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*** Hunter Biden was receiving classified State Department briefings on a regular basis -- used G2 to promote Biden Crime Family business *** More 2023-01-27
Hunter Biden comes to the aid of other dissolute Bidens More 2023-01-27
Yeah, we downplayed the Hunter Biden laptop story ~ Meta (Facebook) Global Affairs President More 2023-01-26
The story behind the Hunter Biden $49,510 rental application -- there's a lot of money moving around ( ) More 2023-01-25
*** Hunter Biden emailed Devon Archer information that is sourced to Joe Biden's TOP SECRET (SCI) documents *** More 2023-01-24
Hunter Biden’s laptop led to the discovery of Biden’s stolen TOP SECRET (SCI) documents More 2023-01-23
Hunter Biden's "laptop from hell" has a photo of tattered "important docs" cardboard box in Delaware garage More 2023-01-22
How Joe Biden's TOP SECRET (SCI) documents got to "the closet" -- and Hunter Biden's name pops up More 2023-01-21
Despite Hunter Biden's disgraceful efforts at rejecting his daughter, Navy Jones Roberts, she is a Biden More 2023-01-16
Hunter Biden is a world-class scumbag More 2023-01-15
Jake Tapper is angry that Kevin McCarthy wants to investigate Hunter Biden More 2023-01-04
The mother of Hunter Biden’s love child has asked a court to legally change the 4-year-old’s last name to Biden, so the girl can benefit from the family’s presidential lineage More 2022-12-30
Every new or purported crisis -- Russiagate, "the Insurrection," Hunter Biden's laptop, COVID -- is exploited to escalate censorship More 2022-12-28
Slate runs a piece telling its readers how to lie about the Hunter Biden situation More 2022-12-26
Internal documents, from the last Twitter Files dump, show a Soros-funded outfit had a hand in spiking the Hunter Biden laptop story on Twitter More 2022-12-24
The Aspen Institute is a Soros-funded group tied to Twitter’s efforts to squash the Hunter Biden laptop scandal ( ) More 2022-12-21
Hunter Biden laptop whistleblower, John Paul Mac Isaac, voiced concerns over the media's return to silence on the scandal -- he calls it, "Watergate 2.0.'" More 2022-12-21
Hunter Biden earned tens of millions of dollars from foreign business deals for which, “Hunter offered no real work” More 2022-12-20
The most interesting crackhead in the world -- Hunter Biden More 2022-12-20
*** The Twitter Files #7 -- The FBI and the Hunter Biden laptop -- Michael Shellenberger, MD *** More 2022-12-19
Some of work that Hunter Biden did for China was left “intentionally uncompensated” until Joe Biden left office and millions started flowing in 2017 More 2022-12-19
Nearly three-quarters of all voters (72%) think the DoJ should investigate Hunter Biden’s business dealings with foreign governments More 2022-12-16
White House could block National Archives from releasing trove of Hunter Biden emails More 2022-12-15
John Solomon sets the record straight on Hunter Biden laptop story More 2022-12-14
The FBI tampered with a national election by lying to Twitter about the Hunter Biden laptop More 2022-12-13
The Secret Service keeps changing its story about Hunter Biden’s "dumpster gun" ( ) More 2022-12-13
There's a second Hunter Biden laptop -- the DEA seized it from Hunter's celebrity shrink, Keith Ablow ( ) More 2022-12-12
Hunter Biden is getting big, big bucks for his occupational therapy paintings -- most see another hustle More 2022-12-12
Hunter Biden attorney organizing supporters for an all-out war against potential witnesses More 2022-12-12
Hunter Biden plans defamation lawsuits against Fox News, Giuliani More 2022-12-11
Hunter Biden's banking records will implicate Joe Biden More 2022-12-07
They can't hide the Hunter Biden story anymore More 2022-12-07
Elon Musk fired Twitter general counsel, James Baker, over his role in suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story ( ) More 2022-12-07
The FBI conspiracy to bury the Hunter Biden's laptop story More 2022-12-06
The Hunter Biden laptop story has gone from Russian disinformation to "a distraction full of old news" in three days More 2022-12-05
Christopher Wray And Bill Barr both covered up the Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 election -- they knew Joe Biden was compromised and the kept silent More 2022-12-04
Hunter Biden’s former law firm received $10 million in forgiven COVID loans while donating $1 million to Democrats More 2022-12-04
Hiding the truth about Hunter Biden More 2022-12-03
It's not a Hunter Biden story More 2022-12-03
Right after the October 2020 Hunter Biden laptop story broke, a small group of Twitter execs decided to label the NY Post’s story as “hacked material” -- the rest is history More 2022-12-03
This timeline demonstrates how ABC, CBS and NBC have mostly ignored Hunter Biden's scandals More 2022-11-25
Hunter Biden owned a financial stake in a digital banking platform for illegal aliens -- introduced its founder to Joe Biden More 2022-11-23
Remember how hard the Democrat media worked to dismiss the Hunter Biden laptop story as disinformation ( video ) More 2022-11-22
CBS News "confirms" Hunter Biden laptop is real 769 days after the NY Post broke story More 2022-11-22
Investigating Hunter Biden is very stupid -- stupid, I tell you! More 2022-11-18
Hunter Biden's former business partner is ready to testify with thousands of new call recordings, text messages, photos, emails and documents to a congressional probe More 2022-11-07
*** Hunter Biden's "laptop is “a modern Rosetta stone" -- it "illuminate[s] previously convoluted network webs of the people leading the charge for global governance" *** More 2022-10-27
New emails shine light on Hunter Biden deal that Joe Biden declared had been "totally discredited" More 2022-10-18
The FBI has always known Joe Biden was involved in Hunter Biden's deals with the Chinese Communists More 2022-10-18
Sen. Chuck Grassley requests FBI records in relation to Hunter Biden's relationship with China More 2022-10-17
Timothy Thibault, the FBI agent who spiked the Hunter Biden laptop story, told the GOP to stick it! More 2022-10-16
No surprise here -- former FBI agent, Timothy Thibault, who buried the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 election, refuses to cooperate with House GOP More 2022-10-15
Ex-MSNBC and CNN bosses defend ignoring Hunter Biden laptop story -- blame Rudy More 2022-10-15
The FBI framed Trump and saved Hunter Biden -- it’s time to clean house, for good More 2022-10-15
Proof the FBI framed Donald Trump and shielded Hunter Biden More 2022-10-13
The Justice Department has been investigating Hunter Biden for four years, and they still don't want to prosecute him More 2022-10-11
It's not a Hunter Biden story! -- it's a Joe Biden story -- and it's a story of corruption More 2022-10-09
Hunter Biden will never be tried in any court as long as the Big Guy sits in the Oval Office More 2022-10-09
The FBI team involved in the coverup of the Hunter Biden laptop story has been identified More 2022-10-09
Hunter Biden didn't pay his taxes, Kevin Morris, a prominent Hollywood attorney paid off more than $2 million of Hunter's delinquent taxes More 2022-10-08
Tony Bobulinski claims Hunter Biden defrauded him out of millions, slams media "blackout" on laptop story ( ) More 2022-10-05
The FBI had zero interest in pursuing the Hunter Biden story before the 2020 election More 2022-10-04
Meet the Chinese spy who worked for Hunter Biden More 2022-09-29
Why is the Secret Service sniffing around this local matter involving Hunter Biden's .38 revolver? More 2022-09-25
Hunter Biden gone wild! ( ) More 2022-09-23
Democrats try -- for the 78th time -- to hang something on President Trump on the same day that House Democrats killed a resolution to investigate Hunter Biden More 2022-09-21
House Democrats kill resolution to investigate Hunter Biden More 2022-09-21
The Democratic media's "Top 8" Hunter Biden laptop deniers -- many honorable mentions More 2022-09-19
Hunter Biden begged Maryland criminal to mail drugs to him at his LA hotel More 2022-09-19
Hunter Biden referred to Joe Biden using nicknames for "plausible deniability" in emails More 2022-09-17
Hunter Biden is requesting his child support payments, for his out-of-wedlock daughter, with a former stripper, be lowered, citing financial hardships More 2022-09-15
An Obama judge has denied a request for disclosure of the details of the Hunter Biden gun case -- cites "privacy" ( ) More 2022-09-15
More of Hunter Biden's adventures in Communist China -- as the DoJ continues its vendetta against Trump More 2022-09-09
“My Son Hunter,” Breitbart's Hunter Biden movie, is now available! More 2022-09-07
Treasury Department refuses to investigate Hunter Biden's foreign financial activity More 2022-09-04
Hunter Biden is about to become his own reality star More 2022-09-01
Black Marxist labels the actor who plays Hunter Biden in the film, a racist -- things don't go as planned More 2022-09-01
The FBI agent who buried the Hunter Biden laptop story was asked to resign and escorted from the FBI building -- not to worry, his pension is intact More 2022-08-30
8 out of 10 Americans think the Hunter Biden laptop cover-up changed the election More 2022-08-28
FBI says it "routinely notifies" social media companies of potential threats -- omits the part where the "Hunter Biden laptop notice" was a lie More 2022-08-28
Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan that the FBI pressured Facebook to censor Hunter Biden laptop story -- a clear violation of the 1st Amendment More 2022-08-26
79% of Americans say that President Trump likely would have won ee-election if voters had known the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop More 2022-08-25
FBI whistleblowers say senior officials ordered Bureau not to investigate Hunter Biden laptop More 2022-08-25
"My Son Hunter -- the Hunter Biden movie" -- should be interesting? More 2022-08-20
How Hunter Biden helped the Chinese Communist Party's premier influence group gain a US foothold More 2022-08-18
So, FBI, why no raid of Hunter Biden’s house? More 2022-08-17
The criminal investigation of Hunter Biden is not just a right-wing media story, and is a “real problem” for Joe Biden More 2022-08-08
Is there evidence Joe Biden was getting a cut of Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca business deals? -- you betcha! ( ) More 2022-08-08
Would these guys be the same 50 that swore the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation? More 2022-08-08
Despite denials from the White House, Hunter Biden still owns an equity share of Chines Communist energy company More 2022-08-08
“I loved to be reassured that my 9-inch very big penis was actually big" ~ Hunter Biden More 2022-08-07
Joe Biden met with Hunter Biden's communist Chinese partners at the White House in 2014 More 2022-08-06
The FBI engaged in "political interference" in Hunter Biden cover-up More 2022-08-01
Whistleblowers have revealed that the DoJ and FBI illegally suppressed information on Hunter Biden More 2022-07-29
New info from Hunter Biden laptop shows Joe Biden is the bagman for US national security establishment More 2022-07-28
"Highly credible sources tell me the FBI's running political interference for Hunter Biden" More 2022-07-26
The DoJ and Hunter Biden's lawyers are working on a plea deal that will effectively bury the crimes of the Biden Crime Family More 2022-07-22
Being married to Hunter Biden, America's biggest scumbag, has to be a drain on one's dignity and emotions More 2022-07-22
Republicans demand answers on Strategic Petroleum Reserve sale to China firm in which Hunter Biden holds a 10% stake ( ) More 2022-07-22
Recovered text message should lead to Joe Biden’s impeachment and Hunter Biden’s immediate arrest More 2022-07-20
Hunter Biden still owns stake in Chinese Oil Company -- and The Big Guy still gets his 10% More 2022-07-19
Hunter Biden Hacked ( video ) More 2022-07-18
"F*ck my stepmother, for always being as much of a selfish silly entitled c*nt, as you" ~ Hunter Biden More 2022-07-13
Hunter Biden texted a Pornhub page to a phone number saved in his contacts as "Dad" on Oct. 22, 2018 -- Zero Hedge has a whole page of stuff More 2022-07-12
Where does Hunter Biden park his Secret Service bodyguards when he's humping and fumping Russian and Chinese hookers? More 2022-07-12
Hunter Biden arguing with a hooker about how much crack he has More 2022-07-11
The 4chan community has hacked Hunter Biden’s iCloud account -- 4Chan link: ( ) More 2022-07-11
Hunter Biden called Jill Biden a "vindictive moron" and blasted her teaching skills in foul-mouthed argument over rehab More 2022-07-09
The criminal case against Hunter Biden More 2022-07-09
The tale of Hunter Biden's payments to alleged Russian prostitutes More 2022-07-09
Having Hunter Biden in the White House, "with all the porn and drug use shown in his videos, is more in-your-face disrespect than I've ever seen from a president" More 2022-07-08
The Hunter Biden Detox Program More 2022-07-07
Hunter Biden's dad is sending oil from our STRATEGIC Oil Reserves to our #1 enemy, Red China More 2022-07-07
Imitating Sgt.Schultz about Hunter Biden's laptop won't fly, Karen ( ) More 2022-07-06
Hunter Biden sought Google help in China deal ( ) More 2022-07-04
Video of Hunter Biden accosting an escort tied to a Russian bank account ( thread ) More 2022-06-28
DoJ blocks GOP effort to get answers In Hunter Biden probe More 2022-06-19
Hunter Biden rationalizes his drug use More 2022-06-14
Hunter Biden’s vavorite Las Vegas hooker got $20,000 federal PPP loan for "Female-Owned Sole Proprietorship" after Joe Biden took office More 2022-06-08
Why isn't Hunter Biden in prison? ( ) More 2022-06-04
Hunter Biden's 120,000 emails have been released -- in downloadable form More 2022-05-19
Hunter Biden's email just dropped -- all 125,000 of them More 2022-05-15
Why would attorney Keven Morris financially back Hunter Biden and pay off the First Son’s past-due tax debts? More 2022-05-09
How the censorship of the Hunter Biden’s laptop story helped Joe Biden win More 2022-05-09
Hunter Biden’s laptop password was "AnalFuck69," according to Delaware computer shop owner, John Paul Mac Isaac. More 2022-05-07
The computer repairman who found Hunter Biden’s laptop has filed suit against Adam Schiff, CNN, The Daily Beast, Politico, and others More 2022-05-04
Hunter Biden took a trip to Moscow to meet with Russian oligarch -- the stuff they said Trump did, but didn't More 2022-05-03
Hunter Biden met with Tony Blinken in 2015, when he was Deputy Sec. of State, but Blinken doesn't want to talk about it now More 2022-04-30
Elon Musk tweeted: "I'm buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in" -- it's all fun and games Elon until Hunter Biden gets his head stuck in the vending machine" ~ Bill Maher More 2022-04-30
The Hunter Biden noose is tightening around the Big Guy More 2022-04-28
Elon Musk criticized Twitter's top lawyer -- who made the decision to ban Trump -- for banning stories on Hunter Biden's laptop More 2022-04-27
Hunter Biden demanded his brother's widow '"get tested for HIV" after he stopped schtupping her More 2022-04-26
Jen Psaki knows nothing about Hunter Biden’s business partner’s 19 visits to the White House More 2022-04-26
Wikipedia removes page to protect Hunter Biden More 2022-04-24
The contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop are about to be released. More 2022-04-19
Joe Biden had absolutely nothing to do with coke addict Hunter Biden making millions More 2022-04-18
One lesson from theHunter Biden scandal is that it lifted the curtain of foreign governments’ covert influence campaigns in the United States More 2022-04-15
U.S. prosecutor is weighing whether there is sufficient evidence to indict Hunter Biden for tax fraud, money laundering, and the violation of lobbying laws More 2022-04-15
The Hunter Biden scandal has always been about Joe Biden More 2022-04-13
Hunter Biden's kickbacks to "the Big Guy" are still turning up More 2022-04-11
How Hunter Biden used monies from the Biden family's shady deals to pay the bills More 2022-04-11
Democrats block subpoena for Hunter Biden to testify before Congress More 2022-04-07
"Hunter Biden knew full well who he was dealing with" More 2022-04-07
The Secret Service is spending over $30,000 per month to rent Malibu mansion to protect the First Crackhead, Hunter Biden -- then add the agents expenses More 2022-04-05
The intelligence agencies didn't want to know what was on Hunter Biden's laptop More 2022-04-02
NBC finally discovers the Hunter Biden story More 2022-04-01
The Democratic media can no longer ignore the Hunter Biden story -- but there's a player missing from their reports More 2022-04-01
U.S. intel and national security apparatus make moves to protect Joe Biden from Hunter Biden laptop fallout More 2022-03-31
Bank records show Hunter Biden’s financial ties to the Chinese communists More 2022-03-31
Mainstream media completely ignores new developments in Hunter Biden scandals More 2022-03-29
The Hunter Biden laptop story has oozed into the mainstream media More 2022-03-25
Will Hunter Biden be indicted? More 2022-03-24
Psaki says they have no idea if Hunter Biden got a ton of money from the Chinese and Russians More 2022-03-20
As prosecutors weigh charges, memos show Hunter Biden was warned about unpaid taxes and lobbying -- but he was stoned! More 2022-03-20
The senior ex-intelligence officials who signed the 2020 letter declaring Hunter Biden’s laptop and its emails were Russian disinformation ( ) More 2022-03-20
Does anybody believe Hunter Biden will ever pay the Piper as long as Donks hold power? More 2022-03-18
The NY Times now admits the stuff on Hunter Biden's laptop, that it labeled "Russian disinformation," is authentic ( ) More 2022-03-18
There are only two possible explanations for the Secret Service's handling of Hunter Biden's records More 2022-03-17
Hunter Biden's partner goes to prison for fraud -- too bad his dad isn't president More 2022-03-01
Secret Service gets "Hillary Disease" -- claims they can't find Hunter Biden's travel records More 2022-02-28
Why is Hunter Biden's pimp still out of jail after multiple probation violations? More 2022-01-11
Psaki refuses to answer questions about Hunter Biden and his sketchy financial interests More 2021-12-07
Congress must investigate Hunter Biden and those protecting him More 2021-12-06
Joe Rogan calls out big tech’s conspiracy to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story because they were concerned people "would read" into the story and re-elect Donald Trump. More 2021-12-03
Hunter Biden and a Serbian foreign agent plotted an investment meeting with Serbian president and oligarchs ( ) More 2021-12-02
Hunter Biden’s therapist, Dr. Keith Ablow, repeatedly alluded to Joe Biden's struggle with dementia More 2021-12-02
CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC ignore NYT bombshell report on Hunter Biden's business deal with Chinese More 2021-11-24
AG, Merrick Garland, is dodging questions about a special counsel investigation of Hunter Biden More 2021-10-23
Here comes another Hunter Biden scandal -- this one involves a Russian oligarch More 2021-10-22
"Will you appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden?" More 2021-10-22
The Hunter Biden political corruption story -- and Joe Biden's role in it -- isn't going to go away More 2021-10-14
Emails reveal Hunter Biden’s relationship with shadowy Chinese tycoon More 2021-10-13
This is a real Business Insider headline -- "Hunter Biden isn't Trump, but what he's up to is bad" More 2021-10-13
The very special Hunter Biden action figure complete with adorable tiny crack pipe More 2021-10-13
That the White House refuses to answer question, "does Hunter Biden still hold his 10% stake in Chinese private equity firm," answers the question More 2021-10-05
A colleague of Hunter Biden’s, who arranged a visit of a group of Chinese with Vice President Biden in the White House, is connected to the mob More 2021-09-29
The 50 high-ranking members of the intelligence community that covered Hunter Biden's ass More 2021-09-26
Hunter Biden has always been the bag man for the Biden Crime Family More 2021-09-23
Almost every major media outlet spent weeks before the 2020 election repeating the outright CIA lie that the Hunter Biden archive was "Russian disinformation" More 2021-09-23
Glenn Greenwald thread covers the Hunter Biden cover-up -- says he'll release video tonight More 2021-09-22
Do you remember how quickly the media buried the Hunter Biden laptop story? More 2021-09-22
More damning information about Hunter Biden that will be promptly ignored by the media More 2021-09-21
Hunter Biden cries on hooker's shoulders about his laptop that was stolen by Russians (video) More 2021-08-12
Hunter Biden's art dealer said he wanted to be the "lead guy in China" More 2021-07-27
Federal prosecutors kept the investigation into Hunter Biden a secret during the 2020 presidential election More 2021-07-17
White House says Hunter Biden "has the right" to sell his "artwork" to anonymous buyers for $500,000 More 2021-07-12
Hunter Biden's art scheme is a "perfect mechanism for funneling bribes to [the] president" More 2021-07-10
White House wants maximum secrecy for Hunter Biden's art swindle More 2021-07-08
Hunter Biden's father just stuck it up Ukraine's ass! More 2021-06-16
Babylon Bee spoof of the Hunter Biden "N-word" controversy is drawing attention to its absence in the press More 2021-06-12
Hunter Biden’s Emails Show Friends Mocking "Faggots" And "Dykes." More 2021-06-09
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