Watching the Defectives


they define themselves and are found primarily in Democrat-controlle cities

Child Protective Services worker encourages 14-year-old girl to become a prostitute  More
Meanwhile, life goes on as usual in New York City -- "our democracy"  More
Completely naked Florida man does push-ups after attempted robbery at gas station  More
Scumbag attempts to rob two female clerks in liquor store with sawed-off shotgun -- the mother and daughter team finish it  More
Social worker abducted and tortured for 15 hours  More
New York City continues to devolve into something out of Dante's Inferno  More
$2 Million in jewelry gone in 30 seconds!  More
Hoodlums in Queens (NY) stabbed a teen in the back, before stealing his scooter, backpack and phone  More
Scumbags assault and batter a 6-year-old Brooklyn girl before stealing her $30 scooter  More
Las Vegas smoke shop owner totally f*cks up a robber  More
Calling the cops won't help, because they've either been defunded, or just won't do anything because they'd be accused of "racism"  More
Carjacking gone very wrong -- is the second like this in two days ( )  More
Netflix star and Democratic Party activist, Jerry Harris, begins serving his 12-year federal prison sentence for child pornography  More
Shooting at the Mall of America -- guy in white muscle shirt at the end is probable shooter  More
This is how to respond to your car being jacked!  More
Houston (TX) hairdresser working out of her home after her hair salon burned down, was robbed at gunpoint  More
Live Facebook shooting of rapper, 051 Melly, in Chicago.  More
There are a million feral humans running around New York City  More
You can't arrest us -- we're exempt!  More
Feel-good video of the day!  More
Brooklyn man tries to rape woman in broad daylight ( )  More
A 70-year-old Asian woman was beaten to the ground and robbed by four black youths in San Francisco  More
Scumbag gets shot during his second armed robbery, and his family is outraged that their little angel was shot while holding store employees at gunpoint.  More
Certain people don't need licenses or insurance -- they are special -- if you ask them for those credentials, you are a racist  More
New Orleans murder rate increase is the worst in "Our Democracy"  More
Citizen takedown of a fleeing hit-and-run driver in Chicago  More
The Big Apple is rotten to the core  More
Kansas City cop shoots a former detective who wrestle's another officer's gun away from him  More
Chicago's version of "Our Democracy."  More
Morning in "our democracy"  More
Just another day on the job  More
CHP Bearcat slams stolen construction truck into a divider and then a K-9 chews the crap out of the fleeing criminal  More
It's a cultural thing!  More
How many hours do you think this guy was in jail before he was released on his own personal recognizance?  More
Two women go behind counter to attack Taco Bell employee, who defends himself with scalding hot water -- naturally, they are now suing  More
Terrifying video captures moment a determined monster tries to rape a pregnant white woman as she pleas for help from bystanders  More
When mom is a Santana Blocc Compton Crips you are born dead ( )  More
It's fair to say that law and order in "Our Democracy" is a thing of the past -- naturally he was released ( )  More
Five people wounded and two dead in shooting at Los Angeles car show ( thread )  More
Police are looking for two male suspects who rammed a person at high speed with a car and then robbed him while he was laying injured on the street  More
Where leftist martyrs come from -- some people simply do not understand that the police DO have the lawful authority and power to arrest them  More
In Chicago, feral juveniles make up a shocking number of carjackers  More
Conflict in "The Magic Kingdom"  More
"Our Democracy" in New Orleans  More
When the cops don't come and all you have left is yourself  More
Ninjas attempt to carjack Corvette  More
Houston Texans' Darius Anderson has been charged with burglary, with intent to rape just days after new contract offer  More
How to not rob the jewelry store  More
Up to $150 million in jewelry was stolen from Los Angeles jewelry store  More
Half-a-million-dollars-worth of Rolexes -- gone in 60 seconds!  More
"Our Democracy" in Queens (NY)  More
The answer to the question, "why does anybody need a 30-round magazine?"  More
"Our Democracy" in San Francisco  More
"The Office" star, Craig Robinson, pulled the plug on his act because a gunman shot up the comedy club  More
Saturday night shootout in Atlanta  More
The most important take away from this clip is how fast everything happens  More
Escaped prisoner does a face-plant!  More
Philadelphia girl, 14, is being charged as an adult, in traffic-cone murder ( )  More
When fries are a $1.75 instead of $1.50  More
"Equity" at work  More
Dr. Colleen McNicholas says abortion is "an act of love"  More
This could be one reason New York City is turning into something out of Dante's Inferno  More
Portland (OR) leftist radio host, Noah Madrano, is jailed on $500k for child rape & kidnapping ( thread )  More
Man is set on fire in a Sanger park (CA) ( )  More
Huntington (WV) woman arrested for playing "Kick-a-Kid" -- with a real kid!  More
Woman beats up Dollar General clerk -- clerk shoots her  More
Savage repeatedly stabs a pregnant woman with a screwdriver -- and then he runs over her in his car  More
Portland homeless occupy vacant homes and police don't have resources -- or the will -- to do anything about it  More
Evil exists ( thread )  More
Seems people are getting sick of it  More
523 NYPD officers quit in the last 30 days -- just in time for the election riots  More
You can dress them up, but . . .  More
But why does anybody need a gun?  More
Real gangsters rob victims of hundreds -- threaten to shoot 18-month-old  More
Two people were killed and two injured in a massive shootout in Philly  More
It just keeps getting crazier and crazier in New York City  More
Five men attack and rob man in Brooklyn subway station  More
Audience cheers Chelsea Handler's announcement that she had 3 abortions in high school  More
How every attempted kidnapping/rape should end  More
A dozen Democrats rob Nordstrom's in Westfield Century City (CA)  More
Gunman opens fire on woman in gas station parking lot as carjackings in Houston (TX) soar  More
Everything is sunny in Philadelphia!  More
Chicago scumbags limit their killing to each-other, but Philly and New York assh*les will kill anybody  More
3 People shot and 3 stabbed following Chicago’s LGBTQ Pride Parade  More
What would you call a black man who keeps a white girl as a slave?  More
Woman is caught on video belly-shooting a guy -- then calmly walking off  More
This kid's lack of impulse control would get him 20 years in any place other than New York  More
And now, from Milwaukee!  More
Violent crime in six Democrat-Run cities is on track to eclipse last year’s record numbers  More
Richad Rojas rammed his car into 23 people in Times Square -- killing one -- "not guilty"  More
Woman set on fire by teenagers in Philly is in a medically-induced coma ( thread )  More
Trump-hating film director arrested in Italy on rape charges  More
Does every black party end with gunshots now?  More
While the Democrats are holding their bogus "insurrection" hearings, this is what's happening down the street  More
Get out of the cities  More
This is all that will be left after the Democrats disarm lawful gun owners  More
Like the price of gas isn't bad enough!  More
Churchgoers save two girls from Tampa abduction after one mouths, "help me!"  More
No description available!  More
You ever see a drive-by axe attack before? ( )  More
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