Watching the Defectives


they define themselves . . . found primarily in Democratic-controlle cities . . .

The suspect in Sunday's New York City subway shooting has 19 prior arrests, including for assault, robbery, and criminal possession of a weapon More
Irving Park (IL) man shot and killed a passing motorist from his apartment window because the victim's van was too loud. More
Jewelry store owners fight off smash-and-grab thieves More
25-year-old attacked in vicious New York City robbery More
Knife-wielding man who attacked Dave Chappelle has been charged with attempted murder -- for another stabbing! More
More than 60 kids were playing at East Palo Alto (CA) park when 33 shots were fired by rival gangs More
San Francisco police chase and capture a fleeing suspect wearing an ankle monitor More
Rise in brazen thefts force convenience stores to close -- Philadelphia police have no comment More
Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, expects teens to go home when the lights come on -- she clearly has no idea what she is dealing with More
Attempted murder -- and over a parking space More
21 Shot outside Milwaukee Bucks game -- crowd runs for their lives More
Fighting the cops is never a good idea More
Bronx hooligans assault and batter a jewelry store More
Wild assassination in Philadelphia gas station More
Out-on-bail on gun charges, shooter shoots five, killing one in Chicago More
A lone woman steals hundreds of sun-glasses, and nobody even tries to stop her More
Thieves tear apart security fixtures to rob a CVS in Fresno (CA) More
Downtown LA business owners are fed up trying to protect their businesses More
No question about it -- Best Buy has the best security people ( ) More
This guy is soooooooooo f*cked! More
Great thread -- check out the replies! More
Smash-and-grab gangs are running wild everywhere More
NY subway fight ends up on the train tracks More
It's the old knife to a gun fight thing, but for real More
Surveillance video shows Lincoln Park (IL) robbery that ended in shooting More
Gunfight in a smoke shop (CA) More
Maniac tackled Dave Chappelle in the middle of his act and f*cked himself up ( ) More
Stabbings and shooting as Seattle continues to degrade -- and they keep voting for the same lunatics More
The NYPD is seeking a robbery suspect who punched a 77-year-old to the ground and kicked him in the face More
50 years of Democratic Party rule because they have nobody else to vote for More
That all cultures have equal worth is a Critical Theory lie More
Thieves on motorcycle rob 6 women in 90 minutes in the Bronx More
Stockton (CA) teen stabbed to death inside high school for no apparent reason More
Not quite the way a shoplifter thought things would go More
Shop-robbing gang rips off Louis Vuitton More
Wild car chase involving three grand theft auto suspects -- a little long, but worth watching until arrests More
Several suspects remain on the loose after attacking a 64-year-old man entering a Bronx apartment with a pipe before making off with a safe and other stolen items More
Man started shooting from inside his house toward passing vehicles -- summary and timeline at: More
When they catch this guy, the judge will probably let him out on bail More
Cincinnati's Fugitive Apprehension Squad's encounter with a murder suspect attempting to escape More
Damned white supremacists More
Nominated for the Twitter video of the day More
Oklahoma state trooper stays calm while being shot at during high-speed chase More
School days, school days, dear old golden rule days More
Adam Schiff's buddy, Ed Buck, gets 30 years for drugging and murdering black men during sex parties More
This is f*cked up! More
Very graphic -- woman is in critical but stable condition at University Hospital after being struck by a car More
Woman in Hummer will not be stopped! More
Conversation leads to gunfight More
In Los Angeles, they're running people over in the streets to steal their stuff More
62-year-old Frank James identified as Brooklyn mass shooter ( ) More
There was a mass shooting at the 36th Street station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn More
New York's new mayor is making plans and speeches, but underground there's no change More
Bodycam shows police rescuing kidnapped child More
It is no longr safe for mail carriers to deliver mail in Santa Monica (CA) More
A 16-year-old student, accused of sexually assaulting, punching, and strangling a teacher until she lost consciousness, has been arrested More
Two people were killed and 10 wounded in Taboo nightclub shooting More
A group of New York City teens remains on the loose after slashing a 48-year-old man More
Illinois State Police car chase ends in gunfight More
Salt Lake City cancel carjacking suspect More
13-Year-old-girls assault and rob grandmother -- breaks 76-year-olds' hip in the process More
Outfuckin'standing! More
Two people injured in the arson attack in Brooklyn More
Unidentified male hits a man on the head from behind with a brick and then beats him severely in New York More
A few miles from where I'm sitting, across the line from my tiny, little town into Boston More
You must admit, Obama's promise to "fundamentally transform the United States of America," was no empty threat More
Pregnant woman violently thrown to the ground during purse-snatching More
Scumbag made mother of four drive for an hour while going through her banking apps before killing her More
If Democrats stop shooting people 90% of gun violence would end in our nation, fact! More
Mass shooting in Sacramento More
Decriminalization is going gangbusters in Chicago! More
One commenter, "thank God I live in Saudi" More
A group of six black males assault and batter a Jewish man in Brooklyn (NY) More
A Philadelphia man is in custody after stabbing a former co-worker more than 50 times More
65% of Bay Area residents said they were avoiding going downtown because of the crime More
Gas station declines man's credit card, so he pisses on the station's products -- and smiles! More
Second man wanted in connection with murder of 46-year-old at Warren (MI) gas station More
You can't even walk down the street in broad daylight in Oakland (CA) More
The Flash's non-binary actor, EzraMiller, is accused of threatening and robbing couple ( ) More
High school runner sucker-punched during a race More
Note to all you robbers out there, leave the gun stores alone More
Two Chicago police officers were injured, one of them shot, and a suspect was shot and critically injured in an incident in East Garfield Park (IL) More
School, today, is a lot different than when I went -- so are the girls! More
Miami sex trafficker raped and waterboarded his victims in his "torture chamber" More
Portland police officers arrested creep who exposed himself and asked a 12-year-old for sex More
The Big Apple is rotten to the core More
This is perfectly normal behavior for progressives More
The movie, "Escape From New York," was visionary! More
When that impulse takes over, that's all she wrote! More
Some folks don't grasp the concept of "Spring Break" More
Looks like folks are returning to a natural state down in Miami More
What kind of a coward attacks an 84-year-old man from behind -- and then runs away? More
The new NY City mayor has been travelin' and speechifyin' as the transit system decays More
Southwest Airlines employee attacked at Atlanta airport More
It's always sunny in Philadelphia More
There are scumbags, and then there are real scumbags More
A man attempts to rape a woman in the middle of Walmart -- released on low bond More
Smash and grab robbers flee with$3 to $5 million worth of jewelry in Beverly Hills More
San Francisco's decriminalization program is still going strong More
Like we don't have enough of our own scumbags? More
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