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Democrats are in a panic as they watch their lawfare plots crumble

    Lawfare is the vengeful exercise of raw political power to punish political enemies.
    It is unadulterated fascism, and the destruction of the American system of justice.

What a week!

Consider what has happened this week:

    SCOTUS delayed Jack Smith's Jan. 6 trial -- possibly until after the election.

    Judge Cannon is likely to delay the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case at least until the summer.

    Fani Willis and Nathan Wade are likely to be removed from the racketeering case, delaying and perhaps ending their RICO persecution of Trump.

    Trump has appealed Letitia James' Draconian penalties to New York Appeals Court which could potentially put Judge Engoron's ruling on hold during an appeals process that could last a year or longer.

    Alvin Bragg's gag order imposed against Trump in the New York hush-money criminal case is likely to be delayed by appeal.

    And the cherry on the top was a blowout Bloomberg poll showing Trump leading in all seven swing states.

The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray

There are commonalities in all the court cases against Donald Trump. The biggest of which is the simple fact that they wouldn't even exist if Trump had just stayed home at Mar-a-Lago and played golf -- but he didn't -- he filed for and is running for the presidency and to save America from the demi-communists running Joe Biden's government.

Democratic Party prosecutors all filed these cases in big, Democratic Party-controlled cities -- Washington, New York and Atlanta -- where liberal judges and jury pools predominate, unlike the country at large. Three of the prosecutors -- Letitia James, Alvin Bragg, and Fani Willis -- actually campaigned for office by promising to destroy Donald Trump.

Jack Smith -- who has been accused of extorting Eastern Europeans while assigned to the World Court -- has made no secret of the fact that he wants Trump tried and convicted before the November election.

Democrats have changed laws, filed suits that have never been filed before in improper courts in a desperate effort to find something on Trump. They have charged Trump with "insurrection," even though he has never been charged with insurrection -- much less convicted of it. Dirty Fani hit Trump and a bunch of others with a RICO violation -- a racketeering charge created to fight the Mafia and drug cartels.

Trump has been charged with unlawfully removing classified files to his private residence while he was in negotiations with the National Archives about who the rightful owner of the documents were. Meanwhile, no federal government entity is charging Joe Biden, who had no authority to be in possession of, and for the unlawful storage and handling of stolen TOP SECRET (SCI) documents that he had in open boxes in his unsecure garage, a Penn State office he hadn't visited in three years -- and even in Wilmington's Chinatown!

Candidates for political office and members of the House have all challenged election outcomes. They sought either to delay or redo ballot counting, or, on the federal level, to sidetrack electors, to ignore popular votes in their respective states -- everybody remembers Al Gore's "hanging chads."

None have ever been charged with attempting to overthrow an election -- Trump was!


The Democrat Party has been throwing everything they can think of to "get Trump." This week it all ground to a halt and the Democrats have begun to squirm.

Fani Willis

Fulton County (Atlanta) District Attorney Fani Willis and her paramour, Nathan Wade, both have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. They helped themselves to the state treasury to pay for their lavish lifestyle and expensive vacations together. Then they lied under oath to deceived the court and now have been caught.

Megyn Kelly has the goods. She has thirty-one pages of texts between attorneys Ashleigh Merchant, the "badass" lawyer representing Michael Roman, a former campaign official for Trump and a co-defendant in Willis' "racketeering case," and Terrence Bradley, Wade’s friend and former lawyer. They did not want you to see these texts because their sex secrets could blow up Fani's racketeering case against Trump.

The texts show Willis and Wade’s affair began prior to him being hired to prosecute Trump in November 2021 (something they both denied under oath). When Bradley took the stand, he seemingly forgot it all -- claiming ignorance and a faulty memory -- also under oath.

Here is the Twitter thread than contains the key texts. Click the image to read the tweets thread. Click each individual tweet for large size.



Willis and her ex-lover, Nathan Wade, have both been referred to the Georgia State Bar for ethics violations. The pair face two complaints lodged by the American Accountability Foundation (AAF), a government watchdog group.

The AAF alleges Wade lied under oath about his relationship with Willis and that Willis admitted to using campaign funds for personal use. The AAF requests the opening of disciplinary proceedings against the pair for violations of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct.

Letitia James

"UndercoverDC" journalist, Mel Witte, has published a report about New York's attorney general, Letitia James, who just secured a $454 million judgment against Donald Trump. Witte points out that James has been a lifelong public servant, and other than a mishap in the 2010s where she neglected to list the Brooklyn brownstone she owns and rents out on her financial disclosure forms, she hasn’t had any public scandals -- until this -- a very long thread of tweets showing James' expenditures that have been underwriting her lavish lifestyle

Witte says, the first thing you’ll notice is how a politician running for reelection in a safe seat uses their campaign funds to supplement their lifestyles to a degree middle America could never dream of. In 2023 alone, James spent over $28,500 on hotels and over $15,000 of that was spent on luxury hotels in Puerto Rico (winter) and another $5,700 on the Democratic Party's #1 resort of Martha's Vineyard (summer).


Then there’s the airfare. In the 5 years she’s been the New York State AG, James’ has spent over $84,000 on airfare to fly herself all over the country. This includes private jet rentals.


She’s billed her campaign over $20,000 per year for meals, and these aren’t large catering events. There are receipts for everything from $18 at Dunkin Donuts to $60 at Dave & Busters to $165 at an oyster bar on Martha's Vineyard, and then $700 at a steakhouse in Brooklyn. Then there are thousands spent on Uber and Lyft. Tens of thousands are spent on “office” everywhere, from Target to BJ’s wholesale. Over $7,000 was dropped at a nightclub in NYC and billed as “office.”

Witte continues -- the multiple stays at the Beverly Hills Wilshire, the $65,000 in “reimbursements” to “campaign consultants,” which could literally be anything.

Speaking of campaign consultants, can anyone tell me why a state Attorney General would need to spend over $300,000 in a single year on campaign consultants when they just won re-election the previous November? What could James possibly be consulting on?

Furthermore, why do these million-dollar “campaign consultancy firms” always seem to have been run out of random two-bedroom apartments?

When a politician is paying all their expenses out of their campaign funds, it's easy to see how a "public servant" can amass a fortune of $15 million.

Has James been so busy trying to destroy the former president, that she overlooked the fact that maybe somebody might take a look at her lifestyle?

It appears that way.

Nasty Jack Smith has been put on "Hold"

The U.S. Supreme Court is set to play a significant role in the 2024 election as it determines if Trump has presidential immunity from criminal charges, and if he can stay on the ballot in multiple states.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday agreed to decide whether former President Donald Trump can be tried on criminal charges that he conspired to overturn the results of the 2020 election. In a one-page unsigned order, the justices ordered a federal appeals court to continue to keep on hold its ruling rejecting Trump’s claims of immunity from prosecution, and they fast-tracked the case for oral argument in late April, and this action has sent the lunatics on the Left into outer space!

Smith claimed the DC trial would be done in time to prepare for May 20 trial in Florida. Now the DC trial is indefinitely postponed. The Supreme Court’s decision to keep the pretrial proceedings frozen is a blow to special counsel Jack Smith’s effort to bring Trump to trial this year. Smith has charged Trump with four felonies stemming from his bid to subvert the 2020 presidential election.

This action has prompted the most aggressive voices on the Left to begin a campaign of attacks against Supreme Court justices -- no, not all of the justices -- just the conservatives on the court.

Note, explosive rhetoric attacking the Supreme Court is never considered "incitement" when it comes from the Left

Anyway, as Smith's "insurrection" case implodes, his "classified documents" case is heating up. There's a big battle brewing over Trump’s requests to unseal a trove of evidence that Smith strongly opposes for reasons as yet unknown.

Other lawfare actions

Alvin Bragg is due in six weeks, so we're on hold to see where that will go, but victories still to come include SCOTUS denying Colorado and all 14th Amendment challenges; SCOTUS is likely to side with Fischer in Fischer v United States; and throw out the cooked-up Enron Jan. 6 "obstruction charge" against Trump and three-hundred political dissidents.

Then there's the ultimate battle in November

Real Americans must turn out to vote in numbers never seen before and only imagined in the warped skulls of career political consultants.

We need to cast 100 MILLION votes for Trump -- that's right, to beat these cheating bastards at the polls we will need upwards of 100 MILLION votes for Trump.


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