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The New York Times chronicled a Venezuelan family’s trek from Chile and Peru northward to the United States and inadvertently revealed the economic freebies and legal chaos enabling Joe Biden’s illegal alien invasion 2024-07-16 Read
An illegal alien, previously deported three times, has been charged in the arson murder of a mother and her two children 2024-07-15 Read
Another day, another illegal arrested for rape -- the victim is a child under twelve years of age 2024-07-13 Read
The big-three networks are burying the violent crimes committed by illegal aliens 2024-07-13 Read
Meanwhile, the illegal aliens keep coming -- "a never-ending stream," as Joe Biden would say ( ) 2024-07-12 Read
Soros-backed DA points out that Blacks are more likely to be carrying illegal firearms and drugs in their cars than whites. As a result, her prosecutors will not be allowed to pursue gun and drug charges stemming from traffic stops 2024-07-12 Read
Joe Biden threatens to veto bill requiring proof of U.S. citizenship to vote -- he didn't bring 10 million illegals here for nothing 2024-07-11 Read
A 6-year-old girl was killed in Alabama by a drunk Honduran illegal immigrant -- he has been charged with manslaughter 2024-07-11 Read
A gang of Venezuelans, illegally in the country, violently rob a Denver (CO) jewelry store 2024-07-10 Read
*** The largest illegal alien camp in America is, “massive and almost no one has heard of it -- It's a 60 square mile city full of illegal aliens in the middle of Texas ( ) *** 2024-07-10 Read
Immigration Lawyers are being able to get illegal migrants work permits and Social Security Cards in as little as one to two months 2024-07-09 Read
Illegal aliens can often get more in federal payouts than Social Security recipients who worked their whole lives to qualify for their meager payouts 2024-07-09 Read
Democrats oppose the "Save Act" -- they want 20 million illegal alien Democrats to be able to vote in out elections 2024-07-08 Read
New York Mayor Eric Adams rationalizes giving free money to illegal aliens who shouldn't be in New York City 2024-07-06 Read
Undercover video exposes illegal aliens admitting to being registered to vote in North Carolina 2024-07-04 Read
Illegal alien from El Salvador murdered two people inside a Texas Chick-fil-A -- these murders by Illegals are happening every day 2024-06-30 Read
Mayor Karen Bass announces she will make Antifa BLM and Hamas facemasks illegal in Los Angeles -- no more terrorizing innocent citizens while hiding behind masks 2024-06-30 Read
Traitor Mayorkas claims he has the power to admit more illegal aliens 2024-06-30 Read
Corey Alvarez, an illegal from Hati, was released on a $500 bail after being charged with the rape of a 15-year-old girl -- the court ignored ICE’s request to keep him detained 2024-06-28 Read
A Turkish National, Sakir Akkan, an illegal alien, was just arrested for forcing a teen girl into his car with a metal pipe and raping her 2024-06-27 Read
Illegal aliens camped out next to Washington state freeway demand housing -- “Angola is my home country, and we are here to get a house and something to dress.” 2024-06-27 Read
Over 400 illegals were brought into our country by an lSlS linked smuggling group -- DHS doesn’t know where most of them are. 2024-06-26 Read
Chicago police attempt to arrest an illegal -- he resisted, and it escalated fast 2024-06-26 Read
Why are illegal border crossers with terrorist ties being released? 2024-06-25 Read
More than 12 million illegal aliens have crossed the southern border under Joe Biden 2024-06-24 Read
*** Welfare offices in 49 states are handing out voter registration applications to illegal aliens. No proof of citizenship required *** 2024-06-23 Read
An illegal alien, who murdered 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray, was released into U. S. after he claimed he feared for his life if he was sent back to Venezuela 2024-06-21 Read
Joy Reid and Rep. Pramila Jayapal (WA) laugh at report of 13-year-old getting raped by illegal immigrant in Queens (NY) 2024-06-21 Read
Two thirds of Americans believe Joe Biden did something illegal or unethical related to his corrupt son Hunter's international business schemes 2024-06-21 Read
Massachusetts governor, Maura Healey, is spending $5,400 monthly per room for illegal aliens, who are overwhelming small towns and cities outside of Boston 2024-06-21 Read
Residents arrest an illegal alien who raped a 13-year-old girl in Queens Park (NY) 2024-06-19 Read
Joe Biden unveils his illegal alien Democrat voter registration plan 2024-06-19 Read
The city of Seattle (WA) is now recruiting DACA recipients (illegal immigrants) to become police officers 2024-06-19 Read
If literally just one percent of Joseph Biden’s invaders manages to push their illegal votes through, it will tip the presidency -- Biden will then complete eight years in power solely through stolen elections 2024-06-18 Read
An illegal alien from Mexico, deported 16 times, has been arrested and charged with vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, reckless driving, and driving without a commercial driver’s license in connection to the death of 64-year-old Scott Miller 2024-06-18 Read
An illegal immigrant who was released into the country by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) skipped his immigration hearing just weeks before stabbing a man to death in California 2024-06-16 Read
Joe Biden will announce his "Path to Citizenship" for illegal immigrants next week 2024-06-15 Read
Joe Biden is now protecting 860,000 more illegal aliens from deportation from the United States by expanding the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program 2024-06-14 Read
Illegals at San Antonio International airport in Texas have their own fast line and don’t even have to go through TSA screening with everyone else who’s been waiting patiently -- you don’t hate the Biden administration nearly enough. 2024-06-13 Read
An FEC complaint has been filed against Alvin Bragg and Joe Biden's campaign for illegal election interference 2024-06-13 Read
Boston’s Logan Airport is starting to look like a refugee camp and the illegals just keep coming 2024-06-12 Read
We now have U.S. taxpayer-funded outposts in foreign countries facilitating illegal immigration 2024-06-11 Read
The Guasur Insurance Company is signing illegal aliens up for free ObamaCare -- and the taxpayer is getting the bill 2024-06-11 Read
An illegal alien “got-away,” who successfully crossed the United States-Mexico border, is accused of raping a child in the sanctuary state of Massachusetts 2024-06-11 Read
A grandmother and great-grandmother were killed in a car crash on M-53 in Shelby Township (MI) and prosecutors charged Jose Eugeno Medina-Hernandez -- one of Joe Biden's illegal aliens -- with a misdemeanor 2024-06-11 Read
Fairfax County (VA) police officer attacked by a violent mob at an illegal street takeover -- this is what it’s like to be a police officer after the 2020 George Floyd, BLM and Antifa riots 2024-06-10 Read
Joe Biden's campaign co-chair Jim Clyburn says, “nobody” is paying for Biden’s illegal $167 billion student loan debt bailout 2024-06-07 Read
Denver Democrats pick illegal aliens for jobs needed by Americans 2024-06-05 Read
Arizona GOP has filed a lawsuit against the corrupt secretary of state after discovering from 500,000 to 1.3 million illegal voters on the state’s voter rolls 2024-06-05 Read
Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens may now remain in the United States thanks to deportation cases against them being dropped -- an effective "amnesty" --by Joe Biden, who can do everything except close the border. 2024-06-04 Read
The illegal alien who shot two New York City cops last Monday had his deportation case dismissed by a federal immigration judge just weeks before 2024-06-04 Read
135 out the 680 hotels in NYC are now shelters for illegal immigrants 2024-06-04 Read
Gary Gensler was the Hillary official who illegally filed payments for the fake Steele Dossier as "legal expenses" -- he is now Chairman of the SEC 2024-06-01 Read
An illegal Pakistani alien, shouting “I’m gonna kill all the Jews,” attempted to murder a group of Orthodox Jewish students outside of a Brooklyn (NY) school 2024-05-31 Read
Afghan illegal invader on terror watchlist was set free inside U.S. -- twice! 2024-05-29 Read
An illegal alien has been arrested in Alleghany County (VA) for kidnapping an underage girl from Louisiana 2024-05-28 Read
Chicago police have arrested an illegal immigrant for the tenth time since last July. The judge recommends supervised release 2024-05-28 Read
California wrongly claimed $53 million in Medicaid services for illegal aliens 2024-05-27 Read
Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) tells it like it is -- "The ultimate goal is to get citizenship" for the illegals 2024-05-25 Read
The DoJ sues Oklahoma to put an end to its new state law that imposes criminal penalties on those living in the state illegally 2024-05-24 Read
A group of several dozen illegal aliens joined liberal Democrat politicians in New York City on Thursday to protest for even more free stuff for the “newcomers” 2024-05-24 Read
San Diego at 2 AM last night -- not a single Illegal Invader from Mexico 2024-05-23 Read
Left-wing and mainstream media ignore, downplay, or outright lie to preserve the narrative that illegal immigrants are all innocent strivers, “fleeing poverty and violence in their home countries” 2024-05-23 Read
Teheran John Kerry obstructed the FBI from arresting illegal aliens that aided and abetted Iran’s nuclear program ( ) 2024-05-23 Read
An illegal alien, who served ten years for killing two children, was released from prison by the sanctuary state of Connecticut instead of being turned over to ICE for deportation 2024-05-23 Read
DHS is planning to hand out IDs to illegal aliens making them eligible for federal government assistance 2024-05-20 Read
Joe Biden has secretly flown 434,800 unknown, unvetted, illegal aliens into American cities 2024-05-20 Read
An illegal immigrant from Mexico has been ensnared by the long arm of justice after being caught red-handed in what authorities have described as a "mobile rape dungeon" 2024-05-20 Read
Jack Smith will be forced to counter motions that the DoJ's prosecution is selective and vindictive; the appointment of Smith is illegal; and several parties, including Joe Biden’s White House, colluded to concoct the unprecedented case. 2024-05-20 Read
Foreign-born U. S. population is now 16% and shatters U. S. record as illegal immigration goes unchecked. 2024-05-18 Read
CBS equates the illegal alien Invasion with historic civil rights struggle 2024-05-17 Read
Joe Biden is changing the U.S. asylum system-- illegal alien invaders will now be processed before all others -- the election looms 2024-05-17 Read
More Red Chinese nationals illegally entered the U. S. in two days this month than in all of 2021 2024-05-16 Read
Immigration officials say COVID emergency policies keep ICE from detaining illegal aliens 2024-05-16 Read
Two illegal aliens from Jordan tried to breach the Marine Corps Base at Quantico (VA) -- one of the Jordanians was on the terrorist watch list 2024-05-16 Read
Mayor Eric Adams says that illegals flooding New York could fill the city's lifeguard shortage because "they're excellent swimmers" 2024-05-15 Read
Democrats on the House Homeland Security Committee are dismissing an upcoming hearing on the sharp rise in Chinese illegal immigration as "invasion rhetoric" and "fearmongering" 2024-05-15 Read
Three illegal aliens from Guatemala have pleaded guilty and been convicted of gang raping a deaf woman after kidnapping her in Santa Fe, New Mexico 2024-05-15 Read
DA Alvin Bragg offers plea deals to illegal aliens that attacked NYC cops as he continues his bogus "no-crime" case against Trump. 2024-05-15 Read
Just in time for the election -- Immigration and Customs Enforcement will be issuing taxpayer-funded identification cards for thousands of illegal immigrants. 2024-05-12 Read
"Do you think there are [illegal aliens] that are coming over that have the intent to do our neighbors, our friends, our family members harm?" -- "Absolutely" -- Border Patrol officer 2024-05-11 Read
Illegal aliens CAN register to vote and when they are processed into the country they prodded by administration workers to do so 2024-05-11 Read
Joe Biden is asking hardworking, taxpaying Americans to foot the bill for illegal immigrants’ health care -- this policy is not only unjust, it is economically unsustainable for millions of American citizens 2024-05-11 Read
Charges are dropped against hundreds of illegals that attacked the Texas National Guard -- Joe Biden needs their votes 2024-05-11 Read
A paid immigration activist demands Denver provide illegal aliens with their "rights" while describing the U. S. as a "colonial structure" 2024-05-10 Read
With the election rapidly approaching, Joe Biden's Department of Homeland Security will begin issuing ID cards to illegal aliens crossing the border 2024-05-10 Read
House Democrats voted unanimously to continue including foreign nationals, illegal aliens among them, when apportioning congressional districts in states 2024-05-10 Read
House Democrats voted unanimously to give illegal aliens -- including Joe Biden’s 11 million illegal border crossers -- representation in Congress and the Electoral College 2024-05-09 Read
Illegal aliens don't have to follow the law -- their very presence in the U. S. is illegal 2024-05-09 Read
*** The loophole in the U.S. law that allows Illegal aliens to vote without penalty *** 2024-05-09 Read
Office of Management and Budget official refuses to answer how Executive Order #14019, "Promoting Access to Voting" won’t be used to help illegal aliens vote 2024-05-08 Read
The Department of Health and Human Services has redefined "Lawfully Present" to provide free health care to illegal aliens 2024-05-08 Read
Will illegal aliens be able to choose our next president? -- as it turns out, yes, maybe even legally -- here's a federal law you may not have heard of 2024-05-08 Read
Joe Biden referred to illegal aliens as “model citizens” during a Cinco de Mayo event at the White House. 2024-05-08 Read
Illegal Chinese migrants are using Mexican IDs to enter the U. S. 2024-05-07 Read
An illegal alien arrested for kidnapping and raping an 11-year-old girl was released and given a court date in 2027 2024-05-07 Read
100,000 illegals covered by DACA will enroll in ObamaCare next year, while 25 million Americans remain uninsured 2024-05-04 Read
Massachusetts' lesbian governor steals $426 million from the commonwealth's taxpayers to house and support illegal aliens 2024-05-03 Read
A 33-year-old member of ISIS, Jovokhir Attoev, was arrested two weeks ago by federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement -- he's been in the U. S. illegally for two years 2024-05-02 Read
In just four months, Florida citizens had to pick up the $566 million hospital tab for illegal aliens 2024-05-01 Read
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