Joe Biden is a liar


Joe Biden is a liar

Joe Biden is a liar
Joe Biden Is A Liar
Joe Biden is a liar
That's Undeniable
Joe Biden is a liar
Hunter Biden's Deals
Biden, Inc.

"Our Business Is Business"

Joe Biden's Dollars
$15 To $30 Million

From Adversaries!

Joe Biden Is The Big Guy
"The Big Guy"


Joe Biden Is The Big Guy

Why would anybody believe Joe Biden about anything?

Joe Biden is, at the very best, the most unethical politician in the history of the United States, or, at the worst, guilty of bribery, extortion, selling access to his office and granting favors for foreign officials -- some of whom are sworn enemies of the United States. This is serious stuff. It is influence peddling for profit -- to benefit his family and himself -- and he has boldly lied about it for years. Biden's mendacious behavior shows the man's character -- who he is at the core.

Joe Biden has maintained for years that he "knows nothing" about son Hunter Biden's business deals, while Hunter's deals have provided the Biden Crime Family with millions upon millions of dollars. The evidence to date demonstrates serious crimes and misdemeanors, perhaps even treason.

A major problem with this situation is that the Bidens have succeeded in investing the media in the denial of this scandal. Major television news shows, like the October 27, 2019" episode of "60 Minutes" have provided The Big Guy with a national stage to propagandize voters with The Big Lie -- over, and over, and over.

"I've never discussed my business, their business..."

Biden met with Hunter's Ukrainian business associate, Vadym Pozharskyi, in Washington, DC, during April, 2015 while he was vice president. Hunter had organized a Tuesday-evening dinner in a private room at Georgetown's Café Milano for the clandestine introduction.

Joe Biden Hunter Biden

Surely, the Secret Service checked the guest list and swept the restaurant, so there must be a file folder in a drawer somewhere that documents this dinner in great detail, but the only real evidence the meeting ever happened is an email, written by Pozharskyi the day after the dinner. In it, he thanks Hunter for the "opportunity to meet your father."

Biden bribe

It was one hell of a meal, because later that same month, Hunter was named to Burisma's board at $1 million per year for five years ($5 million) to be paid in monthly installments of $83,333.33 per month and he never had to show up at the office (Reuters reported that Hunter Biden never went to Ukraine on business). Not bad for a guy who couldn't speak the language and who knew nothing about the oil and gas industry.

Re: Trump's tax returns?

"You're a damn liar, man!"

Media outlets, such as "60 Minutes," gives Biden's the authority to defend his lies and to attack anybody that questions the Biden family's deals. They tell us that Biden is credible and his critics are MAGA conspiracy theorists. These slavish reports give power to Biden and credence to his lies. Joe Biden would be long gone if it weren't for the media.

This clip demonstrates the bully in Biden nicely."Get your words straight, Jack!"

Despite the power of the White House and the Democratic media, a Harvard Cap/Harris poll released last Friday still found that 62% of registered voters believe Joe Biden has “participated” in his family business deals. That's everybody but the Democratic Party.

Though Joe Biden and his staff have claimed at least seven times that he has not been involved in the family business, at least 17 pieces of evidence demonstrate that Joe Biden has played an influential role in his son Hunter's and brother James’s business deals.

It's little wonder that Biden reacts so aggressively towards a voter that wants to talk about that which cannot be spoken..

"I don't know what he was doing."

The only reason that Biden would even attempt to maintain this clearly false defense is that he could count on a supportive media to blunt any attacks and limit inquiries.

The media has reported Biden’s repeated lie that, "I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings" as fact for years. HBO network even provided him a national audience on October 19, 2020, just two weeks before the 2020 election to repeat his lies.

"There was nothing on its face that was wrong... let's talk about Trump!" -- always with the misdirection, What else can he say?

By the way, do you know what else happened on October 19, 2020? The "Intelligence Community" released a letter stating that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation . How's that for a coincidence?

A crack in the dam

Now, Biden might have been able to say, "there's not one tiny bit of evidence," back when the FBI had all "the evidence" locked up in a secure location inside FBI Headquarters, but the Congressional Oversight Committee has been prying "the evidence" from the FBI's grasp for the last several weeks On June 12th, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) dropped a bombshell on the Senate floor -- there are tapes.

It turns out that not only were Biden Crime Family deals and bribes being made and paid -- there were audio recordings -- fifteen of those tapes are recordings of Burisma owner Zlochevsky and Hunter Biden and two of the tapes are recordings of Zlochevsky and Joe Biden -- but it gets even better!

Last Thursday, reports surfaced that the whistleblower report also alleges that the Bidens “coerced” Zlochevsky to pay the bribes. It turns out that the Biden-Burisma deal was a shakedown. It may no longer be just about the Bidens and bribery, but the Bidens and extortion.

"My son didn't make any money from China"

Every statement that comes out of Biden's mouth in this clip is a lie, but it is a wonderful example of the Democrats' Rule #1, " Always blame the other guy for doing what you're doing."

If Joe Biden didn't know anything about his son's business dealing, how can he say, "My son didn't make any money from China? Easy! He lies -- and with great righteousness and anger.

On March 1, 2017, less than two months after Joe Biden left office as Barack Obama’s vice president, State Energy HK Limited, a firm affiliated with Chinese Communist Party-backed energy company CEFC China Energy, wired $3 million to Biden family associate Rob Walker. 

The windfall was subsequently divided between the Bidens and their associates over a period of about three months to at least three members of the Biden clan, and two Biden family associates.

Biden Family Deals

CEFC is not the only deal the Bidens had with the Chinese Communists. The Biden Family, via a network of companies, has been doing deals with members of the Chinese Communist Party since 2013 -- that's ten freakin' years!

The Wall Street Journal reported that Biden flew to China with his son on Air Force Two in 2013. Biden had official meetings with Chinese officials. Nobody knows what Hunter did, but just twelve days after the vice presidential jet arrived in China’s capital,  BHR Partners (Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.) was registered with Hunter Biden as a 10% stakeholder in the $1.2 billion company.

The "Belt and Road Initiative" is Communist China's global infrastructure development plan to invest in nearly 150 countries and international organizations. One of China's goals was to position Joe Biden as the front man for this gigantic project. The project will cost trillions of dollars in investment, and is expected to be completed later this century. It is widely considered to be Xi’s pet project.

It's all coming out now

Biden has lied about his family's dealings --which we know go back to at least 2010 -- forever, but karma is catching up with him. Just this week, two artifacts surfaced from 2013 that confirm that the Biden Crime Family was doing deals ten years ago with the Red Chinese.

The first is a screen shot of Hunter Biden "WhatsApp" message to Chinese businessman Henry Zhao demanding to know where the family's millions were.

Biden Family Deals

This is right out of "The Sopranos." This is Silvio Dante shaking down the club owner with the threat that, "Tony's not gonna be happy." It makes it easier to believe the Burisma deal involved extortion as well.

Any prosecutor in the country could make a case for extortion out of that message. It's also called "implicating The Big Guy," and whether Joe Biden is sitting next to Hunter or not doesn't matter one bit. Just the mention of his presence was enough to get Zhao's attention.

The thing is, Zhao was more than just a businessman. Zhao is a Communist Party official in the People’s Republic of China. That Hunter would threaten him is an indication of what the "Joe Biden" connection meant to the Chinese Communist Party.

Within 10 days of Hunter's WhatsApp message, he received two payment totaling $5.1 million. He then moved over $1 million to Joe Biden's brother's consulting firm. Hunter's bank then shut down his account due to suspected money laundering.

Biden Family $10 Million

So, when Biden says"My son didn't make any money from China," he's just lying again. Congress has the records.

Joe Biden is not the smartest guy in Washington by a long shot, but, like most criminals, he's clever. Biden got the media to participate in the illusion. Even with whistleblowers and evidence directly contradicted these accounts piling up, the media is unlikely to admit that it has ignored the obvious for years. When they start, you'll know the end for Biden is near.

A final clip

This is about a man's character -- and Joe Biden's is flawed. This is a man who has put the needs of himself and his family before his country. He is in violation of his sacred oath and his duty. This is all he has left. Watch.

Joe Biden is beyond redemption

He's gone too far. He's in too deep. He has to press forward -- and that is the worst thing in the world for America.

Anyway, you get the idea. Joe Biden is deeply corrupt. and when a man is willing to betray the trust given to him by the People for money, he is willing to do anything, and I do mean anything.

Lying, bribing, extorting, intimidating, accusing -- and far worse -- it's all in a days work.

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Joe Biden is a liar

Grossly Negigent

Joe Biden is a liar

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