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"Women and girls disproportionately bear the burden of climatic events" ~ Hillary Clinton More 2024-04-16
Wellesley College students protest Hillary Clinton at her alma mater -- they say she has "blood on her hands" More 2024-04-08
Hillary Clinton is back in the disinformation business -- “Right-wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election” More 2024-04-02
Hillary continues to sing the same tired, old song More 2024-02-19
Hillary Clinton has become the crazy old aunt of politics More 2024-02-08
Sheila Jackson Lee -- endorsed by Hillary Clinton -- loses Houston mayoral race in landslide More 2023-12-10
Hillary Clinton claims "climate change" killed 500,000 people last year -- "particularly pregnant women" More 2023-12-06
Federal Appeals Court agrees -- seven months in prison for mocking Hillary Clinton is too severe More 2023-12-05
*** "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind" -- Hamas supporters shut down Hillary Clinton's class at Columbia University *** More 2023-11-30
Echoes from Hillary's past More 2023-11-10
Arrested by the FBI for a four-year-old tweet mocking Hillary Clinton More 2023-11-10
Hillary Clinton relies on Democratic Party Rule #1 during her visit with the Harpies on The View -- "always blame the other guy for doing what you're doing." More 2023-11-09
Hillary Clinton compares Trump to Hitler yet again More 2023-11-08
*** The National Archives has discovered 82,000 pages of Joe Biden's "alias-emails" -- dwarfing the Hillary Clinton scandal *** More 2023-10-31
Does anyone know of a reason why Hillary Clinton should have Secret Service protection? More 2023-10-30
Hillary Clinton's future More 2023-10-28
Interesting exchange with Hillary Clinton More 2023-10-24
Will Hillary ever be held responsible for Rose Law Files, BleachBit, Benghazi, Russiagate, and her other crimes? More 2023-10-06
Hillary Clinton trashes Trump as a “wannabe dictator” More 2023-10-05
Hillary Clinton warns election-interference deniers that Putin will interfere with the 2024 election and if we're not careful Donald Trump could win the presidency More 2023-09-26
"We should all be treated equally before the law" ~ Hillary Clinton More 2023-08-30
Hillary More 2023-08-15
Hillary Clinton blames "MAGA Republicans" for making it hot outside More 2023-07-28
“If "If Trump wins it would be the end of democracy in the United States -- it would be the end of Ukraine” ~ Hillary Clinton More 2023-07-05
Democrats, like Eric Holder, just can't wait for the trial -- Trump became guilty when he beat Hillary More 2023-07-03
The special counsel prosecuting Trump has very deep ties to the Obamas, George Soros, and Hillary Clinton More 2023-06-13
The FBI confirmed that Hillary Clinton had dozens of emails containing classified information on her unsecured, private email server -- she was never held accountable More 2023-06-13
Dan Goldman (D-NY) claims there is "no evidence" Hillary Clinton deliberately hid crucial content or tried to hinder the process of recovering that information More 2023-06-12
Why Hillary's situation is different than Donald Trumps' situation ( thread ) More 2023-06-11
Hillary is enjoying the two-tier justice system More 2023-06-10
Remember, James Comey was in the room when then-CIA Director Brennan informed Obama that Hillary and the Democratic National Committee were running an op against Trum More 2023-06-05
Hillary Clinton campaign contractor Fusion GPS withheld more than 1,500 Russiagate documents sought by Special Counsel Durham, claiming attorney-client privilege More 2023-06-03
Saint Hillary enumerates Trump's many faults More 2023-05-30
Hillary Clinton claims Trump "rigged" the 2020 election -- predicts the "end of democracy" if he wins in 2024 More 2023-05-25
After Joe Biden took office, the FBI destroyed its complete case file of its investigation into Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation More 2023-05-22
How Obama officials and the FBI squashed an investigation into Hillary Clinton More 2023-05-22
FBI top brass shut down four criminal investigations into Bill and Hillary Clinton's foreign money just before the 2016 election More 2023-05-19
The FBI was a disinformation outlet for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee to frame Trump as a Russian agent to sway the outcome of the 2016 election, and again with Hunter Biden's laptop during the 2020 election ( thread ) More 2023-05-17
Hillary Clinton is a sociopath More 2023-05-16
Hillary Clinton endorses Ron DeSantis -- can't imagine why More 2023-05-13
Remember when Hillary, the woman behind Russiagate, asked China to hack the 2020 election and Rachel Maddow loved every minute of it More 2023-05-02
Trump retires the monicker "Crooked Hillary Clinton" More 2023-04-28
Hillary Clinton introduces George Soros to American politics -- the lost files More 2023-04-28
Elon Musk just cancelled Hillary Clinton’s blue check mark More 2023-04-21
Hillary Clinton trashes Trump -- says he has "no chance" against Joe Biden in 2024 following indictment More 2023-04-19
Hillary Clinton -- Queen of Conspiracies -- speaks More 2023-04-11
Hillary Clinton explains the real reason she lost the 2016 election More 2023-04-07
One giant leap towards Stalinism as meme Maker Douglass Mackey (Ricky Vaughn) is found GUILTY of trolling Hillary Clinton during 2016 election More 2023-04-01
Hillary Clinton's campaign, her researchers and others formed a "joint venture or conspiracy" for the purpose of weaving the collusion story to harm Trump's election chances and then the start of his presidency. More 2023-03-27
Hillary Clinton has unleashed her allies in the corporate world to coerce Elon Musk to restore censorship policies or face bankruptcy -- free speech will only invite “disinformation, hate, and harassment” More 2023-03-22
Hillary Clinton's "WTF" moment! More 2023-03-09
Former MSNBC host Krystal Ball to Joe Rogan on how MSNBC tried to control her coverage of Hillary Clinton in 2014 More 2023-02-14
Meme maker faces ten years in federal prison for making hysterical memes about Hillary More 2023-02-07
Fact -- Joe Biden’s TOP SECRET (Sensitive Compartmented Information) documents case is more similar to Hillary’s than to Trump’s More 2023-01-20
Hillary Clinton joins the Frankfurt School More 2023-01-06
The FBI has been running interference for Hillary Clinton for years More 2022-12-24
Hillary is one of America's great disinformers and misinformers -- and the media only encourges her More 2022-12-03
A song for Hillary More 2022-11-26
Hillary Clinton-linked "Accountable Tech" actions reveal the level of panic in Democratic circles that free speech could be restored on one social media platform ( thread ) More 2022-11-20
Joe Biden tasked the Committee on Foreign Investment -- the bunch that approved Hillary's "Uranium One" deal -- to investigate the Musk's Twitter acquisition More 2022-11-12
Hillary More 2022-11-12
Hillary deploys Democrat Rule #1 -- "Always blame the other guy for doing what you are doing" More 2022-11-09
Joy Reid and Hillary Clinton -- bookends to a library of hate More 2022-11-03
Why isn't election denier and Russiagate conspirator, Hillary Clinton, in Leavenworth? More 2022-10-26
Hillary Soros More 2022-10-25
Hillary is still weaving Trump-Russia fantasies More 2022-10-02
Hillary's "NAZI" talk has been turned into a meme -- it's a masterpiece! More 2022-09-27
Hillary tried to destroy Trump with her Russiagate conspiracy and failed -- so she's elevating her game -- Trump is now Hitler, and Trump supporters are NAZIs More 2022-09-24
Hillary tried to destroy Trump with her Russiagate conspiracy and failed -- so she's elevating her game -- Trump is now Hitler, and Trump supporters are NAZIs ( ) More 2022-09-24
If the "DOJ's 100" implicated Trump in a crime it would be all over the Six O'Clock News -- then they obviously implicate Hillary, and members of the Democratic National Committee, the DoJ and FBI More 2022-09-22
Unpacking the Trump-Hillary double standard More 2022-09-17
The FBI helped obstruct its own investigation to help Hillary More 2022-09-15
More Russian connections to the 2016 Hillary Clinton Campaign ( thread ) More 2022-09-14
Hillary hasn't looked this good in a while ( ) More 2022-09-04
Do you think Hillary will run in 2024? More 2022-09-01
Hillary Clinton showed up at the Venice Film Fair as "The Promised One" More 2022-09-01
Jake Sullivan was a key adviser to Hillary, Obama and now Biden -- he was up to his ears in Russiagate More 2022-08-30
The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago was all about seizing the evidence likely to be used in Trump’s civil lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and her associates for RussiaGate More 2022-08-15
The things Hillary not only pulled but got away with, knowing the FBI raided Trump, is infuriating ( thread ) More 2022-08-15
FBI agents conducting the raid on Mar-A-Lago are from the same CounterIntelligence unit that investigated Russiagate and failed to discover it was Hillary's hoax More 2022-08-13
The FBI raid on President Trump's home stands in stark contrast to the FBI's treatment of Hillary More 2022-08-09
Hillary's response to the news that Joe Biden has COVID More 2022-07-22
Hillary Clinton frequently projects her personal characteristics onto others More 2022-06-29
The worst thing that could ever happen to the United States -- worse than Hillary! More 2022-06-15
The Durham prosecution has proven, beyond any doubt, that Russiagate was a Hillary Clinton enterprise More 2022-05-31
Will Hillary Clinton be held accountable for her misdeeds More 2022-05-25
A former U.S. Justice Department official likened the testimony of Hillary’s former campaign manager to a chess move made to "protect the queen" More 2022-05-23
Simply amazing! -- yesterday’s NY Times had no story about Hillary Clinton authorizing a dirty tricks campaign against Donald J. Trump More 2022-05-22
How could Robert Mueller investigate for two years, spend $32 million, and not discover that the Hillary campaign and the Democratic National Committee made it all u More 2022-05-22
Former Clinton campaign manager, Robby Mook, throws Hillary under the Russiagate bus More 2022-05-21
Hillary's former campaign manager sticks a knife in her back More 2022-05-20
There's at least three Hillary donors on the Dunham jury More 2022-05-17
The fix is in -- bigtime -- Hillary skates again More 2022-05-11
More evidence that Hillary Clinton paid for anti-Trump disinformation operation More 2022-05-01
Hillary is still at it -- she is absolutely obsessed with Donald Trump More 2022-04-28
Both Obama and Hillary want more censorship -- surprised? More 2022-04-24
Hillary Clinton, the driving force behind the bogus "Steele Dossier," urges Europeans to combat "disinformation" More 2022-04-23
Hillary Clinton hears footsteps More 2022-04-22
The Durham investigation just might get to the bottom of Hillary's conspiracy More 2022-04-18
How is Hillary not in prison and this was in 2019, three years after the election More 2022-04-11
Hillary Clinton is the angriest person in America More 2022-04-03
FEC fines Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee for Trump dossier hoax More 2022-03-31
Trump sues Hillary -- look at the list of defendants More 2022-03-25
CNN political analyst says Hillary Clinton's 2016 defeat put democracy in peril More 2022-03-15
Hillary is asked the BIG question . . . More 2022-03-10
When Hillary's campaign lawyer, Sussman, brought false allegations, of a secret link between Trump and a Russian bank, to the FBI, history changed ( ) More 2022-03-07
Hillary's tech guru, Joffe, who spied on Trump, pleads the 5th -- Jake Sullivan, Obama's, Hillary's and Biden's foreign policy adviser, was briefd by Joffe in September 2016 More 2022-03-01
Secret Service gets "Hillary Disease" -- claims they can't find Hunter Biden's travel records More 2022-02-28
While trying to blame Trump for Biden's Ukraine failures, Hillary lists Putin's faults -- #1 is "he's anti-gay" -- just like the Republicans More 2022-02-26
Two thirds of Democrats want Hillary Clinton probed on Russiagate More 2022-02-20
The howls from the media, Hillary Clinton, and Sussman’s lawyers seem to indicate that Durham is over extremely high value targets More 2022-02-20
Hillary speech analyzed by psychological interrogator -- the speech itself is interesting More 2022-02-19
The media can't cover the Durham Report without admitting that it facilitated a lie created by Hillary's campaign, More 2022-02-19
Hillary waves to a bunch of people shouting "lock her up" ( that's an awful lot of security for an old lady! ) More 2022-02-18
BLM now works for Hillary as Democratic fixer, Marc Elias, assumes key role over its leadership, finances and agenda More 2022-02-17
More evidence that Hillary is running in 2024 as Democrat fixer, Marc Elias, assumes key role in Black Lives Matter More 2022-02-17
The first sign that Hillary is hearing footsteps More 2022-02-17
The NY Times and WaPo have published 35,205 Trump-Russia stories -- zero about Hillary's conspiracy to destroy an American president More 2022-02-16
Hillary's operatives hacked into the most secure systems in the White House to spy on Trump ( ) More 2022-02-16
Page from Durham report annotated to identify the players in Hillary's conspiracy More 2022-02-15
More Clinton-related indictments predicted -- what everybody wants to know is, will it get to Hillary? More 2022-02-15
Will Hillary and the Democrats ever face justice? ( ) More 2022-02-14
Jake "the Snake" Sullivan was right in the middle of Hillary's Trump-Russia collusion lies -- now he's Biden’s national security advisor More 2022-02-13
Durham has the goods on Hillary and the Democratic National Committee More 2022-02-13
Hillary will officially begin her 2024 campaign at the Donk convention later this month More 2022-02-12
Hillary knew everything -- she was an originator of the conspiracy. More 2022-01-27
Will you vote for Hillary in 2024? More 2022-01-26
Hillary reminds everybody while a vile human being she is More 2022-01-22
"Everyone in the political world," Democrats and Republicans alike, are "excited by the prospect" of Hillary running in 2016 ( ) More 2022-01-19
Hillary warns Trump's re-election would mean the end of Critical Race Theory, Genderism and social justice ( but it would be the salvation of the republic ) More 2021-12-30
There is no doubt -- Hillary is in it -- Trump/Hillary 2024! More 2021-12-24
John Durham is officially investigating the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign More 2021-12-20
Hillary predicts the end of the Left's socialist dream -- "our democracy" -- if Trump wins More 2021-12-13
Hillary's emotional journey -- two tissues! More 2021-12-08
The Hill picks Kamala and Michelle for 2024 -- they should be watching the reenergized Hillary More 2021-11-28
Hillary is back and she's running! More 2021-11-25
When will the unindicted co-conspirators in the media address their willing or unwilling participation in Hillary's Russiagate plot More 2021-11-24
CIA Director Brennan briefed Obama on Hillary’s "Donald Trump is a Russian operative" conspiracy in August 2016 ( ) More 2021-11-14
Serial liar Schiff was an integral part of the Hillary-Democratic National Committee plot to destroy a president More 2021-11-14
Still waiting on the indictments for Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton More 2021-11-13
How Soros's secret network used Ukraine to cover for Hillary, Hunter, and target Donald Trump More 2021-11-10
It's unraveling -- It was Hillary and her confederates who invented the Russia hoax to frame her opponent with the most noxious offense in America: a treasonous conspiracy with the Kremlin to steal a presidential election More 2021-11-06
Shouldn't the NY Times and WaPo "Trump-Russia" Pulitzer winners be considered unindicted co-conspirators in the Hillary-Democratic National Committee plot? More 2021-11-06
The first solid evidence that Hillary's people were behind the Trump-Russia conspiracy More 2021-11-05
Durham probe inches closer to Hillary as Alfa Bank hoax plot thickens More 2021-10-31
The Hillary Gang is threatening a sequel to the "Pee Dossier" -- American media can't wait! More 2021-10-20
The Hillary gang celebrates how they scammed America with the dirtiest political dirty trick ever! More 2021-10-17
Will the NY Times and WaPo "journalists" have to return their Pulitzers now that it's public knowledge the Trump-Russia story was a Hillary Clinton political dirty trick? More 2021-09-20
The indictment of Hillary Clinton's lawyer is an indictment of the Russiagate wing of U.S. media More 2021-09-20
Exposed! -- Hillary Clinton's dirty tricks in the 2016 election campaign and after More 2021-09-19
Democrat superlawyer indicted in Hillary Clinton campaign plot to tie Trump to Putin More 2021-09-17
The mighty have fallen, but Hillary looks nice More 2021-08-25
Hillary Clinton is staying up to date -- says "whiteness" prevents people of color from voting More 2021-07-09
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