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This "former" US attorney has prejudged Trump, demonstrating the mindset of today's DoJ -- "guilty" first, then the trial More 2024-04-16
The DoJ is slow-walking a "slam-dunk" case against the transgender woman who tried to murder Justice Kavanaugh More 2024-04-13
The DoJ has uncovered "inconsistencies" in Fulton County (GA) district attorney Fani Willis’s use of federal grant funds but did not provide any further details More 2024-04-12
The DoJ has filed a lawsuit against Utah accusing the state of discriminating against a transgender inmate More 2024-04-11
The DoJ is refusing to hand over audio recordings of Joe Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur -- what are the odds the DoJ edited the transcript? More 2024-04-09
Sen. Grassley (R-IA) demands the DoJ and IRS come clean about targeting Hunter Biden whistleblowers More 2024-04-08
The DoJ has been criticized by a federal judge for its double standard in prosecuting those who ignore congressional subpoenas More 2024-04-08
A Joe Biden-appointed judge ripped the DoJ for ignoring Hunter Biden' subpoenas by pointing out Peter Navarro is in prison for the same offense More 2024-04-06
Aimee Harris found Ashley Biden’s diary and made it public -- now, the DoJ wants to put her in prison for exposing Joe Biden's showering with his daughter ( ) More 2024-04-05
The DoJ has asked a NY district judge to sentence Aimee Harris (40) to prison, followed by three years of supervised release, for "stealing Ashley Biden’s diary" ( comments ) More 2024-04-04
AG Merrick B. Garland said the DoJ has added three new cities to its Criminal Division’s Violent Crime Initiative -- at the same time every Democrat in the country is claiming that "crime is down" More 2024-04-04
The DoJ moves to drop $3.3 billion lawsuit against Dish Network after founder makes major donation to Biden campaign More 2024-03-25
The Oversight Committee has given the DoJ until April 8th to hand over the audio files of Robert Hur's interview of Joe Biden More 2024-03-25
The DoJ dismissed a $3.3 billion civil fraud lawsuit against Dish Network just months after founder Charlie Ergen and his wife donated more than $113,000 to Joe Biden’s re-election campaign More 2024-03-23
By nearly 2-to-1, voters believe Joe Biden is using the DoJ to hobble Donald Trump and jail him so that he can’t win the fall election More 2024-03-22
A federal judge nailed the DoJ for giving a pass to Antifa while selectively prosecuting Trump supporters More 2024-03-15
It’s clear that Joe Biden’s DoJ is working overtime to stop Trump any way they can because Biden is losing in the polls. More 2024-03-14
The DoJ is using the U.S. Marshals Service to troll America's prisons and jails to encourage illegal immigrants and imprisoned felons to register to vote as Democrats More 2024-03-14
The DoJ's arrest and treatment of investigative journalist Steve Baker over his coverage of Jan. 6 will be investigated by the House Judiciary Committee More 2024-03-13
The DoJ is keeping secret its strategic plan to implement Joe Biden’s executive order on getting out the vote. More 2024-03-13
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) describes how the FBI and DoJ are illegally spying on American citizens More 2024-03-09
The DoJ/FBI is now arresting witnesses to The Biden Crime Family's activities under false pretenses ( ) More 2024-03-04
The House Oversight Committee sent the DoJ a subpoena for materials from special counsel Robert Hur's investigation into Joe Biden's classified documents scandal More 2024-02-28
Joe Biden's DoJ raided Mar-a-Lago looking for a document exposing the Obama administration's lawless participation in Russiagate More 2024-02-16
Joe Biden’s DoJ has filed a lawsuit against the state of Tennessee because they made it illegal for prostitutes to knowingly spread HIV -- they are saying it’s a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act More 2024-02-15
Multiple Democrats are considering dumping Old Joe Biden after a damaging DoJ report concluded that he is “an elderly man with a poor memory” and “diminished faculties” More 2024-02-10
Photos of Joe Biden's classified documents scattered all over the place -- still, the DoJ refuses to file charges against The Big Guy. More 2024-02-09
The DoJ's treatment of Joe Biden's ghostwriter vs. Donald Trump's associates demonstrates clearly that Merrick Garland's DoJ does indeed have two standards of justice More 2024-02-09
*** Joe Biden “willfully retained” TOP SECRET military and national security docu,emts -- but the DoJ is going to let that slide because he's "old and forgetful" *** More 2024-02-08
*** Joe Biden will not be charged with mishandling classified government documents by the DoJ because "he is an elderly man with a poor memory" -- it's time to crank up the 25th Amendment *** More 2024-02-08
The DoJ advised a Washington D.C. medical examiner to dispose of aborted baby bodies in order to hide criminal evidence More 2024-02-07
Joe Biden's DoJ asks the Supreme Court to allow race-based admissions at West Point More 2024-01-31
Trump tax leaker gets the Hunter Biden treatment with a "sweetheart deal" from the DoJ More 2024-01-26
After four long years of deceit, the DoJ finally acknowledged the Hunter Biden laptop content is legitimate More 2024-01-17
The DoJ has confirmed that the DHS lied about Texas being responsible for a woman and her two children drowning in the Rio Grande More 2024-01-17
The timeframe of the funds suggests the DoJ granted Atlanta AG Fani Willis $14.6 million in grant funds to finance former President Donald Trump’s prosecution More 2024-01-13
The DoJ has spent more than $23 million investigating Donald Trump and only $6.4 million covering up Joe Biden More 2024-01-06
The U.S. DoJ says that 88.8% of the people use guns in violent crime are prohibited persons More 2024-01-01
At the urging of Joe Biden, Jack Smith and the DoJ are pulling out all stops to destroy Trump! More 2023-12-31
Joe Biden's DoJ threatens to sue Texas if Texas tries to defend its border with Mexico More 2023-12-29
ABC argues it's "toxic"' to question the integrity of Joe Biden's DoJ More 2023-12-27
The Democrats blast "dictator" Trump in 2019 for using the DoJ to investigate a political rival thereby turning the U.S. into a "banana republic" More 2023-12-24
The DoJ will bury this too! More 2023-12-18
A newly released DoJ memo details top-down pressure on cops to probe vague school board threats More 2023-12-14
The DoJ has filed a motion to hide Jan. 6 documents from Trump's attorneys during discovery More 2023-12-11
The latest efforts of the DoJ to evade any reference to Joe Biden in the Hunter Biden indictment is a marvel of evasion More 2023-12-10
Hunter Biden indicted by federal grand jury on nine counts related to his tax returns -- DoJ blocks December 13th subpoenae for Hunter to testify More 2023-12-08
*** The DoJ drops additional charges on Hunter Biden intended to prevent him from testifying before Congress on the 13th ( ) *** More 2023-12-08
Six different federal agencies were found guilty of violating the 1st Amendment liberties of Americans, and the U.S. Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division at the DoJ is not aware of the case More 2023-12-06
Jack Smith and the DoJ (with the support of leftist DC judges) have created "enemies lists" of Americans who have "favorited," "retweeted," or "replied" to Trump tweets More 2023-12-03
The DoJ fined a Tennessee trucking company $700,000 for asking workers to identify their legal status -- a violation of Joe Biden's anti-discrimination clause of the Immigration and Nationality Act More 2023-12-02
Jack Smith has until December 15th to turn over all documents between Smith and the DoJ concerning the decision to indict President Trump More 2023-12-02
Special Counsel Jack Smith asked for and the DoJ ordered a list of Twitter data for everyone who "liked, followed or retweeted" Trump. More 2023-11-29
Two Jan. 6 appeals have reached SCOTUS -- “If the Biden DoJ’s adventurism is allowed to stand, it will permanently change the ability of the government to suppress the rights of American citizens” More 2023-11-19
DoJ wants Jan. 6 defendant, Victoria White, to serve 90 days in prison after Capitol Police beat her with truncheons, nearly killing her More 2023-11-19
ABC, CBS, and NBC have all suppressed the news that the DoJ is not going to charge Joe Biden in his STOLEN SCI documents case -- dozens of felonies forgotten! ( thread ) More 2023-11-17
The builders of the Jan. 6 gallows remain unidentified while the FBI and DoJ continue to pursue others More 2023-11-16
FBI Director Christopher Wray and other members of the FBI and DoJ have been sued by Kash Patel for unlawful surveillance More 2023-11-16
The DoJ and FBI still refuse to label the Covenant School shooting as an anti-white hate crime -- even after the leak of the shooter's racist manifesto More 2023-11-13
The DoJ boasted in a Jan. 6 update that more than 1,200 individuals have been arrested and charged over the four-hour disturbance -- U. S. Atty Matthew Graves warned the final count could exceed 2,000. More 2023-11-12
The DoJ covers up a cover-up More 2023-11-06
The perfect advisor to AG Garland, the man who politicized the DoJ More 2023-11-03
*** Looks like Joe Biden won't be able to make any appointments to the DoJ for a while *** More 2023-11-03
Even if you dislike Trump you have to agree with Mike Davis' conclusions on Joe Biden's DoJ More 2023-11-02
According to Newsweek, the DoJ has been pressuring U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan to jail former President Donald Trump More 2023-11-01
The DoJ illegally surveilled Kash Patel and Jason Foster as the top GOP congressional lawyers investigated “Crossfire Hurricane" ( ) More 2023-10-30
When it came to Biden family criminal probes, the DoJ’s policy often was "just say no" More 2023-10-28
Email shows U.S. Attorney David Weiss violated DoJ policy by sending letters to cover for Garland More 2023-10-03
The DoJ blocked investigations into the Biden Family's Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) violations More 2023-10-01
The DoJ defies the House Judiciary Committee and refuses to allow FBI agent, Elvis Chan, to testify before Congress More 2023-09-16
Prosecutor Smith is furious that Trump is using his 1st Amendment right to defend himself against rabid attacks from Joe Biden’s DoJ -- asks judge for gag order More 2023-09-16
Elon Musk, already under scrutiny by Biden's DoJ for hiring "too many Americans," is the latest target in this authoritarian charade More 2023-09-13
Top Biden DoJ attorneys tried to coerce Enrique Tarrio to sign false statements and lie on Trump More 2023-09-10
This will give you some understanding of how out-of-control the DoJ has become under Joe Biden More 2023-09-08
*** “The feds [DoJ] asked me to lie about President Trump in order to indict him” ~ Enrique Terrio *** More 2023-09-08
The DoJ iwants a reduced sentence for a BLM rioter who set a fire that killed a man -- because the defendant felt "frustrated...disenfranchised," "caught up in the fury of the mob," and he was engaging in "the language of the unheard" More 2023-09-07
That the DoJ and Jack Smith believe Trump's statements prejudice the jury pool and theirs don't, reveals a lot about their mindset More 2023-09-06
DHS Secretary Mayorkas has been issued six subpoenas for documents related to the investigation into Hunter Biden's tax records and misconduct by the DoJ More 2023-09-06
Washington state decriminalized and promoted drugs, now its drug problem is so bad the state is seeking help from the DoJ to . . . do something! More 2023-09-04
The DoJ just told the House Oversight Committee to stick its subpoenas for FBI agents where the sun don't shine More 2023-08-31
The DoJ is going after Elon Musk More 2023-08-31
Just in case you weren't aware of how evil Biden's DoJ is More 2023-08-31
Collusion! -- Emails show U.S. Attorney Weiss colluded with the DoJ to thwart congressional inquiry More 2023-08-28
Joe Biden has sicced the DoJ on Elon Musk because SpaceX won't (can't) hire foreigners -- this is crazy! More 2023-08-26
Criticize the Biden regime -- feel the rath of the DoJ More 2023-08-26
The DoJ is suing Elon Musk 's SpaceX because they only hire American citizens instead of refugees and asylum seekers ( psst, it's the law ) ( ) More 2023-08-26
CNN legal analyst makes a shocking pivot, says he's "perplexed" by the corruption coming out of the DoJ as they continue to cover up for the Biden Crime Family More 2023-08-22
The DoJ gave a sweetheart deal to Hunter Biden to keep Joe Biden off the witness stand -- the coverup continues More 2023-08-21
Biden family attorneys are lobbying the DoJ to prosecute the two IRS whistleblowers ( thread) ) More 2023-08-20
The number three official in Garland’s DoJ demanded that a video on Georgia's voter registration irregularities be censored ( thread ) More 2023-08-19
"When is the DoJ going to bring justice into the equation?" More 2023-08-18
America distrusts the DoJ on Hunter Biden case -- agree that Trump charges politically driven. More 2023-08-17
Was the DoJ ignorant of the Special Counsel law -- or does the DoJ know and appointed Weiss anyway? ( ) More 2023-08-12
And thus began the DoJ coverup of Joe Biden More 2023-08-11
Special Counsel Jack Smith obtained a secret search warrant for Trump’s Twitter account in July -- the DoJ obtained a nondisclosure order that prohibited X from informing Trump about the subpoena. More 2023-08-09
The Jan. 6 Committee destroyed evidence that might have exonerated the protesters and the president as well as evidence that implicated Speaker Pelosi and the FBI/DoJ in criminal activity More 2023-08-08
Kayleigh McEnany questions the DoJ’s independence after the New York Times reported that Joe Biden wanted AG Garland to charge Donald Trump More 2023-08-07
The two DoJ lawyers handling the Jan. 6 case against Trump have a history ( thread ) More 2023-08-06
DoJ lawyers assigned to special counsel Jack Smith on Trump case are the same ones who declined to prosecute corrupt FBI official Andrew McCabe More 2023-08-06
The "hammer" of the DoJ -- how the DoJ uses intimidation to achieve its ends. More 2023-08-06
According to the new DoJ standard, shouldn't Stacey Abrams be indicted for “conspiracy to defraud the United States” for her repeated false claims that she won the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election More 2023-08-06
The DoJ wants to silence President Trump More 2023-08-05
Based on the new DoJ rules, the FBI must put half of Hollywood in prison *immediately* More 2023-08-03
Joe Biden's DoJ is under fire after Vivek Ramaswamy brings suit to compel release of Trump indictment More 2023-08-02
How many total criminal charges and separate indictments do the Biden DoJ and various local Democrat prosecutors need to bring against Trump before he falls behind Joe Biden in the polls? More 2023-08-02
DoJ indictment of Trump is a declaration of war against American voters More 2023-08-02
Bernie Sanders and other members of Congress have formally requested the DoJ prosecute climate change dissenters More 2023-08-02
Herr Dr. Anthony Fauci has been named in an “official criminal referral” to the DoJ More 2023-07-31
The DoJ says, "never mind!" More 2023-07-31
The DoJ is trying to have Hunter Biden’s former business partner Devon Archer arrested before he is set to testify against the Biden Crime Family on Monday More 2023-07-30
This is the sum total of DoJs claims that Trump ordered the deletion of security video More 2023-07-29
Joe Biden retreats to Rehoboth Beach for the next ten days while his DoJ works to jail Trump More 2023-07-29
One DoJ official could have stopped the Biden Crime Famil rackets years ago More 2023-07-28
How Hunter Biden's sneaky lawyers and the DoJ tried to hide Hunter's "Get Out Of Jail Free" clause More 2023-07-28
Why did the DoJ force Blue Star Strategies to register as a foreign agent of Ukraine's Burisma, but not Hunter Biden? More 2023-07-25
DoJ demands Texas remove "unlawful barriers" along the border with Mexico -- Texas governor Abbott tells the DoJ to, "take a Dudley" More 2023-07-24
Herr Dr. Fauci has officially been referred to the DoJ for prosecution for repeatedly lying under oath during congressional testimony More 2023-07-22
America First Legal has filed suit against AG Merrick Garland and the Biden DoJ for failing to require Hunter Biden to register as a foreign agent ( thread ) More 2023-07-21
The IRS whistleblowers will appear before the House Oversight Committee today -- expected to testify against the DoJ, the FBI, and the Biden Crime Family More 2023-07-19
If Joe Biden’s DoJ arrests Trump, the president’s main political rival heading into the 2024 election, it will trigger a political and electoral crisis unlike any America has ever faced More 2023-07-19
Former FBI special agent backs up IRS whistleblower's claims that DoJ covered-up Hunter Biden tax crimes More 2023-07-18
The DoJ goes rogue and proves that "no good deed deserves to go unpunished" More 2023-07-16
Why did the DoJ let the statute of limitations run out on Hinter Biden's unpaid $8 million tax bill More 2023-07-16
The indictment of Gal Luft establishes that the Biden DoJ considers CEFC China Energy to be a "Chinese foreign principal" for the purposes of FARA More 2023-07-13
The entire DoJ is broken More 2023-07-13
Here is an interesting legal tidbit about the DoJ that explains a great deal More 2023-07-13
The DoJ has notified Ray Epps that he will be charged with participating in the events of Jan. 6 More 2023-07-13
The DoJ, "treat people differently based upon their political beliefs, and that is wrong and we're going to get to the bottom of it -- we're going to stop it" More 2023-07-12
The indictment of one of Comer's "whistleblowers" is part of an ongoing DoJ effort to protect the Bidens More 2023-07-12
The DoJ ups the ante -- E. Jean Carroll can say bad things about Trump, but Trump can't say bad things about E. Jean Carroll More 2023-07-12
"The DoJ is trying to bury me to protect Joe, Jim and Hunter Biden” More 2023-07-11
The DoJ erased content from its webpage on child sex trafficking that highlighted the plight of “international sex trafficking of minors” More 2023-07-11
The DoJ announced charges against a think tank official who provided the FBI with info on the Biden family's dealings with China in 2019 More 2023-07-11
DoJ considers delaying Hunter Biden's plea hearing after video of Hunter blowing cocaine on the White House balcony goes viral More 2023-07-09
The "Joe Biden doesn't tell the DoJ what to do" lie More 2023-07-08
The DoJ has charged Trump's Body Man, Walt Nauta, because his answers were "vague" More 2023-07-07
New evidence shows the DoJ edited video to convict innocent Jan. 6 participants More 2023-07-02
Dirty Jack Smith and the DoJ are preparing to indict Rudy Giuliani and fellow Trump attorneys for questioning the 2020 election More 2023-07-01
The House is calling on the DoJ, IRS, and Secret Service to make over a dozen employees available for transcribed interviews about the investigation of Hunter Biden More 2023-06-30
CNN and the DoJ knew the "Iran tape" wasn’t a part of the indictment but publicized it anyway in an attempt to sway public opinion against Trump before the trial More 2023-06-30
Pressure grows on judge to reject Hunter Biden plea deal amid evidence of DoJ interference More 2023-06-29
The DoJ slow-walked the Hunter Biden investigation till the IRS statute of limitations on Hunter Biden's taxes More 2023-06-29
DoJ prosecutors told Biden's counsel of an upcoming search on Hunter Biden's storage locker ( thread ) More 2023-06-29
The New York Times has confirmed the whistleblower's account of the DoJ's "higher authority" dispute --Attorney General Merrick Garland is lying More 2023-06-28
The DoJ rot goes so much deeper than Merrick Garland More 2023-06-28
Trump’s DoJ helped to tip the 2020 election to Joe Biden by slow-walking the investigation into Hunter Biden More 2023-06-26
Either the whistleblowers are lying to Congress, or Garland and the other DoJ officals are lying More 2023-06-25
CBS finally notices that something is rotten in the DoJ -- this is the beginning of the end for Joe Biden More 2023-06-24
Merrick Garland says anyone who criticizes his weaponization of the DoJ a terrorist More 2023-06-24
Garland's DoJ has been compromised beyond repair More 2023-06-23
Whistleblowers (plural) say the IRS recommended felony tax charges against Hunter Biden for stiffing the IRS $1.3 million -- the DoJ overruled the IRS ( thread ) More 2023-06-22
The DoJ violated its own internal policies on the Hunter Biden case ( thread ) More 2023-06-21
Judge silences Trump -- only the DoJ, FBI, Special Counsel, members of Congress, and "unnamed sources" may leak trial reports More 2023-06-20
The DoJ’s long history of abetting prosecutorial misconduct More 2023-06-19
DoJ Special Counsel motion to block President Trump from access to his own presidential records More 2023-06-18
The DoJ's Special Prosecutor has asked a federal judge to prevent Donald Trump from releasing his evidence to the media -- while DoJ leaks will continue More 2023-06-17
The DoJ And Special Counsel Jack Smith’s sordid history of weaponizing the Espionage Act More 2023-06-15
What we know about the DoJ's special counsel is terrifying More 2023-06-12
Biden’s DoJ tried to bribe attorney for Trump’s valet in exchange for testimony against Trump -- a clearly illegal act More 2023-06-09
*** They're gonna do it -- Joe Biden's DoJ informed Trump he will be indicted next week on charges of "gathering, transmitting or losing" national defense documents *** More 2023-06-07
Why is the DoJ refusing to disclose the names of the people working on Special Counsel Jack Smith's team More 2023-06-05
The National Archives has joined the DoJ, FBI, and IRS in the coverup of the Biden Crime Family's crimes More 2023-06-01
The DoJ is expected to indict Trump in Mar-A-Lago probe -- no mention of Joe Biden's mishandling of TOP SECRET (SCI) documents ( ) More 2023-05-25
The purge of the IRS’s Biden investigatory team on May 15 was done on the orders of the DoJ, which aligns with what one of the whistleblower’s attorneys told congressional leaders More 2023-05-24
*** Prior to former President Donald Trump, the DoJ had never been involved in enforcing the Presidential Records Act, according to testimony from a National Archives and Records Administration *** More 2023-05-20
*** The DoJ now admits that at least 40 undercover agents were with the Proud Boys on Jan. 6 *** More 2023-05-19
The Democratic media is ignoring the targeting of pro-life groups by left-wing activists with vandalism and death threats -- as is the DoJ More 2023-05-18
The coverup of a coverup is underway as the Hunter Biden tax investigation whistleblower who alleged a coverup says his entire team was removed from case on orders from the DoJ More 2023-05-16
A highly respected ex-federal prosecutor made a report to the DoJ about then-VP, Joe Biden, engaging in a bribery scheme with a foreign national -- the DoJ ignored the report and retaliated against him More 2023-05-09
House chairman urges DoJ to delay Hunter Biden indictment until he releases new evidence on Wednesday More 2023-05-08
Ex-prosecutor approached the DoJ in 2018 with a witness who claimed Joe Biden was involved in "bribery" More 2023-05-08
The DoJ is suing Tennessee over the state’s prohibition on “gender-affirming care” for children More 2023-04-29
Six reasons the IRS whistleblower will blow open the DoJ’s Biden Family protection racket (if he ever gets to testify) More 2023-04-24
Hunter Biden's lawyers and the DoJ will meet next week to work out the strategy to cover up the Biden Crime Family scandal More 2023-04-22
Senior IRS agent blows whistle on the DoJ for thwarting the criminal prosecution of Hunter Biden More 2023-04-19
The nineteen times Democrats and the DoJ deliberately politicized law enforcement More 2023-04-14
DoJ Special Counsel, Jack Smith, is investigating Donald Trump for deceiving donors by using "false claims" about voter fraud to solicit donations. More 2023-04-14
The DoJ has recommended zero jail time for Maeve Nota, a 31-year-old transgender terrorist who vandalized the St. Louise Catholic Church More 2023-04-13
The DoJ is charging Jan. 6 defendants with four misdemeanor trespassing changes and a felony "Obstruction of Congress" charge More 2023-04-10
The real culprit behind the “get Trump” radicals in New York is the corrupt, newly hired, former Obama-Biden DoJ attorney named Matt Colangelo More 2023-04-03
The DoJ released guidance on how to report hate crimes and "hate incidents," which are "acts of prejudice that are not crimes and do not involve violence, threats, or property damage" More 2023-03-31
More evidence that the DoJ and FBI are compromised and engaging in criminal acts rather than prosecuting them More 2023-03-30
The DoJ discouraged the U.S. Marshal Service from arresting protesters illegally demonstrating at the homes of the Supreme Court justices More 2023-03-30
The DoJ is prosecuting Douglass Mackey for a meme it claims is "election interference, while ignoring "Russiagate" More 2023-03-29
More evidence of DoJ and FBI misuse of "confidential human source -- AKA paid informers ( thread ) More 2023-03-24
The DoJ boasts about convicting a group of senior citizens for "conspiring to obstruct an official proceeding" -- way to go DoJ! More 2023-03-22
The DoJ says up to 1,200 people could still face charges related to Jan. 6 More 2023-03-16
Senate Democrats urged the DoJ and DoT to implement the financial tracking of gun and ammunition purchases after credit card giants announced they would not More 2023-03-16
The DoJ says Tucker’s footage "lacks context" -- provides no video to put it into context More 2023-03-14
The DoJ played video for the court to secure the heavy sentence against the "QAnon Shaman," while the FBI withheld video contradicting that account More 2023-03-10
Capitol Police escorting the Shaman through the Capitol on Jan. 6 -- the corrupt DoJ threw him in prison for 5 YEARS over this More 2023-03-07
The DoJ has admitted that they should never have brought a prosecution against Gen. Flynn because the interview that formed the basis of the criminal information should never have happened More 2023-03-05
DoJ lawyers and an Obama judge decided that Donald Trump can be sued by police officers over Jan. 6 More 2023-03-03
Many top FBI agents did not support a raid on Mar-a-Lago and opposed it -- the political people in the DoJ demanded the raid More 2023-03-02
Jim Jordan wants to know why the DoJ hasn't appointed a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden -- as if he didn't know More 2023-03-01
Liberal rag, Rolling Stone, won’t touch any story that they can’t pin entirely on Republicans -- a “counterculture” magazine is protecting the FBI, DHS, DoJ More 2023-02-22
Jan. 6 was a setup! -- Capitol Police video from Jan. 6 shows undercover and armed DoJ onsite More 2023-02-19
Nicolle Wallace says even though the DoJ dropped case against Matt Gaetz he’s still guilty More 2023-02-16
The Proud Boys' defense has accused the DoJ of "outrageous government misconduct" for withholding evidence central to the DoJ's "seditious conspiracy" case ( thread ) More 2023-02-13
An "expert," testifying for California's DoJ, said an AR is an "area effect weapon," and a single .223 round can sever a human being in half More 2023-02-12
The people determined to reduce the Twitter Files into a partisan pissing match are providing cover for the FBI, DHS, DoJ, and other massive state entities More 2023-02-12
The DoJ sent a thirty-man FBI SWAT Team, in full battle rattle, to arrest this Christian minister More 2023-01-31
The DoJ stonewalls House request for information -- "any oversight requests must be weighed against the department’s interests in protecting the integrity of its work" More 2023-01-21
The White House and DoJ agreed to hide Joe Biden’s TOP SECRET (SCI) scandal from the American people until it leaked to the press More 2023-01-20
The DoJ is throwing out the lawbooks to cover for Joe Biden -- meanwhile, the Washington Post published 885 words of flattery about Joe Biden ordering a burger More 2023-01-19
FOIA requests reveal there were no DoJ investigations of election fraud after 2020 election as Bill Barr claimed More 2023-01-19
The DoJ authorized Joe Biden‘s personal attorneys -- all uncleared Perkins Coie grads -- to search for TOP SECRET (Sensitive Compartmented Information) documents without the FBI More 2023-01-18
On the hidden Jan. 6 tapes -- the DoJ "doesn't want to expose the extent to which there might have been federal assets or agents enhancing criminal acuity" More 2023-01-16
Russiagate conspirator, Andy McCabe, advises the DoJ to stonewall the congressional investigation More 2023-01-16
Does it matter whether Joe Biden's personal attorneys search for his old classified documents, or the DoJ or the FBI? -- they all work for the Democratic Party More 2023-01-15
Joe Biden's DoJ is considering the legalization of crack houses -- "Safe Drug Consumption Sites" -- indoctinating and grooming schoolchildren isn't destroying America fast enough More 2023-01-06
The DoJ used grand jury subpoenas to secretly access personal information belonging to House Republican staffers during Russiagate ( ) More 2022-12-21
The Jan. 6 Committee will urge the DoJ to pursue at least three criminal charges against Trump -- including insurrection More 2022-12-17
Nearly three-quarters of all voters (72%) think the DoJ should investigate Hunter Biden’s business dealings with foreign governments More 2022-12-16
According to Associate AG, Vanita Gupta, the DoJ is targeting pro-life activists via "The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act," as a response to the overturn of Roe v. Wade More 2022-12-13
Members of the FBI and DoJ wanted to remove president Trump from office from day one More 2022-12-11
The DoJ probed Tara Reade's Twitter account after she made allegations about Joe Biden sexually assaulting her in a Senate corridor in 1993 More 2022-12-04
Documents prove Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) pressured the IRS and DoJ to go after conservatives. More 2022-12-01
The latest Special Prosecutor, Jack Smith, was the DoJ lead in the targeting of conservatives during the Lois Lerner scandal ( ) More 2022-11-22
Hey, DoJ! What about Hunter? More 2022-11-19
AG Merrick Garland announces not one, but TWO new DoJ criminal investigations against Trump and members of Congress More 2022-11-19
WaPo reports that Donald Trump's ego is the reason that the DoJ had to send the FBI to raid Mar-a-Lago More 2022-11-18
DoJ lied on Paul Pelosi indictment -- bodycam shows Paul Pelosi opened the door and let the cops in ( ) More 2022-11-14
"The DoJ is actively interfering in several precincts" More 2022-11-08
Something about the DoJ monitoring polls in 24 states to ensure voting law compliance is discomforting ( ) More 2022-11-08
Garland's DoJ is making preparations to indict Trump More 2022-11-05
Obama DoJ official says Attorney General Merrick Garland should put a "pause" on releasing John Durham's report, warns findings may "unfairly tarnish" FBI officials More 2022-10-19
The DoJ has been weaponized against pro-life activists under Joe Biden More 2022-10-09
Justice Thomas sets a deadline for the DoJ to respond to Trump. More 2022-10-05
The AMA is asking Big Tech and the DoJ to censor, deplatform, investigate, and prosecute journalists who question radical gender surgeries for minors, arguing it's "disinformation" More 2022-10-03
An ex-CIA Jan. 6 committee aide who advised Biden-linked Ukraine consulting firm is under DoJ investigation More 2022-10-03
The DoJ will spend $57 million to transition to the Department of WOKE More 2022-09-29
Trump legal team claims Biden's DoJ misled the court. The FBI actually seized "200,000 Pages" of documents from Mar-a-Lago during raid More 2022-09-29
Was Trump right about the DoJ planting evidence? More 2022-09-28
The FBI paid a Russian spy to keep the truth about Russiagate from surfacing -- the same DoJ/FBI is now trying to frame Trump with documents stolen from Mar-a-Lago ( thread ) More 2022-09-28
It is the opinion of Mike Lindell's attorney, Pat McSweeny, that the DoJ grossly violated Lindell's, and his associates', constitutional rights More 2022-09-27
"The continued weaponization of the FBI and persecution by Joe Biden's DoJ against ordinary Americans is an outrage" ( ) More 2022-09-25
If the "DOJ's 100" implicated Trump in a crime it would be all over the Six O'Clock News -- then they obviously implicate Hillary, and members of the Democratic National Committee, the DoJ and FBI More 2022-09-22
Note how often Democrats demand not only the censorship of their political opponents -- that's everyday -- but also their arrest by FBI and prosecution by DoJ ( thread ) More 2022-09-20
The DoJ doesn't like the way that Judge Cannon is ruling in the Mar-a-Lago case, and they're lying about it (thread ) More 2022-09-20
The DoJ and FBI had no legal right to invade Mar-a-Lago and steal Trumps documents -- especially after he was complying with them More 2022-09-18
A former senior FBI Russiagate investigator is under investigation by the DoJ for ties To Russia and other foreign governments More 2022-09-17
The DoJ's overbroad search warrant of President Trump's residence violated the 4th Amendment and other crooked DoJ and FBI stuff More 2022-09-16
DoJ loses! -- Judge Raymond J. Dearie, former FISA judge, has been appointed Special Master to oversee examination of Mar-a-Lago documents ( ) More 2022-09-16
DoJ is refusing to make public the Biden administration's plan to intervene in the 2022 election More 2022-09-14
The DoJ will agree to Trump's selection of Raymond J. Dearie to serve as "Special Master" in the review of documents the FBI seized from Mar-a-Lago More 2022-09-14
The DoJ's latest gambit is a complete violation of the 1st Amendment ( ) More 2022-09-13
DoJ conceals records showing how Biden uses federal agencies to influence elections More 2022-09-12
“What is clear regarding the seized materials is that they belong with either President Trump or with NARA, but not with the DoJ" More 2022-09-12
Biden’s DoJ doesn’t want to disclose Mar-a-Lago documents -- except through selective leaks to leftist media More 2022-09-12
More of Hunter Biden's adventures in Communist China -- as the DoJ continues its vendetta against Trump More 2022-09-09
The DoJ really, really doesn't want a third party to review what the FBI stole from Mar-a-Lago -- there are 100 documents the DoJ doesn't want anybody to see ( thread ) More 2022-09-09
The DoJ doesn't want any interference in its plot to destroy Trump, so it has appealed the "Special Master" decision More 2022-09-09
It's beyond clear that the DoJ and FBI violated the 4th Amendment during the raid on Mar-a-Lago More 2022-09-07
Jonathan Turley questions DoJ leaks ( thread ) More 2022-09-07
The appointment of a "special master" to review seized Trump records is a major legal blow to the DoJ More 2022-09-06
The FBI stole Donald Trump’s medical records, tax documents and passport from Mar-a-Lago -- 4th Amendment violated by DoJ ( ) More 2022-09-06
DoJ investigation of FBI Mar-a-Lago raid documents most stop -- federal judge appoints master More 2022-09-05
AG Garland warns DoJ staffers to stay away from Congress More 2022-09-05
AG Merrick Garland is threatening DoJ employees to stay away from Congress ( ) More 2022-08-31
Surprise! The DoJ opposes the appointment of a special master in Trump case ( ) More 2022-08-30
Before the FBI seized privileged Trump memos, DoJ filter teams were already tainted by legal controversy More 2022-08-30
A very curious question about the DoJ's warrant affidavit -- Paul Sperry thread ( ) More 2022-08-29
The DoJ is playing with fire More 2022-08-28
DoJ's redacted affidavit for the FBI's Mar-A-Lago raid -- an analysis ( thread ) More 2022-08-27
The Biden DoJ is prosecuting the two people who found Ashley Biden's diary More 2022-08-26
The DoJ demandis absolute and unwavering secrecy about the FBI raid -- meanwhile DoJ officials leak their selected raid details daily More 2022-08-25
The DoJ’s and FBI’s raid on Mar-A-Lago was driven by their vested interest in Trump's legal offensive in a Florida courtroom More 2022-08-24
Trump has sued to stop the DoJ from reviewing materials seized during the FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago until a special master is appointed ( ) More 2022-08-23
The DoJ improperly handled and withheld parts of an internal memo to then-AG Bill Barr concerning President Trump's alleged obstruction of justice More 2022-08-23
It's best the boss is on vacation while the DoJ and FBI do their dirty business More 2022-08-23
The DoJ is investigating Trump for the "concealment, removal or mutilation of federal records; gathering, transmitting or losing defense information," under the Espionage Act More 2022-08-20
Everything Garland's DoJ does is driven by politics More 2022-08-19
After DoJ raid, a majority of Americans now see the FBI as "Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo" More 2022-08-18
If the DoJ is on the level about the FBI raid, why is it trying to block the release of the warrant's affidavit More 2022-08-18
The joint DoJ and FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago sought Russiagate artifacts Trump hoarded for years More 2022-08-18
Jonathan Turley has some thoughts on the DoJ’s "selectively leaked" info about the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago ( thread ) More 2022-08-18
The predicate for the FBI raid? -- somebody at the National Archives contacted somebody at the DoJ about potential violations of the Presidential Records Act More 2022-08-17
Jim Jordan recognizes a pattern of behavior at the DoJ and FBI More 2022-08-16
Free the affidavit! -- the DoJ resists releasing justification for the FBI's raid on Mar-A-Lago -- says it's a secret More 2022-08-16
The FBI's Raid was approved by DoJ officials with deep ties to Russiagate More 2022-08-16
People in Washington -- senators, reps, DoJ and FBI agents -- just don't answer questions they don't want to answer -- why is that? More 2022-08-16
Opinion polls say the DoJ overreached -- now people are wondering what the FBI raid was really all about? More 2022-08-16
Civil libertarians and press freedom advocates have condemned DoJ overreach in Project Veritas case More 2022-08-16
Garland's DoJ opposes unsealing Trump FBI raid warrant affidavit -- argues its public release would compromise the investigation ( ) More 2022-08-16
Garland's DoJ has admitted seizing President Trumps diplomatic passport and two others (expired) More 2022-08-16
The objective of the FBI raid was to seize and reclassify Trump's "Russiagate" evidence of DoJ and FBI crimes More 2022-08-15
Garland's DoJ is attempting to frame President Trump using the Espionage Act More 2022-08-15
Garland touts the FBI and DoJ’s utmost professionalism -- then the leaks about the raid begin More 2022-08-13
The country has every right to be skeptical about the DoJ and the raid More 2022-08-13
The FBI raid warrant on Mar-a-Lago is sealed -- the DoJ won't release contents -- judge says DoJ must respond to suit seeking to unseal it More 2022-08-11
A large majority of Americans are angry about the DoJ's and FBI's raid on President Trump's home More 2022-08-10
The same DoJ that's going after Peter Navarro, isn't interested in the hundreds who broke federal law by terrorizing SCOTUS justices and their families ( ) More 2022-08-04
Democrats hope DoJ holds Trump accountable after Mueller disappointment More 2022-07-31
DoJ quietly revealed an 8-year-long Russian elections interference operation that funded Black Marxist propaganda More 2022-07-30
DoJ official, named in FBI politicization allegations, played role in Lois Lerner-IRS scandal More 2022-07-30
Whistleblowers have revealed that the DoJ and FBI illegally suppressed information on Hunter Biden More 2022-07-29
The DoJ and Hunter Biden's lawyers are working on a plea deal that will effectively bury the crimes of the Biden Crime Family More 2022-07-22
DoJ secretly thwarted release of Russia documents declassified by Trump -- mystery solved! More 2022-07-20
The DoJ won't prosecute Stephen Colbert staffers who were arrested for unlawful entry at the US Capitol More 2022-07-19
Garland's DoJ is simply ignoring a lawsuit brought against it for "hiding" information from the American public More 2022-07-18
Garland's DoJ won't investigate the bounties being paid to track Supreme Court justices More 2022-07-13
Garland impeachment talk begins as Biden's DoJ drags its feet on abortion terrorists More 2022-07-11
DoJ denies FOIA request for information about Ray Epps ( ) More 2022-07-07
The Jan. 6 Committee "fraudulently portrayed an innocent DoJ attorney as complicit in a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election, and did so with malice" More 2022-06-28
Merrick Garland has weaponized and politicized the DoJ to the point that it represents an active threat to the rule of law and the separation of powers More 2022-06-24
Former Trump DoJ official was target of nationwide FBI raids on Republicans ( ) More 2022-06-24
Day before Jan. 6 hearing, FBI agents stage a pre-dawn raid on the home of Trump DoJ official, Jeffrey Clark, who was forced into the street in his pajamas More 2022-06-23
DoJ blocks GOP effort to get answers In Hunter Biden probe More 2022-06-19
DoJ refuses to prosecute man for arson of NYPD car during BLM riots More 2022-06-16
Gen. Michael Flynn has filed a $50 million suit against the FBI and DoJ for “malicious prosecution” related to Russiagate More 2022-05-18
CDC tells DoJ to reimplement mask mandate More 2022-04-23
The disturbing misuse of DoJ by the Biden White House continues More 2022-04-14
Why would Biden's DoJ kill the program that combats Chinese espionage? More 2022-03-10
How come the FBI and DoJ are hot on the trail of white supremacists, but have no interest in these guys? More 2022-01-10
AG Merrick Garland will deliver a speech about the DoJ's prosecutions of persons allegedly involved in Jan. 6 More 2022-01-04
Well, "defund the police," didn't work, so the DoJ will now spend $1.6 billion in hopes of fixing the damage More 2021-12-21
Maybe the DoJ could do something to ensure proper vote counts rather than printing ballots in every know language More 2021-12-14
Watch the attorney general flat-out refuse to answer questions about the DoJ's attack on parents and its relationship to his family's CRT business More 2021-10-24
Andrew McCabe's settlement with the DoJ is a signal to John Durham -- no senior officials will be held accountable for Trump-Russia More 2021-10-20
"The serious constitutional problems with the attempt by Congress to act as DoJ prosecutors by investigating what happened on 1/6" ~ Glenn Greenwald More 2021-10-14
Biden DoJ unable to produce evidence used to indict Jan. 6th protesters
More 2021-08-14
Former chief of the DOJ's criminal fraud section and member of Mueller's headhunters confirms longstanding practice of NSA eavesdropping on Americans More 2021-07-10
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