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Texas has elevated its border defense -- pepper rounds are now used to repel surging mobs of illegal aliens attempting to breech the razor wire More 2024-04-16
An Indiana National Guardsman shot an illegal alien who was stabbing people at the El Paso (TX) border More 2024-04-16
Shocking video of the Democrat Illegal Alien Industrial Complex from Reynosa, Mexico! More 2024-04-15
Illegal aliens will vote in 2024, but the only real question is not, will illegal aliens vote, but how many? More 2024-04-14
Illegal alien tries to rob Ohio bank using Translate app ( ) More 2024-04-14
Middlesex County (Cambridge, MA) Superior Court ignored an ICE detainer and releases an illegal alien indicted on ten counts of aggravated child rape More 2024-04-13
And this year, illegal aliens will be voting by the hundreds of thousands More 2024-04-13
Denver mayor says he’s diverting $90 million of the city’s budget to service “newcomers” -- aka illegals -- blames Republicans More 2024-04-11
With the $165 billion Joe Biden sent to Ukraine, the U. S. could have built six border walls to stop illegal immigrants from pouring across our southern border More 2024-04-09
1.2 million illegals granted asylum -- how "Temporary Protected Status" has expanded under Joe Biden More 2024-04-08
The Bay Bridge connecting San Francisco and Oakland was shut down on April 7th by morons doing illegal stunts for a so-called sideshow More 2024-04-08
A Delta flight out of Phoenix to Atlanta full of illegal aliens -- one is even wearing an ankle monitor More 2024-04-08
Chicago mayor faces increasing criticism as illegal migrant spending approaches $300 million More 2024-04-07
Joe Biden's open border has unleashed an illegal alien crime wave across our country More 2024-04-06
An illegal migrant who had eleven arrests and was deported eight times is now charged with murder in Ohio More 2024-04-06
The spike in the number of illegal Chinese immigrants is becoming U. S. national security issue More 2024-04-06
illegal arrested in Illinois for stabbing his wife dozens of times and nearly decapitating her in front of their children. More 2024-04-05
Illegal alien who was deported seven times has been arrested in Ohio on a murder charge More 2024-04-05
Chicago health officials confirmed that tuberculosis has been discovered among the illegal border crossers at multiple “migrant shelters” More 2024-04-05
Every day, swarms of illegal invaders cross through Brian Silvas' property -- the sheriff informed him that he is not even allowed to tell them to get off his property More 2024-04-04
Democrats plan to strengthen their chances at maintaining a hold on Congress by allowing illegal immigrants to migrate to blue states that are losing population and counting them in the next census More 2024-04-04
Nine illegals armed with guns and illegal drugs caught squatting in a house across from a Bronx school. More 2024-04-03
Anothr brillant judicial decision -- a federal judge says illegal aliens flown to Martha's Vineyard by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis can sue the charter flight company More 2024-04-02
Massachusetts will spend $825 million additional funds on shelters as the only “right-to-shelter” law state continues to be overwhelmed with illegal aliens More 2024-04-02
Texas judge released forty violent illegal migrants who assaulted officers at the El Paso border on March 21 More 2024-04-01
The City of Boston's Democrats are turning veteran housing into a facility to house illegals More 2024-04-01
A top official in Denver was begs illegal aliens to leave the city and go to Chicago -- go anyplace else! More 2024-04-01
Judge Humberto Acosta just ruled that the illegals who stormed the border and rioted against the Texas National Guard have to be released from jail. More 2024-04-01
18 Democrat senators demand fast track citizenship for Illegal aliens More 2024-03-31
Breitbart News editor-in-chief, Alex Marlow, says Joe Biden “is 100 percent importing voters” via illegal immigration. “Illegal aliens are already voting in local elections -- the intention is for them to vote in national elections” More 2024-03-29
Illegal aliens receive 40% more Food Aid assistance than Americans in Democrat-controlled New York City More 2024-03-28
Democrats are spending billions to facilitate the settlement of illegal migrants More 2024-03-28
Senate Democrats kill a bill to ban the use of taxpayer funds to fly illegal immigrants into America More 2024-03-28
Michigan is giving illegal migrants $6,000 to help with housing and you're paying for it -- if you object, you're a racist white supremacist More 2024-03-27
How Illegals can create entirely new identities at TSA checkpoints More 2024-03-27
Illegals can now be police officers -- to have a badge and carry a gun -- in Illinois More 2024-03-26
Look at the crazy list of free things illegal immigrants get in liberal Massachusetts More 2024-03-26
New York City has begun handing out EBT cards to illegal migrants -- up to $1,400 per month for family of four More 2024-03-26
Democrats turned Boston into a sanctuary city -- they turned office buildings, rec centers, and hotels into housing for illegals, but there’s still overflow! More 2024-03-26
An illegal immigrant has been charged in the shooting death of a Grand Rapids (MI) woman More 2024-03-26
An illegal alien with a long rap sheet, who was supposed to be deported more than a year ago, has been arrested for murdering a two-year-old child More 2024-03-25
Wisconsin investigators discover illegal aliens are flooding the voter rolls in swing states More 2024-03-25
Spending bill includes $2 billion for processing Illegals and $650 million for NGOs More 2024-03-24
Democrats vote to keep charter flights for Illegals. More 2024-03-24
"" -- new site documents lives lost to illegal immigration More 2024-03-23
“Illegal aliens aren't just flooding across our southern borders, they're arriving all across South Florida beaches” ~ Sheriff Keith Pearsons More 2024-03-23
Judge Amy Berman Jackson upheld a Washington, D.C. law allowing non-citizens, including illegal immigrants and foreign embassy staff members, to vote in municipal elections More 2024-03-23
Americans are forbidden at the State Department's new “Welcoming Center” and “Safe Mobility Offices” in Chicago are designed to streamline even more illegals into our country without American citizens knowing about it More 2024-03-21
Joe Biden’s open border agenda has been dealt a major blow by the Supreme Court -- grants Texas the authority to arrest illegal aliens More 2024-03-20
Services provided for illegal aliens will cost Denver taxpayers well over $100 million over the next year More 2024-03-20
Democrats want to take air marshals off of flights and send them to the border to make sandwiches for illegal aliens. More 2024-03-19
Illegal aliens that have only been in the United States for less than 48 hours were being signed up for health insurance More 2024-03-18
It’s the perfect storm -- driver's licenses for illegals + noncitizens voting + mail-in ballots + private funding of elections + partisan secretaries of states. More 2024-03-18
An illegal alien from Lebanon, caught at the border, has admitted he's a Hezbollah terrorist hoping "to make a bomb" -- and he was headed for New York City More 2024-03-17
U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman finds gun bans for illegal aliens is unconstitutional More 2024-03-17
Illegal immigrants are costing American taxpayers billions of dollars just to cover their medical care -- not to mention jamming up the emergency rooms More 2024-03-16
Health an Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra either refuses or is unable to answer a simple question -- where are the 400,000 "unaccompanied minors" who have illegally entered the U. S.? More 2024-03-15
A Maryland teacher who stands accused of sexually abusing children as young as 6 is an illegal alien from El Salvadoran who was previously deported twice More 2024-03-14
The DoJ is using the U.S. Marshals Service to troll America's prisons and jails to encourage illegal immigrants and imprisoned felons to register to vote as Democrats More 2024-03-14
California’s "Representation, Equity, and Protections for All Immigrants Act" will provide illegal aliens convicted of violent felonies to receive legal aid paid for by the state's taxpayers More 2024-03-14
$100 million universal basic income bill advances in Minnesota -- would pay illegal aliens $500 per month More 2024-03-14
Three illegal aliens from Guatemala are accused of forcing a woman into a vehicle and sexually battering her, the Palm Beach County (FL) More 2024-03-14
Democrats are redefining the word, "illegal" More 2024-03-13
Leftist media is not reporting FBI Director Wray's testimony about an ISIS-linked illegal alien smuggling network More 2024-03-12
Joe Biden wants $289 billion to build housing for illegal aliens -- and you thought paying for gender studies majors education was bad More 2024-03-11
A federal judge has upheld Joe Biden’s parole program that greenlights entry for 30,000 illegal aliens from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela every month -- that's 360,000 more illegals this year More 2024-03-10
“I shouldn’t have used illegal, it’s undocumented” ~ Joe Biden apologizes for correctly describing the lawful status of Laken Riley's vicious murderer More 2024-03-10
Update on Maine’s plan to give illegal aliens free rent for two years More 2024-03-09
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) describes how the FBI and DoJ are illegally spying on American citizens More 2024-03-09
Reporter asks Joe Biden a question -- “Do you regret using the word ‘illegal’ to describe immigrants last night?” -- his answer is perfect Biden More 2024-03-09
City officials in Denver, Colorado, recently sent an email to property owners, urging them to rent their homes to illegal aliens More 2024-03-09
Sen Dick Durbin (D-IL) blocked a bill requiring illegal immigrants charged with violent crimes be arrested by ICE More 2024-03-07
The Biden administration is not conducting federally mandated DNA tests on detained illegal aliens More 2024-03-07
A phone call, on which Willis’ political prosecution of Donald Trump rests, was illegally recorded -- that means the entire Fulton County prosecution could crumble with defendants having a new avenue to challenge Democrat lawfare More 2024-03-07
California's “Assembly Bill 1840" proposes zero down, no payment home loans for illegal aliens More 2024-03-05
*** The Biden administration has admitted to secretly flying 320,000 illegal aliens into 43 U. S. cities *** More 2024-03-05
Kamala Harris is still repeating the complete lie that it's "illegal to give people food and water for standing in line" to vote in Georgia More 2024-03-04
Illegal aliens will get interest-free home mortgage loans under the new California Assembly Bill 1840 More 2024-03-02
Joe Biden's attempt to destroy athletic opportunities for women and girls is immoral as it is illegal -- our daughters shouldn't pay the price so Biden can cozy up to gender theory radicals More 2024-03-02
The mayor of New York is not "required" to feed the citizens of New York City, so, why is he "required" to feed criminal illegal aliens? More 2024-03-02
White House officials introduced a new term for illegal immigrants, referring to them as “newcomers” ahead of Joe Biden’s visit to Brownsville, Texas. More 2024-03-01
Why are illegal aliens being bussed to and escorted inside a Social Security office in San Diego? More 2024-02-29
Sanctuary cities don't report illegal alien crime to the FBI and most of the time, offenders are labelled as white ( ) More 2024-02-29
As illegal alien crime soars in America, Joe Biden announces he's going to disarm Americans More 2024-02-29
New York has dropped its English proficiency requirements so the state can put illegal aliens -- who can't speak the language -- on the payroll More 2024-02-29
Seattle's city council is shut down by illegal aliens who want MORE More 2024-02-29
Georgia Kelly Girtz, the mayor of Athens (GA), says the death of Laken Riley, who was murdered by an illegal alien is “not connected” to illegal immigration More 2024-02-28
Joe Biden's America -- American citizens returning from Mexico are held in a cage by the Border Patrol while thousands of illegal immigrants just walk across our border More 2024-02-28
Another of Joe Biden's illegal aliens makes the news More 2024-02-28
The City of Denver is cutting employee hours to zero to pay for services for illegal aliens More 2024-02-27
Networks are suppressing details about the arrest of the illegal alien who shot three Washington, DC cops More 2024-02-27
New Gallup poll finds a record-high number of Americans believe illegal immigration is a “critical threat” to the nation’s vital interests -- voters are clearly blaming Joe Biden More 2024-02-27
Governor of Illinois, J. B. Pritzker in his State of the State address says that he welcomes mass illegal immigration More 2024-02-23
Massachusetts is spending about $64 per illegal alien per day to feed those in state care, a cost that is contributing to the expected one billion dollars in expenses to be spent by the Bay State by 2025 More 2024-02-22
Under Joe Biden, the number of illegal aliens who have invaded the U. S. is greater than the population of 36 states More 2024-02-22
New York's city council has called for an investigation of Mayor Adams plan to give illegals $10,000 debit cards More 2024-02-22
Ripping off retail stores has become a daily thing in America -- just wait until the illegal aliens catch on! More 2024-02-21
Four illegal aliens have been charged with robbing and strangling a Chicago Transit Authority passenger on the Pink Line yesterday afternoon More 2024-02-20
Local families in the predominantly black Roxbury neighborhood of Boston are furious after the city shut down the local community center to use it to house Joe Biden’s illegal aliens More 2024-02-20
Illegal aliens going to New York receive debit cards worth up to $10,000 -- plus cell phones and service, hotels, food, clothing, education, jobs and health care -- and Democrats are stealing American tax dollars to pay for it all More 2024-02-20
Chicago mayor plans to spend another $250 million on illegal aliens More 2024-02-19
A Brookline (MA) couple who volunteered their home for an illegal alien family of four was surprised to find them at their door within one hour More 2024-02-16
An illegal alien, who has been deported five times, killed a 10-year-old boy walking home from school in Midland, Texas, in a hit-and-run crash More 2024-02-16
Equity in action -- California bill would provide free college tuition for "marginalized" students. Wealthy black kids would get free tuition and poor white kids could get a job -- assuming they're not all filled by illegal aliens More 2024-02-16
Joe Biden’s DoJ has filed a lawsuit against the state of Tennessee because they made it illegal for prostitutes to knowingly spread HIV -- they are saying it’s a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act More 2024-02-15
The only illegal alien remaining behind bars for the gang attack on two NYPD cops in Times Square has been released after a Lutheran Church posted his $15,000 bail -- he’s loose and nobody knows where More 2024-02-15
Virginia Senate passes bill to give Medicaid-style health insurance to illegal immigrants More 2024-02-15
Maine's governor is building "Taj Mahal" homeless shelters for illegal aliens More 2024-02-15
ICE is going to punish America for the failure of the "Border Bill" by a mass release of illegal aliens More 2024-02-15
An organized gang of illegal aliens have stolen millions from the wealthy gated communities around Detroit More 2024-02-15
Illegal alien who was arrested and released after assaulting NYPD officers arrested again for Macy's robbery More 2024-02-14
Maine State Rep Deqa Dhalac says that veterans shouldn’t get priority and fast tracked into hiring but illegals should More 2024-02-13
Georgia ballot-fraud specialist found thousands of illegal votes in 2020, 2021, and 2022 More 2024-02-13
Mayor of Chicago touts race-based $17 million program to feed Chicago's illegal aliens -- taxes will be skyrocketing in the next few years More 2024-02-13
Two African illegal aliens were given probation for raping a 14-year-old girl in Utah More 2024-02-13
DHS Secretary Mayorkas tells NBC hack: “We don’t bear responsibility” for open U. S. border and the illegal alien invasion More 2024-02-12
Boston City Councilwoman Julia Mejia on the lack of space for illegals -- "everyone needs to start opening their doors -- this is a shared responsibility" More 2024-02-12
Joe Biden's budget for illegal aliens is twice that of the Department of Veteran Services More 2024-02-11
DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is refusing to hand over to Congress a full accounting of every illegal alien that has been released into the United States since President Joe Biden took office in late January 2021 More 2024-02-10
Denver mayor, Mike Johnston, has announced cuts to city services because he has reallocated taxpayer funds to pay for the support of illegal aliens More 2024-02-10
More than two dozen illegal aliens convicted and/or charged with murder and child sex crimes have been arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in the sanctuary state of California More 2024-02-09
New York governor, Kathy Hochul, is fast-tracking a bill that would allow illegal aliens to take American jobs More 2024-02-08
An illegal alien, released from the southern border via Joe Biden’s parole pipeline, has been charged with the murder of a young mother and her three-year-old daughter. More 2024-02-08
*** What it's all about -- illegal aliens say they're voting for Joe Biden *** More 2024-02-08
Military age Chinese nationals are the fastest growing group of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border as illegal crossings continue to shatter records More 2024-02-08
Illegal squatters occupy at least 1,200 homes in Atlanta More 2024-02-07
Joe Biden demands illegal aliens he’s let in get pathway to citizenship More 2024-02-07
Illegal alien drags a New York City woman from his moped to steal her phone -- the NYPD says three illegals went on an insane crime spree stealing 62 phones and/or wallets from 62 women More 2024-02-06
The reason than New York has become a very dangerous, 3rd world sh!thole, where illegal aliens can beat up the cops with no consequences More 2024-02-06
Black voters know they’re being replaced with illegal immigrants, but the overwhelming majority will still vote for Democrats More 2024-02-05
A bill released by Sens. James Lankford (R-OK), Chris Murphy (D-CT), and Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) on Sunday would expedite Joe Biden’s work permits for border crossers and illegal aliens released into the United States More 2024-02-05
Democrats are taking away opportunities from black people and prioritizing illegals! More 2024-02-04
NY DA Alvin Bragg said “we didn’t have enough evidence” to hold the illegal aliens who beat up the NYPD cops ( ) More 2024-02-04
Voters know Joe Biden is "responsible for every migrant in this country illegally" More 2024-02-03
Joe Biden’s strategy is very simple -- 1. Get as many illegals in the country as possible -- 2. Legalize them to create a permanent majority, a one-party state ~ Elon Musk More 2024-02-03
NY DA Alvin Bragg ignores questions about why he made the decision to release the illegal aliens who attacked NYPD cops. More 2024-02-03
New York City will pay out $53 million to provide pre-paid debit cards to illegal aliens More 2024-02-02
Illegal aliens, "have crews here that operate in New York, do all their stealing, then go to Florida to spend the money and come back” More 2024-02-02
A Chicago alderman blasted the city for giving illegal aliens $9,000 in free stuff every month More 2024-02-02
You can enter America illegally, assault a cop, and immediately be released from jail without bail back into society while laughing and flipping the bird More 2024-02-02
A foreigner who enters the USA illegally is correctly referred to as an "illegal alien More 2024-02-02
Illegal aliens kick the sh!t out of New York cops near Times Square More 2024-01-31
Joe Biden, the architect of the illegal alien invasion, wants more power ( ) More 2024-01-31
Three illegal aliens have been charged with armed robbery of a butcher shop in Milford, Massachusetts More 2024-01-30
Amy Pope, an Obama acolyte, heads the UN's nefarious International Organization for Migration that is funding and coordinating the illegal invasion of America More 2024-01-30
The U. N. is funding the illegal alien surge with U. S. tax dollars More 2024-01-29
130.000 illegal votes were cast in Nevada and no one was arrested More 2024-01-28
"Unknowns" drop their identity as soon as they cross the border -- if only .001% of the illegal aliens are bad guys, that's 9,000 potential terrorist have entered America under Joe Bide last year alone More 2024-01-27
A Denver program that pays homeless people a monthly income is now open to illegal aliens More 2024-01-26
Many of the "illegal immigrants" from China at the US border are actually "Chinese soldiers" ~ Gordon Chang More 2024-01-26
These three former presidents have started an NGO to import illegal aliens into the U.S. More 2024-01-24
Why can Joe Biden use razor wire to keep citizens out of the Capitol, but Texas can’t use razor wire to keep illegal aliens out of their state? More 2024-01-23
Illegal immigration is forcing a Denver, Colorado hospital to turn away American patients as illegal aliens overwhelm the system with unpaid medical bills More 2024-01-23
Chicago's organized theft ring led by newly arrived illegal aliens More 2024-01-22
An illegal lab was found in California with Malaria, Dengue Fever, Hepatitis, HIV and Ebola. It was run by a Chinese man named Jia Bei Zhu who came here illegally -- he has said he wants to "defeat the American aggressor" More 2024-01-21
Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has become so "stressed out" as a result of the "illegal alien problem," that he was hospitalized for panic attacks More 2024-01-21
US citizens traveling domestically have to show a valid identification card or a passport to board a plane, but there are different rules for illegal aliens More 2024-01-20
The Biden administration. has been sued for $100 million by the family of Kayla Marie Hamilton who was murdered by an illegal immigrant gang member More 2024-01-19
Illegal Immigrants should be provided attorneys paid for by American tax payers More 2024-01-18
"We have to make it easier for these individuals [illegal aliens] to participate in our economy and live the American dream" ~ AOC More 2024-01-18
CBS smears pro-border voters as racists who are unwilling to let illegal aliens pour into the country More 2024-01-16
Massachusetts is currently housing more than 1,400 illegal alien families in 40 hotels in 28 cities around the state at taxpayer expense More 2024-01-16
Illegal aliens get lodging and three meals a day for seven months at New York City's Roosevelt Hotel More 2024-01-14
Five new luxury buildings are going up in Brunswick, Maine to house illegals -- vets and other Americans not welcome More 2024-01-14
Massachusetts governor, Maura Healey, cut funding from firefighters while offering college financial aid to illegal aliens More 2024-01-13
Massachusetts governor encouraged residents to take in illegals -- and now New York City mayor does the same thing More 2024-01-12
The Border Patrol is being prevented from accessing Shelby Park in Eagle Pass (TX), the city property where mass illegal crossings are occurring, by the Texas National Guard More 2024-01-12
“Our vegetables would rot in the ground if they weren't being picked by many immigrants -- many illegal immigrants” ~ Jerry the Hutt (D-NY) More 2024-01-12
Two years free rent for illegal aliens down Maine -- homeless vets would love a deal like that More 2024-01-11
Lie, after lie, after lie, from KJP -- the number of illegal aliens crossing the border set a record last month More 2024-01-11
James Madison High School (NYC) students were told to stay home and learn remotely because the city needs the school to house illegal aliens ( ) More 2024-01-10
Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) says Democrats are "not interested in taking away" Biden's ability to unilaterally "parole" millions of illegal immigrants into communities More 2024-01-10
Democrats are moving to ensure millions of illegal aliens can vote while working to remove their ability to vote for Republicans -- this is Soviet-style "democracy’"indeed. More 2024-01-09
Illegal aliens are now eligible for taxpayer-funded gender reassignment treatment and surgery in California More 2024-01-09
AOC's brilliant idea to deal with 10 million illegal alien criminals who crossed the American border without permission is to just give them all citizenship More 2024-01-08
Illegal aliens come to the border because they know the Border Patrol will help them ~ Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) More 2024-01-07
Border Patrol estimates that the cartels are earning $32 million a week from illegal aliens in the Del Rio, Texas sector alone ( ) More 2024-01-06
California law now covers free sex changes for illegal aliens More 2024-01-06
Chicago! You got an illegal alien problem More 2024-01-06
Translation: "We need more money so we can process into the country the millions of illegal aliens more efficiently" ~ DHSS Mayorkas More 2024-01-05
Joe Biden has petitioned the Supreme Court to let Border Patrol agents clear razor wire on the US-Mexico border that was installed by Texas in a bid to prevent illegal aliens from crossing into the state More 2024-01-03
In New York City, illegal immigrants are lined up for blocks to receive free, taxpayer-funded housing More 2024-01-03
California becomes first state to offer health insurance to illegal aliens -- taxpayers will be forced to pay $3.1 billion annually in medical care for 700,000 foreigners -- and wait until the families come! More 2024-01-03
Democrats are stealing American tax dollars to underwrite the invasion -- meanwhile, illegal aliens demand paid job training, free housing, and free healthcare More 2024-01-02
This is the newest and largest illegal alien migrant caravan heading to the United States -- they will all claim refugee status More 2024-01-02
California, facing a $68 billion deficit, decides to give free health care to illegal immigrants More 2024-01-01
The Biden administration is importing millions of third world immigrants to live here illegally, and at same time telling them that white people are the source of their problems More 2023-12-30
ICE arrests of criminal illegal aliens dropped by 41% under Joe Biden More 2023-12-30
Homeland Security (DHS) has confirmed that the agency is developing a program that will provide border crossers and illegal aliens released into the United States with photo ID cards More 2023-12-30
Deployed U.S. Army soldiers will no longer be able to store their belongings free of charge while they are away from home, the Army Sustainment Command announced Wednesday -- the government needs the money for illegal aliens More 2023-12-29
Beginning January 1, illegal immigrants will be able to qualify for and use Medi-Cal, California’s taxpayer-funded free and low-cost healthcare plan at a cost to the taxpayer of $2.7 billion per year. More 2023-12-29
Leprosy, polio, malaria, TB, measles and Joe Biden's massive, unscreened illegal immigration More 2023-12-27
Border Patrol struggles as nearly 250,000 illegal aliens crossed the southern border in November and they were more in December More 2023-12-26
Joe Biden begs and threatens Mexico to reduce the illegal alien flood until after the 2024 election More 2023-12-24
Illegal aliens in Brooklyn are now going door to door, begging locals for money and food More 2023-12-24
Three illegal aliens who raped and filmed an unconscious 14-year-old girl in Utah were sentenced to probation More 2023-12-23
Customs and Border Patrol says the number of illegal aliens arrested at the border and who are on the terror watchlist is on pace to set a new record in 2024 More 2023-12-23
60% of illegal alien households are on taxpayer-funded welfare More 2023-12-23
ESPN sports talker says police shouldn't be allowed to arrest illegal aliens More 2023-12-22
The American taxpayer is paying for concierge service for illegal immigrants More 2023-12-21
Senate Democrats now define asylum seekers as anyone who crosses illegally and attempt to limit the president's power to deport More 2023-12-20
Thousands of uneaten, taxpayer-funded meals prepared for illegal aliens are tossed into the trash every day More 2023-12-16
Joe Biden’s administration is siphoning healthcare resources from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and away from military veterans to provide services for illegal aliens More 2023-12-14
Janet Yellin's statement, that the Biden administration is keeping "fiscal policy on a sustainable path" is a damnable lie -- they're spending half-a-trillion a year on illegal aliens alone More 2023-12-14
The Biden administration releases 5,000 illegal aliens into the U.S. every day -- that's what they admit to but it's more than that ( ) More 2023-12-11
500 Navy midshipmen had to sleep on cots because Joe Biden booked all the hotels for Illegals More 2023-12-11
The illegal invasion in Chicago -- American taxpayers are paying $451 billion to be replaced by foreigners ( ) More 2023-12-11
Illegal aliens have more rights than Americans -- they can fly all over the United States with no identification More 2023-12-10
New York City officials are actively working to enable illegal immigrants to get registered to vote More 2023-12-10
On Tuesday, 12,000 illegal aliens crossed the southern border in a single day -- highest total ever More 2023-12-07
An illegal alien who raped and murdered a 92-year-old grandmother and then did his laundry, took a shower, and cooked and ate a hamburger, has been handed two life sentences More 2023-12-07
When FBI Director Wray talks about "elevated threats," he's not talking about illegal aliens, or out-of-control crime, or terrorist cells now in the U. S. -- he is talking about you and me More 2023-12-06
New York City officials are requiring contractors, who operate the city’s widespread illegal alien shelter system, to hand out voter registration pamphlets and help foreigners register to vote More 2023-12-05
78,000 noncitizens (illegal voters) have been identified on Arizona's voter rolls More 2023-12-04
Now this is an assault rifle -- they're illegal, dontcha know! More 2023-12-04
Federal appeals court rules against America and in favor of illegal aliens More 2023-12-02
They "brung us" 9 million illegal aliens, mostly uneducated, from all corners of the planet, Kamala -- including hundreds who intend to harm Americans More 2023-12-02
$451 billion per year to house and care for illegal alien immigrants More 2023-11-29
Joe Biden wants to transform federal lands into migrant camps to house illegal aliens More 2023-11-29
Democrats are destroying America to seize permanent power by all means available -- they don't care about you and they don't care about those illegal aliens -- they will never let Trump win More 2023-11-29
Chicago is building a giant encampment for illegal aliens in the South Side More 2023-11-27
Dear liberals -- these are assault weapons -- they have been illegal since 1934 More 2023-11-25
There is no border -- 10 million illegal aliens have crossed -- many are terrorists -- but Homeland just ordered Border Patrol agents to be sensitive about the invaders' pronouns More 2023-11-24
Yolanda, 22 years old and 9 months pregnant, has been kicked out of a New York shelter to make way for illegal aliens More 2023-11-24
Arizona's AG has illegally targeted Mohave County for daring to go to paper ballots More 2023-11-23
New York City Blacks and illegal aliens compete for stuff as the handouts start running out -- the Law of Unintended Consequences will not be denied More 2023-11-22
Things in Chicago are so bad that Venezuelan illegals are returning to Venezuela More 2023-11-13
Good news everyone, the FBI is hard at work arresting Jan. 6 suspects while hundreds of thousands of people -- including real terrorists -- illegally cross the border More 2023-11-09
Good news everyone, the FBI is hard at work arresting Jan. 6 suspects while hundreds of thousands of people -- including real terrorists -- illegally cross the border ( ) More 2023-11-09
Here come 6,000 more illegals in one bunch -- how many are coming here to harm America and Americans More 2023-10-31
The DoJ illegally surveilled Kash Patel and Jason Foster as the top GOP congressional lawyers investigated “Crossfire Hurricane" ( ) More 2023-10-30
Joe Biden's everlasting gift to America -- 10 million illegal aliens from all over the world More 2023-10-29
New York City's mayor offers illegal aliens free travel to -- anywhere else More 2023-10-28
U. S. taxpayers are spending millions to clean the dirty skivvies of illegal aliens More 2023-10-27
Hotels and motels in the sanctuary County of Los Angeles (CA) are replacing striking union employees with illegal aliens More 2023-10-25
Joe Biden has welcomed at least one illegal alien from Whereverstan into the United States during the last 12 months for every American newborn or high-school graduate -- a new record! More 2023-10-24
Joe Biden wants $14 billion to help bus illegal aliens from God-only-knows-where up to the U.S. border and then onward into hotels in many cities and towns around the nation More 2023-10-23
The Democrats' new industry "Illegal Immigration" -- Joe Biden let them in and then gave them the money to buy drugs More 2023-10-23
How is this even news? -- U. S. Customs and Border Patrol Data shows that illegal alien immigration has skyrocketed under Joe Biden More 2023-10-22
Joe Biden wants $3.5 billion for the "needs of Gazans," $11.8 billion for Ukraine's civil servants' pensions, and $4.7 billion for illegals in the U. S. ( ) More 2023-10-21
A shocking number of Illegals from the Middle East are crossing our southern border More 2023-10-17
Chicago was charged $7.2 million to staff illegal alien shelters for FOUR WEEKS More 2023-10-17
Chicago is giving $9,000 to illegal aliens to cover their rent More 2023-10-17
Joe Biden wants to give 5,700,000 illegal aliens free medical and housing More 2023-10-16
The Biden Regime is threatening banks that refuse to give illegal aliens credit lines and loans More 2023-10-16
Leftists are inviting and facilitating the crossing of illegal aliens that want to avoid authorities More 2023-10-15
Internal CBP data provided and confirmed by CBP sources reveals thousands of “special interest aliens” from mostly Middle Eastern countries have been apprehended by Border Patrol while crossing into U.S. illegally over last two years More 2023-10-11
Illinois governor steals rental assistance funding from poor Americans to pay for illegal alien care More 2023-10-08
Joe Biden just legalized one million illegal aliens More 2023-10-06
Another example of Americans being displaced because of Joe Biden's illegal aliens policies More 2023-10-06
Illegal aliens have moved in with the cops in Chicago -- lock, stock and barrel More 2023-10-05
New York City hospitals and medical centers are being overwhelmed by illegal immigrants More 2023-10-05
New York Governor Kathy Hochul announces 18,000 jobs for illegal aliens -- Americans need not apply More 2023-10-04
A Chinese based LLC, Golden Seahourse LLC owns the world's tallest Holiday Inn in NYC which was defaulted and bankrupt -- it now houses illegal immigrants for $93,000 per day ($3 million a month) More 2023-10-04
Border Patrol agents processed 200,000 migrants in September. That's the third highest number on record -- there have been 2,000,000 illegal border crossings in fiscal 2023 More 2023-10-02
NYC mayor's top advisor calls on feds to "close the borders" to stop flow of illegal aliens -- the Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again More 2023-10-02
Illegal immigrant gang kidnapped, raped and tortured three young girls -- including an 11-year-old -- in Northern Minnesota More 2023-10-01
Joe Biden told the world they could come here illegally and he wouldn’t deport them -- he made a commitment and the world’s poorest people believed him More 2023-10-01
Border Patrol cuts barbed wire to let illegal aliens in -- at other points, they are simply throwing blankets over the wire -- illegals are coming in waves between hundreds and thousands every hour. More 2023-09-30
Disabled veterans are subjected to enhanced screening by the TSA while DHS walks illegal aliens -- with all their new government-issued stuff -- right past security More 2023-09-30
The Department of Homeland Security is funneling billions in American taxpayer dollars to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) running the illegal alien invasion More 2023-09-29
For those that say the illegal alien invasion isn't an invasion More 2023-09-26
More than 261,000 illegal aliens illegally crossed southern border in August, a record for month More 2023-09-25
10,000 illegal border crossings a day -- coming from all over the world More 2023-09-24
More buses, loaded with illegal aliens, arrive at New York's Roosevelt Hotel More 2023-09-24
Mayor Adams has slashed the NYPD counter-terrorism unit by 75% to help pay for housing illegal aliens More 2023-09-24
The never-ending line of illegal alien men More 2023-09-24
7.5 million illegal aliens, 5.2 million of which are single adult males, 249 identified as terrorists, and 18,359 Communist Chinese nationals have crossed what used to be the southern border on Joe Biden's watch More 2023-09-23
NBC 5 reports that employees of Chicago's private shelters that house illegal aliens make from $135 to $200 per hour -- in a week, one manager of a illegal migrant facility made $14,000 and a nurse $20,000 More 2023-09-22
The Biden Plan -- "spend more money to get more illegal aliens citizenship so they can vote for Democrats" More 2023-09-22
In the same speech, Joe Biden blames the illegal alien invasion on MAGA Republicans More 2023-09-22
Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson awarded a $29 million contract to build illegal alien camps More 2023-09-22
Half of America says Joe Biden "did something illegal regarding Hunter" More 2023-09-21
KJP can't answer and won't answer questions about the southern invasion of illegal immigrants More 2023-09-21
Cops arrest Staten Island resident protesting the unloading of a busload of illegal aliens into their neighborhood More 2023-09-21
The Biden administration is cutting the razor wire along the Rio Grande to facilitate the illegal alien invasion of the United States More 2023-09-21
Massachusetts governor, Maura Healey, has chosen to house illegal aliens at Boston's Logan International Airport More 2023-09-20
New York City has no money because of being overrun with illegals, so it forms a "Reparations Task Force" -- brilliant! More 2023-09-20
When buses and trains can't get the illegals here fast enough, there are the boats More 2023-09-18
When there are so many illegals that buses can't do the job, get a train More 2023-09-18
Adding insult to injury, AOC advocates for illegals to take jobs away from Americans More 2023-09-16
Border Patrol drops hundreds of illegal migrants onto a city street in San Diego because CBP facilities are overcrowded More 2023-09-15
AOC tries to gaslight 8.5 million people whose city has been visibly overrun and vandalized by illegal migrants that everything is OK! More 2023-09-15
Democratic congress critters' press conference in New York over illegal immigration turns chaotic More 2023-09-15
California passes bill to pay illegal aliens $300 per week "unemployment" More 2023-09-15
NYC Mayor Eric Adams announced that the city's police, fire, corrections, and sanitation departments funding and overtime will be cut to pay for illegal alien hotels More 2023-09-12
Minnesota will give driver's licenses to 81,000 illegal aliens More 2023-09-11
NYC Mayor Eric Adams announced today that all NYC government agencies must make a 5% cut in their budget to help fund the illegal alien crisis More 2023-09-10
Illegal aliens have been here for 15-minutes, and they all have smart phones and service More 2023-09-08
Chicago's O'Hare Airport is being used as a migrant shelter as illegal alien crisis overwhelms the city More 2023-09-08
The Biden administration can't import illegal aliens fast enough, so it waved its self-imposed migrant cap for the second consecutive month. More 2023-09-08
Joe Biden's illegals are flooding New York's schools More 2023-09-08
The Biden regime gives $2,200 to each Illegal alien family each month, plus a plane ticket, housing, food, and free medical services More 2023-09-07
The DHS has launched a nationwide workforce initiative to funnel millions of illegal aliens into U. S. jobs -- as the labor force participation rate for Americans declines More 2023-09-07
Illegal aliens from Africa were told they would be given housing and jobs in the U. S. More 2023-09-07
New York's mayor has had enough of Joe Biden's illegal aliens More 2023-09-07
How is New York City ever going to get the illegal aliens out of the 4-star hotel Roosevelt Hotel? More 2023-08-31
NASCAR is blasted for "blatantly illegal" diversity internship program that excludes Whites More 2023-08-30
We cannot sustain the millions of illegal aliens coming into the United States under Joe Biden More 2023-08-28
1,400 illegal aliens cross the Arizona-Mexico border into the U. S. every day ( ) More 2023-08-22
Illegal alien who murdered an eleven-year-old girl was released to his "sponsor" ( ) More 2023-08-21
New York City is housing illegal aliens before American senior citizens More 2023-08-21
Illegal 2020 voter registration in Fulton County, GA More 2023-08-18
Joe Biden wants to build housing for illegal immigrants at the border More 2023-08-13
After facilitating the illegal alien invasion of America, Joe Biden wants $40 billion to build "temporary" housing for them More 2023-08-12
*** Merick Garland’s appointment of David Weiss as special counsel in Hunter Biden’s corruption investigation is illegal ( ) *** More 2023-08-12
The illegal Chinese COVID bio-lab discovered in Fresno, California was subsidized by Newso More 2023-08-05
The streets of New York City have now become one giant homeless camp for illegal immigrants More 2023-08-04
American citizens could soon be subject to arrest by illegal aliens in Illinois More 2023-08-02
The unlawful FISA application -- based on a story the FBI knew was false -- to illegally spy on an American citizen ( ) ( ) More 2023-08-01
Forensic study if 2020 Detroit (MI) election found 34,000 illegal ballots -- suspicions of counterfeit ballots More 2023-08-01
Pissed-off New York Democrats rip Joe Biden for dumping illegals onto the Big Rotten Apple More 2023-08-01
Illegal aliens, mostly from Africa, line up outside the Roosevelt hotel in NYC to be processed -- whatever that means? More 2023-08-01
A federal judge has ruled that it is not illegal for librarians and booksellers to provide "harmful" materials to minors More 2023-07-30
Chicago residents finally realize what it means to vote Democrat as their city is being overran by illegals More 2023-07-30
Seven million illegals have entered the US on Joe Biden's watch -- and there's millions more to come More 2023-07-25
Kamala Harris says that Americans who oppose the invasion of America by illegal aliens from all over the world are bad people More 2023-07-25
In Chicago, Biden's illegal immigrants are now making demands --somebody is organizing these people and making signs for them More 2023-07-20
Joe Biden's illegal student loan scheme could cost as much as $559 billion More 2023-07-18
Kamala Harris says Joe Biden's illegal $39 billion student loan forgiveness/vote buying scheme is just the beginning More 2023-07-15
Joe Biden dreams up an illegal federal library code for public schools More 2023-07-14
Watch as a border patrol agent cuts open a razor wire fence to allow illegals entry into the U. S. -- Texas placed the wire down after the federal government refused to act More 2023-07-01
The City of New York is spending $8,000,000 every day to house illegal aliens More 2023-06-25
Suspicious deal to house illegals worth half-a-billion dollars granted to Biden associate More 2023-06-21
Joe Biden is playing Three-Card Monte with illegal alien immigrants More 2023-06-21
At least 29 people shot at an illegal street takeover in Willowbrook, near Chicago ( ) More 2023-06-19
House Oversight Committee chairman says there is evidence of $20 to $30 million of illegal payments to the Biden Crime Family More 2023-06-16
Maricopa County’s own chain of custody document shows 18,000 illegal ballots were injected the day after the polls closed in 2020 More 2023-06-14
Two million illegal aliens per year have been welcomed into the United States under Joe Biden -- billions and billions gone More 2023-06-13
NYC mayor, Eric Adams, to cut services for New Yorkers so illegal aliens can stay in hotels free of charge -- billions in local taxpayer money is involved More 2023-06-10
Biden’s DoJ tried to bribe attorney for Trump’s valet in exchange for testimony against Trump -- a clearly illegal act More 2023-06-09
Chicago is housing illegal aliens in its colleges for the summer More 2023-06-06
Arizona governor, Katie Hobbs, vetoed a new law making it illegal to film or facilitate sexually explicit acts in government buildings and classrooms More 2023-06-06
New York mayor wants to house illegal aliens in private residences -- "they have spare rooms" More 2023-06-05
Minnesotans must now pay the college tuitions of illegal aliens More 2023-06-03
The "free for all" of drugs, sex and violence inside New York City hotel since it was closed to tourists to make room for illegal aliens More 2023-05-28
Illegal aliens don't need to have any vaccinations to attend Chicago's public schools More 2023-05-26
The U.S. government awards grants in the billions to activist organizations (NGOs) that import, feed, shelter, cloth, and transport illegals into and throughout America -- same with the CRT and grooming -- billions and billions More 2023-05-26
The Colorado Secretary of State "accidently" sent postcards to 30,000 illegal aliens encouraging them to register to vote ( tells me they are already in the database ) More 2023-05-23
Most registered voters think Joe Biden and his son Hunter engaged “in an illegal influence peddling scheme while he was Vice President” More 2023-05-23
Illegal aliens invade America with the able-bodied assistance of a Border Patrol officer More 2023-05-21
New York City public school students are having their recess cut as adult border crossers and illegal aliens are sheltered in their school gyms and enjoying free pizza and sandwiches More 2023-05-16
Sec. Mayorkas, who brought 6.5 million illegals into the country, claims that "white supremacy" is the greatest threat to America. More 2023-05-15
A New York hotel abruptly canceled 30 rooms booked for a wedding to make room for illegal aliens More 2023-05-15
Armed federal agents protect the “privacy” of illegal aliens from reporters in El Paso (TX) More 2023-05-14
Environmentalists only condemn litter when Americans litter -- they're OK with illegal aliens doing it -- for the greater good and all that bullsh!t More 2023-05-14
The New York Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against Republican counties for not allowing hotels to accommodate illegal aliens More 2023-05-14
There can be little doubt that the Biden administration is facilitating the illegal alien invasion of the U. S. -- and they don't want reporters filming it More 2023-05-13
Americans need to understand that the Biden administration is facilitating the invasion of illegal economic aliens More 2023-05-12
How much did you pay for your cellphone? -- illegal aliens get theirs free from Joe Biden's DHS. More 2023-05-12
Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has been coordinating these illegal immigration in-flows with Mexico More 2023-05-11
Starting today, Joe Biden will allow for the release of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens into the U.S. with no way to track them More 2023-05-11
The illegal alien invaders are not coming here to contribute, they are coming here to take More 2023-05-11
El Paso (TX) is overrun with illegal aliens -- "the border is closed" ~ DHS Sec. Mayorkas More 2023-05-10
Mayor Eric Adams’s plans on relocating illegal aliens out of NYC More 2023-05-07
The City of Chicago is shoving illegals right up the citizen residents' butts, and there isn't anything they can do about it More 2023-05-06
America's #1 traitor -- makes Quisling look like a patriot -- over six million illegals have entered the U. S. under his watch More 2023-05-06
Chicago is paying $350 per room, per night to house illegals in luxury hotel -- reporters barred from entering More 2023-05-06
All of the measures being put into place by the Biden administration are to facilitate the entry of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens More 2023-05-04
Joe Biden ordered 1,500 troops to the Border -- not to stop the illegals from crossing, but to facilitate their processing More 2023-05-02
More boldfaced lies from KJP, as she announces that illegal immigration is down by more than 90% More 2023-05-02
Robert Kennedy wants to make it illegal to deny radical climate change theories More 2023-04-25
Mayor Eric Adams says NYC is being destroyed by illegal aliens More 2023-04-22
Illegal alien crossings are set to explode -- starting May 11th More 2023-04-21
Joe Biden‘s "parole pipeline" allowed a million-plus illegal aliens into the U.S. -- exceeds the populations of six states More 2023-04-17
Joe Biden thinks sex change surgery should be legal for any child at any age, and it should be up to the child to decide -- tattoos are illegal for anyone under 18 More 2023-04-16
Joe Biden wants to create special rights, privileges and benefits for transgenders --patently illegal under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 More 2023-04-02
The DoJ discouraged the U.S. Marshal Service from arresting protesters illegally demonstrating at the homes of the Supreme Court justices More 2023-03-30
Trans activist suggests breaking the law and encourages illegally distributing drugs to minors More 2023-03-29
Red Cross maps show illegal aliens where to cross the U. S. border More 2023-03-13
New York City Mayor Eric Adams wants to offer free college to illegal immigrants -- on the taxpayers’ dime naturally. More 2023-03-11
The FBI illegally used FISA to spy on President Trump -- now the FBI may have used FISA to spy on a congressman on the House Intelligence Committee. More 2023-03-11
What slimy, illegal act will Joe Biden try next when his student loan forgiveness plan is struck down? More 2023-03-06
Feds won't prosecute two illegal aliens who murdered a Bald Eagle and were preparing it for dinner More 2023-03-04
Chicago inmates claim jail guards pressuring illegal voting in mayoral election More 2023-02-28
Anthony McRae, the Michigan State shooter, was charged in June 2019 with illegally carrying a concealed handgun without a permit -- the charges were dismissed by Soros-backed prosecutor, Carol Siemon More 2023-02-14
Over 800,000 illegal border crossers have been freed into U.S. without court dates since Joe Biden took office More 2023-02-06
Chicago residents attempt to block illegal aliens from moving into former school More 2023-02-03
New York put Joe Biden's illegal aliens up in a snazzy hotel -- and now they refuse to leave -- they're demanding free homes from the government ( ) More 2023-01-31
New York put Joe Biden's illegal aliens up in a snazzy hotel -- and now they refuse to leave -- they're demanding free homes from the government ( ) More 2023-01-31
New York put Joe Biden's illegal aliens up in a snazzy hotel -- and now they refuse to leave -- demand free hoimes from the government More 2023-01-31
Biden administration is playing a "shell game" to mask illegal immigration More 2023-01-29
The Biden Way -- illegal aliens are quartered in luxury hotels while American homeless sleep in the streets More 2023-01-29
Four illegal aliens were arrested for shoplifting $12,000 in goods from Macy's in New York -- released without bail More 2023-01-25
Border city of Yuma (AZ) is "on the brink of collapse" due to illegal alien border crossers More 2023-01-24
1,300 illegal marijuana shops are operating in New York City More 2023-01-21
The NGOs give free phones to illegal aliens -- then they show them how to use the "asylum" app -- even though economic migrants are ineligible for asylum -- and we pay for all of it More 2023-01-19
Food for illegal aliens is thrown out while America's homeless go hungry in New York City More 2023-01-17
How low can Democrats go? -- illegal immigrants are now to be rewarded for ratting out the American citizens who hire them More 2023-01-14
What about the documents they can't find? -- Joe Biden’s DHS reaffirms that it has “no records” on more than 377,000 illegal aliens released into the United States More 2023-01-12
Al Qaeda is planning attacks in the U.S. involving planes, according to DHS sources, while Air Marshals are busy providing services for illegal aliens down at the border More 2023-01-06
Joe Biden cheers historic year -- record crime, record inflation, record illegal immigration, record gas prices, worst stock/bond/equity losses since 1871 More 2022-12-31
Play-by-play announcer, Gary Hahn, was suspended indefinitely Friday after he used the accurate descriptive, “illegal aliens,” while updating fans of the score at the Sun Bowl More 2022-12-31
Homeland Security has release 14,000 criminally convicted, illegal aliens into the country in the last three months More 2022-12-30
Anti-communist illegal aliens are not welcome More 2022-12-29
Joe Biden pushes "mass amnesty" as a solution to the illegal alien invasion More 2022-12-28
Arizona border hospital hit with $20 million bill for treating illegal aliens, as the Democrats continue to encourage the 3rd World to come to America More 2022-12-25
Joe Biden sets a new record -- the Border Patrol had a quarter-of-a-million "encounters" with illegal aliens in November More 2022-12-24
Fox News thermal drone over a group of several hundred migrants that crossed illegally, and orderly, into Eagle Pass, TX early yesterday More 2022-12-20
Jor Biden's plan to flood the county with illegal aliens has been temporarily halted by the Supreme Court ( thread ) More 2022-12-20
The Blue Vax -- these illegal aliens are being shipped to Republican-majority counties all across America More 2022-12-19
The City of Denver is near the "breaking point" from the influx of illegal migrants -- another win for "Our Democracy" More 2022-12-18
The illegal alien invasion is Trump's fault -- Rule #1 is always blame the other guy More 2022-12-16
New York mayor wants $1 billion from the feds for illegal immigrants -- he'll get it too! More 2022-12-16
El Paso asks to use military bases to house illegal aliens More 2022-12-14
Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers say they're being told to cut back on arrests in anticipation of a surge of illegals More 2022-12-13
Los Angeles district attorney bestows protections on illegal aliens that Americans don't have More 2022-12-08
Joe Biden’s wide-open border is expected to attract 2.6 million illegal -- and unknown -- aliens to the U.S. next year More 2022-12-02
New York City will spend $600 million taxpayer-dollars on illegal aliens this year More 2022-11-25
Hunter Biden owned a financial stake in a digital banking platform for illegal aliens -- introduced its founder to Joe Biden More 2022-11-23
Countdown to Title 42’s end -- Joe Biden wants to house thousands of illegal aliens at Fort Bliss More 2022-11-23
Democrats beg Joe Biden to open taxpayer-subsidized ObamaCare to DACA illegal aliens More 2022-11-21
Joe Biden has ordered the seeding of illegal aliens into the interior US to accelerate -- gotta get them voting by November 2024 More 2022-11-18
Let the skyjackings begin -- Joe Biden takes air marshals off flights to conduct welfare checks on illegal aliens More 2022-11-17
Chairman Bennie Thompson tries to stifle Clay Higgin's questioning of the Secretary of Illegal Immigration More 2022-11-17
An illegal alien, deported seven times from the United States, is now facing charges that he committed at least five rapes over the course of nearly two decades More 2022-11-11
At Least 6,200 illegal aliens cross into the U.S. every day, thanks tor Joe Biden More 2022-11-07
Border authorities have seized 2.2 tons of illegal drugs in two days More 2022-11-03
"David DePape is a mentally ill, drug addicted, illegal alien nudist who takes hallucinogens and lives in a hippie school bus in Berkeley with a BLM banner and pride flag out front" More 2022-11-02
This is unconstitutional and illegal, but beyond that, treating Jan. 6 people like it was the 14th century is just plain wrong More 2022-10-31
Record 2.4 million migrants illegally crossed border in FY2022 -- almost 4 million total under Biden More 2022-10-22
NY mayor's advisor says Gov. Abbott (TX) has brought New York City to its knees by sending illegals to the Rotten Apple and it will eventually make Joe Biden look bad More 2022-10-19
The DHS has given cellphones to over 255,000 illegal border crossers -- that's expensive, but they also get the service, which is a reoccurring cost More 2022-10-10
Federal appeals court rules DACA is illegal, dealing a major blow to Democrats More 2022-10-06
Democrats on the Washington, DC, City Council have approved a plan that would allow foreign nationals, including illegal aliens, to vote in local elections More 2022-10-05
DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is the most dangerous man in the Biden administration -- Mayorkas let 2 million illegals enter the country this year More 2022-10-04
Now, Joe Biden is sneaking illegals into county airports near New York in the middle of the night More 2022-10-02
The constant flow of millions of illegal and legal immigrants every couple of years is making America "so much better," says Joe Biden More 2022-10-01
Illegal immigration is about power More 2022-09-28
The Joe Biden student load boondoggle is blatantly illegal, but can it be stopped? More 2022-09-28
Heavily-armed black militia marches through Austin chanting anti-illegal migrant slogans -- they demand Joe Biden "close the border" More 2022-09-27
AWOL illegal alien couldn't pay his Hyannis, Cape Cod, bar tab with his "government gift cards" More 2022-09-21
KJP tells it like it is -- illegals will be allowed into America, and flown around the country as long as Joe Biden is president More 2022-09-21
Somebody has been in the Martha'a Vineyard illegals' ears ( ) More 2022-09-21
Texas farmer living near border shows footage of illegal migrants crossing onto his property and breaking into and seizing his 95-year-old grandfathers home More 2022-09-21
Border encounters with illegal immigrants have passed 2 million in a single year for first time More 2022-09-20
The Martha's Vineyard illegals won't get the money raised in their "Go Fund Me" fund -- it's been appropriated for other uses More 2022-09-19
The people behind the Martha's Vineyard "Go Fund Me" for the illegals More 2022-09-19
Abdul Kargbo has been voting in New York illegally for 13 years -- his Democratic party registration form shows he is not a US citizen -- was registered anyway! More 2022-09-18
The wealthy Martha’s Vineyard's Democrats called in the National Guard to deport illegal immigrants -- now they are calling in FEMA More 2022-09-18
Liberals expel illegals from their sanctuary island ( ) More 2022-09-17
Martha's Vineyard millionaires open a Go Fund Me page to help defray the cost of The Island's illegal aliens More 2022-09-16
Massachusetts sets precedent by activating the its National Guard to respond to the 50 illegal aliens on Martha's Vineyard More 2022-09-16
The Biden administration is forecast to bring one million illegals into the country this year, but send fifty to Martha's Vineyard? -- the horror! More 2022-09-16
Two busloads of illegal aliens are dropped off at Kamala Harris' temporary residence More 2022-09-15
Biden sent 70 flights of illegal entrants to Florida, and Democrats were silent -- DeSantis sent 2 to Martha's Vineyard, and Democrats lost their minds More 2022-09-15
Shipping a tiny fraction of illegal aliens to blue states and elite enclaves is the most brilliant political move of the new century ( thread ) More 2022-09-15
Joe Biden is asking Congress for another $5 billion to bus, fly, and house the southern flood of illegal aliens into Americans’ workplaces and housing. More 2022-09-11
Bystanders drive off Chicago police responding to illegal street racing & drifting More 2022-08-29
A whopping 4.9 million illegal immigrants have crossed our border since Biden took office -- it's over 5, by now More 2022-08-24
Trump will file a 4th Amendment, unlawful search and seizure motion, over "illegal" FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago More 2022-08-20
The future in "Our Democracy" -- where illegal aliens are treated better than citizens More 2022-08-18
Screw you, America -- Joe Biden says the illegals are welcome -- give that woman an EBT card More 2022-08-18
Illegal immigrants from more than 150 countries are now finding international routes to the southern border faster, easier, and less obstructed than ever before More 2022-08-08
Nine months for stealing 80k from the government, carrying an illegal weapon in DC, impersonating an FBI agent and fleeing to avoid arrest More 2022-08-06
Now these weirdos have set up a network to illegally distribute testosterone, estradiol and spironolactone to kids ( thread ) ( ) More 2022-08-06
The New York Times says a small influx of illegal aliens into blue cities causes "havoc -- but a mass influx of illegal aliens into red states is a great benefit More 2022-08-05
Mayor Blowser doesn't want Joe Biden's illegals in Washington, DC More 2022-08-02
Joe Biden is using air marshals to escort illegals into American communities More 2022-08-01
Whistleblowers have revealed that the DoJ and FBI illegally suppressed information on Hunter Biden More 2022-07-29
The Biden administration and Mexican drug cartels have become partners in the illegal alien smuggling business More 2022-07-27
Biden admin awards Soros-linked group a $172M contract to help illegal aliens avoid deportation More 2022-07-18
Joe Biden refuses to prosecute illegal border crossings during the worst border crisis in U.S. history More 2022-07-18
Massachusetts voters fight to repeal driver’s licenses for illegal aliens More 2022-07-09
Newsom will sign bill forcing California's taxpayers to pick up the $2 billion annual healthcare cost for illegal alie More 2022-07-03
Website helps minors circumvent their parents to get illegal transgender hormones or legally emancipate themselves More 2022-06-26
With border cities completely overwhelmed, Biden is busing illegal aliens deeper into the U. S. More 2022-06-11
Biden's "sanctuary country" orders are directly responsible for a massive drop in deportations of illegal aliens, More 2022-05-25
Biden's open-door policy is illegal, inhumane and most definitely un-American More 2022-05-24
Biden invents new way to keep illegals in country with circular process More 2022-05-03
The evolution of illegal immigration More 2022-04-24
Democrats around the country are registering illegal aliens to vote More 2022-04-21
23 Illegals who were on the Terrorist Watch List were arrested -- "what happened to them?" More 2022-04-19
First Texas bus drops off illegal immigrants blocks from US Capitol in Washington, DC More 2022-04-14
The barons in DC don't mind dropping illegals off in your town, but not in theirs More 2022-04-13
18,000 illegal aliens are expected to cross the border daily after Title 42 ends More 2022-04-11
Welcome to "our democracy" -- Team Biden is giving illegal immigrants smartphones and service More 2022-04-07
"We were stunned to be detained at gunpoint while illegal immigrants looked on" -- "This incident reveals the backwards priorities of our leaders in Washington" More 2022-03-20
20 Documented examples of Democrats' fraud, illegalities and irregularities in the 2020 election More 2022-03-10
Pure bullshit from the Bullshitter-in-Chief as 1.7 million illegals have entered the country under his watch ( ) More 2022-03-03
DNC lawyers spied on Trump's Internet traffic -- add it to the pile of illegal stuff that nobody is ever going to do anything about More 2022-02-12
This has to be illegal, or immoral, or something? -- the federal government is collecting information about and from sexually-active minors More 2022-02-01
Biden regime says there are no secret illegal alien flights -- they're lying! More 2022-01-31
Illegal ballot harvesting in Gwinnett County (GA) More 2022-01-30
Kamala says one of her "expectations" for 2022 is mass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens More 2022-01-23
The New Republic reminds us that Democrats have always been in favor of illegal voting More 2022-01-16
While America celebrated the New Year, the Donks were salting conservative counties with illegal Democrats More 2022-01-01
Biden is on pace to import 2 million illegal aliens into the U.S. by year end -- vax and mask not required More 2021-12-22
"WOKEness basically wants to make comedy illegal -- which is not cool" More 2021-12-22
Biden's $450,000 kiss to illegal invaders has been killed More 2021-12-18
New York Donks want to give the vote to 800,000 illegal aliens More 2021-11-28
DHA chief Myorkas is ignoring the wave of illegals crossing the border illegally to focus on diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) More 2021-11-22
Mayorkas hems and haws his way to "yes," Biden lied, the U. S. will pay millions to illegal aliens More 2021-11-05
DHS Secretary Mayorkas created a number of "protected areas" where illegal aliens cannot be arrested, including protests, schools, rehab facilities, and homeless shelters More 2021-10-28
As Team Biden imposes vaccine mandates on American citizens, illegal aliens remain exempt More 2021-10-26
Biden’s record-setting illegal immigration to the United States is "an unmitigated disaster" More 2021-10-25
Here comes the Biden Brigade -- thousands of illegals marching north under their new banner More 2021-10-23
Follow-up: Man who raped woman on train is a previously convicted illegal immigrant from The Congo ( ) More 2021-10-20
Everybody knows Mad Max is illegally funneling money to her daughter, but nothing will be done about it -- falls under the "everybody does it" rule More 2021-10-20
400,000 illegals expected to cross into the US this month -- then they're shipped all over the U. S. More 2021-10-19
The number of illegal immigrants released into the U. S. by the Biden administration is staggering More 2021-10-14
Homeland Security will no longer conduct raids on workplaces that employ illegal aliens More 2021-10-13
The illegal-alien LUCHA terror campaign against Sen. Sinema is threatening the Boston Marathon More 2021-10-11
Female illegal alien from China set fire to historic Alabama Church More 2021-10-11
Biden's DHS cancelled remaining border wall contracts as unprecedented numbers of illegals pour across wide-open border More 2021-10-09
Under the Biden regime, laws only apply to Americans, illegals are exempt -- and they don't have to remove their shoes either! More 2021-10-09
Biden’s budget includes billions of dollars -- in cash -- to illegal aliens with children More 2021-10-05
The illegals stalking and assaulting Sen. Simena are from George Soros-funded group LUCHA More 2021-10-05
Biden dismissed Sen. Sinema being cornered into a restroom by insane illegal alien, saying "it happens to everybody... it's part of the process" More 2021-10-05
Biden's $3.5 trillion spending bill gives illegal aliens same child benefits as Americans More 2021-10-04
An illegal alien harassed a U.S. senator in the bathroom and demanded that she vote a certain way More 2021-10-04
Homeland Security chief solves the "immigration problem" -- he's just letting the illegals into the US and has no idea whether they have COVID or not More 2021-10-03
HSD chief, Mayorkas, said the border "is secure but closed," but the number of illegals expected to cross this month is greater than the population of many major American cities More 2021-10-03
In violation of US law, the DHS has instructed agents not to deport illegals solely for being in the US illegally More 2021-10-01
Donks want to fire and fine unvaccinated Americans, but voted against COVID tests for illegal alien invaders More 2021-09-30
Pelosi's budget reconciliation bill includes mass amnesty for illegals and abolishes annual green card caps to allow for unlimited future migration More 2021-09-28
Donks don't care one bit for the illegal aliens swarming across the border -- they care about their permanent electoral majority and don't give a rat's ass how many Americans die to get it More 2021-09-28
Biden is flooding the country with unvaccinated illegal Haitian immigrants from the Del Rio squatters camp More 2021-09-22
Haitian illegals revolt, seize control bus, and escape federal custody More 2021-09-22
Lefties are ouraged about Border Patrol agents "whipping" illegal aliens fantasy More 2021-09-20
Unlike airline passengers, illegal aliens don't have to have proof of vaccination to enter the U. S. More 2021-09-20
No matter what else is going on, the Democrats keep salting Americas with illegal aliens More 2021-09-20
Democrat plan to sneak through citizenship for DACA illegals rejected by Senate Parliamentarian More 2021-09-20
Biden orders Americans to vax and mask, while shipping unvaccinated illegals all over the country More 2021-09-18
The FAA just banned flights over the thousands of illegal aliens under the international bridge More 2021-09-17
"If Americans are 'mandated' vaccines, why not illegals" question goes unanswered More 2021-09-11
Biden's mandate exempts illegal aliens -- they're free to roam about infecting formerly free Americans More 2021-09-10
Congress-critter wants you to believe that illegals do not have COVID -- hammers Americans More 2021-08-13
Illegals with COVID are pouring over the border and then, still ill, being shuttled throughout the states More 2021-08-13
Illegal alien from Africa commits murder -- judge releases him from jail to halfway house More 2021-08-10
The staggering cost of illegal immigration More 2021-08-09
What was that the Democrats were saying about illegals in cages? More 2021-08-07
Is Biden purposely releasing COVID-infected illegal aliens into Texas to infect conservative Texans? More 2021-08-07
Woman beheaded in broad daylight by illegal alien after judge put the killer back on the street More 2021-08-06
Biden's humanitarian nightmare intensifies with hundreds of illegal immigrants living under a bridge More 2021-08-02
Satire is dead -- the Attorney General says it is "unlawful" for Texas to stop the bussing of illegal aliens within Texas More 2021-08-01
Team Biden ordered federal immigration judges to stop using the terms "alien" and "illegal alien" to describe illegal aliens living in the U. S. More 2021-07-28
Illegal alien family tells police officer they’d been apprehended by the Border Patrol and released because they were sick with COVID-19 More 2021-07-27
Team Biden's clandestine military operation is secretly moving illegal aliens around the country More 2021-07-15
Illegal Alien with History of Lewd Exposure Arrested For Armed Home Invasion and Violent Rape of 82-Year-Old Florida Woman More 2021-05-25
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