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Equity success stories -- progressivism in action More 2024-04-14
Joe Biden's campaign is on the hunt for a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) director More 2024-04-13
A National Institutes of Health program expected to cost $241 million over nine years prioritizes “diversity, equity and inclusion” over merit when awarding grants More 2024-04-10
Wisconsin directs federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) funds toward racism, equity workshops ( ) More 2024-04-09
30-Year Naval Academy teacher details the depth of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity rot in America’s military institutions More 2024-04-08
The White House announced the budget includes $3 billion to “advance gender equity and equality worldwide” More 2024-03-30
Texas has launched an investigation into Boeing supplier Spirit AeroSystems' diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program and whether it is affecting component quality More 2024-03-30
Republicans are against Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs because they “can’t stand black people” ~ Joy Reid More 2024-03-28
College Park's (MD) "racial equity" leader is exposed for making anti-white posts -- wants society to "collapse" More 2024-03-18
Don Lemon's demands included a free Tesla Cybertruck, a $5 million upfront, an $8 million salary, an equity stake in "X", and the right to approve any changes in "X" policy as it relates to news content before Elon Musk fired his ass More 2024-03-16
California’s "Representation, Equity, and Protections for All Immigrants Act" will provide illegal aliens convicted of violent felonies to receive legal aid paid for by the state's taxpayers More 2024-03-14
The City of College Park (MD) has hired a "racial equity" leader, Kayla Aliese Carter, a supporter of violent Black Liberation, who wants to “burn it all down” More 2024-03-14
The NAACP asked black student-athletes to reconsider their decisions to attend Florida colleges and universities in response to schools eliminating their diversity, equity and inclusion programs More 2024-03-13
Samsung and Intel are canceling their expansion into the U.S. and setting up shop in Israel and Russia due to Joe Biden's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion rules More 2024-03-10
“The Superintendent may not allow implementation or adoption of any program that does not prioritize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” ~ Aurora, Colorado School District More 2024-03-09
University of Virginia exposed for $20 million DEI budget, spent on 235 staff, including $243,000-a-year equity tsar who calls OxyContin deaths payback for the "toxicity of whiteness" More 2024-03-08
The University of Virginia's Assistant Vice President for Equity and Inclusive Excellence demonstrates the power of Critical Race Theory indoctrination More 2024-02-27
Microsoft embraces unconstitutional and racist "pay equity" More 2024-02-23
The Department of Health and Human Services has established an "Office of Climate Change and Health Equity" because "climate change is having a disproportionate effect on the physical and mental health of black communities" More 2024-02-17
Equity in action -- California bill would provide free college tuition for "marginalized" students. Wealthy black kids would get free tuition and poor white kids could get a job -- assuming they're not all filled by illegal aliens More 2024-02-16
Equity More 2024-02-15
The Congressional Black Caucus is focused on the real issues facing the United States -- yesterday they created the "Hip Hop Task Force" to harness the power of hip hop to ensure racial equity More 2024-02-15
"Equity" is deadly! More 2024-01-31
FBI officials describe how Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is being prioritized in the hiring process to the point where standards are being reduced for physical fitness, drug usage, finances, mental health, experience and integrity More 2024-01-26
California's public university employees demand an "equity transformation" -- to use their power to enact left-wing initiatives More 2024-01-13
The Federal Reserve conducted diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings in which staff members learned that "correct pronoun usage is a civil right" and were told to acknowledge their "white privilege" More 2024-01-10
Is this equity, diversity, or inclusion? More 2024-01-06
Diversity, equity and inclusion is destroying America -- it is being used to "punish" Caucasians More 2023-12-29
Because they dismantled the criminal justice system -- replacing it with “equity” and "diversity" -- criminals are ever emboldened More 2023-12-28
"Veritas" has been replaced by diversity, equity and intersectionality More 2023-12-22
End Diversity, Equity and Inclusion ( thread ) More 2023-12-17
Joe Biden's Pentagon wants $114 million for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to indoctrinate America's warriors More 2023-11-22
The diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) rules instituted by the California Community College system have been suspended More 2023-11-20
Equity hurts! More 2023-10-18
The Air Force has announced a new "DEIA Initiative" -- airme are required to actively counteract biases and behaviors that “negatively impact Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility” More 2023-10-15
The Biden administration is forcing companies to submit a plan for "equity" and "workplace diversity" to receive CHIPs funds More 2023-10-05
How would you like to be led into battle by "equity" officers who "may need additional training" rather than combat-tested officers? More 2023-09-22
The federal agency that sparked former President Donald Trump's first federal indictment shows that it has embraced far-left diversity, equity and inclusion policies More 2023-09-10
Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion -- the new face of communism More 2023-09-05
Pete Buttigieg is appointing a group of "leading experts" to advise him on "transportation equity" -- several argue cars are racist and cause climate change and should be phased out More 2023-09-01
Professors are challenging the new “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) regulations governing all of the more-than-54,000 professors who teach in the California Community Colleges system More 2023-08-20
Outstanding example of "equity" More 2023-08-08
The White Stripe Project wants to win back white, working-class voters by talking even more about race and equity More 2023-08-03
The slow death of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion More 2023-08-03
While Joe Biden's Pentagon is busy with diversity, equity and inclusion, the Chinese Navy and the Russian Navy began a four-day joint military exercise in the Sea of Japan on Thursday More 2023-07-22
KJP explains that the Biden Administration plans to "build an economy ... that has equity at the center of it" by "eliminating cash bail" More 2023-07-20
KJP says preventing the Pentagon from doling out taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgeries, ending divisive "equity" programs... "hurts our ability to recruit and retain the strongest military force" More 2023-07-18
John Kirby defends the woke military -- says diversity equity and inclusion is "important" More 2023-07-15
Equity -- San Francisco More 2023-07-02
The State Department wants $76 million for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, calling it a "matter of national security" More 2023-06-14
Special rights and privileges for some Americans is un-American -- this is equity at work More 2023-06-12
Surgeon General Murthy's "Advisory Plan"" includes surveillance, mandatory "diversity, equity, inclusion" policies, and federal control of local infrastructure and organizations More 2023-06-05
Navy Secretary says America's warships are “beacons in every port of call” for “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” in celebrating Pride Month More 2023-06-03
Excellence or equity -- will the Supreme Court decide? More 2023-05-30
In time, the accountants will destroy diversity, equity and inclusion More 2023-05-20
Priorities: "Embedding equity in our foreign affairs work is a national security imperative" ~ Sec. Antony Blinken More 2023-05-19
"As you know, equity is very important to the President of the United States" -- so we're gonna fix America's racist infrastructure More 2023-05-14
Colorado's largest union representing the state's public-school teachers has adopted a resolution on economic equity that affirms the union’s views opposing capitalism More 2023-05-07
27 Democrat members of the Colorado House of Reps voted that the penalty for exposing oneself to a minor online should be reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor in the name of “equity” More 2023-05-02
Hunter Biden's 10% equity in BHR Holdings is being held by Hunter Biden's lawyer, but Hunter still has his 10% piece of $2 billion Chinese company More 2023-04-29
Joe Biden’s "racial equity" order threatens the meritocracy that makes our military great More 2023-04-20
The Fruits Of "Equity" -- will Joe Biden be remembered as the man who destroyed America? More 2023-04-16
Netflix engages in cultural appropriation, equity-driven rewrite of history and racism in one production More 2023-04-13
Gender equity has freed the very strange More 2023-04-12
It takes a lot of DEI administrators, directors, managers, facilitators, trainers and enforcers to implement Joe Biden's "equity" agenda More 2023-04-12
The Left wants men to be able to fracture women's skulls in the name of "equity" More 2023-04-07
Behold the raw power Joe Biden's "Gender Equity" executive order #13988 has over the private sector ( ) More 2023-04-06
"Equity" sale at Target More 2023-03-29
Why did the Chinese Communists give Hunter Biden a 10% share of a $1 billion equity company? More 2023-03-29
Every Executive Branch department and agency must use tax dollars to support equity and gender equity -- it's the law More 2023-03-29
Equity at work -- Biden nominee for FAA chief goes 0-for-7 on aviation policy quiz by Senator Ted Budd More 2023-03-27
Anti-White racism is a fundamental of the Equity training in Joe Biden's Pentagon More 2023-03-25
If kidney transplant controller gets to distribute human organs based on "Equity," then no White people need apply More 2023-03-23
Uganda tells Joe Biden to stick his gender equity agenda -- White House outraged! More 2023-03-23
Equity visits a 14-year-old girl More 2023-03-22
At "Equity High School," a composite of leftist policies found across the country, students are not allowed to compete -- at all! More 2023-03-22
A direct result of Critical Race Theory's "diversity, equity, inclusion" More 2023-03-22
Seven spending proposals in Biden's budget total $65 billion for "Equity" and "Gender Equity" More 2023-03-21
Equity produces a total bullsh!t lawsuit More 2023-03-19
Equity More 2023-03-19
What "they" are really doing is marketing "Trans World" to kids -- Joe Biden's Gender Equity executive order is funding it ( ) More 2023-03-17
A brief history of the Khmer Rouge, the Communists who created one of the worst genocides in history (25% of the country's population) in their attempt to implement "equity" and reject objective reality for Communist ideology More 2023-03-16
Air Force goes on a diversity, equity, inclusion hiring spree -- top job pays up to $183,500 More 2023-03-16
Nobody know what's in the "Trans Health Equity Act," but the Donks are all for it More 2023-03-16
Diversity, equity and inclusion dogma prompts legal threats from ideologically disparate legal groups More 2023-03-15
Equity -- a paramedic in North Carolina accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl in an ambulance during a medical emergency was released on bail 37 minutes after being arrested More 2023-03-12
Equity News -- Boston Black Lives Matter leader and her husband indicted on more than 20 fraud charges. More 2023-03-12
Top medical schools are lowering their standards for "equity" More 2023-03-11
Brainwashing works, and that what diversity, equity and inclusion training is all about More 2023-03-11
Washington state Democrats passed a bill lessening jail time for juvenile gang members, school shooters and campus drug dealers in the name of "equity" More 2023-03-09
Another Biden executive order cements "racial equity" -- "agency heads shall prioritize and incorporate strategies to advance equity" More 2023-03-07
Even Bernie Sanders prefers "equality" over "equity" More 2023-03-05
Equity -- when you teach your children to hate their country, this is the result More 2023-03-04
Kamala Harris defends Joe Bidens "equity" and "gender equity" executive orders #13985 and #13988 ( ) ( ) More 2023-02-27
Instead of getting nonwhite students up to speed for honors classes, "equity-obsessed" schools give up on kids entirely More 2023-02-23
We can have Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity commissars and toadies or we can have scientists and scholars, but we can't have both -- and here's why ~ Dr. Jordan Peterson More 2023-02-09
Kamala Harris explains -- "equality" is when every student is given the same test -- "equity" is when every student gets the same grade More 2023-01-21
Democrats will increase taxes in 2023 during the highest inflation in 40 years, and the worst bond/stock/equity losses since 1871 More 2023-01-02
Joe Biden wiped out $10 trillion of Americans' wealth -- 2022 saw the worst bond and equity losses since 1871 More 2023-01-02
Joe Biden cheers historic year -- record crime, record inflation, record illegal immigration, record gas prices, worst stock/bond/equity losses since 1871 More 2022-12-31
Equity More 2022-12-28
Schools are hiding merit awards from students, families and colleges, in the name of diversity and equity ( thread ) More 2022-12-24
The Biden State Department is sending taxpayer dollars to foreign countries to promote "gender equity" ( ) More 2022-12-21
The next president of Harvard University is a "racial justice" warrior -- her scholarship, for what there is of it, focuses on Critical Race Theory -- Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion More 2022-12-17
The State of Washington's, "2022 Governor's Equity Summit," featured a "white supremacy" presentation condemning objectivity and individualism More 2022-12-16
This degeneracy is promoted and funded by Joe Biden's "Gender Equity" executive order ( ) More 2022-12-12
Equity-hire can't handle the heat More 2022-12-09
This is "equity" -- can you dig it? More 2022-12-07
Equity! -- "If we have to get off, everybody has to get off!" More 2022-11-30
Equity! More 2022-11-30
This is what equity looks like More 2022-11-22
Report reveals just how much the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion complex has infiltrated medical education More 2022-11-21
Joe Biden launches multimillion-dollar "Climate Gender Equity Fund" to facilitate moving 3rd-world countries to green energy ( ) More 2022-11-12
Universities are teaching hate in the name of equity -- it can't be denied -- here's one example More 2022-11-10
The DC Council has decided to make it harder to prosecute and easier to defend violent criminals, partly in the name of “equity.” More 2022-11-06
It’s been a long road toward equity and diversity in serial killing More 2022-10-15
The future, if Joe Biden's gender equity executive order isn't cancelled More 2022-10-14
Transgender policy for US military draft is one of the unnecessary confusions created by Joe Biden's "Gender Equity" executive order More 2022-10-11
Kids are being manipulated on a massive scale by the Alphabet People. The numbers are shocking -- this is the direct result of Joe Biden's "Gender Equity" executive order More 2022-10-08
Vice chair of Treasury Depertment’s new racial equity committee wants to defund police, "center race" in all policy More 2022-10-06
Treasury Secretary Yellen: "The Biden-Harris administration has made racial equity the centerpiece of our economic agenda" More 2022-10-05
According to Kamala Harris, "equity" is the answer to natural disasters More 2022-10-01
Millions of children will pay a very heavy price for Joe Biden's gender equity agenda ( ) More 2022-09-28
Whoever is running the government is set on destroying our military -- CIVILIAN Marxist CRT actiivists will now be directing Pentagon policies on diversity, inculsion and equity More 2022-09-24
Federal tax dollars designated for COVID-related learning loss were spent to promote “equity warriors,” critical race theory programming and more at local schools More 2022-09-17
The fruits of the Democrats' equity push -- KJP is just bad at her job More 2022-09-15
Department of Defense equity chief has history of anti-white Twitter posts More 2022-09-15
"Diversity, Inclusion, Equity (DIE) is evolutionary not revolutionary -- it never stops” More 2022-08-27
But they can tell you all about Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) More 2022-08-22
Despite denials from the White House, Hunter Biden still owns an equity share of Chines Communist energy company More 2022-08-08
The American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation will require doctors to answer questions about "health equity" to keep their certification More 2022-07-30
Joe Biden's gender equity executive order is funding a drag queen film festival in Portugal More 2022-07-27
This is just one of thousands of grants made from tax dollars allocated to other programs, as a result of Biden's "Gender Equity" executive order ( ) More 2022-07-25
There is no problem correlating urine and feces with "equity" More 2022-07-24
"Equity" at work More 2022-07-13
The "Equity Coordinator" for the DC Public Schools has been hating on white people More 2022-07-02
Seattle schools want to spend more on "racial equity" programs than on math and science More 2022-06-27
The public schools should spend less time on equity and gender, and more on reading, writing, math, history, geography, civics, the classics and the rest of that boring stuff More 2022-06-25
House Dems passed a bill that would force the Federal Reserve to prioritize racial equity More 2022-06-23
These monies are coming directly from Biden's Gender Equity executive order ( ) More 2022-06-12
This is "equity" More 2022-05-31
90+ "equity" plans -- aka "reparations" -- taxpayers are now funding across the federal government More 2022-05-10
"Corporations have no business being on the right or the left because they represent everybody there and their sole job is to build equity for their investors" More 2022-04-21
Biden's "equity" budget mentions the word "equity" over 100 times ( ) More 2022-03-30
Leaked footage from Disney's diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) workshop from Project Veritas More 2022-02-10
Diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) are destroying ESPN More 2022-02-10
"Diversity and equity" teachers are compiling lists of "insubordinate" parents in Georgia More 2022-02-09
To acheive "racial equity," Team Biden will provide $30 million in grants for crack pipes to drug addicts More 2022-02-07
Joe Biden is selling "equity" -- the purest form of Marxism ( ) More 2022-02-01
The dumbing down of America benefits China and Russia -- how "equity" benefits our enemies More 2022-01-28
If diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) stuff is good for America's children, why does the Left need to lie about CRT? More 2022-01-27
This is what happens when history is replace by gender theory and civics by diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) More 2022-01-21
Traffic stops by Seattle (WA) police have now been cut back over concerns about equity More 2022-01-18
Wisconsin's Department of Health Services said "equity" would be the state's strategy to distribute COVID pills -- gives non-whites 7-point advantage More 2022-01-17
Pelosi introduces "fairness and equity" to the Jan. 6 celebration More 2022-01-07
The University of Memphis is offering professors a financial incentive to inject "diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice" into their courses More 2022-01-06
To advance racial equity in the criminal justice system, Washington state Democrats have proposed a bill that would lessen the penalties for drive-by shooting murderers More 2021-12-29
A Michigan school held a 21 day equity challenge -- avoid calling America the land of opportunity, join a BLM protest, and a white privilege checklist ( thread ) More 2021-12-23
Equity advocates want Buttigieg to require more diversity in the use of crash test dummies More 2021-12-17
Donks want to subject Silicon Valley companies to mandatory "racial equity audits," conducted by their political allies, to promote racial justice More 2021-12-13
But they know all about the white power system, and diversity, inclusion and equity, (DIE) and gender and . . . More 2021-12-05
"White companies" -- those would be the companies that are resisting Critical Race Theory's "diversity, inclusion and equity" (DIE) training. More 2021-12-02
If corporations don't buy diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) programs Black Lives Matter will sue them for whatever ( used to be called extortion ) More 2021-12-01
DHA chief Myorkas is ignoring the wave of illegals crossing the border illegally to focus on diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) More 2021-11-22
Schools are giving "A"s for effort in Los Angeles and San Diego -- performance grading has been abandoned in favor of of subjective, no standards "equity" grading More 2021-11-11
Professor wants "equity" grading -- replacing "A" for best work product with "A" for best effort More 2021-11-10
Nearly a fifth of university teaching jobs require diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) statements -- especially at the elite schools More 2021-11-08
The concept of "equity" is not new More 2021-10-31
"Equity" is the latest hustle being promoted by the Left, but there's nothing new about it More 2021-10-27
What the hell does ending cash bail for violent criminals have to do with gender equity and equality? More 2021-10-27
The National Equity Project has a web-based seminar to teach teachers how to implement "equity" under the table More 2021-10-26
The Critical Race Theory business -- the diversity and equity consultant report card More 2021-10-22
School's "Racial Equity Team" says no more Pumpkin Parade and costumes because some students might feel marginalized. More 2021-10-17
Richfield High (MN) begins every meeting with their "Vision of Equity" statement that includes "dismantling policies that benefit whiteness and privilege" More 2021-10-09
That the White House refuses to answer question, "does Hunter Biden still hold his 10% stake in Chinese private equity firm," answers the question More 2021-10-05
Fairfax (VA) schools re-allocated $23 million in COVID funds to social-justice "equity" programs More 2021-09-10
Progressive think tank releases racial equity blueprint for federal government More 2021-07-27
The shocking "White Privilege" and "Gender Equity" lesson plans used to indoctrinate your kids More 2021-06-28
Check out this thread about NASA's just launched "Mission Equity" -- AKA "Critical Space Theory" More 2021-06-17
You may sleep soundly tonight, Defense Secretary Austin says the military is focused on "diversity, equity, and inclusion" More 2021-06-11
The Equity Collaboative ( is the organization that is spreading the poison of Critical Race Theory through our schools (Click Link) More 2021-06-11
Joint Special Operations Command staff are being "encouraged" to attend conferences on diversity, equity, and inclusion More 2021-05-26
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