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The Bay Bridge connecting San Francisco and Oakland was shut down on April 7th by morons doing illegal stunts for a so-called sideshow More 2024-04-08
Google's Waymo autonomous car was set on fire in San Francisco More 2024-04-01
San Francisco is starting to look like Mad Max More 2024-03-23
This wasn’t in San Francisco -- this was in Alabama More 2024-03-08
San Francisco begs the Supreme Court to clean up its self-inflicted homeless mess More 2024-03-02
*** Major stores that have shut down in San Francisco *** More 2024-02-29
Kelly Wong is the first "noncitizen" to be appointed to San Fransisco's Elections Commission -- this is her victory speech More 2024-02-19
Formalizing the hatred of Caucasians in the University of California at San Francisco by a truly evil man, Dante King ( ) More 2024-02-14
87-year-old kicked in face books one-way ticket back to China because it's "too dangerous" in San Francisco More 2024-01-31
San Francisco’s oldest toy store, which inspired the Pixar classic “Toy Story,” is permanently shutting its doors after nearly a century in business because of the city’s widespread crime and violence problem More 2024-01-27
In San Francisco people just walk into Walgreens and take whatever they want without paying More 2024-01-25
Special prosecutor Nathan Wade purchased airline tickets he and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis used for trips to San Francisco, Miami and Aruba More 2024-01-20
San Francisco has "progressed" to the point that residents no longer feel safe -- and with good reason More 2024-01-19
San Francisco Supervisor, Dean Preston, claims the city’s homelessness problems were “absolutely the result of capitalism,” and it was “counterproductive” to arrest people openly doing drugs More 2023-12-12
Longtime business owner is done with San Francisco -- a city that cares more about its drug users than its taxpaying citizens More 2023-11-25
San Francisco shows its true colors. More 2023-11-16
Peking or San Francisco? More 2023-11-15
They cleaned up the streets of San Francisco for China’s dictator -- they can fix the cities, they just don’t want to -- the cage ought to make Xi feel at home ( ) More 2023-11-12
San Francisco ended public mugshots in 2020 because they perpetuate racism More 2023-11-06
Why would anybody vote for a Democrat -- look what they've done to San Francisco -- free needles, free drugs, free money More 2023-11-04
Like San Francisco didn't have enough problems More 2023-10-30
The homeless man camped outside a San Francisco school with the "Free Fentanyl" sign has a conviction as a pedophile More 2023-10-22
A San Francisco apartment building lost $250 million in value since 2018 as the city devolved into a hellscape of crime and open drug addiction under the leadership of degenerate Democrats More 2023-10-21
The Mayor of San Francisco has it both ways dealing with the Law of Unintended Consequences More 2023-10-20
Telling the world things are wonderful in San Francisco ain't gonna work boys -- the word is out More 2023-10-20
Balboa High School in San Francisco demonstrates that there's all kinds of grooming More 2023-10-20
Owning stuff in San Francisco is so old fashioned More 2023-10-12
San Francisco -- poop, needles and drug addicts line the streets, retailers are fleeing crime is soaring -- and they're out supporting Hamas butchers More 2023-10-10
Law enforcement officers fatally shot the driver of a vehicle that plowed into the Chinese consulate in San Francisco More 2023-10-10
Starbucks announced it will shut down seven locations in San Francisco, most of them in downtown More 2023-10-04
Nearly all San Francisco restaurants have been vandalized in the past month More 2023-09-29
Nancy Pelosi says violent crime in San Francisco is "an isolated situation" More 2023-09-09
The low-risk and high rewards are why San Francisco is the auto-break-in capital of America More 2023-09-06
Approximately every 10 hours a person in San Francisco dies of a fentanyl overdose More 2023-08-30
The crime is so bad in San Francisco that the mayor has requested federal assistance More 2023-08-27
It is too dangerous for federal workers to work at the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building in San Francisco More 2023-08-14
San Francisco's North Beach streets were clogged shut as a long line of Cruise RoboTaxis came to a standstill More 2023-08-14
"Our Democracy" is thriving in San Francisco More 2023-08-13
Another day, another store looted -- this one at a San Francisco mall More 2023-08-09
San Francisco is gone! More 2023-08-07
San Francisco resident -- "I never feel safe!" More 2023-08-07
Gunman draws down on San Francisco police ( ) More 2023-07-27
The person most responsible for San Francisco being a crime-and filth-infested sh!thole celebrates her success More 2023-07-23
Walgreens in San Francisco More 2023-07-18
Parents in one of San Francisco's wealthiest neighborhoods are struggling to cope with rising violent crime More 2023-07-14
Dozens arrested at skateboarding event in San Francisco (CA) More 2023-07-10
Masked teenagers are mugging moms and nannies in crime-ridden San Francisco More 2023-07-05
Equity -- San Francisco More 2023-07-02
Reporter says it's too dangerous to film in downtown San Francisco More 2023-06-16
Yesterday, as multiple large retailers were announcing they're leaving downtown San Francisco, thieves ran off with $70,000 worth of designer handbags from Fendi More 2023-06-16
AT&T closes its flagship store in San Francisco -- cites "changing consumer shopping habits" More 2023-06-16
San Francisco is turning into a ghost town and the mayor wants to have "conversations" More 2023-06-15
Two of San Francisco's largest hotels are bailing out More 2023-06-07
Afghan American store owner says San Francisco has become "worse than Afghanistan" More 2023-06-06
On some streets in San Francisco, almost every other retail store is vacant More 2023-06-04
San Francisco office vacancy in the first quarter of 2023 ranged between 26.4% and 29.4%, depending on the tally More 2023-05-29
San Francisco Old Navy to become latest store to shut down in crime-ridden city More 2023-05-27
Nordstrom to axe 380 jobs in soon-to-be-shuttered stores in crime-plagued San Francisco More 2023-05-25
No developed nation should ever have cities that look like this -- San Francisco is a disaster More 2023-05-24
San Francisco politician will do everything in his power to ensure a steady increase in criminal behavior More 2023-05-10
San Francisco politician visited San Quentin prison to advocate for the release of criminals -- he says that the community will be much safer with criminals living among us, not locked up in prisons More 2023-05-07
Austin, Texas is following NYC, Portland, Chicago and San Fransisco and starting to look like Gotham City More 2023-05-05
Tips for living in and visiting San Francisco More 2023-05-03
Nordstrom to close both of its stores in downtown San Francisco due to "lack of enforcement against rampant criminal activity" More 2023-05-03
Two more retailers quit San Francisco -- Office Depot is closing a major location, along with a women’s clothing store called Anthropologie More 2023-04-26
Target Stores -- "Our Democracy" flourishes in San Francisco More 2023-04-24
Governor Newsom has imposed martial law on San Francisco More 2023-04-23
San Francisco State University athletic director says it's a "common mistake" to believe that men have a physical advantage over women in sports More 2023-04-15
Last year it was "defund the police" -- now, San Francisco cannabis leaders are calling on the city to increase police presence and responsiveness to dispensary thefts More 2023-04-11
Go woke, go broke! -- San Francisco takes another hit! More 2023-04-11
Drag performers and activists gathered at the “Drag Up! Fight Back!” rally in San Francisco on Saturday for LGBTQ+ rights -- whatever they are More 2023-04-10
Former SF fire commissioner brutally beaten with metal bar near his home -- "Nobody is safe in San Francisco right now" More 2023-04-09
Mostly peaceful stabbing? Defund police? Allow homeless access to streets and side walks? Free drug zones? -- that's San Francisco More 2023-04-08
"Our Democracy" is flourishing in San Francisco More 2023-04-07
San Francisco made its own bed and now they can rot in it -- no federal assistance for crime More 2023-04-04
San Francisco is firmly in the hands of "Our Democracy" More 2023-03-21
Just another day in San Francisco More 2023-03-20
A mob of juveniles attack a victim and pummel him at San Francisco's Stonestown mall More 2023-03-20
CNNers get robbed in San Francisco (thread) More 2023-03-18
Payments of $5 million to every eligible Black adult, the elimination of personal debt and tax burdens, guaranteed annual incomes of at least $97,000 for 250 years and homes in San Francisco for just $1 a family More 2023-03-15
Homeless people are big business in cities like New York, San Francisco, and L.A. More 2023-03-11
The city of San Francisco has announced their plans of giving $5,000,000 in reparations to every black resident of the city -- California was never a "slave state" More 2023-02-28
San Francisco will repeal dumb law that boycotted conservative states over anti-LGBTQ, abortion legislation More 2023-02-20
San Francisco considers red light district More 2023-02-10
Nancy Pelosi performed an exorcism over her San Franciso mansion to "banish evil spirits" after her husband’s bizarre incident More 2023-01-22
San Francisco proposes $5 million in reparations for every Black person -- also $97,000 in welfare every year. More 2023-01-17
Liberal-progressive San Francisco gallery owner hoses down a homeless woman More 2023-01-11
Sam Bankman-Fried is flying back to San Francisco after stealing $10 billion -- and the Democrats aren't giving back the donations either More 2022-12-24
San Francisco is one of the most progressive cities in "Our Democracy" More 2022-12-09
A normal person would think that San Francisco had bigger problems More 2022-12-07
San Francisco is a hellhole for a reason -- Democrats! More 2022-12-02
San Francisco's $1.7 million public toilet lasted just three days -- unintended More 2022-11-30
From skoliosexual to graygender -- the most vexing of San Francisco’s 130 gender options More 2022-11-26
Paying people to be weird -- San Francisco mayor establishes free money program for transgender people More 2022-11-17
The application for transgender San Francisco residents to receive guaranteed income, has 97 gender options ( thread ) More 2022-11-17
The San Francisco police are not allowing immigration officers to interview Paul Pelosi's attacker ( thread ) More 2022-11-07
The answers to the l'affair Pelosi -- The San Francisco DA just said the police body cam video and 911 call will NOT be released ( ) More 2022-11-03
Megyn Kelly is highly suspicious of San Fran PD’s story concerning Paul Pelosi -- "I know enough to smell a rat" More 2022-11-02
San Francisco police chief says there's no there, there -- "move on!" More 2022-11-01
San Francisco district attorney booed off the stage and out the door during debate More 2022-10-24
Cotopaxi CEO announces closure of San Francisco store -- "our team is terrified... they feel unsafe... a city in chaos" More 2022-10-21
San Francisco is adding a single new public toilet at a cost of $1.7 million More 2022-10-20
Ambush-style robbery, shooting in San Francisco More 2022-10-15
San Fransisco supervisor wants to ban the Blue Angels from flying over San Francisco More 2022-10-11
San Francisco schools encourages teachers to facilitate secret child sexual transitions, and affirm students who use the gender pronoun "it" -- genderism's "n-word" ( thread ) More 2022-09-30
San Francisco has gotten so bad that nearly 40% of polled residents said they were planning to leave the city More 2022-09-17
"Almost half of San Francisco residents have been victims of crime" More 2022-09-16
San Franciscans enjoying another day in "Our Democracy" More 2022-09-09
San Francisco merchants threaten to withhold city taxes over homeless problems -- the downside of our democracy More 2022-08-29
Billboards in Los Angeles and San Francisco are urging Californians to resist the urge to move to Texas More 2022-08-27
"Beloved" San Francisco fetish festival still on despite anxieties over Monkeypox More 2022-08-02
A 70-year-old Asian woman was beaten to the ground and robbed by four black youths in San Francisco More 2022-08-02
San Fransisco will hold its "Gay Sex Festival," despite Monkeypox emergency More 2022-07-31
San Francisco is fining business owners whose properties have been smeared with graffiti by hooligans More 2022-07-22
"Our Democracy" in San Francisco More 2022-07-17
Nextdoor, a San Francisco community website, removed this 4th of July post for "discrimination" More 2022-07-12
This is what kids in San Francisco have to walk through to get home from school -- watch till end More 2022-07-09
Downtown San Francisco is near collapse -- "It's worse than It looks" More 2022-06-10
Child of the Weathermen, Chesa Boudin, has been recalled as San Francisco's district attorney More 2022-06-08
San Francisco mayor creates an incentive for homeless men to buy dresses More 2022-06-01
San Francisco police chase and capture a fleeing suspect wearing an ankle monitor More 2022-05-20
San Francisco's decriminalization program is still going strong More 2022-03-23
Deranged man in hospital gown breaks into San Francisco home, hurls himself out 3rd story window More 2022-03-09
San Francisco is known far-and-wide as a hotbed of white supremacists ( ) More 2022-02-18
San Francisco junkie says, it took "only took one phone call" -- he gets $620 and $100 in food stamps monthly -- then the free needles, and whatever he can steal More 2022-02-11
Never bring a smart-phone to a gunfight! -- San Franciscan run out of house to confront thieves brandishing his phone More 2022-01-07
Decriminalization visits a San Francisco Bay Area store More 2022-01-06
Look at what progressive Democrats have done to once-beautiful San Francisco More 2022-01-03
San Franciscans are overdosing on decriminalization More 2021-12-18
Criminals control San Francisco streets, but the residents keep voting for Donks -- go figure? More 2021-12-17
San Francisco and Oakland residents have surrendered to the criminals More 2021-12-15
San Francisco Chronicle photographer robbed at gunpoint More 2021-12-05
A tour of San Francisco clearly demonstrates what Progs mean by "progress" -- and where are the people? ( thread ) More 2021-11-30
Tourist are warned not to rent cars in San Francisco More 2021-11-15
Smash and grab robberies are part of daily life in San Francisco More 2021-11-08
How does San Francisco recover after what the Left has done to that once beautiful city? More 2021-11-08
Do you know who the District Attorney of San Francisco is? More 2021-11-07
The San Francisco Chronicle is suggesting residents barricade their houses against surging crime More 2021-11-07
San Francisco decriminalized theft -- now there's a shortage of replacement auto glass for vehicles that have been broken-into More 2021-11-03
After defunding the cops, San Francisco is paying criminals in an effort to stop its soaring crime More 2021-10-27
"We don't feel safe in out neighborhood," says San Francisco resident More 2021-10-22
As Walgreen's closes five stores, San Francisco's mayor asks thieves to think of their grandmothers More 2021-10-16
San Fran Donks decriminalized theft and thieves stole -- now the stores are closing More 2021-10-13
The Biden economy -- San Francisco is a ghost town -- "There's just nobody here. It's like the apocalypse" More 2021-10-08
Why anybody lives in San Francisco is a mystery More 2021-09-13
The loony-toons running San Francisco will pay "high-risk individuals" for not shooting people More 2021-09-02
"Son of Weathermen" DA faces second recall in San Francisco More 2021-08-19
The guns are out and blazing in San Francisco More 2021-08-05
The Jan 6 Psyop broadens as Pelosi's Capital Police set up forward outposts in Tampa and San Francisco to spy More 2021-08-02
San Francisco may have needles and poop all over its streets, but that won't stop the purchase of $20,000 Gucci trash cans More 2021-07-23
In San Francisco, you're not even safe in your own driveway More 2021-07-21
Two women were attacked and carjacked in the Democrat hell hole of the San Francisco in broad daylight More 2021-07-16
Things are so bad in San Francisco that retailers are locking everything up More 2021-07-08
Ask a lefty what "progress" means and they can't tell you, but San Francisco is the model for it More 2021-07-06
San Francisco retailers are closing down or closing early because if the rampant shoplifting More 2021-07-03
San Francisco Chronicle article lauds crime stats going down, omits fact cops aren't arresting and prosecutors aren't prosecuting More 2021-06-28
City College of San Francisco professor is a big fan of old Joe Stalin and is a CRT booster More 2021-06-28
San Francisco is spending $60 thousand per "homeless tent" per year -- wants $20 million more More 2021-06-27
Progressive Democrats and their Marxist policies have turned beautiful San Francisco into Hell More 2021-06-18
Geraldo says San Francisco is "reaping what it sowed" as shoplifting surge forces business closures More 2021-06-17
Police Seeking Information on Black Teen Who Lit Stranger’s Hair on Fire While Riding San Francisco Bus (VIDEO) More 2021-06-04
Shoplifting Skyrockets In San Francisco, Forcing Retailers To Close Stores More 2021-06-02
No Surprise Here -- Drug Overdoses Killed Twice A Many People in San Francisco as COVID-19 More 2021-05-24
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