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Last Thursday evening, on prime-time, the TV networks canceled their regularly-scheduled programming to bring you episode four (it could be five) of the six-year-long Democratic melodrama, "Get Trump."

The Democrats wanted the viewer to know right away what their dog-and-pony show was all about, so, House Select Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) began by announcing what the eventual finding of the committee hearing will be -- "This was an insurrection that was planned and orchestrated by Donald Trump."

Previously, on MSNBC, Thompson said, “We welcome the former president. He will have to come under oath. He’s a citizen, and if he thinks he can come to our committee under oath, and perjure himself, then I would suggest he does not come.”

That's some invitation! These morons are simply doing what they've bee doing since Trump announced in 2016. They're attempting to hang a frame around him, and again with bogus evidence, but this time as an extravaganza!

The first thing the Democrats on the Star Chamber did was present a video that they hope will be accepted as the basis of their argument that Trump ordered the "insurrection." To make that case, they cherry-picked some totally out-of-context comments from Trumps' speech they believe will make their case and edited them together.

Trump's admonition to go, "peacefully and patriotically," rebuts the fundamental charge, so the committee just edited it out. It was in the way. It didn't support their case. It was just a few words at the end, anyway.

Just so you know, that edit was not a mistake, watch smooth Liz Cheney smooth over what Trump actually says in one of his tweets.

The viewers didn't need to hear the, "go home with love and in peace," part. It doesn't support the script. What percentage of the 19 million viewers, who already believe Trump is evil personafide missed the words at the end -- probably most.

Cheny previously claimed Trump sought a pardon for his actions on Jan. 6, to which Trump replied:

  • "The notion that I ever sought a presidential pardon for myself, or other members of Congress, is an absolute shameless and soulless lie. It's just simply no surprise, considering this latest fabrications come from a sham committee using a breathtaking abuse of power to conjure up political theater to destroy their opponents."

  • "This is a kangaroo court. And it's more fitting to be aired with the filth of scripted reality TV than masquerading as a newsworthy item."

These people will say whatever suits them at any given moment. They have no honor.

Joe Biden is doing the same thing. He's lying about Jan. 6 also. Listen to him talk about the cops who gave their lives on Jan. 6. That's a lie. He knows it's a lie. The only person that died that day, was a Ashley Babbit. She was an unarmed and peacefully protesting Air Force veteran. She was shot by a Capitol policeman who never faced an investigation.

Yet there he is -- the President of the United States -- lying about Jan. 6. That's misinformation -- except when Democrats do it. Then it becomes Democrat Rule #4, "the end justifies the means."

Then there's the witnesses for the prosecution.

It took one year of going through a gazillion Internet videos to come up with that compilation, but this is what these Bozos are going with as "evidence" of Trump calling for them to insurrect. Notice, the inquisitors don't show you clips of Trump calling for an insurrection, but what some random guy heard, or thinks he heard, on the TV -- or was it the Internet -- coulda been the radio?

Just so you know, there will be no cross-examinations of these witnesses. There will be no rebuttal of their home-made evidence. There is no defense. There are no defense attorneys. This is a show-trial. It's made for TV. It's a new genre. It's "Unreality TV" -- a little preview of how it's going to be in "Our Democracy."

Just so you know what a call to violence looks like, here are a couple of examples:

For six or seven years, the Democratic Party, along with their people in the DoJ, the FBI, SDNY and most of the media have been trying to hang Trump by the shorts -- and it didn't matter for what -- anything would do. They have failed repeatedly and it only makes them crazier and more desperate.

We watch Hillary and the DNC run a million-dollar op against Trump and nothing happens, and here we see them doing it again in prime time, with criminally-edited video being telecast to the nation by the big networks. It's going to cost cost 8 million taxpayer dollars -- and why? Why is this partisan witch-hunt in the national interest? Why are conservatives and Republicans and Independents paying for it?

Because the Democrats desperately want to prove that, "this was an insurrection that was planned and orchestrated by Donald Trump," even if the have to use fabricated evidence -- again -- to prove it. These people are just evil.

Thursday's primetime hearings for the Jan. 6 commission's investigation into the 2021 Capitol riot were broadcast live on almost every major station, yet failed to capture national interest. It was viewed by less than 20 million viewers. The committee was preaching to the choir. The networks actually lost viewers, with ratings far below the networks' normal programming -- they lost millions in commercial revenue.

This hearing benefits nobody except the Democratic Party -- and it probably won't benefit them either -- just watch the drop-off of viewers for this bomb as it drags on in the coming weeks.

Just this week, a Democrat was arrested for planning to assassinate a sitting Supreme Court Justice. Democrats are terrorizing Supreme Court Justices and their families in their own homes. Democrats are refusing bail to Americans who who don’t bend to their will. Democrats support BLM and Antifa terrorists to intimidate and silence their political opponents.

If anyone’s threatening to destroy the American republic, it’s Democrats, and since the events of Jan. 6, they’ve only committed themselves to that goal with more intensity.



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