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Joe Is On Board
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Queer Theory
Queer Theory

It's not what you think

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Dysfunction in the White House with two weeks to go

We need to look at Joe Biden and his team to appreciate what is actually happening. It appears as though the White House is abandoning the looming elections and, instead, is gearing up a growing army of staff to fend off potential Republican-led probes on everything from Hunter Biden to the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan -- and taxpayers are footing the bill.

Battening down the hatches should the GOP regain control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections, the White House is bringing on staff whose primary portfolio will be to run comms and defense for the administration from an approaching blizzard of subpoenas.

While the Whiter House scrambles, the Command in Chief seems distracted in this interview with MSNBC -- either that, or he hasn't had his meds yet.

What do you think? Is that guy really in charge of the most complex society to ever inhabit the planet? The bigger question is, is Joe Biden really in charge of himself?

Xi Jinping moves to be China's dictator for life and build the most powerful military on the planet. The economy is a disaster. There is no southern border, and 4 million illegals have entered the country under Biden's watch. The schools are indoctrinating kids with racist and homosexual propaganda. As a result, the Democratic Party is facing the worst drubbing in an election in an hundred years.

So, with all of those concerns -- and more -- facing Biden, what did the Big Guy have on his schedule yesterday? What was the highlight of Joe Biden's day? What was the most pressing issue for the President of the United States of America, the leader of the Free World?

Why, it was to have lunch with a transvestite.

With great "hoo-ha," Internet influencer, Dylan Mulvaney went to the White House to have an in-depth discussion of the transvestite lifestyle with Joe Biden.

Yes, there’s record inflation. The average family feels the weight of it in their gas and grocery bills -- there are reports that Biden, or somebody speaking for Biden, has deployed the 101st Air Assault Division to Ukraine's border where they are face-to-face with Russian troops -- but the most important thing the President of the United States did yesterday was to have lunch with a dude in a dress.


Because it isn’t enough to acknowledge that these people exist and that grown adults have the right to live this way if they choose without being mistreated. Nope, we all have to be made to agree that it’s normal, and more importantly, our kids must be taught this aberrant lifestyle, and these behaviors are normal. That is why this lunch is the most important public event Biden has on his calendar this weekend.

Some observers are questioning whether Biden was even informed that Dylan Mulvaney was actually a 25-year-old guy posing as an 11 year old girl, because Joe Biden had little to say after the meeting, except, "Her hair smelled funny."

I hate to ask what Dylan had to do for the cookie he/she/it is waving around in that video, but it's unbelievable that this guy, who self identifies as a girl, and plays out every dumb bimbo, idiotic, neurotic and negative stereotype of females, was been invited to the White House to meet Biden. It suggest there's a larger game at play -- "The Agenda" -- and that agenda is evidently more important than November 8th.

Steve Bannon understands that the White House's insistence that men can be women can result in a backlash at the polls. Celebrating "trans women" so publicly, sixteen days out, while neglecting the economy and the rest of it for nonsense like this may well spell disaster for Democrats in the midterms, but the White House clearly doesn't care.

Why? Because these people are playing a larger game.

Queer Theorists hate the fact, that in nature, the human species (Homo Sapiens) is binary and is created with two sexes, a "man" and a "woman." Gender People find that "inconvenient." It's far too "male" and "female." You only have two choices. Gender People hate the category, "sex." Gender is their preferred choice. It's far more flexible.

Woe unto those who insist on calling a man, a man, and a woman, a woman. You will be attacked aggressively and repeatedly. Trannies, and their supporters, will not have any of it!

This anarchist behavior is common on America's best colleges and universities and with the implementation of Queer Theory's Genderism in high schools and elementary schools, this behavior will become common there, as well.

The universities have created a social discipline out of a psychosis, and now powerful people are pushing this stuff onto society at large. The people around Biden approve of this behavior. It's what they do.

It would be a mistake to think Queer Theory has anything to do with homosexuality, except around the margins. Queer Theory is about making "queer," normal and "normal," queer.

That's it, in a nutshell.

Like Critical Race Theory, Queer Theory has only a skeleton of a definition. It's pretty much whatever the Gender People say it is, but when you boil the meat off Queer Theory's bones, you are left with an attempt to change the perception and therefore the reality of nature simply by changing the meaning of words.

When we are two weeks away from what appears the end of Democratic Party control of Congress, and the White House is promoting Queer Theory, it demonstrates how important the queering of America is to these people.

There are very few exception, but, so far, when it comes to war-fighting, biology still matters.

It appears that the White House has accepted the looming disaster of November 8th, but understands that no mater what, they still have two years to thoroughly install this stuff into the federal government, the schools, and the society at large. They understand that if they can do that, it is worth the price. So, expect to see more of this -- everywhere.

It would be worth knowing for sure who is behind this insanity, but I think most of us have an idea.

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