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Joe Biden's War


Biden MAGA Speech
FBI Raid Victim Speaks
Biden MAGA Speech

Biden MAGA Speech
Biden's MAGA Speech

Like A 3rd World Dictator

Biden MAGA Speech

Biden widens his war on MAGA with raids across America!

Joe Biden has declared war on the 75 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump, and the feds have made it a crime to be Donald Trump, related to Donald Trump, or a supporter of Donald Trump.

No, Congress didn't pass a law, and Biden didn't issue any executive orders. Somebody at the White House simply pressed a button.

Trump Hate

This war wasn't declared like most. It was announced a week-ago last Thursday, when Joe Biden made what his handlers had hoped would be his "General Patton speech," but what they got was an angry old man, waving his fists and raging at his fellow citizens, calling them the greatest threat to the United States in the history of the whole world.

Not Xi's communist China; not Putin’s Russia; not radical Islamists; not Iran; not the Taliban, who have billions of top-notch American military equipment (thanks, Big Guy); not human traffickers and drug smugglers. No! According to Joe Biden, the greatest threat to America is patriotic Americans, who love their country, and just happen to support Joe Biden's and the Democrat's chief political rival.

This thinking is nuts, but it has infected the Biden administration -- particularly, the Department of Justice. The DoJ has set out to finish Trump, and anybody they see as a supporter. To do this, the DoJ followed up "the speech," by launching a full-scale assault on Trump's supporters, higlighted by the FBI raids on as many as fifty homes across America in the last couple of days.

It was all planned out.

Secrecy, the DoJ insists upon secrecy

Last Thursday, the DoJ filed an appeal to a federal judge’s decision ordering the selection of a special master to review documents taken by the FBI from Mar-a-Logo. The DoJ insists it should be the sole source of any and all reports about the raid and the artifacts seized.

The DoJ is arguing that a special master was unnecessary, even though they admit “[Trump] might be able to assert executive privilege as to some of the seized records." Nevertheless, the government, "needs that evidence," even though it has yet to be established whether those documents are evidence -- or not.

We know the DoJ has already gone thropugh the artifacts because of the DoJ's reference to -- "a discrete set of 100 ducuments" -- in their pleading. These would be the Holy Grail of the damning information held by Trump -- but damning to whom, is the question?

Trump Hate

So, the DoJ admits there is a legitimate dispute over the documents, but insists it's wise and just enough to settle that dispute internally. Again, they admit they've already gone through the booty and selected out what they want, but the DoJ still wants to maintain control.

It's what happens when only one side gets to speak. It has nothing to do with American fairness.

Framing the message

Corporate media's coverage of the documents dispute between the DoJ and Trumpis is largely the script from seven years ago, when the Democrats, federal law enforcement agencies, and the media first worked together on Russiagate.

DoJ lawyers are fighting in court to keep the artifacts stolen from Mar-a-Lago from the American People, while at the same time, DoJ staffers are selectively leaking prejudicial information into the hands of their favorite "journalists" at the Washington Post for publication.

Trump Hate

If Biden's secret police had something of actual substance against Trump, that information would have already been leaked to the media. If there really was any evidence that Donald Trump committed a crime, we would have already seen the former president perp-walked in chains into the Department of Justice building. The Democrats would not be able to control themselves.

Controlling the message

It is impossible to take seriously the DoJ's lecturing on how incredibly dangerous and unprecedented the Mar-a-Lago stash is, when its details are given out anonymously, to select members of the press, by the DoJ itself.

Merrick Garland should make it clear that he won’t tolerate media leaks, and anyone at Justice or elsewhere in government will be fired for leaking. Then he should, on the record, level with the American people about just what Trump possessed, and why the raid was important.

But he won't.

Trump Hate

By operating in secret, Garland, and his advisers, get to frame the message, identify the good guys and the bad guys, and control the narrative via his department's anonymous leaks, while the FBI runs wild. Within 72 hours of the DoJ asking the federal court to deny Trump's request for a "special master," all of the following happened.

Expanding the investigations

Evidently, seven straight years of investigations are not enough. A federal grand jury investigating the activities leading up the events of Jan. 6 has expanded its probe to include seeking information about Trump's leadership PAC, "Save America," even though there is no connection between the two.

Trump Hate

The interest in the fundraising arm came to light as part of the grand jury's fishing expedition seeking documents, records and testimony -- anything -- from potential witnesses, about potential crimes, the usual anonymous sources said.

The DoJ is signaling that this expansion could continue indefinitely -- until the FBI finally finds the Holy Grail, the smoking gun -- some tiny piece of evidence that Trump committed a crime, any crime.

So far, making them up hasn't worked.

Areresting influencers

Also on Thursday, former Trump advisor, Steve Bannon was charged with six felony counts, to include money laundering in the second degree, scheme to defraud in the first degree, and conspiracy in the fourth and fifth degrees, but to rub salt into Bannon's wound and further humiliate the man. the Southern District of New York's prosecutor had Bannon perp-walked into the federal building in handcuffs -- a totally unnecessary precaution -- Bannon voluntarily showed up with his lawyers. They just had to have the pictures.

Trump Hate

Bannon said, "The [Southern District of New York] did the exact same thing in August 2020 to try to take me out of the election, It didn’t work then, it certainly won’t work now. This is nothing more than a partisan political weaponization of the criminal justice system.

Raiding supporters homes

The FBI has followed up on the arrest of Steve Bannon, with raids on the homes of as many as 50 major Trump supporters across the country, seeking documents and other artifacts, most of which are protected by the 1st and 4th Amendments.

The majority of the FBI's "targets" are individuals engaged in the investigation of election tampering in the 2020 election, and every one of the " targets" of this unprecedented sweep have lawyers. Someone at the DoJ could have easily called each of them. They would have presented themselves with their lawyers, but then there wouldn't be the pictures -- a key to managing the message of intimidation.

Trump Hate

"All hands on deck"

Biden must have everybody in the DoJ and the FBI on the case -- and it's understandable. There is a lot on the line for the Bidens, the Democratic Party and the Left.

There's the election. This desperate business is being driven mainly by that, but there is also Obama's "fundamental transformation" stuff to consider. As far as these people are concerned, there is no going back on their cultural advances. Then there's the Biden Crime Family. If Trump is restored to the presidency, the Biden family is in deep doo-doo. The Biden's have a very public record of corruption -- but above all of that, is their pathological obsession with ending Donald Trump and the MAGA movement.

So, these guys are coming, they're coming hard, and it's going to get a lot worse between now and November 8th. It's no longer just about power and the culture. Now, it's about Joe Biden's ass, and he's showing us that he will stop at nothing to protect his posterior, and to forever end the threat of Trump and MAGA.

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