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Joe Biden Is Not A Nice Guy 2024-05-19 12  Read
Joe Biden is sneaking illegals into America by air 2024-03-17 5  Read
Defending the Indefensible -- Democrats are compelled to defend the Biden Family's corruption 2024-01-14 46  Read
Jamie Raskin's sorry-assed attempt to smear Donald Trump 2024-01-07 4  Read
The Democrats very bad week 2023-12-17 21  Read
Democrats want Trump dead 2023-12-03 1  Read
Trials, Treason and a 180º 2023-11-12 4  Read
Follow The Money 2023-11-05 15  Read
Every week there are new reports of Biden corruption 2023-10-29 10  Read
Can you imagine being tried by judges and prosecutors who you know have set out to find you guilty of something? 2023-10-22 7  Read
It's getting harder and harder for the Democrats to cover up for the Bidens 2023-10-01 24  Read
Obama is still "the Boss" 2023-09-24 1  Read
There are literally hundreds of federal employees, from cabinet officers down to GS-4s, working full time on covering up Joe Biden's corruption 2023-09-17 23  Read
Bent! -- these aren't your parents Democrats 2023-09-10 1  Read
By a two-to-one margin, Americans see what the DoJ is up to 2023-09-03 10  Read
Meet Robert L. Peters 2023-08-20 11  Read
The "no evidence" choir segues into deep denial 2023-08-13 43  Read
Democrats insist there's no evidence of a crime -- they wish it were so! 2023-08-06 28  Read
The Democratic Party goes to the dark side 2023-07-23 4  Read
Justice Goes Rogue -- whistle-blower Gal Luft's story 2023-07-16 24  Read
Everybody knows whose cocaine it was except the feds 2023-07-09 27  Read
Hunter Biden, the $120,000,000 man 2023-07-02 31  Read
Liar! -- Why would anybody believe Joe Biden? 2023-06-25 18  Read
The FBI has been protecting Joe Biden for years 2023-06-18 15  Read
Burisma 2023-06-11 31  Read
Joe Biden's lust for money is destroying the Department of Justice 2023-05-28 4  Read
The Coup 2023-05-21 2  Read
There can be little doubt, Joe Biden should be tried for treason! 2023-05-14 2  Read
Biden Crime Family Update 2023-05-07 17  Read
The Fruits Of "Equity" have the capacity to completely destroy the United States 2023-04-16 1  Read
Prosecutor Bragg, The Democrats' latest assassin doesn't have a crime 2023-04-09 1  Read
Joe Biden's big lie, the "I know nothing" defense has crumbled 2023-03-26 12  Read
Biden Family Deals are like money for nuthin' 2023-03-19 13  Read
"Show us the money" says the Biden Crime Family 2023-02-26 31  Read
Disinformation? Just who is disinforming whom? 2023-02-19 6  Read
Joe Biden's lawyers are defending the indefensible 2023-02-05 9  Read
Joe Biden has problems, BIG problems 2023-01-29 6  Read
Joe Biden's TOP SECRET (SCI) problem is a real problem 2023-01-15 1  Read
The Consortium is a censorship industry based on a whole of society model 2023-01-08 3  Read
Impeach Joe Biden 2023-01-02 2  Read
FBI And Twitter -- it's as if Twitter was a subsidiary of the FBI 2022-12-18 4  Read
Twitter Files reveal government censorship 2022-11-20 3  Read
The Biden Family corruption is tarnishing American institutions 2022-11-13 15  Read
The Democratic Party's Rule #1 is "Always blame the other guy for doing what you're doing" 2022-11-06 7  Read
Misinformation -- who decides Truth? 2022-10-30 5  Read
Joe Biden sniffs a tranny in the runup to the election 2022-10-09 1  Read
Joe Biden's war on Christians 2022-10-02 1  Read
It's not a Hunter Biden story, it's a Joe Biden story 2022-09-25 22  Read
It's Obama's plan, but Joe is the patsy 2022-09-18 2  Read
Hunter Biden's guns and the Secret Service 2022-09-11 31  Read
Joe Biden's War suffers from a shortage of domestic extremists 2022-09-04 2  Read
Mar-A-Lago Raid -- the FBI unleashed! 2022-08-07 1  Read
America's STASI -- The Democrats' secret police 2022-07-30 3  Read
Corruption In Media -- The concept of a free and independent press is dead 2022-04-03 9  Read
Joe Biden's "National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism" 2022-02-06 2  Read
Joe Biden Hates His Own People -- The Biden Administration declares war on Americans 2022-01-16 1  Read

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Documents and records in Hunter Biden’s California tax trial are designed to prove he violated U.S. tax law, but also show how Hunter received millions from foreign sources and how Joe Biden was involved in those deals 2024-05-22 Read
Joe Biden is not worried about Hunter going to prison -- he's worried about Hunter Biden spilling the beans to stay out! 2024-05-18 Read
Joe Biden's aides worry about his psychological torment as son Hunter heads for trial, but what Joe is really worried about is that Hunter will spill the beans on The Big Guy's role in The Biden Crime Family's foreign deals 2024-05-17 Read
Hunter Biden’s sugar daddy is tapped out 2024-05-16 Read
Court rejects Hunter Biden's appeal in gun case, setting the stage for his trial to begin next month 2024-05-14 Read
"Hunter Got High" -- a sing along! 2024-04-29 Read
Joe Biden grants clemency to sixteen cocaine and crack dealers --Hunter is grateful 2024-04-28 Read
Hunter Biden is called out by Russian news media for filming himself in dozens of sex tapes with underage girls while measuring and using crack cocaine 2024-04-27 Read
Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, has been sued by Hunter Biden associate, Tony Bobulinski 2024-04-26 Read
Secret Service agents protecting Hunter Biden at his Malibu mansion spent more than $4.5million in taxpayer funds in fiscal 2022 2024-04-15 Read
NPR editor rebukes NPR's coverage of Hunter Biden laptop, COVID lab leak and Russiagate 2024-04-10 Read
Sen. Grassley (R-IA) demands the DoJ and IRS come clean about targeting Hunter Biden whistleblowers 2024-04-08 Read
A Joe Biden-appointed judge ripped the DoJ for ignoring Hunter Biden' subpoenas by pointing out Peter Navarro is in prison for the same offense 2024-04-06 Read
Hunter Biden's attorneys argued that the federal tax charges against him should be dismissed because they were part of a prosecution fueled by politics 2024-03-29 Read
Why would the CIA block federal investigators from interviewing Hunter Biden’s “sugar brother” Kevin Morris? -- this movie just keeps getting weirder and weirder 2024-03-22 Read
Hunter Biden and his associates worked with a rogue’s gallery of foreigners who were under investigation in their home countries or were convicted of crimes in the United States 2024-03-16 Read
Hunter Biden and his partners aided CEFC China Energy in Red China's attempt to acquire Westinghouse's nuclear technology while Joe Biden was vice president 2024-03-15 Read
Hunter Biden refuses to appear before the House Oversight Committee for the "open hearing" he has requested for months 2024-03-14 Read
Hunter Biden knows he's untouchable while daddy has Garland on a leash 2024-03-14 Read
Documents show that Hunter Biden sought to help CEFC China Energy buy Westinghouse, the premier maker of U.S. nuclear reactors 2024-03-14 Read
Special Counsel Dave Weiss accuses Hunter Biden of lying to the court 2024-03-11 Read
Hunter Biden was paid $1 million by CEFC to act as attorney for their employee, Dr Patrick Ho, but now Ho is threatening to sue the first son within seven days unless he gets the money back -- Ho claims Hunter did no legal work for him 2024-03-04 Read
Jason Galanis, one of Hunter Biden's former business associates, has testified that Hunter sought roughly $5 million from fugitive Ukrainian oligarch Dmitri Firtash to help try to quash a U.S. indictment 2024-03-04 Read
Joe Biden snaps at a reporter for asking if he had lunch or dinner with his son Hunter’s business partners ( ) 2024-03-02 Read
Hunter Biden's congressional testimony is a bad acid trip 2024-03-01 Read
Hunter Biden has leverage in that his father, Joe Biden, “controls the U.S. Attorney General” 2024-03-01 Read
Hunter Biden confirms Joe Biden is "The Big Guy" 2024-03-01 Read
Eight unbelievable claims from Hunter Biden’s congressional deposition 2024-03-01 Read
Check out Hunter Biden's eyes -- it must run in the family ( ) 2024-02-29 Read
Hunter Biden is set to appear at a closed-door Oversight Committee hearing today after members of the committee agreed to specific terms for the release of the transcript 2024-02-28 Read
Hunter Biden's testimony in front of the House Oversight Committee is what used to be referred to as perjury -- "I did not involve my father in my business" ~ Hunter Biden 2024-02-28 Read
Hunter Biden planned to organize a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund marrying foreign investors with the “globally known political name, "Biden" 2024-02-27 Read
After firing Catherine Herridge, who was investigating the Hunter Biden laptop story, CBS News seized her files, computers and information on privileged sources 2024-02-23 Read
Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and James Biden are clearly guilty of unregistered foreign lobbying, money laundering, bribery, and raking in tens of millions of dollars from Russia, China, and Ukraine in violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act 2024-02-23 Read
Hunter Biden Special Counsel, David Weiss, has indicted the whistleblower that dropped the dime on the Biden's $10 million deal with Burisma 2024-02-21 Read
Kevin Morris, Hunter Biden’s $6.5 million patron, draws fire from all sides 2024-02-19 Read
CNN is promoting Natasha Bertrand, who wrote the 2020 report on intel officials who called the Hunter Biden laptop being Russian disinformation -- instead of paying a price for pushing disinformation, she is being rewarded for it 2024-02-14 Read
Hunter Biden business associate, Rob Walker, tells Congress how Joe Biden's name scored CEFC China Energy deal worth millions 2024-02-13 Read
America First Legal has filed a complaint with the D.C. Court of Appeals Board of Professional Responsibility against Hunter Biden for engaging "in a pattern and practice of professional misconduct" 2024-02-01 Read
Hunter Biden defense team wants prosecutors to go to AA meetings 2024-01-31 Read
Rob Walker’s testimony confirms reports that Hunter Biden’s work for the Chinese energy company CEFC began while Joe Biden was still Vice President, in 2015 2024-01-27 Read
Trump tax leaker gets the Hunter Biden treatment with a "sweetheart deal" from the DoJ 2024-01-26 Read
Five tall tales from the testimony of Hunter Biden’s "sugar bro," Kevin Morris 2024-01-24 Read
Here are the top Biden White House lies surrounding Hunter Biden's art scam 2024-01-23 Read
Hunter Biden's life insurance contributions, reported in Suspicious Activity Reports, open up a new line of inquiry in Joe Biden's impeachment 2024-01-22 Read
Why is a Republican governor protecting one of Trump's head-hunters? 2024-01-19 Read
“Kevin Morris admitted he has ‘loaned’ Hunter Biden nearly $6 million" 2024-01-19 Read
Foreign agent law violations loom over Hunter Biden as House prepares to depose him 2024-01-17 Read
FBI found cocaine on gun pouch belonging to Hunter Biden 2024-01-17 Read
Hunter Biden stiffed his art dealer 2024-01-17 Read
After four long years of deceit, the DoJ finally acknowledged the Hunter Biden laptop content is legitimate 2024-01-17 Read
Hunter Biden's Manhattan art dealer, Georges Bergès, has had enough 2024-01-16 Read
"Dr. Jill made it very clear that she is very concerned about how they're treating [Hunter]" 2024-01-14 Read
The media is doing all it can to minimize the crimes of the Biden family -- especially poor, poor Hunter -- who is now being portrayed as a "victim." 2024-01-14 Read
"For now, the House of Representatives will move forward with holding Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress until such time that Hunter Biden confirms a date to appear for a private deposition in accordance with his legal obligation" 2024-01-13 Read
Democrats do not want the Republicans to get Hunter Biden into a private hearing -- questioners get one hour as opposed to five minutes 2024-01-11 Read
Why Democrats need to re-think their defense of Hunter Biden 2024-01-10 Read
Joe Biden's White House appears to have deceived the American people about Hunter's art business 2024-01-10 Read
Hunter Biden's art dealer gives latest evidence shredding the White House narrative on the Biden family's finances 2024-01-10 Read
House Oversight Committee wants Hunter Biden's finances submitted in the state paternity case brought by Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter's youngest daughter, Navy Joan 2024-01-10 Read
Hunter Biden -- the Movie!! 2024-01-08 Read
Kyiv mayor, Vitali Klitschko, was a "core shareholder" in Hunter Biden-led Burisma subsidiary 2024-01-08 Read
Hunter Biden contempt of Congress process gets underway next week 2024-01-06 Read
Ray Hulser, the official who “declined prosecution” of the Clinton Foundation in 2016, has joined Jack Smith's team of headhunters 2024-01-06 Read
"Hunter Biden to tell his side of the story in documentary by Hollywood lawyer friend; President’s son hopes film will save his reputation amid Republican attacks and two criminal trials" 2024-01-05 Read
FOIA documents show how Hunter Biden used his influence with his father’s vice-presidential staff to provide benefits to one of his clients 2024-01-05 Read
Jamie Raskin demonstrates the Democrats' double standard -- except for Hunter Biden 2024-01-02 Read
60% of voters think news media bias is getting worse -- they don’t believe the media are giving enough coverage to the legal problems of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter. 2023-12-27 Read
Impeachment inquiry expands to whether Joe Biden obstructed Congress over Hunter Biden testimony 2023-12-27 Read
Saturday Night Live won’t touch Hunter Biden even though the First Son’s adult life could fuel a thousand sketches 2023-12-23 Read
Whistleblower testifies that Hunter Biden raked in $17 million from foreign sources and never paid a dime in taxes 2023-12-20 Read
Hunter Biden faces disbarment if convicted for felonies -- he's already suspended by one state Bar 2023-12-20 Read
The New York Times doctored an exact quote from Hunter Biden to downplay Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter's business 2023-12-18 Read
The people that insist "there's no evidence that Joe Biden was involved with Hunter Biden's business" are lying and know they are lying 2023-12-16 Read
Hunter Biden says he's considering fleeing the country if Trump wins in 2024 2023-12-15 Read
The Oversight Committees will hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress 2023-12-15 Read
Indisputable evidence of Joe Biden knowing and being a part of Hunter Biden's business dealings ( video ) 2023-12-14 Read
Hunter Biden meme wins the internet today 2023-12-14 Read
Hunter Biden didn't show up for his hearing -- will he now be held in contempt of Congress? 2023-12-13 Read
"Hunter Biden today defied lawful subpoenas and we will now initiate contempt of Congress proceedings" 2023-12-13 Read
These media propagandists always knew that the Hunter Biden laptop was Hunter Biden's 2023-12-11 Read
The latest efforts of the DoJ to evade any reference to Joe Biden in the Hunter Biden indictment is a marvel of evasion 2023-12-10 Read
The five most salacious details from the Hunter Biden indictment 2023-12-09 Read
Hunter Biden says, "They’re trying to kill me, knowing that it will be a pain greater than my father could be able to handle" 2023-12-09 Read
The Hunter Biden indictment “seems to leave the door open” to foreign lobbying violations related to his foreign business deals 2023-12-09 Read
Hunter Biden attacks Elon Musk 2023-12-09 Read
*** The DoJ drops additional charges on Hunter Biden intended to prevent him from testifying before Congress on the 13th ( ) *** 2023-12-08 Read
Hunter Biden indicted by federal grand jury on nine counts related to his tax returns -- DoJ blocks December 13th subpoenae for Hunter to testify 2023-12-08 Read
Christopher Wray actually said the FBI couldn't admit the Hunter Biden laptop was real because it was "an election season" 2023-12-08 Read
The White House is not taking the news that Hunter Biden was indicted very well -- especially the worst press secretary in history, KJP 2023-12-08 Read
New evidence chronicles efforts to conceal Hunter Biden’s tax problems from voters in 2020 2023-12-07 Read
If Hunter Biden does not appear for a deposition on December 13, 2023, the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees will initiate contempt of Congress proceedings 2023-12-07 Read
Joe Biden used shadow email account to exchange hundreds of messages with Hunter Biden's business partner 2023-12-06 Read
Chinese money flowed freely into Joe Biden's personal accounts from both brother James and son Hunter -- there was little separation between family bank accounts 2023-12-06 Read
IRS whistleblower confirms Hunter Biden received nearly $5 million from donor for personal expenses 2023-12-06 Read
House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman, James Comer, put Hunter Biden on notice: show up for his impeachment inquiry deposition on December 13th or be prepared to go to court 2023-12-02 Read
Any Americans? -- other than family members of people who bought Hunter Biden "art?" ( ) 2023-11-28 Read
*** The lone U.S. hostage freed is the niece of a woman who overpaid for Hunter Biden's art -- "I was personally involved with the release of that American hostage" ~ Joe Biden *** 2023-11-27 Read
60% of registered voters believe Joe Biden "helped and participated" in Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals 2023-11-21 Read
Hunter Biden will be teaching a course on "Fake News" at Tulane University 2023-11-15 Read
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