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Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas fails in challenge to rules that bar him from Olympics 2024-06-13 Read
San Francisco declares itself a transgender sanctuary city. 2024-06-13 Read
Why are trans-people so violent? 2024-06-13 Read
The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) “Portrayal Guidelines” has declared it “harmful” to reference transgender athletes as “biological male” or “biological female” 2024-06-11 Read
"I want to be the first trans woman to have an abortion" 2024-06-10 Read
Americans approve of LGBTQ+ people living as they wish, but their support drops for trans people 2024-06-07 Read
If the Net Zero energy transition doesn't happen fast enough, extreme heat will lead to an "implosion" of the food and water supply, causing "millions of climate refugees" to flood into first world countries ~ John F'n Kerry 2024-06-07 Read
The FBI told Nashville police the release of the manifesto of the transgender Christian school shooter who murdered three nine-year old girls would lead to "conspiracy theories and inaccurate information" 2024-06-06 Read
Another trans-identified person has committed murder 2024-06-06 Read
That California female prison guards are required to strip-search transgender inmates informs us how much power the Alphabet lobby has 2024-06-03 Read
The White House has admitted in federal court that it edited the transcript of Joe Biden's testimony to Special Counsel Hur in order for him to appear less incompetent 2024-06-01 Read
The trans movement is a really just a contest to see who can be the most depraved 2024-05-27 Read
Oklahoma pedophile convicted of abusing 7-year-old stepdaughter quickly becomes trans and appeals her conviction 2024-05-27 Read
Jared Ravizza. a trans activist, has been arrested for the stabbing of four girls at the Braintree (MA) AMC theater 2024-05-26 Read
National Women’s Law Center is siding against female athletes suing the NCAA to stop trans-insanity 2024-05-22 Read
Joe Biden believes 8 and 10-year-old children should be allowed to have transgender surgery 2024-05-22 Read
Celebrated transgender inmate charged with raping female 2024-05-21 Read
NBC is launching a new series about gay and transgender animals 2024-05-18 Read
A 20 year-old transgender, Karon Fisher, hit a 64 year-old man with his car, then backed over him before getting out of his car, kissing his lifeless body, and then stabbing him repeatedly 2024-05-12 Read
Transgender (man who passes as woman) was arrested on suspicion of cyberstalking days after publicly threatening Tennessee Governor Bill Lee and his wife Maria Lee 2024-05-10 Read
Three big wins racked up by college transgender runner would have placed him at the bottom of the heap in the men’s divisions 2024-05-06 Read
“Can we just start stabbing transphobes at this point?” 2024-05-04 Read
Trans student arrested for plans to shoot up two Maryland schools 2024-05-03 Read
A transgender sex offender tried to kidnap an elementary schooler during recess 2024-05-02 Read
Who are we to question a transgender Muslim woman? 2024-05-02 Read
Arizona Democrats and Planned Parenthood hosted a drag queen story hour at the state's capitol encouraging parents to transition their children 2024-05-01 Read
Cohen created a company account and used a home equity line of credit to fund it with $130,000 -- Cohen then submitted a wire transfer representative of Stormy Daniels -- Trump had nothing to do with it 2024-04-30 Read
Joe Biden begins formal planning for presidential transition to Trump 2024-04-27 Read
The DoJ will not turn over Biden's recorded interview with Special Counsel Hur to Congress -- the written transcript has clearly been altered 2024-04-26 Read
Massachusetts Transportation Secretary, Monica Tibbits-Nutt , says she’s targeting “everyone who has money” 2024-04-21 Read
A transgender female -- a male in a dress -- brutally beat a thirteen-year-old girl who is now hospitalized in Upper Gwynedd (PA) 2024-04-20 Read
California's first transgender mayor Raul Ureña is kicked out of office after opponents mount "transphobic" recall campaign 2024-04-20 Read
After not shutting up for fifty years, feminists have gone mute about trans "females" in women's sports 2024-04-19 Read
Another transgender teenager was arrested after her plot to shoot up a school was discovered 2024-04-19 Read
llegal alients complain about the free food they're receiving -- and they want translators -- and other stuff ( ) 2024-04-18 Read
Audrey Hale's victims’ families try to block release of trans shooter's "manifesto" over copyright claims 2024-04-18 Read
Judge Merchan is allowing irrelevant, pejorative stories and transcripts to be used against Trump 2024-04-15 Read
Illegal alien tries to rob Ohio bank using Translate app ( ) 2024-04-14 Read
Calexico's (CA) hairy-chested transgender mayor faces recall as the city experiences rampant crime rates and the emergence of homeless encampments that have left the downtown area in distress 2024-04-14 Read
The DoJ is slow-walking a "slam-dunk" case against the transgender woman who tried to murder Justice Kavanaugh 2024-04-13 Read
WHO Director-General calls for a "transformation" of the food system, away from meat-eating and traditional agriculture, in the name of fighting "climate change" 2024-04-12 Read
Unhinged trans nonbinary leftist Antifa activist arrested for bombing the Republican Attorney General’s Office in Alabama ( ) 2024-04-12 Read
The DoJ has filed a lawsuit against Utah accusing the state of discriminating against a transgender inmate 2024-04-11 Read
Trans nonbinary Antifa member, Kyle Calvert, has been arrested over a nail bombing of the Alabama Attorney General's office 2024-04-11 Read
The DoJ is refusing to hand over audio recordings of Joe Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur -- what are the odds the DoJ edited the transcript? 2024-04-09 Read
Veterans Affairas is providing trans medical care to LGBTQ individuals including hormone therapy, sex surgeries, and "gender affirming prosthetics" 2024-04-09 Read
Allegedly, 20% of transgender people in the U. S. have served in the military -- more than 134 thousand veterans are transgender and they want transgender operations 2024-04-09 Read
Nancy Pelosi and 36 other Democrats sent a letter to Joe Biden demanding he end the transfer of weapons to Israel 2024-04-08 Read
It's plain as day -- declaring National Transgender Visibility Day on Easter is an attempt to replace Christianity with Satanism 2024-04-06 Read
Trans Rose Sunrise, formerly known as Roel Leon, has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for torching a building and killing a man 2024-04-06 Read
The trans community can't exist without a never-ending cascade of transphobic boogeymen who roam the nation, committing phantom murders of trans dudes 2024-04-06 Read
Public transportation in Illinois 2024-04-04 Read
"Transgender medicine" isn’t just junk science, it’s malpractice 2024-04-03 Read
KJP lied when she said, "the claim that President Biden declared Easter Sunday as Transgender Day of Visibility is misinformation" ( ) 2024-04-02 Read
Joe Biden was criticized for promoting "Transgender Day of Visibility" over Easter -- oddly, no White House Spanish communications even mentioned "TV Day" 2024-04-02 Read
Biden family bank statements and wire transfers sourced to CEFC are submitted to congressional record by Byron Donalds (R-FL) 2024-04-02 Read
The creator of the Transgender Day of Visibility ~ Rachel Crandell-Crocker 2024-04-02 Read
On the heels of the Transgender Day of Visibility -- now the Alphabets want us to celebrate Gaypril 2024-04-02 Read
Transgenders "are made in the image of God, and are worthy of respect and dignity" ~ Joe Biden 2024-04-01 Read
"It just so happened that Easter fell on Transgender Visibility Day" -- the White House Press Secretary, KJP, actually said that! 2024-04-01 Read
A man, dressed as a woman, celebrates "Transgender Day of Visibility" 2024-04-01 Read
Franklin Graham unloads on Joe Biden following the desecration of Easter Sunday as "Transgender Day of Visibility." 2024-03-31 Read
Joe Biden declares the most solemn holy Day of the Christian religion "Transgender Day of Visibility" 2024-03-30 Read
Sacramento (CA) is now a "transgender sanctuary city" 2024-03-28 Read
This fella wants to be the first trans “woman” to have an abortion 2024-03-27 Read
It is not wrong or inaccurate for a transwoman to say she’s on her period 2024-03-25 Read
Protocols for talking about gender transition 2024-03-25 Read
CIA circulates DEI newsletter highlighting importance of being Transsexual 2024-03-24 Read
A transgender inmate who was convicted of murdering his parents had been caught having sex with a female prisoner after being placed in a women’s prison 2024-03-24 Read
Victoria Spartz (R-IN) showed video evidence of the dangers of allowing men to compete in women’s sports during a recent House Judiciary Committee hearing concerning transgender athletes 2024-03-23 Read
Trans activists claim that 18-month-olds should be allowed to transition 2024-03-21 Read
A new Environment Protection Agency anti-gas vehicle proposal will aggressively “accelerate the clean vehicle transition” 2024-03-19 Read
A Minnesota appeals court has affirmed that banning transgender "women" from competing in women sports is a violation of Minnesota law 2024-03-19 Read
Treasury Department endorses debanking opponents of transgender hormones for kids 2024-03-15 Read
Sixteen female athletes have filed a class action lawsuit against the NCAA over its trans athletes policy 2024-03-15 Read
Taco Bell will close all of its dining rooms in Oakland due to rampant crime -- only drive-through, credit/debit card transactions will be available to the public. 2024-03-12 Read
Video shows U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg's "husband," Chasten, instructing children to pledge allegiance to the Pride flag 2024-03-11 Read
NYPD Transit Chief Michael Kemper said that the police arrest people who “have 50-plus arrests, 100-plus arrests” “all the time” 2024-03-07 Read
Three out of every ten migrants arriving from Central America have syphilis or other types of sexually transmitted diseases -- and that's the good news! 2024-03-05 Read
Letitia James is really feeling her oats -- “the New York AG sent Nassau County officials a cease-and-desist order over trans sport ban, threatens legal action” 2024-03-03 Read
Lt. Col. Bree Fram, a trans U.S. Space Force official spoke to the U.S. Air Force about inclusion and DEMANDED everyone to respect the Alphabet People and use pronouns 2024-03-01 Read
What are the odds that a nonbinary teacher has four “trans kids” in a middle school class? 2024-02-29 Read
Hunter Biden is set to appear at a closed-door Oversight Committee hearing today after members of the committee agreed to specific terms for the release of the transcript 2024-02-28 Read
The House Oversight Committee has subpoenaed AG Merrick Garland for records, including transcripts, notes, video, and audio files, related to Special Counsel Robert Hur's investigation of President Joe Biden's willful mishandling of classified information 2024-02-28 Read
The ADL will not classifying the far-left Nashville trans shooter as a left-wing extremist 2024-02-23 Read
Transgender murderer refuses to apologize in court and claims to be the victim after he murdered an innocent cab driver in cold blood 2024-02-23 Read
New York Metro Transportation Authority (MTA) workers found a human leg 9 miles away from where the man’s body was discovered 2024-02-22 Read
Eleven months after a racist and anti-Christian transgender murdered six, including three young girls, at a Nashville Christian School, Nashville authorities are still hiding the trans shooter’s manifesto 2024-02-21 Read
The Transgender Song -- a singalong 2024-02-20 Read
Four illegal aliens have been charged with robbing and strangling a Chicago Transit Authority passenger on the Pink Line yesterday afternoon 2024-02-20 Read
Have you noticed how quickly the national media lost interest in the Lakewood Church shooter as soon as they found out "she" was a transgender (born male) -- the story lasted two days 2024-02-16 Read
Recent terrorist attacks by transgender and non-binary individuals 2024-02-14 Read
Lakewood Church shooter identified as Genesse Ivonne Moreno, 36 -- a transgender (born male) -- "Free Palestine" was written on its rifle 2024-02-12 Read
Another transgender lunatic attacks Christians in their church and this moron cop is word about the psycho's pronouns 2024-02-12 Read
Joe Biden falsely claims his student debt cancellation is free: "It's not costing people." He's wrong -- that debt gets transferred to Americans who didn't go to college through inflation and taxes 2024-02-05 Read
Remember this when politicians and the media tell you they are not "transitioning" minors 2024-02-03 Read
"The biggest transformation in the economies of the world in human history" (except for China and India) ~ John Kerry 2024-02-01 Read
A trans-identifying biological female harasses a retail store worker to demand tampons for men 2024-01-26 Read
The decline of civilization -- Twin Cities Metro Transit Authority is instructing people not to rape people on its trains -- or poop -- or pee 2024-01-25 Read
Transgender golfer in line to win a spot on the prestigious LPGA Tour 2024-01-21 Read
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Biden Crime Family Update 2023-05-07 1 Read
"Transgender Rights" will be the end of women's rights in America 2023-04-23 53 Read
The Fruits Of "Equity" have the capacity to completely destroy the United States 2023-04-16 7 Read
Transmania -- celebrating transgenderism to hide a transgender's atrocity 2023-04-02 30 Read
Joe Biden's big lie, the "I know nothing" defense has crumbled 2023-03-26 3 Read
Biden Family Deals are like money for nuthin' 2023-03-19 4 Read
Joe Biden's EOs violate the Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 2023-03-12 3 Read
The Law vs The People 2023-03-05 1 Read
"Show us the money" says the Biden Crime Family 2023-02-26 1 Read
Xi's Balloons 2023-02-12 1 Read
Joe Biden's lawyers are defending the indefensible 2023-02-05 1 Read
Joe Biden has problems, BIG problems 2023-01-29 1 Read
Impeach Joe Biden 2023-01-02 4 Read
FBI And Twitter -- it's as if Twitter was a subsidiary of the FBI 2022-12-18 1 Read
Twitter Files reveal government censorship 2022-11-20 1 Read
Misinformation -- who decides Truth? 2022-10-30 1 Read
There are no coincidences --Joe Biden has screwed America up to a fare-thee-well 2022-10-16 4 Read
Joe Biden sniffs a tranny in the runup to the election 2022-10-09 3 Read
It's Obama's plan, but Joe is the patsy 2022-09-18 2 Read
Joe Biden's War suffers from a shortage of domestic extremists 2022-09-04 1 Read
Joe Biden's War continued as the FBI raided 50 Trump supporters' homes 2022-08-28 1 Read
They hate Donald Trump, but why? 2022-08-14 4 Read
America's STASI -- The Democrats' secret police 2022-07-30 1 Read
Erasing Women -- Merriam-Webster changed the definition of "female" -- twice! 2022-07-23 13 Read
The Masters of Projection have zero self-awareness 2022-07-03 1 Read
Joe Biden and the Alphabet People 2022-06-26 3 Read
Durham Vs Sussman -- It's really John Durham against the entire Democratic Party 2022-06-12 1 Read
Gender Equity -- Joe Biden commits the federal government to the queering of America 2022-06-05 13 Read
Equity Plan -- How much of this "equity" stuff does Joe Biden even understand? 2022-05-29 1 Read
Disinformation Bureau -- 1984 was a little late in coming, but it's finally here 2022-05-22 2 Read
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Whose kids are they? 2022-04-17 2 Read
The Disney Company commits to becoming America's foremost groomer 2022-04-10 3 Read
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Hillary Clinton has been above the law for 50 years 2022-03-27 4 Read
What Is A Woman? -- question for the ages, but can you trust the science 2022-03-20 4 Read
This Photo Should Piss You Off -- NCAA declares a man the "Women's Freestyle" winner 2022-03-13 5 Read
This Ain't Water Polo! -- so, there's no balls allowed in the pool, Ms. Thomas 2022-03-06 4 Read
Kamala? Really? -- Vice President Harris will never be ready for prime time 2022-02-27 1 Read
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Ray Epps Conspiracy -- with important updates 2022-01-30 3 Read
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Grooming in the schools -- What kind of a psycho goes after a child? 2022-01-09 9 Read

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