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Joe Biden is raiding the Treasury again to pay for votes -- this time he's paying college students to register voters More 2024-03-04
Joe Biden is adding $1 trillion to the national debt every three months. More 2024-03-04
"Joe Biden’s border conduct is a conspiracy to overthrow America." ~ Donald Trump More 2024-03-03
Younger Americans think Joe Biden's economy stinks More 2024-03-03
Arizona rancher reveals the grim reality of Joe Biden’s open border -- 17 Dead Bodies and “Rape Trees” were found on his property More 2024-03-03
More lies about the border from Joe Biden More 2024-03-03
The Vera Institute of Justice -- linked to billionaire George Soros -- has won a nearly $172 million federal contract from President Joe Biden’s administration to help young border crossers avoid deportation More 2024-03-03
Joe Biden snaps at a reporter for asking if he had lunch or dinner with his son Hunter’s business partners ( ) More 2024-03-02
Joe Biden's attempt to destroy athletic opportunities for women and girls is immoral as it is illegal -- our daughters shouldn't pay the price so Biden can cozy up to gender theory radicals More 2024-03-02
MSNBC's Donny Deutsch said that Joe Biden and the Democrats should “scare the shit out of people” with what will happen during a second Trump presidency More 2024-03-02
Hunter Biden confirms Joe Biden is "The Big Guy" More 2024-03-01
White House officials introduced a new term for illegal immigrants, referring to them as “newcomers” ahead of Joe Biden’s visit to Brownsville, Texas. More 2024-03-01
Hunter Biden has leverage in that his father, Joe Biden, “controls the U.S. Attorney General” More 2024-03-01
Joe Biden knows he's losing! More 2024-03-01
As illegal alien crime soars in America, Joe Biden announces he's going to disarm Americans More 2024-02-29
The House Oversight Committee sent the DoJ a subpoena for materials from special counsel Robert Hur's investigation into Joe Biden's classified documents scandal More 2024-02-28
Joe Biden did not take a cognitive test during his annual physical because Biden says he doesn't need it More 2024-02-28
The House Oversight Committee has subpoenaed AG Merrick Garland for records, including transcripts, notes, video, and audio files, related to Special Counsel Robert Hur's investigation of President Joe Biden's willful mishandling of classified information More 2024-02-28
Joe Biden doesn’t want to confront China about their involvement in the fentanyl trade due to ties between major players in the fentanyl trade and people who have sent money to the Biden family ~ Peter Schweizer More 2024-02-28
Joe Biden will give $850 million to a Red Chinese-Owned battery company More 2024-02-28
The Leader of the Free World, Joe Biden More 2024-02-28
Joe Biden's America -- American citizens returning from Mexico are held in a cage by the Border Patrol while thousands of illegal immigrants just walk across our border More 2024-02-28
"Uncommitted" (56.22%) beats Joe Biden (40.37%) in Michigan primary More 2024-02-28
Another of Joe Biden's illegal aliens makes the news More 2024-02-28
Joe Biden is asked about concerns regarding his age and he says Donald Trump doesn’t know his wife’s name More 2024-02-28
New Gallup poll finds a record-high number of Americans believe illegal immigration is a “critical threat” to the nation’s vital interests -- voters are clearly blaming Joe Biden More 2024-02-27
It took 15 cuts and splices to produce this 56-second clip of Joe Biden reading from a teleprompter More 2024-02-27
Every time Joe Biden gets called out, he brings up his dying son -- what a guy! More 2024-02-26
Joe Biden’s "Net-Zero" agenda spells trouble down on the farm and at the supermarket More 2024-02-26
Pima County Arizona is scrambling as Joe Biden's Border crisis explodes More 2024-02-26
Italian TV airs a skit mocking Joe Biden's cognitive decline More 2024-02-25
Twenty states are asking Joe Biden to shut down America's largest ammunition manufacturer More 2024-02-25
When Joe Biden loses Bob Costas, the end is near More 2024-02-24
Joe Biden's handlers have fit the Leader of the Free World with special sneakers to help prevent him from face-planting More 2024-02-24
Joe Biden may not be a good leader, but he wants you to know he’s great in bed More 2024-02-24
Joe Biden's behavior around very young females is beyond bizarre More 2024-02-23
Jim Clyburn on Joe Biden's taxpayer-funded student loan debt bailout -- “this is not giving anybody's money away!” More 2024-02-23
"If cops aren't safe because of your open borders -- nobody is" ~ Times Square billboard message to Joe Biden More 2024-02-23
Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and James Biden are clearly guilty of unregistered foreign lobbying, money laundering, bribery, and raking in tens of millions of dollars from Russia, China, and Ukraine in violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act More 2024-02-23
Would you describe Joe Biden saying, "'MAGA Republicans' and the Supreme Court couldn't stop me," as authoritarian or dictatorial? More 2024-02-23
Under Joe Biden, the number of illegal aliens who have invaded the U. S. is greater than the population of 36 states More 2024-02-22
“The Supreme Court blocked it, but that didn't stop me" -- Joe Biden on his violation of SCOTUS ruling against his student loan vote buying scheme More 2024-02-22
The finest example of the blind leading the blind you'll ever see (Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden) More 2024-02-22
Yesterday, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-DE) falsely claimed that the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden has ended More 2024-02-22
Joe Biden has unilaterally wiped away nearly $138 billion in federal student loans for almost 3.9 million borrowers without a single act of Congress -- and even though the Supreme Court told Biden not to do it More 2024-02-21
A total violation of the Hatch Act -- “Joe Biden has tasked the entirety of the federal government to work directly with Democrat Get-Out-The-Vote operations” More 2024-02-21
Dear Joe Biden -- you own this catastrophic disaster at the border lock, stock and barrel -- you created it -- you nursed it along -- you encouraged it -- you facilitated it -- it's all yours -- don't run from it now like a coward ~ The Border Patrol More 2024-02-21
Michigan's Muslim Democrats are refusing to vote for Joe Biden because of Palestinian civilian deaths in the Israeli-Hamas war More 2024-02-21
Joe Biden is down 9 to Donald Trump in latest national poll -- 14% of Democrat voters support Trump More 2024-02-21
"The View" harpies are really concerned about Joe Biden having to debate Donald Trump More 2024-02-21
Local families in the predominantly black Roxbury neighborhood of Boston are furious after the city shut down the local community center to use it to house Joe Biden’s illegal aliens More 2024-02-20
"Historians" rank Barack Obama as America's 7th "greatest president" -- Joe Biden made #14 -- you gotta check out this survey of "historians," it's a real laugher More 2024-02-20
Democrats will always be Democrats as Joe Biden introduces an "acceptable" form of slavery into America More 2024-02-20
Joe Biden and his family were “clearly given millions of dollars from entities all over the world” -- and nobody knows why -- what they received in return More 2024-02-20
Joe Biden brags about imprisoning his political opponents -- I would never have believed this could happen in America More 2024-02-20
*** Joe Biden visits East Palestine, Ohio *** More 2024-02-17
White House lawyers pressured AG Garland to cover up the Hur Report on Joe Biden’s theft and mishandling of classified materials ( ) More 2024-02-17
Joe Biden blames his staff for his classified documents problems More 2024-02-17
The top ten times that Joe Biden has acted like a dictator ~ Glenn Beck More 2024-02-17
Sen. Schumer says he can confirm that Joe Biden's mental acuity is just great, and cognitive decline claims are just “right wing propaganda” More 2024-02-17
The "trusted" FBI informant that is behind the FD-1023 released by Sen. Grassley is now being discredited because what he reported is embarrassing for the administration (Joe Biden) More 2024-02-16
Joe Biden's DoJ raided Mar-a-Lago looking for a document exposing the Obama administration's lawless participation in Russiagate More 2024-02-16
This atrocity is funded by Joe Biden's Executive Orders #13988 ( ) and14075 ( ) More 2024-02-15
Joe Biden’s DoJ has filed a lawsuit against the state of Tennessee because they made it illegal for prostitutes to knowingly spread HIV -- they are saying it’s a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act More 2024-02-15
Joe Biden is shielding Palestinians from deportation while authorizing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to loosen work requirements to funnel them into American jobs More 2024-02-15
Joe Biden lied about Robert Hur raising the issue about his dead son Beau -- it's what Joe does More 2024-02-15
The Hur Report lists a folder labeled “VP Personal,” containing a telephone call sheet and talking points for a call with then-Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk -- classified as “secret” -- 86 days before Joe Biden extorted Yatsenyuk More 2024-02-15
Joe Biden's $5,000,000,000 campaign to electrify school buses is an epic failure More 2024-02-14
Joe Biden assured the Jordanian king that Jewish and Christian prayer would continue to be banned on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, the holiest site in the Jewish faith and revered by Christians worldwide, so as not to inflame Muslim anger More 2024-02-14
Joe Biden had lunch with the chairman of CEFC Energy, Ye Jianming, at the Four Seasons in Washington DC in 2017 More 2024-02-13
Hunter Biden business associate, Rob Walker, tells Congress how Joe Biden's name scored CEFC China Energy deal worth millions More 2024-02-13
Joe Biden refuses to take cognitive test at his annual physical More 2024-02-13
Joe Biden supporter attackis the messenger over the Hur Report More 2024-02-13
The reasons to impeach Joe Biden keep stacking up More 2024-02-12
NBC probes Joe Biden's officials on efforts to remove him from office and/or the ticket More 2024-02-12
Joe Biden has opened the floodgates of hell More 2024-02-12
Former White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, lectured the media on how to cover Joe Biden's cognitive decline More 2024-02-12
The House Oversight Committee has become specifically interested in the contents of several classified and confidential, Ukraine-related documents found in Joe Biden’s possession by special counsel Robert Hur’s investigation More 2024-02-12
The Hur Report is filled with "damning" indictments against Joe Biden More 2024-02-12
Joe Biden's budget for illegal aliens is twice that of the Department of Veteran Services More 2024-02-11
The Hur Report -- Joe Biden "willfully retained and disclosed classified materials" More 2024-02-11
A whopping 89 percent of Americans have concerns, to varying degrees, that President Joe Biden lacks the physical and mental health for a second term More 2024-02-11
The "nuclear option" is being considered to remove Joe Biden as the Democratic Party's nominee -- as multiple replacement candidates slither out from under their rocks More 2024-02-11
This Gen. Milley interview aired on CBS the night Joe Biden was interviewed by Special Counsel Hur More 2024-02-11
Multiple Democrats are considering dumping Old Joe Biden after a damaging DoJ report concluded that he is “an elderly man with a poor memory” and “diminished faculties” More 2024-02-10
DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is refusing to hand over to Congress a full accounting of every illegal alien that has been released into the United States since President Joe Biden took office in late January 2021 More 2024-02-10
David Axelrod says Joe Biden's presser "reinforces the meme" that he is too old -- "You can’t unring the bell" More 2024-02-10
Despite the Democrat's protestations, Robert Hur's report provide Joe Biden with a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card More 2024-02-10
Democrats are outraged that Robert Hur's report claims Joe Biden is "an elderly man with a poor memory" -- these vignettes are all from the past week More 2024-02-10
For many years, the pro-Joe Biden press has avoided the vast majority of his gaffes and then excused a few as beloved Uncle Joe having a tiny lapse -- that won’t fly anymore More 2024-02-09
CNN defends Joe Biden after his disastrous press conference in which he referred to Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as the “president of Mexico” More 2024-02-09
Joe Biden does what all leftists do when they are caught -- he plays the victim More 2024-02-09
MSNBC hosts in full meltdown mode over Special Counsel's comments on Joe Biden’s age and memory More 2024-02-09
Photos of Joe Biden's classified documents scattered all over the place -- still, the DoJ refuses to file charges against The Big Guy. More 2024-02-09
Calls to invoke the 25th Amendment after the Special Counsel casts doubt on Joe Biden’s mental acuity More 2024-02-09
Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) stated that it “appears a crime was committed” by President Joe Biden More 2024-02-09
Joe Biden confuses the presidents of Mexico and Egypt More 2024-02-09
The DoJ's treatment of Joe Biden's ghostwriter vs. Donald Trump's associates demonstrates clearly that Merrick Garland's DoJ does indeed have two standards of justice More 2024-02-09
Justice Alito suggests that red states could kick Joe Biden off ballot for releasing $10 billion to Iran More 2024-02-09
"I let you speak" ~ Joe Biden -- that is the mindset of a dictator -- Americans don't need permission to speak More 2024-02-09
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