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they define themselves by their behavior

An illegal alien, previously deported three times, has been charged in the arson murder of a mother and her two children  More 2024-07-15
ICE refused to deport killer after multiple DUI arrests -- now, they're burying his children.  More 2024-07-13
This guy is a repeat offender who has demonstrated he will offend again -- sooner or later he will murder a child and there will be much hand wringing -- he needs to be taken out of society  More 2024-07-13
Petit Larceny (3 counts on 3 dates)  More 2024-07-13
Another day, another illegal arrested for rape -- the victim is a child under twelve years of age  More 2024-07-13
Meanwhile, the illegal aliens keep coming -- "a never-ending stream," as Joe Biden would say ( )  More 2024-07-12
Routine traffic stop goes crazy!  More 2024-07-12
A 6-year-old girl was killed in Alabama by a drunk Honduran illegal immigrant -- he has been charged with manslaughter  More 2024-07-11
Some folks just don't handle flying very well  More 2024-07-10
A gang of Venezuelans, illegally in the country, violently rob a Denver (CO) jewelry store  More 2024-07-10
BLM activists call for violence after 23-year-old Jayden Jarmon, who was viciously choking out a Norwich Connecticut officer, gets forcefully arrested  More 2024-07-10
Gun-wielding valedictorian tried to steal Justice Sonia Sotomayor's bodyguard's automobile -- oops!  More 2024-07-09
They will steal anything not bolted down  More 2024-07-09
Joe Biden's border policies are fueling "burglary tourism"  More 2024-07-09
When they bring it to the trampoline park, no place is safe  More 2024-07-09
Girl fight!  More 2024-07-09
At least 13 elderly Asians have been attacked near the Westlake Christian Terrace senior living facility in Oakland (CA)  More 2024-07-08
Asian convenience store owner is the victim of thievery while the thief fights the owner for the goods she didn't purchase -- she knows she's being recorded, and doesn't care  More 2024-07-07
Armed thugs murdered a New Zealand tourist at an Orange County (CA) mall -- they killed her by running her over with their car  More 2024-07-07
Stormy Daniels raised $970,000 -- and probably more to come -- on her GoFundMe page  More 2024-07-06
80 to 100 "oppressed people" loot Oakland (CA) gas station and convenience store  More 2024-07-06
Wild fight breaks out on a Carnival cruise ship to Central America at 3 AM after "a bunch of drunk girls from Tampa" had a disagreement  More 2024-07-04
Lewis Laury, a teacher at Baltimore City Schools, was arrested on charges of second-degree rape and third-degree sexual offense with a minor  More 2024-07-02
3AM -- Oakland (CA)  More 2024-07-02
You can't outdraw a man who has you in his sights!  More 2024-07-02
The "oppressed" take over Busch Gardens in Tampa -- naturally, a fight breaks out  More 2024-07-01
A Florida man is behind bars after he shot a Walmart delivery drone with his pistol  More 2024-06-30
Illegal alien from El Salvador murdered two people inside a Texas Chick-fil-A -- these murders by Illegals are happening every day  More 2024-06-30
Can anybody explain this?  More 2024-06-30
IIIegal aIien murdered two Chick-Fil-A employees in Texas -- Biden's one-a-day plan to replace Americans with foreigners  More 2024-06-29
Corey Alvarez, an illegal from Hati, was released on a $500 bail after being charged with the rape of a 15-year-old girl -- the court ignored ICE’s request to keep him detained  More 2024-06-28
A Turkish National, Sakir Akkan, an illegal alien, was just arrested for forcing a teen girl into his car with a metal pipe and raping her  More 2024-06-27
Watch to the end!  More 2024-06-27
This is the consequence of "voting blue no matter who"  More 2024-06-26
Chicago police attempt to arrest an illegal -- he resisted, and it escalated fast  More 2024-06-26
Justified!  More 2024-06-26
A search is underway for a man suspected of killing 5 people in a North Las Vegas shooting spree -- police say. 47-year-old Eric Adams is considered armed and extremely dangerous  More 2024-06-26
An on-line gamer hopped on a flight to Florida to beat a fellow gamer with a hammer over a dispute -- this may be the most insane case of "tilt" in history.  More 2024-06-26
School days, school days, dear old Golden Rule days  More 2024-06-25
Chicago man fights off intruder with a frying pan  More 2024-06-25
10 people were shot in a Columbus (OH) early morning drive-by  More 2024-06-24
The world’s worst criminals are walking right across the southern border  More 2024-06-24
Enjoy!  More 2024-06-22
West Side High School, Newark (NJ) -- have you had enough, yet? ( )  More 2024-06-22
Will The People start administering justice themselves if the law doesn’t?  More 2024-06-22
The DHS's list of crimes on the arrest records of DACA applicants  More 2024-06-21
An illegal alien, who murdered 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray, was released into U. S. after he claimed he feared for his life if he was sent back to Venezuela  More 2024-06-21
In their first five years, 79,000 DACA recipients admitted into the U. S. had arrest records  More 2024-06-20
Juneteenth pool party  More 2024-06-19
Residents arrest an illegal alien who raped a 13-year-old girl in Queens Park (NY)  More 2024-06-19
An illegal alien from Mexico, deported 16 times, has been arrested and charged with vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, reckless driving, and driving without a commercial driver’s license in connection to the death of 64-year-old Scott Miller  More 2024-06-18
A Secret Service agent was reportedly robbed at gunpoint in Tustin, California, while off-duty during Joe Biden’s campaign stop with Barack Obama and some celebrities  More 2024-06-18
Children imitate the behavior from their parents  More 2024-06-17
An illegal immigrant who was released into the country by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) skipped his immigration hearing just weeks before stabbing a man to death in California  More 2024-06-16
Eight people have been confirmed shot at Brooklands (MI) Plaza Splash Pad, a water park located 30 miles from Detroit  More 2024-06-16
About 20 robbers armed with hammers stormed a jewelry store in Sunnyvale (CA) smashing display cases in broad daylight -- after a police chase, five suspects were apprehended  More 2024-06-15
It all started because they couldn't enter a ride when it was full  More 2024-06-15
Maybe they're all sniffing the gas fumes?  More 2024-06-14
"Our Democracy" goes to Hollywood  More 2024-06-14
WILD! -- a gunman hijacked a city bus, loaded with passengers near Atlanta (GA) ( )  More 2024-06-12
A grandmother and great-grandmother were killed in a car crash on M-53 in Shelby Township (MI) and prosecutors charged Jose Eugeno Medina-Hernandez -- one of Joe Biden's illegal aliens -- with a misdemeanor  More 2024-06-11
An illegal alien “got-away,” who successfully crossed the United States-Mexico border, is accused of raping a child in the sanctuary state of Massachusetts  More 2024-06-11
Cool table manners!  More 2024-06-11
This monster killed a three-year-old boy in a grocery store parking lot in Cleveland (OH)  More 2024-06-10
James Woods asks, "will it ever end?"  More 2024-06-10
Fairfax County (VA) police officer attacked by a violent mob at an illegal street takeover -- this is what it’s like to be a police officer after the 2020 George Floyd, BLM and Antifa riots  More 2024-06-10
Nothing and no one is safe in Joe Biden's America  More 2024-06-10
Some folks are never held responsible for their actions in Joe Biden's America  More 2024-06-10
Shootout in Memphis -- spraying a gas station with an automatic rifle is harmful to humans and nother living things  More 2024-06-09
Black woman stalks white mother and her three-year-old son before attacking them, murdering the child -- not a hate crime  More 2024-06-08
What should the punishment be for a crime like this?  More 2024-06-05
Thieves have stolen 100 fire hydrants in Los Angeles county  More 2024-06-05
The illegal alien who shot two New York City cops last Monday had his deportation case dismissed by a federal immigration judge just weeks before  More 2024-06-04
Mooresville (NC) police have announced the arrest of fifteen men who have all been charged for internet crimes against children  More 2024-06-03
A street party in Akron, Ohio, ended in gunfire early Sunday after 25 people were shot, including one person who has died  More 2024-06-02
Nothing like going to a football game for some good, clean fun  More 2024-06-02
Minneapolis (MN) mass shooting suspect identified  More 2024-06-02
Two people are dead, and seven others are injured, after a shooting occurred in a bar in a Pittsburgh (PA) suburb  More 2024-06-02
A McDonald's customer loses it when told they don't allow smoking and drinking in the restaurant  More 2024-06-01
Terrifying video shows armed robbers firing on a family during a carjacking in Jackson (MS) -- this is the family's driveway!  More 2024-05-31
The usual suspects assault a driver in Washington DC and they laugh as they brutalize him -- and they do a manhunt for the guy who did donuts on a pride mural  More 2024-05-31
Why do public schools look like battlefields?  More 2024-05-31
A man was brutally attacked with a machete in broad daylight in Times Square (NY)  More 2024-05-30
Running over a cop is no longer attempted murder in Chicago  More 2024-05-30
The scrambled eggs were cold!  More 2024-05-30
New York City workers caught a teen breaking into one of their cars, so they tied him up to the scaffolding  More 2024-05-29
Scumbags carjack a young family in their own driveway as gunfire rings out  More 2024-05-29
The perfect leftist martyr  More 2024-05-28
An illegal alien has been arrested in Alleghany County (VA) for kidnapping an underage girl from Louisiana  More 2024-05-28
THIS is why I'm a classic rock and pop guy  More 2024-05-28
Another man set on fire in the New York City subway  More 2024-05-26
The Haitian man arrested for raping a 15 year-old disabled girl at a migrant hotel in Massachusetts came to the U.S. via Joe Biden’s parole program for Haitians  More 2024-05-26
A sheriff's deputy in a patrol car comes under attack during a street takeover in Highland (CA)  More 2024-05-26
The Lord works in mysterious ways!  More 2024-05-25
Racist or vulgar?  More 2024-05-25
California's "'Racial Justice Act" is using racial disparities to cut prison sentences threatening public safety  More 2024-05-24
Florida woman flees car dealership during test drive and ends reckless chase by jumping into a lake  More 2024-05-21
"It's a cultural thing" ~ Whoopi Goldberg  More 2024-05-20
An illegal immigrant from Mexico has been ensnared by the long arm of justice after being caught red-handed in what authorities have described as a "mobile rape dungeon"  More 2024-05-20
Did you know Diddy was an actor as well as a rapper?  More 2024-05-19
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