Watching the Defectives


they define themselves . . .

Stupid is as stupid does! More
Decriminalization impacts Christmas in Los Angels and it's news to the sheriff More
Murderer was wanted for four carjackings -- let go from July armed carjacking arrest ( ) More
LA SWAT neutralizes hostage taker More
Philadelphia teenager, 14, chased before being shot 18 times More
NY man robs woman at knifepoint; arrested; released no bail; robs another woman hours later More
More decriminalization -- this time from Minneapolis More
Looters are now looting from other looters More
Public transportation is a tough way to get around, but it's tougher when they're shooting at you More
Mom and Pop stores are also becoming victims of decriminalization More
When a man holding a firearm orders you off his property, do it! More
Gang-looting will only increase -- thieves have Christmas obligations too More
Pensacola man charged with 600 counts of sexual assault on a child More
Another Nordstom's gang-looted More
If you value your life, don't interrupt this big girl when she's peeing More
A conspiracy to ambush -- a lot of people seem to know what's going on here? More
Oakland (CA) is the latest to experience the joys of decriminalization More
The Left will put up a very strong defense for the Waukesha killer -- a perfect leftist hero More
Decriminalization is a license for criminals to do whatever criminals do More
50-80 People in ski masks -- some armed -- lay some decriminalization upon Nordstroms More
This maniac needs to be in prison More
Scumbag attacks mother and child who defends mother More
Decriminalization! You gotta love it! More
Some of the thieves weren't fast enough or the cops were too fast -- anyway . . . More
Just another day of blacks attacking Asians More
How can a man treat a woman like this? More
Gunman chases victim into restaurant More
Three New York City suspects remain at large for fatally shooting a Bronx father, after they stole his chain off of his neck, More
Biden's America More
Southwest Airlines employee hospitalized after passenger attack More
Tourist are warned not to rent cars in San Francisco More
The lead singer of the band, Brass Against, urinated on the face of a fan during a live show in Florida More
These are the same Connecticut thieves we saw a few days ago ( ) More
Weekend neighborhood meth cookout -- bring the kids! More
Drunk ex-NFLer kills 23-year-old and her dog in fiery 156 mph crash -- blames her death on first responders ( videos ) More
I’m not stealing -- I'm just practicing socialism -- and it's A-OK with the commie DA More
Basketball mom tells humongous daughter to "go and hit her" so she throat punches smaller player More
Thieves in Connecticut More
Chicago is such a fun town to live in More
Live! From Seattle! More
Man found shot in the head at Reflecting Pool on the DC Mall More
Trio terrorizes NYC subway More
Smash and grab robberies are part of daily life in San Francisco More
Joe Biden broke wind during a conversation with Duchess Camilla Parker-Bowles -- "it was long and loud and impossible to ignore" ( ) More
At least eight dead at Houston rap concert and hundreds are taken to the hospital More
Date night in Portland (OR) is going to Death Science's "Cadaver Lab Class" where you pay to see a "live" autopsy performed More
Home invasion suspects, aged 12 and 14 arrested with stolen gun and drugs More
Woman shot walking with her 2-year-old daughter in the Bronx (NY) More
Coming our way! ( Click 'Translate' ) More
Let's go, Brandon! More
A Boston public school principal was left unconscious and with broken ribs after being beaten by a female student More
"Teacher of the Year" award winner arrested for beating the crap out of her student More
Shoplifting gang steals all the cigarettes from behind the counter More
The streets never forgets! More
Two killed, at least twelve wounded in gang shooting at Illinois Halloween party More
A registered sex offender was arrested for greeting young trick-or-treaters in the nude More
There are no limits in New York City More
Do you want a beat-down with that pizza? More
One man pronounced dead and three others were wounded at Donk's Halloween party More
Shots ring out during St. Louis and Kansas City mayors' meeting on curbing gun violence More
Shootings in the downtown area of Chicago have increased 220% since 2019. More
And you thought Escape From New York was only a movie More
Just another day in the Donk paradise of New York City More
Three armed men wearing "Scream" masks robbed a Seattle hair salon at gunpoint More
This armored card robber didn't expect the armored car driver to fight back More
Da boyz took the day off from drive-bys and carjackings to do some shoplifting More
Art professor beat and tortured a longtime co-worker with a rock, a fire poker and garden shears for four hours because of "unrequited love" More
You have to give these morons some credit for reaching for the top shelf More
The girls at Wagner High School (NY) seem to have a little disagreement More
Retired Oakland police captain shot and killed one of three robbers in an exchange of gunfire while wounded More
Chicago is teetering on the edge of full-blown anarchy More
Detroit cops searching for assassins More
"We don't feel safe in out neighborhood," says San Francisco resident More
These armed robbers aren't quite ready for prime time More
It's not even safe for a family to stop and get gas More
A woman is nearly killed over her pricey, exotic dogs -- and check out her weapon of choice More
If this happened in a movie it would be too unbelievable More
Follow-up: Man who raped woman on train is a previously convicted illegal immigrant from The Congo ( ) More
Man punched a 53-year-old woman in the face because she was too slow at a green light More
Police work isn't what it used to be -- especially in the Donk plantations More
Kiss me -- or else! More
"I feel like I live in a warzone," says gunshot victim More
There's no escaping teenage gangbangers with guns -- you can't even go to the mall More
Woman was raped on a suburban Philadelphia commuter train while passengers looked on and did nothing More
Woman found guilty of robbing homes while families were attending wakes and funerals More
New York City man, with 10 prior arrests, arrested again for random attack on a mother and child More
And here's a New Yorker with 37 prior arrests who was still out hunting his prey More
Driving for Uber in Chicago More
Eight predators are wanted for a violent mugging and slashing of a man in the Kingsbridge Heights section of the Bronx (NY) More
This clip demonstrates the "Absolute State of California" nicely! More
Nike CEO praises the chairman of Nike's "Jordan" brand for confessing to murder More
Veteran NY cop shoots her lesbian lover and her new girlfriend More
Donks install "bleeding control kits" all over Chicago More
This piece of shit is an aide to Donk senator Bob Menendez (NJ) More
Keep your hands off my ass! More
WTF is going on at the airports? -- a compilation More
Brutal beatdown of woman in Brownsville section of Brooklyn (NY) More
Mom threw multiple drunken parties for her teenage son and his friends -- none older than 15 More
Jewelry store is robbed by an armless man armed with a gun -- really! More
Gang stabbing in Winston Salem (NC) Food Lion More
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