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The Bragg Case

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George Soros
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The Democrats' latest assassin doesn't have a crime

The Charge

There is no crime. There are no misdemeanors and there is no felony.

This is lawfare, a political attack by a federally-funded, local district attorney and Democratic Party hack. The case has been floating around the Manhattan DA's office for years and was internally dubbed the "zombie case," because it kept coming back to life no matter how many times prosecutors working for Bragg's predecessor tried to kill it -- but Washington kept the money coming -- and who can say no to money?

The Federal Elections Commission said there is no crime. The Justice Department chose not to prosecute Trump, but here they come again, but what is unique this time is the district attorney has decided to keep the crime a secret. Bragg won't tell anybody what it is. He says he's "not required," but he does admit to a couple of "could be" crimes.

Bragg's response gave lawyers across the country a reason to ask, "did I hear that right?"

    REPORTER: "The indictment does not specifically say what those crimes were. What laws were broken?"

    DA BRAGG: "The indictment doesn't specify because the law does not so require."


The U. S. Constitution requires that when you indict someone you tell them what crime they are being charged with.  The DA can't indict someone because they committed a "mystery crime." How does a defendant defend himself or herself when the crime is unknown to them? The Sixth Amendment guarantees the rights of criminal defendants, and one of those rights is the right to know the nature of the charges and evidence against him or her. The DA can't just make it up as the trial progresses. These are really fundamental concepts, and it is shocking to see a big city DA just ignore their existence.

Then, there is the Statute of Limitations. New York state law says, a “prosecution for a misdemeanor must be commenced within two years after the commission thereof.” Bragg's thirty-three misdemeanors are seven years old, and he's hoping to turn them into a felony of some sort using the "tell ya later" law.

This is all about keeping Trump off the 2024 ballot or damaging him politically. It's this election cycle's "Russiagate," and this is election tampering by a DA who is being funded by the same Washington interests that have been trying to castrate Donald Trump since 2016. There isn't a DA's office in the country that has the budget for this bullsh!t.

What Bragg's indictment is, is a "placeholder." It's something the Democrats and their pals in the media can work with until something better comes along, and there are many Democratic bureaucrats who are working their little butts off to find a way to neuter Trump.

That the next court date is December 4th provides a clue as to how strong Bragg thinks his case is. The Democrats are hoping they can come up with something with a little more hair on it than what Bragg has, which is bupkis, really -- the Democrat DA down in Atlanta has one ready to go.

So, how strong is the case?

John Bolton is no friend to Donald Trump, but this former ambassador to the United Nations doesn't give Bragg's case any respect.

The Commissioner of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) explicitly stated the payments by President Trump to Stormy Daniels are not an election campaign violation.

“It’s not a campaign finance violation. It’s not a reporting violation of any kind,” said FEC Commissioner James E. “Trey” Trainor. In trying to stretch the law to make it look like a violation, he added, District Attorney Alvin Bragg “is really trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole.”

Hell! Even Obama buddy, Van Jones, thinks Bragg is making a mistake.

The Story Daniels Affair

The affair, one-night stand, or whatever, never happened in the first place. There was nothing to pay hush-money for. Stormy Daniels lied.


So, there never was a "thing" or there was a shake-down. Either way, Trump committed no crime and is once again the victim of a Democratic Party hit-job. Either way there is no predicate for a crime. This is just another media-generated story blown all out of proportion and intended to damage Trump politically.

Just last week, Daniels lost her appeal in her failed defamation suit against Donald Trump, leaving her owing almost $300,000 in legal fees to the former president.

"I will go to jail before I pay a penny," Daniels tweeted Monday after the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against her in the long-running case. You know she doesn't mean that and , so, you can expect her to say anything about Trump as this horror-show continues.

Trump was busy elsewhere

Remember, the Stormy Daniels story broke BEFORE the election, so Trump would have no reason to be writing hush-money payments in 2017.

We also know that President Trump didn't make "a false entry" in the business records of one of his 500 companies, because he was busy running the country. So, Bragg would have to find the bookkeeper or the accountant who made the "false entry" in the business records of one of his 500 companies and have that person testify that he or she made the change at the direction of Trump.

Bragg's entire case is built upon what Bragg says President Trump was thinking.


The indictment of a former president may be a statement that no one is above the law, but that principle requires that every defendant is treated fairly. Trump -- and the American people -- deserve fair notice of the alleged crimes that form the basis of the felony charges in Bragg’s indictment. His omission of "the crime" is a grotesque perversion of justice, and demonstrates that his case is designed to kneecap a political enemy, not to find justice.

Bragg's politically motivated stunt is but the latest proof that the greatest threats to our democracy and our cherished norms and institutions come not from the rise of Trump, but the Left's response to it.

Bragg is an unprincipled, radical district attorney and a disgrace to justice. He allows murderers and thieves to roam the streets unabated but spares no expense to prosecute Trump for what is, at worst, a misdemeanor.

Alvin Bragg

Alvin Bragg, who was elected Manhattan DA in November 2021, has been involved in numerous investigations into Trump and his family long before being sworn in last year. He even bragged he had sued Trump "more than 100 times" while serving in the New York attorney general's office. Bragg's campaign slogan was, “GET TRUMP.”

“We cannot and will not normalize serious criminal conduct,” Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said of his indictment of former president Donald Trump, but as hard as Bragg is on Trump, he's that soft on criminals.


Rodney Johnson, 53, who has nearly 90 busts on his rap sheet and two state prison stints under his belt, saw his felony robbery charges knocked down to slap-on-the-wrist misdemeanors by Bragg’s office just last week.

“This guy has been breaking the law for 35 years,” one law enforcement source said. “He’s been a one-man robbery spree preying on low-wage workers, then when the cops catch the guy, Bragg’s office downgrades the felony charges. All the while [Bragg] chases an indictment of the former president for. . .”

Well, Bragg says he's not required to tell us that.

Meg Reiss

Bragg's chief prosecutor, Meg Reiss, is a social justice warrior who bragged about letting violent criminals and felons off the hook -- including a murderer -- using her restorative justice approach to help them avoid going to prison. 


"We know incarceration doesn't really solve any problems," Reiss said during a Peace Institute event in May 2021. She said criminals are not "bad dudes" and deserve the "benefit of the doubt.

Reiss went on to describe how the she helped a murderer get out of jail time for a homicide victim who had very few relatives. "It was an incident between two people that knew each other very well. And it was sort of… a fight that ended up with one person dying and the person who was charged had substance misuse issues and other things, and going through the outcome in the case, it just seemed appropriate for restorative practice rather than a carceral sentence."

"Restorative justice" is the antidote, so to speak, to the "systemic racism" that critical race theorists claim plagues America.

Matthew Colangelo

Matthew Colongelo joined Bragg’s team in December to lead the Trump probe. Colangelo is closely aligned with Joe Biden and his former boss Barack Obama.. His resume includes an appointment in 2017 as New York state’s executive deputy attorney general for social justice. He has spent years going after the former president at both the Department of Justice and the New York attorney general’s office.

The appearance of yet another Obama–Biden deputy in the nearly seven-year-long and ongoing anti-Trump operation may help illuminate why precedent and protocol have been trashed for the purpose of charging a former U.S. president and the likely Republican candidate for 2024.

Michael Cohen

The best evidence available shows that Michael Cohen acted on his own, according to testimony last month from another Trump lawyer, Robert Costello. “If they want to go after Donald Trump,” he said, “and they have solid evidence, so be it, but Michael Cohen is far from solid evidence.”

If there was any fraud here, it looks like it might have been committed by Cohen against Trump. Cohen charged Trump $180,000 for lord-knows-what in a misguided effort to “protect” Trump from a discredited adult actress.

It’s all smoke and mirrors

Bragg is trying to convict Trump as a felon in the public domain without actually charging him with a crime, and he has the might of the media behind him.

Let us not forget, that the only real crime we've seen in this fiasco, so far, was committed by DA Bragg or member's of Bragg's office. Somebody in the Manhattan DA's office leaked secret grand jury testimony to the media. We already know that. That leak is a felony, but there is no one to prosecute it.

This is just the latest example of the abuse of government power designed to hurt Trump politically, including the January 6 Committee hearings, two phony impeachments, and the FBI’s raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

Meanwhile, the Biden family receives no such aggressive prosecutorial treatment, despite actual bank records demonstrating that Hunter Biden, uncle James, and most likely, The Big Guy, received millions of dollars from interests connected directly to the Chinese Communist Party and its intelligence apparatus.

What these Democrats are saying -- loud and clear -- is that if they can do this to a former president, imagine what they can do to you.

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