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Kamala, why do "we" have to rebuild Gaza? More 2023-12-03
They "brung us" 9 million illegal aliens, mostly uneducated, from all corners of the planet, Kamala -- including hundreds who intend to harm Americans More 2023-12-02
Kamala Harris might be on to something? More 2023-10-31
Kamala Harris lies about the Democrats' "no borders" policy being a "broken immigration system" -- it's an intentional act to build a one-party country More 2023-10-30
It was Kamala's turn to call for gun confiscation after the latest mass shooting More 2023-10-27
Kamala's wisdom for the ages More 2023-10-25
The Vice President of the United States of America, Kamala Harris More 2023-10-21
This is odd? -- Joe Biden's "National Security Team" does not include the vice president, Kamala Harris More 2023-10-17
Kamala is obsessed with Venn Diagrams More 2023-10-13
Kamala Harris must be the most "unburdened" woman in the world More 2023-10-13
Mr. Kamala Harris deserves a "National Comedy Award" More 2023-10-12
There is something tragically flawed with a system that allowed Kamala Harris to become the Vice President of the United States of America More 2023-10-07
Kamala Harris complains about parents and states fighting back against Marxist indoctrination in schools: More 2023-09-30
Kamala Harris is described as "vapid" -- "showing no intelligence or imagination" ~ Cambridge Dictionary More 2023-09-28
"I knew I'd get that response" ~ Kamala Harris More 2023-09-27
Just 31% of Americans have a favorable view of Kamala Harris More 2023-09-25
Reporter asks Kamala Harris a question about high prices More 2023-09-21
Story Time with Kamala Harris ( accompanied by some fantastic Venn Diagrams ) More 2023-09-21
Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-NY) refuses -- four times -- to say whether he believes Kamala Harris is Joe Biden's best choice for vice president More 2023-09-15
Democrats are done with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris More 2023-09-14
Kamala Harris equates Jan. 6 protest to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor More 2023-09-11
Kamala has a big party "commemorating Hip Hop" on the taxpayers dime More 2023-09-10
California's Newsom wants to be drafted -- he knows Kamala is never going to happen More 2023-09-09
"They are scared that we will win based on the merit of the work that Joe Biden and I and our administration has done!" ~ Kamala Harris More 2023-09-08
Why is it so challenging for Kamala Harris to construct a straightforward sentence? More 2023-09-07
Kamala Harris seeks a second act More 2023-08-22
Kamala Harris' speech is pure state propaganda -- state planning is the definition of socialism More 2023-08-22
Kamala never disappoints More 2023-08-16
Is Kamala going into the TV guru business after politics? More 2023-08-13
When Dr. Laurence J. Peter was doing his research for the "Peter Principle" he never envisioned a case like Kamala Harris More 2023-08-13
Kamala Harris energizes gun control activists ( ) More 2023-08-12
Kamala goes to the concert More 2023-08-07
The wisdom of Kamala More 2023-07-30
"Extremists are pushing forward revisionist history" ~ Kamala Harris More 2023-07-27
Kamala Harris says that Americans who oppose the invasion of America by illegal aliens from all over the world are bad people More 2023-07-25
Kamala Harris believes weather and climate are the same thing More 2023-07-23
"In the state of Florida, they decided middle school students will be taught enslaved people benefited from slavery" ~ Kamala Harris More 2023-07-21
Kamala never disappoints More 2023-07-16
The White House is now claiming that Kamala Harris meant to say "reduce the pollution," not "reduce the population" ( ) More 2023-07-16
Kamala Harris says Joe Biden's illegal $39 billion student loan forgiveness/vote buying scheme is just the beginning More 2023-07-15
Kamala confirms that “reducing population” is a goal of the climate change movement More 2023-07-15
Kamala Harris explains "AI" More 2023-07-12
Kamala Harris explains "transportation" More 2023-07-12
Kamala Harris, our new "Artificial Intelligence Czar," explains culture -- then giggles More 2023-07-06
Word is, Kamala writes her own speeches More 2023-07-03
Kamala makes another one of her patented speeches about . . . something? More 2023-07-02
Does somebody actually write Kamala Harris' speeches? More 2023-06-24
Pete Buttigieg is the intellectual equal of Kamala Harris More 2023-06-15
Kamala Harris sets a new outdoor giggling record More 2023-06-14
The komplete Kamala More 2023-06-01
The View's Sunny Hostin claims Kamala Harris has record-low approval ratings because “she’s black” More 2023-05-31
Clueless Kamala Harris tells West Point Cadets that the climate crisis is the biggest challenge the military will face More 2023-05-28
Kamala Harris sets a new indoor record in the "Leaps of Logic" event More 2023-05-18
Kamala Harris conflates "gender ideology" with "women's history" More 2023-05-17
Kamala is the person who is going to save us from A.I.? More 2023-05-11
Kamala Harris lies, and says, "the economy is looking very good" More 2023-05-06
In a twist that even James "Terminator" Cameron didn't see coming, mankind was doomed yesterday when Kamala Harris was tasked with keeping Artificial Intelligence from wiping out humanity More 2023-05-05
*** Kamala Harris is deep, man! *** More 2023-04-29
Kamala Harris has to be the worst political speaker of all time More 2023-04-28
Only 1,800 people watched Joe Biden and Kamala Harris crash and burn on the Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign kickoff call More 2023-04-28
Kamala makes her deepest, most thought-provoking speech yet More 2023-04-26
Kamala Harris blames "the prior administration" for Joe Biden's "open border" policy More 2023-04-24
Kamala has a new book More 2023-04-21
The Vice President of the United States of America, Kamala Harris More 2023-04-19
Kamala Harris explains, "transitioning the diesel truck, that's on its last wheels" to electric More 2023-04-19
Kamala Harris previews her new comedy routine More 2023-04-15
Kamala Harris lies and lies bout "weapons of war" More 2023-04-14
Kamala on fire! -- listening to these people, one would think it was a conservative that murdered those little girls -- what a coverup! More 2023-04-09
What’s wrong with Kamala? More 2023-04-03
Kamala never disappoints -- everything makes her giggle -- even being in Ghana More 2023-03-29
Kamala's greatest speech yet! More 2023-03-27
Even Kamala doesn't believe it -- watch the body language More 2023-03-25
The Saudis are going where no media has dared go before -- Joe Biden and Kamala take big hit! More 2023-03-24
Kamala Harris congratulates a man for being a woman More 2023-03-21
Veep Thoughts with Kamala Harris More 2023-03-20
Don't ever ask Kamala Harris to give your team a "one for the Gipper" speech More 2023-03-17
"I wish that people could see what I see" ~ Kamala Harris More 2023-03-17
"I think that the concerns are based on what we should all be concerned about, but the solutions have to be, and include, what we are doing in terms of going forward in terms of investments" ~ Kamala Harris More 2023-03-17
Kamala Harris is heckled by protesters chanting "lock her up" after taping The Late Show with Steven Colbert More 2023-03-16
Kamala"s husband is just as goofy as you'd expect -- "snaps for the second gentleman!" More 2023-03-16
Kamala Harris is surprised to learn that 50 years of "the sky is falling" propaganda might affect the mental health of the young More 2023-03-10
Kamala Harris on (giggle) conservatives More 2023-03-07
Whatever this is, Mr. Kamala Harris is all for it ( see next item ) More 2023-03-05
"There’s too much toxicity, masculine toxicity, out there -- we've kinda confused what it means to be a man" -- Kamala Harris' cuckold of a husband More 2023-03-05
Kamala Harris asserts, "Black history is American history" More 2023-03-01
Kamala Harris defends Joe Bidens "equity" and "gender equity" executive orders #13985 and #13988 ( ) ( ) More 2023-02-27
What ever happened to "equality," Kamala? More 2023-02-26
Kamala's "Jeb Bush moment" More 2023-02-24
Kamala Harris' grasp of science never ceases to amaze More 2023-02-24
Kamala Harris brags about lower electricity bills, that rose 14.3% in 2022 More 2023-02-23
The evil past of Kamala Harris More 2023-02-22
Democrats "don't think that [Kamala Harris] is the right person to be on the ticket" with Biden More 2023-02-18
Kamala Harris says, "that balloon was not helpful. That's why we shot it down" -- but why did you wait until it completed its mission? More 2023-02-18
SCOTUS will consider a lawsuit alleging Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and others violated their oaths of office by refusing to investigate evidence of fraud in the 2020 election More 2023-02-15
Kamala and "the kiss" More 2023-02-11
Why is Dr. Jill kissing Kamala's husband on the mouth? More 2023-02-08
Kamala Harris is a piece of work! More 2023-02-07
Kamala Harris "articulates the metrics by which we will then measure our success in real time" More 2023-02-07
Supporters turn their backs on Kamala Harris More 2023-02-07
Kamala Harris eliminates the "right to life" from the Declaration of Independence More 2023-01-23
Kamala Harris explains -- "equality" is when every student is given the same test -- "equity" is when every student gets the same grade More 2023-01-21
Laurence J. Peter, the creator of the "Peter Principle," could never have even imagined a Kamala Harris More 2023-01-21
Kamala Harris explains electricity More 2023-01-20
Kamala Harris could be our next president -- watch this clip and reflect upon that for a moment More 2023-01-14
Kamala talks about her love of Venn Diagrams -- again! ( ) More 2023-01-13
Kamala Harris requires COVID tests for anyone over two-years-old to participate in Senate swearing-in photos More 2023-01-02
Kamala smiles and lies about her life -- Kwanza, invented by a man who kidnapped and tortured two women, wasn't celebrated until the eighties when Kamala was in her twenties More 2022-12-28
Why Kamala Harris' handlers are "petrified" to put her in front of a microphone More 2022-12-26
The genius behind Kamala Harris’ unique oratory More 2022-12-14
Kamala Harris is deep, man -- really, really deep More 2022-12-14
Kamala believes! More 2022-12-05
Kamala Harris -- the best the Democrats have is a national embarrassment More 2022-12-05
Another Kamala Harris senior staffer quits -- this is number 14 or 15 More 2022-12-04
Kamala Harris is the worst VP in the history of the United States More 2022-11-27
"Kamala Got Run Over by a Reindeer" More 2022-11-21
How long has Kamala Harris been in politics? More 2022-11-14
Kamala Harris says governments should stay out of women's lives -- in the case of abortion only, however More 2022-11-08
The Vice President of the United States of America, Kamala Harris! More 2022-10-27
Joe Biden wishes Kamala Harris a, "Happy birthday to a great president" More 2022-10-25
One. Heartbeat. Away. -- Kamala Harris interviewed More 2022-10-20
This ought to put pot-smoking, Kamala Harris' record of securing convictions for marijuana-related offenses could be put back into the spotlight More 2022-10-08
The Daily Show ridicules Kamala Harris More 2022-10-04
Would somebody please inform Kamala Harris that automatic weapons have been banned for decades More 2022-10-04
Bill Maher and Caitlin Pacific push replacing Kamala Harris as veep More 2022-10-03
One minute of Kamala Harris explaining Venn diagrams More 2022-10-03
According to Kamala Harris, "equity" is the answer to natural disasters More 2022-10-01
Forget vice president, and attorney general of California. how did Kamala Harris ever get out of high school? More 2022-09-30
"The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea" ~ Kamala Harris More 2022-09-29
So, Kamala couldn't go to Japan, and smile and stuff -- no, she just had to open her mouth -- and out came the usual More 2022-09-27
Kamala Harris is the perfect vice president for this disaster of an administration More 2022-09-27
Kamala's word for Tuesday is "community" -- "community… community… community" More 2022-09-21
"She's [Kamala] a joke and everybody knows it" ~ Martha's Vineyard resident More 2022-09-21
Never has someone so empty of everything come this close to running everything -- Kamala Harris More 2022-09-19
Kamala Harris comments on the Martha's Vineyard kerfluffle More 2022-09-17
Two busloads of illegal aliens are dropped off at Kamala Harris' temporary residence More 2022-09-15
Kamala Harris -- random word generator More 2022-09-15
Kamala says, if Donks win the midterms, they will end the filibuster to pass abortion and voting laws More 2022-09-11
Kamala solemnly remembers the attacks on America: December 7th, 1941; September 11th, 2001; and January 6th, 2021 More 2022-09-11
Chuck Todd would get better answers from a fire plug than this -- whatever it is -- from Kamala More 2022-09-11
Kamala Harris says, prosecuting Trump is “to demand justice” -- any charge will do More 2022-09-11
Kamala's speechafyin' continues to amaze More 2022-09-10
Kamala -- one small step for man, one giant leap for womankind More 2022-08-31
Kamala updates, "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" More 2022-08-13
Kamala finally did something of consequence -- naturally, it's bad for America More 2022-08-07
Kamala Harris nods her approval as a roundtable participant describes removing parental notification requirements for minors to obtain abortions More 2022-08-06
Nobody wants Kamala to run for POTUS -- especially members of the Democratic Party More 2022-08-02
Kamala Harris is a joke, but it’s not funny More 2022-07-27
Kamala! -- what can you say, except pray for Joe Biden More 2022-07-27
Even The New York Times says Kamala Harris is not ready for prime time More 2022-07-26
Is it possible that Kamala Harris doesn't know that abortion means death to children? More 2022-07-26
Kamala Harris says we need unrestricted abortion because "women are getting pregnant every day" More 2022-07-25
This Kamala clip is as good an example of cognitive dissonance that you'll ever see More 2022-07-25
Why isn't it "disinformation" when Kamala Harris spreads lies? More 2022-07-25
The Kamala Harris revolving door continues to spin, as her 14th staffer hits the bricks More 2022-07-25
Kamala Harris -- 'nuff said! More 2022-07-23
Even the people who are really running the country don't want Kamala anywhere near the Oval Office More 2022-07-22
KJP says Kamala Harris was right when she compared the overturning of Roe v. Wade to slavery More 2022-07-19
Kamala had a speechwriter! -- who knew? -- problem is, she's gone too -- that's number nine or ten More 2022-07-16
Kamala is awesome -- such insights! More 2022-07-10
Kamala is 36,000 feet above everything, watching on a big ass TV, in the most expensive private plane in the world, and the message is, "we're in this together" More 2022-06-27
Kamala Harris is so unpopular that Democrats don’t want a photo with her More 2022-06-22
The wisdom of Kamala More 2022-06-19
Kamala Harris to lead the "Online Policy Task Force?" More 2022-06-17
Ya gotta admit -- Kamala IS a piece of work! More 2022-06-15
Kamala is a piece of work More 2022-06-04
The wisdom of Kamala More 2022-05-24
Please note -- Kamala is reading from prepared notes More 2022-05-15
Kamala has finally found her niche! More 2022-05-04
Respect is earned, Kamala More 2022-05-02
This "supercut" of Kamala Harris using the same WTF line over and over and over again is something else More 2022-04-23
Oops! There goes another one -- that's number 7 or 8 staffers gone -- working for Kamala must be beyond awful More 2022-04-22
Kamala continues to embarrass the country More 2022-04-20
More Kamala Harris -- the Vice President of the United States of America More 2022-04-11
They finally found a job Kamala can handle More 2022-04-09
Kamala's deputy chief of staff just quit -- that's number 7 or 8 senior staffers that could not stand working for the woman More 2022-04-05
Kamala Harris’ team feels "she’s really hit a stride in interviews" ( ) More 2022-04-03
You know her staff preps her for hours before these speeches, but Kamala still boots them More 2022-03-31
Watch out Einstein, Kamala is having thoughts More 2022-03-21
You'll like this Kamala! More 2022-03-15
Kamala Harris thinks Ukraine is a member of the NATO Alliance -- it isn't! More 2022-03-13
Noticing that Kamala is dumber than a box of rocks is racist More 2022-03-12
"It would be a tragedy," if Kamala Harris becomes president More 2022-03-10
Kamala is on the World's Stage -- and she brought her giggle with her! More 2022-03-10
Andrews Air Force Base was breeched by armed men during Kamala Harris's departure for Europe More 2022-03-07
Kamala assembles 247 various words in a random sequence -- the result is remarkable More 2022-03-03
Doctor Jill got a little ahead of herself this afternoon when introducing Kamala Harris: More 2022-02-28
MSNBC's Joel Rubin must be getting real money from Kamala for this report More 2022-02-27
Another of Kamala's senior staffers is gone -- must be a fun place to work More 2022-02-04
Kamala says one of her "expectations" for 2022 is mass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens More 2022-01-23
Kamala compares Jan. 6 to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 More 2022-01-07
As predicted, Biden and Kamala both demanded the Senate pass legislation to federalize American elections More 2022-01-06
Another top Kamala staffer quits toxic environment -- that's number 6 or 7 -- More 2022-01-06
This Kamala tweet didn't age too well More 2021-12-29
Kamala Harris says the national security challenge that keeps her up at night is "our democracy" ( see banner ) More 2021-12-24
Kamala! -- at her cringiest! More 2021-12-18
Kamala's meteoric rise to veep has hit its apogee and is crashing back down to earth More 2021-12-17
Now we know what Kamala's been up to -- redecorating! -- watch for the "theme" More 2021-12-14
Kamala Harris is morally & intellectually vacuous More 2021-12-12
Psaki asked if Biden and Kamala regret their tweets of support for Jussie Smollett -- pivot to Trump ( ) More 2021-12-11
The reports of tension between Biden and Kamala would appear to be correct -- check this out! More 2021-12-10
It ain't getting any better for Kamala More 2021-12-08
More of Kamala's key staffers are reportedly "eyeing the exits" -- word is, Kamala is a bully More 2021-12-06
Kamala's spokeswoman quits -- third bailout in two weeks More 2021-12-02
Only 13% of Donks would support Kamala Harris in a run for president More 2021-11-29
The Hill picks Kamala and Michelle for 2024 -- they should be watching the reenergized Hillary More 2021-11-28
The staffers that shape Biden's and Kamala's message both just quit! More 2021-11-22
Arrrgh! Kamala was "acting" president for 85 minutes this morning More 2021-11-19
A recent USA Today poll revealed that Kamala Harris has an approval rating of only 28% More 2021-11-18
Since everything is racist now, it had to happen -- Kamala’s staff is accusing Biden of racism More 2021-11-17
No! It’s not racism or sexism -- Kamala Harris just flat-out sucks at the job More 2021-11-15
Kamala is feeling blue -- feeling unappreciated ( ) More 2021-11-15
Kamala just finished filming the latest scene from The Kamala Movie, in which Kamala lectures [real] scientists [not actors] More 2021-11-10
Kamala asks NASA if black trees matter in the race for "environmental justice?" More 2021-11-07
Kamala has been having trouble saying her famous tag line, "I eat no for breakfast" More 2021-10-27
Jill Biden has been asking about using the 25th Amendment to dump Kamala Harris More 2021-10-27
There's something wrong with a system that elevates a woman like this to such a high position -- "I eat NO for breakfast," is Kamala's signature line and she botched it More 2021-10-23
While Afghanistan was collapsing Kamala was busy filming scenes for the Kamala Movie More 2021-10-16
How Trevor traveled to Washington to be in a scene from the Kamala movie More 2021-10-15
The handlers staged a phony White House set for Joe Biden and hired child actors for Kamala -- who's directing this movie? More 2021-10-12
Kamala Harris’ step-daughter and her boyfriend. It is not a Halloween costume. They are not in "The Adamas Family Redux." This is how they dress every day. More 2021-10-08
Kamala, the "Border Czar," Harris is goofing off with YouTube Kids, while 50,000 Haitians are about to invade the United States More 2021-10-07
Good news -- Donks see Kamala Harris as major player in midterms More 2021-09-29
Biden, playing Hitler, which is exactly what he's doing (and now Kamala is doing it too) not only doesn't work it pisses people off More 2021-09-28
Big disconnect! -- while Fuhrer Biden was announcing his "mandates," Kamala was opposing government interference in people's wellbeing decisions More 2021-09-10
Where's Waldo? Have you noticed that Kamala "last person in the room" Harris has gone missing? More 2021-09-06
"The more you of see of Kamala Harris, the worse it gets... it's like seeing Michael Moore in a thong" More 2021-09-02
What was Kamala thinking? More 2021-08-29
Willie and Kamala More 2021-08-28
Somebody at the LA Times has a full-time job maintaining this Kreepy Kamala shrine page More 2021-08-11
Kamala is never going to live this down More 2021-07-31
Kamala's been vaccinated, has the best medicines and wears a mask -- not exactly a confidence booster More 2021-07-28
Biden has dementia and Kamala is in her own world -- who's really running things? More 2021-07-11
Even foreigners know that Kamala Harris is a complete joke More 2021-07-04
Who is surprised to learn that "she (Kamala) refuses to take responsibility for delicate issues and blames staffers for the negative results that ensue" ~ Politico More 2021-07-01
Ezra Klein believes Kamala is unable to handle the tasks assigned -- wants easier ones More 2021-06-30
Kamala's "border visit" is a disaster -- that's two-for-two! More 2021-06-26
This rumor about Kamala sucks! Doesn't matter if it's true or not. The idea is is too much to even contemplate More 2021-06-16
The Democratic press saw Kamala Harris in action last week and now they're having a serious case of buyer's remorse More 2021-06-15
You know it's bad when even CNN describes Kamala's Central America trip as "cringeworthy" More 2021-06-14
Kamala's secret mission -- plotting a Marxist regime change in Guatemala More 2021-06-12
You know it was bad when even CNN says Kamala Harris’ Central American trip was a disaster More 2021-06-11
Kamala gets a very special greeting from Guatemalans (VIDEO) More 2021-06-08
I read that quickly and thought it said Kamala gives head, My mistake, Sorry! More 2021-06-07
Joe Biden Appoints Kamala Harris to Lead White House Efforts on Voting Rights – Making it Easier For Democrats to Steal Elections More 2021-06-03
Joe Biden Appoints Kamala Harris to Lead White House Efforts on Voting Rights – Making it Easier For Democrats to Steal Elections More 2021-06-02
‘She F***ed Her Way to the Top!’ – Judge Joe Brown Goes Off on Joe Biden AND Kamala Harris in Spicy Rant (VIDEO) More 2021-06-01
Kamala Harris's Memorial Day message (the stuff you don't learn when raised by commies) More 2021-05-31
“Grotesque” – Kamala Harris Receives Backlash For Tweeting Photo of Herself, Telling Americans to Enjoy Their “Long Weekend” More 2021-05-30
Kamala Harris wiped her hand on her jacket after shaking hands with South Korean President More 2021-05-25
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