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CRT and BLM has made this behavior common and acceptable 2024-04-15 Read
Secrtary Mayorkas is a lying sack of sh!t and a traitor 2024-04-12 Read
The entire federal government is required to undergo LGBTQXYZ and CRT training as a result of Joe Biden executive orders 2023-06-21 Read
Joe Biden is infusing anti-White racism into every corner of government with Marxist CRT, remaking the American government into a systemically racist system 2023-05-29 Read
The U.S. government awards grants in the billions to activist organizations (NGOs) that import, feed, shelter, cloth, and transport illegals into and throughout America -- same with the CRT and grooming -- billions and billions 2023-05-26 Read
Florida teacher mocks the Florida Department of Education for removing books from schools containing pornography, CRT, and gender ideology 2023-02-18 Read
Florida State's "Social Justice Ally Training," is based upon the CRT narrative that American oppressors have created a society of "racism, classism, religious oppression, sexism, heterosexism, gender oppression, ableism, [and] xenophobia" ( thread ) 2023-02-03 Read
CRT's "counter-storytelling" is becoming the new standard for "objectivity" in journalism, according to WaPo executive editor Downie ( ) 2023-02-01 Read
America's teachers have abandoned reading, writing and arithmetic-- it's all Queer Theory and CRT now 2023-01-31 Read
Joe Biden's focus on CRT and the LGBQTXYZ agenda has produced the greatest loss of household wealth ever -- the stock market has lost $8 trillion since he took office 2022-09-27 Read
Whoever is running the government is set on destroying our military -- CIVILIAN Marxist CRT actiivists will now be directing Pentagon policies on diversity, inculsion and equity 2022-09-24 Read
Jill says Joe Biden is doing a great job -- just overlook the economy, and the grooming, and the CRT, and his war on Americans 2022-08-03 Read
Little Nicky is practicing CRT's "counter-storytelling" tactic -- real history is a tool of the white power system, so CRT advises the "oppressed" make up their own history 2022-05-24 Read
Huge majorities of Americans oppose indoctrinating grade school kids with CRT, sexuality and genderism 2022-05-21 Read
What are the red flags that CRT is being implemented in your local school? 2022-05-14 Read
DC elementary school is poisoning the minds of four-year-olds with black Marxist racism of CRT 2022-05-03 Read
WTF! American Express CRT training urged staff to adopt a hierarchy, putting "marginalized" above "privileged" 2022-04-29 Read
Law schools are requiring courses on CRT -- here's a thread on what Georgetown Law is up to 2022-03-31 Read
If Critical Race Theory were good for America, it's proponents wouldn't have to implement CRT under the cover of darkness 2022-03-18 Read
Ketanji Brown Jackson is a lifelong admirer of the godfather of CRT, Derrick Bell, who wrote that the Constitution was like "roach powder," and whites might commit "racial genocide." ( thread ) 2022-03-18 Read
Banning CRT is a matter of national survival 2022-03-14 Read
Beto says he isn't going to take your guns and he doesn't think CRT should be taught in schools -- do you believe him? 2022-03-13 Read
Just reacting to what they learned in CRT class -- “... revenge for what they did in the 1700s for slavery" ( ) 2022-03-11 Read
Progs insist segregation is for the benefit of "historically marginalized families" ( that term is straight from CRT 101 ) 2022-02-26 Read
Twenty-three of the top 25 US medical schools include CRT-related training 2022-02-22 Read
Critical Race Theory facilitator calls what she does a "hustle" and it's all about the Benjamins -- just like it says on the CRT page ( ) 2022-01-30 Read
If diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) stuff is good for America's children, why does the Left need to lie about CRT? 2022-01-27 Read
If he were alive today, Dr. Martin Luther King would be the fiercest critic of Critical Race Theory -- CRT is the antithesis of King's "Dream" 2022-01-15 Read
Second Stage Critical Race Theory -- CRT is in the curriculum and we're using it -- sue us! 2021-11-30 Read
A member of the Brotherhood Movement, a black 2nd Amendment group, threatened anti-CRT parents, "We are not our ancestors. I got over 1,000 soldiers ready to go" 2021-11-16 Read
When your school district tells you they don’t teach CRT, it's because they call it English class 2021-11-06 Read
The Left and the Law of Unintended Consequences -- have they really thought this CRT thing through? 2021-11-05 Read
McAuliffe attacks school parents and lies about CRT not in schools ( ) 2021-11-01 Read
Watch the attorney general flat-out refuse to answer questions about the DoJ's attack on parents and its relationship to his family's CRT business 2021-10-24 Read
If CRT is a good thing, why do the Crits have a need to lie about it? 2021-10-24 Read
AP fact check falsely claims National School Board Association did accuse anti-CRT parents of "domestic terrorism" and "hate crimes"-- check out the over-the-top langued in the letter! 2021-10-07 Read
What Harris is practicing in this clip, using the language, "YOUR truth," is CRT Counter-Storytelling ( ) 2021-09-29 Read
CRT is in the schools and the teachers know the administrators and school boards have their back 2021-09-19 Read
When they tell you there is no CRT in grammar schools, show them this 2021-09-17 Read
"White people are cultural vampires" -- CRT Counter-Storytelling doesn't rely on truth or facts, only the agenda -- white people bad! 2021-09-14 Read
Democrat mayors have officially promised to drive "the implementation of CRT in the public education curriculum" across America 2021-09-09 Read
I want children to make up their own minds, but I'm going to teach them my version of history -- she's using CRT 'Counter Storytelling' -- 2021-09-06 Read
Taking down the CRT mammoth one step at a time! 2021-09-04 Read
Only the loony Left -- 29% -- believe that CRT should be taught in schools 2021-08-28 Read
This is what America's "public" education system is doing to America's young with its CRT 2021-08-23 Read
Don't you believe them when they tell you CRT is not in K-12 -- this is CRT's "intersectionality" 2021-08-22 Read
More "inersectionality" -- CRT workshops are sold as "diversity training" but what the mega-corporations get is "white hate" 2021-08-19 Read
Minnesota citizens tell court that Critical Race Theory (CRT) the Marxist ideology promotes racism and divisiveness 2021-07-31 Read
The "Critical Race Theory is rarely taught outside of law school" lie -- California's Ethnic Studies Curriculum, adopted in March, is a nearly 900-page CRT teaching guide for K-12 educators 2021-07-29 Read
Brookings Institute is upset because states are banning Critical Race Theory -- do they know CRT is an attack on the US Constitution? 2021-07-27 Read
Elementary school principals are publishing arguments in favor of teaching Critical Race Theory -- yert they say they have no plan to install CRT in K-12 2021-07-16 Read
If Critical Race Theory activists could defend the "goodness" of CRT, they wouldn't have to lie and deceive 2021-07-14 Read
Criticism of CRT is a conspiracy! It's white people! It's Q-Anon! It's "white nationalism!" -- and why is Microsoft and NBC underwritingr this propaganda? 2021-07-08 Read
More than 5,000 WOKE teachers sign pledge to teach CRT "regardless of the law" 2021-07-06 Read
The NEA just adopted a motion to promote Critical Race Theory indoctrination in all 50 states and 14,000 local school districts while they deny CRT is being taught 2021-07-04 Read
City College of San Francisco professor is a big fan of old Joe Stalin and is a CRT booster 2021-06-28 Read
That the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs endorses CRT and believes what happened on Jan. 6 was an "attempt to overthrow the Constitution" is frightening
2021-06-24 Read
Board of Education shuts down parents' questions about and criticisms of teaching CRT in their schools 2021-06-24 Read
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