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Joe Biden has been warned to stop redirecting air marshals to the border -- there have been "major security incidents' on recent U.S. flights More 2022-12-02
Joe Biden’s wide-open border is expected to attract 2.6 million illegal -- and unknown -- aliens to the U.S. next year More 2022-12-02
Adm. Kirby on Joe Biden's Afghanistan debacle -- is your bullsh!t meter turned on? More 2022-12-02
Ted Cruz accuses Joe Biden of using the Covid Vaccine mandate to purge conservatives from the military More 2022-12-02
Joe Biden's "nonbinary," pup fetishist, spent fuel and waste disposition official ( thread ) More 2022-12-02
Sam Brinton -- what Joe Biden put in charge of America's nuclear waste ( cursor down ) More 2022-12-01
On what planet is Joe Biden living? More 2022-12-01
This is suspicious -- Nantucket investigators conclude the fire that consumed FIVE vehicles used by the Secret Service during Joe Biden’s visit was not suspicious More 2022-11-30
Joe Biden brags, "I could have been an All American, man, I coulda been big, man!" ( ) More 2022-11-30
Americans learned about supply chains when Joe Biden's regulations broke America's More 2022-11-30
SCOTUS will hear a case challenging Joe Biden’s "Sanctuary Country" orders More 2022-11-29
Joe Biden's government did this More 2022-11-29
Joe Biden won't let Chevron drill in America, but socialist Venezuela is cool! More 2022-11-27
Democrats can expect investigations into “the origins of COVID,” “the Afghanistan withdrawal,” and “the laptop scandal” involving Joe Biden’s son, Hunter More 2022-11-27
Joe Biden picked up the "fundamental transformation" mantra from Barack Obama and he's going to stick with it ~ Victor Davis Hanson More 2022-11-26
Joe Biden displays his utter contempt for the Bill of Rights -- "the idea we still allow semiautomatic weapons to be purchased is sick" More 2022-11-26
Forget the dreaded "assault weapon," Joe Biden really wants to outlaw all "semi-automatic" firearms More 2022-11-25
Thanks to Joe Biden, Mexican cartels have seized control of our border More 2022-11-24
Antifa hates Joe Biden too! ( thread ) ( ) More 2022-11-24
Hunter Biden owned a financial stake in a digital banking platform for illegal aliens -- introduced its founder to Joe Biden More 2022-11-23
Countdown to Title 42’s end -- Joe Biden wants to house thousands of illegal aliens at Fort Bliss More 2022-11-23
Joe Biden agrees to pay $1 Billion in so-called "climate reparations" -- China, India, nothing! More 2022-11-23
Joe Biden and other world leaders agreed to adopt vaccine passports for international travel -- that's any vaccine! More 2022-11-23
Joe Biden tells a little boy to "go steal a book" More 2022-11-22
The new Special Counsel's wife is a big Democratic Party activist and financial contributor to Joe Biden More 2022-11-22
KJP has a hard time answering a straight question about Joe Biden More 2022-11-22
Democrats beg Joe Biden to open taxpayer-subsidized ObamaCare to DACA illegal aliens More 2022-11-21
Rep. James Comer says he's 95% sure Hunter’s artwork was sold to Chinese oligarchs, compromising Joe Biden More 2022-11-20
Joe Biden turns 80 today More 2022-11-20
Joe Biden has ordered the seeding of illegal aliens into the interior US to accelerate -- gotta get them voting by November 2024 More 2022-11-18
Joe Biden can’t credibly allow TikTok to operate after his own FBI director warned about It More 2022-11-18
Joe Biden is under investigation More 2022-11-18
Let the skyjackings begin -- Joe Biden takes air marshals off flights to conduct welfare checks on illegal aliens More 2022-11-17
Jake Sullivan totally dodges a question wondering why Joe Biden is planning to investigate Elon Musk as a national security threat More 2022-11-14
Columbia, Cambodia, what's the difference? -- they're all the same to Joe Biden More 2022-11-12
Joe Biden tasked the Committee on Foreign Investment -- the bunch that approved Hillary's "Uranium One" deal -- to investigate the Musk's Twitter acquisition More 2022-11-12
Joe Biden launches multimillion-dollar "Climate Gender Equity Fund" to facilitate moving 3rd-world countries to green energy ( ) More 2022-11-12
In September, Joe Biden said the pandemic was over -- so why is he extending his COVID emergency powers? ( ) More 2022-11-12
Joe Biden has a plan to keep Donald Trump from future office More 2022-11-11
Joe Biden's $1 trillion vote buying scam for dead-beat college grads ruled "unconstitutional" by a federal judge ( ) More 2022-11-11
Joe Biden sets up "the steal" More 2022-11-09
Joe Biden cost the taxpayers $309 billion by cancelling Trump's executive orders More 2022-11-08
Is this Joe Biden or President Benson from "Hot Shots?" More 2022-11-08
Everybody in the Biden administration denies Joe Biden said, "We’re going to be shutting these plants down all across America" More 2022-11-08
Joe Biden is an authoritarian -- ""This is not about freedom or personal choice" -- this is do what I tell you to do More 2022-11-08
Joe Biden demands loyalty to his administration from recipients of pandemic loans More 2022-11-08
Joe Biden's banditos keep on coming and coming by the hundreds ( ) More 2022-11-08
Joe Biden's Communications Director, Kate Bedingfield, defines "tool" More 2022-11-07
Joe Biden continues to pour money into Afghanistan -- $1 billion funneled to Taliban-ruled Afghanistan since Biden's retreat More 2022-11-07
Biden advisor says that "misinformation," spread by his political opponents, is to blame for Joe Biden’s disastrous performance in office. More 2022-11-07
Claiming "democracy under attack," Joe Biden looks to make it harder to oust unions More 2022-11-07
At Least 6,200 illegal aliens cross into the U.S. every day, thanks tor Joe Biden More 2022-11-07
Two days before the election, Joe Biden reaffirms, there will be no "more drilling" for oil More 2022-11-07
90% of what comes out of Joe Biden's mouth is pure bullsh!t More 2022-11-07
The NY Times claims that Joe Biden’s boasts about his economic achievements aren't true More 2022-11-06
Happy with the way things are going? -- vote for everyone Biden tells you to -- he's Joe Biden, and he approves this, you know, the thing! More 2022-11-06
"I know you all know there's no climate problem" ~ Joe Biden More 2022-11-06
Liar! -- Joe Biden's threat to shut down coal plants was a direct quote ( ) More 2022-11-06
Authoritarian, Joe Biden, shuts off America's oil producers, and now threatens them with higher taxes because of his own policies More 2022-11-06
Joe Biden is a time-traveler More 2022-11-05
Joe Biden sells Fantasyland to save an election More 2022-11-05
Joe Biden uses the word "democracy" as a metaphor for himself More 2022-11-05
Joe Biden hates half of America, and he wants you to hate them too -- full speech More 2022-11-03
The White House continues to promote Joe Biden's "bad mouth" campaign More 2022-11-03
"I guarantee you we're going to end fossil fuels" ~ Joe Biden More 2022-11-03
White House deletes tweet that falsely credits Joe Biden for higher Social Security payments More 2022-11-02
New York Times reporter says, Joe Biden was an "emergency nominee" in 2020 and that his age should have been factored in. More 2022-11-01
Joe Biden can and will say anything More 2022-11-01
Joe Biden blamed political rhetoric including denial of the 2020 election result for the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, saying "this talk produces the violence" More 2022-10-30
Barack Obama gets drowned out by the chants of "F*ck Joe Biden!" -- doesn't know what to do More 2022-10-30
Last minute vote-buying effort by Joe Biden -- wait for the agonizing scream on November 9th when the check doesn't clear More 2022-10-29
Linda Darling-Hammond, a big fan of Red China’s education system, has been appointed to a DoEd advisory board by Joe Biden More 2022-10-29
Airplane seats are racist, declares Joe Biden More 2022-10-28
Lying to the American People, Joe Biden falsely claims gas was over $5 a gallon when he took office More 2022-10-28
We have entered the Magical Kingdom -- and Joe Biden plays The Fool More 2022-10-27
COVID19 deaths will increase during winter, says Joe Biden More 2022-10-27
Our entire country runs on diesel, but thanks to Joe Biden, our diesel supply is dangerously low and expected to run out early next month More 2022-10-27
634-Page criminal report says Joe Biden used "secret email" to commit six white collar crimes More 2022-10-25
Joe Biden wishes Kamala Harris a, "Happy birthday to a great president" More 2022-10-25
Joe Biden says, "it’s wrong," for states to ban sex reassignment surgery and puberty blockers for kids More 2022-10-24
Isn't Joe Biden’s reason to vote for John Fetterman really a reason to vote for Dr. Oz? More 2022-10-22
"To sniff or not to sniff," that is the question -- the country is a slow-motion train wreck, but Joe Biden has time to meet with a tranny Tik Tok influencer ( ) More 2022-10-22
A federal appeals court on Friday temporarily blocked Joe Biden from moving forward with its student loan forgiveness plan More 2022-10-22
For all of those who believe Joe Biden is as sharp as a tack More 2022-10-22
"And Gisele, you're gonna be a great lady in the Senate" -- Joe Biden says the quiet part out loud More 2022-10-21
AP reports Americans are now worried about the choice "between putting food on the table or heating their homes" -- welcome to Joe Biden’s America More 2022-10-21
Americans shell out or shiver while Joe Biden ships our energy off to Europe More 2022-10-20
A picture is worth a thousand words -- to save an election, Joe Biden has put America at risk ( ) More 2022-10-20
Not only is Joe Biden a crook, he's low-rent! More 2022-10-20
Chris Hayes, MSNBC's resident "expert," says it's The Saudi's cut back the oil, threatening "Our Democracy," so Joe Biden had to raid the Strategic Petroleum Reserves More 2022-10-20
Our Strategic Petroleum Reserves have been shamelessly depleted by Joe Biden, putting America at risk, in an attempt to buy midterm votes For Democrats More 2022-10-19
Whistelblower says the FBI has "voluminous evidence" against Joe Biden and his family More 2022-10-19
You can actually see the moment a young woman fully realizes she’s become the latest object of Joe Biden’s unwanted affections More 2022-10-19
Arizona used shipping containers to block gaps in the border wall -- Joe Biden's "Reclamation Bureau" ordered Arizona to take them down More 2022-10-19
A debate between Joe Biden and John Fetterman would really be something to see
More 2022-10-19
Joe Biden is the worst President of my lifetime -- and it's not close! More 2022-10-19
NY mayor's advisor says Gov. Abbott (TX) has brought New York City to its knees by sending illegals to the Rotten Apple and it will eventually make Joe Biden look bad More 2022-10-19
Inflation was 1.4% when Joe Biden took office and is 8.2% today, but that doesn't stop him from lying about it ( ) More 2022-10-18
New emails shine light on Hunter Biden deal that Joe Biden declared had been "totally discredited" More 2022-10-18
The FBI has always known Joe Biden was involved in Hunter Biden's deals with the Chinese Communists More 2022-10-18
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