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Nobody wants Kamala to run for POTUS -- especially members of the Democratic Party  More
Even The New York Times says Kamala Harris is not ready for prime time  More
Is it possible that Kamala Harris doesn't know that abortion means death to children?  More
This Kamala clip is as good an example of cognitive dissonance that you'll ever see  More
Why isn't it "disinformation" when Kamala Harris spreads lies?  More
The Kamala Harris revolving door continues to spin, as her 14th staffer hits the bricks  More
Even the people who are really running the country don't want Kamala anywhere near the Oval Office  More
KJP says Kamala Harris was right when she compared the overturning of Roe v. Wade to slavery  More
The wisdom of Kamala  More
Ya gotta admit -- Kamala IS a piece of work!  More
The wisdom of Kamala  More
Please note -- Kamala is reading from prepared notes  More
Respect is earned, Kamala  More
This "supercut" of Kamala Harris using the same WTF line over and over and over again is something else  More
Oops! There goes another one -- that's number 7 or 8 staffers gone -- working for Kamala must be beyond awful  More
More Kamala Harris -- the Vice President of the United States of America  More
They finally found a job Kamala can handle  More
You know her staff preps her for hours before these speeches, but Kamala still boots them  More
Watch out Einstein, Kamala is having thoughts  More
You'll like this Kamala!  More
Noticing that Kamala is dumber than a box of rocks is racist  More
"It would be a tragedy," if Kamala Harris becomes president  More
Andrews Air Force Base was breeched by armed men during Kamala Harris's departure for Europe  More
Doctor Jill got a little ahead of herself this afternoon when introducing Kamala Harris:  More
MSNBC's Joel Rubin must be getting real money from Kamala for this report  More
Another of Kamala's senior staffers is gone -- must be a fun place to work  More
As predicted, Biden and Kamala both demanded the Senate pass legislation to federalize American elections  More
Another top Kamala staffer quits toxic environment -- that's number 6 or 7 --  More
This Kamala tweet didn't age too well  More
Now we know what Kamala's been up to -- redecorating! -- watch for the "theme"  More
Psaki asked if Biden and Kamala regret their tweets of support for Jussie Smollett -- pivot to Trump ( )  More
The reports of tension between Biden and Kamala would appear to be correct -- check this out!  More
It ain't getting any better for Kamala  More
More of Kamala's key staffers are reportedly "eyeing the exits" -- word is, Kamala is a bully  More
Only 13% of Donks would support Kamala Harris in a run for president  More
The Hill picks Kamala and Michelle for 2024 -- they should be watching the reenergized Hillary  More
The staffers that shape Biden's and Kamala's message both just quit!  More
Arrrgh! Kamala was "acting" president for 85 minutes this morning  More
A recent USA Today poll revealed that Kamala Harris has an approval rating of only 28%  More
Since everything is racist now, it had to happen -- Kamala’s staff is accusing Biden of racism  More
No! It’s not racism or sexism -- Kamala Harris just flat-out sucks at the job  More
Jill Biden has been asking about using the 25th Amendment to dump Kamala Harris  More
There's something wrong with a system that elevates a woman like this to such a high position -- "I eat NO for breakfast," is Kamala's signature line and she botched it  More
While Afghanistan was collapsing Kamala was busy filming scenes for the Kamala Movie  More
How Trevor traveled to Washington to be in a scene from the Kamala movie  More
The handlers staged a phony White House set for Joe Biden and hired child actors for Kamala -- who's directing this movie?  More
Good news -- Donks see Kamala Harris as major player in midterms  More
Biden, playing Hitler, which is exactly what he's doing (and now Kamala is doing it too) not only doesn't work it pisses people off  More
Big disconnect! -- while Fuhrer Biden was announcing his "mandates," Kamala was opposing government interference in people's wellbeing decisions  More
Where's Waldo? Have you noticed that Kamala "last person in the room" Harris has gone missing?  More
"The more you of see of Kamala Harris, the worse it gets... it's like seeing Michael Moore in a thong"  More
What was Kamala thinking?  More
Willie and Kamala  More
Somebody at the LA Times has a full-time job maintaining this Kreepy Kamala shrine page  More
Biden has dementia and Kamala is in her own world -- who's really running things?  More
Even foreigners know that Kamala Harris is a complete joke  More
Who is surprised to learn that "she (Kamala) refuses to take responsibility for delicate issues and blames staffers for the negative results that ensue" ~ Politico  More
Ezra Klein believes Kamala is unable to handle the tasks assigned -- wants easier ones  More
This rumor about Kamala sucks! Doesn't matter if it's true or not. The idea is is too much to even contemplate  More
The Democratic press saw Kamala Harris in action last week and now they're having a serious case of buyer's remorse  More
You know it's bad when even CNN describes Kamala's Central America trip as "cringeworthy"  More
You know it was bad when even CNN says Kamala Harris’ Central American trip was a disaster  More
I read that quickly and thought it said Kamala gives head, My mistake, Sorry!  More
Joe Biden Appoints Kamala Harris to Lead White House Efforts on Voting Rights – Making it Easier For Democrats to Steal Elections  More
Joe Biden Appoints Kamala Harris to Lead White House Efforts on Voting Rights – Making it Easier For Democrats to Steal Elections  More
‘She F***ed Her Way to the Top!’ – Judge Joe Brown Goes Off on Joe Biden AND Kamala Harris in Spicy Rant (VIDEO)  More
“Grotesque” – Kamala Harris Receives Backlash For Tweeting Photo of Herself, Telling Americans to Enjoy Their “Long Weekend”  More
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