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Jan. 6 Committee implodes! More 2022-12-02
Google provided the FBI with location data for more than 5,000 devices as part of the federal investigation into Jan. 6 More 2022-11-30
Thread details how the FBI obliterated bedrock civil liberties in their Jan. 6 quest to "defend democracy" More 2022-11-29
Chris Wray lied -- he knew for over a year that there were 8 FBI confidential human sources with the Proud Boys on Jan. 6 More 2022-11-27
Jan. 6 political prisoner, Chris Worrell, was denied cancer treatment for eight months More 2022-11-25
The failed Jan. 6 Committee is beginning to place blame More 2022-11-24
Jan. 6 Committee will turn over its trove of Democratic Party fantasies to the Special Prosecutor More 2022-11-21
An Ohio man, who stole a bottle of bourbon and a coat rack from the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6, will spend three years in prison More 2022-11-20
MSNBC lunatics compare Trump to Bin Laden and 9/11 to Jan. 6 More 2022-11-16
FBI director, Chris Wray, straight-up refuses to answer congressman's questions about Jan. 6 More 2022-11-16
The FBI had as many as eight informants inside the Proud Boys in the months before Jan. 6 ( ) More 2022-11-15
FBI informants posing as top officials in so-called militias allegedly tied to Trump and Jan. 6 More 2022-11-11
Revolver News wants to know if the FBI tampered with the frame rate of the Jan. 6 pipe-bomb footage? More 2022-11-02
This is unconstitutional and illegal, but beyond that, treating Jan. 6 people like it was the 14th century is just plain wrong More 2022-10-31
Wow! MSNBC expert says Jan. 6 MAGA white supremacists are responsible for Paul Pelosi's drug-fueled, gay-sex romp More 2022-10-30
CNN and MSNBC try to connect Paul Pelosi assault to Jan. 6 More 2022-10-30
Polls show Jan. 6 probe flunked with the public More 2022-10-24
Antifa changing into MAGA gear on Jan. 6 More 2022-10-20
Russiagate conspiracy facilitator, Peter Strzok, claims Jan. 6 was worse than 9/11 ( ) More 2022-10-19
The Jan. 6 Committee thinks they've got Trump backed into a corner More 2022-10-15
Just one more clue that Jan. 6 was a setup More 2022-10-14
President Trump and his 74 million followers are a "clear and present danger" to the United States says the Jan. 6 Committee More 2022-10-13
Google Earth walkthrough further exposes FBI’s Jan. 6 pipe bomb hoax More 2022-10-07
An ex-CIA Jan. 6 committee aide who advised Biden-linked Ukraine consulting firm is under DoJ investigation More 2022-10-03
The Jan. 6 Committee will have its last shot to sway the election when they meet next week -- look for some outrageous allegations More 2022-10-03
This is what they have been waiting for -- a seditious conspiracy conviction to “prove” Jan. 6th was an “insurrection,” and tie it all to Trump More 2022-09-26
FBI whistleblower says SWAT Teams are being misused -- Jan. 6 defendants' rights are trampled More 2022-09-26
"60 Minutes" joins the Jan. 6 Committee to pump the propaganda in the final 45 days More 2022-09-26
*** Jan. 6 was not the rare instance of violence against our Democracy the Democrats say -- let me take you on a journey ( thread ) *** More 2022-09-24
Member of the Jan. 6 Committee, Jamie Raskin, denies knowing who Ray Epps is ( ) More 2022-09-23
Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY) totally believes and preaches that a Capitol Police Office was bludgeoned to death on Jan. 6 More 2022-09-22
The FBI's extremist-hunters bag five on vague felony and misdemeanor charges arising from Jan. 6 More 2022-09-21
Whistleblower says FBI manipulating Jan. 6 cases to create illusion of national crisis More 2022-09-20
Influencer says he was offered money to spread anti-Trump Jan. 6 lies on TikTok -- brings receipts More 2022-09-17
They knew extremists were coming to DC on Jan. 6 ( ) More 2022-09-14
Capitol Police whistleblower memo lays out Jan. 6 "intelligence failures" on Pelosi watch More 2022-09-14
Did this force the Mar-A-Lago raid? -- the Jan. 6 hearings had virtually no impact on the public More 2022-08-11
Every day violent offenders are released by woke justice systems, while Jan. 6 prisoners languish in jail for moths for what amounts to misdemeanors ( ) More 2022-08-07
The Jan. 6 fishing expedition extends into the Secret Service -- More 2022-08-07
When Trump's most vocal critics don't buy into the Jan. 6 committee's bullsh!t, you know the Donks are done More 2022-07-28
All the Donk lies emanating from the Jan. 6 committee can't change this simple fact More 2022-07-27
The Jan. 6 committee hearings in five steps More 2022-07-27
Jan. 6 Committee hires another television producer to dramatize its political theater More 2022-07-23
The chairman of the Jan. 6 Committe is a damned liar More 2022-07-22
On second thought, maybe what the Jan. 6 inquisitors have been claiming for a month didn't happen at all? More 2022-07-22
Stuff the Jan. 6 Star Chamber won't talk about More 2022-07-22
The Jan. 6 Committee makes Sen. Joe McCarthy look like Mother Theresa More 2022-07-12
FBI buried their Jan. 6 confidential human resource's reports because they say Proud Boys are innocent ( -- cursor way down to text report ) More 2022-07-11
Seven whoppers peddled by House Democrats' Jan. 6 committee More 2022-07-11
The man that made the Jan. 6 committee "bipartisan" shows America what a deep thinker he is More 2022-07-05
Cassidy Hutchinson was granted immunity before lying at the Jan. 6 hearings More 2022-07-05
Bullsh!tter accuses the Jan. 6 Committee of being bullsh!tters More 2022-07-04
Jan. 6 Committee is a pretext to justify labeling Trump supporters as domestic terrorists More 2022-07-04
Memo reveals Capitol Police were warned BLM from Baltimore was bussing in rioters disguised as Trump supporters on Jan. 6 More 2022-07-03
Former FBI agent reported at least one bus load of Antifa thugs infiltrated Jan. 6 demonstration More 2022-07-03
Brit Hume has a few words to say about the Jan. 6 Committee More 2022-07-02
Despite the support of the news media, Bennie and the Jets' "Jan. 6 Tour" is a bust More 2022-06-30
Randy Quaid's spot-on assessment of yesterday's Jan. 6 hearing and Cassidy Hutchinson More 2022-06-29
The Jan. 6 Committee's attacks on Clarence Thomas' wife, Ginni, are attacks on every American More 2022-06-28
The Jan. 6 Committee "fraudulently portrayed an innocent DoJ attorney as complicit in a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election, and did so with malice" More 2022-06-28
Former Trump attorney, John Eastman, launches lawsuit after cell phone "unlawfully" seized by FBI in Jan. 6 probe More 2022-06-28
Day before Jan. 6 hearing, FBI agents stage a pre-dawn raid on the home of Trump DoJ official, Jeffrey Clark, who was forced into the street in his pajamas More 2022-06-23
The only people who care about the Jan. 6 hearings are the members of the committee and the media More 2022-06-23
Traitor Kinzinger reminds us that the Jan. 6 hearing is pure, raw politics -- "obviously, you know, we’re not a criminal charges committee” More 2022-06-20
The totally one-sided Jan. 6 hearing generates nothing but "misinformation" More 2022-06-19
Priorities! NBC will switch from the Jan. 6 hearings to broadcast the US Open More 2022-06-17
Is the Jan. 6 Committee crashing and burning? More 2022-06-14
Steve Scalise wants to know exactly who is footing the bill for the Hollywood-like production of the Democrats' Jan. 6 prime-time hearings More 2022-06-11
Not ready for prime time -- Jan. 6 hearings a snoozefest -- ratings dismal More 2022-06-11
The ugly truth the beltway can't grasp, it isn't that regular America doesn't care about Jan. 6 ( thread ) More 2022-06-10
You can’t simply say Jan. 6 was terrible, you must pretend -- laughably -- that the republic was on the brink of being overthrown ( thread ) More 2022-06-10
Even MSNBC admitted President Trump and his rally had nothing to do with Jan. 6 More 2022-06-10
The real reason for the Jan. 6 hearings More 2022-06-10
Donks understand that the Jan. 6 hearings are just political theater More 2022-06-10
Miley Cyrus to perform at the Jan. 6 Committee Hearings Halftime Show More 2022-06-09
The Jan. 6 Star Chamber convenes today ( ) More 2022-06-09
Leftists are organizing "watch parties" so they don't miss a single moment of the Jan. 6 hearings More 2022-06-09
Jan. 6 committee hires a network news vet to make its prime-time hearings a blockbuster event More 2022-06-07
Jan. 6 Committee issues subpoenas to five House Republican members More 2022-05-13
The new Star Trek identifies Jan. 6 as the beginning of WWIII More 2022-05-10
Eric Holder wants Trump to "be held accountable" for Jan. 6 More 2022-05-09
FBI Is refusing to release hundreds of thousands of pages related to Jan. 6 More 2022-04-12
The Jan. 6 committee wants an outside writer to craft a compelling narrative of Jan. 6 for a multimedia presentation -- there's already a movie ( ) More 2022-03-20
Jan. 6 is Pelosi's strategy for the midterms More 2022-03-19
Pelosi goes completely 'round the bend -- claims "sovereign immunity" -- refuses to surrender Jan. 6 videos and emails More 2022-03-14
Homeland Security knew about security threats prior to Jan. 6, but didn't issue alert until two days after event More 2022-03-09
New York Times reporter says, "The event [Jan. 6] wasn't organized, despite the narrative" More 2022-03-09
Jan. 6 is all part of a broader election year Donk strategy ( ) More 2022-03-09
The Jan. 6 Committee's "Hail Mary" pass More 2022-03-05
The Bullshitter-in-Chief wants the world to believe a lie -- that five Capital Police were murdered on Jan. 6 More 2022-03-03
Black Capitol police officer beats Jan. 6 white woman, possibly causing her death -- watch complete video for government "misinformation" on cause of death More 2022-02-17
DC Metro Police killed two women on Jan. 6 More 2022-02-10
The difference between the burning of the Portland courthouse and Jan. 6 is Antifa works for the Democrats More 2022-02-10
Zucker’s absence will interrupt the Jan. 6 Committee who’ve relied on the network as the public arm of the weaponized probe More 2022-02-08
When you compare "probation" for this to what's happening to the Jan. 6 prisoners, the two-tier justice system becomes obvious More 2022-02-07
President Trump said he authorized the National Guard in the lead-up to the Jan. 6, but Pelosi turned it down. More 2022-01-21
Senate Democrats predict Merrick Garland will prosecute Trump over Jan. 6 More 2022-01-19
11 Members of the Oath Keepers have been charged with "seditious conspiracy" as a result of their alleged actions on Jan. 6 More 2022-01-14
The public overwhelmingly rejects the relentless effort to call Jan. 6 an "insurrection" More 2022-01-14
The only people that care about Jan. 6 are House Democrats More 2022-01-13
Jan. 6 committee says Ray Epps is not an informant nor working for the FBI -- then why isn't he in jail with the rest of the rioters? ( ) More 2022-01-12
Pelosi’s got it backward -- the Jan. 6 "mostly peaceful protesters" were spurred on by the belief that the 2020 election was rigged More 2022-01-11
According to Pelosi, making it harder to commit vote fraud is reliving Jan. 6 all over again More 2022-01-10
Antifa scumbag arrested in Clearwater (FL) with live bomb at a rally protesting the treatment of Jan. 6 suspects More 2022-01-08
Kamala compares Jan. 6 to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 More 2022-01-07
Pelosi introduces "fairness and equity" to the Jan. 6 celebration More 2022-01-07
For the record, not one person has been indicted for "insurrection" as a result of the Jan. 6 riot ( 18 US Code § 2383 ) More 2022-01-07
Democrats cling to Jan. 6 mania because they can’t appeal to facts or their failed policies More 2022-01-06
Democratic groups are seeking to remove as many as 120 Republicans from the ballots for supporting or encouraging the Jan. 6 "insurrection" More 2022-01-06
The media wants to bury the rigging the 2020 election with Jan. 6 hysteria More 2022-01-06
If you think the Jan. 6 rioters are the only target Democrats want to destroy, you haven’t been paying attention More 2022-01-06
Word is, Biden's Jan. 6 speech will be an all-out attack on Trump -- these people are terrified of him! More 2022-01-06
Democrats and the media are obsessed with Jan. 6 because they've got nothing else More 2022-01-06
Many of those that heard this will believe 5 Capitol Police officers died on Jan. 6 -- and that is Garland's intent More 2022-01-06
Pelosi owns the Jan. 6 Commission -- and that's why it failed More 2022-01-05
School teachers are planning lessons that reflect the Left’s version of what took place on Jan. 6 More 2022-01-05
Jan. 6 will be commemorated with all the ballyhoo and rigamarole the Donks and their media allies can muster. More 2022-01-05
Politico breathlessly asks if Jan. 6 happens again, will law enforcement be ready? More 2022-01-04
The Donk's endgame -- "the Senate must advance systemic reforms" due to Jan. 6 More 2022-01-04
AG Merrick Garland will deliver a speech about the DoJ's prosecutions of persons allegedly involved in Jan. 6 More 2022-01-04
Jan. 6 is all about maximum political propaganda value -- it will be something to behold!
More 2022-01-04
Pelosi accused of obstructing access to Jan. 6 records More 2022-01-04
Jan. 6 -- The Extravaganza!
More 2022-01-03
Jan. 6 is becoming an even bigger holiday for the Left than Earth Day
More 2022-01-03
One year later -- reporters still have PTSD after "Jan. 6 trauma"
More 2022-01-02
Will "Jan. 6 everyday" mean setting up a faulty security state as the U.S. did after the 9/11 attacks? ( interesting comments )
More 2022-01-02
The media only want you to remember "Jan. 6th"
More 2022-01-01
Was Ray Epps an FBI agent provocateur tasked with inciting the Jan. 6 "insurrection?"
More 2021-12-29
This WaPo op-ed by "3 retired Generals" is vastly more dangerous and anti-democratic than Jan. 6 itself.
More 2021-12-22
This stuff supports those that contend the Jan. 6 prisoners are political prisoners and are subject to cruel and unusual punishments
More 2021-12-12
Bloomberg has its panties in a twist because Steve Bannon intends to present a vigorous defense to the Jan. 6 Star Chamber
More 2021-12-09
Donk chairman of the Jan. 6 Star Chamber says pleading the 5th is a sign of guilt
More 2021-12-02
Jan. 6 prisoners being stripped, hogtied, sexually abused, brutally beaten -- one prisoner blinded -- "It's worse than Gitmo" More 2021-11-02
The Progs over at The Atlantic have elevated the Jan. 6 "insurrection" to a "war"
More 2021-10-24
The real reasons for the Jan. 6 Committee? -- keeping the hate alive
More 2021-10-22
A D.C. judge has repeatedly sentenced Jan. 6 people to more prison time than prosecutors sought
More 2021-10-14
The FBI admits there is "scant evidence" the so-called Jan. 6 "insurrection" was coordinated -- the "organized plot" talking point was a massive lie!
More 2021-08-20
Biden DoJ unable to produce evidence used to indict Jan. 6th protesters
More 2021-08-14
Members of Congress are blocked from seeing the conditions of Jan. 6 political prisoners
More 2021-07-30
The Jan. 6 riots were a national embarrassment, but the theater Pelosi has presented since is a global, historical, unadulterated farce
More 2021-07-29
AOC compares Jan. 6th to "being raped by white supremacy"
More 2021-07-28
A pipe bomb plantedat RNC headquarters on Jan. 6 prompted the evacuation of the Capitol, not an insurrection More 2021-07-16
Setup! Trump tried to deploy National Guard for Jan. 6 and was blocked by Pelosi and DC mayor
More 2021-07-09
Vice News thread about the heroic journalists who survived Jan. 6 and their battles with PTSD
More 2021-07-07
Rep. Veronica Escobar says her therapist is helping her deal with the trauma of Jan. 6
More 2021-07-06
Claire McCaskill says Jan. 6 was worse than Benghazi (cursor down)
More 2021-07-02
Pelosi identifies the "root causes" of Jan. 6 while announcing Star Chamber to discover "root causes" of Jan. 6
More 2021-06-24
That the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs endorses CRT and believes what happened on Jan. 6 was an "attempt to overthrow the Constitution" is frightening
More 2021-06-24
Is the Jan. 6 "Insurrection" a big frame job?
More 2021-06-16
Antifa attacked conservatives at a memorial for unarmed veteran shot dead on Jan. 6
More 2021-06-06
Capitol Police Started Shooting at Peaceful Trump Crowd on Jan. 6 -- Fired Flash Grenades and Rubber Bullets on Peaceful Protesters INCLUDING CHILDREN (VIDEO) More 2021-05-29
Huffington Post reporter argues the Jan. 6 disturbance at the U.S. Capitol was "1000 percent worse" than 9/11
More 2021-05-26
AOC says members of congress "effectively served in war" because of the Jan. 6 disturbance
More 2021-05-26
Ohio Democrat Compares Jan. 6 Riot to Benghazi More 2021-05-23
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