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Hunter Biden could face six months incarceration, attorneys fees of up to $20,000 as well as a fine, and an automatic loss on his legal arguments if he doesn't come up with documents More 2023-06-07
Inside the whirlwind 48 hours before Hunter Biden bought the handgun More 2023-06-07
Whistleblowers allege derogatory evidence against Hunter Biden has been placed in highly restricted systems that prevent other FBI investigators from reviewing in course of related work ( thread ) More 2023-06-05
Nearly 10,000 Hunter Biden vids, photos, documents posted to the Internet More 2023-06-04
Hunter Biden is in trouble for mixing drugs and guns -- and recording it on video ( ) More 2023-06-02
Hunter Biden will claim the 2nd Amendment protects his right to own a gun while addicted to crack More 2023-06-02
Emails show Hunter Biden advised then-Vice President Joe Biden’s office on who to invite for state occasions involving China, as well as where to visit on a trip to Africa More 2023-06-01
Emails show Hunter Biden and his associates had direct contact with Joe Biden's staff at the White House More 2023-06-01
AG Merrick Garland has steadfastly refused to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden More 2023-05-31
Hunter Biden is being protected by the Justice Department says IRS whistleblower More 2023-05-26
Hunter Biden's out-of-wedlock daughter's lawyers are "following the money" More 2023-05-22
Hunter Biden flew by private jet to a hearing where he claimed to be too poor to pay child support More 2023-05-21
The FBI office handling the Hunter Biden investigation is the same one that booted the Igor Danchenko investigation More 2023-05-19
Hunter Biden lobbied the State Department in 2016 on behalf of corrupt Romanian national More 2023-05-17
The FBI was a disinformation outlet for Hillary Clinton and the DNC to frame Trump as a Russian agent to sway the outcome of the 2016 election, and again with Hunter Biden's laptop during the 2020 election ( thread ) More 2023-05-17
The entire IRS team investigating Hunter Biden's taxes is suddenly taken off the investigation More 2023-05-17
The coverup of a coverup is underway as the Hunter Biden tax investigation whistleblower who alleged a coverup says his entire team was removed from case on orders from the DoJ More 2023-05-16
Do you think Hunter Biden might have introduced this guy to cocaine? More 2023-05-15
Hunter Biden's sex workers may testify before Congress More 2023-05-14
Emails on the Hunter Biden laptop show close ties between Hunter Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and his wife going back over a decade ( ) More 2023-05-10
The CIA solicited signatures for and approved the infamous 2020 letter claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop story was a Russian disinformation plot More 2023-05-10
The NY Post, one of the oldest newspapers in the U. S. and which leads the coveriage of the Hunter Biden scandal, was barred from yesterday's press event by the White House More 2023-05-09
House chairman urges DoJ to delay Hunter Biden indictment until he releases new evidence on Wednesday More 2023-05-08
Hunter Biden's ex-business partner Devon Archer urged to testify against the Bidens to avoid prison More 2023-05-08
Rumor -- Biden has told his advisers he will pardon Hunter Biden and any other member of his family targeted by House Republicans and/or prosecutors ( thread ) More 2023-05-08
As evidence emerges in Hunter Biden probe -- investigators see a political protection racket More 2023-05-03
The Democratic press ignored Hunter Biden appearing in court to lower his support payments -- imagine the field day they'd have if this was one of Trump's sons More 2023-05-03
Arkansas Judge rips Hunter Biden for concealing his financial records from his daughter's mother -- threatens to subpoena art gallery records More 2023-05-02
Reporter asks Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, "Do you accept that [Hunter Biden's] laptop is not Russian disinformation?" More 2023-05-02
Hunter Biden claimed poverty at his paternity hearing yesterday -- he was represented by Abbe Lowell, one of the most expensive lawyers in Washington More 2023-05-02
An Arkansas judge ordered Hunter Biden to answer written questions about his investments, his art sales and other financial transactions as part of a paternity-related case More 2023-05-02
Sen Ron Johnson (R-WI) accused Secretary of State Antony Blinken of telling “boldface” lies when he testified under oath to Congress that he never emailed Hunter Biden -- unfortunately, nobody will do anything about it. More 2023-05-01
Hunter Biden whistleblowers are "scared to death to come forward" and "fear for their lives" because Hunter's lawyers and friends are "threatening them" More 2023-05-01
Hunter Biden's 10% equity in BHR Holdings is being held by Hunter Biden's lawyer, but Hunter still has his 10% piece of $2 billion Chinese company More 2023-04-29
The "info ops," run to convince voters the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation extends far beyond the Biden campaign More 2023-04-27
Former DNI, John Ratcliffe, said Michael Morell, the Biden campaign, and Antony Blinken all knew that the Hunter Biden laptop was not Russian disinformation More 2023-04-25
*** An Arkansas judge has ordered Hunter Biden to personally show up in court to answer questions about his laptop, including whether financial records on it belong to him *** More 2023-04-25
The last place Hunter Biden wants to be is in a courtroom facing his critics More 2023-04-24
Hunter Biden is believed to be hiding out at the White House to evade legal papers from his baby mama More 2023-04-24
Hunter Biden's lawyers and the DoJ will meet next week to work out the strategy to cover up the Biden Crime Family scandal More 2023-04-22
Federal prosecutors consider four possible charges against Hunter Biden More 2023-04-21
Joe Biden's campaign colluded with the ex-spies on the discredited Hunter Biden letter More 2023-04-21
The Biden administration is improperly handling the criminal investigation into Hunter Biden, says whistleblower More 2023-04-20
Senior IRS agent blows whistle on the DoJ for thwarting the criminal prosecution of Hunter Biden More 2023-04-19
Congressional probe uncovers tie between the Biden campaign and the "intelligence community" letter dismissing the Hunter Biden laptop More 2023-04-17
Senators make new demands about FBI, Hunter Biden, and the Obama White House More 2023-04-16
The FBI has arrested the guy who leaked the Pentagon documents -- those FBI has had Hunter Biden's laptop for 4 years -- and nothing More 2023-04-14
*** The Cathay Bank has provided Senate Republicans with records revealing millions of dollars transferred from Chinese firms to Hunter Biden and James Biden *** More 2023-04-13
A Democratic judge has put Hunter Biden's financial records "off limits" in child support suit More 2023-04-02
Why did the Chinese Communists give Hunter Biden a 10% share of a $1 billion equity company? More 2023-03-29
Elon Musk comments on the two-tier justice system that ignores the 459 documented crimes found in Hunter Biden's laptop More 2023-03-20
Hunter Biden 2024 More 2023-03-19
Surely, there's an innocent explanation for why Hunter Biden's business partner wired Chinese money to a bunch of Biden family members through an LLC in small installments More 2023-03-17
Bank records show that Biden family associate, Rob Walker, transferred money from a Chinese energy company to Hunter Biden, James Biden, Hallie Biden, and a fourth "unknown Biden" -- wink! wink! More 2023-03-16
Newly-released emails show the Obama administration was "panicked" over questions about Hunter Biden's foreign business schemes More 2023-03-16
Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners – an investment firm led by Hunter Biden – was a lead financial backer of Metabiota, a pandemic tracking and response firm that has partnered with Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Institute of Virology More 2023-03-15
KJP refuses to answer questions about Hunter Biden -- as the Biden Crime Family coverup continues at the highest level of government More 2023-03-07
Hunter Biden has been linked to a Chinese military firm helping Russia fight Ukraine More 2023-03-04
Over a dozen whistleblowers have come forward claiming Hunter Biden is/was involved in criminal activity More 2023-03-02
AG Garland admitted that he would personally have to authorize any potential charges against Hunter Biden -- what are the odds? More 2023-03-02
Hunter Biden's criminal defense attorney, Joshua Levy, has quit the "first son's" legal team amid an environment of "unease and dissent" among the 4-lawyer legal team More 2023-03-02
Jim Jordan wants to know why the DoJ hasn't appointed a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden -- as if he didn't know More 2023-03-01
An Israeli whistleblower, who served alongside Hunter Biden as an adviser to the Chinese Communist Party-linked, CEFC China Energy, has given the FBI damning information about the Biden Crime Family’s deals More 2023-02-27
Brian Stelter wants you to believe that 51 high-ranking members of the intelligence community and the entire Democratic media didn't label Hunter Biden's laptop, "Russian disinformation" More 2023-02-26
"A lot of very suspicious money" -- Hunter Biden's art dealer stonewalls GOP probe More 2023-02-24
Game on! -- Hunter Biden misses midnight deadline to turn over business records to Oversight Committee – Subpoenas Coming More 2023-02-24
GOP lawmakers vow to unmask Hunter Biden’s anonymous art buyers More 2023-02-24
Hunter Biden’s top financial lieutenant Eric Schwerin is expected to “soon” provide documents to the House Oversight Committee’s investigation of the Biden family for nine violations, including money laundering and wire fraud More 2023-02-23
Networks ignore Hunter Biden refusing a congressional documents request More 2023-02-23
Very-deep dive into Hunter Biden's deal-making and the players involved More 2023-02-18
Hunter Biden and the Monkey Island deal More 2023-02-15
Hunter Biden has threatened to sue Steve Bannon and others for distributing stuff from the laptop More 2023-02-12
Hunter Biden asked Joe Biden's top White House aide to help a Serbian businessman campaign for UN chief More 2023-02-11
*** Hunter Biden got the blues *** More 2023-02-11
This framing of the Hunter Biden Twitter story is outrageous gaslighting that shows just how far the anti-speech activists have fallen More 2023-02-10
Hunter Biden has reportedly rebuffed the requests for documents from the House Oversight Committee More 2023-02-10
AOC claims Hunter Biden laptop story is fake More 2023-02-09
The networks ignore the hearings on the Twitter/Hunter Biden Laptop story censorship -- following items demonstrate why More 2023-02-09
C.R.E.A.M. -- crack rules everything around me -- a Hunter Biden rap More 2023-02-07
It's Hunter Biden's birthday More 2023-02-05
Nobody ever accused Hunter Biden of being smart … well, except his dad ( long thread ) More 2023-02-04
Hunter Biden's business partner helped move 1,850 boxes of documents from Biden's VP office in 2012 More 2023-02-03
Hunter Biden was served with a defamation lawsuit by John Paul Mac Isaac last week ( ) More 2023-02-03
Hunter Biden's lawyers' say their admission, that Hunter's laptop is really Hunter's laptop, is "NOT an acknowledgement that the laptop is, in fact, Hunter's." More 2023-02-03
WaPo’s Matt Viser, guesting on MSNBC, says Hunter Biden’s laptop doesn’t have "much" implicating his father More 2023-02-03
Hunter Biden demands investigations into reporting on his laptop, threatens to sue Tucker Carlson and others ( thread ) More 2023-02-02
Two months after receiving a $500,000 investment from Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca in 2014, Ukrainian bio lab Metabiota received a $23.9 million contract from the DoD More 2023-02-01
Hunter Biden used Delaware house where TOP SECRET (SCI) documents were found as his "home office" More 2023-01-29
*** Hunter Biden was receiving classified State Department briefings on a regular basis -- used G2 to promote Biden Crime Family business *** More 2023-01-27
Hunter Biden comes to the aid of other dissolute Bidens More 2023-01-27
Yeah, we downplayed the Hunter Biden laptop story ~ Meta (Facebook) Global Affairs President More 2023-01-26
The story behind the Hunter Biden $49,510 rental application -- there's a lot of money moving around ( ) More 2023-01-25
*** Hunter Biden emailed Devon Archer information that is sourced to Joe Biden's TOP SECRET (SCI) documents *** More 2023-01-24
Hunter Biden’s laptop led to the discovery of Biden’s stolen TOP SECRET (SCI) documents More 2023-01-23
Hunter Biden's "laptop from hell" has a photo of tattered "important docs" cardboard box in Delaware garage More 2023-01-22
How Joe Biden's TOP SECRET (SCI) documents got to "the closet" -- and Hunter Biden's name pops up More 2023-01-21
Despite Hunter Biden's disgraceful efforts at rejecting his daughter, Navy Jones Roberts, she is a Biden More 2023-01-16
Hunter Biden is a world-class scumbag More 2023-01-15
Jake Tapper is angry that Kevin McCarthy wants to investigate Hunter Biden More 2023-01-04
The mother of Hunter Biden’s love child has asked a court to legally change the 4-year-old’s last name to Biden, so the girl can benefit from the family’s presidential lineage More 2022-12-30
Every new or purported crisis -- Russiagate, "the Insurrection," Hunter Biden's laptop, COVID -- is exploited to escalate censorship More 2022-12-28
Slate runs a piece telling its readers how to lie about the Hunter Biden situation More 2022-12-26
Internal documents, from the last Twitter Files dump, show a Soros-funded outfit had a hand in spiking the Hunter Biden laptop story on Twitter More 2022-12-24
The Aspen Institute is a Soros-funded group tied to Twitter’s efforts to squash the Hunter Biden laptop scandal ( ) More 2022-12-21
Hunter Biden laptop whistleblower, John Paul Mac Isaac, voiced concerns over the media's return to silence on the scandal -- he calls it, "Watergate 2.0.'" More 2022-12-21
Hunter Biden earned tens of millions of dollars from foreign business deals for which, “Hunter offered no real work” More 2022-12-20
The most interesting crackhead in the world -- Hunter Biden More 2022-12-20
*** The Twitter Files #7 -- The FBI and the Hunter Biden laptop -- Michael Shellenberger, MD *** More 2022-12-19
Some of work that Hunter Biden did for China was left “intentionally uncompensated” until Joe Biden left office and millions started flowing in 2017 More 2022-12-19
Nearly three-quarters of all voters (72%) think the DoJ should investigate Hunter Biden’s business dealings with foreign governments More 2022-12-16
White House could block National Archives from releasing trove of Hunter Biden emails More 2022-12-15
John Solomon sets the record straight on Hunter Biden laptop story More 2022-12-14
The FBI tampered with a national election by lying to Twitter about the Hunter Biden laptop More 2022-12-13
The Secret Service keeps changing its story about Hunter Biden’s "dumpster gun" ( ) More 2022-12-13
There's a second Hunter Biden laptop -- the DEA seized it from Hunter's celebrity shrink, Keith Ablow ( ) More 2022-12-12
Hunter Biden is getting big, big bucks for his occupational therapy paintings -- most see another hustle More 2022-12-12
Hunter Biden attorney organizing supporters for an all-out war against potential witnesses More 2022-12-12
Hunter Biden plans defamation lawsuits against Fox News, Giuliani More 2022-12-11
Hunter Biden's banking records will implicate Joe Biden More 2022-12-07
They can't hide the Hunter Biden story anymore More 2022-12-07
Elon Musk fired Twitter general counsel, James Baker, over his role in suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story ( ) More 2022-12-07
The FBI conspiracy to bury the Hunter Biden's laptop story More 2022-12-06
The Hunter Biden laptop story has gone from Russian disinformation to "a distraction full of old news" in three days More 2022-12-05
Christopher Wray And Bill Barr both covered up the Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 election -- they knew Joe Biden was compromised and the kept silent More 2022-12-04
Hunter Biden’s former law firm received $10 million in forgiven COVID loans while donating $1 million to Democrats More 2022-12-04
Hiding the truth about Hunter Biden More 2022-12-03
It's not a Hunter Biden story More 2022-12-03
Right after the October 2020 Hunter Biden laptop story broke, a small group of Twitter execs decided to label the NY Post’s story as “hacked material” -- the rest is history More 2022-12-03
This timeline demonstrates how ABC, CBS and NBC have mostly ignored Hunter Biden's scandals More 2022-11-25
Hunter Biden owned a financial stake in a digital banking platform for illegal aliens -- introduced its founder to Joe Biden More 2022-11-23
Remember how hard the Democrat media worked to dismiss the Hunter Biden laptop story as disinformation ( video ) More 2022-11-22
CBS News "confirms" Hunter Biden laptop is real 769 days after the NY Post broke story More 2022-11-22
Investigating Hunter Biden is very stupid -- stupid, I tell you! More 2022-11-18
Hunter Biden's former business partner is ready to testify with thousands of new call recordings, text messages, photos, emails and documents to a congressional probe More 2022-11-07
*** Hunter Biden's "laptop is “a modern Rosetta stone" -- it "illuminate[s] previously convoluted network webs of the people leading the charge for global governance" *** More 2022-10-27
New emails shine light on Hunter Biden deal that Joe Biden declared had been "totally discredited" More 2022-10-18
The FBI has always known Joe Biden was involved in Hunter Biden's deals with the Chinese Communists More 2022-10-18
Sen. Chuck Grassley requests FBI records in relation to Hunter Biden's relationship with China More 2022-10-17
Timothy Thibault, the FBI agent who spiked the Hunter Biden laptop story, told the GOP to stick it! More 2022-10-16
No surprise here -- former FBI agent, Timothy Thibault, who buried the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 election, refuses to cooperate with House GOP More 2022-10-15
Ex-MSNBC and CNN bosses defend ignoring Hunter Biden laptop story -- blame Rudy More 2022-10-15
The FBI framed Trump and saved Hunter Biden -- it’s time to clean house, for good More 2022-10-15
Proof the FBI framed Donald Trump and shielded Hunter Biden More 2022-10-13
The Justice Department has been investigating Hunter Biden for four years, and they still don't want to prosecute him More 2022-10-11
It's not a Hunter Biden story! -- it's a Joe Biden story -- and it's a story of corruption More 2022-10-09
Hunter Biden will never be tried in any court as long as the Big Guy sits in the Oval Office More 2022-10-09
The FBI team involved in the coverup of the Hunter Biden laptop story has been identified More 2022-10-09
Hunter Biden didn't pay his taxes, Kevin Morris, a prominent Hollywood attorney paid off more than $2 million of Hunter's delinquent taxes More 2022-10-08
Tony Bobulinski claims Hunter Biden defrauded him out of millions, slams media "blackout" on laptop story ( ) More 2022-10-05
The FBI had zero interest in pursuing the Hunter Biden story before the 2020 election More 2022-10-04
Meet the Chinese spy who worked for Hunter Biden More 2022-09-29
Why is the Secret Service sniffing around this local matter involving Hunter Biden's .38 revolver? More 2022-09-25
Hunter Biden gone wild! ( ) More 2022-09-23
Democrats try -- for the 78th time -- to hang something on President Trump on the same day that House Democrats killed a resolution to investigate Hunter Biden More 2022-09-21
House Democrats kill resolution to investigate Hunter Biden More 2022-09-21
The Democratic media's "Top 8" Hunter Biden laptop deniers -- many honorable mentions More 2022-09-19
Hunter Biden begged Maryland criminal to mail drugs to him at his LA hotel More 2022-09-19
Hunter Biden referred to Joe Biden using nicknames for "plausible deniability" in emails More 2022-09-17
Hunter Biden is requesting his child support payments, for his out-of-wedlock daughter, with a former stripper, be lowered, citing financial hardships More 2022-09-15
An Obama judge has denied a request for disclosure of the details of the Hunter Biden gun case -- cites "privacy" ( ) More 2022-09-15
More of Hunter Biden's adventures in Communist China -- as the DoJ continues its vendetta against Trump More 2022-09-09
“My Son Hunter,” Breitbart's Hunter Biden movie, is now available! More 2022-09-07
Treasury Department refuses to investigate Hunter Biden's foreign financial activity More 2022-09-04
Hunter Biden is about to become his own reality star More 2022-09-01
Black Marxist labels the actor who plays Hunter Biden in the film, a racist -- things don't go as planned More 2022-09-01
The FBI agent who buried the Hunter Biden laptop story was asked to resign and escorted from the FBI building -- not to worry, his pension is intact More 2022-08-30
8 out of 10 Americans think the Hunter Biden laptop cover-up changed the election More 2022-08-28
FBI says it "routinely notifies" social media companies of potential threats -- omits the part where the "Hunter Biden laptop notice" was a lie More 2022-08-28
Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan that the FBI pressured Facebook to censor Hunter Biden laptop story -- a clear violation of the 1st Amendment More 2022-08-26
79% of Americans say that President Trump likely would have won ee-election if voters had known the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop More 2022-08-25
FBI whistleblowers say senior officials ordered Bureau not to investigate Hunter Biden laptop More 2022-08-25
"My Son Hunter -- the Hunter Biden movie" -- should be interesting? More 2022-08-20
How Hunter Biden helped the Chinese Communist Party's premier influence group gain a US foothold More 2022-08-18
So, FBI, why no raid of Hunter Biden’s house? More 2022-08-17
The criminal investigation of Hunter Biden is not just a right-wing media story, and is a “real problem” for Joe Biden More 2022-08-08
Is there evidence Joe Biden was getting a cut of Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca business deals? -- you betcha! ( ) More 2022-08-08
Would these guys be the same 50 that swore the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation? More 2022-08-08
Despite denials from the White House, Hunter Biden still owns an equity share of Chines Communist energy company More 2022-08-08
“I loved to be reassured that my 9-inch very big penis was actually big" ~ Hunter Biden More 2022-08-07
Joe Biden met with Hunter Biden's communist Chinese partners at the White House in 2014 More 2022-08-06
The FBI engaged in "political interference" in Hunter Biden cover-up More 2022-08-01
Whistleblowers have revealed that the DoJ and FBI illegally suppressed information on Hunter Biden More 2022-07-29
New info from Hunter Biden laptop shows Joe Biden is the bagman for US national security establishment More 2022-07-28
"Highly credible sources tell me the FBI's running political interference for Hunter Biden" More 2022-07-26
The DoJ and Hunter Biden's lawyers are working on a plea deal that will effectively bury the crimes of the Biden Crime Family More 2022-07-22
Being married to Hunter Biden, America's biggest scumbag, has to be a drain on one's dignity and emotions More 2022-07-22
Republicans demand answers on Strategic Petroleum Reserve sale to China firm in which Hunter Biden holds a 10% stake ( ) More 2022-07-22
Recovered text message should lead to Joe Biden’s impeachment and Hunter Biden’s immediate arrest More 2022-07-20
Hunter Biden still owns stake in Chinese Oil Company -- and The Big Guy still gets his 10% More 2022-07-19
Hunter Biden Hacked ( video ) More 2022-07-18
"F*ck my stepmother, for always being as much of a selfish silly entitled c*nt, as you" ~ Hunter Biden More 2022-07-13
Hunter Biden texted a Pornhub page to a phone number saved in his contacts as "Dad" on Oct. 22, 2018 -- Zero Hedge has a whole page of stuff More 2022-07-12
Where does Hunter Biden park his Secret Service bodyguards when he's humping and fumping Russian and Chinese hookers? More 2022-07-12
Hunter Biden arguing with a hooker about how much crack he has More 2022-07-11
The 4chan community has hacked Hunter Biden’s iCloud account -- 4Chan link: ( ) More 2022-07-11
Hunter Biden called Jill Biden a "vindictive moron" and blasted her teaching skills in foul-mouthed argument over rehab More 2022-07-09
The criminal case against Hunter Biden More 2022-07-09
The tale of Hunter Biden's payments to alleged Russian prostitutes More 2022-07-09
Having Hunter Biden in the White House, "with all the porn and drug use shown in his videos, is more in-your-face disrespect than I've ever seen from a president" More 2022-07-08
The Hunter Biden Detox Program More 2022-07-07
Hunter Biden's dad is sending oil from our STRATEGIC Oil Reserves to our #1 enemy, Red China More 2022-07-07
Imitating Sgt.Schultz about Hunter Biden's laptop won't fly, Karen ( ) More 2022-07-06
Hunter Biden sought Google help in China deal ( ) More 2022-07-04
Video of Hunter Biden accosting an escort tied to a Russian bank account ( thread ) More 2022-06-28
DoJ blocks GOP effort to get answers In Hunter Biden probe More 2022-06-19
Hunter Biden rationalizes his drug use More 2022-06-14
Hunter Biden’s vavorite Las Vegas hooker got $20,000 federal PPP loan for "Female-Owned Sole Proprietorship" after Joe Biden took office More 2022-06-08
Why isn't Hunter Biden in prison? ( ) More 2022-06-04
Hunter Biden's 120,000 emails have been released -- in downloadable form More 2022-05-19
Hunter Biden's email just dropped -- all 125,000 of them More 2022-05-15
Why would attorney Keven Morris financially back Hunter Biden and pay off the First Son’s past-due tax debts? More 2022-05-09
How the censorship of the Hunter Biden’s laptop story helped Joe Biden win More 2022-05-09
Hunter Biden’s laptop password was "AnalFuck69," according to Delaware computer shop owner, John Paul Mac Isaac. More 2022-05-07
The computer repairman who found Hunter Biden’s laptop has filed suit against Adam Schiff, CNN, The Daily Beast, Politico, and others More 2022-05-04
Hunter Biden took a trip to Moscow to meet with Russian oligarch -- the stuff they said Trump did, but didn't More 2022-05-03
Hunter Biden met with Tony Blinken in 2015, when he was Deputy Sec. of State, but Blinken doesn't want to talk about it now More 2022-04-30
Elon Musk tweeted: "I'm buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in" -- it's all fun and games Elon until Hunter Biden gets his head stuck in the vending machine" ~ Bill Maher More 2022-04-30
The Hunter Biden noose is tightening around the Big Guy More 2022-04-28
Elon Musk criticized Twitter's top lawyer -- who made the decision to ban Trump -- for banning stories on Hunter Biden's laptop More 2022-04-27
Hunter Biden demanded his brother's widow '"get tested for HIV" after he stopped schtupping her More 2022-04-26
Jen Psaki knows nothing about Hunter Biden’s business partner’s 19 visits to the White House More 2022-04-26
Wikipedia removes page to protect Hunter Biden More 2022-04-24
The contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop are about to be released. More 2022-04-19
Joe Biden had absolutely nothing to do with coke addict Hunter Biden making millions More 2022-04-18
One lesson from theHunter Biden scandal is that it lifted the curtain of foreign governments’ covert influence campaigns in the United States More 2022-04-15
U.S. prosecutor is weighing whether there is sufficient evidence to indict Hunter Biden for tax fraud, money laundering, and the violation of lobbying laws More 2022-04-15
The Hunter Biden scandal has always been about Joe Biden More 2022-04-13
Hunter Biden's kickbacks to "the Big Guy" are still turning up More 2022-04-11
How Hunter Biden used monies from the Biden family's shady deals to pay the bills More 2022-04-11
Democrats block subpoena for Hunter Biden to testify before Congress More 2022-04-07
"Hunter Biden knew full well who he was dealing with" More 2022-04-07
The Secret Service is spending over $30,000 per month to rent Malibu mansion to protect the First Crackhead, Hunter Biden -- then add the agents expenses More 2022-04-05
The intelligence agencies didn't want to know what was on Hunter Biden's laptop More 2022-04-02
NBC finally discovers the Hunter Biden story More 2022-04-01
The Democratic media can no longer ignore the Hunter Biden story -- but there's a player missing from their reports More 2022-04-01
U.S. intel and national security apparatus make moves to protect Joe Biden from Hunter Biden laptop fallout More 2022-03-31
Bank records show Hunter Biden’s financial ties to the Chinese communists More 2022-03-31
Mainstream media completely ignores new developments in Hunter Biden scandals More 2022-03-29
The Hunter Biden laptop story has oozed into the mainstream media More 2022-03-25
Will Hunter Biden be indicted? More 2022-03-24
Psaki says they have no idea if Hunter Biden got a ton of money from the Chinese and Russians More 2022-03-20
As prosecutors weigh charges, memos show Hunter Biden was warned about unpaid taxes and lobbying -- but he was stoned! More 2022-03-20
The senior ex-intelligence officials who signed the 2020 letter declaring Hunter Biden’s laptop and its emails were Russian disinformation ( ) More 2022-03-20
Does anybody believe Hunter Biden will ever pay the Piper as long as Donks hold power? More 2022-03-18
The NY Times now admits the stuff on Hunter Biden's laptop, that it labeled "Russian disinformation," is authentic ( ) More 2022-03-18
There are only two possible explanations for the Secret Service's handling of Hunter Biden's records More 2022-03-17
Hunter Biden's partner goes to prison for fraud -- too bad his dad isn't president More 2022-03-01
Secret Service gets "Hillary Disease" -- claims they can't find Hunter Biden's travel records More 2022-02-28
Why is Hunter Biden's pimp still out of jail after multiple probation violations? More 2022-01-11
Psaki refuses to answer questions about Hunter Biden and his sketchy financial interests More 2021-12-07
Congress must investigate Hunter Biden and those protecting him More 2021-12-06
Joe Rogan calls out big tech’s conspiracy to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story because they were concerned people "would read" into the story and re-elect Donald Trump. More 2021-12-03
Hunter Biden and a Serbian foreign agent plotted an investment meeting with Serbian president and oligarchs ( ) More 2021-12-02
Hunter Biden’s therapist, Dr. Keith Ablow, repeatedly alluded to Joe Biden's struggle with dementia More 2021-12-02
CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC ignore NYT bombshell report on Hunter Biden's business deal with Chinese More 2021-11-24
AG, Merrick Garland, is dodging questions about a special counsel investigation of Hunter Biden More 2021-10-23
Here comes another Hunter Biden scandal -- this one involves a Russian oligarch More 2021-10-22
"Will you appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden?" More 2021-10-22
The Hunter Biden political corruption story -- and Joe Biden's role in it -- isn't going to go away More 2021-10-14
Emails reveal Hunter Biden’s relationship with shadowy Chinese tycoon More 2021-10-13
This is a real Business Insider headline -- "Hunter Biden isn't Trump, but what he's up to is bad" More 2021-10-13
The very special Hunter Biden action figure complete with adorable tiny crack pipe More 2021-10-13
That the White House refuses to answer question, "does Hunter Biden still hold his 10% stake in Chinese private equity firm," answers the question More 2021-10-05
A colleague of Hunter Biden’s, who arranged a visit of a group of Chinese with Vice President Biden in the White House, is connected to the mob More 2021-09-29
The 50 high-ranking members of the intelligence community that covered Hunter Biden's ass More 2021-09-26
Hunter Biden has always been the bag man for the Biden Crime Family More 2021-09-23
Almost every major media outlet spent weeks before the 2020 election repeating the outright CIA lie that the Hunter Biden archive was "Russian disinformation" More 2021-09-23
Glenn Greenwald thread covers the Hunter Biden cover-up -- says he'll release video tonight More 2021-09-22
Do you remember how quickly the media buried the Hunter Biden laptop story? More 2021-09-22
More damning information about Hunter Biden that will be promptly ignored by the media More 2021-09-21
Hunter Biden cries on hooker's shoulders about his laptop that was stolen by Russians (video) More 2021-08-12
Hunter Biden's art dealer said he wanted to be the "lead guy in China" More 2021-07-27
Federal prosecutors kept the investigation into Hunter Biden a secret during the 2020 presidential election More 2021-07-17
White House says Hunter Biden "has the right" to sell his "artwork" to anonymous buyers for $500,000 More 2021-07-12
Hunter Biden's art scheme is a "perfect mechanism for funneling bribes to [the] president" More 2021-07-10
White House wants maximum secrecy for Hunter Biden's art swindle More 2021-07-08
Hunter Biden's father just stuck it up Ukraine's ass! More 2021-06-16
Babylon Bee spoof of the Hunter Biden "N-word" controversy is drawing attention to its absence in the press More 2021-06-12
Hunter Biden’s Emails Show Friends Mocking "Faggots" And "Dykes." More 2021-06-09
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