Watching the Defectives

Morons -- what can you say

they're gonna be morons -- it's a pity so many are in Congress . . .

Taylor Lorenz is back -- and she brought her ego with her ( )  More
Atlantic expert explains why a WOKE army is much better than the hyper masculine one  More
Adm. James Stavridis believes he can control the climate -- from former Supreme Allied Commander at NATO to MSNBC hack  More
Is this guy just trying to get laid?  More
Princeton University marks Constitution Day with an event identifying our founding charter as, "a form of geopolitical gaslighting"  More
Hooray! Joe Biden delivers again!  More
Leftists use pejorative terms, the meaning of which is rarely understood by them, all the time  More
Don Lemon informs the meteorologist  More
Loony Tune wants to know if women in America realize that what women in Iran are going through now will be us if Republicans take power?  More
Yes, there are American who deeply believe they are not subject to the law and that any attempt to enforce the law is, "because I'm black"  More
POLITICO founding editor's Trump Derangement Syndrome is so severe he wants to rewrite the Constitution -- but remember, POLITICO is non-partisan  More
CNN's Don Lemon gets his wokeness checked really hard -- this had to hurt  More
Bill Maher tells Michael Moore to STFU!  More
LGBTQXYZ community triggered by accurate label on Netflix's Jeffrey Dahmer series identifying as him as gay  More
It takes a special kind of moron to park on the train tracks  More
Why they voted for Joe Biden  More
The next James Bond will be more in touch with his feelings  More
Diesel trucks are racist  More
Al Gore sees the world at "tipping point" for climate action -- again!  More
AWOL illegal alien couldn't pay his Hyannis, Cape Cod, bar tab with his "government gift cards"  More
"Not all Republicans fuck their cousins, but most cousin fuckers tend to be Republicans" -- you'll remember this assh*le:  More
How dumb does one have to be to work for The New York Times?  More
The arrogance and ignorance of this white liberal is something to behold  More
Never has someone so empty of everything come this close to running everything -- Kamala Harris  More
“transgender men”-- i.e. "women" -- get triggered in men’s rooms because they can't use the urinals, and must acknowledge biological reality and use the stalls  More
Hunter Biden begged Maryland criminal to mail drugs to him at his LA hotel  More
Bill Mahers' brilliant observations of the WOKE  More
Keith Olbermann is always good for a giggle  More
Nothing to see here folks, just another day in NY City  More
Your FBI at work ( agent testifying at Alex Jones trial )  More
Martha's Vineyard millionaires open a Go Fund Me page to help defray the cost of The Island's illegal aliens  More
MSNBC analist, tells the wildest story, about "war hero" Joe Biden, you ever heard  More
"My Son Hunter" meme contest winners ( )  More
Portland (OR) is such a mess. people don't even pay attention to morons brawling in an outdoor restaurant  More
Hunter Biden is requesting his child support payments, for his out-of-wedlock daughter, with a former stripper, be lowered, citing financial hardships  More
Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA) out-morons his moron self ( )  More
Boston Marathon creates a "nonbinary" category for the 2023 race  More
Harvard was once a pillar of academia -- today it's a trash bin of WOKE  More
There can be little doubt that Rob Reiner is the most Trump-obsessed person in the world  More
Extreme Trump Derangement Syndrome ( thread )  More
Joe Biden is going to cure cancer with the COVID vaccination ( ) ( )  More
Failing up -- Brian Stelter will be unsufferable after this stint at Harvard  More
Ready for a little levity?  More
Thank the public school system  More
This is a licensed physician speaking  More
It's hard to believe now, but Harvard was once a great university  More
Taylor Lorenz projects!  More
Hunter Biden is about to become his own reality star  More
Rep. Eric Swalwell -- enough said!  More
Progressive rag, Vice, is accusing the Russians and Libs of Tik Tok of colluding to out groomers  More
MSNBC genius wants to impeach a guy who is not in office  More
MSNBC's favorite lunatic, Q-Tip, hasn't a clue what he's talkin' about, but he sure gets excited talkin' about it  More
Anderson Cooper, you couldn't carry Christina Bobb's spare ammo! ( )  More
American public education is first-rate!  More
But they can tell you all about Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE)  More
Aren't there any adults around Alec Baldwin that can tell him to keep his mouth shut until the trial is over?  More
TIME magazine calls an open and fair election a "borrowed Soviet skill"  More
In the ways that count, Rep. Liz Cheney actually won, says The New York Times  More
Stephen King explains Stephen King  More
A school in California called police to remove a 4-year-old for not wearing a mask  More
But Starbucks had such good intentions -- the insanity of WOKE and the Law of Unintended Consequences strike again  More
Candidate for the IRS 87,000 gunslingers program  More
Michael Bloomberg opposes Florida's legislation that prevents universities from promoting the idea that one race is superior to another  More
Anti-Trump Wyomingite bet it all on Liz Cheney  More
Babylon Bee reports the FBI will raid the homes of those who criticize the Mar-A-Lago raid  More
Once a meathead, always a meathead  More
Starbucks remains the most glaring example of, "go WOKE, go broke"  More
CNN wanker waves goodbye to all his old CNN pals -- replies are interesting  More
Wanker quits CNN!  More
Lefties screamed for Trump to release the raid warrant, so he did -- now, they're crying "foul!"  More
The former Director of the National Security Agency calls for Trump to be executed like the Rosenbergs  More
An unprecedented FBI raid for cocktail napkins and birthday dinner menus  More
The liberal  More
Colbert -- need more be said?  More
Antiracism educator, who abhors violence, expresses himself  More
How nice -- Nancy Pelosi has always felt a connection to Communist China  More
“I loved to be reassured that my 9-inch very big penis was actually big" ~ Hunter Biden  More
Al Sharpton claims The Bible endorses killing babies via abortions:  More
CDC officials and other Democrat quacks are scrambling to come up with a new name for monkeypox that won't stigmatize promiscuous homosexuals  More
Netflix stockholders should fire its entire management team for destroying the company with their woke bullsh!t  More
Jon Stewart's TDS has destroyed the man  More
Homosexual sex is a major driver of the global Monkeypox outbreak, but health officials and HIV activists say abstinence doesn’t work ( )  More
Don't step out of a moving train!  More
"Beloved" San Francisco fetish festival still on despite anxieties over Monkeypox  More
Trump Derangement Syndrome expressed as paranoia  More
Few people are perfect, but this guy is a perfect liberal assh*le  More
An automatic bullet machine doesn't need anyone there to fire it, doofus -- it would just start spraying bullets whenever children were around  More
California state senator says f*ck a bunch of Monkeypox -- go out and enjoy yourself at the gay festival, but cover up your bumps ( )  More
San Fransisco will hold its "Gay Sex Festival," despite Monkeypox emergency  More
There are forty "straight" guys in LA county that are having a hard time explaining this to their wives  More
"Try milking a bull if you think there are 12 genders"  More
"No one expected our $10 trillion in emergency Covid money printing to spark an inflation crisis" -- just more unintended consequences  More
But, men ARE competing in women's sports, you nut!  More
Every time the hysterics in the Democratic Party start agitating for the end of the AR-15, another 5 million copies go out the door -- unintended consequences  More
This is a pro-abortion protest in Indiana  More
NYC health commissioner claims the name, "monkeypox," is stigmatizing & racist  More
Wait until African women, who don't even know what an epidural, is hear this  More
Florida rapper Rollie Bands was fatally shot shortly after posting a message on Instagram telling his enemies he'd be home in five minutes if they "want smoke"  More
There are some people who should never have children  More
Life lessons for liberals  More
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