Watching the Defectives

Morons -- what can you say

they're gonna be morons -- it's a pity so many are in Congress . . .

Go WOKE, go broke! More
Michelle Obama lauds Oprah Winfrey -- says Oprah could be country's "common denominator" More
At some point, pervasive paranoia and mass delusion of this sort must be harmful, right? More
Is Dana Bash suggesting abortion is good for the economy? More
This says more about the educational system than it does about these poor fools More
Sometimes, when you go looking for a fight, you meet somebody who's prepared for a fight More
Georgetown University's senior class trashed the Lincoln Memorial More
Taylor Lorenz just won't stop making trouble for herself -- posts picture of her thermostat, set to 90 degrees ( ) More
AOC claims that the notion that abortion is "harming a life" is just something toxic "fundamentalist Christians" made up More
I'd be surprised if Trump even knew who Jocelyn Benson was More
Hunter Biden's 120,000 emails have been released -- in downloadable form More
Has advanced academic degrees! More
Here's another white guy who spent too many years in school More
Punching out a glass window is never a good idea More
White guy says being "anti-racist" starts by admitting "whiteness" is a disease More
The arrogance demonstrated by these whack-jobs is breathtaking More
Defund the police was another brilliant, progressive idea that ignored the Law of Unintended Consequences More
Hangs out at black clubs -- been trying to hook up with a black woman for 12 years More
Whoopie endorses pure anarchy and a return to a natural state -- I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do and f*ck you! More
Andy Dick arrested for dicking a guy while he was sleeping More
Moron vegan actor is ignorant of economies of scale, super-glues is ass to Starbucks counter More
The intensity -- leftists have it -- the moral certainty -- even when they don't know what they're talking about More
Go live in Afghanistan or the Congo for a couple of years and then report back, children More
The new Star Trek identifies Jan. 6 as the beginning of WWIII More
Would you consider this tweet mostly racist, authoritarian or misandrist? More
Eric Holder wants Trump to "be held accountable" for Jan. 6 More
This all makes sense to progressives More
Hunter Biden’s laptop password was "AnalFuck69," according to Delaware computer shop owner, John Paul Mac Isaac. More
The old leftist one-two -- attack! -- when that doesn't work play victim More
The Left has become so fragmented that they are now fighting each other More
Mr. Woods says we shouldn't laugh at this -- I couldn't help myself More
Somebody has been taking acting classes More
"I don't understand why the country hates women so much?" More
Ya just gotta love liberals -- and this is a candidate for Congress -- she'll fit right in More
Will somebody please put a sock in Bill Gates' mouth More
The images in this thread are a great commentary on modern American society More
Alec Baldwin needs to STFU and let his lawyers do their thing, but he can't -- the arrogant moron thinks he's helping himself -- he's not More
Can't smoke dope at the office More
Adm. John Kirby's career as a Public Affairs Officer prepared him for this dramatic moment More
Elon Musk tweeted: "I'm buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in" -- it's all fun and games Elon until Hunter Biden gets his head stuck in the vending machine" ~ Bill Maher More
Yes, there really is a show with a black woman as a Viking queen More
What this kid is doing is called "jamming" -- it is used to prevent rational discussion More
Public Citizen doesn't quite understand the concept of "free speech" More
Losing $300 million dollars is a big deal! More
Oops! CNN reporter asks what Elon Musk’s $44 billion could have done for the climate crisis More
MSNBC’s Ari Melber has minus-zero self-awareness (great thread ) More
Oops! According to CNN+ execs own numbers, CNN+ just lost $300,000,000 More
Oh, my! The State of Washington has declared the word, "marijuana, is racist -- will they next declare the Spanish language is racist? More
Hunter Biden demanded his brother's widow '"get tested for HIV" after he stopped schtupping her More
"Teacher of the year" is politically indoctrinating Michigan's children -- this should never happen in America More
Manhattan’s swankiest neighborhoods are crime-ridden, but they'll still vote Democrat More
Things didn't go the way some animal rights activists were hoping at Timberwolves-Grizzlies game More
Whaddaya think? Liberal or conservative? More
Maybe humans are the disease and COVID is the cure? More
What kind of moron picks a fight with Mike Tyson? More
Man arrested after threatening to blow up Merriam-Webster over its definition of the word "female" More
As CNN+ shuts down, Brian Stetler insists, "it's too early to know if this product, if this service was a success or a failure" More
Park Service helicopter just air lifted man to the hospital who tried to set himself on fire on the Supreme Court steps More
Brian Stelter demonstrates exactly why CNN+ closed its doors after only 22 days More
Alec Baldwin bizarrely claims he‘s exonerated More
You best not screw with a man's dog or his $300,000 car More
"If Jesus Christ was alive today, he would be called a groomer" ~ Matthew Dowd More
Taylor Lorenz got Libs of TikTok 200,000 new followers in a single day More
Adam Kinzinger makes a fool of himself -- again! More
Tucker Carlson says the behaviors demonstrated by leftists on Tik Tok is even worse than you could imagine More
James Carville calls other people "weird" in a wonderful example of projection More
Max boot tweets "disinformation and conspiracy theories" in criticism of "Trump fans" More
Hollywood is doing a lesbian remake of "Fight Club" More
Woke Arizona education leaders are blasted after they mistook African-American DJ at school fundraiser for white man in blackface More
This is what kids are learning at Harvard these days More
Who could have predicted this? More
Twitter employee undergoes therapy over Elon Musk takeover -- Babylon Bee More
Joy Behar is as ignorant as they come More
He's got one of those Twitter blue check thingies, so he must know what he's talkin' about More
Jeff Bezos is worth $176.6 billion More
Cher says anti-grooming laws will lead to violence More
This behavior just demonstrates how totally f*cked-up progressives really are More
More Kamala Harris -- the Vice President of the United States of America More
Check out this self-important assh*le More
How many morons does it take to screw in a light bulb? More
Joe Biden can't possibly protect Hunter too much longer More
Has there ever been an instance in history of a left hand being amputated? More
Only Democrats can use the word "misinformation" More
The difference between a woman and a birthing person More
The president can pretty much decide what is or is not "classified" and what he or she wants to do with them -- he or she is the president -- end of story More
The View airhead "explored" suing Trump More
What do you think goes through their mind when they ignore cops? More
What the hell has happened to Jon Stewart? -- this is worth a read More
Are there morons or Democrats running California? -- is there a difference? More
Grooming has nothing to do with pedophelia ( only 25% -- the other 75% is about queering kids ) More
You can always trust Politico to provide factual reports More
Jon Stewart has lost his friggin' mind More
This is what a couple of years at Harvard can do for you More
"Journalist" tweets long thread about QAnon conspiracy -- ignores the fact that QAnon doesn't exist More
What happens when the alphabet people run out of visible colors for their rainbow flag? More
Meathead never disappoints More
"He, she and it" have worked for thousands of years -- Washington State wants to change that More
Only someone with two degrees from Harvard could be so stupid as to not know what a woman is More
Rep. Maxine "Mad Max" Waters -- the pride of LA -- orders homeless people to "go home" More
The story of the grasshopper and ant (WOKE edition) -- Thomas Sowell More
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