Biden Family and Chinese Communists

The $120,000,000 Man

Biden Family and Chinese Communists

Biden Family and Chinese Communists
Bohai Harvest

Served The Interests Of China
Biden Family and Chinese Communists

Biden bribe
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Biden bribe

What did the Chinese Communists want from the Bidens?

Vice President Joe Biden, along with his son, Hunter, flew to China aboard Air Force Two in 2013 for a one-day meeting with Chinese officials. They arrived on December 4th.

The following day, December 5, 2013, Joe Biden delivered remarks at a breakfast with the American Chamber of Commerce and the U.S.-China Business Council at the St. Regis Hotel. Later in the morning, Biden held a bilateral meeting with Premier Li Keqiang of China, followed by a luncheon hosted by Vice President Li Yuanchao of China.

No one knows where Hunter Biden spent the day or what he did, but just 12 days after the vice presidential jet arrived in China’s capital,  a new Chinese corporation, BHR Partners (Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.) was registered with Hunter Biden as a 10% stakeholder.

BHR Partners is controlled by Bank of China Limited and its focus is on mergers and acquisitions, and investment in, and reforms, of state-owned enterprise. BHR Partners manages $2.1 billion in assets and has taken a prominent role in Chinese state-backed companies acquiring investments overseas. All of a sudden, Hunter Biden was worth $120 million and was involved in several sweet deals as a board member of the investment firm.

Joe Biden Hunter Biden

Joe Biden promised in October 2019 that if elected president, nobody in his family would have any business relationship with any foreign corporation or country, but according to Qixinbao and Baidu, two independent services that provide business records on Chinese corporations based on China’s National Credit Information Publicity System, In 2022, online records showed that Hunter Biden still held his 10%. 

So, Hunter's 10% stake in BHR Partners was acquired by one of Hunter's many companies, Skaneateles LLC, with a $420,000 investment in October 2017, according to a statement released by his lawyer in October 2019. Hunter Biden is the sole beneficial owner of Skancateles LLC, the business entity that holds his 10% stake in BHR, according to Washington D.C. business records.

Is Hunter really worth $120 million?

Democrats and the media want you to believe that Joe Biden had nothing to do with Hunter acquiring ten percent of a $1.2 billion asset -- that's $120,000,000.

Overnight, in less than 24 hours in China, Hunter Biden, negotiator extraordinaire, closed a $1.2 billion deal -- and all on his own, mind you -- his daddy Joe promises he had nothing to do with any of it, but the hard reality is, the only thing Hunter has that could possibly be worth $120 million to the Chinese communists is what Hunter's daddy can do for the Chinese communists. What many believe, is that the Chinese communists wanted Joe Biden to front Xi's pet project, the Belt and Road Initiative.

The Belt and Road Initiative

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s number one priority is Red China's "Belt and Road Initiative," is a global infrastructure development strategy, adopted by Red China in 2013, that plans to invest in nearly 150 countries and international organizations. One of China's goals was to position Joe Biden as the front man for this gigantic project.

The BRI will recreate the Silk Road, an old network of trading routes between the East and the West, by investing large sums of money into other countries to build such infrastructure projects.

Joe Biden Hunter Biden

First announced by President Xi Jinping shortly after his election in 2013, the project will cost trillions of dollars in investment, and is expected to be completed later this century. It is widely considered to be Xi’s pet project and his key to global domination -- and there are the Bidens, right in the middle of it.

Tony Bobulinski was hired by the Bidens to be the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings, another of the Biden companies, to form a partnership with Wanxiang, a major Chinese company, and the energy firm at the center of Xi's global dominance project. Bobulinski makes it clear in this interview with Tucker Carlson, that Joe Biden functioned as the chairman of the board of the Biden Crime Family, but the Democrats don't buy it. They want DNA and blood samples.

You don’t get a more credible witness than Bobulinksi, a decorated former U. S. Navy officer who held a Top Secret security clearance. He told Carlson, “I bleed red, white and blue. The American people deserve the facts.”

Joe Biden, who still insists he never spoke to Hunter about his son’s overseas business dealings, even met two executives from Wanxiang in the West Wing on July 25, 2014, according to White House visitor logs. Wanxiang America president, Pin Ni, and Wanxiang Resources Company president, Youhong Han, were at the White House for just over an hour after the last-minute meeting was scheduled a day earlier.

The question is, what deals and promises were made at those meetings and the ones we don't know about?

Last year, the BBC reported that an “email from Hunter Biden in August 2017 showed he was receiving a $10 million annual fee from a Chinese billionaire for “introductions alone,” though it is unclear who was involved in making the introductions and who was being introduced.

The WhatsApp message to CEFC employee and translator Raymond Zhao appears to have set in motion one of the Biden family’s largest foreign income streams.

Biden Family and Chinese Communists

$10 million per year for introductions? That's what's what's called business -- Biden-style -- but Joe's supporters insist, "there's no evidence?"

The thing to remember is Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is not an "energy" company. It buys and sells companies -- mostly buys and mostly energy stuff. The stuff you make batteries out of and it was at the forefront of Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative, Ye Jianming earned the nickname “Belt and Road billionaire” for his success.

This email, referencing CEFC, include a mention of "10 held by H for the big guy." Bobulinski said, "we all knew 'the big guy'” was a reference to Joe Biden.

Biden Family and Chinese Communists

Bobulinski spent over five hours secretly being interviewed by the FBI on Oct. 23, 2020, about his inside knowledge of then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s business deals with China. 

Bobulinski gave the FBI the contents of three cellphones containing encrypted messages between Hunter and his business partners, along with emails and financial documents detailing the Biden family’s corrupt influence-peddling operation in foreign countries during Joe’s vice presidency, but his evidence appears to have fallen into the same black hole at the FBI as Hunter’s laptop -- never to be seen again. 

Bobulinski told the FBI about the work Hunter, his uncle Jim Biden, and partners James Gilliar and Rob Walker did during Joe’s vice presidency, in 2015 and 2016, using the Biden name to help CEFC China Energy expand into Oman, Romania, Georgia, Kazakhstan and beyond. He told them about Hunter’s lucrative personal relationship with CEFC chairman Ye Jianming at the time the company was brokering China’s $9 billion acquisition of the Russian state oil giant Rosneft. Ye was arrested in China in 2018 after the deal fell apart. 

Bobulinski and his lawyer were given the FBI Agent In Charge’s cellphone number and told that he would be their “point man” at the FBI thereafter, but neither Bobulinski, nor his attorney, was ever contacted again. Nor was Bobulinski brought before the Delaware grand jury investigating Hunter. The FBI put the evidence in drawer and simply forgot about it.

C'est la guerre!

Doin' deals with the Chinese

CEFC is not the only deal the Bidens had with the Chinese Communists. The Biden Family, via a network of companies and banks, has been doing deals with members of the Chinese Communist Party since 2013 -- that's ten freakin' years!

In a WhatsApp exchange dated 8/3/2017, Hunter Biden tells CEFC associate Gongwen Dong, aka Kevin: "The Biden's are the best I know at doing exactly what the Chairman wants from this [partnership]."

Biden Family and Chinese Communists

The "Chairman” is Ye Jianming, a Chinese billionaire tied to a CCP-intelligence gathering agency. Ye stated that that CEFC China’s vision "is to obtain overseas resources and serve the national strategy.” He wanted to expand China’s reach and influence around the world.

THE NEXT DAY: One of Hunter's shell companies, OWASCO PC, received $100,000 from CEFC.

Biden Family and Chinese Communists

CEFC wired $5 million to the firm Hudson West III on Aug. 8, 2017, according to a 2020 report by two Republican-led Senate committees. That entity in turn paid nearly $4.8 million in “consulting fees” to Owasco over the following 13 months, the report said.

As more facts come to light, it becomes even more evident that the Bidens put China and their interests first and America last.

An exercise of power

The following clip shows a WhatsApp message sent by Hunter Biden to Henry Zhao. Zhao is the chairman of BHP partners, Hunter's superior in the company, but the Harvard-educated Zhao is also a Communist Party official in the People’s Republic of China.

Democrats would have you believe that Hunter Biden took it upon himself to threaten a senior member of the Chinese Communist Party.

Who you gonna believe?

Democrats and their allies insist that none of the disclosures above constitute evidence that Joe Biden was involved in Hunter's deals. They want you to believe corrupt politicians from all over the world were depositing millions of dollars into the bank accounts of nine of Joe Biden's family and Joe Biden didn't know anything about it..

Democrats want you to believe that high-ranking members of the Chinese Communist Party believe Hunter Biden is worth 10% of a $1.2 billion-dollar world-wide investment firm backed by the Bank of China. If Joe Biden was not a part of the Chinese deal, what would the Chinese want from Hunter Biden that was worth $120 million dollars? The man is a loser!

Democrats want you to believe the unbelievable.

The Big Question

What do the Chinese Communists want from the Bidens for their millions?

The thing is, nobody outside of Joe and Hunter Biden and the Chinese Communist know what "the deal" is or was -- and they're not telling -- but for $120 million dollars it's go to be a beaut!

You can see how silly the, "where's the evidence" defense is, but it's all they have and you're going to see and hear those words a lot in the coming weeks. Some will even deploy the "photo shopped" defense -- all to no avail.

Joe Biden is a traitor -- and not for any principled reason -- for cash.

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Biden Family and Chinese Communists

Biden Family and Chinese Communists

Grossly Negigent

Biden Family and Chinese Communists

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