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they define themselves by their behavior -- they come in all colors

It's reparations Wednesday in California  More 2023-06-07
Gimme some of dem reprations  More 2023-06-07
St; Lous gunman takes on the cops -- watch to the very end  More 2023-06-07
Nobody got to eat their pancakes!  More 2023-06-07
Watch out for skateboarders -- they can be deadly  More 2023-06-07
Somebody is having a really bad day  More 2023-06-06
Do you know about  More 2023-06-06
These teenagers go heavy and on full-auto  More 2023-06-05
Law and disorder  More 2023-06-05
First tweet on the top Twitter this morning  More 2023-06-05
Three Asian women are run down in the street and beaten in Oakland's Chinatown  More 2023-06-04
Nearly thirty children have been reported missing in Cleveland in the last two weeks  More 2023-06-04
Rookie mail carrier's second day on the job  More 2023-06-04
Shoplifter's unattended infants are injured when car bursts into flames  More 2023-06-03
It's only going to get worse.  More 2023-06-03
Reparations-R-Us  More 2023-06-03
Everybody in this clip is insane  More 2023-06-03
The last moment of a teacher’s life  More 2023-06-03
Chicago suffers deadliest Memorial Day weekend on record -- the new mayor blames the violence on "community disinvestment and poverty"  More 2023-06-01
Teenager, Eman Hussan, and two friends were arrested in Syracuse (NY) for killing and eating the town swan and stealing her four cygnets  More 2023-06-01
"There is a bevy of new ones flooding social media daily -- sad" ~ James Woods  More 2023-06-01
Not a pandemic yet, but definitely an epidemic  More 2023-05-31
"They have to be carefully taught" ~ South Pacific 1948  More 2023-05-31
The proper way to respond when you are attacked in your vehicle -- do not hesitate!  More 2023-05-31
Mother of the year teachers her young one that stealing is a perfectly acceptable way to get stuff. -- then is outraged when denied.  More 2023-05-30
Two U. S. Marines were beaten-down by a pack of fifty scumbags at San Clement (CA) beach  More 2023-05-30
Nine people were shot on the holiday at Margaritaville in Hollywood Beach, Florida  More 2023-05-30
It's a different culture  More 2023-05-30
Massachusetts State Police union "disgusted with the violence and unlawful behavior" at Revere Beach  More 2023-05-30
Waffle House in Cleveland  More 2023-05-29
Degenerates-R-Us  More 2023-05-29
This is how little White girls are treated on the school bus  More 2023-05-29
Shootout on a freakin' bus!  More 2023-05-28
"That's what we do! That's what we do!"  More 2023-05-28
All cultures are not equal ( thread )  More 2023-05-28
It is what it is!  More 2023-05-28
$500,000 in luxury items stolen in seconds  More 2023-05-28
On the first day the beaches were open in Chicago -- gunfire!  More 2023-05-27
It's improper to strangle women, bro!  More 2023-05-27
When there are no retail stores left in the community, they'll be heading to the suburbs  More 2023-05-27
In Minneapolis, the man who pushed another man under a Light Rail train, killing him, was released without charges  More 2023-05-26
Air travel gets less and less safe  More 2023-05-26
The pack -- always the pack  More 2023-05-26
Nine armed robberies in one hour  More 2023-05-25
The next Jordan Neely  More 2023-05-25
Not good parenting  More 2023-05-25
Squatter evicted from home of active-duty Army officer  More 2023-05-24
Child tries to protect his mother from a brutal beating  More 2023-05-24
O'Hare International Airport baggage claim -- Welcome to Chicago!  More 2023-05-24
Hunter College professor Shellyne Rodriguez holds a machete to a New York Post reporter's neck  More 2023-05-23
"C'mon Michelle, get down"  More 2023-05-23
The Jordan Neely thread has all the stuff the media won't tell you about ( thread )  More 2023-05-23
Again, it's the pack mentality  More 2023-05-23
Zero respect for police authority  More 2023-05-23
I am above the law, "don't touch me!"  More 2023-05-22
Four young thugs viciously beat up a helpless man for several minutes in broad daylight in downtown Los Angeles  More 2023-05-22
Fight on Minneapolis train platform ends in tragedy as man falls under light rail train  More 2023-05-21
Seattle's crime rate and rampant drug use has forced the postal service to pause deliveries to an entire Zipcode.  More 2023-05-21
Some folks refuse to wait for their reparations  More 2023-05-21
School days, school days, dear old Golden Rule days  More 2023-05-21
A black man convicted of lighting Asian students on fire at a Boba tea shop next to UC Berkeley has been released without prison time or probation in a sweetheart diversion program supported by the county's leftist prosecutors  More 2023-05-21
Man goes on violent rampage inside Northwest DC Chipotle  More 2023-05-20
An Illinois crack dealer granted clemency by Barck Obama has been charged with attempted murder  More 2023-05-20
Six month pregnant nurse gets off a 12 hour shift, rents a bike to go home, group of black guys tries to steal it from her, films her crying and claims she's a racist, video goes viral and she's the one who loses her job  More 2023-05-20
In New York, a mob of men and women surround, beat and rob a 46-year-old woman walking on Broadway ( )  More 2023-05-20
The last Walmart in North Portland (OR) is closing down -- it cannot overcome the losses from shoplifting ( )  More 2023-05-20
Guy caught stealing catalytic converters!  More 2023-05-19
Thieves steal $120,000 worth of merchandise from Dior's at Short Hills Mall in NJ  More 2023-05-18
Like cowardly hyenas they travel and attack in packs  More 2023-05-17
Help me! Help me!  More 2023-05-17
New York Democrats' new "reparations" program  More 2023-05-16
Joe Biden's America -- Flesh-eating zombie drug has taken over LA streets as users with rotting skin are seen hunched over and spaced out across the city  More 2023-05-16
High school sure isn't what it used to be  More 2023-05-16
Each generation is wilderr than the one before  More 2023-05-15
A woman at Palm Beach Outlets in Florida was caught stealing clothing and maced an employee that tried to recover the goods  More 2023-05-15
Three men slashed at Queens (NY) subway station  More 2023-05-15
Cincinatti's Robbi Robinson Jr. was arrested for setting his father's girlfriend on fire  More 2023-05-15
The rise of "No-Go Zones"  More 2023-05-15
Probably doesn't like cops  More 2023-05-15
Saturday night shootout in Seattle  More 2023-05-14
Wild shootout during a traffic stop  More 2023-05-14
Another wild shootout during a traffic stop  More 2023-05-14
Just another day in a Democrat-run city in America  More 2023-05-14
Man, who murdered his brother, is killed in shootout with police officers  More 2023-05-13
Just kids having fun!  More 2023-05-13
This is attempted murder! -- every day, more and more, and if you try to defend yourself or criticize this barbaric behavior, you're a racist!  More 2023-05-12
Four Chicago teenagers went out looking for people to rob one night and wound up murdering a 24-year-old police officer named Aréanah Preston  More 2023-05-12
Ex-con arrested after knocking out and then raping the unconscious woman on a Queens (NY) street  More 2023-05-12
Just another day in "Our Democracy"  More 2023-05-12
Elderly white man brutally beaten  More 2023-05-11
Hyde Park (NY) woman gets shot after trying to stab police officers ( )  More 2023-05-11
What kind of a man punches a woman one-third his size  More 2023-05-11
The vandasls have managed to neuter the Chicago cops  More 2023-05-10
Food tampering is a felony, but some folks don't believe in felonies  More 2023-05-10
People getting robbed so often that they carry “decoy” phones to hand to muggers -- isn’t bail reform great?  More 2023-05-09
Video showing the moments Escambia County sheriff's deputies approached and shot dead the 53-year-old man holding a woman hostage at knifepoint  More 2023-05-09
Reparations visit Oakland  More 2023-05-09
Indefensible!  More 2023-05-09
There is no law in Oakland  More 2023-05-08
There is no law in Oakland, Part II  More 2023-05-08
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