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Male rapist -- "transitions" before trial -- sentenced to woman's prison as a woman More 2023-01-26
M&M's introduce first trans character who identifies as a skittle ~ Babylon Bee ( ) More 2023-01-24
The Antifa-transgender child of the Democrat House Minority Whip, Katherine M. Clark, was arrested for assaulting a Boston police officer More 2023-01-23
Trans activist tells kids that women aren't the only ones that give birth and breast-feed -- and they shouldnn't accept their parents’ opinion on the subject More 2023-01-23
Self-identified "expert" advises families to cut "toxic people" -- those who don't support the transitioning of a 4-year-old -- out of their lives More 2023-01-19
Has Antifa transitioned? More 2023-01-19
New documents reveal shocking surge in trans-identified students in Davis (CA) schools ( long thread ) More 2023-01-18
You must accept a transgender Miss Universe, or else you are a bigot ( ) More 2023-01-15
Children's hospital gender program navigator touts giving uteruses from live donors to trans women More 2023-01-14
The American Board of Family Medicine says a professional should not delay medical transitioning for a 13-year-old More 2023-01-13
"Human men can kiss me feet. I am TransCanine. I can’t have sex with anything that isn’t Canine. It’s actually bestiality for me to have sex with human men" More 2023-01-12
Isn’t that what Transylvania is for? More 2023-01-11
A trans activist whined and a real woman was fired from Limited Run Games, a video game company -- her crime? -- following Ian Miles Cheong and Libs of TikTok on Twitter More 2023-01-09
An historic Portland (OR) church was destroyed by fire -- the arsonist, Cameron David Storer, a bearded trans woman who goes by the name, "Nicolette," has been arrested ( thread ) More 2023-01-07
Not wanting to date a trans person is bigotry More 2023-01-05
Mother wants to transition son who didn’t want a haircut More 2023-01-03
Many countries begin outlawing transgender surgeries on minors, but Joe Biden and the Democratsare "all-in" More 2023-01-02
The CDC is urging teachers, administrators, and school nurses to adopt LGBTQXYZ curriculum and endorse transgender identity More 2023-01-02
Transgender man gives birth to non-binary partner's baby with female sperm donor More 2023-01-01
World Boxing Council launches a transgender category More 2022-12-30
The binary system is gender-phobic -- trans activists demand non-binary math More 2022-12-30
Trans girl experiences first intense period More 2022-12-27
Trans federal health official calls for Big Tech censorship More 2022-12-27
Judge throws out parents' lawsuit over a Ludlow (MA) school hiding underage -- 11 and 12 -- children’s gender transitions from the parents More 2022-12-24
New Hampshire's first transgender lawmaker has resigned after being arrested for stalking More 2022-12-24
Omnibus bill earmarks $750K for trans group that wants to inject LGBTQ "discourse" into elementary school curricula More 2022-12-22
Transgender pervert, who waved his junk at women and little girls at an LA spa, has been arrested More 2022-12-20
Trans women are con men More 2022-12-18
Transgender woman, to be executed for rape and murder, asks for mercy -- cites mental illness More 2022-12-18
Transgender student has been charged for "savagely assaulting" two female students in school lavatory More 2022-12-16
Ohio’s bid to keep transgender athletes out of women’s sports fails -- where are the women? More 2022-12-16
In transhumanist’s future world that consists of artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and transhumanism, there is no God, no soul, and no freewill More 2022-12-15
Former Loudoun County (VA) school superintendent, Scott Ziegler, and another have been indicted for their handling of the 2021 campus sexual assaults by transvestite More 2022-12-13
Coming to America -- "The Culture Transplant" More 2022-12-11
Adm. Rachel (Richard) Levine enlists doctors as evangelists to preach the gospel of transgenderism More 2022-12-09
A felony arrest warrant has been issued for Joe Biden's trans, nonbinary, furry, drag queen nuclear waste weirdo for stealing a woman's luggage ( ) More 2022-12-09
A transgender criminal who serves in the New Hampshire House of Representatives is in jail for stalking a woman -- the third arrest for the Democrat lawmaker More 2022-12-08
Massive majority of Americans has had enough of the transgender push More 2022-12-06
Climate change commies set consumption limits for transportation, food, and clothing More 2022-12-06
Are you okay with the government using your tax dollars to help minors "medically transition?" -- it's happening ( ) More 2022-12-04
The animated film for kids, "Mama Has a Mustache," is sponsored by the company that sells chemical castration drugs to convicted pedophiles and "transgender children" More 2022-12-01
Wisconsin middle school quietly helped a young girl transition against the wishes of her parents ( thread ) More 2022-11-30
Wisconsin Children’s Hospital is stacking its bench of chaplains with trans activists More 2022-11-28
Adm. Rachel (Richard) Levine sought studies favoring gender transitions for minors More 2022-11-28
Joe Biden picked up the "fundamental transformation" mantra from Barack Obama and he's going to stick with it ~ Victor Davis Hanson More 2022-11-26
Demon says Republicans' transgender rhetoric is "demonic" More 2022-11-23
Trans ideologues who cheer cutting off healthy genitals should not be setting federal medical standards More 2022-11-23
"Reparations for African-Americans could have cut COVID-19 transmission and infection rates both among blacks and the population at large" More 2022-11-19
Judge rules against the Biden administration's attempt to force doctors to aid gender transitions More 2022-11-18
Paying people to be weird -- San Francisco mayor establishes free money program for transgender people More 2022-11-17
The application for transgender San Francisco residents to receive guaranteed income, has 97 gender options ( thread ) More 2022-11-17
News organizations filed a motion seeking to make public transcript of a sealed court hearing and all redacted documents related to Proud Boys FBI confidential human sources More 2022-11-15
Antifa attack women's rights rally outside city hall in New York City -- Antifa says being against radical trans ideology is fascism ( videos ) More 2022-11-14
*** Tens of billions were transfered to Ukraine using FTX crypto currency -- then the funds were laundered back to Democrats ( thread ) ( ) *** More 2022-11-13
The FBI has transitioned from a national police agency into the STASI ( ) More 2022-11-12
Transexuals were elected to state legislatures in Ndew Hampshire and Minnesota -- one more step down The Nine Circles of Hell ( ) More 2022-11-10
Director of the “Gender Health” at Children's Minnesota says kids can know they are transgender from the moment they can talk and that not all boys have penises More 2022-11-07
Three out of four Americans say the transgender insanity targeting children has "gone too far" More 2022-11-04
The other side of "transitioning" ( thread ) More 2022-11-04
"A palpable sense that liberal transgender ideology seeping into America's schools is a bridge too far for most parents" More 2022-10-29
Kids don't go through "phases" -- now they transition -- mom always wanted a boy More 2022-10-29
Trans-activists chant, "Trans women are..." -- and straight women respond, "men!" ( ) More 2022-10-27
Obama emerges to save his fundamental transformation of the United States of America More 2022-10-25
Under Robert Mueller, the FBI transformed from a law enforcement agency into a powerful arm of the intelligence apparatus More 2022-10-24
Judge rules that ex-wife can take former husband’s child out of state for gender transitioning More 2022-10-23
Evidently, Beta O'Rourke is telling people that they will be able to transition their 10-year-old child when he's elected ( thread ) More 2022-10-23
Most Americans support outlawing transgender surgeries, drugs for minors More 2022-10-23
Convincing autistic kids they’re trans More 2022-10-21
News report: COVID vaccine not tested for transmission ( ) More 2022-10-19
Virginia Democrat says, "if you don’t support your Trans child, we will prosecute you" -- implies you will lose your job and your child More 2022-10-15
The Left wants to cancel parents -- the ACLU has filed a complaint against a Pennsylvania school district for requiring parental consent for minors' gender transition More 2022-10-13
A Pfizer executive admitted the company didn't even test the COVID vaccine to see if it prevented transmission of the virus ( ) More 2022-10-13
Transgender policy for US military draft is one of the unnecessary confusions created by Joe Biden's "Gender Equity" executive order More 2022-10-11
Father of 11-year-old speaks out as New York hospital, courts attempt to medically transition his child More 2022-10-04
A high school *girl* is banned from using the *girls* locker room to accommodate a biological male a male student who identifies as transgender More 2022-10-04
An Endocrinologist at Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital says kids as young as 2 can be transgender and it’s not a choice. More 2022-10-03
Trans treatments are the new lobotomy More 2022-10-02
San Francisco schools encourages teachers to facilitate secret child sexual transitions, and affirm students who use the gender pronoun "it" -- genderism's "n-word" ( thread ) More 2022-09-30
Planned Parenthood doctor and Democrat witness, tells Congress that, "Men can have pregnancies, especially trans men." (video) More 2022-09-29
The DoJ will spend $57 million to transition to the Department of WOKE More 2022-09-29
US Army's first openly transgender officer (and Lefty-praised ‘pioneer’) indicted for attempting to sell soldiers’ medical info to Russia More 2022-09-29
Clinic featured at child trans summit sends legal demand to Post Millennial to censor our reporting More 2022-09-28
How nice, the Air Force Academy held a "Transgender Visibility" seminar last Thursday More 2022-09-26
Riley Gaines tells Tucker Carlson what it was really like competing against transgender swimmer, Lia Thomas More 2022-09-26
Just another day in New York City's public transportation system -- the mayor was being fitted for a new suit while this was happening More 2022-09-25
The NEA is mainlining Queer Theory into the public schools -- Queer theorists believe that transgressive sex is a method of liberation More 2022-09-24
Let's go, Brenda! -- Joe Biden's first speech after transitioning More 2022-09-22
Joe Biden executive order furthers the transhumanism movement More 2022-09-22
Meet the taxpayer-funded group pushing "transgender identity" on two-year-olds ( ) More 2022-09-21
Powerful words from a detransitioner More 2022-09-21
Montana to let transgender people change their birth record More 2022-09-20
Teens need a letter stating you’re ready for "gender affirming" surgery -- trans activists are promoting a site which gives letters to anyone who wants one More 2022-09-20
Denver approves monthly cash payments for homeless women, families and trans individuals More 2022-09-20
Cops herd violent, far-left activists confronting transgender surgeries for children protesters at Boston Children's Hospital More 2022-09-19
“transgender men”-- i.e. "women" -- get triggered in men’s rooms because they can't use the urinals, and must acknowledge biological reality and use the stalls More 2022-09-19
The newest WPATH "Standard of Care for Transgender and Gender Diverse People" has removed age restrictions for receiving "gender-affirming care" More 2022-09-17
Joe Biden says that 8-year-old children should be able to declare themselves transgender. More 2022-09-13
The saddest of the groomers are the mothers who project and transfer their psychosis to their children More 2022-09-12
The Biden administration is funding and promoting the transition to a gay America More 2022-09-09
Transgender pedophile shows up to meet a 13 year old child -- meets the Colorado Pedo Patrol instead More 2022-09-08
Planned Parenthood isn’t on the way out -- it’s transitioning to gender-bending More 2022-09-06
Chicago administrators have mass emailed families to deflect from their radical gender theory training, which promots "trans-friendly [sex] toys" for children ( thread ) More 2022-09-02
Why does Major League Baseball, "promote or fund groups that encourage or provide sex-change procedures and gender-transition hormone treatment"? More 2022-09-01
Chicago hospital has a partnership with local school districts to promote radical gender theory, “kink,” “BDSM,” and “trans-friendly [sex] toys” for children ( thread ) More 2022-09-01
There will be many of these suits down the road -- woman sues psychiatrist over gender transition More 2022-08-24
Seattle Children's Hospital offers medicalized gender transition to 9-year-olds More 2022-08-23
Despite all the evidence to the contrary, CNN insists "Monkeypox is not a sexually-transmitted infection" More 2022-08-22
There is no way the Left will willingly allow a rollback of their "fundamental transformation of the United States of America" More 2022-08-20
The DoJ is investigating Trump for the "concealment, removal or mutilation of federal records; gathering, transmitting or losing defense information," under the Espionage Act More 2022-08-20
Parents have filed a lawsuit against a public school that secretly "transitioned" their 12-year-old daughter -- the daughter attempted suicide in a school bathroom More 2022-08-19
Episcopal Church endorses trans surgeries for minors "of any age" More 2022-08-19
Trans activists shout down 80-year-old woman protesting against men in girls' locker room More 2022-08-17
This NBC News spreads misinformation about trans surgeries on children More 2022-08-17
A harrowing video from the Boston Children’s Hospital claims that children can know that they are transgender “from the minute they were born -- practically” More 2022-08-16
Elementary teacher is excited to add books to classroom library about a toddler who becomes transgender and cross-dresses More 2022-08-16
Laws mean nothing to these people -- transition at all cost! More 2022-08-13
The quicksand that pulls vulnerable people deeper into transition, even when they know it’s wrong for them -- Gender Transition and the Sunk Cost Fallacy More 2022-08-10
Biden administration wants to force doctors to perform gender transition operations More 2022-08-05
A federal judge in West Virginia ruled that Medicaid must cover transgender surgeries More 2022-08-04
An Iowa school district is being sued over its radical gender policy that allows kids to hide their trans identity from parents More 2022-08-04
Pennsylvania education department claims three-year-olds can identify as transgender More 2022-08-03
More evidence that the FBI has been transformed into the Democratic Party's STASI ( ) ( ) More 2022-08-03
“How can you force someone to take a vaccine to stop transmission when that vaccine doesn’t stop transmission?” More 2022-07-30
Maryland school district requires assisting child "gender transition" and lying to parents More 2022-07-26
Are all the news reports, about the LGBTQ community being the hardest hit with Monkeypox, homophobic or transphobic? More 2022-07-26
Multiple trans activists arrested for sex crimes against children More 2022-07-24
AP issues "guidelines" for reporting trans issues More 2022-07-24
I'm not sure Dr. Walensky is ready for the answer to her question, "if Monkeypox is a sexually transmitted disease, why are kids getting it?" More 2022-07-24
The Left’s trans agenda is all about erasing the past to control the future More 2022-07-21
Non-binary teacher proud that her outreach helped a first-grader come out as transgender More 2022-07-20
All of this LGBTQ activist's kids are trans or non-binary -- what are the chances? More 2022-07-20
Just in case you had any doubt that the Biden administration is actively promoting the transition of children More 2022-07-18
Planned Parenthood provides transgender hormone therapy across the USA -- some locations treat minors More 2022-07-13
The worries of the Antoinette liberal elite -- climate change, abortion on demand, transgenderism, strict gun-control -- are not those that concern the average citizen More 2022-07-12
Maine's education bureaucrats cite George Floyd to justify trans lesson for kindergartners More 2022-07-08
The National Association of Independent Schools is hosting seminars encouraging child transgenderism in partnership with medicos who perform sex change operations on children More 2022-07-02
Democrats have created a special class of citizen with their "Transgender Bill of Rights," that codifies federal protections for transgender people More 2022-06-29
Transgender activist calls for "Supreme Court Assassination Challenge" More 2022-06-27
It's working! -- Transgender-identifying youth nearly doubled in U.S. More 2022-06-26
Website helps minors circumvent their parents to get illegal transgender hormones or legally emancipate themselves More 2022-06-26
You can have feminism or transgenderism, but you can’t have both. More 2022-06-23
Transgender, neo-Nazi bank robber, 63, will get"'gender surgeries" fast-tracked by Texas Bureau of Prisons More 2022-06-22
Stealing America -- Democrats have a "transformative" plan to add one million aliens to U.S. voter rolls in four Years More 2022-06-22
An awful lot of teachers seem to have a real problem with parents who have a problem with their kid "transitioning" More 2022-06-22
If you criticize my transphobia, you are a bad person More 2022-06-21
Fairfax County School Board (VA) mandates the language students can use when referring to transsexuals More 2022-06-19
If children weren't at these transvestite strip-shows in the first place, the problem wouldn't exist More 2022-06-19
*** "Every child they convince is transgender and in need of medical transition, generates $1.3 million to pharma" *** More 2022-06-18
The transgender agenda is all about power -- if you can redefine human nature, you can redefine anything More 2022-06-17
"Not beautiful either" -- Jordan Peterson weighs in on NFL’s first transgender cheerleader More 2022-06-08
A coalition of taxpayer-funded trans organizations has demanded that society “decolonize the gender binary,” provide cash reparations to “gender-nonconforming people,” and affirm “mustache[s]” and “big dick[s]” as authentic expressions of womanhood More 2022-06-07
Broward County (FL) school district guide suggests hiding transgender identity from parents More 2022-05-30
Disney+ promoted a drag queen special for children, encouraging kids as young as kindergarten to join the gender identity and trans activist organization GLSEN More 2022-05-28
Mattel designs first transgender Barbie, More 2022-05-28
Working people HAVE TO use the transit system in New York, but the Democrats running this place either can't or won't stop this More 2022-05-26
Howard County Schools (MD) is recommending a book for 4-year-olds about a toddler who becomes transgender and cross-dresses. More 2022-05-26
State Farm is donating transgender books for five-year-olds to Florida schools More 2022-05-24
The U.S. military’s K-12 schools and hospitals are pushing transgender ideology on kids More 2022-05-18
Philadelphiaschools encouraged teachers to attend a transgender conference on "kink," "BDSM," "trans sex," "bigger dick energy," and "banging beyond binaries." ( thread-video ) More 2022-05-18
Seattle's Nova High School claims 80% of its students identify as "LGBTQ+, non-binary, and transgender" More 2022-05-17
Federal court halts Biden mandates forcing religious employers to pay for, perform irreversible trans surgeries More 2022-05-17
Biden wasn't "elected to transform the country" More 2022-05-14
A prominent trans activist has been arrested in Utah for the rape and sexual abuse of a boy More 2022-05-13
New Jersey says schools can’t inform parents if their child comes out as trans More 2022-05-12
The University of St. Thomas has banned an author from delivering a campus lecture, citing his views on transgender issues More 2022-05-09
Seattle is housing its homeless in the public transit system More 2022-05-09
The annual Intelligence Community Statistical Transparency Report is out -- the FBI queried §702 intercepts for U.S. person information -- over 3 million times in 2021. More 2022-05-02
150+ banking transactions between the Biden family and foreign oligarchs were flagged by US banks More 2022-05-01
More proof the Biden administration is supporting the queering of America --trans-inclusive biology teacher in a DoE training video claims not everyone who produces eggs is a woman More 2022-04-28
Scientists are hard at work helping transgender "men" create offspring in the laboratory More 2022-04-27
Transgender writer under fire for burning J.K. Rowling alive in "vile" horror novel More 2022-04-25
More secret "gender transition closets" discovered in public schools More 2022-04-24
Los Angeles County reinstates mask mandate on public transit, LAX, ride shares -- thieves, robbers and gunmen celebrate! More 2022-04-22
School district fired teacher for telling parents about secret "genderqueer" transition More 2022-04-20
Team Biden says transgender kids are entitled to "gender-affirming" medical care -- Chloe/Leo disagrees -- powerful, heartbreaking story More 2022-04-20
Massachusetts school sued for secretly promoting gender transition of pre-teen siblings More 2022-04-18
Antifa trans freak decked by hard left from police officer More 2022-04-18
GroomerGate, or how Democrats transitioned into the Trans-Extremist Party More 2022-04-17
Transgender activists use unreliable surveys to emotionally blackmail America More 2022-04-14
Teacher operates a "transition closet" in school More 2022-04-09
More than 150 financial transactions between a Chinese consulting firm and Joe Biden's son and brother were flagged by US banks as "concerning" More 2022-04-08
Nickelodeon is selling transgenderism as fast as it can More 2022-04-08
Governor Beshear (KY) formally promotes the teaching of Critical Race Theory and transgender athletes competing in high school sports outside of their real gender More 2022-04-08
California city to give free money and healthcare to transgenders More 2022-04-06
You must admit, Obama's promise to "fundamentally transform the United States of America," was no empty threat More 2022-04-05
White House says that "early" transgender surgeries, hormone treatment, and affirmations are "crucial" ( thread ) More 2022-04-01
Disney production coordinator says his team is committed to "exploring queer stories" and promoting "trans," "bisexual," and "gender nonconforming" characters More 2022-04-01
ABC News features crazy lady to promote "'transgender day of visibility" More 2022-04-01
"Your president sees you" -- Joe Biden celebrates transgender "Day of Visibility" More 2022-03-31
The new NY City mayor has been travelin' and speechifyin' as the transit system decays More 2022-03-27
White man insists he's a black transgender woman More 2022-03-26
White man insists he's a black transgender woman More 2022-03-21
It seems like New York's transit system has an incident every day now More 2022-03-17
Transgender serial killer shopped at 99 Cent store with murder victim's dismembered leg in his wheelchair More 2022-03-14
Gender transition is not all unicorns puking rainbows and glitter hurricanes of affirmation, euphoria, and Pride parades More 2022-03-14
A creepy and perverted trans teacher at school posted on Facebook how she turns tissues into a sexual thing in her classroom More 2022-03-11
"They created an experimental lab for this transgender ideology" More 2022-03-08
The Secretary of Transportation learns to ride a bike -- a glimpse of the progressive future More 2022-03-08
The new Democratic mayor of New York isn't a transit system rider -- and it shows More 2022-03-03
Lefty "journalists" go on strike to "codify the widely accepted … standards of care for our trans and gender-expansive colleagues" More 2022-03-02
Just when you thought New York's transit system couldn't get any worse More 2022-03-01
West Hollywood transient attempts to rape two women More 2022-02-17
If you won't date trans-whatevers, you are a bad person More 2022-02-09
What's the matter, haven't you ever seen a transgender wolf before? More 2022-02-09
It's pretty clear, the authorities don't give a rat's ass what goes on in New York's transit system More 2022-02-09
The mayor of Seattle was going to transfer ownership of a police precinct to Black Lives Matter More 2022-02-01
Under the Biden proposal, everyone, including kids, could more easily get transgender surgery More 2022-01-31
NIH transgender monkey experiments consume about $20 billion -- "about half of NIH's budget" More 2022-01-24
CDC Director says, “Our vaccines are working exceptionally well... but what they can't do anymore is prevent transmission" More 2022-01-18
Pelosi's top choice to serve as the Chairwoman of the Transportation Committee, 84-year-old Eleanor Holmes Norton, repeatedly crashed her car into a parked vehicle ( video ) More 2022-01-18
Michael Phelps says controversy surrounding trans Lia Thomas is "very complicated" -- no, it isn't More 2022-01-18
Wake up, America! -- Cultural Marxism is "identifying" as transgenderism More 2022-01-08
A transgender serial killer -- former male -- who targeted and murdered nine women is now housed in a women’s prison More 2022-01-03
Transgenders in Afghanistan are facing brutal violence under the Taliban rule More 2021-12-31
NBC News opposes women's sports -- calls criticism of men swimming against women "transphobic" More 2021-12-19
"Trans activism is part of larger effort to bring about a communist Revolution" More 2021-12-16
Two teachers coached a 12-year-old into a trans identity behind her parents back ( thread ) More 2021-12-16
While we ask why the Left would risk so damaging its electoral hopes by nominating Marxists for top jobs, the Left laughs -- and transforms our society More 2021-12-10
Public transportation is a tough way to get around, but it's tougher when they're shooting at you More 2021-11-29
False tweets like this one, trying to manufacture an anti-trans hate crime epidemic, are repeated until accepted as fact More 2021-11-21
Biden’s Build Back Better bill is a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the upper class More 2021-11-10
CDC chief now touting mask-wearing to prevent transmission of flu and the common cold More 2021-11-09
Buttigieg might be a fair accountant, but he's a horseshit Secretary of Transportation and I got nothin' to say about or to anybody that thinks roads are racist. More 2021-11-08
What a surprise -- transgenderism is falling out of favor with everyone except for the far left morons that love society's decay More 2021-11-07
With inflation currently running at 5.4%, inflation will transfer at least $1.9 trillion in wealth from the public to the federal government this year More 2021-11-05
Coming our way! ( Click 'Translate' ) More 2021-11-05
The Left's goal is to transform America into a "nation of immigrants" not of Americans (white people) More 2021-11-02
When narrative transcends reality -- the poster-boy for failing up is going to change history More 2021-10-27
Biden translator wanted! More 2021-10-26
Obama calls his fundamental transformation of the United States a "phony trumped-up culture war... the right-wing media pedals to juice their ratings" More 2021-10-24
The transportation system is broken and the Secretary of Transportation is focused on "paternity" More 2021-10-24
Joe Biden wants to take your car away and put you on public transportation More 2021-10-22
Biden appoints transgender, Rachel Levine, as "first-ever female four-star admiral" of the United States Public Health System More 2021-10-19
The United States' supply chain is broken and where is the Secretary of Transportation? -- he's playing house and has been since August! More 2021-10-15
Commie California's radical transformation of it's housing laws will force people to live in more crowded conditions More 2021-10-14
Psaki tells Peter Doocy why we didn’t hear John Kerry say, Joe Biden “literally had not been aware of what had transpired," with the Australia and France submarine deal More 2021-10-07
Teen Vogue contends the Federal Reserve should be radically transformed institution into a force for fighting climate change and the BIPOC community's economic progress More 2021-10-04
"If we say pregnant women, we exclude those who are transgender and nonbinary" -- The Washington Post More 2021-10-04
CDC director Walensky says the vaccines "can't prevent [COVID] transmission," but if you don't get one, the Donks will end your life as you know it More 2021-10-03
Richfield (MN) school board has installed a K-12 Sex Ed program that directs straight students to role play gay and transgender relationships More 2021-09-27
The IRS would track all bank transactions over $600 under Joe Biden's plan More 2021-09-26
The Women’s Health Protection Act asserts abortion is "critical to the health of every person capable of becoming pregnant," including "cisgender women, transgender men, non-binary individuals, those who identify with a different gender, and others." More 2021-09-25
"Not just women! Trans men & non-binary people can also menstruate," says congressional leader More 2021-09-08
Slate reported the tranny that exposed his semi-erect penis to women and a child was a “transphobic hoax" -- will they now apologize and print a retraction? More 2021-09-04
Team Biden's "back-to-school" transgender message -- "we intend to enforce our ideology" More 2021-08-26
Anti-white leftist General Milley played high school football with transgender Health Secretary Levine More 2021-08-26
The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine wants more inclusivity, like "chestfeeding" and "human milk feeding individuals," so trans people don't get upset More 2021-08-14
Cultural Marxists are transforming American culture into a female-dominated one More 2021-08-04
Transgender freak arrested for raping his 80 year-old mother More 2021-08-02
Obama's fundamental transformation of the USA isn't enough for him -- now he's gonna fuck up Africa More 2021-07-29
Sports Illustrated features a transwhatever in bikini on cover More 2021-07-20
Biden's White House throws a pity party for transgenders (most of these "women" are men) More 2021-07-03
The NFL continues its transition -- and decline -- from a sports entity into a political entity More 2021-06-29
Bioethicist/transfeminist says "gendering animals" is wrong More 2021-06-26
Trans female BMX athlete threatens to burn American flag on Olympic podium if she wins More 2021-06-22
The Department of Veterans Affairs will pay for transgender veterans to get sex changes More 2021-06-21
Like there aren't enough homosexuals on TV now, Hollywood's Pinks "demand" executives hire more queer, gay, and transgender writers More 2021-06-14
The ACLU is using the transgender issue to destroy women's sports More 2021-06-09
Transgenderism activists say it's perfectly OK for your four-year-old to choose its own "gender" More 2021-06-06
‘Blue’s Clues’ Pride Month Sing-Along Features Drag Queens and Transgender Children (VIDEO) More 2021-06-01
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