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Q: What kind of a man kicks a dog in the head? -- A: The Joe Biden kind More 2023-09-28
The impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden will focus on answering four key questions related to his involvement in his family’s extensive foreign business dealings More 2023-09-28
The Joe Biden impeachment inquiry begins this morning at 10 AM (EST) More 2023-09-28
White House spokesman is straight up lying -- Hunter wasn't staying at his parents' house, he was living in California when the Chinese business associates sent their payments to Joe Biden's home More 2023-09-28
Joe Biden comments on the "big lie" - election secrets More 2023-09-28
Joe Biden used his home address to receive money wires from China -- file under "no evidence" More 2023-09-27
Joe Biden's dog bit another Secret Service agent -- the 11th! More 2023-09-27
The gamblers have flipped -- Joe Biden is no longer favored More 2023-09-26
Joe Biden is just going through the motions now and has adopted a "what, me worry?" mindset More 2023-09-26
Joe Biden says that if Democrats can't continue with endless, reckless spending, the world will end More 2023-09-26
Joe Biden plays the race card More 2023-09-26
Joe Biden's approval among black voters is down a whopping 17 points More 2023-09-25
Joe Biden refers to actor and rapper, LL Cool J, as "boy" during his speech at a Congressional Black Caucus event More 2023-09-25
When does Joe Biden declare Ukraine as the 51st state? More 2023-09-25
Joe Biden continues to boldly lie about the state of the nation and the economy More 2023-09-24
Well-known firearms expert, Joe Biden, says, "If you need 80 shots in a magazine, you shouldn‘t own a gun" More 2023-09-23
7.5 million illegal aliens, 5.2 million of which are single adult males, 249 identified as terrorists, and 18,359 Communist Chinese nationals have crossed what used to be the southern border on Joe Biden's watch More 2023-09-23
Joe Biden has created an office full of 2nd Amendment activists and propagandists in the West Wing More 2023-09-23
Joe Biden says he has been to every mass shooting More 2023-09-23
What Joe Biden and half-a-dozen cabinet secretaries are doing about the situation at the border should bring charges of treason More 2023-09-22
Sen. Menendez (D-NJ) has been under investigation for years -- he's one of the few guys in Congress that can rival Joe Biden for corruption More 2023-09-22
Joe Biden brags, "We're significantly expanding legal pathways to entry so businesses can get workers they need -- I've also directed my team to make historic increases in the number of refugees from Latin America" More 2023-09-22
In the same speech, Joe Biden blames the illegal alien invasion on MAGA Republicans More 2023-09-22
Half of America says Joe Biden "did something illegal regarding Hunter" More 2023-09-21
Joe Biden granted legal work status to half-a-million Venezuelans today -- that's a half-million competitors for American jobs, pushing wages through the floor More 2023-09-21
Joe Biden's Obama-run government created a bushel of "emergencies" and is now emptying the treasury with "emergency spending" More 2023-09-21
Joe Biden's "American Climate Corps" is nothing more than a federally funded training program for 20,000 climate activists More 2023-09-21
Joe Biden's concerns about death aren’t exactly the best argument for another four-year term More 2023-09-21
A new player and new information have been introduced into the evolving Burisma scandal -- Fran Person, Joe Biden's "trusted aide" and a "critical meeting" in the West Wing More 2023-09-20
Joe Biden has fallen behind Trump in RealClearPolitics' average of polls More 2023-09-20
Joe Biden can't kill the oil industry quick enough, proposes 50-year drilling, mining ban for thousands of acres of land in New Mexico More 2023-09-19
Joe Biden says displacing Whites in America "is not a bad thing" More 2023-09-19
Every American president has been able to defend America and fight its wars while respecting the right of Americans to speak freely -- except Joe Biden More 2023-09-18
Joe Biden names multi-billionaire heiress and Obama mega-donor Penny Pritzker to oversee Ukraine’s economic recovery More 2023-09-18
The Washington Post has a message for Joe Biden -- it's over More 2023-09-17
Prosecutor Smith is furious that Trump is using his 1st Amendment right to defend himself against rabid attacks from Joe Biden’s DoJ -- asks judge for gag order More 2023-09-16
Joe Biden falls to second place in RealClearPolitics average of polls More 2023-09-15
Hunter Biden sold more than just an illusion, biz partners had direct access to Joe Biden while VP More 2023-09-15
Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-NY) refuses -- four times -- to say whether he believes Kamala Harris is Joe Biden's best choice for vice president More 2023-09-15
Poor Joe Biden -- he's had a tough life More 2023-09-15
The media will ignore-- as usual -- the latest of Joe Biden many racist gaffes More 2023-09-15
Good news! -- Joe Biden has declared our great economic crisis over More 2023-09-15
The FBI has created a stand-alone unit to investigate and arrest members of the public who think agents and prosecutors haven't been tough enough on Joe Biden's son, Hunter More 2023-09-15
Joe Biden says he has agreed to a G7 "global minimum tax on corporations" More 2023-09-15
Joe Biden -- victim! More 2023-09-14
Democrats are done with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris More 2023-09-14
Joe Biden sinks 19 points in Iowa as women and young voters begin to desert him More 2023-09-14
Joe Biden failed to report $5.2 million in income on federal financial transparency reports -- the same amount Hunter's Chinese business partners wired to Hunter (thread ) More 2023-09-14
More evidence of Joe Biden’s Involvement in his family’s influence peddling schemes More 2023-09-14
The New York Times sees Joe Biden as Hunter's "victim" ( ) More 2023-09-14
Coverup Stage 2 -- KJP won't even answer questions about Joe Biden's corruption anymore More 2023-09-14
CNN discovers Joe Biden's "little lies" but continues to ignore Joe Biden's "big lies" More 2023-09-13
By defending Joe Biden, the Associated Press itself has become corrupt -- no evidence, indeed! More 2023-09-13
Joe Biden worked the White House phones for Hunter and Burisma More 2023-09-12
*** House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to greenlight impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden *** More 2023-09-12
Joe Biden implicitly compares far-right extremism to 9/11 More 2023-09-12
"I could've been an All-American" ~ Joe Biden More 2023-09-12
Joe Biden lies about being at Ground Zero the day after 9/11 ( ) More 2023-09-12
Reporting Joe Biden's dismal numbers must be very painful for CNN More 2023-09-11
Joe Biden says global warming is "more frightening than a nuclear war" More 2023-09-11
The people controlling Joe Biden want to loot the treasury and bankrupt America More 2023-09-11
“I'll just follow my orders here"~ Joe Biden More 2023-09-11
Joe Biden is the focus of these "man in the street" reactions More 2023-09-10
Last week Joe Biden ended the oil leases in Alaska -- this week he wants to empty our Strategic Oil Reserves More 2023-09-10
Joe Biden has been telling the fake story about his house almost burning down for at least 15 years More 2023-09-09
This will give you some understanding of how out-of-control the DoJ has become under Joe Biden More 2023-09-08
CNN opened its mid-morning programming yesterday with a single word describing disastrous new polling for Joe Biden -- "Ooof!" More 2023-09-08
This CNN report signals Democrats are setting the stage to kick Joe Biden to the curb More 2023-09-08
Joe Biden's illegals are flooding New York's schools More 2023-09-08
*** The Democratic Party's new election rules make it impossible for anybody to run against Joe Biden in the primaries *** More 2023-09-08
"They are scared that we will win based on the merit of the work that Joe Biden and I and our administration has done!" ~ Kamala Harris More 2023-09-08
This is "Our Democracy" -- Joe Biden and the Democrats are doing this to America -- can you imagine what four more years will look like? More 2023-09-07
Joe Biden's answer to high gas prices is to shut America's oil off More 2023-09-07
New York's mayor has had enough of Joe Biden's illegal aliens More 2023-09-07
Publishers can't give Joe Biden books away! More 2023-09-06
Joe Biden bolted out of the room immediately after awarding the Medal of Honor to Army Captain Larry Taylor -- the ceremony continued on for several minutes afterwards. More 2023-09-06
As Joe Biden's corruption scandal marches toward impeachment, what Obama knew and when looms large More 2023-09-05
"The last guy here, he didn't build a damn thing!" ~ Joe Biden More 2023-09-05
Joe Biden never misses an opportunity to lie about the economy and jobs -- and to slander Trump More 2023-09-05
Bidenomics -- alarm grows as Joe Biden's phony jobs and GDP data revised downward More 2023-09-04
NAZIs tell reporters they support Joe Biden and Ukraine More 2023-09-04
Joe Biden asserts "executive privilege" to block release of 200 of his alias emails, but waived Trump’s "executive privilege" to raid Mar-a-Lago More 2023-09-03
Florida NAZIs say they support Joe Biden because he's supporting the NAZIs in Ukraine More 2023-09-03
Joe Biden says, "nobody intelligent can deny the impact of the climate crisis anymore" -- gets blasted on social media More 2023-09-03
MSNBC panel says Joe Biden is decent in ways the GOP "could never fathom" More 2023-09-03
Compared to Joe Biden, Nixon was an amateur More 2023-09-03
America added 306,000 fewer jobs last year than Joe Biden said we gained -- the White House makes a big announcement of "jobs gained" then revises them down months later More 2023-09-02
Joe Biden calls Pete Buttigieg, “Secretary BootyJuice” ( replies ) More 2023-09-02
An investigation that suddenly vanished when Joe Biden demanded that the Ukrainian prosecutor be fired -- in the meantime, Hunter gets millions -- "that is the definition of bribery in the criminal code" More 2023-09-02
Joe Biden grants a hefty pay raise for federal workers -- biggest since Carter More 2023-09-01
*** 1,000 emails between Rosemont Seneca (Hunter Biden) and the Office of Vice President (Joe Biden) have been obtained by American First Legal -- 200 emails withheld by executive privilege ( long thread ) *** More 2023-09-01
Hunter Biden flew with Joe Biden on numerous Air Force Two flights to 13 different countries, often hid from the public More 2023-09-01
Doctor claims Joe Biden has undergone at least $100 thousand worth of plastic surgery More 2023-09-01
Joe Biden “has done more to secure the border and to deal with this issue of immigration than anybody else -- he really has” ~ KJP More 2023-09-01
Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca Partners traded more than 1,000 emails with Joe Biden’s office during his time as vice president -- hundreds remain hidden because of "executive privilege" asserted by the White House More 2023-08-31
Joe Biden's handlers are taking him to Alaska and locking him up on a military base, so he doesn't say something really stupid during the 9/11 observations More 2023-08-31
The National Archives is stonewalling the release of over 5,000 emails tied to Joe Biden’s alias email accounts More 2023-08-31
Joe Biden begins to suspect he's not really the president More 2023-08-31
60% of voters say Joe Biden had a role in indicting Donald Trump More 2023-08-30
Joe Biden is sending $250 million in weapons from U. S. stockpiles to Ukraine More 2023-08-30
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