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Biden sent an open invitation to the world, warning Trump is “a threat to our freedom” -- “a threat to this nation” -- “a threat to our democracy” -- “a threat to everything America stands for” 2024-07-15 Read
"Our Democracy" flourishes in Philly 2024-06-19 Read
"Our Democracy" goes to Hollywood 2024-06-14 Read
Life in "Our Democracy" -- crime is so bad in Oakland (CA) that the city can’t fix potholes because the workers feel unsafe 2024-06-07 Read
"Our Democracy" rigs the convention -- the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is planning to virtually nominate Joe Biden as the party’s presidential nominee ahead of their convention in August 2024-05-29 Read
"Our Democracy" spreads through upstate New York 2024-04-26 Read
"Our Democracy" -- Santa Monica (CA) has approved the construction of apartment complex for the homeless -- at a staggering $1 million per unit 2024-04-24 Read
"Our Democracy" in Portland (OR) 2024-04-20 Read
"Our Democracy" in Fresno, California 2024-03-28 Read
Did you think you would see a homeless man snatch a human leg from a person who was just hit by a train and then start to eat it the leg? -- "Our Democracy" 2024-03-23 Read
"Our Democracy" has come to San Diego to stay (CA) 2024-03-21 Read
"Our Democracy" -- the Democrats' vision for a socialist America 2024-03-20 Read
This situation has been created and nurtured by the Democratic Party -- when Democrats speak about "Our Democracy," this is what they are talking about 2024-02-26 Read
"Our Democracy" 2024-02-22 Read
"Our Democracy" 2024-01-29 Read
Eric Holder pumps up the "fear and loathing" -- "Our Democracy" will end if Donald Trump is re-elected! 2024-01-19 Read
Kamala Harris says Trump is an “existential threat to our Democracy,” who “took rights and liberties from the American People” 2024-01-18 Read
"Our Democracy" 2024-01-15 Read
"Our Democracy" is flunking the "democracy" test under Joe Biden 2024-01-08 Read
Jan. 6 was an attack on "Our Democracy" 2024-01-05 Read
The Democratic Party will not let anybody challenge Joe Biden for their 2024 ticket -- it's communism, but they refer to it as "our democracy" 2023-12-27 Read
Just another day in "Our Democracy" 2023-12-18 Read
If you don't want to carry a gun, carry pepper gel -- but be prepared to defend yourself in "Our Democracy" 2023-12-11 Read
Rep Dan Goldman (D-NY) says, "[Trump] cannot see public office again -- he is not only unfit, he is destructive to "Our Democracy" -- "he has to be eliminated" 2023-11-20 Read
In "Our Democracy," the "oppressed" don't believe they are subject to the law 2023-11-10 Read
Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) calls Rep. Jim Jordan "a clear and present danger to 'Our Democracy’" -- does not tell us why 2023-10-21 Read
Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) calls Rep. Jim Jordan "a clear and present danger to 'Our Democracy’" -- does not tell us why -- just the slander 2023-10-21 Read
"Our Democracy" targets Target 2023-10-06 Read
"Our Democracy" visits the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport 2023-09-20 Read
"Our Democracy" has arrived! 2023-09-15 Read
Just another day in "Our Democracy" 2023-09-12 Read
"Our Democracy" 2023-09-08 Read
This is "Our Democracy" -- Joe Biden and the Democrats are doing this to America -- can you imagine what four more years will look like? 2023-09-07 Read
"Our Democracy" is thriving in San Francisco 2023-08-13 Read
"Our Democracy" has come to Massachusetts 2023-08-11 Read
Crime and homelessness in Portland have cost Oregon over a billion dollars as residents flee "Our Democracy" 2023-08-06 Read
"Our Democracy" is sweeping America 2023-07-17 Read
"Our Democracy" in The City of Brotherly Love 2023-07-17 Read
"Our Democracy" thrives in Oakland (CA) 2023-07-16 Read
"Our Democracy" -- San Diego 2023-07-05 Read
That there are 75,000+ people living on the streets of Los Angeles is another testament to the success of the principles of "Our Democracy" 2023-06-30 Read
"Our Democracy" 2023-06-28 Read
"Our Democracy" has brought us a two-tier justice system 2023-06-26 Read
Demagogue calls Donald Trump "a demagogue!" -- says Trump remains one of the greatest dangers to "our democracy" that we have ever seen 2023-06-22 Read
"This is extremely dangerous to our democracy" 2023-05-28 Read
Just another day in "Our Democracy" 2023-05-12 Read
Target Stores -- "Our Democracy" flourishes in San Francisco 2023-04-24 Read
"Our Democracy" is thriving in Portland (OR) 2023-04-22 Read
"Our Democracy" is flourishing in Portland (OR) 2023-04-19 Read
"Our Democracy" 2023-04-14 Read
"Our Democracy" is flourishing in San Francisco 2023-04-07 Read
"Our Democracy" 2023-03-21 Read
San Francisco is firmly in the hands of "Our Democracy" 2023-03-21 Read
This could only happen in "our democracy" 2023-03-09 Read
Chuck Schumer attacks Fox News for doing what the entire Democratic media apparatus did as the end of "our democracy" ( ) 2023-03-03 Read
"Our Democracy" is thriving in St. Louis (MO) where there were 149 car-jackings last week -- 2023-02-05 Read
"Our Democracy" is flourishing in Philly -- America's Zombieland 2023-01-21 Read
"Our Democracy" in action ( ) 2023-01-10 Read
"Our Democracy" flourishes in Nancy Pelosi's hometown 2022-12-23 Read
"Our Democracy" is flourishing in California 2022-12-21 Read
"Our Democracy" in action -- this is the capital of California 2022-12-20 Read
“What we saw on Jan. 6th was the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War" 2022-12-20 Read
The City of Denver is near the "breaking point" from the influx of illegal migrants -- another win for "Our Democracy" 2022-12-18 Read
San Francisco is one of the most progressive cities in "Our Democracy" 2022-12-09 Read
"Our Democracy" is flourishing in New York City 2022-12-05 Read
*** Everything is subject to the authoritarian control of "Our Democracy" -- even "Saturday Night Live!" *** 2022-10-21 Read
Chris Hayes, MSNBC's resident "expert," says it's The Saudi's cut back the oil, threatening "Our Democracy," so Joe Biden had to raid the Strategic Petroleum Reserves 2022-10-20 Read
Philly cops come under attack -- this is the future in "Our Democracy" 2022-10-19 Read
Wherever "our democracy" exists, citizens pay a very heavy price 2022-10-18 Read
Next town over -- Quincy (MA), City of Presidents joins "Our Democracy" 2022-09-29 Read
"Our Democracy" ( ) 2022-09-28 Read
Another day in "Our Democracy" 2022-09-24 Read
*** Jan. 6 was not the rare instance of violence against our Democracy the Democrats say -- let me take you on a journey ( thread ) *** 2022-09-24 Read
Business owners and residents in "Our Democracy" have had it! 2022-09-22 Read
Oakland (CA) is a proud member of "Our Democracy" 2022-09-20 Read
"Our Democracy" 2022-09-12 Read
New York, the largest city in "Our Democracy," thrives on the freedoms 2022-09-10 Read
"Our Democracy" is thriving in Philadelphia 2022-09-09 Read
Joe Biden's version of "Our Democracy," is trying to imprison his chief political opponent 2022-09-09 Read
San Franciscans enjoying another day in "Our Democracy" 2022-09-09 Read
California -- the "our democracy" test case -- issued its second consecutive "energy emergency alert" ( ) 2022-09-07 Read
White House Press Secretary says "MAGA Republicans... are an extreme threat to our democracy, to our freedom, to our rights" 2022-09-01 Read
Tonight, Jo Biden, in a prime-time address, will accuse "MAGA Republicans" of embracing a form of extremism that is a direct threat to "Our Democracy" 2022-09-01 Read
Just another day in "Our Democracy" 2022-08-30 Read
San Francisco merchants threaten to withhold city taxes over homeless problems -- the downside of our democracy 2022-08-29 Read
MAGA Republicans are fascists who are attacking our democracy... taking away our freedoms 2022-08-28 Read
Black and Hispanic voters are walking away from "Our Democracy" 2022-08-24 Read
New York City is the prototype for "our democracy" -- everybody's a Democrat 2022-08-24 Read
How you know you have entered "Our Democracy" 2022-08-22 Read
Democrat-ruled cities have seen activity drop by almost 50%, as crime in "Our Democracy" forces workers, tourists, suburbanites and homeowners away 2022-08-20 Read
"Our democracy" in action 2022-08-19 Read
The future in "Our Democracy" -- where illegal aliens are treated better than citizens 2022-08-18 Read
"Our Democracy" flourishes in LA 2022-08-18 Read
Meanwhile, life goes on as usual in New York City -- "our democracy" 2022-08-11 Read
New Orleans murder rate increase is the worst in "Our Democracy" 2022-08-01 Read
Chicago's version of "Our Democracy." 2022-07-30 Read
Morning in "our democracy" 2022-07-29 Read
"Failing to prosecute Trump will harm our democracy" ~ Jeh Johnson 2022-07-28 Read
It's fair to say that law and order in "Our Democracy" is a thing of the past -- naturally he was released ( ) 2022-07-26 Read
"I'm living in a nightmare neighborhood" -- a plea from "Our Democracy" 2022-07-24 Read
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Our Democracy   
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Erasing Women -- Merriam-Webster changed the definition of "female" -- twice! 2022-07-23 1 Read
The Masters of Projection have zero self-awareness 2022-07-03 2 Read
Insurrection Follies -- A figment of some very twisted imaginations 2022-06-19 1 Read
Gender Equity -- Joe Biden commits the federal government to the queering of America 2022-06-05 1 Read
Disinformation Bureau -- 1984 was a little late in coming, but it's finally here 2022-05-22 1 Read
Joe Biden's "National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism" 2022-02-06 2 Read
Joe Biden Hates His Own People -- The Biden Administration declares war on Americans 2022-01-16 1 Read

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