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Remember, James Comey was in the room when then-CIA Director Brennan informed Obama that Hillary and the DNC were running an op against Trump More 2023-06-05
Obama knew what Joe Biden was doing and he allowed it to continue for years More 2023-06-01
Sasha Obama is a nicotine addict More 2023-05-28
Obama is getting the band back together More 2023-05-26
How Obama officials and the FBI squashed an investigation into Hillary Clinton More 2023-05-22
"Obama knew -- Obama was directly involved -- he got all the intelligence agencies involved in the Trump-Russia hoax, but knew it was a lie back in August, 2016" More 2023-05-22
An Illinois crack dealer granted clemency by Barck Obama has been charged with attempted murder More 2023-05-20
The Obama White House has now been placed at the center of the Jor Biden scandal More 2023-05-19
Barack Obama refers to his wife as "Michael" More 2023-05-10
How the media reenforces "The Narrative" -- begins with Obama ( thread ) More 2023-05-09
“Joe Biden is an avatar for Obama’s 3rd term” -- four years in which every policy wish-list and far-left agenda item could be triggered without any care or consequence of political damage More 2023-05-04
Once Obama pulls his people out, Joe Biden is done More 2023-04-27
Joe Biden has announced plans to use his executive order authority to make DACA recipients eligible for Medicaid and Obamacare. More 2023-04-20
Senators make new demands about FBI, Hunter Biden, and the Obama White House More 2023-04-16
Obama operative, Susan Rice, claims the economy is racist More 2023-04-13
Prakazrel “Pras” Michel is accused of funneling money from a fugitive Malaysian financer through straw donors to Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign More 2023-04-06
The real culprit behind the “get Trump” radicals in New York is the corrupt, newly hired, former Obama-Biden DoJ attorney named Matt Colangelo More 2023-04-03
This sh!t didn't happen until Obama came to town -- now it's everywhere More 2023-04-03
Obama falsely claims guns are the number one killer of children More 2023-03-28
"You have a top-ranking official in the US government, somebody who was vice president under Barack Obama -- somebody who is now president of the United States, whose family was taking money from foreign entities -- for what? we have no idea" More 2023-03-18
Joe Biden’s budget would balloon ATF funding to nearly $2 billion -- an increase of 50% over the Obama administration. More 2023-03-17
Newly-released emails show the Obama administration was "panicked" over questions about Hunter Biden's foreign business schemes More 2023-03-16
Michelle Obama looks like she's been lifting heavy More 2023-03-12
DoJ lawyers and an Obama judge decided that Donald Trump can be sued by police officers over Jan. 6 More 2023-03-03
"I promised [Barack Obama] to build an Administration that looked like America" -- but there's not a Native American. White, Hispanic, or Asian person in sight More 2023-03-01
When Michelle Obama was in the White House, her fashion sense developed -- Jill Biden's fashions just become stranger and stranger More 2023-02-25
In case you still had any doubts about who is really running the Democratic Party -- the DNC has approved the Obama, Clyburn Plan for South Carolina to Lead 2024 Democrat Primary More 2023-02-05
Obama's defense secretary, Leon Panetta, gets it -- shoot the balloon down More 2023-02-04
Barack Obama will not allow a search for classified documents at any of his many homes More 2023-01-29
Obama's White House Counsel and Perkins Coie alumnus, Bob Bauer, is in charge of Joe Biden's documents scandal More 2023-01-24
WOKE priorities in Omnibus Bill -- almost $4 million for Michelle Obama hiking trail ( thread ) More 2022-12-21
Michelle Obama was a key player in getting Trump banned from Twitter More 2022-12-11
Some gruel for those that believe Obama is really the one that's running the show More 2022-12-02
Joe Biden picked up the "fundamental transformation" mantra from Barack Obama and he's going to stick with it ~ Victor Davis Hanson More 2022-11-26
Democrats beg Joe Biden to open taxpayer-subsidized ObamaCare to DACA illegal aliens More 2022-11-21
Name one personal accomplishment of Michelle Obama ( ) More 2022-11-19
Obama Foundation event on "disinformation features serial spreaders of disinformation More 2022-11-17
Remember when Obama said this about elections More 2022-11-16
Barack Obama -- the man who singlehandedly tried to destroy the American Constitution -- and who may not be done More 2022-11-15
Obama and Bush are getting together to fight "misinformation" -- also known as Donald Trump More 2022-11-13
Construction halted at Obama's presidential library after noose found on site More 2022-11-11
The bloom is off Obama's rose More 2022-11-04
Barack Obama gets drowned out by the chants of "F*ck Joe Biden!" -- doesn't know what to do More 2022-10-30
Obama emerges to save his fundamental transformation of the United States of America More 2022-10-25
Obama DoJ official says Attorney General Merrick Garland should put a "pause" on releasing John Durham's report, warns findings may "unfairly tarnish" FBI officials More 2022-10-19
Peter Strzok was CIA Brennan's man inside the FBI, and Brennan was Obama's man inside the CIA -- there would have been no Russiagate, but for these three, More 2022-10-18
Obama went overseas, labeled the GOP "angry racists" -- Barry is just projecting again More 2022-10-17
Leftist billionaire, Pierre Omidyar -- Obama's CIA Director, Leon Panetta -- Trump hater, Chris Krebs -- Dubya's CIA Director, Porter Goss -- What could possibly go wrong with these guys in charge of America's information flow? More 2022-10-14
Former Democrat Mayor of Beaverton (OR), who donated to Joe Biden’s campaign and collaborated with Team Obama, was arrested on child pornography charges ( thread ) More 2022-10-12
Nicolle Wallace wonders if Barack Obama should form a team to man a "democracy hotline" More 2022-10-11
Barack Obama described his political opponents as racist, sexist and angry during a private conversation with some of Europe’s elites this summer More 2022-10-10
Joe Biden's revolution has been brought to you by Barack Obama More 2022-10-02
The Obama's prove the rules are for the little people, as they park in Handicap spot for a two-hour dinner More 2022-09-26
Clinton, Obama economists disagree with the White House, say U.S. "has a serious inflation problem" More 2022-09-16
An Obama judge has denied a request for disclosure of the details of the Hunter Biden gun case -- cites "privacy" ( ) More 2022-09-15
The Obamas visit the White House More 2022-09-08
Obama tells Joe Biden: "It is now America's good fortune to have you as president," and everybody goes wild! More 2022-09-08
Joe Biden just rewarded Obama's CIA chief with a job on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board for lying his ass off about Hunter's laptop More 2022-08-30
Jake Sullivan was a key adviser to Hillary, Obama and now Biden -- he was up to his ears in Russiagate More 2022-08-30
Barack Obama is suiting up for the big game More 2022-08-25
Obama's 30-million documents, many classified, are protected under Democrat Rule #3 -- "that's different" More 2022-08-15
Obama just can't help it -- he has to boast, and let America know that he's the guy behind the guy. More 2022-08-08
Even Democrats didn't watch Showtime's fantasy series about Michelle Obama More 2022-08-06
Ex-Obama Hack blames America for an American-hater's problems More 2022-08-01
Race wasn't a problem until Obama -- simple as that More 2022-07-28
When the TRUTH gets so loud that even Obama disciple Van Jones has to say it More 2022-07-22
Justice Kagan better warn the Obama's immediately -- their property is at current high-tide mark -- they're doomed More 2022-07-01
Obama is still community organizing, but now he's organizing millions More 2022-06-22
Obama presents a case study in cognitive dissonance More 2022-06-11
Dan Pfieffer, was Barack Obama's White House Communications Director, and what Obama thinks, Pfieffer thinks More 2022-06-06
ObamaCare premiums set to increase by 53% More 2022-06-02
Whenever you see Susan Rice, you're seeing a Barack Obama initiative More 2022-05-28
Commenting on the Texas school massacre, Barack Obama wants us to remember St. George Floyd and St. Trayvon More 2022-05-26
Michelle Obama lauds Oprah Winfrey -- says Oprah could be country's "common denominator" More 2022-05-24
Barack Obama does not distinguish between democracy and socialism -- to him, they are the same thing More 2022-05-16
Does Joe Biden know what Obama is up to? More 2022-05-08
It's safe to say that Barack Obama has come out of retirement and is organizing again More 2022-05-04
Donks have been waging open war on free speech since the Obama years More 2022-04-28
Both Obama and Hillary want more censorship -- surprised? More 2022-04-24
You must admit, Obama's promise to "fundamentally transform the United States of America," was no empty threat More 2022-04-05
Obama has COVID-19 More 2022-03-14
Obama's ambassador to Russia and prestigious Stanford professor doesn't know squat about Hitler and WW II More 2022-03-13
"Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up" ~ Barack Obama More 2022-03-02
Hillary's tech guru, Joffe, who spied on Trump, pleads the 5th -- Jake Sullivan, Obama's, Hillary's and Biden's foreign policy adviser, was briefd by Joffe in September 2016 More 2022-03-01
Michael McFaul, Obama's ambassador to Russia from 2012 to 2014, says Ukrainians can't find knee pads and it’s something, "you need to shoot a gun" More 2022-02-24
Obama's people are destroying the country and old Joe Biden is going to get all the credit/blame More 2022-02-16
Right now, all bets are that Obama is running the country ( ) More 2022-02-14
Obama's doctor asks, "Why won't Biden take a cognitive exam like President Trump did?" More 2022-02-13
Barack Obama and Eric Holder refined the Department of Justice so only their ideological opposition became the target of their new national security system More 2022-02-13
The last time oil was this high, Obama was in the White House -- is there a pattern here? More 2022-02-05
It's pretty clear, that between Obama and Biden, the Donks are trying to turn the American military into the French military More 2022-02-03
Obama’s top economic advisor lays it on the line More 2022-01-15
Amazon's gender recognition system identifies Michelle Obama and Serena Williams as men More 2022-01-05
Illinois is going after the DA that dropped all charges against Jussie Smollett ( a favor for Michelle Obama ) More 2021-12-21
Team Biden has caved to the demands of Iran and waived sanctions to restart Obama's "Iran deal" -- the White House didn't inform Congress for ten days More 2021-12-06
The DoE program that trains future educators in Critical Race Theory, begun under Obama, has awarded millions to universities since More 2021-12-03
CIA Director Brennan briefed Obama on Hillary’s "Donald Trump is a Russian operative" conspiracy in August 2016 ( ) More 2021-11-14
"Don't underestimate Joe's ability to fuck things up" ~ Barack Obama More 2021-11-14
Obama's legacy -- the political weaponization of the national security apparatus -- deep dive! More 2021-10-30
Obama calls his fundamental transformation of the United States a "phony trumped-up culture war... the right-wing media pedals to juice their ratings" More 2021-10-24
Obama defense secretary says Joe Biden hasn't gotten anything right in four decades More 2021-10-18
Suspicions confirmed -- the guy behind the curtain turns out to be -- Barack Obama! More 2021-09-29
Four of Obama's "Taliban Five" take top leadership posts in Afghan government More 2021-09-08
Doesn't take long for Obama officials to throw Biden under the bus More 2021-09-02
Remember when Obama fired 200 general officers? -- well, this is what remains -- "useful idiots" More 2021-09-01
90 Generals and admirals (the warriors that Obama shit-canned) demand WOKE Gen. Milley and Secretary of Defense Austin resign More 2021-08-31
The irony is rich -- Team Obama criticizes Biden, but all of Biden's top advisers came from Team Obama More 2021-08-29
The Afghanistan debacle is all Obama's fault! More 2021-08-18
"Obama's Brain" labels Afghanistan a disaster and says Biden needs to own it More 2021-08-17
Obama's fundamental transformation of the USA isn't enough for him -- now he's gonna fuck up Africa More 2021-07-29
Joe Biden used private email to send State Department information to his crackhead, globe-trotting son Hunter during the Obama reign More 2021-07-21
"Crime is the fault of the police," says Obama associate as MSNBC's bobble-headed Stephanie Ruhle nods approvingly More 2021-06-23
Go tell it to Obama! More 2021-06-19
Barack Obama's presidential library, estimated to cost $700 million, will have only one book More 2021-06-08
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