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they define themselves by their behavior -- they come in all colors

"It's a cultural thing" ~ Whoopi Goldberg  More 2023-12-03
I bet he wasn't ready for this!  More 2023-12-03
There's no fixing this  More 2023-12-01
"It's a cultural thing" ~ Whoopi Goldberg  More 2023-11-30
The Rap industry is a tough business  More 2023-11-29
Former gang member/“rapper” Nardo Wick’s bodyguards send fan to the hospital with a concussion and severe brain bleeding just for asking for a picture  More 2023-11-28
Nothing and nobody are safe in the Democrat-run cities  More 2023-11-28
A 12-year-old Michigan boy went for a joyride in a stolen forklift and dodged police and deputies before eventually being arrested ( )  More 2023-11-28
A 15-year-old student was fatally stabbed during a wild, caught-on-camera brawl inside Southeast Raleigh High School (NC) yesterday ( )  More 2023-11-28
The pack mentality has been normalized among some  More 2023-11-28
Why even hire security?  More 2023-11-28
Siblings are angry that a store clerk shot and killed their gun-toting brother who was attempting to rob the store  More 2023-11-27
Just another day at the mall  More 2023-11-27
Violence is always the answer in every situation  More 2023-11-27
Black Friday reparations  More 2023-11-27
Bringing two knives to a gunfight will not improve your odds  More 2023-11-26
Want some more? -- vote for a Democrat  More 2023-11-26
Dear liberals -- these are assault weapons -- they have been illegal since 1934  More 2023-11-25
An inmate at the Federal Correctional Institution at Tucson (AZ) has stabbed Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who was convicted of murdering George Floyd  More 2023-11-25
What city are you in?  More 2023-11-24
Armed black thugs rob white Chicago woman  More 2023-11-24
"Bro, I got sh!t on me, bro."  More 2023-11-23
Black Friday Early Bird Sale! -- elevate your style  More 2023-11-22
A dozen members of LA's Reparations Committee loot the Watts (CA) NIKE store and escape in five cars  More 2023-11-22
Cosmopolitan Magazine takes Satanism mainstream  More 2023-11-22
Thinking about bringing your kids to Madonna’s concert? ( comments )  More 2023-11-22
Doesn't get more primitive than peeing in the aisle of a packed Frontier Airlines flight  More 2023-11-22
"It's a cultural thing" ~ Whoopi Goldberg  More 2023-11-21
Leroy missed the "firearm safety" class  More 2023-11-20
They don't hide their faces anymore -- they know reparations have been decreed by the Democrats and they can take whatever they want  More 2023-11-20
The Reparations Committee women's auxiliary visits Ultra Beauty in Southgate (CA)  More 2023-11-19
Mom watches son commit murder, then helps him get away  More 2023-11-18
A total breakdown in law and order  More 2023-11-17
Men attack NY Transit cop for asking them to stop smoking  More 2023-11-16
It's a cultural thing  More 2023-11-15
Four armed thugs commit armed daytime assault in Philadelphia, tie up family as young child watches them tear apart house  More 2023-11-15
Growing gangstas!  More 2023-11-15
Dogpile!  More 2023-11-15
Why do some people fight with the police?  More 2023-11-15
The reparations committee visits Memphis (TN)  More 2023-11-14
Getting all dressed up to go to a street fight is weird  More 2023-11-13
Three carjackers tried to carjack Joe Biden's granddaughter's Secret Service detail's SUV  More 2023-11-13
The laughing will stop when Amazon stops delivering in your neighborhood, genius!  More 2023-11-13
Second tweet on the timeline this AM  More 2023-11-13
Maryland UPS driver carjacked at gunpoint -- his truck and everything in it was stolen in broad daylight  More 2023-11-12
Get Loose At Moose!  More 2023-11-11
Moron decides he's going to shoot it out with the cops  More 2023-11-10
Monk Crowley shot and killed seventeen-old Serenity Hawley after she broke up with him  More 2023-11-10
Shaquille Taylor, previously released for incompetence to stand trial in a separate shooting, has shot and killed 18-year-old Jillian Ludwig  More 2023-11-10
Holy crap! -- maniac rams police  More 2023-11-10
Gang members used COVID relief funds to hire hitmen  More 2023-11-08
Police arrest a man with an AR-15 near the U. S. Capitol (and other crime highlights from Dee Cee)  More 2023-11-08
Capitol police officers have captured two armed Democrats who crashed their stolen car into a Capitol Complex barricade  More 2023-11-07
A pair of masked intruders got more than bargained for after picking the wrong Los Angeles (CA) man to mess with Saturday night  More 2023-11-06
Stranger tries to grab baby from mother's arms in Central West End, St. Louis  More 2023-11-06
Ohio car theft suspect foiled by quick-thinking forklift operator who holds him 20 feet in the air  More 2023-11-06
12 ah 14-year-old Baltimore yutes arrested for robbery -- they were released within hours  More 2023-11-05
"CVS was burqa'd today by..."  More 2023-11-05
There isn't anything America can do about this except to get rid of the Democrats  More 2023-11-04
In the very near future, there will be entire neighborhoods in Democrat cities that Amazon will refuse to deliver to  More 2023-11-03
There is a certain segment of our population whose first answer to everything is violence  More 2023-11-03
After the commies ban law-biding Americans from owning guns, Democrats like these will still have theirs  More 2023-11-03
Somebody is having a bad day and wants to share  More 2023-11-03
The mayor of Chicago and progressive politicians like him are the reason this segment exists  More 2023-11-02
Three students were stabbed at Van Nuys High School (CA)  More 2023-11-02
An assistant principal attempts to break up a fight only to end up getting jumped by half the school  More 2023-11-02
These murders happened one year ago -- but never made the national media ( video: )  More 2023-11-02
Reparations committee visits the Gucci store in Los Angeles (CA)  More 2023-11-02
"Who's raising these kids?"  More 2023-11-01
This guy might just as well put one into himself -- he's done!  More 2023-11-01
NBC Washington notes this was not Toney’s first run-in with the law -- the station revealed that Toney, then 12, was arrested in May in connection with a number of armed carjackings in Southeast D.C.  More 2023-10-31
No white people were involved in the making of this film  More 2023-10-31
I hope the Red Sox sign this kid up!  More 2023-10-31
It's a cultural thing  More 2023-10-31
We have a parenting crisis in this country  More 2023-10-30
This kid wants you to believe he made a mistake sneaking up on people and hitting them as hard as he could -- just for social media clicks  More 2023-10-29
A CVS pharmacy in Washington DC has been forced to replace almost all its stock with photographs in an attempt to combat rampant shoplifting  More 2023-10-29
Minneapolis is the new Detroit -- Saint George is their new patron saint  More 2023-10-29
Uber eats driver assaulted, mugged and carjacked while delivering food  More 2023-10-27
What kind of slug intimidates and manhandles an 80-year-old woman?  More 2023-10-27
Whaddaya think? Is this child abuse?  More 2023-10-27
They are identified by their behavior  More 2023-10-27
It's a cultural thang  More 2023-10-26
It's "open season" for crime in Los Angeles  More 2023-10-26
Here's a child who won't see his 16th birthday -- thanks dad!  More 2023-10-26
A win for the old-timer ( comments )  More 2023-10-26
Teens who ran down and killied a retired police chief as he rode his bike have been laughing, and flipping-off the victim’s family in court ( )  More 2023-10-25
This behavior is the fault of school administrators who have been afraid to discipline students "who have been historically underserved, marginalized, and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality"  More 2023-10-25
Hate + aggression + entitlement + Obama  More 2023-10-24
Can Pfizer come up with a vaccine for this stuff?  More 2023-10-23
Woman breaks boyfriend's car window -- so he runs her over -- twice!  More 2023-10-23
When they're after money, but they attack a member of another race, are they racists or criminals?  More 2023-10-23
"I can't breath!"  More 2023-10-23
Do you ever get the impression that everything is spinning out of control?  More 2023-10-23
Downtown Chicago erupts!  More 2023-10-23
A Florida school teacher was arrested after she was caught on surveillance footage grabbing a kindergartener by the neck and throwing him to the ground  More 2023-10-22
Ever the gentleman!  More 2023-10-22
Three armed black males attempt a home invasion by kicking in the rear door  More 2023-10-20
Take the ticket knucklehead!  More 2023-10-19
Chicago’s homicide continues to climb  More 2023-10-19
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