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It isn't going to stop -- what else do they have to sell? -- MSNBC is the whack-jobs' and haters' network 2024-07-16 Read
MSNBC's Joe Scarborough says Donald Trump is a really, really bad man -- compilation 2024-07-15 Read
They do this all day, every day, on MSNBC 2024-07-15 Read
MSNBC is hemorrhaging viewers 2024-07-12 Read
Rachel Maddow and MSNBC have become the targets of several lawsuits -- here's one of them 2024-07-10 Read
MSNBC's Joe Scarborough will say anything for money 2024-07-08 Read
MSNBC’s Larry O’Donnell wants Joe Biden’s staff to be allowed on stage with him during debates. 2024-07-07 Read
MSNBC admits Supreme Court decision has effectively killed Jack Smith’s entire Jan. 6 indictment of President Trump. 2024-07-02 Read
It was like a wake over at MSNBC after the debate 2024-06-28 Read
Lately, MSNBC has had nothing but bad news for Democrats 2024-06-18 Read
MSNBC host Alex Wagner worries that the debate is unfair to Joe Biden because our expectations for him are so high 2024-06-17 Read
Nancy Pelosi labeled the Republican Party a “cult to a thug” on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” 2024-06-14 Read
MSNBC host Chris Matthews goes off the deep end 2024-06-06 Read
MSNBC's Sunny Hostin is one of the top three racists on television 2024-05-24 Read
Democratic strategist James Carville said on MSNBC’s “Inside” that there was only a 50% chance the presidential debates happen 2024-05-21 Read
Michael Cohen has been allowed to go on MSNBC and say the most absurd things about Trump night after night -- the more outrageous the better 2024-05-14 Read
MSNBC panelists are befuddled by a new PBS Marist poll shows independent voters believe Joe Biden is a much greater threat to democracy than Trump 2024-05-10 Read
MSNBC threatens possible Trump vice presidential candidates -- "you Vichy Republicans could end up being executed" 2024-05-07 Read
“How do the Democrats, how do all of us on that side say Jan. 6 was wrong, if you can have the same pictures going on on college campuses? -- you lose the moral high ground” ~ MSNBC host, Al Sharpton, 2024-05-03 Read
MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace says she may not be on the air in seven months if Donald Trump is elected president. 2024-04-30 Read
MSNBC's Nicole Wallace claims "all racists and conspiracy theorists" are Republicans 2024-04-30 Read
Nancy Pelosi snaps and instantly attacks MSNBC's Katy Tur as a “Trump apologist” for pointing out that any job losses under Trump were because of a global pandemic 2024-04-30 Read
MSNBC in 2017 reporting on Hillary voters seeking to "overturn" the results of Trump's election -- the report concedes that in America's "democracy" political candidates have the right to challenge elections 2024-04-26 Read
MSNBC will give anybody a platform to say anything about Donald Trump -- the worse, the better! 2024-04-22 Read
"We’re not going to listen to him [Trump] live… we try not to do that on this show...” ~ MSNBC's Nicole Wallace 2024-04-19 Read
MSNBC host goes into meltdown, plays clip of Kash on War Room threatening to charge complicit media members 2024-04-07 Read
MSNBC's Nicole Wallace isn't happy that Donald trump hasn't been found guilty by Joe Biden's judges 2024-04-07 Read
MSNBC expert explains MAGA 2024-04-04 Read
MSNBC panel melts down over Trump's soaring net worth from Truth Social stock 2024-04-03 Read
MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace suffers meltdown over Trump -- it's beautiful to witness 2024-04-01 Read
MSNBC legal analyst Kristy Greenberg fantasizes about Donald Trump spending next Easter in "a prison cell," reading his God Bless the USA Bible 2024-04-01 Read
MSNBC guest characterizes the New York Appeals Court ruling to reduce Trump's absurd fine as "a gross miscarriage of justice" 2024-03-26 Read
MSNBC president caves to Woke mob and nixes McDaniel hire 2024-03-24 Read
Hollywood stars Liam Neeson and Glenn Close have recorded dramatic readings of the Trump indictments for an MSNBC podcast 2024-03-23 Read
"The best way to combat fake news is for people to watch MSNBC because they report real news all the time" ~ Rep Ted Lieu (D-OZ) 2024-03-20 Read
MSNBC talker is delighted at the prospect of Letitia James seizing Trump's 40 Wall Street 2024-03-19 Read
"Bloodbath!" -- MSNBC's Morning Joe 2024-03-19 Read
Cry me a river -- MSNBC's Morning Joe and company are devastated by the Fani Willis news 2024-03-16 Read
As the Democrats "lawfare" conspiracies fall apart, one after the other, MSNBC's Morning Joe panics -- "we may have to rely on an election" 2024-03-16 Read
Former CIA Director John Brennan tells MSNBC that the intel community will withhold key information from Trump after he accepts the Republican nomination this summer 2024-03-08 Read
MSNBC airhead declares Trump outside the laws and constitutional protections of the United States 2024-03-08 Read
MSNBC goes above and beyond censorship 2024-03-07 Read
MSNBC's Joy Reid says that Republicans are not voting on economics, but on race 2024-03-06 Read
MSNBC's Donny Deutsch said that Joe Biden and the Democrats should “scare the shit out of people” with what will happen during a second Trump presidency 2024-03-02 Read
Two MSNBC guests claim that white rural voters are a threat to American democracy 2024-03-01 Read
MSNBC legal analyst, Barbara McQuade, says "free speech is America’s Achilles Heel” 2024-03-01 Read
MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow, works herself into a panic and claims Donald Trump will remain in office for life if elected in 2024 2024-02-29 Read
Trump is so dangerous that he is "actually running to end the presidency" ~ MSNBC chief propagandist, Jen Psaki 2024-02-26 Read
MSNBC pays Joy Reid $1.5 million per for this garbage 2024-02-26 Read
MSNBC's McCaskill seems to believe that the public simply does not need to know about Biden's false claims before an election 2024-02-25 Read
MSNBC outdoes itself with guest, Heidi Przybyla -- just WOW! 2024-02-24 Read
MSNBC outdoes itself with guest, Heidi Przybyla -- just WOW! 2024-02-24 Read
On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe," Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) said if Donald Trump was reelected, he would “hand the keys over” to Russian President Vladimir Putin 2024-02-17 Read
"Fani Willis lied to the court -- it’s game over -- she will be disqualified," says MSNBC legal analyst 2024-02-16 Read
MSNBC hosts in full meltdown mode over Special Counsel's comments on Joe Biden’s age and memory 2024-02-09 Read
Breaking News! -- MSNBC predicts Joe Biden to win the South Carolina primary -- "numbers tell the story" 2024-02-04 Read
MSNBC is all propaganda all the time -- it's no wonder they have so few viewers 2024-01-29 Read
CNN, MSNBC, and the Biden campaign all celebrate non-Republican Haley voters attempting to sabotage NH GOP primary 2024-01-24 Read
No person or organization produces more disinformation than MSNBC 2024-01-21 Read
Resident MSNBC bigot, Elie Mystal, says Joe Biden can order a preemptive strike on Mar-a-Lago, as he argued against Trump’s immunity claims 2024-01-21 Read
CNN and MSNBC's censorship of live Trump speeches will backfire 2024-01-21 Read
CNN and MSNBC refuse to air Trump speeches 2024-01-19 Read
MSNBC has become a "truth bureau" -- it can no longer even pretend to be a news outlet 2024-01-17 Read
MSNBC, CNN refuse to air Trump victory speech in Iowa -- both broadcast DeSantis and Haley speeches 2024-01-16 Read
MSNBC's Joy Reid says Nikki Haley lost Iowa because of racism 2024-01-16 Read
It is amazing that these MSNBC people do not realize that they are that which they fear 2024-01-16 Read
Tough night at MSNBC 2024-01-16 Read
MSNBC's Jen Psaki goes all-in with the "Trump is Hitler" slander in her defense of open borders 2023-12-19 Read
MSNBC contends the House Impeachment Inquiry into Joe Biden is an orchestrated distraction from his booming economy 2023-12-17 Read
MSNBC's David Frum says if Trump wins a second term, he will have the power to shoot visitors to the White House 2023-12-10 Read
MSNBC airs the most outlandish anti-Trump, anti-conservative, and anti-white propaganda all day, every day ( ) 2023-11-23 Read
MSNBC never "camouflages" it's hatred of white people 2023-11-10 Read
Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, the "Disinformation Network" 2023-11-06 Read
Rachel Maddow has finally gone off the deep end -- claims President Trump "wants to put MSNBC on trial so he can execute us" 2023-10-24 Read
MSNBC's Nicole Wallace 2023-10-18 Read
MSNBC goes all out blaming Israel for being viciously attacked 2023-10-10 Read
MSNBC's Ali Velshi declares Israel's siege of Gaza a "war crime" 2023-10-10 Read
Where does MSNBC find these lunatics? 2023-09-27 Read
MSNBC superstar, Rachel Maddow, interviews Mark Meadows's former secretary on the future of the Republican Party 2023-09-26 Read
MSNBC is now working directly for the White House -- the concept of a "free and independent press" has become a sad joke 2023-09-18 Read
MSNBC's Nicole Wallace has reached Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome 2023-09-17 Read
Fear and loathing on MSNBC 2023-09-16 Read
MSNBC pulled Peter Strzok from the snake pit to comment on a new FBI unit chartered to go after critics of the Hunter Biden investigation 2023-09-15 Read
MSNBC tells us that crime is soaring in Democrat cities, but won't speculate on its cause 2023-09-14 Read
MSNBC's Joe Scarborough wants to know "who killed the cops" on Jan. 6 ( no cops were killed on Jan. 6 ) 2023-09-13 Read
Dean Obeidallah, a Palestinian-American propagandist for MSNBC and radio host on SiriusXM, wants Donald Trump to die in prison to “protect democracy” 2023-09-12 Read
MSNBC + Jen Psaki = Propaganda 2023-09-11 Read
White House spokesperson gets the prime 8 PM slot on MSNBC ahead of Election 2024 2023-09-08 Read
MSNBC continues to be America's #1 source of hate and division 2023-09-08 Read
MSNBC is slowly coming to grips with reality 2023-09-06 Read
MSNBC panel says Joe Biden is decent in ways the GOP "could never fathom" 2023-09-03 Read
MSNBC's Nicole Wallace gets vapors over the thought of Trump being in a jail where three people died this month 2023-08-27 Read
Rachel Maddow and the others at MSNBC have no understanding of what has begun 2023-08-25 Read
Joy Reid says, "I despise Donald Trump" -- and MSNBC pays her millions to say so 2023-08-25 Read
CNN and MSNBC refuse to air Donald Trump 's remarks after his arrest 2023-08-25 Read
MSNBC "journalist" criticizes Republican debaters by gleefully doing what she's criticizing the debaters of doing. 2023-08-24 Read
State TV comes out of the closet -- as the 2024 election approaches, NBC News, MSNBC and CNN hire more former White House communications staffers 2023-08-17 Read
"He can control what people think, and that is our job" -- MSNBC Mika 2023-08-16 Read
Rick Wilson goes on MSNBC and says the donor class needs to go out and “put a bullet in Donald Trump" 2023-08-07 Read
MSNBC celebrates the Trump indictment 2023-08-04 Read
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