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The "highly credible" source reveals the Biden scandal is bigger than bribery -- includes election interference by the FBI More 2023-06-05
There is no way in hell that Joe Biden will be the Democrats 2024 candidate -- if he is they plan to steal the election More 2023-06-02
"We now have black and white evidence that the FBI interfered with the 2016 election" More 2023-06-01
Hillary Clinton claims Trump "rigged" the 2020 election -- predicts the "end of democracy" if he wins in 2024 More 2023-05-25
Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) has introduced a resolution to fine Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff $16 million for his claims that former President Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 election More 2023-05-24
The Democrats are really going to have to cheat in the 2024 election the way thigs are going for Joe Biden More 2023-05-23
“That [Durham} report is appalling -- you have 50 top level CIA agents who agree to collaborate in a project to fix an election” ~ RFK, Jr. More 2023-05-22
FBI top brass shut down four criminal investigations into Bill and Hillary Clinton's foreign money just before the 2016 election More 2023-05-19
The FBI was a disinformation outlet for Hillary Clinton and the DNC to frame Trump as a Russian agent to sway the outcome of the 2016 election, and again with Hunter Biden's laptop during the 2020 election ( thread ) More 2023-05-17
Did the Democrats steal the Arizona election? ( video ) More 2023-05-17
*** Special counsel John Durham finds the FBI should not have launched an investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia during the 2016 election *** More 2023-05-16
E. Jean Carroll’s not only being funded by a Democrat activist billionaire to smear Trump in court, but also to helped change state laws to specifically allow her to attack Trump right before the 2024 election ( thread ) More 2023-05-11
It sure looks like the CIA helped Jo Biden win the 2020 election -- can we refer to this as a coup now? More 2023-05-10
Outgoing Chicago Democrat Mayor. Lori Lightfoot. tells Al Sharpton one of the reasons she lost re-election is because of "right-wing forces that wanted to take down a big-city mayor" More 2023-05-09
“They rigged the election in front of all of us and nobody did anything about it” More 2023-05-08
Democrat Denver City Council member Candi CdeBaca, who is running for re-election, says white owned businesses should be taxed extra and redistributed to black owned businesses. More 2023-05-05
Remember when Hillary, the woman behind Russiagate, asked China to hack the 2020 election and Rachel Maddow loved every minute of it More 2023-05-02
Billionaires across big business sectors like finance, tech, and media are gearing up to throw millions at Joe Biden’s reelection bid in 2024 More 2023-05-01
Joe Biden says, "we cannot win this election" More 2023-04-30
Party election officials are gathering for a secret Zuckerberg-funded, Soros-tied U. S. election summit at the International Spy Museum More 2023-04-29
Latest Twitter File uncovers the lies that Russians impacted the 2016 election ( ) More 2023-04-27
Secretary of State Blinken admitted that one of his goals was not just to warn about Russian influence but “to help then-Vice President Biden in the debate and to assist him in winning the election" More 2023-04-23
The “Drop and Roll” -- how the 2020 Election was stolen from Donald Trump More 2023-04-19
The federal government is peddling technology to Big Tech companies to assist them in censoring Americans’ speech on social media in the run-up to the 2020 election More 2023-04-11
Hillary Clinton explains the real reason she lost the 2016 election More 2023-04-07
Prakazrel “Pras” Michel is accused of funneling money from a fugitive Malaysian financer through straw donors to Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign More 2023-04-06
ABC News displays its political bias on air -- this is election interference More 2023-04-06
One giant leap towards Stalinism as meme Maker Douglass Mackey (Ricky Vaughn) is found GUILTY of trolling Hillary Clinton during 2016 election More 2023-04-01
The DoJ is prosecuting Douglass Mackey for a meme it claims is "election interference, while ignoring "Russiagate" More 2023-03-29
Hillary Clinton's campaign, her researchers and others formed a "joint venture or conspiracy" for the purpose of weaving the collusion story to harm Trump's election chances and then the start of his presidency. More 2023-03-27
The people at Stanford who made these selections would tell to you how “diverse” this group is, but is it, really? More 2023-03-26
During the 2020 Election, Joe Biden lied to the American people -- the media covered it up -- now they got the bank statements. More 2023-03-22
The president of Mexico promises to help the Democrats cheat in the 2024 elections -- you know he'll be welcomed More 2023-03-11
The hypocrite-in-chief holds his office as a result of the largest election fraud in history More 2023-03-08
Liberal group," Wisconsin Takes Action," is operating a massive election bribery scheme More 2023-03-02
Chicago inmates claim jail guards pressuring illegal voting in mayoral election More 2023-02-28
It is galling to be lectured about democracy by a man who took power in an election so sketchy that many Americans don't believe it was real More 2023-02-26
East Palestine, Ohio "not eligible for assistance' -- county voted 71% for Donald Trump in the 2020 election ( ) More 2023-02-18
Elections have consequences -- stolen elections have consequences too! More 2023-02-17
SCOTUS will consider a lawsuit alleging Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and others violated their oaths of office by refusing to investigate evidence of fraud in the 2020 election More 2023-02-15
Craigslist Craig is dumping his billions into fake news to help Democrats win elections More 2023-02-13
*** Emails show the National Archives colluded with Joe Biden's lawyers to secretly retrieve TOP SECRET (SCI) documents before the 2022 midterm elections *** More 2023-02-12
162 congressional Democrats voted to allow non-citizens to vote in city elections More 2023-02-10
Joe Biden's new climate adviser had an "acute mental health crisis" and "could not get out of bed" following Trump's election More 2023-02-01
Google co-founder, Sergey Brin, said in an all-hands company meeting, "I certainly find this election (2016) deeply offensive, and I know that many of you do too" More 2023-02-01
Arizona officials are targeting Kari Lake with potential felony charges for speaking out against the rigged election in Arizona. More 2023-01-31
Nearly 300,000 Maricopa County ballots in the 2022 election would fail signature verification More 2023-01-26
FOIA requests reveal there were no DoJ investigations of election fraud after 2020 election as Bill Barr claimed More 2023-01-19
This thread clearly demonstrates that a conspiracy occurred to undermine the American election of 2020 ( thread ) More 2023-01-17
One of the Democratic groups trying to ban Trump from Colorado’s presidential election ballot is named, "Free Speech for the People" More 2023-01-09
Biden to announce reelection bid in weeks More 2023-01-08
This DHS-backed censorship network used 120 analysts to censor millions of social media posts on elections and COVID-19 ( long thread ) More 2022-12-29
The FBI sent numerous censorship requests to Twitter right before the 2020 election More 2022-12-27
Democrats reportedly looking to rewrite state voting laws after midterm elections More 2022-12-27
The FBI directly smeared Elon Musk after his Twitter Files dumps exposed FBI pro-Biden censorship, spying and election interference. More 2022-12-26
*** Election interference involving the CIA confirmed with all Big Tech companies ( thread ) *** More 2022-12-26
Democrats are terrified Americans will learn the truth about elections More 2022-12-24
Pollster says 20% of election day voters in Maricopa County were disenfranchised More 2022-12-23
“The FBI deliberately interfered in, not one, but two separate presidential elections" More 2022-12-22
"I stole the election," is probably a little dubbed More 2022-12-21
If federal agencies are deciding your elections, you don't live in a free country More 2022-12-20
The election is over, so the Fed is making some very minor adjustments to its job performance reports More 2022-12-19
The FBI was perplexed when Twitter couldn't find a lot of foreign effort to influence the election ( long thread ) More 2022-12-19
25,000 Maricopa county ballots were discovered two days after the election -- nobody knows where they came from -- they counted then anyway More 2022-12-13
The FBI tampered with a national election by lying to Twitter about the Hunter Biden laptop More 2022-12-13
Arizona governor, Katie Hobbs, demanded Mohave County certify election results in her favor or face two years in prison More 2022-12-12
This is what happens when you rely upon the US Postal Service to play an integral part in our national elections More 2022-12-10
Georgia wants Major League Baseball to apologize for lying about Georgia’s election integrity law -- MLB cost Atlanta $100 million as a result of its lies More 2022-12-09
“The DNC and Biden Team knew they had friends at Twitter who would do their bidding during the election -- Twitter lied to the FEC about that influence -- but that’s just at the surface" More 2022-12-06
CNN staffers admit they promoted Biden and attacked Trump during the election More 2022-12-05
Twitter told the Federal Elections Commission that, "Twitter did not receive a request from the Biden campaign to review (much less restrict) the N.Y. Post articles..." ( thread ) More 2022-12-04
Christopher Wray And Bill Barr both covered up the Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 election -- they knew Joe Biden was compromised and the kept silent More 2022-12-04
The newly elected "Leader" of the House Democrats is a big-time election denier, who claims the 2016 election was "illegitimate" More 2022-12-03
The FBI met weekly with Big Tech ahead of the 2020 election More 2022-12-03
The Boston City Council approved a petition to allow 16-year-olds to vote in municipal elections More 2022-12-02
Americans don't trust their elections anymore ( thread ) More 2022-12-02
Only 43% of Americans trust that "elections are fair and accurate" More 2022-12-01
Election tallies are changing somewhere between the precincts and the media -- multiple states? More 2022-11-30
Elections will never be a fair fight when schools push politics More 2022-11-28
Officials in Maricopa County (AZ) refuses to provide election documents to the GOP More 2022-11-27
The media is quick to use the phrase "election deniers" -- but only for Republicans More 2022-11-23
The election day problems in Maricopa County (AZ) are far wider than county is admitting More 2022-11-22
Working with Maricopa County election officials More 2022-11-21
Pelosi's successor is an election denier More 2022-11-20
A summation of the Arizona election by an Arizonan More 2022-11-19
Short videos explain why the Donks all voted by mail -- strangest thing, the voting machines broke down on election day ( ) More 2022-11-18
Remember when Obama said this about elections More 2022-11-16
Never mind! -- there were no nuclear secrets -- the FBI's Mar-a-Lago raid was all a complete misunderstanding -- the election is over More 2022-11-16
DHS "truth cops" had a strange first mission -- banning speech that casts doubt on "Red Mirage, Blue Shift" election events More 2022-11-16
Democrats spent at least $53 million to promote 13 extreme, fringe, and election-denying Republican candidates in GOP primaries who lost in the general More 2022-11-15
Despite only 17% Democrat turnout on election day, Katie Hobbs and other Democrats are winning over 50% of Maricopa County election day totals More 2022-11-14
The Hill publishes a "plan" to make Gavin Newsom president without an election More 2022-11-13
It's always the same states that have election problems -- and they're always blue More 2022-11-12
How do you win a fair election when they don't play fair? -- and these Donks are full-time professionals More 2022-11-10
As Biden celebrates election results, corporate America lays off workers with recession looming More 2022-11-10
Is this the end of Stacey Abrams? -- "imaginary" Georgia governor loses "reelection" -- $105 million down the drain More 2022-11-09
Why does the Left oppose voter id, cleaning election rolls, citizenship verification for voting, while supporting ballot harvesting? -- you know why More 2022-11-09
Twitter employees sound alarm about how it could make getting reliable information on this site during Tuesday's elections impossible More 2022-11-09
Donks deploy the National Guard to "oversee" elections -- a "militarized" election has never occurred in 233 years of American elections -- this is unprecedented More 2022-11-09
MSNBC wonders if Arizona Republicans will "use their open carry privilege as a form of political intimidation" to try and steal the election More 2022-11-09
Google suppressed get-out-the-vote and fundraising emails by sending millions of GOP election emails to users’ Gmail spam folders More 2022-11-09
ABC News reveals the plan -- GOP leads will dwindle, or crumble completely, after perceived "dumps" of votes are recorded by state election officials who count mail-in and absentee ballots in the days -- or even weeks -- following Election Day More 2022-11-08
Two days before the election, Joe Biden reaffirms, there will be no "more drilling" for oil More 2022-11-07
The election law doesn’t matter in this room, only their rules, say the "men in black" More 2022-11-06
Joe Biden sells Fantasyland to save an election More 2022-11-05
Twitter exec tells MSNBC that firing Twitter employees could make misinformation worse for election week More 2022-11-05
Just in time for the election -- check the notice! More 2022-11-04
Firing of Milwaukee election official highlights Wisconsin as epicenter of the Democrats' election shenanigans More 2022-11-04
If you want election audits, or use your right to object to a state's electors, or even if you oppose *unconstitutional* changes to election laws, that makes you an "election denier" More 2022-11-04
Surprise! -- Biden attacked Trump and MAGA Republicans as threat to American democracy in his final speech before the election More 2022-11-03
CNN can only attract an average of 624,000 primetime viewers in the month before this big-assed election More 2022-11-02
Judge is jailing True The Vote's leaders this morning for uncovering election fraud -- no bail More 2022-10-31
Fox News TV station "accidentally" shows the results for the Arizona governor race -- 12 days before the elections More 2022-10-30
Joe Biden blamed political rhetoric including denial of the 2020 election result for the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, saying "this talk produces the violence" More 2022-10-30
Vij suppressed the NY Post from exposing the Biden crime family before the 2020 election -- getting sh!tcanned on Day 1 is 1000% deserved ( ) More 2022-10-29
Google is trying to sway the election by suppressing GOP email and search results (again) More 2022-10-26
Why isn't election denier and Russiagate conspirator, Hillary Clinton, in Leavenworth? More 2022-10-26
What you do when you're a complete partisan hack who would happily cut off a limb if you thought it would help the Democratic Party win an election More 2022-10-26
“Do you think it’s time to ask for friends and allies to come over and help us monitor our elections?" -- MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace More 2022-10-25
Nothing says "democracy" like issuing subpoenas to your political opponents during elections More 2022-10-22
A picture is worth a thousand words -- to save an election, Joe Biden has put America at risk ( ) More 2022-10-20
As he stumbles into war with Russia, Joe Biden dumps another 10 to 15 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in an attempt to save the election More 2022-10-18
This is how Twitter influences elections More 2022-10-16
No surprise here -- former FBI agent, Timothy Thibault, who buried the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 election, refuses to cooperate with House GOP More 2022-10-15
The Biden administration asked Saudi Arabia and other OPEC+ members to meddle in US elections More 2022-10-13
62% of voters say Joe Biden’s economy is deteriorating just 29 days from the midterm elections More 2022-10-10
Donks insist there is no election tampering -- the former Democratic mayor of San Luis (AZ) is facing sentencing for ballot harvesting More 2022-10-09
When Joe Biden starts talking about "Made in America," you know there's an election nearby More 2022-10-08
Have Chinese spies infiltrated American elections? More 2022-10-07
Leftist NGO, Election Integrity Partnership, plans to control elections by silencing speech More 2022-10-07
Will there be any oil left after Joe Biden wantonly drains the Strategic Petroleum Reserve ahead of the midterm elections? More 2022-10-06
Democrats on the Washington, DC, City Council have approved a plan that would allow foreign nationals, including illegal aliens, to vote in local elections More 2022-10-05
FBI concealed Chinese Communist infiltration of U.S. Election Software -- "...the script had been flipped, and now we were the target" More 2022-10-05
The FBI had zero interest in pursuing the Hunter Biden story before the 2020 election More 2022-10-04
The Jan. 6 Committee will have its last shot to sway the election when they meet next week -- look for some outrageous allegations More 2022-10-03
Five weeks out from the election and crime soaring, Donks are trying to forget "Defund the Police" More 2022-10-03
Donks want to put people who say the 2020 election was stolen into prison -- but 2016 was "different" More 2022-09-30
When Democrats dispute elections, it's "symbolic" -- when Republicans dispute elections it's "domestic extremism" More 2022-09-27
Donks are being mugged by reality, so, they are pivoting to "law and order" -- but only until the election is over More 2022-09-25
House Judiciary Committee Democrats just voted to support "non-citizens" voting in our elections More 2022-09-22
House passes Liz Cheney’s "Trojan Horse Elections Bill" enabling a Democrat takeover of the ballot box More 2022-09-22
48 Days before her own election -- NY AG files civil charges against the Trump family -- an embarrassingly political prosecution, even for a Democrat More 2022-09-21
82 Election-denying Democrats who called GOP election wins questionable, illegitimate or stolen ( check out tweeter's Twitter-name ) More 2022-09-17
Facebook spied on private messages of Americans who questioned 2020 election, and reported them to the FBI More 2022-09-15
Here's how the social media giants plan to affect the upcoming election More 2022-09-15
DoJ is refusing to make public the Biden administration's plan to intervene in the 2022 election More 2022-09-14
The DoJ will agree to Trump's selection of Raymond J. Dearie to serve as "Special Master" in the review of documents the FBI seized from Mar-a-Lago More 2022-09-14
DoJ conceals records showing how Biden uses federal agencies to influence elections More 2022-09-12
Twitter to increase its "management of the discussion" in the runup to the election More 2022-09-10
"What about the 2016 election?" -- more Democrat Rule #3: "That's different!" More 2022-09-08
8 out of 10 Americans think the Hunter Biden laptop cover-up changed the election More 2022-08-28
Joe Biden says, "we'll ban assault weapons . . . and make sure no one can steal an election AGAIN" More 2022-08-26
79% of Americans say that President Trump likely would have won ee-election if voters had known the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop More 2022-08-25
Joe Biden used a law that allows for debt cancelation, "in connection with a war or other military operation or national emergency," for his election-year gift to students More 2022-08-25
Massive Democrat "Bot Farms" are influencing elections, war, and racial tension -- 51 billion social media impressions since 2019 More 2022-08-21
TIME magazine calls an open and fair election a "borrowed Soviet skill" More 2022-08-19
The FBI is a secret police force, infamous for harboring criminals, framing the innocent, ignoring actual security threats, and sabotaging U.S. elections ( thread ) More 2022-08-18
Twitter announces it will meddle in to 2022 elections More 2022-08-12
The Donks are moving on many fronts -- here's more FBI intimidation -- prepping the election battlespace More 2022-08-11
Meta's new artificial intelligence says Joe Biden stole the 2020 US presidential election ( ) More 2022-08-10
The latest corporate media campaign is built around the "Election Denier" meme More 2022-08-08
DoJ quietly revealed an 8-year-long Russian elections interference operation that funded Black Marxist propaganda More 2022-07-30
WaPo is reporting that Joe Biden's Department of inJustice is investigating Donald J. Trump's actions and role in analleged effort to overturn the 2020 election results More 2022-07-27
Joe Biden, 79, is too old to run for re-election ~ NY Times More 2022-07-11
"Wisconsin Election Commission's authorization of ballot drop boxes was unlawful" ~ Wisconsin Supreme Court More 2022-07-09
The Donk election tampering is so clearly obvious to Americans, that 50% of them, "think cheating is likely in the midterms" More 2022-07-08
523 NYPD officers quit in the last 30 days -- just in time for the election riots More 2022-07-07
The Democrats' election shenanigans may be coming to an end More 2022-07-02
What is the coordination between progressive funders, federal authorities, corporations, state election officials, and leftist organizations all about? ( ) More 2022-07-01
The Jan. 6 Committee "fraudulently portrayed an innocent DoJ attorney as complicit in a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election, and did so with malice" More 2022-06-28
South Carolina senate candidate, Krystle Matthews, gets caught running election tampering scheme More 2022-06-28
10 minutes of Democrat denying Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2016 -- these same people now say that questioning election results is a direct threat to democracy More 2022-06-26
Joe Biden's plan to rig the 2022 midterm elections ~ Mollie Hemingway More 2022-06-24
12 Minutes of prominent Democrats repeatedly denying election results -- watch as much as you can More 2022-06-24
The second pandemic is scheduled to begin 90 days before the 2024 election More 2022-06-22
Homeland Security issues "heightened threat advisory" due to fears of "mass casualty violence" if Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade -- sure sign it's an election year More 2022-06-08
Former Arizona mayor to plead guilty to ballot trafficking during the 2020 election More 2022-06-02
Is this what the Democrats are going to do to avoid the disaster they face in the fall elections? More 2022-05-27
Donnie Deutsch says, the way to win elections is to slander and lie about Republicans and make to up conspiracy theories -- you know, the usual More 2022-05-19
Knox County (VA) District Supervisor is indicted on 82 felony counts related to election fraud. More 2022-05-13
When the incoming White House Press Secretary makes “stolen election” claims, it's no big deal -- but if you're a Republican you'll be damned More 2022-05-12
Donks just can't give away taxpayer money fast enough -- especially in an election year More 2022-05-07
If the 2024 election was between Biden and Trump and held today More 2022-05-05
It's an election year and the Democratic Party's auxiliary have begun a season of rioting More 2022-05-04
Must be an election year -- the Donks are buying votes with taxpayer dollars again More 2022-04-20
“We had political operatives… who were using the very tools of government, that you and I pay for, to actually try to influence elections" -- Durham Report More 2022-04-19
Biden's spectacularly low approval rating makes re-election a virtual impossibility More 2022-04-15
Soros is bankrolling even more "Defund the Police" candidates in 2022 election More 2022-04-11
How is Hillary not in prison and this was in 2019, three years after the election More 2022-04-11
Here we go again -- AP warns of Russian election interference -- anonymous source and "no evidence" More 2022-04-10
By the time we get to the 2024 election, the only conservative stuff left on the Internet will be stuff from Bill Kristol More 2022-04-06
4.8 Million ballots trafficked in the 2020 election More 2022-04-05
NBC concerned the midterm election is in shellacking territory More 2022-03-31
CIA officer openly admits to rigging 2020 election for Joe Biden More 2022-03-29
Total number of media outlets which spread the CIA's pre-election lie that the Biden laptop was "Russian disinformation" and have now retracted their falsehoods More 2022-03-25
Now that the election has come and gone, Hunter's laptop is finally getting some media attention More 2022-03-23
Biden's SCOTUS pick will never be appointed -- her selection criteria is tainted More 2022-03-21
Never forget those who signed the dishonest election eve letter claiming Hunter's emails had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation” More 2022-03-19
The CIA/media disinformation campaign, and the brute censorship imposed by Big Tech, in the weeks before the 2020 election, are of historic significance More 2022-03-17
Another Democrat indicted for 20202 election tampering More 2022-03-14
Sure sign that it's an election year More 2022-03-13
The Left sees victory -- after stealing an election it's balls to the wall on all fronts -- they have to win, or it all comes out More 2022-03-11
20 Documented examples of Democrats' fraud, illegalities and irregularities in the 2020 election More 2022-03-10
Jan. 6 is all part of a broader election year Donk strategy ( ) More 2022-03-09
It's an election year -- and spring -- so the Democratic Party's auxiliaries are out and training in Seattle More 2022-03-06
Zuckerbucks corrupted the 2020 Wisconsin election by stealing the votes of the elderly and infirm More 2022-03-03
Mark Zuckerberg $300 million election gift violated Wisconsin bribery laws More 2022-03-02
They stole an election and now blame Trump for their failures -- and stupid Donks will eat it up More 2022-02-26
"Fair elections are the foundation of U.S. democracy," tweets the FBI, after ignoring all evidence of Democrat Party ballot trafficking More 2022-02-22
They know they're in trouble, so the Biden administration is attempting to "manage" state elections More 2022-02-22
Playing 3-Card-Monte with Maricopa County's (AZ) 2020 election records More 2022-02-08
10 Ways the 2020 presidential election was obviously stolen that were ignored by the media More 2022-02-07
Must be an election year! More 2022-01-27
Salting Republican districts -- Donks are all about elections 7/24/365 More 2022-01-26
"As we head into the 2022 midterm elections, who will stop our descent into collective poverty, division, and self-inflicted madness?" More 2022-01-22
You have to understand the Donk point of view -- in their mind, any election Democrats lose isn't legitimate More 2022-01-20
Video shows Pennsylvania elections official saying, "So, we’re going to actually follow the law fully this time" More 2022-01-18
Check this out -- no wonder Democrats are suddenly so adament about nationalizing elections More 2022-01-17
The media have been lying to you, spinning the fight over election reforms as a struggle for "voting rights" -- here's what's really going on More 2022-01-13
Must be an election year -- the AP tells its editors to downplay COVID case counts More 2022-01-13
Pelosi’s got it backward -- the Jan. 6 "mostly peaceful protesters" were spurred on by the belief that the 2020 election was rigged More 2022-01-11
Maricopa County (AZ) officially admits to massive voter irregularities in 2020 election More 2022-01-07
As predicted, Biden and Kamala both demanded the Senate pass legislation to federalize American elections More 2022-01-06
The media wants to bury the rigging the 2020 election with Jan. 6 hysteria More 2022-01-06
"If Republicans win in the midterm elections, voting in this country as we know it will be gone" More 2022-01-05
Rep. Brenda Lawrence of Michigan becomes 25th Democrat to not seek reelection More 2022-01-05
All Republicans are insurrectionists, the GOP is the enemy of the people, and the only way to preserve American democracy is to ensure that only Democrats can win elections More 2022-01-04
Hillary warns Trump's re-election would mean the end of Critical Race Theory, Genderism and social justice ( but it would be the salvation of the republic ) More 2021-12-30
Democratic fixer suggests removing Republican House members via the 14th Amendment before the 2022 election for "engaging in insurrection?" More 2021-12-26
C'mon! Who did you expect Zuckerberg to hire for something called "Election Rigging Group?" More 2021-12-23
New York City gives foreigners the right to vote in New York City elections More 2021-12-17
NY City Council approves measure allowing 800,000 non-citizens to vote in local elections More 2021-12-10
MSNBC guest, Jason Johnson, claimed that redistricting in Texas looked like "a Dexter blood splatter" and wants the Biden administration to take over the elections in Texas More 2021-12-09
The Donks will have to cheat their asses off in the next couple of elections to overcome the Biden-Harris disaster More 2021-12-02
Jussie's back -- jury selection begins today More 2021-11-29
"The most ambitious dirty trick ever pulled in an American election and its aftermath" More 2021-11-11
The Clinton campaign fed a gigantic batch of lies to the FBI in the 2016 election and the vast bulk of the media spent 3 years ratifying and spreading those lies More 2021-11-06
It's unraveling -- It was Hillary and her confederates who invented the Russia hoax to frame her opponent with the most noxious offense in America: a treasonous conspiracy with the Kremlin to steal a presidential election More 2021-11-06
Two top Virginia Democrats are identified as the political pranksters who attempted to affect Tuesday's election More 2021-10-30
CNN and the the lying scumbags from the Lincoln Project both believe tampering with elections is a good thing More 2021-10-30
Donk party operatives and MSNBC "analysts" promoted another political dirty trick to affect another close election More 2021-10-30
Donk party operatives and MSNBC "analysts" promoted another political dirty trick to affect another election More 2021-10-29
When the Donks wail about Trump challenging the 2016 election, play them this More 2021-10-29
The CIA "continued the effort to try to destroy Trump and they realized the only way they could do it was they had to steal the election" More 2021-10-12
Is this guy a lunatic, or is he laying the groundwork for calling off the 2024 election? More 2021-10-07
As the 2022 election season begins, Antifa announced a riot in honor of dead member for Oct. 12 More 2021-10-07
YouTube, fearful of open debate, bans videos claiming fraud in the 2020 presidential election More 2021-09-28
Almost every major media outlet spent weeks before the 2020 election repeating the outright CIA lie that the Hunter Biden archive was "Russian disinformation" More 2021-09-23
Gen. Milley's treason is worse than Benedict Arnold's -- and it happened before the 2020 election! More 2021-09-22
Exposed! -- Hillary Clinton's dirty tricks in the 2016 election campaign and after More 2021-09-19
If it's an election, Democrats will be cheating More 2021-09-13
Shepard Smith has her panties in a twist because Texas tightened up its elections, making it harder for Democrats to cheat More 2021-09-02
Marching for the federalization of America's elections -- another scheme to insure permanent Democratic control More 2021-08-29
Poor, sad, CNN is setting the table for the 2022 election More 2021-08-14
Claiming evidence of election fraud is now a "potential terror threat" More 2021-08-14
"Drop and Roll" -- how The 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump More 2021-07-30
Federal prosecutors kept the investigation into Hunter Biden a secret during the 2020 presidential election More 2021-07-17
Massive election fraud discovered in Maricopa County More 2021-07-16
The National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) worked with the U. N., Twitter, States and Non-profits to prevent free speech and impact the 2020 U. S. election More 2021-07-03
During the 2020 election, a Twitter portal allowed governmental officials to flag and delete content they disliked for any reason More 2021-07-02
Democrats can't run a straight election even when there are only Democrats running More 2021-06-30
Emails show Biden officials demanded Facebook censor Team Trump before the election More 2021-06-26
AOC says, "We cannot rely solely on a wish of winning elections” -- explains why Democrats cheat More 2021-06-14
James Murdoch, an heir to the Fox News fortune, spent $20 million opposing Donald Trump's 2020 reelection while funneling another $100 million through a nonprofit to support leftwing groups More 2021-06-10
The election is over and the Democratic Party doesn't need AntiFa anymore More 2021-06-08
CNN’s Jake Tapper is blacklisting Republicans who question the results of the 2020 presidential election while giving Stacey Abrams a platform to do just that More 2021-06-05
Joe Biden Appoints Kamala Harris to Lead White House Efforts on Voting Rights – Making it Easier For Democrats to Steal Elections More 2021-06-03
The Award for Worst Political Strategy in History Goes to Republicans Who Sided with Communist-Democrats in Stealing 2020 Election More 2021-06-04
Joe Biden Appoints Kamala Harris to Lead White House Efforts on Voting Rights – Making it Easier For Democrats to Steal Elections More 2021-06-02
Biden’s Handlers Condemn New TX Election Law that Requires Voter ID as “Unamerican” (VIDEO) More 2021-05-30
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