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Morons -- what can you say

they're gonna be morons -- it's a pity so many are in Congress . . .

Hunter Biden labeled a "lobbyist" in his tax indictment, foreshadowing potential charges  More 2024-06-15
"Until the media told you to . . . "  More 2024-06-15
Wilmington (DE) residents' comments on the Hunter Biden trial  More 2024-06-14
Idiot climate change leftists who ran out onto the field at the annual congressional baseball game are quickly tackled and cuffed  More 2024-06-13
Who are Joe Biden's voters saving the planet for if none of them are having children?  More 2024-06-13
Liberalism is a mental disease  More 2024-06-10
Michael Cohen says people will be thrown out of windows and end up in gulags if Trump is elected president  More 2024-06-10
The WNBA is baffled why they’re struggling to attract viewers -- watch and see if you can spot the problem  More 2024-06-10
Michael Cohen is insane -- Trump "already said that he intends to use SEAL Team start rounding up his political enemies"  More 2024-06-09
A majority of Biden supporters say someone can be a man or woman even if that is different from their sex at birth  More 2024-06-08
Here’s the surveillance footage showing Hallie Biden ditching Hunter Biden’s gun in grocery store parking lot dumpster  More 2024-06-08
George Conway tells The Daily Show that after the election "we still have to live with those people [Trump supporters] and we are going to have to deprogram them at some point"  More 2024-06-08
If the Net Zero energy transition doesn't happen fast enough, extreme heat will lead to an "implosion" of the food and water supply, causing "millions of climate refugees" to flood into first world countries ~ John F'n Kerry  More 2024-06-07
Hunter Biden's defense seems to be saying he was an addict, but not on the day he bought the handgun, then was an addict again  More 2024-06-07
Bailey Anne, a man who pretends to be a woman, was just crowned Miss Maryland USA  More 2024-06-07
Hollywood movie makers blame the public for their horsesh!t movies  More 2024-06-06
The scoop on criminal referrals for Hunter and James Biden, for lying under oath to Congress  More 2024-06-06
Ponytail demonstrates the intellectual capacity of the average Joe Biden voter  More 2024-06-05
Africans are responsible for the invention of toilets and everything else important to mankind.  More 2024-06-05
Washington Post's readership has been cut in half. The paper is losing millions every year -- its staff demands more diversity as a solution  More 2024-06-04
The Pentagon took it down, but the internet is forever ( comments )  More 2024-06-03
When worlds collide!  More 2024-06-02
Hunter Biden is broke, and his secret civil case isn't going well  More 2024-06-02
Convicted perjurer, thief, and disgraced former personal attorney to Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, publicly celebrated the guilty verdict against Trump, who was convicted on 34 felony counts by Alvin Bragg’s rigged trial  More 2024-05-31
Hollywood celebrities cheer for travesty of justice and celebrate the "Trump guilty verdict"  More 2024-05-31
The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is pulling an award it had planned to give actor Robert De Niro because of the stunt he pulled at the Trump trial  More 2024-05-31
This valedictorian paid $300,000 for her degree in "queering and decolonizing patriarchal structures"  More 2024-05-30
Did this guy just return from Mars? -- the only thing the Democrats haven't tried is assassination  More 2024-05-30
DeNiro shoulda stayed home  More 2024-05-30
“Cry-Baby” -- the unveiling of Robert De Niro’s portrait  More 2024-05-30
RFK Jr. super PAC chair to publish tell-all memoir by mother of Hunter Biden's child  More 2024-05-29
Some random white dude at George Floyd's funeral  More 2024-05-28
Hollywood’s hopes for a hot start to the summer at the box office fizzled out Monday, with Memorial Day long weekend movie ticket sales poised to be the softest in almost three decades -- the problem is the product -- the product sucks  More 2024-05-28
She's been to college  More 2024-05-28
Arizona State University art exhibit depicts George Floyd as Jesus Christ -- "George Floyd died for our sins"  More 2024-05-27
Hunter Biden's laptop ls so real it will be used as evidence in Hunter's gun trial  More 2024-05-26
Bill Gates -- the man who would be king  More 2024-05-25
The obsession over the Alito flags story simply illustrates how childish liberals are  More 2024-05-25
Prosecutors plan to use highly personal evidence in Hunter Biden trial  More 2024-05-24
Hunter Biden tax trial delayed until September -- Hunter's trial on gun charges begins in two weeks  More 2024-05-23
Deranged Democrat violently lunges at Team Trump volunteers outside a Kamala Harris' event in Pennsylvania ( )  More 2024-05-22
What's it going to take to get the media to take seriously the fact that Joy Reid is acting like a lunatic, talking like a lunatic, and now posting like a lunatic?"  More 2024-05-22
Illinois legislators are set to change "offender" to "justice-impacted individual" -- the victim is dead, and the poor murderer becomes a "justice impacted individual" -- how "progressive!"  More 2024-05-22
Are there any bigger assh*les than Hamas supporters?  More 2024-05-21
Bette Midler asks, "Can you imagine what would have happened if Hillary Clinton had claimed the election was stolen?" ( )  More 2024-05-21
Michael Cohen wants to run for Congress -- as an admitted liar and thief he's eminently qualified  More 2024-05-20
She actually believes this nonsense  More 2024-05-20
Warning: Not for the sensitive -- 17-year-old Rylo Huncho is dead after accidentally shooting himself while filming a TikTok video  More 2024-05-20
Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) doesn’t know how to spell her own name  More 2024-05-19
“10-20 years from now little white girls and boys are going to say ‘I wish I was black’”  More 2024-05-19
"$15 Billion is not enough" -- a slavery reparations meeting was held today in Boston and residents demanded cash from white churches  More 2024-05-19
NBC is launching a new series about gay and transgender animals  More 2024-05-18
CNN's Anderson Cooper assesses Michael Cohen's testimony. "I think if I was a juror in this case watching that, I would think, this guy’s making this up as he’s going along or he’s making this particular story up"  More 2024-05-17
"Michael Cohen had his knees chopped out by Trump’s attorney" ~ CNN’s Elie Honig  More 2024-05-17
Michael Cohen was torn to shreds by Trump's attorneys in blistering cross-examination over Stormy Daniels' "hush money" payments ~ The Daily Mail  More 2024-05-17
Michael Cohen has been getting encouraging texts from Rosie O’Donnell during his Trump trial testimony  More 2024-05-17
Robert Costello, who was Michael Cohen's attorney, says that DA Alvin Bragg's office hid conversations from the grand jury in which Michael Cohen said that Trump did nothing wrong! ( thread )  More 2024-05-16
Ya gotta watch this one!  More 2024-05-15
Robert DeNiro's Trump Derangement Syndrome reaches the terminal stage  More 2024-05-15
Firearms expert, Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD), says it's time to pass mandatory background checks, bans on assault weapons, and "high-ammo stocks"  More 2024-05-14
Court rejects Hunter Biden's appeal in gun case, setting the stage for his trial to begin next month  More 2024-05-14
Not everybody should have the right to keep and bear arms  More 2024-05-13
A female, queer-identifying, Columbia University student ripped up they/their diploma upon receiving it  More 2024-05-13
Doesn't belong in the Terrorist segment  More 2024-05-12
"Rage Rituals" are the "latest thing" among liberal women ( comments )  More 2024-05-11
Liberals are miserable people  More 2024-05-11
Contractors hired to paint over graffitti at Case Western Reserve University (OH) decided the Hamas supporters wouldn't stop them from doing their job today  More 2024-05-09
Scenes from the Princeton hunger strike in support of Hamas is funny stuff  More 2024-05-09
Comedy gold from the Princeton hunger strike -- this is not satire  More 2024-05-08
Al Gore, please pick up the red emergency phone -- storm destroys the world's largest floating solar panel farm  More 2024-05-06
Kathy Griffin's comedy tour has been canceled indefinitely due to terribly low ticket sales  More 2024-05-06
Whaddaya think? -- a liberal?  More 2024-05-05
Life is a learning experience for this Karen  More 2024-05-05
Does this make you more or less confidant of young doctors?  More 2024-05-05
Stock drops like a rock after Woke CEO says se's "eager" to hire anti-Israel protesters  More 2024-05-05
Most mothers tell their children not to play in the road ar around the age of two  More 2024-05-05
Robert DeNiro's Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has reached Stage Five  More 2024-05-04
Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) tells us climate change began in 1959 ( )  More 2024-05-04
Michael Avenatti, former attorney to Stormy Daniels, says that Daniels admitted that she and Keith Davidson conducted a “shakedown” of President Trump  More 2024-05-03
Liberal, suburban mom after spending $5,000 on a DEI seminar  More 2024-05-03
Why are a bunch of purple-haired non-binary atheists bowing to Allah?  More 2024-05-02
Who is going to tell them?  More 2024-05-02
Who are we to question a transgender Muslim woman?  More 2024-05-02
Michael Cohen's TikTok videos and fundraising may have torpedoed Alvin Bragg's Trump prosecution  More 2024-05-02
Morons or terrorists? Terrorists or morons?  More 2024-05-01
Sleezebag lawyer, Michael Cohen, is a full on TikTok live streamer and is hustling donations by bad-mouthing Donald Trump  More 2024-05-01
Cohen created a company account and used a home equity line of credit to fund it with $130,000 -- Cohen then submitted a wire transfer representative of Stormy Daniels -- Trump had nothing to do with it  More 2024-04-30
Robert DeNiro is doing dramatic readings of Trump's trial  More 2024-04-30
"Hunter Got High" -- a sing along!  More 2024-04-29
Hunter Biden is called out by Russian news media for filming himself in dozens of sex tapes with underage girls while measuring and using crack cocaine  More 2024-04-27
Mr. Slick found himself in the shitz  More 2024-04-27
Ford lost $132,000 on each electric vehicle it sold in the first quarter of 2024  More 2024-04-26
Please do not attack the operator while the bus is in motion  More 2024-04-26
Man gets arrested for keying a truck with a “Let’s Go Brandon” bumper sticker  More 2024-04-25
How do you get to be an adult and not understand that the police have the legal authority to place you under arrest  More 2024-04-25
Musician or magician?  More 2024-04-24
San Francisco just unveiled its new public toilet -- cost $1.7 million -- stay tuned, this thing is bound to make news down the road  More 2024-04-23
A John Kerry puzzler!  More 2024-04-23
"Can men menstruate?"  More 2024-04-22
Trump campaign denies press credentials for Brian Stelter -- told him to buy ticket  More 2024-04-21
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