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Kamala Harris is the worst VP in the history of the United States More 2022-11-27
"Kamala Got Run Over by a Reindeer" More 2022-11-21
How long has Kamala Harris been in politics? More 2022-11-14
Kamala Harris says governments should stay out of women's lives -- in the case of abortion only, however More 2022-11-08
The Vice President of the United States of America, Kamala Harris! More 2022-10-27
Joe Biden wishes Kamala Harris a, "Happy birthday to a great president" More 2022-10-25
One. Heartbeat. Away. -- Kamala Harris interviewed More 2022-10-20
This ought to put pot-smoking, Kamala Harris' record of securing convictions for marijuana-related offenses could be put back into the spotlight More 2022-10-08
The Daily Show ridicules Kamala Harris More 2022-10-04
Would somebody please inform Kamala Harris that automatic weapons have been banned for decades More 2022-10-04
Bill Maher and Caitlin Pacific push replacing Kamala Harris as veep More 2022-10-03
One minute of Kamala Harris explaining Venn diagrams More 2022-10-03
According to Kamala Harris, "equity" is the answer to natural disasters More 2022-10-01
Forget vice president, and attorney general of California. how did Kamala Harris ever get out of high school? More 2022-09-30
"The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea" ~ Kamala Harris More 2022-09-29
So, Kamala couldn't go to Japan, and smile and stuff -- no, she just had to open her mouth -- and out came the usual More 2022-09-27
Kamala Harris is the perfect vice president for this disaster of an administration More 2022-09-27
Kamala's word for Tuesday is "community" -- "community… community… community" More 2022-09-21
"She's [Kamala] a joke and everybody knows it" ~ Martha's Vineyard resident More 2022-09-21
Never has someone so empty of everything come this close to running everything -- Kamala Harris More 2022-09-19
Kamala Harris comments on the Martha's Vineyard kerfluffle More 2022-09-17
Two busloads of illegal aliens are dropped off at Kamala Harris' temporary residence More 2022-09-15
Kamala Harris -- random word generator More 2022-09-15
Kamala says, if Donks win the midterms, they will end the filibuster to pass abortion and voting laws More 2022-09-11
Kamala solemnly remembers the attacks on America: December 7th, 1941; September 11th, 2001; and January 6th, 2021 More 2022-09-11
Chuck Todd would get better answers from a fire plug than this -- whatever it is -- from Kamala More 2022-09-11
Kamala Harris says, prosecuting Trump is “to demand justice” -- any charge will do More 2022-09-11
Kamala's speechafyin' continues to amaze More 2022-09-10
Kamala -- one small step for man, one giant leap for womankind More 2022-08-31
Kamala updates, "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" More 2022-08-13
Kamala finally did something of consequence -- naturally, it's bad for America More 2022-08-07
Kamala Harris nods her approval as a roundtable participant describes removing parental notification requirements for minors to obtain abortions More 2022-08-06
Nobody wants Kamala to run for POTUS -- especially members of the Democratic Party More 2022-08-02
Kamala Harris is a joke, but it’s not funny More 2022-07-27
Kamala! -- what can you say, except pray for Joe Biden More 2022-07-27
Even The New York Times says Kamala Harris is not ready for prime time More 2022-07-26
Is it possible that Kamala Harris doesn't know that abortion means death to children? More 2022-07-26
Kamala Harris says we need unrestricted abortion because "women are getting pregnant every day" More 2022-07-25
This Kamala clip is as good an example of cognitive dissonance that you'll ever see More 2022-07-25
Why isn't it "disinformation" when Kamala Harris spreads lies? More 2022-07-25
The Kamala Harris revolving door continues to spin, as her 14th staffer hits the bricks More 2022-07-25
Kamala Harris -- 'nuff said! More 2022-07-23
Even the people who are really running the country don't want Kamala anywhere near the Oval Office More 2022-07-22
KJP says Kamala Harris was right when she compared the overturning of Roe v. Wade to slavery More 2022-07-19
Kamala had a speechwriter! -- who knew? -- problem is, she's gone too -- that's number nine or ten More 2022-07-16
Kamala is awesome -- such insights! More 2022-07-10
Kamala is 36,000 feet above everything, watching on a big ass TV, in the most expensive private plane in the world, and the message is, "we're in this together" More 2022-06-27
Kamala Harris is so unpopular that Democrats don’t want a photo with her More 2022-06-22
The wisdom of Kamala More 2022-06-19
Kamala Harris to lead the "Online Policy Task Force?" More 2022-06-17
Ya gotta admit -- Kamala IS a piece of work! More 2022-06-15
Kamala is a piece of work More 2022-06-04
The wisdom of Kamala More 2022-05-24
Please note -- Kamala is reading from prepared notes More 2022-05-15
Kamala has finally found her niche! More 2022-05-04
Respect is earned, Kamala More 2022-05-02
This "supercut" of Kamala Harris using the same WTF line over and over and over again is something else More 2022-04-23
Oops! There goes another one -- that's number 7 or 8 staffers gone -- working for Kamala must be beyond awful More 2022-04-22
Kamala continues to embarrass the country More 2022-04-20
More Kamala Harris -- the Vice President of the United States of America More 2022-04-11
They finally found a job Kamala can handle More 2022-04-09
Kamala's deputy chief of staff just quit -- that's number 7 or 8 senior staffers that could not stand working for the woman More 2022-04-05
Kamala Harris’ team feels "she’s really hit a stride in interviews" ( ) More 2022-04-03
You know her staff preps her for hours before these speeches, but Kamala still boots them More 2022-03-31
Watch out Einstein, Kamala is having thoughts More 2022-03-21
You'll like this Kamala! More 2022-03-15
Kamala Harris thinks Ukraine is a member of the NATO Alliance -- it isn't! More 2022-03-13
Noticing that Kamala is dumber than a box of rocks is racist More 2022-03-12
"It would be a tragedy," if Kamala Harris becomes president More 2022-03-10
Kamala is on the World's Stage -- and she brought her giggle with her! More 2022-03-10
Andrews Air Force Base was breeched by armed men during Kamala Harris's departure for Europe More 2022-03-07
Kamala assembles 247 various words in a random sequence -- the result is remarkable More 2022-03-03
Doctor Jill got a little ahead of herself this afternoon when introducing Kamala Harris: More 2022-02-28
MSNBC's Joel Rubin must be getting real money from Kamala for this report More 2022-02-27
Another of Kamala's senior staffers is gone -- must be a fun place to work More 2022-02-04
Kamala says one of her "expectations" for 2022 is mass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens More 2022-01-23
Kamala compares Jan. 6 to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 More 2022-01-07
As predicted, Biden and Kamala both demanded the Senate pass legislation to federalize American elections More 2022-01-06
Another top Kamala staffer quits toxic environment -- that's number 6 or 7 -- More 2022-01-06
This Kamala tweet didn't age too well More 2021-12-29
Kamala Harris says the national security challenge that keeps her up at night is "our democracy" ( see banner ) More 2021-12-24
Kamala! -- at her cringiest! More 2021-12-18
Kamala's meteoric rise to veep has hit its apogee and is crashing back down to earth More 2021-12-17
Now we know what Kamala's been up to -- redecorating! -- watch for the "theme" More 2021-12-14
Kamala Harris is morally & intellectually vacuous More 2021-12-12
Psaki asked if Biden and Kamala regret their tweets of support for Jussie Smollett -- pivot to Trump ( ) More 2021-12-11
The reports of tension between Biden and Kamala would appear to be correct -- check this out! More 2021-12-10
It ain't getting any better for Kamala More 2021-12-08
More of Kamala's key staffers are reportedly "eyeing the exits" -- word is, Kamala is a bully More 2021-12-06
Kamala's spokeswoman quits -- third bailout in two weeks More 2021-12-02
Only 13% of Donks would support Kamala Harris in a run for president More 2021-11-29
The Hill picks Kamala and Michelle for 2024 -- they should be watching the reenergized Hillary More 2021-11-28
The staffers that shape Biden's and Kamala's message both just quit! More 2021-11-22
Arrrgh! Kamala was "acting" president for 85 minutes this morning More 2021-11-19
A recent USA Today poll revealed that Kamala Harris has an approval rating of only 28% More 2021-11-18
Since everything is racist now, it had to happen -- Kamala’s staff is accusing Biden of racism More 2021-11-17
No! It’s not racism or sexism -- Kamala Harris just flat-out sucks at the job More 2021-11-15
Kamala is feeling blue -- feeling unappreciated ( ) More 2021-11-15
Kamala just finished filming the latest scene from The Kamala Movie, in which Kamala lectures [real] scientists [not actors] More 2021-11-10
Kamala asks NASA if black trees matter in the race for "environmental justice?" More 2021-11-07
Kamala has been having trouble saying her famous tag line, "I eat no for breakfast" More 2021-10-27
Jill Biden has been asking about using the 25th Amendment to dump Kamala Harris More 2021-10-27
There's something wrong with a system that elevates a woman like this to such a high position -- "I eat NO for breakfast," is Kamala's signature line and she botched it More 2021-10-23
While Afghanistan was collapsing Kamala was busy filming scenes for the Kamala Movie More 2021-10-16
How Trevor traveled to Washington to be in a scene from the Kamala movie More 2021-10-15
The handlers staged a phony White House set for Joe Biden and hired child actors for Kamala -- who's directing this movie? More 2021-10-12
Kamala Harris’ step-daughter and her boyfriend. It is not a Halloween costume. They are not in "The Adamas Family Redux." This is how they dress every day. More 2021-10-08
Kamala, the "Border Czar," Harris is goofing off with YouTube Kids, while 50,000 Haitians are about to invade the United States More 2021-10-07
Good news -- Donks see Kamala Harris as major player in midterms More 2021-09-29
Biden, playing Hitler, which is exactly what he's doing (and now Kamala is doing it too) not only doesn't work it pisses people off More 2021-09-28
Big disconnect! -- while Fuhrer Biden was announcing his "mandates," Kamala was opposing government interference in people's wellbeing decisions More 2021-09-10
Where's Waldo? Have you noticed that Kamala "last person in the room" Harris has gone missing? More 2021-09-06
"The more you of see of Kamala Harris, the worse it gets... it's like seeing Michael Moore in a thong" More 2021-09-02
What was Kamala thinking? More 2021-08-29
Willie and Kamala More 2021-08-28
Somebody at the LA Times has a full-time job maintaining this Kreepy Kamala shrine page More 2021-08-11
Kamala is never going to live this down More 2021-07-31
Kamala's been vaccinated, has the best medicines and wears a mask -- not exactly a confidence booster More 2021-07-28
Biden has dementia and Kamala is in her own world -- who's really running things? More 2021-07-11
Even foreigners know that Kamala Harris is a complete joke More 2021-07-04
Who is surprised to learn that "she (Kamala) refuses to take responsibility for delicate issues and blames staffers for the negative results that ensue" ~ Politico More 2021-07-01
Ezra Klein believes Kamala is unable to handle the tasks assigned -- wants easier ones More 2021-06-30
Kamala's "border visit" is a disaster -- that's two-for-two! More 2021-06-26
This rumor about Kamala sucks! Doesn't matter if it's true or not. The idea is is too much to even contemplate More 2021-06-16
The Democratic press saw Kamala Harris in action last week and now they're having a serious case of buyer's remorse More 2021-06-15
You know it's bad when even CNN describes Kamala's Central America trip as "cringeworthy" More 2021-06-14
Kamala's secret mission -- plotting a Marxist regime change in Guatemala More 2021-06-12
You know it was bad when even CNN says Kamala Harris’ Central American trip was a disaster More 2021-06-11
Kamala gets a very special greeting from Guatemalans (VIDEO) More 2021-06-08
I read that quickly and thought it said Kamala gives head, My mistake, Sorry! More 2021-06-07
Joe Biden Appoints Kamala Harris to Lead White House Efforts on Voting Rights – Making it Easier For Democrats to Steal Elections More 2021-06-03
Joe Biden Appoints Kamala Harris to Lead White House Efforts on Voting Rights – Making it Easier For Democrats to Steal Elections More 2021-06-02
‘She F***ed Her Way to the Top!’ – Judge Joe Brown Goes Off on Joe Biden AND Kamala Harris in Spicy Rant (VIDEO) More 2021-06-01
Kamala Harris's Memorial Day message (the stuff you don't learn when raised by commies) More 2021-05-31
“Grotesque” – Kamala Harris Receives Backlash For Tweeting Photo of Herself, Telling Americans to Enjoy Their “Long Weekend” More 2021-05-30
Kamala Harris wiped her hand on her jacket after shaking hands with South Korean President More 2021-05-25
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