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Joe Biden has not connected one American with high-speed internet with $42.5 billion in funding from the so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill 2024-06-16 Read
Democratic strategist James Carville and NewsNation host Chris Cuomo described Vice President Kamala Harris as President Joe Biden’s “Achilles’ heel” and said she is remarkably “predictable” 2024-06-16 Read
Joe Biden to grant legal status to undocumented immigrants who have lived in U.S. for 10 years 2024-06-15 Read
Joe Biden will announce his "Path to Citizenship" for illegal immigrants next week 2024-06-15 Read
Joe Biden’s attempt to rewrite federal civil rights law to force radical ideology onto school students has been blocked by a Texas judge 2024-06-15 Read
Joe Biden’s climate agenda is likely to deliver blackouts for millions, according to a North Dakota state assessment of EPA rules 2024-06-15 Read
Joe Biden repeatedly watched his German shepherd, Commander, attack Secret Service agents 2024-06-14 Read
Timeless quotes by Joe Biden 2024-06-14 Read
Joe Biden is now protecting 860,000 more illegal aliens from deportation from the United States by expanding the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program 2024-06-14 Read
Only 7% of voters believe Joe Biden’s economy is “very good” -- 34% say it is “very bad” -- a 27-point differential ~ CBS News 2024-06-14 Read
Joe Biden knew he wasn’t supposed to have the classified material in unsecure settings and needed to be “careful” in discussing classified material with his ghostwriter, who did not have a security clearance 2024-06-14 Read
Who are Joe Biden's voters saving the planet for if none of them are having children? 2024-06-13 Read
The Hur tapes must be incredibly damaging -- an internal DoJ memo argues AG Garland is protected from prosecution for contempt of Congress given Joe Biden’s assertion of executive privilege over the audio tapes 2024-06-13 Read
The arrests of eight ISIS terrorists in Los Angeles (CA), Philadelphia (PA) and New Yor (NY) add terror fears to Joe Biden's open border crisis 2024-06-13 Read
An FEC complaint has been filed against Alvin Bragg and Joe Biden's campaign for illegal election interference 2024-06-13 Read
This is a riot! -- watch Joe Biden go off on a little private walk while the G7 organize for a photo 2024-06-13 Read
The myth that Joe Biden had nothing to do with the prosecutions of Trump ~ Victor Davis Hanson 2024-06-13 Read
Joe Biden is not well mentally or physically -- watch the body language -- there is none 2024-06-12 Read
Joe Biden's border hoax -- Border Patrol memo tells agents in key sector to release migrants from nearly all Eastern Hemisphere countries 2024-06-12 Read
Only 19% of Joe Biden supporters believe prioritizing marriage and having children is beneficial for society 2024-06-12 Read
Most Americans don’t approve of Joe Biden’s student loan bailout/vote buying scam 2024-06-12 Read
One would think that Joe Biden, who says he was brought up in the black church, would be into it. 2024-06-11 Read
Writers from "SNL" and "Parks and Recreation" are working with a Democrat PAC to help Joe Biden reach Gen Z and young voters 2024-06-11 Read
After feeling the brunt of Joe Biden’s anti-business policies, Wall Street executives have started flocking to former President Donald Trump 2024-06-11 Read
A grandmother and great-grandmother were killed in a car crash on M-53 in Shelby Township (MI) and prosecutors charged Jose Eugeno Medina-Hernandez -- one of Joe Biden's illegal aliens -- with a misdemeanor 2024-06-11 Read
Joe Biden’s approval rating stands at a mere 37.4% 2024-06-11 Read
Nearly two-thirds of middle-class Americans say they are struggling financially -- families can't afford Joe Biden's America 2024-06-10 Read
Some folks are never held responsible for their actions in Joe Biden's America 2024-06-10 Read
Nothing and no one is safe in Joe Biden's America 2024-06-10 Read
Confused Joe Biden refers to Ukraine as "Iraq" 2024-06-10 Read
These huge exceptions show Joe Biden’s border executive order is a political stunt 2024-06-10 Read
America's "registered voters" reject Joe Biden's open borders policy and want to deport ALL invaders 2024-06-10 Read
Thank Joe Biden! -- native-born American workers are taking a beating in the job market from gains by foreign-born workers, according to the data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 2024-06-10 Read
Long-time Democrat political strategist James Carville admitted remorse for Joe Biden’s decision to run for re-election in 2024 2024-06-10 Read
Joe Biden’s longtime aides linked to the Biden Crime Family business dealings 2024-06-09 Read
Joe Biden's border hoax s nothing but a smokescreen for his traitorous open border policies 2024-06-09 Read
Joe Biden built a wall to protect the White House, but refuses to build a wall to protect America 2024-06-09 Read
Joe Biden’s economic agenda is scoring foreign-born workers more jobs in the United States labor market as hundreds of thousands of native-born Americans have dropped out of the workforce over the last year 2024-06-08 Read
Joe Biden's campaign co-chair Jim Clyburn says, “nobody” is paying for Biden’s illegal $167 billion student loan debt bailout 2024-06-07 Read
The Myth that Joe Biden had nothing to do with the prosecutions of Trump ~ Victor Davis Hanson 2024-06-07 Read
Joe Biden is sending millions of taxpayer dollars to the Taliban 2024-06-07 Read
Joe Biden’s executive order regarding the United States-Mexico border is unlikely to stop the administration’s mass release of migrants into American communities 2024-06-07 Read
Joe Biden's plan to paint Trump as a convicted felon is backfiring 2024-06-07 Read
Joe Biden -- the world's most prolific liar 2024-06-06 Read
Under Joe Biden's latest executive order that he says stops the Invasion, ICE officers have been given new instructions that actually make it easier for migrants to claim asylum 2024-06-06 Read
Joe Biden is now down by 20 points on the Polymarket Betting site 2024-06-06 Read
Joe Biden soils himself and has to be escorted from the D-Day ceremony by Nurse Jill 2024-06-06 Read
According to the Biden-Harris headquarters. Joe Biden has done nothing in four years 2024-06-05 Read
With the election looming, Joe Biden pretends to close the border -- naturally, he's lying again 2024-06-05 Read
Ponytail demonstrates the intellectual capacity of the average Joe Biden voter 2024-06-05 Read
August 2020 -- Joe Biden says, "I’m going to use executive order to reverse all of Trump’s border security policies" 2024-06-05 Read
Joe Biden “doesn’t believe his bad poll numbers,” and neither do “his closest advisors” 2024-06-05 Read
Joe Biden's border plan is all smoke and mirrors 2024-06-05 Read
The executive order signed by Joe Biden on Tuesday will do little more than make Americans grow accustomed to more than two million migrant entries into the United States annually. 2024-06-05 Read
Joe Biden threatens Africa -- says he's going to help Africa "build back better" 2024-06-05 Read
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Republicans and Democrats alike claim that Joe Biden is not the man he once was 2024-06-05 Read
Joe Biden made this possible -- degenerates stick up for each other 2024-06-05 Read
Don’t be fooled -- Joe Biden’s new executive order does not "secure the border" 2024-06-05 Read
The Democratic National Committee (DNC) will nominate Joe Biden virtually ahead of the convention -- it's what dictators do 2024-06-04 Read
"He's gonna fucking lose" ~ Bill Maher, referring to Joe Biden 2024-06-04 Read
Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens may now remain in the United States thanks to deportation cases against them being dropped -- an effective "amnesty" --by Joe Biden, who can do everything except close the border. 2024-06-04 Read
Joe Biden’s looming presence in Wilmington (DE) leaves no doubt of the message he is sending to Delaware special counsel David Weiss, the prosecutors, the judge, and the jury pool being chosen -- you mess with my son, you mess with me 2024-06-04 Read
A nuclear Iran will be Joe Biden’s biggest foreign policy blunder 2024-06-03 Read
This is how you know the audio recording of Hur's interview of Joe Biden is damning 2024-06-03 Read
Joe Biden declares it's "dangerous" for anyone to say the Trump trial was "rigged" 2024-06-02 Read
Crooked Joe Biden says it's "reckless" and "dangerous" to say his party's corrupt witch hunt against President Trump was "rigged" 2024-06-01 Read
Joe Biden's prosecutors got Trump, but they contorted the law 2024-06-01 Read
QUESTION: "Are you worried that this could happen to you someday -- JOE BIDEN: "Not at all. I didn't do anything wrong!" ( Comments ) 2024-06-01 Read
Joe Biden displays his double standards 2024-06-01 Read
The White House has admitted in federal court that it edited the transcript of Joe Biden's testimony to Special Counsel Hur in order for him to appear less incompetent 2024-06-01 Read
Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz regrets voting for Joe Biden in 2020 2024-06-01 Read
Joe Biden's Ukraine conflict is the path to nuclear world war 2024-05-31 Read
Joe Biden has said there was nothing he could do to stop The Invasion for a couple of years now, but with the election only five months away, he suddenly changes his mind 2024-05-31 Read
For years, Joe Biden has said there was nothing he could do to stop The Invasion, but with the election only five months away, he suddenly changes his mind 2024-05-31 Read
Joe Biden's Fear and Loathing Campaign 2024 2024-05-30 Read
“To me the values of diversity, equality, inclusion are literally -- and that’s not kidding -- the core strengths of America" ~ Joe Biden 2024-05-30 Read
Where are Joe Biden's 81 million voters! 2024-05-30 Read
73% -- a massive majority of voters believe America is “out of control” and on the “wrong track” under Joe Biden 2024-05-30 Read
Joe Biden bullies reporter 2024-05-29 Read
Joe Biden stole $167 billion from the American taxpayer to buy votes in the biggest robbery in American history -- against the judgement of the Supreme Court 2024-05-29 Read
Democrats wanted an early debate, so they’d have plenty of time to dump Joe Biden 2024-05-29 Read
54% of Democrats now approve of dumping Joe Biden 2024-05-29 Read
"It was a stupid mistake" -- Karl Rove torches Joe Biden's campaign for holding bizarre Robert DeNiro press conference 2024-05-29 Read
"Our Democracy" rigs the convention -- the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is planning to virtually nominate Joe Biden as the party’s presidential nominee ahead of their convention in August 2024-05-29 Read
Reporter asks why Joe Biden had a private meeting with a witness who is scheduled to testify against his son? -- KJP commences to bullsh!t 2024-05-29 Read
Joe Biden is "sharper than anyone I've spoken to" ~ Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) -- in Goldman's case, that's believable! 2024-05-29 Read
The Polymarket Poll currently has Joe Biden down by 19 -- a net 21 point swing 2024-05-28 Read
Latest polling data shows Joe Biden is currently losing the black vote by 1 point in a two-way matchup against Donald Trump 2024-05-28 Read
Joe Biden says George Floyd inspired a "civil rights movement," and urges Americans to "act in his memory" 2024-05-27 Read
Joe Biden's $7.5 billion effort to build EV charging stations began in 2021 -- to date they have built eight charging stations 2024-05-27 Read
Joe Biden lies again -- he claims he had nothing to do with the investigations into Trump 2024-05-27 Read
Hunter Biden used Joe Biden’s appearance at a Sandy Hook memorial event to organize a meeting between his father and a Chinese business partner, a CEFC executive 2024-05-27 Read
Democrats, especially this bunch, have absolutely no rules -- they have no shame, either -- Joe Biden meets with star witness against Hunter 2024-05-27 Read
Why is Joe Biden protecting Iran’s nuclear program? 2024-05-27 Read
Joe Biden's latest military disaster worsens as four U.S. Army ships run aground near "Joe Biden Pier," which was last seen floating off Gaza Beach 2024-05-27 Read
Joe Biden claimed during a commencement speech at the United States Military Academy West Point that he turned down an offer to play football at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland -- it was another lie 2024-05-26 Read
The Haitian man arrested for raping a 15 year-old disabled girl at a migrant hotel in Massachusetts came to the U.S. via Joe Biden’s parole program for Haitians 2024-05-26 Read
The fix is in! -- Joe Biden will address Trump's Manhattan verdict from White House after jury delivers verdict 2024-05-26 Read
In a speech at West Point, Joe Biden, who is directly trying to jail his political opponent, suggested the United States military must be prepared to intervene in domestic political affairs against President Trump 2024-05-26 Read
We now have proof of what many believed -- the FBI knew -- and they let Joe Biden become president 2024-05-25 Read
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Joe Biden   
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Biden's Border Hoax 2024-06-09 7 Read
Joe Biden gets his guilty verdict 2024-06-02 5 Read
Deadly Force Authorized 2024-05-26 2 Read
Joe Biden Is Not A Nice Guy 2024-05-19 20 Read
Illegals Will Be Voting 2024-05-12 8 Read
Alvin Bragg's bogus case 2024-05-05 3 Read
The Frame 2024-04-28 4 Read
Illegal Aliens Will Vote In 2024 2024-04-14 2 Read
Joe Biden Hates America 2024-04-07 27 Read
The Border Invasion is Joe Biden's "pathway to citizenship" for 50 million illegal aliens 2024-03-31 7 Read
The Border Surge was an attack upon the sovereignty of the United States 2024-03-24 9 Read
Joe Biden is sneaking illegals into America by air 2024-03-17 13 Read
Democrats' Super Tuesday Blues 2024-03-10 7 Read
Their lawfare is crumbling 2024-03-02 2 Read
AG James' Pyrrhic Victory as real estate developers begin to abandon New York 2024-02-25 3 Read
The missing binder -- the "Five Eyes" 2024-02-19 3 Read
The Hur Report says, Joe Biden "willfully retained and disclosed classified materials" 2024-02-11 16 Read
Texas Says, 'Enough!' 2024-01-28 3 Read
Defending the Indefensible -- Democrats are compelled to defend the Biden Family's corruption 2024-01-14 6 Read
Jamie Raskin's sorry-assed attempt to smear Donald Trump 2024-01-07 1 Read
Colorado's Democrats want Donald Trump off the ballot -- whatever it takes 2023-12-23 1 Read
The Democrats very bad week 2023-12-17 11 Read
The Great Replacement Theory 2023-12-10 6 Read
Democrats want Trump dead 2023-12-03 2 Read
Jan. 6 Ghost Buses 2023-11-19 1 Read
Trials, Treason and a 180º 2023-11-12 11 Read
Follow The Money 2023-11-05 18 Read
Every week there are new reports of Biden corruption 2023-10-29 9 Read
Can you imagine being tried by judges and prosecutors who you know have set out to find you guilty of something? 2023-10-22 7 Read
It's getting harder and harder for the Democrats to cover up for the Bidens 2023-10-01 17 Read
Obama is still "the Boss" 2023-09-24 11 Read
There are literally hundreds of federal employees, from cabinet officers down to GS-4s, working full time on covering up Joe Biden's corruption 2023-09-17 5 Read
Bent! -- these aren't your parents Democrats 2023-09-10 3 Read
By a two-to-one margin, Americans see what the DoJ is up to 2023-09-03 5 Read
The Democrats have cemented Trump's image as a true dissident and a man of the people 2023-08-27 1 Read
Meet Robert L. Peters 2023-08-20 17 Read
The "no evidence" choir segues into deep denial 2023-08-13 35 Read
Democrats insist there's no evidence of a crime -- they wish it were so! 2023-08-06 15 Read
The Democratic Party goes to the dark side 2023-07-23 6 Read
Justice Goes Rogue -- whistle-blower Gal Luft's story 2023-07-16 7 Read
Everybody knows whose cocaine it was except the feds 2023-07-09 3 Read
Hunter Biden, the $120,000,000 man 2023-07-02 17 Read
Liar! -- Why would anybody believe Joe Biden? 2023-06-25 19 Read
The FBI has been protecting Joe Biden for years 2023-06-18 15 Read
Burisma 2023-06-11 19 Read
Justice Denied -- are we supposed to just forget? 2023-06-04 2 Read
Joe Biden's lust for money is destroying the Department of Justice 2023-05-28 15 Read
The Coup 2023-05-21 12 Read
There can be little doubt, Joe Biden should be tried for treason! 2023-05-14 12 Read
Biden Crime Family Update 2023-05-07 6 Read
Electric Dreams are changing the meaning of "charge" 2023-04-30 2 Read
"Transgender Rights" will be the end of women's rights in America 2023-04-23 4 Read
The Fruits Of "Equity" have the capacity to completely destroy the United States 2023-04-16 7 Read
Prosecutor Bragg, The Democrats' latest assassin doesn't have a crime 2023-04-09 1 Read
Transmania -- celebrating transgenderism to hide a transgender's atrocity 2023-04-02 5 Read
Joe Biden's big lie, the "I know nothing" defense has crumbled 2023-03-26 5 Read
Biden Family Deals are like money for nuthin' 2023-03-19 7 Read
Joe Biden's EOs violate the Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 2023-03-12 3 Read
The Law vs The People 2023-03-05 7 Read
"Show us the money" says the Biden Crime Family 2023-02-26 8 Read
Disinformation? Just who is disinforming whom? 2023-02-19 1 Read
Xi's Balloons 2023-02-12 4 Read
Joe Biden's lawyers are defending the indefensible 2023-02-05 13 Read
Joe Biden has problems, BIG problems 2023-01-29 14 Read
Joe Biden was above and beyond "grossly negligent" 2023-01-22 7 Read
Joe Biden's TOP SECRET (SCI) problem is a real problem 2023-01-15 15 Read
The Consortium is a censorship industry based on a whole of society model 2023-01-08 4 Read
Impeach Joe Biden 2023-01-02 12 Read
FBI And Twitter -- it's as if Twitter was a subsidiary of the FBI 2022-12-18 2 Read
The Brittney Griner trade was driven by "equity" 2022-11-27 4 Read
Twitter Files reveal government censorship 2022-11-20 2 Read
The Biden Family corruption is tarnishing American institutions 2022-11-13 12 Read
The Democratic Party's Rule #1 is "Always blame the other guy for doing what you're doing" 2022-11-06 2 Read
Misinformation -- who decides Truth? 2022-10-30 5 Read
Democracy is not on the ballot 2022-10-23 4 Read
There are no coincidences --Joe Biden has screwed America up to a fare-thee-well 2022-10-16 3 Read
Joe Biden sniffs a tranny in the runup to the election 2022-10-09 6 Read
Joe Biden's war on Christians 2022-10-02 5 Read
It's not a Hunter Biden story, it's a Joe Biden story 2022-09-25 12 Read
It's Obama's plan, but Joe is the patsy 2022-09-18 9 Read
Hunter Biden's guns and the Secret Service 2022-09-11 3 Read
Joe Biden's War suffers from a shortage of domestic extremists 2022-09-04 5 Read
Joe Biden's MAGA speech was like a 3rd World dictator's speech 2022-08-28 3 Read
Joe Biden's War continued as the FBI raided 50 Trump supporters' homes 2022-08-28 6 Read
Mar-A-Lago Raid -- the FBI unleashed! 2022-08-07 1 Read
The Masters of Projection have zero self-awareness 2022-07-03 2 Read
Joe Biden and the Alphabet People 2022-06-26 3 Read
Insurrection Follies -- A figment of some very twisted imaginations 2022-06-19 1 Read
Equity Plan -- How much of this "equity" stuff does Joe Biden even understand? 2022-05-29 6 Read
Disinformation Bureau -- 1984 was a little late in coming, but it's finally here 2022-05-22 1 Read
Joe Biden Is A Puppet -- does he know what Obama has been up to? 2022-05-15 6 Read
Whose kids are they? 2022-04-17 1 Read
Corruption In Media -- The concept of a free and independent press is dead 2022-04-03 2 Read
What Is A Woman? -- question for the ages, but can you trust the science 2022-03-20 1 Read
This Photo Should Piss You Off -- NCAA declares a man the "Women's Freestyle" winner 2022-03-13 2 Read
Kamala? Really? -- Vice President Harris will never be ready for prime time 2022-02-27 1 Read
Joe Biden is a stand-in for Barack Obama's 3rd term 2022-02-20 9 Read
Joe Biden's recession -- the Left's war on words 2022-02-13 5 Read
Joe Biden's "National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism" 2022-02-06 1 Read
Joe Biden Hates His Own People -- The Biden Administration declares war on Americans 2022-01-16 1 Read

Joe Biden   
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