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The worst thing that could ever happen to the United States -- worse than Hillary! More
The Durham prosecution has proven, beyond any doubt, that Russiagate was a Hillary Clinton enterprise More
Will Hillary Clinton be held accountable for her misdeeds More
A former U.S. Justice Department official likened the testimony of Hillary’s former campaign manager to a chess move made to "protect the queen" More
Simply amazing! -- yesterday’s NY Times had no story about Hillary Clinton authorizing a dirty tricks campaign against Donald J. Trump More
How could Robert Mueller investigate for two years, spend $32 million, and not discover that the Hillary campaign and the DNC made it all up More
Former Clinton campaign manager, Robby Mook, throws Hillary under the Russiagate bus More
There's at least three Hillary donors on the Dunham jury More
The fix is in -- bigtime -- Hillary skates again More
More evidence that Hillary Clinton paid for anti-Trump disinformation operation More
Both Obama and Hillary want more censorship -- surprised? More
The Durham investigation just might get to the bottom of Hillary's conspiracy More
How is Hillary not in prison and this was in 2019, three years after the election More
FEC fines Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee for Trump dossier hoax More
Trump sues Hillary -- look at the list of defendants More
CNN political analyst says Hillary Clinton's 2016 defeat put democracy in peril More
When Hillary's campaign lawyer, Sussman, brought false allegations, of a secret link between Trump and a Russian bank, to the FBI, history changed ( ) More
Secret Service gets "Hillary Disease" -- claims they can't find Hunter Biden's travel records More
While trying to blame Trump for Biden's Ukraine failures, Hillary lists Putin's faults -- #1 is "he's anti-gay" -- just like the Republicans More
Two thirds of Democrats want Hillary Clinton probed on Russiagate More
The howls from the media, Hillary Clinton, and Sussman’s lawyers seem to indicate that Durham is over extremely high value targets More
The media can't cover the Durham Report without admitting that it facilitated a lie created by Hillary's campaign, More
BLM now works for Hillary as Democratic fixer, Marc Elias, assumes key role over its leadership, finances and agenda More
More evidence that Hillary is running in 2024 as Democrat fixer, Marc Elias, assumes key role in Black Lives Matter More
The first sign that Hillary is hearing footsteps More
The NY Times and WaPo have published 35,205 Trump-Russia stories -- zero about Hillary's conspiracy to destroy an American president More
Page from Durham report annotated to identify the players in Hillary's conspiracy More
More Clinton-related indictments predicted -- what everybody wants to know is, will it get to Hillary? More
Will Hillary and the Democrats ever face justice? ( ) More
Jake "the Snake" Sullivan was right in the middle of Hillary's Trump-Russia collusion lies -- now he's Biden’s national security advisor More
Durham has the goods on Hillary and the DNC More
Will you vote for Hillary in 2024? More
"Everyone in the political world," Democrats and Republicans alike, are "excited by the prospect" of Hillary running in 2016 ( ) More
There is no doubt -- Hillary is in it -- Trump/Hillary 2024! More
John Durham is officially investigating the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign More
The Hill picks Kamala and Michelle for 2024 -- they should be watching the reenergized Hillary More
When will the unindicted co-conspirators in the media address their willing or unwilling participation in Hillary's Russiagate plot More
CIA Director Brennan briefed Obama on Hillary’s "Donald Trump is a Russian operative" conspiracy in August 2016 ( ) More
Serial liar Schiff was an integral part of the Hillary-DNC plot to destroy a president More
Still waiting on the indictments for Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton More
How Soros's secret network used Ukraine to cover for Hillary, Hunter, and target Donald Trump More
It's unraveling -- It was Hillary and her confederates who invented the Russia hoax to frame her opponent with the most noxious offense in America: a treasonous conspiracy with the Kremlin to steal a presidential election More
Shouldn't the NY Times and WaPo "Trump-Russia" Pulitzer winners be considered unindicted co-conspirators in the Hillary-DNC plot? More
The first solid evidence that Hillary's people were behind the Trump-Russia conspiracy More
Durham probe inches closer to Hillary as Alfa Bank hoax plot thickens More
The Hillary Gang is threatening a sequel to the "Pee Dossier" -- American media can't wait! More
The Hillary gang celebrates how they scammed America with the dirtiest political dirty trick ever! More
Will the NY Times and WaPo "journalists" have to return their Pulitzers now that it's public knowledge the Trump-Russia story was a Hillary Clinton political dirty trick? More
The indictment of Hillary Clinton's lawyer is an indictment of the Russiagate wing of U.S. media More
Exposed! -- Hillary Clinton's dirty tricks in the 2016 election campaign and after More
Democrat superlawyer indicted in Hillary Clinton campaign plot to tie Trump to Putin More
The mighty have fallen, but Hillary looks nice More
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