Trump Trial Rigged


Trump Trial Rigged

Trump Trial Rigged
Opinions Only

No Crimes -- No Victims
Trump Trial Rigged

Trump Trial Rigged
AG James
Trump Trial Rigged
Has A Dark Money Problem
Trump Trial Rigged

Joe Biden Corrupter
Joe Biden Corrupter
Your Senator

Joe Biden Corrupter
Joe Biden Corrupter
Your Congressman
Joe Biden Corrupter

Imagine being tried by judges and prosecutors who hate your guts

AG James' kangaroo court

When you cut through all the bullsh!t, AG James is attempting -- with no evidence of a crime, no victim, no jury and only differences of opinion as evidence -- to use an obscure consumer law and a compliant civil court judge to:

  • Seize all of Trump's properties in New York State.
  • Revoke all of Trump's licenses to operate a business in New York State.
  • Put thousands of Trump employees on the street with no pensions
  • Pay $250 million to New York State for good measure.

James spent three years trying to cobble together a criminal case against Trump and couldn't, because no crime has been committed, so she found a willing civil court judge and an obscure civil "consumer" law.

James frequently comments about “nobody being above the law,” but when it comes to herself, however, that is a different story. Previously undisclosed documents show that James may have a money problem -- a dark money problem and Laura Loomer has the receipts.

In 2017, James, then a candidate for New York Attorney General, who campaigned on a promise to “get Trump,” re-modified her several mortgages into one loan for $625,000. However, a mysterious affidavit was attached with a note from an attorney for Wells Fargo Bank, Willard F. Miller.

That note referenced an additional loan issued previously in the amount of $770,000 on May 21, 2016, by Christopher J. French and Kristen French. The affidavit was attached and recorded with her latest mortgage consolidation filed in Nassau County, New York.

There are no records of any financial connections between AG James and a Christopher J. French or a Kristen French anywhere in the United States.


Civil court judge Arthur Engoron had previously issued a gag order forbidding President Trump from criticism of any court employee.

On Friday, the New York civil court judge fined Donald Trump $5,000 because a Truth Social media post made before the order and that Trump had no knowledge of was still visible on the Trump campaign website. In issuing the order, Engoron threatened future violations of Trump's constitutional right to free expression will subject Trump to "far more severe sanctions" -- including imprisonment.


Engoron, a Democrat, has ruled repeatedly against Trump in the three years he’s been presiding over James’ lawsuit. He’s forced Trump to sit for a deposition, held him in contempt and fined him $110,000, and now, Engoron is poised to permanently disrupt the collection of skyscrapers, golf courses and other properties that vaulted Trump to fame and the White House.

Engoron has already found Trump and his company violated 63(12) by alleging Trump "fraudulently misstated the value of their assets on financial documents" -- though the trial is still moving forward on other claims -- noting in his ruling the statute only required James to prove the Trump Organization’s statements of financial condition were “false and misleading” and that the company “repeatedly or persistently” used those statements to “transact business.”

Trump -- who opposes Engoron’s ruling and denies any wrongdoing or fraud -- has attacked the statute since the civil fraud trial against him began, claiming the law is “very unfair” because no crime or no victim is required and does not give him the right to a jury trial. There entire trial is based upon a difference of opinion. The opinions when the deals were made and everybody made money don't count.

The statute -- 63(12) -- does not require intent to commit fraud or anyone to be harmed by the fraud, and it does not give Trump the inherent right to a jury trial.

Trump DC Jury

This case was already adjudicated. Engoron found Trump guilty of fraud on September 26th, saying that documents submitted as evidence showed persistent use of faulty financial statements [differences of opinion]. Trump, he said, was working within a “fantasy world, not a real world”.

Why is this dog-and-pony show dragging on if Trump is already guilty. Let him get to the appeal and have this travesty of justice properly dealt with.

Meanwhile the"document" trial gains speed

It began with a lie.

    "In order to safeguard the integrity of these proceedings, it is necessary to impose certain restrictions on public statements by interested parties."

What a lie! What integrity? The proceedings and Judge Chutkan have no integrity. Chutkan is a political assassin, as is the prosecutor.

Trump DC Jury

Jonathan Turley says the imposition of a gag order on former President Donald Trump was overwhelmingly applauded by pundits and press alike. Journalists described the order from U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan as “narrow” and “limited.” Most of them lionized Chutkan as an “unflinching” and “no-nonsense”  judge who would not tolerate Trump’s penchant for personal attacks and reckless rhetoric.

However, this order should concern everyone who values freedom of speech. While the odds may favor Chutkan on appeal, this order should be overturned as over-broad and dangerous.

These orders come at a great cost -- limiting both parties and counsels in raising objections to alleged abuses of the government. The First Amendment was written in the aftermath of such abuses.

Chutkan steadfastly refused to recognize that either this case or this defendant are far from typical. Her order bars Trump from making statements against Smith, his staff, court personnel, and potential witnesses. That last category could include one of Trump’s opponents in the presidential election, former Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump gagged by commie judge

If Chutkan had simply barred statements targeting court staff or jurors, there would be no controversy. But she has imposed a vaguely worded court order that could turn campaign speeches into criminal contempt.

While appellate courts have largely ruled in favor of lower courts’ gag orders, there have long been constitutional concerns over these limits on not just the free speech rights of defendants but also their zealous representation by defense counsel.

Late Friday, Chutkan was forced to lift the gag order she issued against Trump that prevented him from criticizing prosecutors, court staff or their families during the appeal process, a clear victory for Team Trump.

    “Upon consideration of Defendant’s opposed 110 Motion for Stay Pending Appeal, Request for Temporary Administrative Stay, and Memorandum in Support, it is hereby ORDERED that the court’s 105 Opinion and Order is administratively STAYED to permit the parties’ briefing and the court’s consideration of Defendant’s Motion.” 

Who is Chutkan to dictate the contours of a presidential candidate’s political speech? What if one of the “participating government staff” or a family member is compromised by partisanship? Moreover, preemptively suggesting that without gagging, Trump will engage in a “smear campaign” is as prejudicial to the case as any of the inflammatory things Trump has thrown around. It implies that any accusation now aimed at prosecutors is untrue.

The Justice Department now plays a big part in Trump’s campaign for the presidency and all of his legal cases. If the state’s accusations can be spread throughout the media before a trial, why can’t the defendant speak openly, as well? It isn't fair, but Chutkan contends, "in the name of fairness," that Trump does not enjoy unfettered 1st Amendment rights because he might intimidate witnesses.

It’s already illegal to intimidate witnesses. Charge him if he does it. Laws already exist to cover all the other premises that haves used to rationalize the gag order.

The notion that a jury pool is going to be impartial in a trial involving a divisive former president, who is not only a leading contender for the presidency but one of the most famous people on Earth, is absurd. And the notion a D.C. jury pool will be impartial when it comes to Trump is fantastical. There is little that can be done about it. But further gagging the defendant only feeds, at the very minimum, the perception that this is all politically motivated.

Trump DC Jury

Donald Trump and his legal team have touted arguments for moving the former president’s criminal case out of Washington, D.C. Trump’s team contends the District of Columbia’s jury pool is almost entirely made up of Democrats, who have already voted against Trump 92.15% to 5.40% in 2020, depriving him of an impartial jury.

Trump DC Jury

Trump’s team has asked Federal District Court Judge Chutkan to allow an advanced statistical study, proving that Washington DC’s jury pool is irreparably biased against him. Chutkan has rejected all of their requests. Chutkan said:

    "What I’m going to be instructing the jury is, Can you put aside your opinion and adjudge the defendant based on the evidence?’ And it’s amazing how, I have found, how seriously jurors take that charge, and what we’re looking for is not people without opinions; what we’re looking for is people who are able to put aside their opinion and focus their decision solely on the evidence presented in this courtroom.”

This judge is taking no chances and she is probably getting a ton of advice from the best trial fixers on the planet. This trial is a slam-dunk "guilty" but will be overturned on appeal, but that will happen after the election. In the meantime, they have another "guilty" verdict for the media to work with.

They're piling up:

  • "Guilty" of sexual abuse (E. Jean Carroll case)
  • "Guilty" of fraud (Letitia James case)
  • "Guilty" is in the queue (Judge Chutkan case)
  • "Denied" is a brandy new last Friday (Colorado)

All will be overturned on appeal, but all those appeals happen after the 2024 election. In the meantime, they are headlines for news media and material for the bitchy humor of the Late Night Democrats.

Americans have lost all confidence in U.S. news media because they recognize that America's 4th Estate has now become an extension of the Democratic Party.

News Media Sucks

poll from Gallup examining American trust in mass media found 39% have “none at all,” marking an all-time high since 1972 when the pollster first asked the question. Another 29% said they have “not very much trust” in media, which matches 2016 levels.

Only about 3 in 10 respondents reported any real confidence, with 32% saying they still have “a great deal” or even just a “fair amount” of trust in American media.

There's always that 32%. The third that is destroying America. So, how do they get to run things?

Bonus Round -- Comer found a check!

On March 1, 2018, Joe Biden, who owns multiple homes despite having a “career” in politics, received a check from his brother Jim for $200,000. The words “loan repayment” were written into the memo on the check.

Earlier that same day, Jim Biden received a wire transfer to his personal bank account, not his business account, for $200,000 from a company called Americore. The money was sent into the same account Jim Biden used to write his check to his brother.

Americore was a failing healthcare company that somehow found $600,000 to “loan” Jim Biden. Bankruptcy records show that Jim Biden received $400,000 into his personal bank account from Americore on January 12, 2018. The other $200,000 showed up later, followed by another $10,000 after that.

Why would a failing company “loan” $600K to a member of the Biden family? According to the bankruptcy records, it was “based upon representations that his last name, ‘Biden,’ could ‘open doors’ and that he could obtain a large investment from the Middle East, based on his political connections.”

Joe Biden received a $200,000 payment from brother James on the exact same day that James Biden got the money from Americore, a health care firm he was invested in.

Trump Trial Rigged

James approached businesses including Americore and informed them his brother could open doors for them and save their businesses. According to one former executive, Joe Biden met with them and even set up investments for them.

James Biden received $600,000 dollars in "loans" from the failing firm. The very same day brother James received the $600,000, he made sure to send The Big Guy his $200,000 cut. The check was sent directly to Joe Biden’s bank account.

Trump Trial Rigged Trump Trial Rigged

This is clear evidence and yet still nothing. No real investigations. No DA around the country going after Biden. It’s evident that the rules don’t exist for the the Biden family.

Oversight Chairman James Comer posted on "X" that there are some immediate questions Joe Biden must answer for the American people.

    1) Does he have documents proving he lent such a large sum of money to his brother and what were the terms of such financial arrangement?

    2) Did he have similar financial arrangements with other family members that led them to make similar large payments to him?

    3) Did he know that the same day James Biden wrote him a check for $200,000, James Biden had just received a loan for the exact same amount from business dealings with a company that was in financial distress and failing?

Double Bonus Round -- a suitcase full of $100 bills?

Remember this?

Hunter Biden's "WhatsApp" message to Chinese businessman Henry Zhao demanding to know where the Biden family's millions were.

Trump Trial Rigged

Joe Biden purchased his luxury $2.75 million Rehoboth Beach, Delaware home with all cash after Hunter Biden threatened his Chinese business partner in a $5 million shakedown.

On July 30th, 2017, Hunter Biden demanded payment and threatened Henry Zhao, a Chinese Communist Party official and director of Harvest Fund Management.

A week later Hunter Biden received a $5 million wire described as an ‘interest-free loan’ (a way for Hunter to avoid paying taxes) from a Chinese firm.

On August 8, 2017, $5 million was wired from a CEFC-affiliated investment vehicle (Northern International) to the bank account for Hudson West III, which spent the next year transferring $4,790,375 million directly to Hunter Biden’s firm, Owasco, according to a Senate report reviewed by this reporter.

A few weeks before this desperate shakedown, Joe Biden plopped down nearly $2.75 million in cash for his Rehoboth Beach home. No wonder why he was so desperate to get this cash from Hunter’s business partner. He was counting on it to cover his new real estate transaction.

Trump Trial Rigged

“Property records show Joe’s six-bedroom second property was purchased on June 8, 2017 for $2,744,001 – just seven weeks before his son’s shakedown messages.” The Daily Mail reported.

There was no record of a mortgage lien against the Rehoboth property until Joe and Jill Biden opened a $250,000 HELOC (home equity line of credit) against the property last December.

Stay tuned . . .

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Trump Trial Rigged
Trump Trial Rigged

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Trump Trial Rigged

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