Watching the Defectives

Morons -- what can you say

they're gonna be morons -- it's a pity so many are in Congress . . .

Everything the Left touches turns to sh!t More
Progress! More
Massachusetts liberal visits New Hampshire More
"it's not clear how many of these social justice-based innovations will help medical students be better doctors" More
Even the French know that American Progs are nuts! More
Tweet demonstrates the hypocrisy of progressives nicely -- "trust science: More
No matter how you slice and dice this thing, the gun was in Baldwin's hand, he pointed it at a human being and he pulled the trigger More
When one gets the fundamentals wrong, it's easy to get everything else wrong More
Bonhoeffer's Theory of Stupidity -- this clip is outstanding More
This woman is a Ph D and a professor -- she is also clearly psychotic More
Chris Cuomo argues against his own argument? More
After much study, the experts have concluded the rash of smash-and-grab thefts is caused by a failure to prosecute criminals More
Intersectionality is complex -- our grandparents never could have conceived of something like "sexual racists" More
Since the word "looting" is racist, "we're not going to call this looting, this is organized robbery" More
Just like everything else, obesity is racist! More
Morons or primitives -- primitives or morons -- sometimes it's difficult More
The timing of CNN's headline, "There's nothing more frightening today than an angry white man," couldn't be worse More
Living in a world where everybody else is wrong More
This will be the final word from the left on the l'affaire Rittenhouse -- they really hate to lose More
More proof that Progs have zero understanding of the Law of Unintended Consequences. More
MSNBC argues that "Black America is going to be re-traumatized" by the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse -- who shot three white men More
This is a puzzling tweet -- considering everybody involved in the Rittenhouse case is white More
Marvel comics writer saw the evidence and concludes burning Kenosha down is the only answer More
Spot the difference? More
What A Democratic Socialist convention is like -- part one More
What A Democratic Socialist convention is like -- part two More
Rule #1: Don't lose the package! More
Poor Cher! She's gone totally around the bend More
Jennifer Rubin -- need more be said? More
Don Lemon pontificates on vigilantism as the ultimate entitlement -- or something More
Between the eyes and the brain there is a little black box -- the ones installed in Progs have a malfunction More
When the Left found out the Rittenhouse judge had "God Bless The USA" as his ringtone, they knew he was a racist, right-wing nutjob! More
It is sheer madness to spend taxpayer money to house 80 homeless in real estate that sells for $5,666 per square foot. More
Matt Walsh destroys CNN's Chief Legal Onanist, Jeffrey Toobin (who thinks Rittenhouse will get "not guilty") More
The government wants us to wear masks because masks are a visible sign that the government is doing something, but it's making people crazy More
Buttigieg declares underpasses "racist" More
Woman, wearing "Let's Go, Brandon" sweatshirt, ejected from hockey game -- auditorium erupts! More
Prosecutor facepalms after key witness admits it wasn’t until he pointed his gun at Rittenhouse that Rittenhouse fired, injuring him More
Buttigieg might be a fair accountant, but he's a horseshit Secretary of Transportation and I got nothin' to say about or to anybody that thinks roads are racist. More
Costco thieves ambushed by a bunch of cops More
Climate activists call for the end of capitalism, the liberation of blacks and the abolition of police -- all well-know causes of global warming More
Germaphobe who doused himself with hand sanitizer is set ablaze by police taser More
Kamala asks NASA if black trees matter in the race for "environmental justice?" More
Jeff Zucker and the rest of the CNNers are finding out you reap what you sow More
Are these Microsoft staffers humans or clones? More
King of the morons -- truly a moron's moron -- the comments are interesting More
Trump Derangement Syndrome will never die More
The Left will never understand the Law of Unintended Consequences More
How can you hate Cher -- hangin' about the mansion with chorus boys and tweeting outrageous shit! More
It seemed like a good idea at the time? More
San Francisco decriminalized theft -- now there's a shortage of replacement auto glass for vehicles that have been broken-into More
The Archbishop of Canterbury warns failure to act on global warming will bring a disaster "infinitely greater than the holocaust" More
Paranoia strikes deep -- Into your life it will creep -- It starts when you’re always afraid More
TikTok star provokes high speed chase for fun, tells cops he is young, rich, and can do what he wants ( ) More
Commentator for CNN and MSNBC, tweets "Let's go, Brandon," is the "MAGA version of 'Sieg Heil,'" the NAZI victory salute More
Colon Kaepernick criticizes the game that made him wealthy -- he hopes criticizing America will make him uber-wealthy More
Trannies demand lesbians accept the idea that a "penis can be a female sex organ" More
A school board member taking 1st graders to a bar on a "field trip" is wrong -- taking 1st graders to a "gay bar" is insane More
Humans were a mistake More
Pizza delivery guy demonstrates his inner authoritarian nicely -- the Progs all have it More
When a Prog blathers on about "progress," this is what they're talking about -- watch it all More
Kamala has been having trouble saying her famous tag line, "I eat no for breakfast" More
After defunding the cops, San Francisco is paying criminals in an effort to stop its soaring crime More
We have gone through the looking glass AND down the rabbit hole! More
Joe Biden's Director of Rapid Response claims he is "unfamiliar" with the "F*ck Joe Biden" or "Let’s Go Brandon" chants -- he should lose his job! More
Dumbest campaign sign ever More
What's your first thought? More
This is the armorer on Alec Baldwin's low-budget movie ( ) More
The Progs over at The Atlantic have elevated the Jan 6 "insurrection" to a "war" More
If this LA Times report is accurate, Alec Baldwin is in deep, deep sneakers More
Why does MSNBC pay Joy Reid millions to make the insane statements she makes? How does MSNBC benefit? More
Smart Alec Baldwin ignores every firearm safety rule in the book and shoots two -- one has died More
This is just sad and pathetic More
CNN just can't admit that its bullshit "Joe Rogan takes horse dewormer" campaign is bullshit More
This teacher was fired, not because she is a lunatic, but because she mocked Native American culture More
White Studies professor explains how "white people are not born white -- they become white" More
Colin Powell's body isn't cold yet, but the ghouls over on CNN are playing "coulda, woulda, shoulda" More
The difference between extremism on the Right and extremism on the Left More
This is a real headline -- "Suburban police asked to volunteer to help Chicago" More
Canada has officially banned, "Let's go, Brandon" More
This is what's wrong with America -- moron trashes his workplace live on Twitter for hits! More
Vaccinism is the newest mental disorder More
As Walgreen's closes five stores, San Francisco's mayor asks thieves to think of their grandmothers More
CNN is sticking with the "horse de-wormer -- Joe Rogan" lie, even after it's been exposed as a lie More
Andrew Yang could have found a better image for his newly-formed "Forward" party More
More evidence that the longer you stay in school, the dumber you get More
San Fran Donks decriminalized theft and thieves stole -- now the stores are closing More
The very special Hunter Biden action figure complete with adorable tiny crack pipe More
"If you want to debate, or argue, or fight, or FUCK with me on politics I’ll take it all day long" -- bad idea BetoMedia! ( ) More
"You know, I think a lot of times people don’t have a really positive image of the government." ~ Jill Biden PhD More
These lunatics are all over Tik Tok -- somebody is encouraging this behavior and it isn't healthy More
Brian Stelter! More
Don Lemon has zero self-awareness -- "It's not me and CNN. It's you and Fox News" More
Progs are always reading conservative minds, interpreting motive, but Jim Acosta has taken his gift to a higher level -- Acosta is reading men's souls More
This is what NYC voted for More
Kamala Harris’ step-daughter and her boyfriend. It is not a Halloween costume. They are not in "The Adamas Family Redux." This is how they dress every day. More
I don't care what anybody says, Progs are fucked-up! More
The moral of this story is don't throw stuff at really big German Shepherds More
Roadrager has second thoughts More
What in hell is going on over at Tik Tok -- is every loony in the country a member? More
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