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Millions of children will pay a very heavy price for Joe Biden's gender equity agenda ( )  More
Whoever is running the government is set on destroying our military -- CIVILIAN Marxist CRT actiivists will now be directing Pentagon policies on diversity, inculsion and equity  More
Federal tax dollars designated for COVID-related learning loss were spent to promote “equity warriors,” critical race theory programming and more at local schools  More
The fruits of the Democrats' equity push -- KJP is just bad at her job  More
Department of Defense equity chief has history of anti-white Twitter posts  More
"Diversity, Inclusion, Equity (DIE) is evolutionary not revolutionary -- it never stops”  More
But they can tell you all about Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE)  More
Despite denials from the White House, Hunter Biden still owns an equity share of Chines Communist energy company  More
The American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation will require doctors to answer questions about "health equity" to keep their certification  More
Joe Biden's gender equity executive order is funding a drag queen film festival in Portugal  More
This is just one of thousands of grants made from tax dollars allocated to other programs, as a result of Biden's "Gender Equity" executive order ( )  More
There is no problem correlating urine and feces with "equity"  More
"Equity" at work  More
The "Equity Coordinator" for the DC Public Schools has been hating on white people  More
Seattle schools want to spend more on "racial equity" programs than on math and science  More
The public schools should spend less time on equity and gender, and more on reading, writing, math, history, geography, civics, the classics and the rest of that boring stuff  More
House Dems passed a bill that would force the Federal Reserve to prioritize racial equity  More
These monies are coming directly from Biden's Gender Equity executive order ( )  More
This is "equity"  More
90+ "equity" plans -- aka "reparations" -- taxpayers are now funding across the federal government  More
"Corporations have no business being on the right or the left because they represent everybody there and their sole job is to build equity for their investors"  More
Biden's "equity" budget mentions the word "equity" over 100 times ( )  More
Leaked footage from Disney's diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) workshop from Project Veritas  More
Diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) are destroying ESPN  More
"Diversity and equity" teachers are compiling lists of "insubordinate" parents in Georgia  More
To acheive "racial equity," Team Biden will provide $30 million in grants for crack pipes to drug addicts  More
Joe Biden is selling "equity" -- the purest form of Marxism ( )  More
The dumbing down of America benefits China and Russia -- how "equity" benefits our enemies  More
If diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) stuff is good for America's children, why does the Left need to lie about CRT?  More
This is what happens when history is replace by gender theory and civics by diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE)  More
Traffic stops by Seattle (WA) police have now been cut back over concerns about equity  More
Wisconsin's Department of Health Services said "equity" would be the state's strategy to distribute COVID pills -- gives non-whites 7-point advantage  More
Pelosi introduces "fairness and equity" to the Jan. 6 celebration  More
The University of Memphis is offering professors a financial incentive to inject "diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice" into their courses  More
To advance racial equity in the criminal justice system, Washington state Democrats have proposed a bill that would lessen the penalties for drive-by shooting murderers  More
A Michigan school held a 21 day equity challenge -- avoid calling America the land of opportunity, join a BLM protest, and a white privilege checklist ( thread )  More
Donks want to subject Silicon Valley companies to mandatory "racial equity audits," conducted by their political allies, to promote racial justice  More
But they know all about the white power system, and diversity, inclusion and equity, (DIE) and gender and . . .  More
"White companies" -- those would be the companies that are resisting Critical Race Theory's "diversity, inclusion and equity" (DIE) training.  More
If corporations don't buy diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) programs Black Lives Matter will sue them for whatever ( used to be called extortion )  More
DHA chief Myorkas is ignoring the wave of illegals crossing the border illegally to focus on diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE)  More
Schools are giving "A"s for effort in Los Angeles and San Diego -- performance grading has been abandoned in favor of of subjective, no standards "equity" grading  More
Professor wants "equity" grading -- replacing "A" for best work product with "A" for best effort  More
Nearly a fifth of university teaching jobs require diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) statements -- especially at the elite schools  More
The concept of "equity" is not new  More
"Equity" is the latest hustle being promoted by the Left, but there's nothing new about it  More
What the hell does ending cash bail for violent criminals have to do with gender equity and equality?  More
The National Equity Project has a web-based seminar to teach teachers how to implement "equity" under the table  More
The Critical Race Theory business -- the diversity and equity consultant report card  More
School's "Racial Equity Team" says no more Pumpkin Parade and costumes because some students might feel marginalized.  More
Richfield High (MN) begins every meeting with their "Vision of Equity" statement that includes "dismantling policies that benefit whiteness and privilege"  More
That the White House refuses to answer question, "does Hunter Biden still hold his 10% stake in Chinese private equity firm," answers the question  More
Fairfax (VA) schools re-allocated $23 million in COVID funds to social-justice "equity" programs  More
Progressive think tank releases racial equity blueprint for federal government  More
The shocking "White Privilege" and "Gender Equity" lesson plans used to indoctrinate your kids  More
Check out this thread about NASA's just launched "Mission Equity" -- AKA "Critical Space Theory"  More
You may sleep soundly tonight, Defense Secretary Austin says the military is focused on "diversity, equity, and inclusion"  More
The Equity Collaboative ( is the organization that is spreading the poison of Critical Race Theory through our schools (Click Link)  More
Joint Special Operations Command staff are being "encouraged" to attend conferences on diversity, equity, and inclusion  More
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