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MSNBC's Joe Scarborough is such a tool More 2023-06-05
Boycotting Target is “literally terrorism” ~ MSNBC More 2023-05-30
CNN and MSNBC mentioned Trump’s name 399 times in just ten hours More 2023-05-26
Why does MSNBC (Microsoft and NBC News) underwrite Joy Reid's irresponsible and hateful rhetoric? More 2023-05-20
MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace , who pushed the phony Steele dossier, declared the 320-page Durham report a "nothingburger" More 2023-05-16
"Will anybody be able to police what Carlson says?" asks MSNBC talking head More 2023-05-10
Where does MSNBC find them? -- but the bigger question is, why does MSNBC give them face time? More 2023-04-18
Did this MSNBC jackass miss the Twitter Files dump? More 2023-04-15
Far be it for MSNBC to broadcast "untrue things" More 2023-04-05
MSNBC continues with its campaign to turn truth inside-out and upside-down More 2023-04-05
MSNBC sets the record for packing Democrat activists into a single shot in its defense of George Soros as "a victim" More 2023-04-01
MSNBC pays these people big bucks to spew this nonsense -- why? More 2023-03-30
MSNBC board of directors holds a public meeting More 2023-03-28
"MSNBC has a process" -- Jen Psaki says MSNBC does what it does on purpose ( ) More 2023-03-15
How can MSNBC be considered anything other than a far-left, race-baiting, distributor of Democrat Party propaganda? More 2023-03-14
John Heilemann, NBC News and MSNBC analyst, challenged Russell Brand to name a single instance of an MSNBC journalist or anchor knowingly lying -- bad idea! More 2023-03-11
Russell Brand nails the hypocrisy of MSNBC's John Heilmann More 2023-03-05
Why the Donks are attacking Fox News -- MSNBC ratings are down 46% since last year -- CNN was down 54% -- Fox News up 6% More 2023-03-04
MSNBC cretins promote drag queen shows as "art" -- then it's OK for the kiddies More 2023-03-03
The creator and principal operator of Russiagate accuses Fox News of destroying democracy -- on MSNBC, naturally More 2023-03-02
MSNBC deploys Democrat Rule #1 -- "always blame the other guy for doing what you're doing" More 2023-02-28
MSNBC is TV's foremost purveyor of hate -- why? More 2023-02-21
The reason MSNBC and CNN are always bad-mouthing Fox News More 2023-02-16
Former MSNBC host Krystal Ball to Joe Rogan on how MSNBC tried to control her coverage of Hillary Clinton in 2014 More 2023-02-14
Projection Alert! -- MSNBC guest says FOX News viewers are in a cult and need deprogramming More 2023-02-14
MSNBC contends fitness is a White supremacists' scheme -- equates the physically fit to NAZIs More 2023-02-12
MSNBC smeared a Colorado school district because it refuses to put Ta-Nehisi Coates’ extremely racist book “Between the World and Me” in the curriculum More 2023-02-11
MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell suffers from PTSD while visiting the Capitol More 2023-02-03
WaPo’s Matt Viser, guesting on MSNBC, says Hunter Biden’s laptop doesn’t have "much" implicating his father More 2023-02-03
Wonderful example of Democrat propaganda -- MSNBC naturally More 2023-02-02
"Biden economic recovery is the most remarkable in U.S. history" ~ MSNBC's Chris Hayes More 2023-01-27
MSNBC's Al Sharpton defends his Tawana Brawley Rape hoax on PBS More 2023-01-21
MSNBC -- the racism channel -- all race hatred, all the time More 2023-01-17
Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) recommends watching MSNBC for "real news all the time" More 2023-01-14
The King of Hate Media -- Comcast CEO Brian L. Roberts has used MSNBC's hate machine to divide and slander America More 2023-01-09
MSNBC assembled a not-so-happy-faced "Hollywood Squares" panel to opine on the Jan. 6 show More 2022-12-20
"If you only read The New York Times or Washington Post and watched CNN and MSNBC, you probably didn’t know anything about the nonstop caravans crossing the border or that the number of crossers exceeded 5 million people" More 2022-12-19
MSNBC guest says, The Twitter Files drop "undermines the central tenets of free speech" More 2022-12-06
MSNBC’s Joy Reid reminds us why we should feel guilty and miserable this Thanksgiving More 2022-11-25
Racism, misandry and stupidity will always have a home on MSNBC More 2022-11-21
MSNBC lunatics compare Trump to Bin Laden and 9/11 to Jan. 6 More 2022-11-16
MSNBC panelist says, "What about if we pair up Liz Cheney and Stacey Abrams -- wouldn't that be exciting?" More 2022-11-10
MSNBC's Katy Tur wants to be taken as a serious person -- "there are some variables, but you wonder about John Fetterman as a potus nominee" More 2022-11-10
MSNBC wonders if Arizona Republicans will "use their open carry privilege as a form of political intimidation" to try and steal the election More 2022-11-09
Twitter exec tells MSNBC that firing Twitter employees could make misinformation worse for election week More 2022-11-05
Conspiracy theorist discusses conspiracy theorists on MSNBC More 2022-11-01
Wow! MSNBC expert says Jan. 6 MAGA white supremacists are responsible for Paul Pelosi's drug-fueled, gay-sex romp More 2022-10-30
CNN and MSNBC try to connect Paul Pelosi assault to Jan. 6 More 2022-10-30
There is stupid, and then there is MSNBC's Chris Hayes! More 2022-10-26
Focus group educates a very surprised MSNBC reporter More 2022-10-25
Trump could be charged with manslaughter, says MSNBC loon More 2022-10-25
“Do you think it’s time to ask for friends and allies to come over and help us monitor our elections?" -- MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace More 2022-10-25
"Whites will be replaced" -- says genocidal MSNBC analist More 2022-10-24
"Faces of color" aren't "voices of color" says bigoted MSNBC loon More 2022-10-24
"I think it's very hard to communicate to the median voter convincingly the chaos that a GOP victory is likely to unleash" ~ MSNBC's Chris Hayes More 2022-10-22
Chris Hayes, MSNBC's resident "expert," says it's The Saudi's cut back the oil, threatening "Our Democracy," so Joe Biden had to raid the Strategic Petroleum Reserves More 2022-10-20
Ex-MSNBC and CNN bosses defend ignoring Hunter Biden laptop story -- blame Rudy More 2022-10-15
"If Republicans win control of one or both houses of Congress, they will do everything in their power to sabotage the economy," says MSNBC propagandist More 2022-10-13
COVID vaccine propaganda from MSNBC More 2022-10-13
Lauren Leader, an MSNBC "expert," told a roundtable of pundits that democracy cannot function if women aren't allowed to get abortions More 2022-10-12
If GOP wins the world ends, says MSNBC hysteric More 2022-10-12
WaPo’s Michelle Singletary said, on MSNBC, that Americans, "got to stop complaining... overall, many Americans are not suffering as much as they think they are.” More 2022-10-10
The GOP is the party of "cruelty and oppression" for its pro-life stance, says MSNBC loon More 2022-10-09
Chris Hayes is the biggest whiner on MSNBC, but his whining about Fox News is pathetic More 2022-10-06
"Of course!" -- says MSNBC genius More 2022-10-02
Adm. James Stavridis believes he can control the climate -- from former Supreme Allied Commander at NATO to MSNBC hack More 2022-09-30
MSNBC's Q-Tip says, “white MAGA, bigoted Southerners” like Georgia GOP U.S. Senate nominee Herschel Walker because he is “stupid.” More 2022-09-23
ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN & MSNBC are silent about homicidal leftist that murdered a young Republican by running over him with his SUV, because he disagreed with his politics More 2022-09-22
Is MSNBC's Chris Hayes insane or simply a propagandist? More 2022-09-22
Q-Tip brings his hate to MSNBC twice in one week, but confuses himself with his own bullsh!t More 2022-09-19
MSNBC's resident bigot, Q-Tip, warns of the white domestic terrorists who will do violence in Trump's name and other bullsh!it More 2022-09-18
MSNBC analist, tells the wildest story, about "war hero" Joe Biden, you ever heard More 2022-09-16
MSNBC outcrazies itself More 2022-09-07
On MSNBC, Michael Beschloss said Donald Trump told supporters, "There should be violence," if he was indicted. -- Trump never did, but now thousands believe he did More 2022-09-05
MSNBC guest declares MAGA political violence "more dangerous than 1860 or the 1930s" More 2022-09-05
MSNBC has been talking a lot about civil war in the last two weeks. More 2022-09-04
"This means war!" -- MSNBC goes there More 2022-09-04
MSNBC's Q-Tip says, "some racists don’t think they're racist" -- clearly, Q has no mirrors under his bridge More 2022-09-02
MSNBC genius wants to impeach a guy who is not in office More 2022-08-31
MSNBC's favorite lunatic, Q-Tip, hasn't a clue what he's talkin' about, but he sure gets excited talkin' about it More 2022-08-29
MSNBC is warning its loony viewers of "Steve Bannon's army of Christian nationalists" More 2022-08-26
"They may have been — they could have looked if they had looked... " -- actual MSNBC expert analysis of FBI raid More 2022-08-24
MSNBC legal expert calls for secrecy -- the stakes are too high for the People to know why armed FBI raided President Trump's home in the dark of night More 2022-08-23
This is an MSNBC poll -- Joe Biden's real numbers must be awful More 2022-08-23
MSNBC's Yamiche Alcindor has got to be one of the greatest spinners of all time! More 2022-08-22
MSNBC is now promoting the idea of a civil war More 2022-08-21
MSNBC national security analyst says if Trump is indicted, the domestic violence threat level will be worse than after 9/11. More 2022-08-20
FBI agent and Russiagate co-conspirator, Peter Strzok, vouches for the FBI -- only possible on MSNBC More 2022-08-17
Forget about all the creepy fascist vibes created by Biden's STASI raiding a former president's home, this MSNBC snake is accusing Trump of politicizing the raid More 2022-08-11
The panic over white supremacists has given way to a larger threat, says MSNBC, which is Christian nationalists (who are white supremacists but far worse) More 2022-08-02
MSNBC telecast hate on a daily basis -- it's basically all they do -- but why? More 2022-07-30
I will never understand why MSNBC gives Q-Tip a weekly slot to spread his hate -- but they do More 2022-07-28
MSNBC regular, Malcolm Nance, wants you to kill your neighbor ( ) More 2022-07-17
David Hogg and MSNBC straight-man lament the coming race war that will be waged by young, heavily armed, white-supremacists More 2022-07-11
Q-Tip is back on MSNBC and he's crazier than ever -- why does MSNBC air this stuff? More 2022-06-26
Q-Tip is back on MSNBC and is even more absurd than usual More 2022-06-24
Even MSNBC admitted President Trump and his rally had nothing to do with Jan. 6 More 2022-06-10
MSNBC demonstrates the concept of an "independent press" More 2022-05-24
How does Microsoft and MSNBC benefit from operating a network that produces content based primarily on bullsh!t and hate? More 2022-05-19
It is humorous to see MSNBC saying that Republicans have become the purveyors of misinformation More 2022-05-18
MSNBC personalities continue to drive the brand 'round the bend More 2022-05-10
MSNBC chucks Todd! More 2022-05-08
Isn't there ever anything on MSNBC that isn't insane leftist propaganda? More 2022-04-28
Why does MSNBC pay this hater big money to spew her venom? More 2022-04-28
MSNBC’s Ari Melber has minus-zero self-awareness (great thread ) More 2022-04-27
MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace compares "parental choice" to Russians raping children More 2022-04-21
Jen Psaki's current job is preparing her well for MSNBC --Joe Rogan More 2022-04-17
Not misinformation -- it's on MSNBC -- has to be true More 2022-04-12
MSNBC has Q-Tip back on and he's raving about Republicans "smearing" black woman SCOTUS pick -- or something More 2022-03-20
MSNBC legal analysts says jailing Jussie is "unjust" because he's black and he's gay More 2022-03-16
MSNBC's Joel Rubin must be getting real money from Kamala for this report More 2022-02-27
MSNBC discovers the Durham Report with predictable results More 2022-02-15
"Let’s Go Brandon" banner flashed during live MSNBC news shot More 2022-02-04
Lat week the Biden administration said they're coming after "domestic terrorists" -- MSNBC begins the media assault -- on conservative women More 2022-01-18
Q-Tip is one of the biggest racists on TV-- it's how he makes his living -- MSNBC is the only clown show that will have him. More 2022-01-17
Does anybody, except the looniest of the loonies, buy into the hateful garbage that MSNBC sells night after night More 2022-01-14
Word is, Joy Reid is out at MSNBC More 2022-01-07
MSNBC admits that the people they called murderers for two years have been right all along More 2022-01-01
MSNBC's Nicole Wallace says that saying, "Let's go, Brandon" is "slow-motion insurrection" More 2021-12-28
Does MSNBC do all its hiring at state instiututions for the insane? -- these people are freaking crazy! More 2021-12-23
Is there a requirement to drop LSD before you guest on MSNBC? More 2021-12-14
"Meathead" was out of the asylum over the weekend and showed up on MSNBC More 2021-12-13
It's awfully quiet over at MSNBC after the Jussie verdict More 2021-12-11
MSNBC guest, Jason Johnson, claimed that redistricting in Texas looked like "a Dexter blood splatter" and wants the Biden administration to take over the elections in Texas More 2021-12-09
Is this MSNBC segment propaganda or are these people insane? More 2021-12-05
CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC ignore NYT bombshell report on Hunter Biden's business deal with Chinese More 2021-11-24
MSNBC guest host Jason Johnson divines Rittenhouse's motive for killing Rosenbaum and Huber -- the men were race traitors More 2021-11-20
The judge banned MSNBC from the trial after an NBC News producer was arrested following juror vehicle More 2021-11-19
MSNBC argues that "Black America is going to be re-traumatized" by the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse -- who shot three white men More 2021-11-19
MSNBC aired the Rittenhouse prosecutor's closing arguments, but not one word from the defense More 2021-11-16
The Pulitzer Prize-winning host of MSNBC's, "The Sunday Show," Jonathan Capehart, is a stone-cold racist More 2021-11-08
MSNBC guest calls the incoming Virginia lieutenant governor a "black mouth for white supremacist practices" More 2021-11-05
Joy Reid blamed it all on racist white people -- MSNBC pays her $2 million per for this stuff More 2021-11-03
MSNBC's Wallace calls it a defeat for Critical Race Theory, which she says "isn't real" More 2021-11-03
MSNBC hauls out another PhD who makes extraordinary excuses for Biden's shitty poll numbers More 2021-11-02
Commentator for CNN and MSNBC, tweets "Let's go, Brandon," is the "MAGA version of 'Sieg Heil,'" the NAZI victory salute More 2021-11-01
Donk party operatives and MSNBC "analysts" promoted another political dirty trick to affect another close election More 2021-10-30
Donk party operatives and MSNBC "analysts" promoted another political dirty trick to affect another election More 2021-10-29
Why does MSNBC pay Joy Reid millions to make the insane statements she makes? How does MSNBC benefit? More 2021-10-23
Why does MSNBC broadcasts this lunatic's rantings and ravings every night? More 2021-09-16
it's crazy-time over on MSNBC -- Rachel Maddow and Joy Ann Reid have just started making stuff up -- strange stuff! More 2021-09-08
Are MSNBC's on-air females having a contest to see which is the bat-shit craziest? Wallace's contribution is a wacky conspiracy More 2021-09-08
"Texas is basically a small Soviet Republic... with neighbors spying on neighbors... an apartheid state for nonwhite voters. What woman or POC could possibly feel safe there? To say nothing of the gun proliferation" --- MSNBC More 2021-09-04
Malcolm Nance, a left-wing MSNBC analyst, minimized the airport suicide bombing that killed 13 Marines by tweeting, "deal with it" More 2021-08-26
MSNBC has a lot of moxie calling itself a "news" channel More 2021-08-20
MSNBC has become the Voice of the Taliban (cursor down) More 2021-08-17
Pure propaganda just pours from MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace, the biggest tool on TV More 2021-08-17
MSNBC conspiracy nut warns viewers to watch out for right-wing conspiracy, Qanon More 2021-07-21
MSNBC airhead says spending trillions on socialism will build the "Barbie Dreamhouse of improvements to the human condition" More 2021-07-16
MSNBC race-pimp attacks white leftist, Bill Maher, for his "racially insensitive" comments More 2021-06-28
"Crime is the fault of the police," says Obama associate as MSNBC's bobble-headed Stephanie Ruhle nods approvingly More 2021-06-23
MSNBC "defender of our democracy" warns of "whiteness" and "Americanism" -- whatever that is? More 2021-06-08
MSNBC's Brian Williams gave a shout-out to the commies at the Lincoln Project after they compared American GIs to Antifa More 2021-06-06
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