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It's not embarrassing when you understand that Joe Biden had his hand out because he was expecting the "envelope"  More
Meta's new artificial intelligence says Joe Biden stole the 2020 US presidential election ( )  More
The criminal investigation of Hunter Biden is not just a right-wing media story, and is a “real problem” for Joe Biden  More
Is there evidence Joe Biden was getting a cut of Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca business deals? -- you betcha! ( )  More
You want authoritarianism -- how about Joe Biden "allowing" Americans to do anything -- this language is pure authoritarian  More
Jerry Nadler's brian is broken -- he's in worse condition than Joe Biden  More
Why is Joe Biden's State Department funding an atheism grant program abroad?  More
Jill says Joe Biden is doing a great job -- just overlook the economy, and the grooming, and the CRT, and his war on Americans  More
Mayor Blowser doesn't want Joe Biden's illegals in Washington, DC  More
New info from Hunter Biden laptop shows Joe Biden is the bagman for US national security establishment  More
75% of Donks don't want Joe Biden to run again -- and that's a CNN poll  More
Kamala! -- what can you say, except pray for Joe Biden  More
WaPo is reporting that Joe Biden's Department of inJustice is investigating Donald J. Trump's actions and role in analleged effort to overturn the 2020 election results  More
If Joe Biden keeps this "hate white people" and "screw up their kids" stuff, he'll see what an insurrection looks like  More
Politicos blame Joe Biden for Monkeypox failures because they can't blame the underlying truth  More
For the second month-in-a-row, Joe Biden was ranked the least popular president in American history  More
Hillary's response to the news that Joe Biden has COVID  More
Blue, blue Massachusetts welcomes Joe Biden ( )  More
Hispanics are abandoning Joe Biden by the millions  More
Recovered text message should lead to Joe Biden’s impeachment and Hunter Biden’s immediate arrest  More
The economy is not crashing fast enough -- Joe Biden to release a "climate" executive order today to speed things up  More
*** Remember when Joe Biden said he didn't know anything about Hunter's business? ***  More
Somebody has been lying to Joe Biden ( )  More
Snoop Dogg is promoting a premium cannabis brand, "Sleepy Joe OG," that mocks Joe Biden's lack of lucidity  More
The funding for many of these events is coming straight from Joe Biden's EO ( )  More
The memes mocking Joe Biden's reading of the teleprompter instructions are improving in quality ( )  More
It's unfortunate the mounted Border Patrol agents are guilty of no crime, but Joe Biden declared them guilty -- they must be punished for something ( thread )  More
Everybody on the planet knows Joe Biden is way beyond a lame duck -- he's a dead duck  More
What do you think the odds are that Joe Biden will blunder his way into a war with Russia?  More
To celebrate the 4th of July, Amanda Gorman, Joe Biden's inaugural poet, p!ssed on the national anthem  More
The Washington Post, the partisans that attacked Donald Trump every day for six years, wants you to take it easy on Joe Biden  More
Democrat strategists sound alarm over Joe Biden‘s setbacks -- "Our house is on fire!"  More
Everybody is at fault except Joe Biden  More
Political arrests are soaring under Joe Biden  More
White House won’t say why Joe Biden shared official veep business with Hunter via non-government email  More
The Joe Biden-Democrat incited insurrection in Downtown Los Angeles ( )  More
This should settle the questions about whether Joe Biden is really running things -- or not ( )  More
Why are Joe Biden’s senate records a deep, dark secret?  More
"Ashley Biden's speculation that showering with her father, Joe Biden, as a young girl may have contributed to her sex addiction"  More
It's not the Russian and it's not the Saudis -- it's Joe Biden.  More
Could Joe Biden be the reincarnation of Caligula?  More
These drag queen clusterfux are funded by a Joe Biden executive order ( )  More
Leading Democrats accept Joe Biden is a disaster and they don't want him to run in 2024  More
Hunter Biden’s vavorite Las Vegas hooker got $20,000 federal PPP loan for "Female-Owned Sole Proprietorship" after Joe Biden took office  More
"We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines,” says Joe Biden, after promising his plan “isn’t about taking away people’s guns”  More
Karine Jean-Pierre is clearly running out of excuses for Joe Biden  More
George Soros says Joe Biden "was very deeply involved in Ukraine"  More
Governor-in-her-own-mind, Stacey Adams, seems amused by jokes about Joe Biden's cognitive abilities  More
Jeff Bezos wants the Ministry of Truth to review this Joe Biden tweet  More
You can't find baby formula because Joe Biden is sending it to the border for the invaders  More
Attorneys General sue Biden over suppression of free speech -- the suit specifically names Joe Biden  More
How the censorship of the Hunter Biden’s laptop story helped Joe Biden win  More
Does Joe Biden know what Obama is up to?  More
It's impossible to overstate just how dramatic Joe Biden's cognitive decline has been in recent years ( thread )  More
Standing in front of Old Glory, Joe Biden publicly pronounces, ""they are not somebody else's children. They're yours when you're in the classroom"  More
Financial records reveal Joe Biden had $5.2 million in unexplained income between 2017 and 2021  More
White House visitor logs cast doubt over Joe Biden’s claims that he knew nothing of his son's dealings  More
A media watchdog group has identified more than 600 occasions in which Big Tech companies censored criticism of Joe Biden ( )  More
Is Joe Biden purposely trying to bankrupt America?  More
If Mark Zuckerberg didn’t spend the $400 million in the last three or four months of the campaign, Joe Biden would not have won  More
The Hunter Biden scandal has always been about Joe Biden  More
More than 150 financial transactions between a Chinese consulting firm and Joe Biden's son and brother were flagged by US banks as "concerning"  More
The Joe Biden Diet  More
More Americans would rather see Joe Biden removed from office than Vladimir Putin  More
U.S. intel and national security apparatus make moves to protect Joe Biden from Hunter Biden laptop fallout  More
"Your president sees you" -- Joe Biden celebrates transgender "Day of Visibility"  More
CIA officer openly admits to rigging 2020 election for Joe Biden  More
Only 12% of Americans have "great trust" in Joe Biden  More
The media campaign to protect Joe Biden Passes the point of absurdity  More
Will Hunter and Joe Biden ever be held accountable for their actions?  More
You can relax now, Joe Biden is going to lead the new, New World Order  More
A group of laid-off oil workers don't hold back on their criticism of Joe Biden  More
The Atlantic says no president could ever handle the Ukraine situation better than Joe Biden  More
Guy tells Joe Biden joke  More
"Putin may circle Kyiv with tanks, but he'll never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people" ~ Joe Biden  More
Things you can trust more than Joe Biden  More
If you have been on the fence about Joe Biden's mental acuity, this out to be the tipping point  More
On Tuesday, his fraudulency, Joe Biden, will make his State of the Union address, but what can he say after plunging both America and the world into chaos?  More
Under Joe Biden, America has had two historic foreign policy debacles in under a year  More
Joe Rogan has a few things to say about Joe Biden  More
Remember when Joe Biden gave the Russians a list that identified the 16 thing that would cripple our infrastructure  More
Oil prices under Joe Biden  More
"Dumb and Dumber" is a pretty good description of Joe Biden's spokespeople  More
The "Misery Index" is on the rise under Joe Biden  More
Obama's people are destroying the country and old Joe Biden is going to get all the credit/blame  More
Democrats don't want Joe Biden to run again  More
Sen. Blackburn is asking for a special counsel to investigate Hunter, James and Joe Biden, and their business dealings with Communist China and the Chinese Communist Party  More
"The smartest man I know." ~ Joe Biden ( )  More
The first thing Joe Biden did upon assuming office was to close down the XL Pipeline, now we're importing more oil from the same Russia Joe Biden is threatening to go to war with  More
NBC releases a poll demonstrating a complete collapse of support for Joe Biden  More
CBS host is stunned -- not one member of Face the Nation's focus group believes America is in a better place after one year of Joe Biden  More
No sane person wants any part of Joe Biden's "Wag the Dog" -- the Europeans don't want it  More
One year ago, Joe Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline ( )  More
Is it wrong to enjoy watching the Left's increasing depressions and anxieties caused by Joe Biden and company's amazing clusterflop?  More
The delusional Joe Biden White House thinks his awful poll numbers are the result of a communications problem  More
"Martin Luther King's assassination did not have the worldwide impact George Floyd's did" ~ Joe Biden  More
"Joe Biden is the first president in history to become a lame-duck within the first year of his administration"  More
Americans cannot unsee the fact that Joe Biden’s brain is so scrambled that he does not know what year is  More
This report should convince most skeptics that Joe Biden is completely out of touch with reality  More
How Joe Biden became a senator 50 years ago  More
As the latest Donk conspiracy unfolds -- Joe Biden sets his sights on voting laws -- Politico is on board  More
Protecting Biden -- YouTube clearly removed John Ondrasik's "Blood On My Hands," because it's critical of Joe Biden ( )  More
46% of U.S. voters think the FBI is Joe Biden's "personal Gestapo"  More
Barbra Streisand assesses Joe Biden's handling of the economy  More
67% of US voters believe the country is on the wrong path under Joe Biden  More
The story of Joe Biden's life and career in a single tweet  More
Just one more indicator that Joe Biden simply does what he's told to do  More
Guy who got Joe Biden to say, "Let's go, Brandon," is now getting death threats  More
4 out of 10 Donks believe Joe Biden should be impeached  More
From the "Joe Biden Is A Total Failure" tour  More
"We got it!" ~ Joe Biden  More
This is a great question -- "Why did the IRS audit Donald Trump, but not Joe Biden?"  More
CBS reports how "murder rates continue to soar nationwide" under Joe Biden  More
Pray for Joe Biden! -- everything provokes giggles from this woman  More
White House celebrates Joe Biden reaching inflation milestone set by Jimmy Carter -- 6.8% and rising  More
Pray for Joe Biden ( )  More
Hunter Biden’s therapist, Dr. Keith Ablow, repeatedly alluded to Joe Biden's struggle with dementia  More
Pray for Joe Biden!  More
The only people unhappy with the outcome of the two trials were Joe Biden and the Left  More
Pray for Joe Biden!  More
Nobody ever accused Joe Biden of being smart -- glib? sure -- but smart? never!  More
Even Joe Biden is shocked at the price of gas -- whoever is running the country needs to keep the BIG GUY updated!  More
The White House doesn't want to talk about when Joe Biden will get a physical -- if ever?  More
So it follows that Joe Biden is considering shutting down the Michigan oil pipeline  More
"Fuck Joe Biden" means "Let's Go Brandon" (Party Edition)  More
"We're gonna win!" ~ Joe Biden, yesterday  More
"Fuck Joe Biden" isn't going away -- and this is in a strongly Democratic New Jersey/New York  More
The Biden Brigade is consolidating its forces before the final assault on the border -- Joe Biden "is going to help us"  More
Yesterday, the Shadow Presidents had Joe Biden give a speech to kindergarteners while they ran the country  More
The "let's go, Brandon" and "Fuck Joe Biden" chants are offending the delicate sensibilities of the Democratic media -- this ( ) never bothered them  More
Maybe Joe Biden shouldn't have shut down the Keystone Pipeline 5 minutes after he was inaugurated ( )  More
"They" don't let Joe Biden talk to anybody -- woosh! -- out the door!  More
Obama defense secretary says Joe Biden hasn't gotten anything right in four decades  More
Creepy Joe Biden -- at his creepiest!  More
The first thing Joe Biden did when he assumed office was to cancel the Keystone Pipeline -- now look where he is  More
The Hunter Biden political corruption story -- and Joe Biden's role in it -- isn't going to go away  More
Emails shows Hunter and Joe Biden shared a slush-fund account to which Eric Schwerin, Hunter’s partner, had access  More
The handlers staged a phony White House set for Joe Biden and hired child actors for Kamala -- who's directing this movie?  More
Jon Gruden referred to Joe Biden as a "nervous clueless pussy" in a private email -- now Gruden's out of a job -- but you can still call Trump anything  More
Absolute proof that Joe Biden is delusional -- and by his own words  More
Psaki identifies the cause of Joe Biden's horseshit poll numbers -- the unvaccinated!  More
As fugged up as Joe Biden is, please pray for his long life  More
To save democracy, you must take a solemn vow never to criticize Joe Biden or in any way question what he wants  More
"Fuck Joe Biden" makes an appearance at Red Sox-Yankees wild-card game  More
Psaki tells Peter Doocy why we didn’t hear John Kerry say, Joe Biden “literally had not been aware of what had transpired," with the Australia and France submarine deal  More
"Fuck Joe Biden" chant -- this time by thousands of Democrats  More
Prompted by Donks and Joe Biden, the violence by the Left, in all forms, is escalating and will continue to escalate  More
Yesterday, Joe Biden swore "there's nothing in any of these pieces of legislation that is radical"  More
The "fuck Joe Biden" chants are becoming a national phenomenon  More
And the beat goes on -- Joe Biden gets into it  More
Don't judge Joe Biden until you've walked a mile in his shoes.  More
You "left Americans behind… Joe Biden left them behind"  More
Visibly uncomfortable Gens. Milley and McKenzie refuse to call Joe Biden’s apparent lie about Afghanistan a "false statement"  More
Here are a bunch ofl "Fuck Joe Biden" vids posted just this week -- some from Donk strongholds like New York City  More
Biden is getting flustered with the "fuck Joe Biden" chants  More
Thousands Chant “Fuck Joe Biden” at Aaron Lewis concert ( )  More
The IRS would track all bank transactions over $600 under Joe Biden's plan  More
Articles of Impeachment have been filed against Joe Biden.  More
Sure! Joe Biden's fine. No worries!  More
"No one respects Joe Biden."  More
The idea that white supremacists are our greatest domestic security threat is shared by FBI Director Wray, AG Merrick Garland and Joe Biden  More
The "fuck Joe Biden" thing is becoming a real thing! -- week #3  More
70% call Joe Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal a "national humiliation"  More
Who is Joe Biden's "button" person?  More
The 'F*ck Joe Biden" thing is really catching on -- this from the Brooklyn Bridge  More
This resonates with those who now realize what a horrible mistake it was for the country to elect Joe Biden  More
Joe Biden’s motorcade booed massively by students at Long Beach City College  More
The "fuck Joe Biden" chants continue to explode across college campuses  More
Feebleminded Joe Biden's impact on America's allies  More
With Americans held hostage at Kabul airport, Joe Biden describes his Afghanistan clusterfuck as an "extraordinary success!"  More
It looks like "F*ck Joe Biden" chants will be a thing this fall at college football games and concerts  More
Remember Afghanistan? The Democratic Media doesn’t want you to because it could hurt Joe Biden, so it’s doing its best to change the subject  More
Another "f*ck Joe Biden " chant -- this time at the Virginia Tech game  More
"America is back" ~ Joe Biden  More
Right on cue! -- Joe Biden assigns blame for another disappointing jobs report  More
The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board wrote a scathing editorial about Joe Biden and his unspeakably horrendous performance in Afghanistan  More
How unpopular is Joe Biden?  More
If this is true and can be proven, it is the end of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party  More
Yesterday, Joe Biden took to the microphones to announce that the demonstrably disastrous pullout from Afghanistan was really a whiz-bang success of historic proportions  More
The "Excuse Machine" is now working 7/24 to cover Joe Biden's ass and blame everybody else going back as far as Reagan  More
The 21 times Joe Biden promised to leave no one behind  More
The disaster, known as Joe Biden, as seen by an ally  More
This is horrific -- 7 buses of American University women denied entry to airport -- all of this is on Joe Biden and his WOKE generals  More
The White House declined to confirm if Joe Biden will attend the ceremony for 13 dead heroes return at Dover Air Base  More
The AP has a story of the Afghanistan-Taliban agreement that Biden said he couldn’t get out of, and it proves Joe Biden is not telling you the truth  More
According to Jen Paski the Afghanistan clusterfuck is all on Joe Biden!  More
"We’re gonna have some presidents pretty soon" - Joe Biden  More
"I think that history is going to record this was the logical, rational and right decision to make" ~ Joe Biden  More
The U. S. has things "under control" ~ Joe Biden  More
"The Taliban knew that President Trump was leaving office and that Joe Biden was coming in -- all they had to do was wait"  More
"There will not be a Saigon moment in Afghanistan" -- Joe Biden  More
Girl, groped by Creeper Joe Biden, confirms he pinched her nipple (video)  More
Don't you wonder who is really running things? It certainly isn't Joe Biden.  More
"I'm not saying this to alarm you. I'm saying this because you should be alarmed" ~ Joe Biden  More
The Australians have the measure of Joe Biden -- just click this link!  More
25 People greeted Joe Biden and 25,000 at Trump rally (Biden allegedly got 81 million votes)?  More
Washington Post gave Joe Biden 4 Pinocchios for his 2nd Amendment comments  More
Morons run the White House -- Joe Biden changed "mothers" to "birthing people" in his budget request  More
‘She F***ed Her Way to the Top!’ – Judge Joe Brown Goes Off on Joe Biden AND Kamala Harris in Spicy Rant (VIDEO)  More
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