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Meanwhile, life goes on as usual in New York City -- "our democracy"  More
New Orleans murder rate increase is the worst in "Our Democracy"  More
Chicago's version of "Our Democracy."  More
Morning in "our democracy"  More
"Failing to prosecute Trump will harm our democracy" ~ Jeh Johnson  More
It's fair to say that law and order in "Our Democracy" is a thing of the past -- naturally he was released ( )  More
"I'm living in a nightmare neighborhood" -- a plea from "Our Democracy"  More
"Our Democracy" in New Orleans  More
This little revolutionary is sponsored by "Our Democracy"  More
"Our Democracy" in Queens (NY)  More
"Our Democracy" in San Francisco  More
"Our Democracy" in LA  More
"Our Democracy" in New York  More
"Our Democracy" in Philadelphia  More
"Our Democracy" in Washington DC  More
Here's how things are supposed to work in "Our Democracy" ( thread )  More
Donks hate the Constitution -- it keeps getting in the way of "our democracy"  More
Some hate, like that directed at the Catholic Church, or directed at conservatives, is perfectly OK in "our democracy"  More
When they speak of "Our Democracy," think this  More
Welcome to "our democracy" -- Team Biden is giving illegal immigrants smartphones and service  More
The leaders of "our democracy" have no use for the Constitution -- Project Veritas teaser  More
Welcome to "our democracy."  More
When these people refer to "our democracy," they are not referring to the republic created by and governed under the Constitution of the United States of America  More
"Our Democracy"  More
Kamala Harris says the national security challenge that keeps her up at night is "our democracy" ( see banner )  More
Hillary predicts the end of the Left's socialist dream -- "our democracy" -- if Trump wins  More
When these clowns talk about "our democracy," they are not referring to the republic established and governed by the United States Constitution  More
When Donks refer to "our democracy" they aren't referring to the republic created by the US Constitution -- now the NY Times suggest replacements for "Old Glory" (cursor down)  More
It's pretty clear that Biden doesn't believe in real democracy, just "our democracy"  More
When Democrats speechify about "our democracy," this is what they are referring to  More
When these guys talks about "our democracy" they are not referring to our constitutional republic  More
When the Left speaks of "our democracy," they are not speaking of the American republic  More
MSNBC "defender of our democracy" warns of "whiteness" and "Americanism" -- whatever that is?  More
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