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The Obama's prove the rules are for the little people, as they park in Handicap spot for a two-hour dinner  More
Clinton, Obama economists disagree with the White House, say U.S. "has a serious inflation problem"  More
An Obama judge has denied a request for disclosure of the details of the Hunter Biden gun case -- cites "privacy" ( )  More
The Obamas visit the White House  More
Joe Biden just rewarded Obama's CIA chief with a job on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board for lying his ass off about Hunter's laptop  More
Jake Sullivan was a key adviser to Hillary, Obama and now Biden -- he was up to his ears in Russiagate  More
Barack Obama is suiting up for the big game  More
Even Democrats didn't watch Showtime's fantasy series about Michelle Obama  More
Ex-Obama Hack blames America for an American-hater's problems  More
Race wasn't a problem until Obama -- simple as that  More
When the TRUTH gets so loud that even Obama disciple Van Jones has to say it  More
Justice Kagan better warn the Obama's immediately -- their property is at current high-tide mark -- they're doomed  More
Dan Pfieffer, was Barack Obama's White House Communications Director, and what Obama thinks, Pfieffer thinks  More
Whenever you see Susan Rice, you're seeing a Barack Obama initiative  More
Commenting on the Texas school massacre, Barack Obama wants us to remember St. George Floyd and St. Trayvon  More
Michelle Obama lauds Oprah Winfrey -- says Oprah could be country's "common denominator"  More
Barack Obama does not distinguish between democracy and socialism -- to him, they are the same thing  More
Does Joe Biden know what Obama is up to?  More
It's safe to say that Barack Obama has come out of retirement and is organizing again  More
Donks have been waging open war on free speech since the Obama years  More
Both Obama and Hillary want more censorship -- surprised?  More
You must admit, Obama's promise to "fundamentally transform the United States of America," was no empty threat  More
"Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up" ~ Barack Obama  More
Hillary's tech guru, Joffe, who spied on Trump, pleads the 5th -- Jake Sullivan, Obama's, Hillary's and Biden's foreign policy adviser, was briefd by Joffe in September 2016  More
Michael McFaul, Obama's ambassador to Russia from 2012 to 2014, says Ukrainians can't find knee pads and it’s something, "you need to shoot a gun"  More
Right now, all bets are that Obama is running the country ( )  More
Barack Obama and Eric Holder refined the Department of Justice so only their ideological opposition became the target of their new national security system  More
The last time oil was this high, Obama was in the White House -- is there a pattern here?  More
It's pretty clear, that between Obama and Biden, the Donks are trying to turn the American military into the French military  More
Amazon's gender recognition system identifies Michelle Obama and Serena Williams as men  More
Illinois is going after the DA that dropped all charges against Jussie Smollett ( a favor for Michelle Obama )  More
Team Biden has caved to the demands of Iran and waived sanctions to restart Obama's "Iran deal" -- the White House didn't inform Congress for ten days  More
The DoE program that trains future educators in Critical Race Theory, begun under Obama, has awarded millions to universities since  More
CIA Director Brennan briefed Obama on Hillary’s "Donald Trump is a Russian operative" conspiracy in August 2016 ( )  More
"Don't underestimate Joe's ability to fuck things up" ~ Barack Obama  More
Suspicions confirmed -- the guy behind the curtain turns out to be -- Barack Obama!  More
Four of Obama's "Taliban Five" take top leadership posts in Afghan government  More
Doesn't take long for Obama officials to throw Biden under the bus  More
Remember when Obama fired 200 general officers? -- well, this is what remains -- "useful idiots"  More
90 Generals and admirals (the warriors that Obama shit-canned) demand WOKE Gen. Milley and Secretary of Defense Austin resign  More
The irony is rich -- Team Obama criticizes Biden, but all of Biden's top advisers came from Team Obama  More
The Afghanistan debacle is all Obama's fault!  More
"Obama's Brain" labels Afghanistan a disaster and says Biden needs to own it  More
Joe Biden used private email to send State Department information to his crackhead, globe-trotting son Hunter during the Obama reign  More
"Crime is the fault of the police," says Obama associate as MSNBC's bobble-headed Stephanie Ruhle nods approvingly  More
Go tell it to Obama!  More
Barack Obama's presidential library, estimated to cost $700 million, will have only one book  More
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