Watching the Defectives

Morons -- what can you say

they're gonna be morons -- it's a pity so many are in Congress . . .

Once a meathead, always a meathead  More
Starbucks remains the most glaring example of, "go WOKE, go broke"  More
CNN wanker waves goodbye to all his old CNN pals -- replies are interesting  More
Wanker quits CNN!  More
Lefties screamed for Trump to release the raid warrant, so he did -- now, they're crying "foul!"  More
The former Director of the National Security Agency calls for Trump to be executed like the Rosenbergs  More
An unprecedented FBI raid for cocktail napkins and birthday dinner menus  More
The liberal  More
Colbert -- need more be said?  More
Antiracism educator, who abhors violence, expresses himself  More
How nice -- Nancy Pelosi has always felt a connection to Communist China  More
“I loved to be reassured that my 9-inch very big penis was actually big" ~ Hunter Biden  More
Al Sharpton claims The Bible endorses killing babies via abortions:  More
CDC officials and other Democrat quacks are scrambling to come up with a new name for monkeypox that won't stigmatize promiscuous homosexuals  More
Netflix stockholders should fire its entire management team for destroying the company with their woke bullsh!t  More
Jon Stewart's TDS has destroyed the man  More
Homosexual sex is a major driver of the global Monkeypox outbreak, but health officials and HIV activists say abstinence doesn’t work ( )  More
Don't step out of a moving train!  More
"Beloved" San Francisco fetish festival still on despite anxieties over Monkeypox  More
Trump Derangement Syndrome expressed as paranoia  More
Few people are perfect, but this guy is a perfect liberal assh*le  More
An automatic bullet machine doesn't need anyone there to fire it, doofus -- it would just start spraying bullets whenever children were around  More
California state senator says f*ck a bunch of Monkeypox -- go out and enjoy yourself at the gay festival, but cover up your bumps ( )  More
San Fransisco will hold its "Gay Sex Festival," despite Monkeypox emergency  More
There are forty "straight" guys in LA county that are having a hard time explaining this to their wives  More
"Try milking a bull if you think there are 12 genders"  More
"No one expected our $10 trillion in emergency Covid money printing to spark an inflation crisis" -- just more unintended consequences  More
But, men ARE competing in women's sports, you nut!  More
Every time the hysterics in the Democratic Party start agitating for the end of the AR-15, another 5 million copies go out the door -- unintended consequences  More
This is a pro-abortion protest in Indiana  More
NYC health commissioner claims the name, "monkeypox," is stigmatizing & racist  More
Wait until African women, who don't even know what an epidural, is hear this  More
Florida rapper Rollie Bands was fatally shot shortly after posting a message on Instagram telling his enemies he'd be home in five minutes if they "want smoke"  More
There are some people who should never have children  More
Life lessons for liberals  More
Is this lunatic your doctor?  More
"Let's go, Brandon," stamp on mail creates a crisis!  More
Written by 50-year-olds with the minds of 12-year-olds.  More
I'm not sure Dr. Walensky is ready for the answer to her question, "if Monkeypox is a sexually transmitted disease, why are kids getting it?"  More
Didn't your mother tell you not to throw rocks at cars?  More
The New York Times is now promoting cannibalism  More
Hit-man in training needs to find a new line of work  More
Portland (OR) residents get exactly what they voted for  More
Somebody found a "possible noose" -- this one at the CIA -- CIA Director issues alert!  More
Stephen King is punked! -- then he babbles about Washington and Jefferson owning slaves, to excuse a man who murdered Jews.  More
Anthropology professors raise new concerns  More
We kicked these people out -- see what happens when you let them back in?  More
With all the WOKE silliness, colleges hardly have any time for learning real stuff  More
Here's another one for the Left and the Law of Unintended Consequences file  More
Go ahead -- tell us indoctrination doesn't work!  More
Starbucks is a case study demonstrating the Left's contempt for the Law of Unintended Consequences  More
Andrew Klavan has a few things to say about Michael Moore  More
High-priced stupid is still stupid -- just weeks ago a guy showed up at Kavanaugh's house with a gun intending to murder the justice  More
How did self-mutilation become a fad?  More
It’s just too good not to share…  More
An amazing scientific breakthrough!  More
Liberal Hell  More
The Perfect White Liberal interviews Tucker Carlson  More
The Left is always accusing conservative of being conspiracy nuts, but it's the Left that has a new one every day -- more of that projection stuff they do  More
ABC News actually used a guy who tried to murder a president to push gun control  More
How is exposing your infant to freaks a good thing?  More
The man that made the Jan. 6 committee "bipartisan" shows America what a deep thinker he is  More
Alisyn Camerota compares gun background checks to being a waitress  More
Liz Cheney has lost touch with the real world  More
Belongs here  More
Many others belong here too  More
The Alphabet People are agitating for their own country  More
Animal rights protester attempts to interrupt Nathan's world-famous Hot Dog Eating Contest  More
White House interns may not be able to spell the name of the state they are in, but they can tell you anything about gender and pronouns  More
What has happened to Jon Stewart -- he used to be a funny guy!  More
West Hollywood cancels the police  More
Why do white liberals attend seminars and workshops that promote the idea that people of European descent are evil?  More
Failed, white CNN host says Clarence Thomas isn’t black, because he doesn’t go to NBA games  More
This ought to get the creator of "Friends" invited to all the best parties  More
Do you think that Christiane Amanpour might have an overinflated sense of who and what she is?  More
Isn't calling for revolution worse than calling for an insurrection?  More
One-out-of-every-four adult Americans is totally bat-sh!t crazy!  More
Justice Kagan better warn the Obama's immediately -- their property is at current high-tide mark -- they're doomed  More
Trump broke Rosie  More
Beavis and Butthead discover white privilege  More
"Cassidy Hutchinson is one of the most brave and honorable people I know"  More
The blind lead the blind under the rainbow banner -- is it a concert or a meme?  More
There is no longer any doubt -- the inmates have taken over the institution  More
It's those states in the middle, that red stuff -- why do they tell get to tell us what to do, where the majority of us live out, New York, California?  More
Morons making millions -- is America a great country, or what?  More
Paul Krugman, NY Times' Nobel Prize economist, is getting roasted for this prediction  More
Word has leaked out -- Colon Kaepernick's workout with the Raiders was "a disaster"  More
Google searches on "how to move to Canada" spiked following SCOTUS ruling  More
Ruling has zero effect in California, but Democrats shut down the freeway anyway  More
The cult, chanting "f*ck you, SCOTUS"  More
Monica is back at it -- and she's going both ways!  More
Has a big job at the NY Times -- is as mad as a hatter  More
It's a Republican plot!  More
Could be a moron -- could be an operative -- aluminum foil thinking either way  More
Men(?) are not only taking over women's sports, they're taking over the women's movement!  More
Q-Tip is back on MSNBC and is even more absurd than usual  More
Liberals hyperventilate over the SCOTUS gun ruling ( thread )  More
CNN's foremost onanist pontificates on the dreaded white-wing terrorist  More
Not "misinformation?" -- guys like this should be in a padded room  More
Would someone please tell this airhead what really happened on Juneteenth -- Democrats murdered 300 mostly-black Republicans ( )  More
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