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Democratic strategist James Carville and NewsNation host Chris Cuomo described Vice President Kamala Harris as President Joe Biden’s “Achilles’ heel” and said she is remarkably “predictable” 2024-06-16 Read
Deranged Democrat violently lunges at Team Trump volunteers outside a Kamala Harris' event in Pennsylvania ( ) 2024-05-22 Read
if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris stay in power, we will see the end of freedom in America 2024-05-19 Read
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris stole nearly $153 billion taxpayer dollars to attempt to buy the votes of over 4 million people -- that's $38,500 per possible vote 2024-04-30 Read
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris political ad 2024 2024-04-18 Read
Kamala Harris warns this may be the last democratic election 2024-04-15 Read
California Judge Yvette Roland is disbarring constitutional attorney John Eastman for making legal arguments with which she disagreed -- Roland's a donor to Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, DNC, ActBlue, and other Democrats 2024-03-29 Read
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are proud to have stolen $14 billion from American citizens in an attempt to buy votes 2024-03-28 Read
Kamala has "studied the maps" and "rules out nothing" 2024-03-25 Read
Kamala’s Jewish stepdaughter is raising money for Muslim terrorists 2024-03-17 Read
The Washington Post's Kathleen Parker is calling on Vice President Kamala Harris to step aside "for the country's sake" 2024-03-17 Read
Kamala Harris demonstrates Democrat Rule #1 -- "Always blame the other guy for doing what you're doing" 2024-03-14 Read
Fani Willis met with Kamala Harris in 2023 despite testifying she had not met with any White House officials. 2024-03-10 Read
What do you think, is Kamala Harris drunk or stoned? 2024-03-07 Read
Kamala Harris is still repeating the complete lie that it's "illegal to give people food and water for standing in line" to vote in Georgia 2024-03-04 Read
Kamala Harris questioner expelled from conference happening under a big sign -- "FREEDOMS" -- the irony is strong with this one. 2024-02-23 Read
We could “lose this democracy” if we elect a president who would “weaponize the Department of Justice” and “go after their political enemies” ~ Kamala Harris 2024-01-26 Read
"One does not have to abandon their faith or deeply held beliefs" to support abortion-on-demand without limits until birth ~ Kamala Harris 2024-01-24 Read
Kamala Harris is a piece of work -- and a very dim bulb 2024-01-23 Read
Kamala says black people cant be required to show photo ID because they don’t have xerox machines 2024-01-21 Read
Kamala Harris asserts that Joe Biden's problem is just the lack of proper information 2024-01-18 Read
Kamala Harris says Trump is an “existential threat to our Democracy,” who “took rights and liberties from the American People” 2024-01-18 Read
Kamala Harris implies if you are not a Democrat, you are an extremist 2024-01-16 Read
Kamala explains "the significance of the passage of time" 2023-12-27 Read
"Unburdened" ~ Kamala Harris ( ) 2023-12-18 Read
Kamala is campaigning? -- for what? 2023-12-13 Read
Why do we have to rebuild Gaza, Kamala? 2023-12-04 Read
Kamala, why do "we" have to rebuild Gaza? 2023-12-03 Read
They "brung us" 9 million illegal aliens, mostly uneducated, from all corners of the planet, Kamala -- including hundreds who intend to harm Americans 2023-12-02 Read
Kamala Harris might be on to something? 2023-10-31 Read
Kamala Harris lies about the Democrats' "no borders" policy being a "broken immigration system" -- it's an intentional act to build a one-party country 2023-10-30 Read
It was Kamala's turn to call for gun confiscation after the latest mass shooting 2023-10-27 Read
Kamala's wisdom for the ages 2023-10-25 Read
The Vice President of the United States of America, Kamala Harris 2023-10-21 Read
This is odd? -- Joe Biden's "National Security Team" does not include the vice president, Kamala Harris 2023-10-17 Read
Kamala Harris must be the most "unburdened" woman in the world 2023-10-13 Read
Kamala is obsessed with Venn Diagrams 2023-10-13 Read
Mr. Kamala Harris deserves a "National Comedy Award" 2023-10-12 Read
There is something tragically flawed with a system that allowed Kamala Harris to become the Vice President of the United States of America 2023-10-07 Read
Kamala Harris complains about parents and states fighting back against Marxist indoctrination in schools: 2023-09-30 Read
Kamala Harris is described as "vapid" -- "showing no intelligence or imagination" ~ Cambridge Dictionary 2023-09-28 Read
"I knew I'd get that response" ~ Kamala Harris 2023-09-27 Read
Just 31% of Americans have a favorable view of Kamala Harris 2023-09-25 Read
Story Time with Kamala Harris ( accompanied by some fantastic Venn Diagrams ) 2023-09-21 Read
Reporter asks Kamala Harris a question about high prices 2023-09-21 Read
Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-NY) refuses -- four times -- to say whether he believes Kamala Harris is Joe Biden's best choice for vice president 2023-09-15 Read
Democrats are done with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 2023-09-14 Read
Kamala Harris equates Jan. 6 protest to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor 2023-09-11 Read
Kamala has a big party "commemorating Hip Hop" on the taxpayers dime 2023-09-10 Read
California's Newsom wants to be drafted -- he knows Kamala is never going to happen 2023-09-09 Read
"They are scared that we will win based on the merit of the work that Joe Biden and I and our administration has done!" ~ Kamala Harris 2023-09-08 Read
Why is it so challenging for Kamala Harris to construct a straightforward sentence? 2023-09-07 Read
Kamala Harris' speech is pure state propaganda -- state planning is the definition of socialism 2023-08-22 Read
Kamala Harris seeks a second act 2023-08-22 Read
Kamala never disappoints 2023-08-16 Read
When Dr. Laurence J. Peter was doing his research for the "Peter Principle" he never envisioned a case like Kamala Harris 2023-08-13 Read
Is Kamala going into the TV guru business after politics? 2023-08-13 Read
Kamala Harris energizes gun control activists ( ) 2023-08-12 Read
Kamala goes to the concert 2023-08-07 Read
The wisdom of Kamala 2023-07-30 Read
"Extremists are pushing forward revisionist history" ~ Kamala Harris 2023-07-27 Read
Kamala Harris says that Americans who oppose the invasion of America by illegal aliens from all over the world are bad people 2023-07-25 Read
Kamala Harris believes weather and climate are the same thing 2023-07-23 Read
"In the state of Florida, they decided middle school students will be taught enslaved people benefited from slavery" ~ Kamala Harris 2023-07-21 Read
The White House is now claiming that Kamala Harris meant to say "reduce the pollution," not "reduce the population" ( ) 2023-07-16 Read
Kamala never disappoints 2023-07-16 Read
Kamala confirms that “reducing population” is a goal of the climate change movement 2023-07-15 Read
Kamala Harris says Joe Biden's illegal $39 billion student loan forgiveness/vote buying scheme is just the beginning 2023-07-15 Read
Kamala Harris explains "transportation" 2023-07-12 Read
Kamala Harris explains "AI" 2023-07-12 Read
Kamala Harris, our new "Artificial Intelligence Czar," explains culture -- then giggles 2023-07-06 Read
Word is, Kamala writes her own speeches 2023-07-03 Read
Kamala makes another one of her patented speeches about . . . something? 2023-07-02 Read
Does somebody actually write Kamala Harris' speeches? 2023-06-24 Read
Pete Buttigieg is the intellectual equal of Kamala Harris 2023-06-15 Read
Kamala Harris sets a new outdoor giggling record 2023-06-14 Read
The komplete Kamala 2023-06-01 Read
The View's Sunny Hostin claims Kamala Harris has record-low approval ratings because “she’s black” 2023-05-31 Read
Clueless Kamala Harris tells West Point Cadets that the climate crisis is the biggest challenge the military will face 2023-05-28 Read
Kamala Harris sets a new indoor record in the "Leaps of Logic" event 2023-05-18 Read
Kamala Harris conflates "gender ideology" with "women's history" 2023-05-17 Read
Kamala is the person who is going to save us from A.I.? 2023-05-11 Read
Kamala Harris lies, and says, "the economy is looking very good" 2023-05-06 Read
In a twist that even James "Terminator" Cameron didn't see coming, mankind was doomed yesterday when Kamala Harris was tasked with keeping Artificial Intelligence from wiping out humanity 2023-05-05 Read
*** Kamala Harris is deep, man! *** 2023-04-29 Read
Only 1,800 people watched Joe Biden and Kamala Harris crash and burn on the Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign kickoff call 2023-04-28 Read
Kamala Harris has to be the worst political speaker of all time 2023-04-28 Read
Kamala makes her deepest, most thought-provoking speech yet 2023-04-26 Read
Kamala Harris blames "the prior administration" for Joe Biden's "open border" policy 2023-04-24 Read
Kamala has a new book 2023-04-21 Read
Kamala Harris explains, "transitioning the diesel truck, that's on its last wheels" to electric 2023-04-19 Read
The Vice President of the United States of America, Kamala Harris 2023-04-19 Read
Kamala Harris previews her new comedy routine 2023-04-15 Read
Kamala Harris lies and lies bout "weapons of war" 2023-04-14 Read
Kamala on fire! -- listening to these people, one would think it was a conservative that murdered those little girls -- what a coverup! 2023-04-09 Read
What’s wrong with Kamala? 2023-04-03 Read
Kamala never disappoints -- everything makes her giggle -- even being in Ghana 2023-03-29 Read
Kamala's greatest speech yet! 2023-03-27 Read
Even Kamala doesn't believe it -- watch the body language 2023-03-25 Read
The Saudis are going where no media has dared go before -- Joe Biden and Kamala take big hit! 2023-03-24 Read
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