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The AP admits noncitizens will vote in U.S. elections while insisting it’s no big deal ( ) 2024-05-23 Read
On cue, Joe Biden lies about Republicans and elections 2024-05-20 Read
10 lies Democrats tell about our elections -- and how to refute them 2024-05-03 Read
MSNBC in 2017 reporting on Hillary voters seeking to "overturn" the results of Trump's election -- the report concedes that in America's "democracy" political candidates have the right to challenge elections 2024-04-26 Read
Arizona Attorney General, Kris Mayes, announced that a Grand Jury has just indicted Donald Trump and 17 other Republicans over alleged attempt to change the 2020 elections' results 2024-04-25 Read
Facebook interfered with elections at least 39 times since 2008 2024-04-23 Read
Democrats always tamper with elections -- it's the democratic way -- so, they make laws to make it easy to cheat 2024-04-18 Read
Breitbart News editor-in-chief, Alex Marlow, says Joe Biden “is 100 percent importing voters” via illegal immigration. “Illegal aliens are already voting in local elections -- the intention is for them to vote in national elections” 2024-03-29 Read
New York City's city council is asking the state's highest court to let non-citizens vote in local elections 2024-03-26 Read
Democrats even cheat in their own elections -- it's in the blood 2024-03-25 Read
Judge Amy Berman Jackson upheld a Washington, D.C. law allowing non-citizens, including illegal immigrants and foreign embassy staff members, to vote in municipal elections 2024-03-23 Read
America's elite say it's OK to cheat in elections -- "the most terrifying poll result I’ve ever seen" ~ Scott Rasmussen 2024-03-22 Read
It’s the perfect storm -- driver's licenses for illegals + noncitizens voting + mail-in ballots + private funding of elections + partisan secretaries of states. 2024-03-18 Read
Google interfered in U. S. elections at least 41 times since 2008 2024-03-18 Read
The Democrat-fed, taxpayer-funded media spin machine creates false realities, untrue narratives and outright lies -- and truth surfaces long after these deceptive narratives or mistruths have affected elections or official actions 2024-03-13 Read
Georgia’s Dominion voting machines can be hacked, votes can be changed, elections can be altered and SoS Raffensperger refuses to install security patches until after the 2024 election 2024-02-19 Read
Kelly Wong is the first "noncitizen" to be appointed to San Fransisco's Elections Commission -- this is her victory speech 2024-02-19 Read
Check out this Joe Rogan clip ( as of June 2023, more than a dozen communities across the U.S., including Washington, DC, and municipalities in California, Maryland, and Vermont, allow noncitizens to vote in local elections ) 2024-02-13 Read
Arizona clearly states that no proof of citizenship is required to vote in federal elections 2024-01-12 Read
"If he ever gets in again we'll never have any more elections -- he will stop it and he's very clear about that -- he wants to be dictator for life!" ~ Whoopi Goldberg 2024-01-11 Read
Klaud Schwab looks for ward to the future where there will be no elections because the enlightened ones can predict the winners -- sounds like a Democrat 2023-12-14 Read
Chicagoans discover Obama's "elections have consequences" means what it says -- and they will still vote Democrat 2023-12-01 Read
A super PAC funded by liberal megadonors and foundations has put up $25 million dollars to register likely Democrat voters in 2024 state legislature elections 2023-11-15 Read
Disinformation expert laments loss of power over speech on social media leading up to 2024 elections 2023-11-13 Read
Democrats have become so accustomed to cheating in elections that they even cheat each other 2023-11-06 Read
What the Biden regime does to Americans who agitate for fair and open elections 2023-10-02 Read
Klaus Schwab, delights at the thought of a future without elections 2023-09-28 Read
Alex Soros, the son of George Soros, met with Nancy Pelosi yesterday -- are they getting ready to steal more elections? 2023-09-15 Read
World Economic Forum founder, Klaus Schwab, delights at the thought of a future without elections 2023-09-03 Read
"Elections are bad for democracy," argues The New York Times 2023-08-22 Read
The Democratic Association of Secretaries of State (DASS) is gearing up to provide election offices with private security ahead of the 2024 elections and police so-called “disinformation” 2023-08-20 Read
Michigan election investigators are being criminally prosecuted for uncovering dirty elections 2023-08-09 Read
Joe Biden and Senate Democrats vow to block a GOP bill that would keep foreign nationals from voting in U.S. Federal Elections -- Democrats in California and Maryland allow foreigners to vote in their elections 2023-07-10 Read
"Former" CIA agent takes over "elections policies" at Facebook -- what could possibly go wrong? 2023-06-27 Read
Joe Biden has ordered federal agencies to engage in overtly political activities that will affect elections, while violating the Constitution and federal law in the process 2023-06-22 Read
George Soros' money is buying our elections 2023-06-20 Read
When it comes to rigging elections, Democrats never rest 2023-06-20 Read
The people at Stanford who made these selections would tell to you how “diverse” this group is, but is it, really? 2023-03-26 Read
The president of Mexico promises to help the Democrats cheat in the 2024 elections -- you know he'll be welcomed 2023-03-11 Read
Elections have consequences -- stolen elections have consequences too! 2023-02-17 Read
Craigslist Craig is dumping his billions into fake news to help Democrats win elections 2023-02-13 Read
*** Emails show the National Archives colluded with Joe Biden's lawyers to secretly retrieve TOP SECRET (SCI) documents before the 2022 midterm elections *** 2023-02-12 Read
162 congressional Democrats voted to allow non-citizens to vote in city elections 2023-02-10 Read
This DHS-backed censorship network used 120 analysts to censor millions of social media posts on elections and COVID-19 ( long thread ) 2022-12-29 Read
Democrats reportedly looking to rewrite state voting laws after midterm elections 2022-12-27 Read
Democrats are terrified Americans will learn the truth about elections 2022-12-24 Read
“The FBI deliberately interfered in, not one, but two separate presidential elections" 2022-12-22 Read
If federal agencies are deciding your elections, you don't live in a free country 2022-12-20 Read
This is what happens when you rely upon the US Postal Service to play an integral part in our national elections 2022-12-10 Read
Twitter told the Federal Elections Commission that, "Twitter did not receive a request from the Biden campaign to review (much less restrict) the N.Y. Post articles..." ( thread ) 2022-12-04 Read
Americans don't trust their elections anymore ( thread ) 2022-12-02 Read
The Boston City Council approved a petition to allow 16-year-olds to vote in municipal elections 2022-12-02 Read
Only 43% of Americans trust that "elections are fair and accurate" 2022-12-01 Read
Elections will never be a fair fight when schools push politics 2022-11-28 Read
Remember when Obama said this about elections 2022-11-16 Read
Donks deploy the National Guard to "oversee" elections -- a "militarized" election has never occurred in 233 years of American elections -- this is unprecedented 2022-11-09 Read
Twitter employees sound alarm about how it could make getting reliable information on this site during Tuesday's elections impossible 2022-11-09 Read
Fox News TV station "accidentally" shows the results for the Arizona governor race -- 12 days before the elections 2022-10-30 Read
“Do you think it’s time to ask for friends and allies to come over and help us monitor our elections?" -- MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace 2022-10-25 Read
Nothing says "democracy" like issuing subpoenas to your political opponents during elections 2022-10-22 Read
This is how Twitter influences elections 2022-10-16 Read
The Biden administration asked Saudi Arabia and other OPEC+ members to meddle in US elections 2022-10-13 Read
62% of voters say Joe Biden’s economy is deteriorating just 29 days from the midterm elections 2022-10-10 Read
Leftist NGO, Election Integrity Partnership, plans to control elections by silencing speech 2022-10-07 Read
Have Chinese spies infiltrated American elections? 2022-10-07 Read
Will there be any oil left after Joe Biden wantonly drains the Strategic Petroleum Reserve ahead of the midterm elections? 2022-10-06 Read
Democrats on the Washington, DC, City Council have approved a plan that would allow foreign nationals, including illegal aliens, to vote in local elections 2022-10-05 Read
When Democrats dispute elections, it's "symbolic" -- when Republicans dispute elections it's "domestic extremism" 2022-09-27 Read
House passes Liz Cheney’s "Trojan Horse Elections Bill" enabling a Democrat takeover of the ballot box 2022-09-22 Read
House Judiciary Committee Democrats just voted to support "non-citizens" voting in our elections 2022-09-22 Read
DoJ conceals records showing how Biden uses federal agencies to influence elections 2022-09-12 Read
Massive Democrat "Bot Farms" are influencing elections, war, and racial tension -- 51 billion social media impressions since 2019 2022-08-21 Read
The FBI is a secret police force, infamous for harboring criminals, framing the innocent, ignoring actual security threats, and sabotaging U.S. elections ( thread ) 2022-08-18 Read
Twitter announces it will meddle in to 2022 elections 2022-08-12 Read
DoJ quietly revealed an 8-year-long Russian elections interference operation that funded Black Marxist propaganda 2022-07-30 Read
Joe Biden's plan to rig the 2022 midterm elections ~ Mollie Hemingway 2022-06-24 Read
Is this what the Democrats are going to do to avoid the disaster they face in the fall elections? 2022-05-27 Read
Donnie Deutsch says, the way to win elections is to slander and lie about Republicans and make to up conspiracy theories -- you know, the usual 2022-05-19 Read
“We had political operatives… who were using the very tools of government, that you and I pay for, to actually try to influence elections" -- Durham Report 2022-04-19 Read
They know they're in trouble, so the Biden administration is attempting to "manage" state elections 2022-02-22 Read
"Fair elections are the foundation of U.S. democracy," tweets the FBI, after ignoring all evidence of Democrat Party ballot trafficking 2022-02-22 Read
Salting Republican districts -- Donks are all about elections 7/24/365 2022-01-26 Read
"As we head into the 2022 midterm elections, who will stop our descent into collective poverty, division, and self-inflicted madness?" 2022-01-22 Read
Video shows Pennsylvania elections official saying, "So, we’re going to actually follow the law fully this time" 2022-01-18 Read
Check this out -- no wonder Democrats are suddenly so adament about nationalizing elections 2022-01-17 Read
As predicted, Biden and Kamala both demanded the Senate pass legislation to federalize American elections 2022-01-06 Read
"If Republicans win in the midterm elections, voting in this country as we know it will be gone" 2022-01-05 Read
All Republicans are insurrectionists, the GOP is the enemy of the people, and the only way to preserve American democracy is to ensure that only Democrats can win elections 2022-01-04 Read
New York City gives foreigners the right to vote in New York City elections 2021-12-17 Read
NY City Council approves measure allowing 800,000 non-citizens to vote in local elections 2021-12-10 Read
MSNBC guest, Jason Johnson, claimed that redistricting in Texas looked like "a Dexter blood splatter" and wants the Biden administration to take over the elections in Texas 2021-12-09 Read
The Donks will have to cheat their asses off in the next couple of elections to overcome the Biden-Harris disaster 2021-12-02 Read
CNN and the the lying scumbags from the Lincoln Project both believe tampering with elections is a good thing 2021-10-30 Read
Shepard Smith has her panties in a twist because Texas tightened up its elections, making it harder for Democrats to cheat 2021-09-02 Read
Marching for the federalization of America's elections -- another scheme to insure permanent Democratic control 2021-08-29 Read
AOC says, "We cannot rely solely on a wish of winning elections” -- explains why Democrats cheat 2021-06-14 Read
Joe Biden Appoints Kamala Harris to Lead White House Efforts on Voting Rights – Making it Easier For Democrats to Steal Elections 2021-06-03 Read
Joe Biden Appoints Kamala Harris to Lead White House Efforts on Voting Rights – Making it Easier For Democrats to Steal Elections 2021-06-02 Read
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Joe Biden sniffs a tranny in the runup to the election 2022-10-09 2 Read
It's Obama's plan, but Joe is the patsy 2022-09-18 1 Read
Joe Biden's MAGA speech was like a 3rd World dictator's speech 2022-08-28 3 Read
Mar-A-Lago Raid -- the FBI unleashed! 2022-08-07 1 Read
America's STASI -- The Democrats' secret police 2022-07-30 1 Read
The Masters of Projection have zero self-awareness 2022-07-03 1 Read
Disinformation Bureau -- 1984 was a little late in coming, but it's finally here 2022-05-22 1 Read
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