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Joe Biden has been lying so long and so often it has become who he is ( ) More 2023-03-27
Joe Biden lies about everything, but blaming Republicans for border problems is a bridge too far More 2023-03-27
Joe Biden's Big Lie -- the "I know nothing" defense crumbles as the National Archives rats Joe out More 2023-03-26
The Taliban have released new pictures of some of the military equipment left behind in Afghanistan by Joe Biden More 2023-03-26
Joe Biden refers to Canada as "China" in cringeworthy speech to Canadian Parliament More 2023-03-25
Anti-White racism is a fundamental of the Equity training in Joe Biden's Pentagon More 2023-03-25
The Saudis are going where no media has dared go before -- Joe Biden and Kamala take big hit! More 2023-03-24
The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has blocked Joe Biden’s order that federal employees get vaccinated against COVID-19 More 2023-03-24
Uganda tells Joe Biden to stick his gender equity agenda -- White House outraged! More 2023-03-23
During the 2020 Election, Joe Biden lied to the American people -- the media covered it up -- now they got the bank statements. More 2023-03-22
Nuthin' wrong with Joe Biden -- that's just disinformation More 2023-03-22
Joe Biden's executive orders, creating special rights, privileges and benefits for different classes of Americans, violate Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 More 2023-03-19
"I may be Irish, but I’m not stupid," says the very ignorant Joe Biden ( ) More 2023-03-18
Joe Biden lies and denies when confronted about memo showing his family received $1 million from company associated with ChiCom intelligence. More 2023-03-18
If Joe Biden gets his way, using incorrect pronouns could be a human rights violation More 2023-03-17
What "they" are really doing is marketing "Trans World" to kids -- Joe Biden's Gender Equity executive order is funding it ( ) More 2023-03-17
Joe Biden performs his ritual Haka before every negotiation More 2023-03-17
Joe Biden’s budget would balloon ATF funding to nearly $2 billion -- an increase of 50% over the Obama administration. More 2023-03-17
Joe Biden makes a promise More 2023-03-16
Has anybody ever heard a Republican call for "defunding the police" besides Joe Biden? More 2023-03-15
Joe Biden's executive orders, creating special rights, privileges and benefits for different classes of Americans violates the Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 More 2023-03-15
Joe Biden says, "t’s sinful and cruel" to ban puberty-blockers and sex change surgeries for kids More 2023-03-14
Joe Biden says it's it's Trump's fault More 2023-03-14
Joe Biden denies saying what he said -- three times More 2023-03-13
Straight White people need not apply -- Joe Biden's latest executive order makes massive racial reparations the law. More 2023-03-12
Joe Biden Has Spent 40% of his presidency doing business in Delaware with no visitor logs More 2023-03-11
Joe Biden deploys Democrat Rule #1 -- "Always blame the other guy for doing what you're doing" More 2023-03-11
Electricity is up 11.9%, fuel oil is up 27.7%, and natural gas is up 26.7% over last year, but Treasury Secretary says Joe Biden has "made a meaningful difference for American families" More 2023-03-11
"All told, we've created more than 12,000 jobs since I took office" ~ Joe Biden More 2023-03-10
List of tax hikes in Joe Biden’s budget More 2023-03-10
Joe Biden says, "I want to make it clear -- I’m gonna raise some taxes" -- like every other Democrat that ever existed More 2023-03-10
Joe Biden tells of the times surgeons took off the top of his head More 2023-03-07
What slimy, illegal act will Joe Biden try next when his student loan forgiveness plan is struck down? More 2023-03-06
Joe Biden's nominee for FAA Administrator was asked seven basic questions about aviation policy -- he went 0 for 7 -- but you can "see" he's qualified More 2023-03-04
WaPo admits that Joe Biden’s college loan forgiveness plan is unconstitutional, but it insists that the "the court shouldn’t stop him" More 2023-03-04
Joe Biden's attack on "assault weapons" is really an attack on the semi-automatic action More 2023-03-03
Joe Biden is hiding classified documents detailing side deals he made with Taliban and against U. S. troops More 2023-03-02
Nearly seven in 10 registered voters, say Joe Biden is “too old for another term” More 2023-03-02
Joe Biden is the "most racist president since LBJ" More 2023-03-01
Overseeing 40 billion in fraudulent unemployment benefits doesn't disqualify Julie Su from being Joe Biden's Secretary of Labor -- she's a female minority -- that's all that counts More 2023-03-01
Joe Biden infers White people are stupid More 2023-02-28
Formet Secret Service agents say the Secret Service would have evacuated Joe Biden if the Kiev air raid sirens were real More 2023-02-27
Kamala Harris defends Joe Bidens "equity" and "gender equity" executive orders #13985 and #13988 ( ) ( ) More 2023-02-27
Joe Biden blames his horsesh!t economy on the media -- the people that are covering his ass! More 2023-02-27
"His cognitive decline is going to get people killed" – Former White House physician says Joe Biden is leading the U. S. to war More 2023-02-27
Joe Biden's Department of Justice is going after Alex Jones’ cat -- for real! More 2023-02-25
Now here's a frightening thought -- Joe Biden "is not finished what he's started" ( ) More 2023-02-25
Another $2 billion to Ukraine -- Zilinskyy must really have the goods on Joe Biden More 2023-02-25
Joe Biden refuses to visit East Palestine, Ohio More 2023-02-25
Donald Trump vs Joe Biden -- two years in office More 2023-02-25
Joe Biden's Pentagon has ordered military chaplains to bless putting male soldiers in female showers and quarters More 2023-02-24
Joe Biden judicial nominee believes that courts should criminalize speech that offends "oppressed groups" More 2023-02-24
Joe Biden, the leader of the Free World More 2023-02-23
Joe Biden's former nuclear waste boss is back in the news More 2023-02-23
*** Location unknown, but you gotta watch Joe Biden board Air Force One *** More 2023-02-22
Joe Biden is a compulsive liar and has been his entire life -- from his education to his jobs, train rides and apparently his upbringing in the black and Puerto Rican communities More 2023-02-22
Joe Biden has the gift of tongues More 2023-02-21
Hysterian, Michael Beschloss, has the vapors over Joe Biden's bravery More 2023-02-21
Historian says Joe Biden is on track to be the worst president in history -- "everything he does seems to be about destroying American exceptionalism." More 2023-02-21
Senior Democrats’ private take on Joe Biden is that he’s too old More 2023-02-21
Will Joe Biden's blunders create a Russia-China Axis? More 2023-02-21
Joe Biden and Zilinskyy prove there's no business. like show business ( ) More 2023-02-21
Joe Biden's "doctor" must be on crack to say Biden is a "healthy, vigorous 80-year old" More 2023-02-20
Joe Biden has negotiated a "legally binding" deal to give the World Health Organization full authority over US pandemic policies -- no Senate approval required More 2023-02-20
Joe Biden is considering issuing green cards to foreign visa workers More 2023-02-20
Joe Biden asked, “how do people know the truth,” if social media companies did not control what they could read or hear on these platforms More 2023-02-19
Joe Biden is guaranteeing pensions and welfare for Ukrainians -- Zilinskyy has the evidence on Biden More 2023-02-19
Joe Biden reverses Trump-era rule and restores EPA authority over power plant regulation More 2023-02-19
Joe Biden says white people love watching lynchings -- even now More 2023-02-18
Zelenskyy must really have some damning evidence on Joe Biden! More 2023-02-18
Joe Biden refers to Wes Moore, Maryland's first Black governor, as "boy." More 2023-02-17
According to the White House physician, Joe Biden ... -- wait, did The Babylon Bee write this? More 2023-02-17
The FBI is still finding classified documents Joe Biden left behind More 2023-02-16
Joe Biden's nuclear waste freak has been released from jail More 2023-02-16
The Wall Street Journal has a money-saving tip to help you scrape by while Joe Biden is constructing his economic utopia More 2023-02-16
Joe Biden's Consumer Product Safety Commissioner, Richard Trumka, Jr., calls a ban on gas stoves "a powerful tool in our toolbox" and "a real possibility" More 2023-02-16
Joe Biden takes fire as food, shelter, gas get more expensive More 2023-02-15
SCOTUS will consider a lawsuit alleging Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and others violated their oaths of office by refusing to investigate evidence of fraud in the 2020 election More 2023-02-15
Gigi Sohn, Joe Biden's nominee to the FCC, is an anti-free speech, anti-conservative, nut job ( ) More 2023-02-14
Joe Biden is selling another 26 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve More 2023-02-14
Joe Biden's classified documents scandal keeps getting bigger More 2023-02-14
If Joe Biden's economy is so good, why is the administration allowing Medicaid funds to be used to pay for groceries? More 2023-02-13
Thread documents Joe Biden's racism More 2023-02-13
Dylan Mulvaney is a close personal friend of Joe Biden ( ) More 2023-02-13
I haven’t seen one word from Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg about the industrial catastrophe in East Palestine, OH ( ) ( ) More 2023-02-13
Is Joe Biden compromised? More 2023-02-12
*** Emails show the National Archives colluded with Joe Biden's lawyers to secretly retrieve TOP SECRET (SCI) documents before the 2022 midterm elections *** More 2023-02-12
Hunter Biden asked Joe Biden's top White House aide to help a Serbian businessman campaign for UN chief More 2023-02-11
Joe Biden’s State Department funds a secret site blacklisting conservatives More 2023-02-11
Is Joe Biden giving billions to a coke-head? More 2023-02-11
It's time to talk about how -- and why -- Joe Biden lets the Chinese commies walk all over him More 2023-02-11
Joe Biden says we're only going to need oil for another ten years More 2023-02-10
The federal government had an entire agency-social media network set up to support Joe Biden's run for president More 2023-02-09
The Dail Mail is reporting that Joe Biden ordered the Russian pipeline blown up More 2023-02-09
Joe Biden is "pushing on a door that's clearly marked, 'Pull'" More 2023-02-09
When asked about his classified documents scandal, Joe Biden said, “They’ve informed me not to speak to this issue” More 2023-02-09
Joe Biden says the public's "not going to pay attention" to Hunter probes More 2023-02-09
Joe Biden had a visitor at the SOTU speech More 2023-02-08
In his State of the Union speech, Joe Biden said COVID caused the 2020 crime spike -- he also said he grew up in the Black church More 2023-02-08
Joe Biden is a laugh riot in flub-filled State of the Union -- opens with a Schumer gaffe More 2023-02-08
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