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Morons -- what can you say

they're gonna be morons -- it's a pity so many are in Congress . . .

Hunter and James Biden's banking records have been subpoenaed by the House Oversight Committee  More 2023-09-29
*** Hunter and James Biden have been subpoenaed by the House Oversight Committee ***  More 2023-09-29
Hunter Biden signed off on a Burisma memo -- "Moreover it is imperative that allegations of criminal activity made to the media about Burisma and/or Nikolay Zlochevsky come to an end" ~ Hunter Biden  More 2023-09-28
Houston Jack-In-The-Box employee shoots at customers over missing curly fries ( )  More 2023-09-27
Future Leavenworth resident, Travis King, must be some piece of work -- North Korea doesn't want him either  More 2023-09-27
MSNBC superstar, Rachel Maddow, interviews Mark Meadows's former secretary on the future of the Republican Party  More 2023-09-26
Being Jim Acosta means always being right -- even when he's wrong  More 2023-09-25
"You just seem very mysoginistic -- realistically!"  More 2023-09-21
"How to Get Dead" -- Scenario #18  More 2023-09-20
Confirmed: liberalism is a mental disease  More 2023-09-20
A male was crowned homecoming queen in a Missouri school last weekend  More 2023-09-19
Hunter Biden is too busy to go to court  More 2023-09-19
NBC sends a hostile, rude partisan to interrogate Trump  More 2023-09-18
Delivery robots are under attack in Los Angeles  More 2023-09-17
How to turn an $80 ticket into a felony  More 2023-09-17
If you exclude all of the things you need to survive, inflation isn’t so bad, according to Nobel Prize -winning economist, Paul Krugman  More 2023-09-16
"The Rock" demonstrates why this category is necessary  More 2023-09-16
*** Hunter Biden has been indicted on three gun charges, the absolute least possible of his crimes -- no FARA charges and the tax evasion statute of limitations runs out in October ***  More 2023-09-14
MSNBC tells us that crime is soaring in Democrat cities, but won't speculate on its cause  More 2023-09-14
Apple's aim "is to permanently remove all carbon from the atmosphere" -- which would quite literally destroy the planet  More 2023-09-14
Dan Goldman (D-NY) is the "Levi's" heir and an honest-to-God Bozo! ( thread )  More 2023-09-13
MSNBC's Joe Scarborough wants to know "who killed the cops" on Jan. 6 ( no cops were killed on Jan. 6 )  More 2023-09-13
Hunter Biden has had a tough life  More 2023-09-13
California will celebrate "Transgender History Month" starting in August of 2024  More 2023-09-11
Embracing the patriarchy -- women's rights group says,"If it excludes trans women, it is not feminism"  More 2023-09-11
Once a meathead, always a meathead!  More 2023-09-11
Former Democrat congressman received 7 anti-COVID vaccine shots and got COVID 3 times -- plans on getting #8  More 2023-09-08
"STOP" voting for Democrats  More 2023-09-08
Musician Akon says black Americans could move to Africa, become millionaires, and cripple the U. S. overnight!  More 2023-09-08
This exchange between an activist at NJ school board and James O'Keefe demonstrates the fact that you cannot reason with a leftist ( )  More 2023-09-07
The Department of Energy will spend $1.2 billion on experimental technology that will attempt to vacuum "greenhouse gasses" from the sky -- even Al Gore badmouths this scheme  More 2023-09-06
Liberals have no understanding of the Law of Unintended Consequences  More 2023-09-04
Terminal liberalism  More 2023-09-04
Washington Post reporter Philip Bump knows everything except what "I have to give fifty percent of my income to pop" means  More 2023-09-02
Remember this guy? -- Michael Avenatti is scheduled to be released from prison in 2036  More 2023-08-31
Hollywood is self-destructing and no one cares  More 2023-08-31
The unintended consequences have convinced a majority of Oregon residents that it's time to repeal the laws decriminalizing hard drugs  More 2023-08-29
When children do this, it's called "sulking"  More 2023-08-28
The ecology is racist  More 2023-08-28
CNN genius -- "Nobody will be watching the Tucker/Trump interview" -- over 100 million and counting ( )  More 2023-08-23
Mayor announces plans to outlaw the 2nd Amendment in St. Louis  More 2023-08-23
Hawaii Democrat Gov. Josh Green makes the "Morons" segment  More 2023-08-21
CBS just referred to Joe Biden as “former president”  More 2023-08-19
The liberal attack, play victim, then lose it cycle  More 2023-08-18
Hunter Biden used specialist PR firms to edit Wikipedia to improve his image  More 2023-08-16
From "defund the police" to "send in the troops"  More 2023-08-15
The Fulton County clerk of courts that posted the Trump indictment before the Atlanta grand voted is trying to cover his/her ass with a lie!  More 2023-08-15
John Kerry in 2009: “In 5 years we will have the first ice free Arctic summer” ( )  More 2023-08-14
Nordstrom's doesn't sell bread  More 2023-08-14
The Biden regime will spend $1.2 billion to vacuum carbon dioxide out of the air  More 2023-08-13
The real Jimmy Fallon -- and this is clearly a friend  More 2023-08-12
"How to Get Dead" -- Scenario #13  More 2023-08-11
Liberals vs Blacks  More 2023-08-09
Racism is at the heart of the American government’s failure to tackle the growing threat of deadly heatwaves  More 2023-08-08
Diets are racist  More 2023-08-07
"In the 10 years you spent with him, did Hunter Biden evidence any interest in painting?"  More 2023-08-06
Hunter Biden photographed at attorney's ritzy Malibu home -- this is the Hollywood guy that pays Hunter's taxes and buys his paintings  More 2023-08-06
The foreperson on the Atlanta DA's grand jury -- just so you know who sits in judgement of Trump ( )  More 2023-08-05
“Can you imagine our reading that James Madison or Thomas Jefferson tried to overthrow the government?"  More 2023-08-03
Hunter Biden trashed and damaged Sweetgreen co-founder’s Venice Beach (CA) house and stiffed him on the rent  More 2023-08-03
Why should we have to work to get things?  More 2023-08-03
MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes says Jack Smith's indictment lays out the “greatest political crime” since the southern states seceded  More 2023-08-02
Hunter Biden lied to the judge about his status as a practicing lawyer  More 2023-08-01
John Kerry says food is the major cause of global warming and farmers and ranchers must cut back  More 2023-07-30
This was definitely not part of the plan  More 2023-07-30
In 2018, Hunter Biden paid a Russian pimp $25,000 from Joe Biden's bank account, causing the Secret Service to frantically rush to his hotel ( thread )  More 2023-07-30
MSNBC guest is super excited about Trump indictment  More 2023-07-30
"How to Get Dead" -- Scenario #2  More 2023-07-29
Hunter Biden's original plea deal ( text )  More 2023-07-28
Top revelations from court transcript of Hunter Biden's failed plea deal hearing  More 2023-07-28
*** The Hunter Biden plea deal has collapsed in a dramatic court hearing ***  More 2023-07-27
What happened inside the courtroom at the Hunter Biden hearing  More 2023-07-27
If Hunter Biden consumes alcohol or drugs including marijuana, he will be arrested and prosecuted for contempt of court  More 2023-07-27
WOKE Disney disses Walt Disney?  More 2023-07-26
Hunter Biden needs our help  More 2023-07-25
Disney's new Snow White isn't the same Snow White that's been loved for 220 years -- it's so WOKE it will lose tens of millions  More 2023-07-24
It won't take long for this to become leftist dogma  More 2023-07-23
Kamala Harris believes weather and climate are the same thing  More 2023-07-23
The Alphabets running Disney get it wrong -- again  More 2023-07-23
One of the reasons Hunter Biden is in such deep doo-doo  More 2023-07-22
$15.7 billion lost -- for a freak!  More 2023-07-20
Pictures of Hunter Biden having sex with prostitutes displayed in Congress  More 2023-07-20
Sleep is now racist y'all  More 2023-07-19
Rosie is "riding with Biden"  More 2023-07-16
MSNBC’s Ali Velshi is way out of touch with his audience  More 2023-07-16
A recent post on MSNBC's official Twitter site promoting an opinion story about the connection between "physical fitness" and "the far right" has sparked social media commentary about the stupidity of the liberal media  More 2023-07-16
The new, diverse, "Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs" movie only has one dwarf and Snow White is Hispanic -- Disney says they want to “avoid reinforcing stereotypes.”  More 2023-07-15
"Cocaine" -- The Truth Bombers & The RadiKals  More 2023-07-14
Oman? When was Hunter in Oman?  More 2023-07-14
Maybelline faces backlash after using men to promote its new lipstick  More 2023-07-14
Calvin Klein wants to go completely broke  More 2023-07-12
Higher education has become a handicap  More 2023-07-12
MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace goes "out on a limb"  More 2023-07-12
John Kerry's conundrum  More 2023-07-11
"Ring Cameras make it easy to voluntarily report crimes and record video to send to police, so we don’t recommend it beccause that might lead to racial profiling" ~ Wired  More 2023-07-11
John Kerry preaches to the choir  More 2023-07-11
Would someone please inform KJP that race-based programs are unconstitutional  More 2023-07-09
Climate activists stage a "die in" on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York  More 2023-07-09
Would someone please inform the very historic KJP that weather and climate are not the same thing  More 2023-07-09
Madonna had to be "brought back from the dead" with Narcan Injection  More 2023-07-06
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