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Senate Republicans want to know if "political considerations" led to the FBI assault on pro-life activist Mark Houck's home  More
Trump legal team claims Biden's DoJ misled the court. The FBI actually seized "200,000 Pages" of documents from Mar-a-Lago during raid  More
The FBI paid a Russian spy to keep the truth about Russiagate from surfacing -- the same DoJ/FBI is now trying to frame Trump with documents stolen from Mar-a-Lago ( thread )  More
The FBI is pulling security clearances from agents that are resisting the new order  More
The FBI’s Matt Gaetz operation sidelined an effective Republican voice at a crucial time -- and that was the point.  More
DEI in the FBI -- The Rise of the Bureau's Division of Ideological Enforcement  More
Mark Houck shoved an abortion activist to protect his 12-year-old son and an FBI SWAT Team raided his home -- the FBI has truly become Biden’s GESTAPO ( thread )  More
New documents show the FBI obtained a warrant for a Beverly Hills seizure of 1,400 safe-deposit boxes containing $86 Million in cash by lying to the judge  More
"The continued weaponization of the FBI and persecution by Joe Biden's DoJ against ordinary Americans is an outrage" ( )  More
Joe Biden was definitely NOT supposed to say this about the FBI  More
If this guy did everything "the authorities" allege he did, this should have been a local police matter -- so, why the FBI Swat Team? ( )  More
Key lawmaker worried FBI whistleblowers facing retaliation as evidence of politicization mounts  More
The FBI is broken, and it can't be fixed -- it needs to be replaced ( thread )  More
The FBI stole Trump's will during the Mar-a-Lago raid  More
If the "DOJ's 100" implicated Trump in a crime it would be all over the Six O'Clock News -- then they obviously implicate Hillary, and members of the DNC, the DoJ and FBI  More
Did FBI brass censor agents' report warning of political influence?  More
The FBI's extremist-hunters bag five on vague felony and misdemeanor charges arising from Jan. 6  More
Mark Zuckerberg has lost $71 billion of his personal wealth, more than half -- a reward for dancing with the devils from the FBI  More
The FBI is pulling agents off child predator cases and reassigning them to the hunt for the elusive "domestic extremists" ( )  More
The corrupt FBI is classifying documents "TOP SECRET" to cover-up its crimes  More
Note how often Democrats demand not only the censorship of their political opponents -- that's everyday -- but also their arrest by FBI and prosecution by DoJ ( thread )  More
The FBI is "lying with numbers" ( ) ( )  More
Whistleblower says FBI manipulating Jan. 6 cases to create illusion of national crisis  More
The DoJ and FBI had no legal right to invade Mar-a-Lago and steal Trumps documents -- especially after he was complying with them  More
"It was the FBI, and the Democrats, that worked with the Russians."  More
A former senior FBI Russiagate investigator is under investigation by the DoJ for ties To Russia and other foreign governments  More
Your FBI at work ( agent testifying at Alex Jones trial )  More
The DoJ's overbroad search warrant of President Trump's residence violated the 4th Amendment and other crooked DoJ and FBI stuff  More
Joe Biden pressured the FBI to fabricate "extremist" and "white supremacist" cases ( )  More
The demand for white supremacy "vastly outstrips the supply," according to one FBI agent  More
The FBI has arrested a Westfield (MA) woman for making bomb threats against Boston Children’s Hospital. ( )  More
Prominent people are calling for a new "Church Committee" to investigate the FBI  More
Facebook spied on private messages of Americans who questioned 2020 election, and reported them to the FBI  More
There is no question, disgraced FBI agent, Peter Strzok, is lower than worm sh!t  More
The FBI helped obstruct its own investigation to help Hillary  More
Twitter was notified by the FBI that they had a Chinese spy in its midst -- just one?  More
While the FBI was investigating "Trump-Russia," the FBI was paying the Russian source for the Steele Dossier as a "confidential informant"  More
The FBI is labelling veterans groups as "domestic violent extremist" even though they do not meet the criteria for "domestic violent extremists"  More
Rogue FBI uses "identity theft" and "conspiracy to commit identity theft" to justify Mike Lindell search warrant ( )  More
Igor Danchenko, the Steele Dossier's Russian source, was a paid FBI informant  More
The FBI boxed-in "Mr. Pillow" at a Hardee's drive-though yesterday and arrested his smartphone -- Mike Lindell is a big Trump supporter  More
The DoJ will agree to Trump's selection of Raymond J. Dearie to serve as "Special Master" in the review of documents the FBI seized from Mar-a-Lago  More
Woman says FBI showed up at her home after supporting Trump online -- "we had an anonymous tip"  More
Looks like the FBI wants another raid  More
Feds scoured social media looking for "threats" and issued internal warnings about imaginary armed protests in the days after the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago  More
A new Rasmussen poll found that 53% of voters polled say that people “at the top of the FBI” are using the agency as Biden’s personal “Gestapo"  More
TechnoFog believes the FBI is hiding the Epstein files  More
The FBI has raided up to 50 Trump supporters across the country  More
The DoJ really, really doesn't want a third party to review what the FBI stole from Mar-a-Lago -- there are 100 documents the DoJ doesn't want anybody to see ( thread )  More
"The FBI has been polluted by politics on many different levels" -- 20+ agent whistleblowers come forward  More
It's beyond clear that the DoJ and FBI violated the 4th Amendment during the raid on Mar-a-Lago  More
The FBI secretly pressured Americans to waive away their gun rights  More
Only the foreign news will tell you about the Biden Crime Family's schemes and denials -- and the FBI's cover-ups  More
The White House [Joe Biden] authorized the FBI to seize 15 boxes of documents in the raid -- the FBI searched everywhere and took everything ( )  More
The FBI ignored "eyewitness testimony" of Joe Biden's involvement in Hunter's China deal  More
The FBI stole Donald Trump’s medical records, tax documents and passport from Mar-a-Lago -- 4th Amendment violated by DoJ ( )  More
DoJ investigation of FBI Mar-a-Lago raid documents most stop -- federal judge appoints master  More
The FBI did a "deep and ugly search" of Barron Trump’s room  More
50 of the "classified" folders seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago were empty  More
Disgraced FBI acting-director, Andy McCabe, says Biden wasn't forceful enough in speech bashing Republicans  More
The Biden Crime Cartel has operatives at the highest levels of the FBI and most likely other US government agencies  More
Guilty as hell, free as birds -- federal judge dismisses Carter Page FISA abuse case against bent FBI agents  More
The FBI photos of Trump's Top Secret Nuclear documents are so top secret that they are all over Twitter  More
Who's going to stop the FBI, asks the legendary Ben Stein -- says he can imagine the Mar-a-Lago raid is just the beginning  More
Was the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago even legal?  More
The hits just keep coming for the FBI  More
Before the FBI seized privileged Trump memos, DoJ filter teams were already tainted by legal controversy  More
The FBI agent who buried the Hunter Biden laptop story was asked to resign and escorted from the FBI building -- not to worry, his pension is intact  More
Something is afoot at the FBI -- something to watch  More
The FBI meets regularly with social media companies to align and censor  More
The FBI playbook  More
Incredible, if correct -- the FBI raid affidavit relies on reports from a local CBS outlet and Breitbart  More
The FBI has become the Democratic Party's political police, dedicated to protecting Democrats and punishing Trump and anyone who support him  More
DoJ's redacted affidavit for the FBI's Mar-A-Lago raid -- an analysis ( thread )  More
The FBI raided Mar-A-Lago on the basis of a crime President Trump can’t legally commit  More
The FBI's former intelligence chief said the agency appears to have failed to meet the probable cause standard for the raid on Mar-A-Lago  More
The FBI raid warrant affidavit has been released -- in redacted form  More
Brings a whole new dimension to, "it depends on what the meaning of is, is" -- Joe Biden was involved in the planning of the FBI raid  More
Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan that the FBI pressured Facebook to censor Hunter Biden laptop story -- a clear violation of the 1st Amendment  More
The FBI has set its sights on James O‘Keefe‘s Project Veritas  More
The DoJ demandis absolute and unwavering secrecy about the FBI raid -- meanwhile DoJ officials leak their selected raid details daily  More
Joe Biden not only knew about the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago, he helped plan it  More
Everything the administration is telling you about the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago is a lie  More
The DoJ’s and FBI’s raid on Mar-A-Lago was driven by their vested interest in Trump's legal offensive in a Florida courtroom  More
"They may have been — they could have looked if they had looked... " -- actual MSNBC expert analysis of FBI raid  More
This report has a distracting headline -- but it details how the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago evolved and who made it happen  More
MSNBC legal expert calls for secrecy -- the stakes are too high for the People to know why armed FBI raided President Trump's home in the dark of night  More
The Mar-A-Logo warrant authorizes the FBI to seize anything from anyplace on the property -- that clearly is "too broad?"  More
Nothing is more pro-law than attacking the corrupt FBI  More
Trump has sued to stop the DoJ from reviewing materials seized during the FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago until a special master is appointed ( )  More
It's best the boss is on vacation while the DoJ and FBI do their dirty business  More
Would it surprise you to learn that the White House was behind the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago? ( )  More
The FBI always takes the media on its raids -- except at Mar-A-Lago -- what was different about Mar-A-Lago?  More
There is no escaping it -- the FBI is corrupt  More
Trump will file a 4th Amendment, unlawful search and seizure motion, over "illegal" FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago  More
The Mar-a-Lago raid was conducted by same FBI counter-intelligence group that ran Crossfire Hurricane  More
73% of Americans believe the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago "was a raid by Democrats on their political enemies"  More
Laundry list of FBI corruption  More
Rasmussen poll says the FBI's Mar-A-Lago raid has eroded trust in the agency  More
Is this why -- after being locked up in Trump's office for 18 months -- the FBI had to suddenly raid Mar-A-Lago for Trump's documents?  More
Whoever is running America has to keep the Big Guy tucked away until the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago settles down  More
Rand Paul called on the FBI to prove its raid of Mar-a-Lago home was "not a politically motivated witch hunt"  More
After DoJ raid, a majority of Americans now see the FBI as "Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo"  More
Attorney General Garland has to explain why he authorized the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago  More
If the DoJ is on the level about the FBI raid, why is it trying to block the release of the warrant's affidavit  More
The joint DoJ and FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago sought Russiagate artifacts Trump hoarded for years  More
Victor Davis Hanson has some thoughts about the FBI  More
Jonathan Turley has some thoughts on the DoJ’s "selectively leaked" info about the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago ( thread )  More
The FBI is a secret police force, infamous for harboring criminals, framing the innocent, ignoring actual security threats, and sabotaging U.S. elections ( thread )  More
Concerns about Peter Strzok working for the CIA are likely at the heart of the FBI's Mar-a-Lago raid  More
The predicate for the FBI raid? -- somebody at the National Archives contacted somebody at the DoJ about potential violations of the Presidential Records Act  More
Following the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago, the DHS Joint Intelligence Bulletin warns of "domestic violent extremists" ( )  More
So, FBI, why no raid of Hunter Biden’s house?  More
The FBI searched emails, texts and other electronic communications of as many as 3.4 million U.S. residents without a warrant  More
14 Whistleblowers have come forward to allege FBI misconduct  More
The FBI and Homeland Security said there has been an increase in “violent threats” against law enforcement, government officials and judges since the raid on Mar-A-Lago  More
Jim Jordan recognizes a pattern of behavior at the DoJ and FBI  More
Free the affidavit! -- the DoJ resists releasing justification for the FBI's raid on Mar-A-Lago -- says it's a secret  More
The FBI's Raid was approved by DoJ officials with deep ties to Russiagate  More
People in Washington -- senators, reps, DoJ and FBI agents -- just don't answer questions they don't want to answer -- why is that?  More
Opinion polls say the DoJ overreached -- now people are wondering what the FBI raid was really all about?  More
Whoever is running the country has decided to keep Joe Biden under wraps until the FBI raid dustup settles down a bit  More
While everybody was focused on the FBI raid, Biden revoked Trump's "Stay in Mexico" policy  More
The "hits" just keep on coming for the FBI ( thread )  More
White House statement about the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago: "We know nothing!"  More
Garland's DoJ opposes unsealing Trump FBI raid warrant affidavit -- argues its public release would compromise the investigation ( )  More
The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago was all about seizing the evidence likely to be used in Trump’s civil lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and her associates for RussiaGate  More
The things Hillary not only pulled but got away with, knowing the FBI raided Trump, is infuriating ( thread )  More
The objective of the FBI raid was to seize and reclassify Trump's "Russiagate" evidence of DoJ and FBI crimes  More
The feds will use this information to conduct more raids, which will then beget more raids, and pretty soon, FBI raids will be a regular thing.  More
Babylon Bee reports the FBI will raid the homes of those who criticize the Mar-A-Lago raid  More
Even foreigners know it, "the credibility of the FBI is shot"  More
The FBI made a big mistake when they raided President Trump's home  More
"The FBI is beyond redemption" ~ Victor Davis Hanson  More
The FBI must now reach up just to touch rock bottom, but they react with sanctimonious indignation to suggestions of partisanship  More
Google will not let you search for "mar a lago raid" -- returns "FBI search of Mar-a-Lago" -- try it!  More
Garland's warrant for the raid allows the FBI to search anywhere in Trump's home, and take anything they want  More
"The FBI raid on Melania's closet was justified"  More
Garland touts the FBI and DoJ’s utmost professionalism -- then the leaks about the raid begin  More
Was the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago conducted to cover wrongdoing by the FBI? ~ Catherine Herridge ( )  More
Female FBI agent slept with target in Whitmer kidnapping hoax ( thread )  More
Under "Attachment B" of the FBI raid document, Garland demanded the seizure of literally any record Trump ever saw, read, or created over the entire 4-year term of his presidency  More
An unprecedented FBI raid for cocktail napkins and birthday dinner menus  More
The Biden Crime Family is hidden away from embarrassing inquiries about the FBI raid in a $20 million mansion in South Carolina  More
How dare you criticize the heroes of the FBI  More
CCG Bryson's rap song about the FBI's raid on President Trump's home -- he has something to say!  More
"You can't ask me about anything I don't want to talk about, but the FBI will hunt down every last one of those MAGA people."  More
The Donks are moving on many fronts -- here's more FBI intimidation -- prepping the election battlespace  More
The FBI raid warrant on Mar-a-Lago is sealed -- the DoJ won't release contents -- judge says DoJ must respond to suit seeking to unseal it  More
What REALLY happened during the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago  More
A large majority of Americans are angry about the DoJ's and FBI's raid on President Trump's home  More
It just doesn't stop -- the FBI has seized the personal phone of Congressman Scott Perry (R-PA)  More
Some of the reasons the FBI should be "reimagined" -- Victor Davis Hanson  More
The usual Hollywood morons are cheering the Gestapo tactics of the FBI  More
The FBI raid on President Trump's home stands in stark contrast to the FBI's treatment of Hillary  More
"Right now, the FBI is acting like the Gestapo"  More
The White House is claiming that they weren't informed of the FBI raid on the former president's residence and wasn't cleared by them  More
Nine months for stealing 80k from the government, carrying an illegal weapon in DC, impersonating an FBI agent and fleeing to avoid arrest  More
Democrats are poised to make the IRS larger than the Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol combined  More
While the FBI is hunting for white supremacists, most of the fugitives on the FBI’s most wanted list are leftists and black identity extremists.  More
Ted Cruz asks the FBI director to explain why the Gadsden and Betsy Ross flags are "indicative of militia violent extremism"  More
More evidence that the FBI has been transformed into the Democratic Party's STASI ( ) ( )  More
The FBI contrived the Gov. Whitmer kidnapping  More
The FBI engaged in "political interference" in Hunter Biden cover-up  More
DoJ official, named in FBI politicization allegations, played role in Lois Lerner-IRS scandal  More
Whistleblowers have revealed that the DoJ and FBI illegally suppressed information on Hunter Biden  More
The FBI move further away from its apolitical charter, as it morphs into the Democratic Party's secret police  More
Meet the FBI analyst behind the decade’s biggest political disinformation campaigns  More
"Highly credible sources tell me the FBI's running political interference for Hunter Biden"  More
America's premier investigative body, the FBI, has become an arm of the Democratic Party ( )  More
Antifa militants panic after being notified that Facebook gave their messages to the FBI  More
The Democrat's lawyer, Perkins-Coie, has a portal into FBI databases within the law firm that effectively gives the Democrats access to FBI database searches  More
The FBI has become a criminal enterprise  More
Former FBI agent reported at least one bus load of Antifa thugs infiltrated Jan. 6 demonstration  More
Corrupt FBI agents and adulterers, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, are hiding from Trump's process servers  More
Former Trump attorney, John Eastman, launches lawsuit after cell phone "unlawfully" seized by FBI in Jan. 6 probe  More
Former Trump DoJ official was target of nationwide FBI raids on Republicans ( )  More
Day before Jan. 6 hearing, FBI agents stage a pre-dawn raid on the home of Trump DoJ official, Jeffrey Clark, who was forced into the street in his pajamas  More
This is an important story -- not because “white nationalists” are involved -- but because the FBI is  More
GOP gubernatorial candidate arrested by the FBI -- no details  More
Joe Biden begins using the FBI to arrest political opponents from the Trump administration ( )  More
"Durham jury convicts the FBI" ~ Wall Street Journal  More
The FBI testified Sussmann lied to them, yet Sussmann was acquitted of lying to the FBI -- juror says America has bigger problems than lying  More
Sussman attorneys try to change the focus onto the FBI  More
The FBI investigation of Trump-Russia collusion that Sussmann set in motion was criminal  More
AG Garland directs FBI agents to keep their eyes on cops  More
Russiagate did enormous harm to the country; it disgraced the FBI; humiliated the press, and sent the country on a three-year investigation to nowhere  More
Former FBI Assistant Director of Intelligence Kevin Brock gives his take on the Sussman trial  More
Gen. Michael Flynn has filed a $50 million suit against the FBI and DoJ for “malicious prosecution” related to Russiagate  More
"Imagine, the fuckin' FBI tried to get people to do shit, so they could arrest them for doin' shit?"  More
The FBI has labeled dozens of investigations into parents with a threat tag created by the FBI's Counterterrorism Division  More
More evidence that the FBI has become politicized  More
The annual Intelligence Community Statistical Transparency Report is out -- the FBI queried §702 intercepts for U.S. person information -- over 3 million times in 2021.  More
The FBI conducted as many as 3.4 million warrantless searches last year  More
There can be no doubt, the FBI has become a tool of the Democratic Party  More
Ric Grenell says he is certain he saw evidence that the FBI committed crimes during its Trump-Russia investigation  More
When Hillary's campaign lawyer, Sussman, brought false allegations, of a secret link between Trump and a Russian bank, to the FBI, history changed ( )  More
"Fair elections are the foundation of U.S. democracy," tweets the FBI, after ignoring all evidence of Democrat Party ballot trafficking  More
Pelosi's son is implicated in his sixth FBI probe -- he'll slide on this one too -- just like Hunter  More
Defense lawyers in the Whitmer Kidnapping want prosecutors to offer immunity not to their clients, but to FBI agents and informants.  More
The event that triggered the FBI to reverse their narrative on the Colleyville terror attack  More
The FBI lied about the Texas synagogue terrorist incident -- hostages weren't released, as the FBI said, they escaped!  More
The FBI is now solely focused on destroying the domestic enemies of the Democratic Party  More
Joe Biden echoed the corrupt FBI and said there is insufficient information to know why the Muslim hostage-taker targeted a synagogue in Texas  More
The "FBI" on this guy's jacket stands for "f*cking brain-dead idiot" -- he's still looking for a "motive" ( ) ( )  More
Jan. 6 committee says Ray Epps is not an informant nor working for the FBI -- then why isn't he in jail with the rest of the rioters? ( )  More
Disgraced FBI No. 2, Andrew McCabe, wants mainstream conservatives to be treated as domestic terrorists  More
How come the FBI and DoJ are hot on the trail of white supremacists, but have no interest in these guys?  More
46% of U.S. voters think the FBI is Joe Biden's "personal Gestapo"  More
Judicial Watch sues FBI for records about controversial Garland memo targeting parents  More
The FBI is hiring  More
Was Ray Epps an FBI agent provocateur tasked with inciting the Jan. 6 "insurrection?"
Huma Abedin has written a book about the "Carlos Danger" episode, when hubby was sending pictures of his penis to underage girls -- which reminds, "where is the laptop, FBI?  More
Antifa is "not a group or an organization, it's a movement or an ideology." -- FBI Director Christopher Wray  More
"We The People," who fight against government abuse and usurpation, are the FBI's actual and literal enemy  More
Can the FBI be salvaged? ~ Victor Davis Hanson  More
The FBI just goes further and further off the rails  More
You know the FBI went waaay over the line when the ACLU defends a conservative  More
The FBI is supporting a radical agenda aimed at destroying civil society in the United States  More
The FBI is nothing more than an extension of and a tool of the Democratic Party  More
What exactly is the relationship between the FBI and the Biden family?  More
Tucker Carlson and James O'Keefe comment the FBI's diary hunt  More
Why is the FBI investigating the theft of a diary?  More
The FBI says it is investigating 2,700 cases of domestic terrorism, double the number from spring 2020 -- none of them target Antifa or Black Lives Matter  More
James Comey's FBI is the biggest loser of the Durham indictments  More
The Clinton campaign fed a gigantic batch of lies to the FBI in the 2016 election and the vast bulk of the media spent 3 years ratifying and spreading those lies  More
The world in which the nightly news is brought to you by FBI, CIA, and NSA mouthpieces is *shockingly* dystopian  More
Democrats overwhelmingly support internet censorship by both tech monopolies and the state -- they revere the FBI and CIA -- Republicans don't  More
Surprises nobody! -- the FBI doesn't track violent acts committed by persons affiliated with Antifa or Black Lives Matter.  More
Federal information systerms contractors supported the 2016 Clinton campaign's plot to falsely link Donald Trump to Russia and trigger the FBI investigation into Trump and his campaign  More
It starts -- the attorney general has instructed the FBI to mobilize against those who oppose critical race theory in public schools, citing "threats."  More
The FBI released its Uniformed Crime Report (UCR) Monday showing that more people were killed in 2020 with fists and feet than were killed with rifles of all kinds  More
The Secret Service and FBI are latest to acquire Chinese drones that the Pentagon has repeatedly warned pose a threat to U.S. national security  More
The idea that white supremacists are our greatest domestic security threat is shared by FBI Director Wray, AG Merrick Garland and Joe Biden  More
The FBI admits there is "scant evidence" the so-called Jan. 6 "insurrection" was coordinated -- the "organized plot" talking point was a massive lie!
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