC that firing Twitter employees could make misinformation worse for election week More 2022-11-05
The Twitter firings begin this morning More 2022-11-04
The DHS ran "Cognitive Infrastructure" operations with Twitter, Facebook, and Wikipedia ( ) More 2022-11-02
Left-wing groups call on advertisers to boycott Twitter unless Elon Musk commits to censorship ( ) More 2022-11-02
Documents show Facebook and Twitter collaborated closely with Homeland Security and FBI to police “disinformation" More 2022-10-31
Musk begins releasing internal notes from Twitter execs showing intent to hide true "objectives and key results" during lawsuit More 2022-10-31
This is the guy who was in charge of Twitter's "site integrity" More 2022-10-31
The mass Twitter layoffs begin today! More 2022-10-30
Media buys hoaxsters "we're fired" hoax in front of Twitter building ( ) More 2022-10-29
Corporations pout? -- who knew? -- General Motors pulls ads from Twitter More 2022-10-29
Twitter “CEO Parag Agrawal, chief financial officer Ned Segal, and Vijaya Gadde, head of legal policy, trust, and safety, were all fired” More 2022-10-28
The Twitter deal is done -- the enemies of free speech are gone -- "free them all" ( video ) More 2022-10-28
"Man of the Year" -- this is the article that Twitter suspended The Babylon Bee for which led up to tonight’s great news More 2022-10-28
Lefties are devastated that Elon Musk is now owner and CEO of Twitter and they're gonna show him! More 2022-10-28
If Elon Musk does dump 75% of Twitter, these kids aren't going to make it in the real world More 2022-10-27
Twitter employees are making demands, as Elon Musk moves to close the Twitter deal More 2022-10-26
Musk says he's closing on the Twitter deal on Friday -- we'll see! More 2022-10-26
If you’re wondering why Twitter was so quiet yesterday -- the lefties that pump up "the agenda" were getting their reward More 2022-10-22
Google says there are 7,500 employees at Twitter -- a team of 7 supports the website More 2022-10-21
This is how Twitter influences elections More 2022-10-16
It had to happen -- "Elon Musk is under investigation by federal authorities for his conduct in connection with the acquisition of Twitter" More 2022-10-14
Twitter banned, then reinstated, the Florida's surgeon general for saying men under 40 years old should not receive the COVID-19 vaccine due to higher cardiac-related deaths More 2022-10-10
Politico worries that Elon Musk will force Twitter to drop censorship -- the fear of a resurgent Trump terrifies the Left More 2022-10-08
Sources tell Steve Bannon that Twitter gave Elon Musk two preconditions for the sale -- Musk said, "no deal" More 2022-10-06
A Twitter employee exodus could be just around the corner -- but where will they go? More 2022-10-05
Twitter has banned me for the last time -- I am now full-time on GETTR More 2022-10-04
Antifa have been using Twitter to direct comrades to vandalize businesses in Portland that remove vagrants or encampments on their property. More 2022-10-03
Twitter has suspended "Libs of Tik Tok" again -- for unspecified reasons -- "Libs of Tik Tok" threatens to bring suit More 2022-09-29
82 Election-denying Democrats who called GOP election wins questionable, illegitimate or stolen ( check out tweeter's Twitter-name ) More 2022-09-17
Federal court upholds Texas social media law, clearing way for users to sue Twitter and the others over censorship More 2022-09-17
Twitter was notified by the FBI that they had a Chinese spy in its midst -- just one? More 2022-09-15
Department of Defense equity chief has history of anti-white Twitter posts More 2022-09-15
Twitter to increase its "management of the discussion" in the runup to the election More 2022-09-10
Have you seen Twitter's "#PedoHitler" thread? More 2022-09-05
The FBI photos of Trump's Top Secret Nuclear documents are so top secret that they are all over Twitter More 2022-09-01
8 in 10 Twitter accounts are fake, claims top security expert More 2022-09-01
Twitter will lock you out for exposing child molesters -- Twitter did it to Libs of Tik Tok More 2022-08-28
Former head of security for Twitter turns whistleblower -- says grave security problems exist at Twitter that are a risk to national security and democracy More 2022-08-24
This could be the greatest Twitter thread ever! More 2022-08-18
Twitter announces it will meddle in to 2022 elections More 2022-08-12
Twitter threatened with class-action suit for censoring doctors who question COVID vaccines More 2022-08-05
Twitter is censoring Epoch Times under the guise of "unsafe" speech -- whatever that is? More 2022-07-31
Twitter resumes purge of scientists and critics of gender ideology after Musk pullout More 2022-07-28
Doesn't Twitter's defense of groomers and grooming make Twitter a groomer, or at least an ally of groomers? More 2022-07-26
Twitter's numbers, of only 5% of its accounts being spam or fake, have been bullsh!t since Day One ( thread ) More 2022-07-18
Musk withdraws -- Twitter is in material breach of multiple provisions of Agreement, appears to have made false and misleading representations ( ) More 2022-07-09
Twitter has suspended Dave Rubin ( 1.3 million followers ) for defending Jordan Peterson's speech rights ( ) More 2022-07-07
Twitter is still being Twitter -- the Musk deal can't happen soon enough More 2022-06-28
For anyone who believes Twitter is fair and balanced More 2022-06-26
Twitter's board approves Elon Musk 's bid of $44 billion in a unanimous decision More 2022-06-21
Twitter employees triggered by Elon Musk saying "all lives matter" More 2022-06-20
Who is paying for the Twitter bots spamming everyone with the same, stupid pro-JoeBiden spin? More 2022-06-07
Twitter is digging its own grave by converting itself into a flagrant censorship machine for the Democratic National Committee and US government ( thread ) More 2022-05-23
Joe Rogan says Twitter has been "curated by a bunch of dorks" More 2022-05-22
Twitter will hide tweets that share false info during a crisis -- Musk can't take over fast enough! More 2022-05-20
Twitter doubles-down on suppression More 2022-05-20
Stuff, like this, is probably not going to help Twitter's cause More 2022-05-18
The ramifications for Twitter surrounding fake users or algorithmic bots are considerable More 2022-05-17
Twitter senior engineer syas, "Twitter does not believe in free speech" -- says employees at the tech giant are "Commie as fuck!" More 2022-05-17
After a lengthy thread about spam and fake accounts from Twitter's CEO, Musk replies with a simple graphic ( ) More 2022-05-17
Twitter finding no problem with a cartoon suggesting that Supreme Court justices be assassinated -- but don't you dare say Adm. Rachel Levine is a man More 2022-05-12
Elon Musk says that Twitter, banning Trump, "was morally wrong and flat-out stupid" More 2022-05-11
Leaked video of Twitter all-hands meeting More 2022-05-10
Twitter melts down after Roe leak More 2022-05-05
Leftists react to Elon Musk buying Twitter! More 2022-04-28
100 facts that the NEW Twitter should not ban you for tweeting More 2022-04-28
Twitter's new "down vote" function demonstrates their current mindset beautifully. More 2022-04-28
The second richest man in the world is miffed that the richest man in the world bought Twitter More 2022-04-28
Elon Musk criticized Twitter's top lawyer -- who made the decision to ban Trump -- for banning stories on Hunter Biden's laptop More 2022-04-27
Twitter meeting following Elon Musk acquisition ~ Project Veritas clip More 2022-04-27
The Twitter lawyer responsible for the decision to boot President Trump off Twitter, cried at meeting on the take-over by Musk More 2022-04-27
"There should be reparation programs for conservatives on Twitter to make up for what we experienced" More 2022-04-27
Five ways the current management at Twitter tramples on free expression More 2022-04-26
Twitter staff are told in emergency meeting that their jobs are only safe for six months More 2022-04-26
"Jack" posts long, positive thread on Twitter's acquisition More 2022-04-26
What a great idea -- dump Twitter's database logs to show the world what these enemies of free expression have been doing More 2022-04-26
The Left is in mourning after losing its Twitter hegemony -- they'll lose it completely when Trump returns More 2022-04-26
"Who's going to kill Elon Musk?" is OK with Twitter -- you just have to be a Lefty ( thread ) More 2022-04-26
Twitter deal could happen this week! More 2022-04-25
Twitter says it will no longer allow advertisers on its site who deny the scientific consensus on climate change, echoing a policy already in place at Google More 2022-04-24
Apparently threatening to assassinate someone doesn’t violate Twitter’s policies More 2022-04-22
If there is a "Down" vote button on Twitter, why is there no "Up" vote button More 2022-04-21
Elon Musk’s battle for Twitter is a proxy war for Americans against the ruling class More 2022-04-20
Elon Musk says when he takes over Twitter, the Board's salaries will be zero dollars More 2022-04-19
Jack Dorsey tweets that the Twitter Board has consistently been the dysfunction of the company More 2022-04-18
Nominated for the Twitter video of the day More 2022-04-17
Twitter has taken down the viral Libs of Tik Tok for a second time in a week -- fear drives this! More 2022-04-17
Twitter employee undergoes therapy over Elon Musk takeover -- Babylon Bee More 2022-04-16
Elon Musk's off to buy Twitter has the wiseguys tweeting More 2022-04-15
Twitter put Libs of Tik Tok in the penalty box for 12 hours for exposing groomers More 2022-04-14
He's got one of those Twitter blue check thingies, so he must know what he's talkin' about More 2022-04-14
Twitter has no problem with violence when used by leftists More 2022-04-11
Yo! Twitter! Elon has a tweet for you More 2022-04-08
Twitter shows fear -- refuses to reinstate President Trump's posting "privileges" More 2022-04-07
Send Twitter a tweet More 2022-04-06
Mid-level Twitter manager admits he "proactively blocked" Elon Musk -- probably the guy that did Trump More 2022-04-06
Twitter employees have their panties in a twist because Elon Musk bought major share in Twitter More 2022-04-05
Trump Social inadvertently uncovers massive censoring of conservative websites on Twitter More 2022-04-03
Twitter’s evil war on free speech and debate is authoritarian and harmful to the country. More 2022-03-28
Twitter censors Tucker -- how far is Parag Agrawal prepared to go with his authoritarianism More 2022-03-27
Somebody needs to call a policy meeting at Twitter More 2022-03-27
If you don't accept the "Rachel Levine is a woman" absurdity, Twitter will ban you More 2022-03-26
Twitter is receiving its comeuppance ON Twitter More 2022-03-26
Babylon Bee CEO addresses Twitter's censorship ( thread ) More 2022-03-25
Twitter has totally lost its way More 2022-03-24
Twitter may have made a mistake in sending the Babylon Bee to the penalty box More 2022-03-24
What Twitter bans versus what it doesn't ban makes the social media giant look even worse More 2022-03-22
Twitter, its rules and its propeller-heads are beyond arbitrary -- they're stupid More 2022-02-18
Uh-oh! Twitter has to ban itself for "misinformation" More 2022-02-02
Nothing like a state attorney accusing people of a crime on Twitter More 2022-01-19
Being cancelled by Twitter is bad, but being cancelled by your bank because they fear, "reputational damage," is the worst More 2022-01-15
Twitter has pulled the plug on @ExposeFauci, a Project Veritas account set up to report on the U.S. government involvement in gain of function research ( ) More 2022-01-11
Twitter suspended Matt Walsh for tweeting, "I am not referring to an individual person as if she is two people" More 2022-01-08
"There are things on Twitter I don't talk about because I know they will silence me" More 2022-01-05
Twitter suspends Grabien's account for posting video of GOP rep criticizing Big Pharma More 2022-01-02
Twitter "blue check" guy loses it over Fox News screenshot More 2021-12-03
Left-wing accounts are furious and are inciting mass violence on Twitter More 2021-11-19
The twitterati are debating which member of Congress has the lowest IQ More 2021-11-18
Leftists are posting what are basically murder for hire posts and Twitter doesn't notice (thread) More 2021-11-12
Twitter's censors have banned a journalist, Emerald Robinson, for "wrongthink" but mostly for working at Newsmax More 2021-11-10
Twitter has just appointed itself as Minister of Information More 2021-11-02
Twitter will ban you if you don't accept the delusion that men dressed up like women are women More 2021-10-26
Twitter will suspend anyone that that points out the obvious lunacy of Biden's 4-star tranny admiral -- including an Indiana congressman More 2021-10-25
California has become unlivable (Twitter search) More 2021-10-19
This is what's wrong with America -- moron trashes his workplace live on Twitter for hits! More 2021-10-17
Leftists are promoting another "day of rage" on October 10th -- this post clearly urges violence but is fine with Twitter More 2021-10-03
Twitter's censorship has become pharisaical More 2021-09-17
There are literally hundreds of tweets returned if you search "Biden dictator" on Twitter More 2021-09-13
Street art of Jack Dorsey is plastered all around Twitter HQ for banning conservatives but not the Taliban from Twitter More 2021-09-13
"Hey, Twitter, can you hear me now?" -- a lawsuit in three acts More 2021-09-11
Comedy Classic from the New Yorker (consider following James Woods on Twitter -- you'll be glad you did) More 2021-08-29
President Trump was banned from Twitter -- Rouhani, the Taliban, Antifa, and others remain More 2021-08-26
Twitter was made for actor James Woods More 2021-08-21
Twitter refuses to ban Taliban spokesmant’s account -- no problem suspending Trump's account More 2021-08-20
Twitter has really painted itself into a corner on the "free speech" issue More 2021-08-18
Free speech for the Taliban, but not for a former US president is not a good look for @Twitter More 2021-08-16
Taliban leader Zabihullah Majahid is on Twitter -- President Trump isn't More 2021-08-16
Twitter teams-up with The AP and Reuters to fight "misinformation" -- will they have the balls to call the consortium, "Pravda?" More 2021-08-04
Twitter built a special portal that gives certain government officials the ability to flag and delete content they dislike More 2021-08-03
Socialists get all atwitter singing socialist anthem on the steps of the Capitol More 2021-08-03
Twitter is just full of crap! More 2021-07-30
If you type the word "COVID" or "vaccine" into Twitter search, Twitter replies with a link to the CDC More 2021-07-23
If I owned a restaurant, I can't decide on my own who gets to eat, how can Twitter decide who can tweet? More 2021-07-20
Twitter will now censor anybody that is critical of the march of Marxism More 2021-07-04
The National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) worked with the U. N., Twitter, States and Non-profits to prevent free speech and impact the 2020 U. S. election More 2021-07-03
During the 2020 election, a Twitter portal allowed governmental officials to flag and delete content they disliked for any reason More 2021-07-02
Redacted documents show how Democrats have acces to group at Twitter that deletes tweets they don't like More 2021-06-19
Twitter declared a free and open Internet to be "an essential human right in modern society" -- except for President Trump, of course More 2021-06-06
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