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FBI Director Wray connected to diversity training with White House official with famed Satanic tattoo More 2023-06-07
Surgeon General Murthy's "Advisory Plan"" includes surveillance, mandatory "diversity, equity, inclusion" policies, and federal control of local infrastructure and organizations More 2023-06-05
Navy Secretary says America's warships are “beacons in every port of call” for “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” in celebrating Pride Month More 2023-06-03
In time, the accountants will destroy diversity, equity and inclusion More 2023-05-20
Every officer and sailor in the US Navy receives "diversity" training that teaches that religious people are "abnormal" More 2023-03-29
WOKE is WEAK! -- "Climate change, diversity, and COVID are three of the four top concerns of Joe Biden's Pentagon" More 2023-03-29
As Pentagon struggles to fill military requests, funding goes to diversity and Critical Race Theory More 2023-03-28
Stanford is going all in on diversity -- will have ZERO white men on their 2023 surgical team More 2023-03-27
Diversity training makes soldiers feel "included" More 2023-03-26
When fashion shows are about Diversity and not about Fashion More 2023-03-25
A direct result of Critical Race Theory's "diversity, equity, inclusion" More 2023-03-22
Air Force goes on a diversity, equity, inclusion hiring spree -- top job pays up to $183,500 More 2023-03-16
Diversity, equity and inclusion dogma prompts legal threats from ideologically disparate legal groups More 2023-03-15
Brainwashing works, and that what diversity, equity and inclusion training is all about More 2023-03-11
California proposes withholding tax credits from Hollywood productions unless they set ethnic, racial and gender diversity goals and a plan to achieve them More 2023-03-04
University of Pennsylvania Medical School is forcing teaching applicants to sign a "Diversity Statement" More 2023-02-23
Did the Department of Defense miss the Chinese spy balloon because they were holding diversity seminars? More 2023-02-21
These "diversity" people are the activists that are neutering our military -- and millions in tax-dollars are being spent to do it More 2023-02-20
Elon Musk used the term "Civilizational Diversity" to point out that sovereignty matters -- one government to rule all is tyranny ( thread ) More 2023-02-19
We can have Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity commissars and toadies or we can have scientists and scholars, but we can't have both -- and here's why ~ Dr. Jordan Peterson More 2023-02-09
Rasmussen reports only 9% say it's important for companies to promote diversity and environmentalism More 2023-01-25
Seattle public schools' "diversity" employees are among highest paid in the system More 2023-01-20
What the Feds are teaching in "diversity training" More 2023-01-04
The diversity test More 2023-01-03
Schools are hiding merit awards from students, families and colleges, in the name of diversity and equity ( thread ) More 2022-12-24
The next president of Harvard University is a "racial justice" warrior -- her scholarship, for what there is of it, focuses on Critical Race Theory -- Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion More 2022-12-17
Does diversity training work? More 2022-12-15
The Defense Department awarded a $91,000 contract to the Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra to provide diversity and inclusion seminars for the Air Force Band More 2022-12-08
Diversity is just another word for conformity -- it’s all conformity More 2022-12-06
Alan Dershowitz says diversity is a "phony concept" More 2022-12-01
Report reveals just how much the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion complex has infiltrated medical education More 2022-11-21
Here's a big surprise -- corporate "diversity" drives discrimination against White Americans More 2022-11-12
Business giants get lower interest rates for meeting "diversity quotas" More 2022-11-07
It’s been a long road toward equity and diversity in serial killing More 2022-10-15
Diversity is our strength More 2022-10-13
Whoever is running the government is set on destroying our military -- CIVILIAN Marxist CRT actiivists will now be directing Pentagon policies on diversity, inculsion and equity More 2022-09-24
Ohio State University spends $13.5 million per annum on "diversity officers" More 2022-09-10
US Universities are willfully sacrificing academic quality' in the name of "diversity" -- "dumbing down" is cruder, but more accurate More 2022-09-06
Starbucks shareholder sues company over diversity policies More 2022-09-01
"Diversity, Inclusion, Equity (DIE) is evolutionary not revolutionary -- it never stops” More 2022-08-27
Racism to achieve diversity harms all Americans More 2022-08-25
But they can tell you all about Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) More 2022-08-22
"We’re spending $60 billion of taxpayer money for diversity" -- what Pelosi means is $60 billion for diversity activists More 2022-08-20
The Jill Biden "Guide to Racial Diversity" More 2022-07-13
The most important issue for black adults? 17% say crime and 3% say racism/diversity -- not exactly what the media has been telling us More 2022-04-16
Disney diversity and inclusion manager says the company has eliminated all mentions of "ladies," "gentlemen," "boys," and "girls" in its theme parks in order to create "that magical moment" for children who do not identify with traditional gender roles More 2022-03-30
University of Michigan's Chief Diversity Officer committed the university to the advancement of antisemitism More 2022-03-14
Resumes are now racist and a barrier to diversity More 2022-03-01
Diversity, taken to its logical conclusion More 2022-02-28
Leaked footage from Disney's diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) workshop from Project Veritas More 2022-02-10
Diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) are destroying ESPN More 2022-02-10
"Diversity and equity" teachers are compiling lists of "insubordinate" parents in Georgia More 2022-02-09
Meet councilwoman, Allison Terracio, Richland County (SC) -- she specializes in women's leadership and promoting inclusion and diversity in the workplace More 2022-02-01
If diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) stuff is good for America's children, why does the Left need to lie about CRT? More 2022-01-27
While Team Biden diddles with mandates, diversity and domestic terrorists, a new Axis forms More 2022-01-22
This is what happens when history is replace by gender theory and civics by diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) More 2022-01-21
Golden Globes 2022 will not be televised because of a lack of "diversity" More 2022-01-09
The University of Memphis is offering professors a financial incentive to inject "diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice" into their courses More 2022-01-06
Equity advocates want Buttigieg to require more diversity in the use of crash test dummies More 2021-12-17
But they know all about the white power system, and diversity, inclusion and equity, (DIE) and gender and . . . More 2021-12-05
The DoT is indoctrinating its staffers with the slander that non-white people, women and non-citizens are "oppressed" ( ) More 2021-12-03
"White companies" -- those would be the companies that are resisting Critical Race Theory's "diversity, inclusion and equity" (DIE) training. More 2021-12-02
If corporations don't buy diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) programs Black Lives Matter will sue them for whatever ( used to be called extortion ) More 2021-12-01
Biden's executive order on diversity and stuff French kisses every race, nationality and gender on the planet -- except you know who More 2021-11-25
A good way to reduce racism might be to do away with mandatory diversity training More 2021-11-23
DHA chief Myorkas is ignoring the wave of illegals crossing the border illegally to focus on diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) More 2021-11-22
CBS is teaching its writers that objective journalism is not feasible today during in-house "diversity & inclusion" training More 2021-11-17
This is what diversity training looks like at large corporations today More 2021-11-11
Not ready for prime time, but a win for diversity More 2021-11-09
Nearly a fifth of university teaching jobs require diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) statements -- especially at the elite schools More 2021-11-08
Terry McAuliffe says that teaching diversity and inclusion in elementary schools is just as important as English and math More 2021-10-25
School districts with "diversity and inclusion" programs are not shrinking achievement gaps and may be expanding them More 2021-10-22
The Critical Race Theory business -- the diversity and equity consultant report card More 2021-10-22
Programs such as Walmart are sold to corporations and government agencies as "diversity" training -- what they get is black Marxist hate More 2021-10-14
Progs believe in diversity of everything but diversity of thought and ideas More 2021-10-12
MIT cancels lecture by professor who criticized diversity -- aka Critical Race Theory -- programs More 2021-10-05
Dontcha just love how the Left embraces diversity in real life? More 2021-09-23
Gavin Newsom says a vote for a black man is a vote against “diversity” and “racial justice” More 2021-09-14
Young Americans can tell you all about social justice and diversity and Trump bad -- but nothing else! More 2021-08-28
Sergeant Major of the United States Army is pushing "diversity" in the midst of the Biden disaster More 2021-08-27
More "inersectionality" -- CRT workshops are sold as "diversity training" but what the mega-corporations get is "white hate" More 2021-08-19
PBS's new "diversity requirements" are to hire fewer (no) white people. More 2021-08-14
Indoctrination requires hearing the diversity and inclusion message over, and over , and over ... More 2021-08-04
Director of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force at Hahvahd objects to colleague insisting there are two sexes More 2021-08-01
Biden signs order mandating race-conscious diversity training (indoctrination) and hiring (affirmative action) "at all levels of government" More 2021-06-26
The Biden administration claims to be "diversity-focused," but in its actual hiring practices, nepotism and favoritism are the rule More 2021-06-21
You may sleep soundly tonight, Defense Secretary Austin says the military is focused on "diversity, equity, and inclusion" More 2021-06-11
Google fires diversity head for being a stone-cold Jew-hater More 2021-06-03
Joint Special Operations Command staff are being "encouraged" to attend conferences on diversity, equity, and inclusion More 2021-05-26
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