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The Frame 2024-04-28 1  Read
The Border Invasion is Joe Biden's "pathway to citizenship" for 50 million illegal aliens 2024-03-31 6  Read
The Border Surge was an attack upon the sovereignty of the United States 2024-03-24 1  Read
Joe Biden is sneaking illegals into America by air 2024-03-17 2  Read
The missing binder -- the "Five Eyes" 2024-02-19 8  Read
Colorado's Democrats want Donald Trump off the ballot -- whatever it takes 2023-12-23 2  Read
The Great Replacement Theory 2023-12-10 2  Read
Trials, Treason and a 180º 2023-11-12 1  Read
Every week there are new reports of Biden corruption 2023-10-29 2  Read
AG Letitia James' attempted billion-dollar robbery 2023-10-08 2  Read
Obama is still "the Boss" 2023-09-24 19  Read
Bent! -- these aren't your parents Democrats 2023-09-10 1  Read
By a two-to-one margin, Americans see what the DoJ is up to 2023-09-03 8  Read
The Democratic Party goes to the dark side 2023-07-23 10  Read
Liar! -- Why would anybody believe Joe Biden? 2023-06-25 1  Read
Burisma 2023-06-11 1  Read
Justice Denied -- are we supposed to just forget? 2023-06-04 1  Read
The Coup 2023-05-21 37  Read
There can be little doubt, Joe Biden should be tried for treason! 2023-05-14 7  Read
Biden Crime Family Update 2023-05-07 1  Read
Electric Dreams are changing the meaning of "charge" 2023-04-30 1  Read
The Fruits Of "Equity" have the capacity to completely destroy the United States 2023-04-16 6  Read
Prosecutor Bragg, The Democrats' latest assassin doesn't have a crime 2023-04-09 3  Read
Biden Family Deals are like money for nuthin' 2023-03-19 2  Read
The Law vs The People 2023-03-05 1  Read
"Show us the money" says the Biden Crime Family 2023-02-26 1  Read
Joe Biden's lawyers are defending the indefensible 2023-02-05 1  Read
Joe Biden was above and beyond "grossly negligent" 2023-01-22 2  Read
Joe Biden's TOP SECRET (SCI) problem is a real problem 2023-01-15 1  Read
Misinformation -- who decides Truth? 2022-10-30 1  Read
Democracy is not on the ballot 2022-10-23 1  Read
There are no coincidences --Joe Biden has screwed America up to a fare-thee-well 2022-10-16 2  Read
Joe Biden's war on Christians 2022-10-02 1  Read
It's Obama's plan, but Joe is the patsy 2022-09-18 8  Read
Hunter Biden's guns and the Secret Service 2022-09-11 1  Read
Joe Biden's War continued as the FBI raided 50 Trump supporters' homes 2022-08-28 1  Read
Lawless! -- a lotta Democrats did a lotta bad stuff in the summer of 2016 2022-08-21 2  Read
America's STASI -- The Democrats' secret police 2022-07-30 2  Read
Durham Vs Sussman -- It's really John Durham against the entire Democratic Party 2022-06-12 1  Read
Disinformation Bureau -- 1984 was a little late in coming, but it's finally here 2022-05-22 6  Read
Joe Biden Is A Puppet -- does he know what Obama has been up to? 2022-05-15 13  Read
Russiagate has become the biggest political scandal in American history 2022-05-01 3  Read
Hillary Clinton has been above the law for 50 years 2022-03-27 2  Read
Kamala? Really? -- Vice President Harris will never be ready for prime time 2022-02-27 1  Read
Joe Biden is a stand-in for Barack Obama's 3rd term 2022-02-20 27  Read
Joe Biden's Plan -- Create a socialist government to support massive reparations 2022-01-23 2  Read

The latest mentions on "X" (Twitter)
100,000 illegals covered by DACA will enroll in ObamaCare next year, while 25 million Americans remain uninsured 2024-05-04 Read
"All of us in the Obama administration were working to remove the Ukraine prosecutor" ~ John Kerry -- Burisma! ( ) 2024-05-02 Read
What a difference three years makes -- and Obama wants him in the Oval Office for four more? 2024-05-01 Read
Barack Obama and Critical Race Theory brought racial strife to America 2024-04-24 Read
Norman Eisen, a senior Obama administration official, longtime Trump critic and CNN legal analyst has organized secret meetings of TV legal commentators to manage the "Trump Trials" narrative 2024-04-24 Read
It saddens me to see the U. S. Army held in such disregard, but this is what Joe Biden and Barack Obama have done to its reputation 2024-04-20 Read
Barack Obama encourages the "undocumented" to vote 2024-04-14 Read
America First Legal has sued the Department of defense for concealing a "secretive Obama order" that could exonerate Trump in the documents case 2024-04-05 Read
The first thing DNC Chairman, Jaime Harrison, thinks of when he sees Biden, Obama, and Clinton is "honesty, decency, and integrity" 2024-04-02 Read
A "valid ID" was required for the Biden-Obama-Clinton fundraiser in New York 2024-03-30 Read
Hamas supporters created a chaotic scene outside Radio City Music Hall in midtown Manhattan, where Biden, Obama, and Clinton were attending a fundraiser 2024-03-29 Read
California Judge Yvette Roland is disbarring constitutional attorney John Eastman for making legal arguments with which she disagreed -- Roland's a donor to Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, DNC, ActBlue, and other Democrats 2024-03-29 Read
It's official -- Barack Obama is running Joe Biden's campaign 2024-03-28 Read
Barack Obama becomes the face of Joe Biden's campaign 2024-03-25 Read
Barack Obama has had many meetings with Joe Biden -- and it's always Obama who does all the talking 2024-03-23 Read
This is all Barack Obama, the man that brought us Critical Race Theory 2024-03-19 Read
Whereever Barack Hussein Obama goes, trouble and really bad things can only follow 2024-03-19 Read
John Kerry, whose son also worked for Burisma, says the entire Obama administration hierarchy wanted the removal of then-chief prosecutor Viktor Shokin who was investigating Burisma 2024-03-14 Read
Obama and Biden fired all the war fighters and this is what's left -- major general “hopes” Hamas won't fire upon U.S. soldiers building a port in Gaza for Hamas 2024-03-13 Read
America can thank Barack Obama for this 2024-03-09 Read
Obamacare enrollees will also receive voter registration -- and their vote will be counted whether they vote or not! 2024-03-01 Read
Barack Obama is still working to make people hate each other 2024-02-25 Read
"Historians" rank Barack Obama as America's 7th "greatest president" -- Joe Biden made #14 -- you gotta check out this survey of "historians," it's a real laugher 2024-02-20 Read
Joe Biden's DoJ raided Mar-a-Lago looking for a document exposing the Obama administration's lawless participation in Russiagate 2024-02-16 Read
New Trump ad features Michelle Obama 2024-02-15 Read
Obama lieutenant, Susan Rice, is calling the tune on border issues 2024-02-13 Read
There is more racial tension and hatred under Joe Biden than in the 1960s -- and Obama's fingerprints are all over it 2024-02-07 Read
Barack Obama and his addled frontman, Joe Biden, did this! 2024-02-06 Read
Barack Obama did this 2024-02-06 Read
Obama has caused more damage to America than any other human being -- living or dead 2024-02-06 Read
Watching Joe Biden, you really have to wonder what Obama has up his sleeve 2024-02-05 Read
"I've seen all this shit my husband has had to go through and that does not interest me" ~ Michelle Obama 2024-02-01 Read
Barack Obama did say he was scared to death of Michelle ( ) 2024-01-31 Read
Amy Pope, an Obama acolyte, heads the UN's nefarious International Organization for Migration that is funding and coordinating the illegal invasion of America 2024-01-30 Read
It's "an all-hands-on-deck moment" for the Biden campaign as Obama tells Joe Biden he has "deep concern" and as the American people increasingly reject them 2024-01-11 Read
Obama has joined the fray -- he has to defend his revolution 2024-01-09 Read
Michelle Obama says she is kept awake at night due to the upcoming election -- "I am terrified about what could happen" 2024-01-09 Read
Obama lets us know who's "the Boss" 2024-01-09 Read
Washington Post headline, "Obama, worried about Trump, urges Biden circle to bolster campaign," gives us a hint about who's really running the show 2024-01-07 Read
Obama campaign strategist, David Plouffe, recommends New Hampshire Democrats "tactically" Vote for Nikki Haley 2024-01-05 Read
Did you ever see this behavior before Obama? 2024-01-03 Read
This behavior is unique to the last couple of years -- is it because of Obama or Pfizer? 2024-01-02 Read
Did you ever see stuff like this before the Obama-Biden revolution? 2023-12-28 Read
Obama quietly pushed Harvard to keep plagiarist and antisemitic president Claudine Gay -- not a surprise 2023-12-23 Read
Barack Obama is reportedly concerned about Joe Biden's re-election campaign and believes that there is a high chance Biden could lose in 2024 2023-12-18 Read
Obama judge forbid Rudy Giuliani from defending himself against charges in DC court ( ) 2023-12-17 Read
Obama and Biden have done this to America -- it has to stop! 2023-12-17 Read
The new Barack and Michelle Obama movie sends out a big warning: "don't trust white people!" 2023-12-13 Read
"The Obamas are two of the most influential people on the planet... that's why seeing that power used to promote racial hatred is deeply disappointing" ~ James Woods 2023-12-12 Read
Netflix film called "Leave The World Behind" produced by Barack and Michelle Obama includes a scene demonizing white people. 2023-12-11 Read
This all began with Barack Obama --all of it -- and that's a fact, Jack! 2023-12-08 Read
Chicagoans discover Obama's "elections have consequences" means what it says -- and they will still vote Democrat 2023-12-01 Read
Lawless Obama Judge Tanya Chutkan refused the Trump defense team’s efforts to subpoena members of the House Jan. 6 Committee for testimony 2023-11-28 Read
This never happened in the frequency or intensity before Barack Obama 2023-11-15 Read
How Barack Obama and Joe Biden demoted the U.S. from world leader to world loser 2023-11-14 Read
Barack Obama and Joe Biden redefined “terrorist” as MAGA, then redirected the Patriot Act from searches for foreign terrorists to domestic searches for terrorists 2023-11-14 Read
This could be a very real problem -- the Biden regime is planning on seizing total control of the Internet -- this has Obama’s fingerprints all over it 2023-11-08 Read
Obama tells us where he stands in the Hamas War -- and it's no surprise at all 2023-11-06 Read
It looks like Axelrod got a phone call from Obama 2023-11-06 Read
Obama speaks about Gaza 2023-11-05 Read
It's an Obama world! 2023-10-30 Read
Joe Biden isn't needed in Washington -- Obama's at the stick -- and has been since 1/20/2021 2023-10-28 Read
No women or children -- all fighting aged males -- we are being invaded and Obama and Biden are behind it 2023-10-26 Read
Now that we know the shooter in Maine was an Obama supporter, do you think that will change how this story is covered by the Networks? 2023-10-26 Read
Barack Obama slams Israel’s response to Hamas terror attack and takes a shot at America 2023-10-25 Read
Hate + aggression + entitlement + Obama 2023-10-24 Read
"Israel has a right to defend its citizens against such wanton violence, BUT . . ." ~ Barack Obama 2023-10-24 Read
Obama's racist chickens have come home to roost 2023-10-23 Read
Leon Panetta, CIA Director in the Obama Administration, who signed the "51 Disinformation Letter," still thinks "disinformation is involved here” 2023-10-15 Read
Obama has gone silent all of a sudden 2023-10-09 Read
None of this ever happened before Barack Obama -- now it's every day 2023-10-01 Read
The Atlantic is terrified that Trump will end Obama's coup 2023-09-25 Read
Michelle Obama will be paid more than $700,000 for a one-hour lecture on “diversity and inclusion” in Munich 2023-09-25 Read
Obama is still "The Boss" 2023-09-24 Read
Joe Biden's Obama-run government created a bushel of "emergencies" and is now emptying the treasury with "emergency spending" 2023-09-21 Read
Obama is thrilled -- drivers licenses for everybodyin Pennsylvania (and automatically get registered to vote) 2023-09-20 Read
Joe Biden names multi-billionaire heiress and Obama mega-donor Penny Pritzker to oversee Ukraine’s economic recovery 2023-09-18 Read
Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has been declared unconstitutional by another federal judge, sending the program’s fate before the high court for a third time 2023-09-14 Read
KJP-Obama meme 2023-09-08 Read
As Joe Biden's corruption scandal marches toward impeachment, what Obama knew and when looms large 2023-09-05 Read
The White House has asserted "executive privilege" over 200 records housed at the National Archives concerning Hunter Biden’s business interactions with the Office of the Vice President during the Obama administration 2023-08-31 Read
Fani Obama indicts Trump 2023-08-16 Read
The Obama Foundation raised $311 million in 2022 -- Since 2017, the foundation has raised just over $1.1 billion 2023-08-14 Read
It's the excessive brutality in all of these clips that is so shocking -- we didn't see this behavior before Obama and Critical Race Theory 2023-08-12 Read
Obama-Appointed Judge Tanya Chutkan is treating Trump worse than other defendants -- including a meth dealer ( ) 2023-08-11 Read
Describe Barck Obama in one word ( replies ) 2023-08-08 Read
Hunter Biden’s longtime business partner Eric Schwerin visited the Obama White House and/or the vice president's residence at least thirty-six times -- this is the guy who handled the money 2023-08-08 Read
In 2008, Sen. Barack Obama sought more than $3.4 million in congressional earmarks for Hunter Biden’s clients 2023-08-08 Read
Corrupt Obama judge overseeing President Trump’s case has a history of outrageously corrupt rulings crushing conservatives and letting liberals off scot-free 2023-08-07 Read
Barack Obama is still the boss 2023-08-05 Read
Trump's judge -- appointed by Barack Obama 2023-08-02 Read
We got us a real mystery -- the chef is dead and Obama is beat up -- watch for the next episode 2023-07-31 Read
Is Barack Obama the "other paddleboarder?" 2023-07-30 Read
Newly released documents show members of the Obama administration actively did what they could to sabotage the incoming Trump administration in 2016 2023-07-11 Read
Barack Obama wants to control what you hear and see -- and you can take that to the bank 2023-07-11 Read
Mult-millionaires, Barack and Michelle Obama, were tweeting about wealth inequality from the afterdeck of a massive luxury private yacht 2023-07-01 Read
Obama-appointed judge rules Utah city must allow all-ages drag show in public park 2023-06-18 Read
Barack Obama has developed a deep interest in "what's true" and how to manage "the truth" 2023-06-17 Read
The special counsel prosecuting Trump has very deep ties to the Obamas, George Soros, and Hillary Clinton 2023-06-13 Read
Remember, James Comey was in the room when then-CIA Director Brennan informed Obama that Hillary and the Democratic National Committee were running an op against Trum 2023-06-05 Read
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