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The New York Times' David French claims that "during Holy Week, Christians all over Twitter were posting 'Christ is King' specifically aimed to assert religious dominance in a very gross and ugly way -- it is very dangerous" 2024-04-02 Read
The FBI had a portal that “auto-deleted all communications with Twitter after two weeks,” erasing all evidence of their coillusion/censorship hanky-panky 2024-03-20 Read
Special Counsel Jack Smith asked for and the DoJ ordered a list of Twitter data for everyone who "liked, followed or retweeted" Trump. 2023-11-29 Read
Keith Olbermann calls for the government to ban "X" (Twitter) 2023-11-18 Read
Elon Musk's observations about The Twitter Files -- "Republicans were suppressed at ten times the rate of Democrats" 2023-11-02 Read
FBI agent, Elvis Chan, has been subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committtee to answer question about the government's 2020 Twitter censorship program 2023-09-18 Read
The Pentagon has awarded a “disinformation” contract to a researcher who applauded Twitter’s censorship of the Hunter Biden story 2023-09-14 Read
"Former" CIA agent hid her job at Twitter from Congress ( thread ) 2023-09-02 Read
Anti-White hate group meets with Twitter-X to set policy on hate speech 2023-08-31 Read
Aaron Rodericks, a flaming liberal, is now heading up the hiring of Twitter/X''s “censorship” team 2023-08-19 Read
Special Counsel Jack Smith obtained a secret search warrant for Trump’s Twitter account in July -- the DoJ obtained a nondisclosure order that prohibited X from informing Trump about the subpoena. 2023-08-09 Read
FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan, who is responsible for colluding with Twitter and Facebook to censor the Hunter laptop story, lied under oath about communications with Big Tech giants 2023-08-08 Read
Twitter censored the President of the United States on Jan. 6 -- never forget! 2023-08-07 Read
A recent post on MSNBC's official Twitter site promoting an opinion story about the connection between "physical fitness" and "the far right" has sparked social media commentary about the stupidity of the liberal media 2023-07-16 Read
Matt Taibbi's "Missouri v. Biden edition" of Twitter Files sheds more light on "Censorship Enterprise" 2023-07-12 Read
Ukraine pings Washington -- Senior FBI man in Washington pings SF field office about three accounts -- SF agent pings Twitter -- Twitter suspends accounts 2023-07-12 Read
Fox News lawyers have reached out to Tucker Carlson notifying him that he breached his contract by launching his show on Twitter 2023-06-08 Read
The FBI aided a Ukrainian intelligence effort to ban Twitter users and collect their data 2023-06-08 Read
First tweet on the top Twitter this morning 2023-06-05 Read
Twitter mutiny over "What Is A Woman?" 2023-06-03 Read
Interesting exchange between O'Keefe and Musk about Twitter, DHS, and former FBI Chief Counsel Baker ( thread ) 2023-06-03 Read
The IRS opened an investigation into independent reporter Matt Taibbi the same day he published a “Twitter Files” report documenting efforts between the social media platform and federal intelligence agencies to censor dissenting voices online 2023-05-24 Read
Institute for Strategic Dialogue -- recipient of Soros money -- claims antisemitism is on the rise on Twitter since Elon Musk took over because of criticism of George Soros ( thread ) 2023-05-18 Read
DC mayor Bowser perjures herself in front of Congress by openly lying about the National Guard on Jan. 6 -- the truth is still on her Twitter page 2023-05-17 Read
Liberal heads are exploding all over America, as Tucker comes to Twitter 2023-05-17 Read
Twitter's new Chief Executive Officer -- Elon better keep an eye on this one 2023-05-13 Read
Over 50% of Joe Biden's Twitter followers are fake, according to an audit 2023-05-12 Read
Poor thing has a breakdown over the news that Tucker Carlson is moving to Twitter 2023-05-10 Read
CNN reports that "right-wing extremist" Tucker Carlson will relaunch his program on Twitter 2023-05-10 Read
Why did Twitter censor Tucker Carlson? -- better yet, who helped Twitter do that? ( thread ) 2023-04-28 Read
Latest Twitter File uncovers the lies that Russians impacted the 2016 election ( ) 2023-04-27 Read
The horror! -- George Costanza quits Twitter over $8 fee 2023-04-23 Read
Twitter adds "Government Funded Media" label to more news outlets 2023-04-18 Read
Elon Musk reveals the Biden administration had "full access" to all of Twitter -- including users' direct messages 2023-04-17 Read
Did this MSNBC jackass miss the Twitter Files dump? 2023-04-15 Read
*** There's no question about it -- the Biden administration has/had logic and control algorithms embedded in Twitter. ( killer thread ) *** 2023-04-03 Read
Twitter intimidated by the trannies -- is suspending accounts reporting on the Trans Day of Vengeance 2023-03-29 Read
The IRS targeted Twitter Files journalist, Matt Taibbi 2023-03-28 Read
The judge says the plaintiffs have established standing to sue the Biden regime for the suppression of their comments on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube 2023-03-22 Read
Antifa are sharing Twitter instructions on making projectile weapons to be used against people and property 2023-03-21 Read
At the Twitter Files hearing, Rep. "All-Red" told journalists, Taibbi and Shellenberger, to "take off the tin-foil hat" -- "national security agencies are trying their best" to protect democracy" 2023-03-11 Read
"Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other companies developed a formal system for taking in moderation requests from every corner of government, from the FBI, DHS, HHS, DOD, the Global Engagement Center at State, even the CIA" 2023-03-10 Read
FBI & Twitter collusion to suppress accurate reporting 2023-03-10 Read
The Biden administration is demanding that Elon Musk explain why he allowed journalists access to the Twitter Files -- an outrageous attack on the First Amendment ( thread ) 2023-03-08 Read
Joe Rogan's observations on Twitter becoming "right wing" 2023-03-08 Read
There is a massive amount of evidence that shows the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI), and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) communicated with Twitter to control and manipulate public information 2023-02-21 Read
People unfollow Project Veritas on Twitter at an unhealthy clip -- 60,000 in 3 hour span -- down 200,000 in 12 hours 2023-02-20 Read
The people determined to reduce the Twitter Files into a partisan pissing match are providing cover for the FBI, DHS, DoJ, and other massive state entities 2023-02-12 Read
Former Twitter executive lies under oath as he gets grilled over his bias 2023-02-11 Read
This framing of the Hunter Biden Twitter story is outrageous gaslighting that shows just how far the anti-speech activists have fallen 2023-02-10 Read
Rep. Nancy Mace asks ex-Twitter lawyer where she got the medical expertise to censor doctors 2023-02-09 Read
The networks ignore the hearings on the Twitter/Hunter Biden Laptop story censorship -- following items demonstrate why 2023-02-09 Read
Republicans will question former Twitter executives on motive for suppressing NY Post's Hunter laptop story, pressure From Democrats 2023-02-08 Read
It’s called Jira and it makes Twitter a Joint State Actor under the law when they collude this extensively with the government 2023-02-08 Read
One of the largest and most extreme terror groups, Berkeley Antifa, has been suspended from Twitter 2023-02-02 Read
Jack Dorsey repeatedly said Twitter didn’t shadowban -- the entire machine behind Twitter is designed to shadowban 2023-01-27 Read
Twitter Files #15 -- Hamilton 68 collected a handful of mostly real, mostly American Twitter accounts, and described their organic conversations as Russian scheming 2023-01-27 Read
Twitter documents show how Adam Schiff deceived the public and has earned his ouster from the Intelligence Committee. 2023-01-22 Read
"500 to 1000 government agents from almost every agency were involved in Twitter censorship" -- "it may be more than that" 2023-01-16 Read
The key takeaway of the Twitter Files ~ Matt Taibbi 2023-01-16 Read
The Twitter Files: Supplemental -- more Adam Schiff requests to ban people -- plus deamplification ( shadowbanning ) 2023-01-14 Read
The Twitter Files #14 -- The Russiagate lies -- Democrats pushed the Russian bots lie, despite Twitter telling them the Kremlin had no involvement in the issue ( long thread ) 2023-01-12 Read
The Atlantic confirms our suspicions about Twitter and the Left 2023-01-10 Read
Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb secretly pressed Twitter to hide posts challenging his company's massively profitable COVID jabs 2023-01-10 Read
Surpirse! -- the Washington Post finally admits that Russian trolls on Twitter had little influence on 2016 voters ( ) 2023-01-10 Read
A trans activist whined and a real woman was fired from Limited Run Games, a video game company -- her crime? -- following Ian Miles Cheong and Libs of TikTok on Twitter 2023-01-09 Read
The Twitter Files remind us the Deep State lives 2023-01-09 Read
This Twitter Files thread exposes the suppression of the debate on Covid vaccines on Twitter. 2023-01-09 Read
*** How the FBI hacked Twitter *** 2023-01-06 Read
The DHS demanded suspension of 250,000 Twitter accounts, including journalists and Canadian officials 2023-01-04 Read
*** Latest Twitter Files release shows how Twitter allowed the Intelligence Community in -- it just gets worse and worse ( long thread ) *** 2023-01-04 Read
Adam Schiff asked Twitter to ban journalist Paul Sperry 2023-01-04 Read
Former FBI General Counsel, James Baker, tried to get Trump censored while working at Twitter for saying, "don’t be afraid of COVID" 2022-12-30 Read
Joe Biden repeatedly directed his staff to silence Americans on Twitter who disagreed with his policies 2022-12-28 Read
US intelligence agencies directed Twitter to censor information about the Ukraine war and the COVID vaccines 2022-12-27 Read
The FBI sent numerous censorship requests to Twitter right before the 2020 election 2022-12-27 Read
"Accuse every American who reads the files of being a conspiracy theorist" -- FBI plan to deal with Twitter dumps ( ) 2022-12-26 Read
The FBI directly smeared Elon Musk after his Twitter Files dumps exposed FBI pro-Biden censorship, spying and election interference. 2022-12-26 Read
The FBI claims the words of its own agents in tons of emails revealed by Twitter Files dumps are conspiracy theories and misinformation. 2022-12-26 Read
Saturday's Twitter Files drop shows the FBI was sending Excel spreadsheets with thousands of names for Twitter to blanket ban for opposing the conflict in Ukraine 2022-12-26 Read
Did the FBI violate the 1st Amendment when it colluded with Twitter? 2022-12-26 Read
The Twitter Files #10 -- Federal law enforcement asserted primacy over all media distribution, a situation normally only found in tinpot regimes 2022-12-26 Read
The mainstream media has shown little interest in the Twitter Files 2022-12-25 Read
Internal documents, from the last Twitter Files dump, show a Soros-funded outfit had a hand in spiking the Hunter Biden laptop story on Twitter 2022-12-24 Read
The FBI’s role in Twitter’s censorship vs. their response after it was exposed ~ Jonathan Turley thread 2022-12-23 Read
The FBI responds to the release of the Twitter Files ( ) 2022-12-22 Read
If you think the FBI's manipulation of Twitter is scary, wait till you hear what China does with TikTok 2022-12-22 Read
Michael Shellenberger eviscerates the FBI for calling The Twitter Files misinformation ( thread ) 2022-12-22 Read
The FBI admits it meddles in "numerous companies," not just Twitter 2022-12-22 Read
The Aspen Institute is a Soros-funded group tied to Twitter’s efforts to squash the Hunter Biden laptop scandal ( ) 2022-12-21 Read
The FBI paid Twitter millions to censor American citizens 2022-12-21 Read
The FBI and Twitter just straight-up merged operations and formed their own little secret real-time censorship cabal ( thread ) 2022-12-20 Read
*** The Twitter Files #8 -- How Twitter quietly aided the Pentagon’s covert online psy-op campaign ( thread ) *** 2022-12-20 Read
The FBI was perplexed when Twitter couldn't find a lot of foreign effort to influence the election ( long thread ) 2022-12-19 Read
The CDC had a secret censorship portal into Twitter 2022-12-19 Read
Twitter's top ranks are riddled with former FBI agents -- lots of them ( long thread ) 2022-12-19 Read
Six huge takeaways from the sixth dump of The Twitter Files 2022-12-19 Read
*** The Twitter Files #7 -- The FBI and the Hunter Biden laptop -- Michael Shellenberger, MD *** 2022-12-19 Read
The Colorado Springs Antifa cell, notorious for promoting violence, has been suspended from Twitter 2022-12-18 Read
CNN’s “senior media reporter” just learning how Twitter suspensions work for the first time 2022-12-18 Read
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