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they define themselves by their behavior -- they come in all colors

Family Dollar employee, Kevin Salas Madrid, is under arrest after shooting a shoplifter at least ten times  More 2023-03-27
Cop takes a bullet to the brain while tasing a suspect ( )  More 2023-03-27
Progressive policing  More 2023-03-26
Even the Beverly Hills Mall is not exempt -- Houston we have a problem  More 2023-03-25
It's so odd that reposting these videos elicits criticisms, but there's rarely criticism of the behavior  More 2023-03-25
Asians aren't taking it anymore  More 2023-03-25
Tickets to SATANCON 2023 in Boston, MA are on sale now!  More 2023-03-25
Some teachers should get combat pay -- this one will probably lose his job and sued by the families of the combatants  More 2023-03-24
There used to be one a month -- then one a week -- now there are eight or nine a day  More 2023-03-24
This one is better than most movies  More 2023-03-24
This is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better  More 2023-03-24
Tough guys  More 2023-03-24
You can't call it shoplifting when you have to bring a big bag to carry all the stuff you're stealing -- you're robbing!  More 2023-03-23
Texas mother of murdered 2-year-old girl says child's father Facetimed her while he was choking their daughter  More 2023-03-23
An armed man is stopped by security guards from entering a Tampa nightclub Sunday night  More 2023-03-23
Date night in LA  More 2023-03-23
Doesn't really seem to be the best way to protest higher prices for vodka  More 2023-03-22
Equity visits a 14-year-old girl  More 2023-03-22
Somebody needs to tell these thugs that it isn't a proper street fight if you hold them in the mall  More 2023-03-22
There's a crime in here someplace  More 2023-03-22
Street executions during Spring Break  More 2023-03-21
Attacks on teachers have become common  More 2023-03-21
Caught 'em both!  More 2023-03-21
Jamaal Germany, 30, was arrested after attempting to kidnap a Redland Middle School student from a bus stop  More 2023-03-21
Third time is a charm  More 2023-03-21
Who brings a Kelly-brick to school?  More 2023-03-21
How dare the police interrupt a man trying to murder a woman  More 2023-03-21
As you watch these scenes flash by, remember that these people are spending a ton of money to be part of this  More 2023-03-20
Dead guy lays in the street as the party rocks on  More 2023-03-20
Goonies never say die  More 2023-03-20
A mob of juveniles attack a victim and pummel him at San Francisco's Stonestown mall  More 2023-03-20
Houston, we have a problem!  More 2023-03-19
You can dress 'em up, but . . .  More 2023-03-19
To grow real deep it has to start young  More 2023-03-18
The man is down, why do you need to set him on fire?  More 2023-03-18
It's the pack mentality that's really bad  More 2023-03-18
CNNers get robbed in San Francisco (thread)  More 2023-03-18
LA has removed police from the METRO  More 2023-03-18
Ya gotta teach 'em while they're young  More 2023-03-18
Cold-blooded murder -- graphic  More 2023-03-17
Why does anybody ride New York's subway system?  More 2023-03-17
"This is why I shop at Target"  More 2023-03-16
What is going to happen with the children growing up in environments like this?  More 2023-03-16
Another day, another clusterflop  More 2023-03-16
Lotsa commenters approve of this beat-down -- we've entered a new phase -- your stuff isn't your stuff anymore  More 2023-03-15
Did you ever see an all-girl gang-fight?  More 2023-03-14
Today's episode is brought to you by McDonalds  More 2023-03-14
Another day, another dozen clips  More 2023-03-13
This can't be fixed and it's escalating  More 2023-03-13
The media can't hide this stuff much longer -- or can they?  More 2023-03-12
Murder suspect makes daring escape from Oregon courthouse  More 2023-03-12
Equity -- a paramedic in North Carolina accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl in an ambulance during a medical emergency was released on bail 37 minutes after being arrested  More 2023-03-12
Court! All rise!  More 2023-03-12
Houston, we have a problem!  More 2023-03-12
Resisting arrest and absconding in NYC  More 2023-03-11
Six children, boys and girls ages 11 to 14, arrested in mob attack on woman in Philadelphia  More 2023-03-11
We ain't waitin' for no reparations!  More 2023-03-10
A priveleged minority in a hoodie slams an Asian woman to the ground to rob her  More 2023-03-10
This could only happen in "our democracy"  More 2023-03-09
Woman pushes a three-year-old child onto MAX train tracks in Portland (OR)  More 2023-03-09
Six Dodge Hellcats were stolen from a Kentucky dealership in under 45 seconds  More 2023-03-09
Las Vegas Uber driver gets beat on by passengers after they arrive at their destination ( )  More 2023-03-09
This isn't random anymore -- it's every day, after day, after day  More 2023-03-09
Oakland (CA)  More 2023-03-08
This is attempted murder  More 2023-03-08
We’ve fallen so low that there’s no expectation of consequences for this horrific attack on this Asian-owned property  More 2023-03-08
Cops vs box truck  More 2023-03-07
Can't we all just get along?  More 2023-03-07
The carjacking that wasn't  More 2023-03-07
Huston! We have a problem!  More 2023-03-06
Parents are alarmed by Satanist after-school clubs that are forming across U.S.  More 2023-03-06
Can we please stop fighting in Walmart?  More 2023-03-06
This is attempted murder -- looks like middle school  More 2023-03-06
Every day, there are two or three more clips of these brutes beating the defenseless  More 2023-03-06
Anybody else would have gone to jail for brandishing a firearm in a nightclub -- and this was the third time this moron has brandished a gun.  More 2023-03-05
Mohamed Bakari Shei, age 20, will only serve 180 days in jail for raping two girls, ages 4 and 9  More 2023-03-05
Equity -- when you teach your children to hate their country, this is the result  More 2023-03-04
Stolen car fatally strikes pedestrian during a Baltimore police pursuit before crashing into a building causing it to collapse  More 2023-03-03
He got the money -- why did he have to set the woman on fire?  More 2023-03-02
You can dress 'em up, but . . .  More 2023-03-02
Every day, another three or four of these -- the "community" has a problem  More 2023-03-02
How gang-bangers get their guns  More 2023-03-01
Former Rams running back, Zac Stacy, savagely beating the mother of his child and throwing her around like a rag doll -- the child was just feet away  More 2023-03-01
It's "open season" ( )  More 2023-03-01
a 24-year-old cashier was attacked and beaten at Bronx grocery store  More 2023-03-01
I'm entitled -- go away!  More 2023-03-01
It doesn't get any colder than this  More 2023-02-28
You gotta be a gang member!  More 2023-02-28
Don't ever let this guy near alcohol  More 2023-02-28
A 35-year-old and a 15-year-old were arrested for shooting nine children at a Georgia gas station ten days ago -- why haven't we heard about this mass shooting?  More 2023-02-27
12-year-old gunman robs a gas station  More 2023-02-26
Notice a pattern?  More 2023-02-26
And nobody does anything!  More 2023-02-26
Progressive education is a total and complete failure -- not one positive thing has come of it -- the country is spiraling into degeneracy  More 2023-02-26
At what point can we label this behavior as an "epidemic?"  More 2023-02-26
Woman power! -- you go girl!  More 2023-02-26
It's Chuck E. Cheese's turn  More 2023-02-26
New York City shops have begun deploying dogs to combat the rash of shoplifting -- seem to work!  More 2023-02-26
"Zombie drug" -- xylazine -- is in 90% of the drugs tested in Philly and has reached New York City  More 2023-02-25
Orange County (FL) deputies apprehend Keith Moses, who shot five people on Feb. 22, killing three -- 38-year-old Nathacha Augustin, 9-year-old T’yonna Major and reporter Dylan Lyons ( )  More 2023-02-25
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