Red Flag Laws

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Red Flag Laws

The Democratic Party has gone to the dark side Read 2023-07-23
Obama is still "the Boss" Read 2023-09-24
The Great Replacement Theory Read 2023-12-10

Family Whose kids are they?  Read 2022-04-17
Genderism This Ain't Water Polo! -- so, there's no balls allowed in the pool, Ms. Thomas  Read 2022-03-06
This Photo Should Piss You Off -- NCAA declares a man the "Women's Freestyle" winner  Read 2022-03-13
What Is A Woman? -- question for the ages, but can you trust the science  Read 2022-03-20
Gender Equity -- Team Biden is committed to the queering of America  Read 2022-06-05
Joe Biden and the Alphabet People  Read 2022-06-26
Erasing Women -- Merriam-Webster changed the definition of "female" -- twice!  Read 2022-07-23
Transmania -- celebrating transgenderism to hide a transgender's atrocity  Read 2023-04-02
"Transgender Rights" will be the end of women's rights in America  Read 2023-04-23
Grooming Grooming in the schools -- What kind of a psycho goes after a child?  Read 2022-01-09
The Disney Company commits to becoming America's foremost groomer  Read 2022-04-10
Liberalism Who ever said liberals were smart, besides other liberals?  Read 2022-01-02
Taylor Lorenz is the perfect liberal -- a hypocrite, a liar and a whiner  Read 2022-05-08
They hate Donald Trump, but why?  Read 2022-08-14
Social Justice Equity Plan -- How much of this stuff does Joe Biden even know about?  Read 2022-05-29
Brittney Griner hates America, but desperately needs Her help  Read 2022-07-17
The Brittney Griner trade was driven by "equity"  Read 2022-11-27
The Fruits Of "Equity" have the capacity to completely destroy the United States  Read 2023-04-16
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Authoritarianism America's STASI -- The Democrats' secret police  Read 2022-07-30
Mar-A-Lago Raid -- the FBI unleashed!  Read 2022-08-07
Joe Biden's War continued as the FBI raided 50 Trump supporters' homes  Read 2022-08-28
Joe Biden's War suffers from a shortage of domestic extremists  Read 2022-09-04
Censorship Disinformation Bureau -- 1984 was a little late in coming, but it's finally here  Read 2022-05-22
Misinformation -- who decides Truth?  Read 2022-10-30
FBI And Twitter -- it's as if Twitter was a subsidiary of the FBI  Read 2022-12-18
Conspiracies Ray Epps Conspiracy -- with important updates  Read 2022-01-30
Lawless! -- a lotta Democrats did a lotta bad stuff in the summer of 2016  Read 2022-08-21
Justice Denied -- are we supposed to just forget?  Read 2023-06-04
Jan. 6 Ghost Buses  Read 2023-11-19
Corruption Hunter Biden's guns and the Secret Service  Read 2022-09-11
Joe Biden's lust for money is destroying the Department of Justice  Read 2023-05-28
The FBI has been protecting Joe Biden for years  Read 2023-06-18
Everybody knows whose cocaine it was except the feds  Read 2023-07-09
Every week there are new reports of Biden corruption  Read 2023-10-29
Lawfare The Law vs The People  Read 2023-03-05
Justice Goes Rogue  Read 2023-07-16
Democrats screw up big time!  Read 2023-08-27
By a two-to-one margin, Americans see what the DoJ is up to  Read 2023-09-03
Extortion, intimidation and lies  Read 2023-12-31
E. Jean Carroll  Read 2024-01-21
Treason The missing binder  Read 2024-02-19
Essays Returned: 23

Censorship Corruption In Media -- The concept of a free and independent press is dead  Read 2022-04-03
Elon Musk vs Twitter -- the Left is panicking at losing control of Twitter  Read 2022-04-24
Twitter Files reveal government censorship  Read 2022-11-20
The Consortium is a censorship industry based on a whole of society model  Read 2023-01-08
Corruption Defending the Indefensible  Read 2024-01-14
Disinformation Joe Biden's recession -- the Left's war on words  Read 2022-02-13
The Masters of Projection have zero self-awareness  Read 2022-07-03
Pulitzer Paradox -- the Pulitzer Prize is between a rock and a hard place  Read 2022-07-10
Disinformation? Just who is disinforming whom?  Read 2023-02-19
Jamie Raskin's ruse  Read 2024-01-07
Essays Returned: 10

Authoritarianism Joe Biden Hates His Own People -- The Biden Administration declares war on Americans  Read 2022-01-16
Joe Biden's "National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism"  Read 2022-02-06
Joe Biden's MAGA speech was like a 3rd World dictator's speech  Read 2022-08-28
Joe Biden's war on Christians  Read 2022-10-02
Joe Biden's EOs violate the Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964  Read 2023-03-12
Electric Dreams are changing the meaning of "charge"  Read 2023-04-30
Texas Says, 'Enough!'  Read 2024-01-28
Corruption It's not a Hunter Biden story, it's a Joe Biden story  Read 2022-09-25
The Biden Family corruption is tarnishing American institutions  Read 2022-11-13
Impeach Joe Biden  Read 2023-01-02
Xi's Balloons  Read 2023-02-12
"Show us the money" says the Biden Crime Family  Read 2023-02-26
Biden Family Deals are like money for nuthin'  Read 2023-03-19
Joe Biden's big lie, the "I know nothing" defense has crumbled  Read 2023-03-26
Biden Crime Family Update  Read 2023-05-07
Burisma  Read 2023-06-11
Liar! -- Why would anybody believe Joe Biden?  Read 2023-06-25
Hunter Biden, the $120,000,000 man  Read 2023-07-02
Most of Washington, DC, has known about the Bidens' side hustle, including Republicans -- and nobody seems to have cared  Read 2023-07-30
The "no evidence" choir segues into deep denial  Read 2023-08-13
Meet Robert L. Peters  Read 2023-08-20
Impeached and indicted  Read 2023-09-17
Follow The Money  Read 2023-11-05
The Democrats very bad week  Read 2023-12-17
Coverups Hillary Clinton has been above the law for 50 years  Read 2022-03-27
Durham Vs Sussman -- It's really John Durham against the entire Democratic Party  Read 2022-06-12
Joe Biden's TOP SECRET (SCI) problem is a real problem  Read 2023-01-15
Joe Biden was above and beyond "grossly negligent"  Read 2023-01-22
Joe Biden has problems, BIG problems  Read 2023-01-29
Joe Biden's lawyers are defending the indefensible  Read 2023-02-05
No Evidence of a crime  Read 2023-08-06
It's getting harder and harder for the Democrats to cover up for the Bidens  Read 2023-10-01
Elections Kamala? Really? -- Vice President Harris will never be ready for prime time  Read 2022-02-27
Russiagate has become the biggest political scandal in American history  Read 2022-05-01
Joe Biden sniffs a tranny in the runup to the election  Read 2022-10-09
Democracy is not on the ballot  Read 2022-10-23
Democrats want Trump dead  Read 2023-12-03
Lawfare Insurrection Follies -- A figment of some very twisted imaginations  Read 2022-06-19
In a political war, a Democrat's rule #1 is "blame the other guy"  Read 2022-11-06
Prosecutor Bragg, The Democrats' latest assassin doesn't have a crime  Read 2023-04-09
Bent! -- these aren't your parents Democrats  Read 2023-09-10
AG Letitia James' attempted billion-dollar robbery  Read 2023-10-08
The only victim in James' jihad is Donald Trump  Read 2023-10-15
Can you imagine being tried by judges and prosecutors who you know have set out to find you guilty of something?  Read 2023-10-22
Trials, Treason and a 180º  Read 2023-11-12
The Colorado Provocation  Read 2023-12-23
Dirty Fani  Read 2024-02-04
AG James' Pyrrhic Victory  Read 2024-02-25
Obama Joe Biden's Plan -- Create a socialist government to support massive reparations  Read 2022-01-23
Joe Biden is a stand-in for Barack Obama's 3rd term  Read 2022-02-20
Joe Biden Is A Puppet -- does he know what Obama has been up to?  Read 2022-05-15
It's Obama's plan, but Joe is the patsy  Read 2022-09-18
Obama is still "the Boss"  Read 2023-09-24
Treason There are no coincidences  Read 2022-10-16
There can be little doubt, Joe Biden should be tried for treason!  Read 2023-05-14
The Coup  Read 2023-05-21
The New Democrat  Read 2023-07-23
The Great Replacement Theory  Read 2023-12-10
The Hur Report  Read 2024-02-11
Essays Returned: 59